The Big Time: Chapter 10 – The Recuperation

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The Big Time



Chapter 10: The Recuperation

10:01 pm. Monday, July 7. Alyssa Milano’s home. Los Angeles, California.

Katie leaned back and stretched her arms, letting out a satisfying yawn. “I’m beat.”

Alyssa sighed too. “Me too. It’s been a long day.” She sat up. “But the night is just beginning. How about I make us a couple drinks?”

“Have any movies we could watch?” asked Katie as she followed Alyssa down the stairs.

“I’ve got a little collection. Check the cabinet on the right behind the CDs.” Alyssa entered the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, shivering a little at the cool breeze. After grabbing a few ingredients she shut the door and mixed up a pair of tall, long drinks. She entered the living room and handed one glass to Katie as she sat down next to her. “Good choice. This is one of my personal favorites.”

“I haven’t seen this one before,” said Katie with a chuckle. “In fact I haven’t seen any of those movies before.”

“You’ll love it.” They sat on the couch watching the images move around. Katie smirked as two women ran a circle around their car before getting back in before the light turned green. Alyssa had already put her drink down; it was mostly empty already. Katie ran her hand through her hair and breathed a long sigh. Alyssa picked up the remote control and turned the volume down on her television. “This part is kind of boring. Did you hear about what happened to Kirsten Dunst?”

“Hmm?” said Katie distractedly.

“The plot isn’t that riveting is it?” said Alyssa. “You’ve heard about Kirsten Dunst and that shooting?”

“Yes, of course. It’s absolutely terrible,” said Katie. “I hope she’s okay.”

“I bet she is,” said Alyssa. “If she was like, dead, I’m sure we would have heard about it.”

“Yes, we would’ve,” said Katie as she crossed one leg over the other. “I’m actually much more worried about Mike.” Katie turned to Alyssa. “He was in that movie too and one of my really good friends. He hasn’t called me since it happened.”

“Oh?” asked Alyssa as she licked some juice off one of her fingers. “I’m sure he’s okay, the other person could have been anyone.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“I always am,” said Alyssa. “So you and Mike are just friends?”

“Um. It’s a little weird, but yeah, I guess we are just friends,” said Katie.

“Ohhhh. Phew,” said Alyssa with a smile. “I got the impression that you and Mike were together.”

“Really? From who?”

“Mike,” said Alyssa.

“When did you meet him?” asked Katie. She suddenly shivered and a spattering of goose bumps appeared on her thigh.

“I nailed him about a month ago,” said Alyssa like she was ordering coffee. “Then Rose McGowan and I fucked the shit out of him a little bit after that.”

Katie looked at Alyssa with one eyebrow raised. “You’re not much for subtlety are you.”

“Does it bother you?”

“It shouldn’t,” said Katie hesitantly.

“Besides, do you think he’s going to mind that we’re sitting naked on my couch watching porn and fingering each other’s pussies?” asked Alyssa.

“It would be hypocritical wouldn’t it?”

“Ooooh, here we go.” She turned the volume back up.

It certainly looked like Devon, Jenteal and Raylene were having a fun time on that porch in the mountains. While Alyssa and Katie were one short of reenacting that scene that certainly was not stopping them from enjoying themselves. They were a little fatigued from the sweaty sessions they had earlier, but whatever was in the drinks Alyssa whipped up was certainly perking them up.

Katie was on the right and Alyssa was on the left. Alyssa lifted her leg and draped it across Katie’s thigh, granting her fingers better access to the pussy that she was tasting only minutes ago and would hopefully be tasting again before the night was over. Alyssa began pinching her nipples with her free hand, adding that little extra volt to the proceedings.

Alyssa’s adept fingers played with Katie’s pussy like a master violinist played his violin. There was no question of her skill, gained through hours upon hours of Sapphic fulfillment as well as self-exploration. Even though the movie was one of her favorites she found that watching the ardor grow on Katie’s utterly cute face to be much more arousing.

Katie was twirling her hair with one hand and sighing with contentment. Her other hand was of course in that special place that men dream of, rubbing and stroking gently and softly. The images leaping off the screen and the moans wafting through the air were ten times more intense with the Italian sexpot fingering her better than she ever fingered herself.

She knew that she could not keep up with Alyssa but she had to try. Katie desperately wanted to master the craft and the only way to do it was through lots of practice with a patient and willing master. She let her palm rest on Alyssa’s mons and applied pressure to both sides of her clit with her thumb and middle finger. When that little button snuck out from its hood Katie began rubbing it with her index finger.

Soon a pair of fragrant fingers made their way to Katie’s lips and she gladly sucked them into her mouth, licking and lubricating them liberally. Getting her own flavor rubbed into her tongue almost drove her as wild as tasting someone else. When Alyssa pulled her fingers way from Katie’s eager mouth, Katie’s soft folds provided a warm, wet place to hide in.

Alyssa’s willingness was obvious but patient she was not. As nice as Katie’s fingers were she was obviously more adept with her tongue and Alyssa was more than ready to receive a Katie Holmes lickdown. But first, Alyssa needed a taste of that sweet pussy hiding between Katie’s legs. She scooted even closer to Katie and kissed her on the neck. When Katie first approached Alyssa it took Alyssa all of five minutes for her to figure out the way Katie got off hardest. Somewhat ironically, the soft way was the best way. Considering Alyssa’s other partners this sort of sex was a pleasant change.

Katie loved those lips caressing her neck and then her ear. She instinctively turned her head and kissed Alyssa back, slipping her tongue inside for a few fun seconds. Alyssa increased her rubbing speed just enough to get Katie’s heart beating faster. A little penetration was in order and she soon had Katie’s hips moving back and forth in pleasure.

This served to make Katie kiss back harder and harder, moaning in appreciation into Alyssa’s open mouth. Her hands reached for those amazing tits and gave each of them a tight squeeze. Devon chirped loudly as Jenteal gave her ass a little spank. Alyssa felt Katie’s lips leave hers for a moment to watch the television screen.

“Oh so you would rather watch that porn instead of me?” said Alyssa.

“Of course not.”

“If you wanna watch it I’m not going to stop you. Why don’t you get into a more comfortable position,” said Alyssa. “Like on your hands and knees.”

“Um, okay.” Katie knelt down on the thick, soft carpet and leaned forward, her face less than a foot away from the television screen.

“Don’t take your eyes off those flopping porn star tits.” Alyssa doubted she needed to tell Katie that but she had to retrieve a few choice accessories that put the explanation point on lesbian lovemaking. As arousing as watching Devon eat pussy was, Katie was a little confused that her dripping pussy was currently unattended. “Hey! I said eyes on tits!”

“Sorry!” chimed Katie.

Alyssa had returned with a little surprise for Katie and she did not want Katie to spoil it for herself. She pressed down on the small of Katie’s back, puffing out the tight cheeks of Katie’s ass. Smacking her lips Alyssa gave Katie a long wet swipe of her tongue, from her clit to her brown eye. Alyssa opened Katie’s lips slightly and got herself a deeply fulfilling taste of Katie’s essence.

“Oh god yes Alyssa, that’s so good,” moaned Katie. Devon opened an ice cold bottle of water and began pouring it all over Raylene’s pussy.

“Just you wait honey,” said Alyssa. She let a string of anal beads fall out of her hands, holding them up by one end. After spitting a few times into Katie’s asshole she pressed the first bead into Katie’s rear end.

“Oh jeez, what is that?” asked Katie as her muscles contracted involuntarily. It had been a while since someone played with her ass like this.

“Relax baby.” She gently pressed the next bead inside and then the next.

“Oh my god,” said Katie as she scrunched her eyes shut. She clenched the carpet when Alyssa pressed in two more. Desperately, she rubbed her clit as the mind blowing mix of pleasure and pain coursed through her flesh.

Alyssa gradually took over the clit rubbing, leaving Katie’s hands to the sole task of keeping her from falling over from pleasure. “How’s that feel?” asked Alyssa.

“Soooo good, oh my god.”

There was little outlet for Katie’s pent up pleasure except for gripping the edges of the television tightly and moaning louder than the porn stars. The string of beads nestled in her ass was providing a constant stream of pleasure that kept her right on the edge of an orgasm. Alyssa would have liked to keep her there for a long while but the delicate little moans escaping Katie’s lips were turning her on so much that she was going to need release soon too.

Alyssa lay down on her back and slid under Katie’s heated body. Katie lowered her wet pussy to Alyssa’s lips and reveled in the double dose of pleasure she was now receiving. She watched with fervor the up close and personal pussy licking on the television screen through the vertical blinds of her unkempt hair. Alyssa was outperforming the onscreen pros admirably.

She took hold of the string of beads and slowly extracted them from Katie’s orifice. The exit was more pleasurable than the entry. As each bead popped out another spike of pleasure drove itself into her brain with Alyssa’s tongue clearing the way. The exit of the final bead along with a clit-jolting slurp from Alyssa brought Katie to a skin tingling release that had her screaming in pleasure.

After a few post-orgasm licks Alyssa scooted out from under Katie and sat up. Katie was leaning against the television, her head flush with the screen. When she finally lifted her tired head up there was a wide grin on Alyssa’s face. Half that smile was from having the fresh taste of Katie’s cum on her lips and the other half was from seeing the bride of Frankenstein hairdo Katie was now sporting.

“What, what is it?” asked Katie. Alyssa laughed and pointed at Katie’s head. Katie reached up and felt the residual static charge on her hair. “Oh.” She began chuckling as well.

“I knew I was good, but that, is definitely a first.”

“What are those things?”

“Just another item from my toy collection,” said Alyssa.

“I think I’m going to need a set of my own,” quipped Katie.

Alyssa got back onto the couch. “Before you run off to the porn shops honey, you’ve got some chores to do,” said Alyssa as she leaned back, puffing out her fabulous chest.

“You know how much I love chores,” said Katie. She tweaked Alyssa’s nipples and kissed her.

“Katie, I thought I was pretty clear the first time.”

“Mmm yes you were,” said Katie. She let her nose drag down Alyssa’s chin and neck. Face to areola, Katie took a hardening nipple between her lips and sucked. After only a few seconds of that she took the nipple between her teeth and gave it a little bite that sent sparks of pleasure throughout Alyssa’s body. Katie loved hearing that little gasp and devoured Alyssa’s other breast, forcing Alyssa onto her back.

“Ooh baby, lick em!” urged Alyssa. Katie would have responded were it not for a mouthful of tit. Alyssa’s pussy was getting hotter and wetter with each passing moment and this development did not escape the notice of Katie’s roving hands. Soon, she was on her knees, feasting away.

There was no fanfare, no teasing or toys, just simple, aggressive pussy licking from a woman who was still relatively new to Sapphic lovemaking but was quickly picking up the intricacies. After a few minutes of that agile tongue wiggling around her cuntal lips, Alyssa could have cared less about her favorite lesbian flick. Katie’s lip smacking and Alyssa’s groans were drowning the sound out and Alyssa’s eyes were shut tight as she reveled in the pleasure.

“Fucking yes Katie!” said Alyssa. Katie forced her fingers inside the pussy below her tongue and pistoned them as fast as she could. “Shit, yes! I’m commmmming!” shrieked Alyssa as cum washed over Katie’s tongue.

Once Katie had suitably gathered up all of Alyssa’s dew she clambered up onto the couch next to the gasping beauty. “Mmm, chores.” Alyssa chuckled as she put her leg over Katie’s thigh again.

10:55 pm. Room 916. St. Joseph Hospital. Chicago, Illinois.

“You feeling tired kiddo?” said Klaus as he stroked his daughter’s head. “You oughta to be wide awake you been sleeping so long.”

“I should be. But I guess I am pretty tired dad.”

“Alright,” said Inez. She sighed mightily. “I think I might actually get a good sleep tonight too.”

“I’ve been sleeping fine,” said Christian.

“Thanks Chris. You’ve been so helpful,” said Kirsten with a grin.

“Aren’t I always?”

Klaus was writing on the hospital stationery. “Here’s the number and where we’re staying. We’ll be back first thing in the morning, okay?”

“Okay. Bye guys.”

Inez hugged Kirsten. “Bye Kiki.” Christian was up next with much the same procedure.

“Sleep well honey,” said Klaus. He kissed her on her forehead and they left. Natalie hung back; Kirsten’s family had dominated the conversation and she had not said much to Kirsten.

She walked over to the side of the bed and held Kirsten’s hand. “I’m so happy you’re okay Kiki.”

“Me too.”

Natalie grinned slightly and then adopted a more serious expression. “I can’t imagine what you’ve been through.”

“Well I’m just glad it’s over. Hopefully the mark won’t be too noticeable.”

“I’m sure it won’t be.”

“What kind of fruit basket do you think I should send to the doctor who did the surgery?” Kirsten was strangely detached. “Maybe I should buy him a car. Never mind, he’s a doctor, he probably has a nice car already.”

“He probably does,” said Natalie. “Do you want to talk about what happened?”

Kirsten took a breath. “I remember everything Natalie. I don’t need to be reminded of it.”

“Okay,” said Natalie. She hesitated as she brought up another topic. “Did you talk to Mike before he left?”

“Yeah.” She sighed. “We spoke just before you guys came in. Or he spoke, I mean.” Kirsten sat up and Natalie helped her adjust the pillows behind her back. “I didn’t say much of anything.”

“What did he say?”

“He regrets ever meeting me,” said Kirsten matter of factly.

“He said that?”

“Not in so few words, but yeah.”

“How many words did he use?” asked Natalie.

“He said he was sorry he ever walked into that bar and sat down next to me, that he got the role in this movie, that we had that little weekend together. What else could he mean?”

“Just the opposite?” offered Natalie. “Maybe he regrets what happened to you, not him.”


“Shouldn’t you give him the benefit of the doubt Kiki?”


“He was so scared, Kirsten. For you,” said Natalie. “He was awake for days, standing right over there.” She pointed at the corner. “Watching you.”

“Sounds creepy.”

Natalie cocked her head slightly. “Not even your family was able to pull that off.”

“Good for him,” said Kirsten sarcastically. “I hope his guilt keeps him awake for the rest of his life.”

“I didn’t realize you felt that way.”

“Well gee, I’ve been in a hospital bed for three days after surgeons removed a BULLET from my stomach. He wants responsibility so he can have it.”

“He doesn’t want it Kirsten. To him I don’t think it’s a choice,” said Natalie.

“What do you know,” said Kirsten, irritated.

“I know what he did for you and the courage it took for him to do it.”

“Besides using the word ‘hello’ to set in motion a course of events that would eventually lead to me getting shot, what did he do for me?” said Kirsten sarcastically.

“Didn’t you see the sling?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“He got shot Kiki. In the shoulder.”

Kirsten shook her head. “The mugger only fired once, I remember that.”

“That’s exactly right,” said Natalie. Realization crept over Kirsten’s face. “I guess you don’t remember everything.”

“No, I remember him holding onto me with both of his arms. They were working fine.”

“The medics at the scene didn’t notice either,” said Natalie. Noticing Kirsten’s puzzled look, Natalie explained herself. “I was there Kiki, I saw what happened. I was looking for you after you left the cafe. I got there just before the mugger pulled out the gun.”

“If you were there then tell me what happened.”

Natalie knew there was only one thing that Kirsten wanted to know. “The bullet hit Mike before it hit you.”

Kirsten swallowed. “So you’re telling me he saved my life.” Natalie could see the feelings rolling through her. “Isn’t that interesting.”

Natalie watched Kirsten as she slowly became choked up with emotion. “What’s wrong?”

“Then why did he leave? Doesn’t he think it was worth it?” Kirsten shut her eyes but the tears still fell.

“No, no of course not Kiki,” said Natalie as she hugged Kirsten. “It’s not that at all.”

“Then what is it?” sniffed Kirsten.

Natalie did not know what to say. “I’m sure he’s not gone, he just needed to figure some things out. I can go get him right now.”

“No you can’t. He’s gone, just like I wanted,” said Kirsten ruefully. She let her chin rest on Natalie’s shoulder.

“What do you mean? He probably just went to get some sleep after he made sure you were alright.” Natalie took her cell phone out and dialed Michael’s house. “I’m sure he’s not gone. He wouldn’t do that.”

“You know his home phone number?” asked Kirsten.

“I talked to him just after the doctors patched him up. He gave it to me just in case,” said Natalie as someone picked up on the other side of the phone call.


“Mike is that you?”

“No, Mike’s not here, this is Tom.”

“Oh. Do you know where he is, I need to talk to him.”

“Couldn’t tell you. He hasn’t been around for the last few days.”

“Oh. Okay. Thanks.” She hung up. “Does he have a cell phone?”


Natalie got the voicemail. “Do you want to leave a message?” she asked.

Kirsten shook her head and wiped her eyes with the heels of her hands. “This shouldn’t be like this.” She could not keep her eyes open as tears flooded down her cheeks. Natalie embraced her and let Kirsten weep.

“No, no it shouldn’t be like this Kirsten. Nothing should ever be like this.”

“That’s not what I mean,” said Kirsten sadly. Anticipating Natalie’s next query, Kirsten shook her head. “Never mind.”

Natalie squeezed a little tighter. “Mike may not be here but your family is here for you, I’m here for you,” assured Natalie as she stroked Kirsten’s head. “You’re not alone.”

Kirsten sniffled. “I know.”

11:06 am. Tuesday, July 8.

The nurse knocked on the door to the room. “Kirsten? Two detectives are here to see you.” A man and woman in plain clothes entered the room.

“Good morning Miss Dunst. I’m Detective Altice, this is Detective Jaren. We need to ask you a few questions,” said the woman.

“Okay.” Kirsten was still in the hospital bed. “Do they have to go?” Natalie and Kirsten’s family were in the room.

“As long as they don’t interrupt, they can stay,” said Detective Jaren. He flipped his little notebook open. “Tell us what happened on Saturday afternoon.”

“I was talking with my co-star and we sorta ended up walking into an alley. We didn’t even see the guy approach us. He yelled at us to empty our pockets. Then Mike said something to his dog and he started growling.”

“You’re referring to Michael Torbin correct?” asked Detective Altice. Kirsten nodded. “What happened next?”

“The mugger got scared. He looked like he was going to back off but a car came to a sudden stop behind him. Things seemed to go a lot faster from that point. He turned around suddenly which I guess spooked X because he attacked him. I only heard the shot.”

“What did Mike do?”

“He um, I guess he tackled me.” She motioned towards Natalie. “She told me the bullet went through his shoulder before it hit me. It gets kind of hazy after that. I remember lots of people came around, then the police then an ambulance.”

“Did you know the man who was killed?”

“No,” said Kirsten. “Who was he?”

Jaren flipped his notebook closed. “We don’t know. There was no ID, fingerprints weren’t in the system and nobody has come to claim the body.”

“What’s going to happen to him?” asked Kirsten.

“The morgue will give it another week and a half before they give him a serial number and a burial,” said Altice.

“How awful,” said Inez.

“Well, we probably won’t need to talk to you again. In all likelihood this is over for you,” said Altice. “I hope you feel better.” They turned to leave but Detective Jaren hung back.

“I’m sorry to bother you like this Miss Dunst, but could I trouble you for an autograph? My daughter loves you.” He took out a folded magazine cover with Kirsten’s picture on it.

Kirsten smiled. “Sure, no problem.” She wrote a little note on the cover and handed it back to the detective.

“Thanks.” He left the room.

“How terrible to die alone like that,” said Inez.

Natalie checked her watch. “I really wish I didn’t have to go Kiki but George is threatening to digitally replace me. I think he might do it too.”

“Go, go, I’m okay now. Thank you so much for staying for so long,” said Kirsten as she sat up gingerly.

Natalie hugged her. “I’ll see you Kiki.” Natalie opened the door and left the room.

1:56 pm. Michael and Thomas’s house.

Thomas was sitting at the kitchen table rubbing his temple. He had been on the phone for hours trying to find out what happened to X. The celerity of the legal system never ceased to amaze him. “Okay, sir, I’ve found the animal you’re referring to.”

“Jesus, took long enough. So is he okay? You guys are taking care of him?” asked Thomas.

“All the animals in our care receive good care Mr. Mannette.”

“Fine, I’m sure they do. So when can I come pick him up?”

“You’re the owner of this dog?”

“No, I’m a friend of the owner.”

“Oh. Well I can’t release this animal into your custody then.”

“Yes you can, the guy who owns the dog told me I could take him.”

“Unless he transferred ownership of the dog to you, I can’t release him.”

Thomas sighed. “Fine. What is it going to take for me to take this dog off your hands?”

“I just told you. Anything else?”

“No. Thanks.” He dialed Michael’s cell phone but no one answered. “Damnit Mike, pick up the phone.” He beeped the phone off and headed for the refrigerator. Thomas was not feeling particularly happy with the way things had played out the last few days, especially with Keira and Elisha.

Once word about the shooting reached London Keira was ordered home by her parents on the first flight out. Elisha, on the other hand, left on her own after visiting with Kirsten. There was real fury in her eyes when she stormed out of Michael’s room in the hospital and Thomas was unable to provide any comfort for her. She and Thomas were still on good terms but losing two lays like that in three days was pretty rough on him.

8:00 am. Wednesday, July 9. Conference Room “A.” Shooting Stars Talent Agency. Los Angeles, California.

“Everybody here?” Simon did a quick head count. “Good. I’ve got lots of news.”

“I hope you do,” said Paige as she sipped her second steaming cup of coffee. She was a minor agent of the firm.

“Alright. Number one, we’ve finally found out where Kirsten is. Turns out the only way around the new laws that keep hospitals from releasing information about their patients is for the patient to contact you personally. But aside from making me sick with worry, there were some pleasant side effects. Media frenzy has been kept at a, well, non-frenzy level. This is a unique opportunity for Kirsten and for us. It’s key that we harness the power of this horrible event.”

“Whoa whoa, before we turn the spin doctors loose, why don’t you tell us what actually happened?” asked Jerry, after Simon the next highest ranking agent.

“Kirsten told me that she was fighting with Michael and they were jumped by a mugger. Michael’s dog attacked the mugger but he fired off a shot before he was killed. After that, Kirsten was taken to the hospital. The doctors said she was extremely lucky. The bullet was only inches from her spinal cord when it was removed. The prognosis is good and she’s due to be discharged today.”

“Think of the sympathy,” said Paige.

“No studio would turn her down,” said Jake, one of the publicists.

“We’re at a critical juncture here people. Jake, your team has to be on the ball for this one.”

“No problem Simon. We’ll get to work right away.”

“Hey wait a second,” said Jerry. “Who is Michael and what happened to him?”

“Don’t worry, I was getting to him. Michael is a new talent we signed a while ago. He was the lead in this movie,” answered Simon.

“Was Michael hurt during the mugging?” asked Jerry.

“Kirsten said he was shot in the shoulder. Bear in mind that only one shot was fired,” said Simon. The people sitting around the table quickly understood what he meant. “So here’s the angle we take with him; a real life hero playing fictional heroes.” Jake was rubbing his hands together in anticipation. “But before we can do anything about him, we have to find him first. He’s not in the hospital, but that’s all I know.”

“Doesn’t he have a cell phone?” asked Paige.

“I’ve left dozens of voicemails for him. He hasn’t returned any of them. I’ve spoken to his housemate, but he doesn’t know anything either.”

“If he doesn’t pop up soon he’ll be hanging his own neck,” said Willis, the agency’s lawyer. “Paramount is not going to be happy about him taking their money and running.”

“I assume Paramount has already contacted you about the future of the movie?” asked Simon.

“Yes. Official word is the film is postponed indefinitely. Unofficially, they’re not stupid, the publicity will be huge. If they can get Kirsten and Michael back, they want to finish the movie and get it out there.”

“Let’s find him then,” said Simon. “You’ve got promo pics and other stuff right? Use whatever footage you can get your hands on and get his name and face out there. That ought to flush him out but if somehow he never surfaces, people will forget him just as quickly as you can take him off Entertainment Weekly.”

“Okay, we’re on it.”

3:07 pm. Thursday, July 10.

Kirsten opened the door to her parent’s house and stepped inside. When she had gone out earlier that afternoon she made sure to leave all the lights on along with a television and the radio in her room. She was never comfortable with silence but the shooting had amplified all of her insecurities and fears tenfold. Kirsten had even gone back to clutching one of her teddy bears when she went to sleep.

While she was officially a homeowner she could not bring herself to live on her own just yet. Nobody was home now and she was uncomfortable even with that temporary emptiness. She entered the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. Pushing aside some old pancake batter she found a can of Pepsi Twist and cracked it open.

She went into the living room to watch television. As she settled on some cartoons she took her cell phone out and turned it on. There was a “who’s who” list of Hollywood names scrolling up the voicemail menu. Producers, directors, actors and actresses all calling to offer sympathies. Well, she assumed they were offering sympathies; she had no intention of listening to every single one. The only ones she cared about were the ones from her friends.

Kirsten listened to the messages one by one. They pretty much all sounded the same except for the voice saying them. Mila, Jennifer, Eliza, Tobey and Rachael were among the people who had left messages. She decided to call Eliza first.


“Hey Eliza,” said Kirsten.

“Kiki hi!” said Eliza. “How are you?”

“I’m okay.”

“Just okay? What are you doing?”

“Um.” She looked at the television screen. “Watching cartoons.”

“Toons? I’m down with toons. Mind if I come over?”

“It’d be a relief if you did.”

“Great, be by in a few.”


Michael and Thomas’s house. Chicago, Illinois.

“You can’t. He has to stay in our custody until the sentencing.”

“Sentencing? He’s a dog.”

“Animals who have taken a human life are usually put down. We’re just waiting for the official word.”

Thomas stood from the table. “What? You can’t put him to sleep he was only protecting his owner!”

“I don’t know the specifics Mr. Mannette. I suggest you speak to the detective on the case.” The man hung up.

“Shit.” He called the police station and was put in contact with Detective Altice. “Yes, hi my name is Tom Mannette, I’m trying to get my friend’s dog back. He was the one involved with the shooting a few days back.”

“I doubt you’re going to be able get him back. He killed someone.”

“But you know why he did it right? He was ordered to. It’s not like he’s a stray.”

“That might be why he has to be put down. He has to have a license to own a trained attack dog.”

“He’s a house dog! Not an attack dog! He won’t hurt anyone unless Mike tells him to!”

“Exactly. Now I have to get back to work.”


“What is it?” asked Detective Altice, annoyed.

“When are you going to put him to sleep?”

“I don’t know, that’s not my call. Goodbye.”

“Then whose call is it?!” snapped Thomas.

“Talk to Animal Control.” She hung up.

“I already did,” muttered Thomas to himself as he again dialed the number for Animal Control.

3:37 pm. Dunst residence. Los Angeles, California.

Eliza knocked on the door. She waited a few seconds then opened it up and walked inside. “Hey Kiki, what’s with all the cars?” She stopped as a trio of women lounging in the living room came into view. “Oh, so you call me last?”

“Hi Eliza,” said Kirsten from the couch. She was flanked by Elisha and Mila. “I called you first actually, they just got here before you.”

“Hey Eliza,” greeted Elisha and Mila.

“I don’t get this show,” said Mila. “What is that little sponge’s problem?”

“He seems to be really angry at something,” said Elisha.

“He’s not angry, he’s just excitable,” retorted Kirsten.

“Well shove over Elisha,” said Eliza. She squeezed herself down into a small space on the couch. “Spongebob sucks. Let’s watch something else.”

“He does not suck,” said Kirsten.

“He blows,” said Mila.

“You are so clever,” said Kirsten. “What do you want to watch?”

“I don’t know, I have no idea what’s on in the afternoon,” said Eliza.

“Spongebob it is then.”

“NO, I’ll find something,” said Eliza as she reached over and snatched the remote from Kirsten.

“Hey!” Kirsten lunged across the couch at Eliza, sprawling herself across the laps of Mila and Elisha.

Eliza held the remote just out of reach of Kirsten’s outstretched hands, taunting her. “Hmm, I wonder what ELSE is on?” She began flipping channels.

“Give it back!” laughed Kirsten as she crawled over Mila and Elisha.

“They’re like this every afternoon,” said Mila with a mockingly exasperated look on her face.

Eliza was now trying to escape but Kirsten had a firm grip on her hips. “I can’t wait until they have to go back to school in the fall,” said Elisha.

“Okay MOM,” said Kirsten. “Maybe if you get the remote back we won’t be acting like this.” She continued clutching at Eliza’s hand.

“No need,” said Elisha. She retrieved the remote control for the DVD player and began playing a disc. “I’ll just put on your favorite movie…” Leatherface decapitated a screaming half naked woman. “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” said Elisha bewilderedly.

Kirsten stopped messing around with Eliza. “That’s Chris’s.”

“Aaaaanyway,” said Eliza. She turned the television off. “Enough TV, let’s go do something.”

Kirsten checked her watch. “If you wanna wait a little while we can eat dinner here, my mom would love having you.”

“NO,” said her three friends simultaneously.

“Uh, I mean, Eliza’s right, we should go out, it’s Friday you know,” said Mila.

“Yeah, we don’t wanna impose on your mom anyway,” said Elisha.

“I’m driving,” said Eliza, not even bothering to sugarcoat her disdain for Kirsten’s mother’s cooking.

5:56 pm. Vocelli’s.

“Tell me what you guy’s think of this,” said Kirsten. The four them were sitting in one of Los Angeles’s trendiest health food spots. “I had lunch with my publicist today. She tells me that Simon has some big plans for my future.”

“Every agent has ‘big’ plans,” said Eliza.

“Get this though, he wants to treat what happened in Chicago as some big publicity stunt.”

“That’s disgusting,” said Mila.

“That’s despicable,” agreed Elisha.

“That’s shrewd,” said Eliza. They all stared at her. “It was front page news Kiki, everyone in the country knows what happened. I bet your fan clubs have been deluged with sympathy letters.”

“So what?” said Kirsten.

“That’s terrible Eliza, someone is dead and you think it’s a good thing?” said Elisha.

“Not that someone is dead Elisha, but that Kiki is in the public eye more than ever now. She does have a career you know.”

“I know that. But we all know she wasn’t alone in that alley.”

“Screw Mike, what does he have to do with it?” said Eliza. “It’s not like any of us are going to have to deal with him anytime soon, right Kiki?”

“Yeah…that’s right.”

Someone’s cell phone rang and everybody reached for their purses. It turned out to be Eliza’s. “Hello?…Hey Rose, what’s up?…Saturday? Wicked, I’ll be there…Bye.”

“But-” said Elisha before Eliza cut her off.

“Clear your Saturday night ladies, we just got an invite to Deep. That place is hot,” said Eliza. “You better clear your Sunday night too.”

“Wish I could,” said Mila.

“You have to,” insisted Eliza. “It’s a guaranteed great time.”

“I can’t, I’ll be out of town with Peter,” said Mila. “Besides, Rose creeps me out.”

“Alright fine. You two?”

“Sure,” said Kirsten.

“Maybe I’ll pop in for a little while,” said Elisha. “Back to the Mike-bashing.”

“Elisha I don’t want to hear it,” said Kirsten.


“You’ve had your share of words. He’s not around. He’s never going to be around. Drop it,” said Kirsten testily. Elisha crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair with a pout.

1:15 pm. Friday, July 11. Simon’s office. Shooting Stars Talent Agency.

Simon picked up his ringing telephone. “Yes?”

“Kirsten Dunst just arrived.”

“Thank you Ada, send her in.” He hung up the phone and stood from his desk as Kirsten entered his office. “Hello Kirsten.” He hugged her tightly. “How are you feeling?”

“You have no idea how tired I am of people asking me that,” said Kirsten. “But I’m fine.”

“Good. Let’s get down to business then. Please, have a seat.” Simon settled into his chair as Kirsten sat down.

“I’ve already talked to my publicist. They told me what you want to do with this.”

“And?” said Simon hopefully.

“It disgusts me.”

“Kirsten, this is more publici-”

“Forget publicity! You want to use the death of a human being to further your own career and buy a bigger Cadillac. I want no part of this.”

“That’s not true! I am truly sorry that that man is dead. I never planned to make light of that in the name of your career. I’m just trying to get some kind of good out of the awfulness that happened to you. I can’t ignore the possibilities that have resulted from his actions. Neither can you.”

“I bet I can. My career is fine, I don’t need this kind of hype.”

“Of course your career is fine. But I want it to be great! I want it to be huge! What happened in Chicago is the catalyst that’s going to do it.”

“You don’t care at all do you?”

Simon put his elbows on his desk. “You want me to care about the man who shot you? Who almost killed you?” Kirsten flinched slightly. “I have no sympathy for him. Only for you.”

“This isn’t about me.”

“Of course it’s about you! I admit, this can do great things for Shooting Stars but it’s not just about my career Kirsten. We’re talking Julia Roberts territory here, if we handle it right.”

“Julia Roberts?” said Kirsten.

“A-list, Kirsten, A-list. You will never be the first one on the red carpet again.” Her silence spurred him on. He reached inside a desk drawer and pulled out a package. “What I have here, are the perfect projects to take on that will cement your rightful position in Hollywood. You are now number one in line on all of them. But you won’t be forever.” He placed the scripts on the desk and slid them towards Kirsten.

She touched the package but did not pick it up. “What about the one I was working on in Chicago?”

Simon shrugged. “They want to finish it but they obviously need the other lead actor to do that. A third of the film was completed before the attack happened so re-shooting all of it is out the question.”

“So you haven’t heard from Mike either?”

“Not a peep. He’s going to be in serious legal trouble if he doesn’t come back soon though.”

“What do you mean?”

“The studio is paying him for services rendered. If they’re not rendered, they’re not paying.”

“Is there a deadline?”

“End of the month is what their lawyers told ours.” Kirsten stood up and turned around. “Wait Kirsten. You forgot these.” He held out the package with the scripts inside. She hesitated for a moment before she took the package and left his office. Simon smiled. He picked up his phone and dialed Jake. “She’s in. Turn’em loose.”

9:16 pm. Dunst household.

Friday nights were Friday nights, but Kirsten had holed herself up in her room. She was reclining on her bed and had just finished reading through the scripts Simon had given her. They could be great films and one of them was a near guaranteed Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Maybe Simon was right about getting some kind of good out of the whole mess. The phone rang and Kirsten picked it up.


“Hi, this is Katie Holmes, may I speak to Kirsten?”

Kirsten swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat up. “Speaking.”

“Oh. Hi.”

“Hello.” The memory of seeing her name on Michael’s cell phone rushed out from the back of her mind. Katie was the sole woman she knew Michael had been with that she had not spoken to since the breakup.

“First off, I heard about what happened and-”

“Everybody has.”

“Right, well, I’m not sure what to say, I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Okay.” Kirsten hoped Katie was getting more and more uncomfortable by the second.

“Um, I feel kind of weird asking you this, but uh, well let me explain. I’ve been trying to get in contact with Mike for the last few days. I was getting a little worried, we usually talk at least once a week.”

“Oh really,” said Kirsten sarcastically.

Katie scratched her head. “Yeah, really. Um, then I see his face on the news with everybody saying that he saved your life and-”

Kirsten stood quickly from the bed. “What?”

“Just turn on your TV, you’ll see it.”

“Jesus, Simon.” Kirsten exited her room and entered her brother’s room. She turned on his television.

“Do you know where he is? Or how I can get in touch with him?” asked Katie. Kirsten was silent as she watched the talking heads expound on the extraordinary heroism and bravery of one Michael Torbin. “Kirsten?”

“Huh?” said Kirsten distractedly.

“Do you know how I can get in contact with Mike?” asked Katie again.

Kirsten watched the television for a few more moments before switching it off. “Let me ask you something first Katie.”


“You and Mike had a relationship right?”

“I thought we still did,” said Katie.

Kirsten went back to her room and shut the door. “Could you tell me about him?”

“Um, okay. I figured you would’ve talked to him a bit on the film in Chicago.” Kirsten smirked. Figures that Michael never told Katie about them. “Anyway, he was a really nice guy, smart, caring. Understanding to a fault even,” said Katie. “Why do you ask?”

“Just wanted to see if I knew him as well as I thought I did.”

“I thought you were asking because you didn’t.”

“No, Katie,” said Kirsten. She paused for a moment. “I knew him.”

Katie slowly gathered the implications of Kirsten’s words. “Then what is this about?”

“Don’t get angry Katie. You don’t have to worry about that,” said Kirsten. “But I guess I should tell you what happened to Mike.”


Torbin Estate. Bethesda, Maryland.

“Michael Torbin, shown here in a promotional photo released by the movie studio, has been declared a hero by many of the Hollywood elite,” said the newscaster. “This comes after police released additional information about the shooting that occurred in downtown Chicago last Saturday afternoon.”

Sharon sipped her wine slowly as the box next to the newscaster’s head became enlarged, showing a clear picture of Sherry Lansing, head of Paramount Studios, standing in front of a group of reporters.

“We can’t thank Mike enough for saving the life of one Hollywood’s biggest stars,” said Lansing.

Freddie Prinze, Jr. appeared after Lansing. “I’d give this guy a kiss if I could.”

The clip cut to Tom Cruise. “The guy saved Kirsten Dunst’s life, I mean come on, is hero even enough of a word to describe him?”

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt appeared next. “What can you say about a guy who takes a bullet for someone?” said Brad. “It’s kind of romantic,” said Jennifer. “It’s nice to know that there’s still some princes out there. Kirsten is so lucky.”

Sharon reclined in her bed with a satisfied smile, as if the accolades were all her own.

In his den, Joseph clicked through a bunch of Internet news sites. He never expected to see his son’s face on the web or for his son to do what he did. If, of course, any of that information was true. He pointed to another link when his computer dinged, signaling that his DVD was finished. Joseph took the freshly burned disk out of the tray and placed it in a case. Then he placed it in his private safe, a place that not even his wife knew about.

9:12 pm. Saturday, July 12. Michael and Thomas’s house.


Thomas got off the couch where a couple of his friends were sitting and went to the door. He took the pizzas from the delivery man and counted the cash in his right hand. “Hey! Which one of you didn’t put in? Willie, gimme the money!”

“Dude, why do you always assume it’s me?” said Wilson indignantly.

The man sitting next to him shoved him. “It’s always you, you cheap mother fucker.”

“Screw you Jimmy.”

“Willie, money!” said Thomas.

“Goddamnit.” He paused the game he was playing and fished some money out of his pocket. “Here.” Wilson held the bill over his head.

“You DO know where the front door is relative to the couch, right?” said Thomas.

“You guys will NEVER grow up.” The woman sitting in the recliner stood and took the money from Wilson’s outstretched hand to give to Thomas.

“Thanks Sam.” He finally paid the pizza man and brought the pizzas into the living room. After plopping them down on the floor in front of the television, Thomas retrieved a can of soda from the kitchen. “Alright, food, then business.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm,” said James as he wolfed a slice in three bites. He was a football player. Sam was a political science major and Wilson was a business major. They were all Chicago locals who also attended the University of Chicago with Michael and Thomas. Ten or fifteen minutes later they finished eating.

“So what’s this business about?” asked James.

“I need to call in a few favors,” said Thomas.

“Don’t you have to DO a favor before you can call one in?” asked Wilson.

“Man shut up,” said Thomas. “Anyway, Sam? You know what’s going on, tell them.”

Sam took a bite out of the crust of her slice of pizza. “You three are going to break into a police kennel and rescue Mike’s dog X.”

Wilson and James stared at her in silence for a few moments. “WHAT?!” exclaimed Wilson.

“Wait, you’re not coming because…” said James.

“I’m the one who is going to get you access to the building. Don’t worry, it’ll be a cakewalk,” assured Sam. “I can get you the key to the back door from my father. From there, you just make your way to the cages. The only hard part is finding the key to the door of X’s cell.”

“Who’s going to have the key?” asked James.

“You’re actually considering this?!” said Wilson.

“Hey I love a good caper,” said James.

“Distracting Sam while Tom snuck out of her mom’s bedroom was a caper! This is breaking and entering!” exclaimed Wilson.

Sam’s eyes widened in shock. “WHA-”

“They close at eight, so we’ll be going in around nine,” interrupted Thomas. “There are security cameras, so don’t wear that shirt that says ‘WILLIE’ across the front.”

“Wait a second Tom!” snapped Sam.

“Sam I’m trying to save Mike’s dog here alright!” said Thomas, doing his best Steve Zahn impression. He pointed at James and Wilson. “In?”

“Hell yeah,” said James.

“No!” said Wilson.

“Come on man, do it for X,” said James.

“I’m not going to jail for a freaking dog,” said Wilson.

“Look, we need you alright? We can’t do it with only two guys,” said Thomas. He looked up as he thought a moment. “Well, we probably could, but it would be a lot more dangerous. We’ll probably get caught if you’re not there.”

“Yeah, then how are you going to feel?” said James.

“Guilt trips? Yeah, they don’t work anymore,” said Wilson.

“Fine. Sam will sleep with you if you do it,” said Thomas.

“Or maybe I’ll go home right now and forget about giving you the key before X gets a poison needle in his stomach!” said Sam.

“Calm down everybody,” said James. “Sam, Willie doesn’t have all the facts straight okay? Tom was never in your mom’s bedroom. It was your sister’s bedroom.” Sam stared at him like he was a moron. James turned to Wilson. “Come on Willie, Mike’s a friend and you know how attached he is to that dog.”

Wilson slumped back into the couch as he contemplated their request. “And Sam will SO sleep with you if we pull this off,” said Thomas.

“Alright! That’s IT! I’m leaving!” Sam stood in a huff and rattled the windows when she slammed the front door shut behind her.

“My parents are going to be so pissed.” Wilson groaned. “I’m in.”

11:47 pm. Deep. Los Angeles, California.

Deep was a thumping club in the heart of Los Angeles. It had the usual atmosphere; strobe lights cutting blue and green swaths across the dance floor, a young DJ spinning tracks, lots of gorgeous young women leaving little to the imagination.

Kirsten and Eliza arrived together, dressed to kill. Then again, maybe kill is the wrong word; maybe maul or maim. No matter what word one would use, whichever man was caught in their sights would certainly not complain. For that matter, neither would a woman, especially when that woman is Rose McGowan.

“Wellwellwell look at you two,” said Rose as Kirsten and Eliza found the booth she was lounging in.

“Don’t tell me we’re the early ones,” said Kirsten.

“Nah, Shannon and Anna are out on the dance floor. I’m just taking a break.”

“Aww, all alone?” said Eliza as she slid into the booth next to Rose. “Poor you.”

“Yes, poor little me,” said Rose as she and Eliza snuck a quick peck.

“I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll be right back,” said Kirsten.

Rose watched Kirsten’s ass bounce as she walked away. “Mmm.” She turned to Eliza. “Looking forward to meeting Anna?”

“I’m always looking forward to meeting the new recruits,” replied Eliza. “Have they been properly drilled?”

“In one sense of the word, yes. In the other sense, well, not yet,” said Rose with a wicked little grin.

Eliza looked at her. “What the hell does that mean?”

“It means no, I haven’t buttfucked them with a strap on yet, but yes, I had them eat my pussy until I creamed all over their pretty faces and then I returned the favor.” Rose sipped her drink. “Duh.”


Two women were giggling and nudging each other as Kirsten entered the bathroom. She cast them a sideways glance as she checked herself out in the mirror.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this but they oughta get a room,” said one woman.

“Why can’t you believe that you’re saying that?” said the other woman. “I don’t care how clean the ladies room is, you don’t do that kind of thing here.”

“Do what?” asked Kirsten.

“Perk up your ears honey.”

“We should leave them to their ‘privacy,'” said the other woman as they left.

Kirsten watched them leave and then followed the woman’s advice and perked up her ears. After a few seconds Kirsten shook her head, only hearing the dull thudding of the music from the club. She turned the faucet and wet her hands. Reaching for the soap dispenser she noticed in the mirror what appeared to be two pairs of feet in one stall. Suddenly the moans she did not hear before began to echo off the walls.

She rolled her eyes. “They SHOULD get a room.” Kirsten finished washing her hands and left the bathroom. She made her way back to Rose and Eliza. “They must be putting something in the water.”

“Huh?” asked Eliza.

“Two girls were going at it in the bathroom,” said Kirsten. “They weren’t too shy about it either.”

“Who?” demanded Rose.

“I didn’t stick my head under the door to find out who they were Rose.”

“Why not?” asked Eliza.

“Those fucking sluts!” snapped Rose. “I told them to wait until you guys got here. Oh there’s going to be some trouble up in this bitch now.” Eliza and Kirsten began cracking up. “You think I’m joking.”

“No, we think you’re funny when you’re mad,” said Kirsten.

Rose got out of the booth and walked briskly through the dance floor towards the bathrooms. “This should be fun,” said Eliza.

“Is she on, like, a crusade to gay every woman on the planet?” asked Kirsten.

“I don’t think ‘crusade’ is a strong enough word,” said Eliza. A few minutes later they saw Rose pulling two women towards the table by their ears.

“We all know each other here,” said Rose as she let the two women go and squeezed into the booth between Kirsten and Eliza.

“I haven’t met them before,” said Anna Faris.

“Hi Kirsten, Eliza,” said Shannon Elizabeth.

“No pleasantries. On your knees and under the table you fucking sluts,” ordered Rose.

“I’m not getting under there!” said Anna.

“You didn’t have a problem getting down and dirty on a bathroom floor,” said Eliza.

“Now move,” said Rose.

“I want the blond one,” said Eliza.

“Heyyyy, we’re not pieces of meat you know,” said Anna. Shannon had already disappeared under the table. “I’m not going to do this with someone I haven’t even met before.”

Eliza reached across the table and shook Anna’s hand. “Hi, I’m Eliza, nice to meet you.”

“Feel better?” said Rose.

She thought a moment. “A little,” said Anna as she snuck under the table.

“Make me proud ladies,” said Rose. She looked at a red faced Kirsten who was slowly rubbing her hand on the table. With a deviant grin she looked down and saw a distinct bulge under Kirsten’s skirt that could only be a pussylicker’s head. Rose flipped the cloth back with a flick of her wrist and coaxed Kirsten’s legs open wider so she could get a better view.

Shannon’s nose was buried in Kirsten’s pussy and her tongue was like an eager puppy dog, jumping and licking excitedly. She was confident in her sexuality and had no issues eating whatever pussy was placed in front of her. Her previous encounter with Rose was more of a reawakening rather than an initiation. For Anna though, things were decidedly new and seductive.

Rose looked to her right and saw Eliza gently brushing Anna’s blond locks away from her face. “Don’t worry, we’re the only ones that can see you Anna.”

“I know, but I mean, I at least got to know Shannon a little bit before we, uh, went to the bathroom together,” said Anna with a slightly confused look on her face.

“Grew up in Boston, love Italian food and I’m a Capricorn,” said Eliza. “Good?”

Anna looked up at her. “I like Italian food too.”

“Oh enough of this,” said Rose. She pulled up Eliza’s miniskirt around her hips and revealed a panty-less pussy to Anna’s nervous eyes. “Do you like Dutch-Albanian food?”

“What?” said Anna, her eyes locked on Eliza’s freshly discovered pussy. Eliza and Rose could not tell if Anna was confused because she did not realize that Eliza was Dutch-Albanian or because she was distracted by such an appetizing sight. After a few seconds it did not matter because Anna pressed her face to Eliza’s pussy as tightly as Shannon’s was to Kirsten’s. Eliza had a lecherous smile on her face. She ran both of her hands through Anna’s soft blond hair and made sure that Anna would not get a breath of air until her duty was fulfilled.

The scent of Eliza’s sex filled Anna’s nostrils and she dove into Eliza’s cunt with reckless abandon. Anna lapped away as fast as she could, anxious to taste and eager to please. She was already all hot and bothered from her trip to the restroom with Shannon but the act of pleasuring another woman gave her even more of a kick. Anna was softly moaning even though her moist pussy was unattended even by her own fingers.

Kirsten knew what she was in for if she accepted an invitation from Rose McGowan. She knew that it was going to be a good time and probably nothing more. After the trials of the last few weeks of her life, mindless pleasure was welcome relief. While Shannon was likely not an air headed ignoramus, Kirsten was hardly interested in her mind at the moment. This was about as free from the real world as she could get.

But when Shannon stuck a pair of slick fingers up Kirsten’s tight little twat a certain type of reality came back to Kirsten. Shannon’s tongue was quite the playmate for Kirsten’s clit and they were busy playing an odd game of tag where neither one wanted to run away. Somehow she could hear Kirsten’s soft whimpers over the music and they drove her wild. Shannon reached down into her pants and began to finger herself. Her panties were still out of place from when Anna had her face down there.

Knowing that her pleasure was still to come, Rose stretched out and crossed one ankle over the other as the other two seated females writhed in pleasure. “Hey Billy!” called out Rose to a man walking past the table. Billy was an old conquest of Rose’s.

“Hey Rose, what’s up?”

“Would you be a dear and get us some drinks?” asked Rose sweetly.

The last time Billy did something for Rose he got quite a bit in return. “No problem, what do you want?” he said eagerly.

Rose looked at Eliza. “Eliza?” She had difficulty forming coherent words. All that came out of her perspiring red face was a half moan half laugh.

Billy scratched his head. “What did she say?”

“I don’t know,” said Rose with enough inflection that Kirsten knew what was coming next. “Kirsten, did you understand what Eliza said?”

Kirsten’s leg jerked as Shannon gave a little nibble to her clit and the table shook. She was not able to hide her pleasure any better than Eliza and Billy would soon deduce what was going on. Kirsten grabbed Rose’s thigh with the hand that was not holding Shannon’s head to her pussy and pinched as hard as she could.

“OW!” Eliza reached over and did the same thing. “OW! Stop it!”

“Uhh, I’ll just go get you guys some beers alright?” said Billy, confused. He walked towards the bar.

“Jeez what are you doing?” said Eliza.

“Um. Pleasuring you?” said Anna nervously.

“Quiet you.” Eliza grabbed Anna’s hair and pressed her face back into her snatch. “You know what I like to drink,” she said to Rose.

“Well excuuuuuse me,” said Rose. “Maybe I’ll take my dolls and go home.”

“NO,” said Kirsten emphatically. “Oh god.” She looked down into Shannon’s bright and eager eyes. “Five more minutes, please? Five more minutes!”

“I can go for a lot longer than five minutes Kirsten,” said Shannon. “But let’s see if I’m even going to need five minutes.” She doubled her finger fucking speed and spat directly onto Kirsten’s clit.

Kirsten clenched down hard on Rose’s thigh as Shannon slurped on her clit. “Fuck!” said Kirsten under her breath. Shannon kept the tip of her tongue pressed up hard against the little nub before her and refused to let it get free, no matter how much Kirsten’s hips writhed. By now her fingers were so slick that friction had nearly vanished. What it actually meant was that Kirsten was just about to come.

An ultra-pleasant wave of energy washed over her body as she gushed cum all over Shannon’s face. Shannon let up on Kirsten’s clit but continued to lap at her labia, mentally comparing Kirsten’s flavor to Anna’s. As the tide of pleasure subsided Kirsten gradually eased up on Rose’s thigh, leaving a large red spot on her alabaster skin. Rose rubbed her thigh then reached down and dragged her finger across Shannon’s glossy cheek. She stuck her finger in her mouth and shut her eyes, savoring the taste.

Eliza got a charge out of watching Rose treat her finger like a cock and urged Anna to step up her efforts. “You’re not going to let Shannon show you up like that are you?”

“What do you mean?” asked Anna.

“Check out the look on Kiki’s face.” Anna popped her head up past the table and noticed the lazily happy grin Kirsten was now sporting. “Now don’t you want to see that look on my face?”

Anna’s lower lip jutted out. “Ooh, you’re going to have an even bigger smile on your face when I’m done!” Her head disappeared back under the table.

“Good girl,” cooed Eliza as Anna hooked her arms around her legs and pulled her pussy even closer to her face.

Anna was far from ready to challenge Shannon for pussy eating proficiency but she was not one to back down from a challenge. Even if she was sort of fumbling around down there like a teenage boy. After a few moments of licking it became abundantly clear that she should keep her tongue on Eliza’s clit. Eliza was wet enough as it is and needed no more preliminaries.

“Oooooh, yes, like that,” groaned Eliza. “I wanna see those fingers disappear inside my fucking pussy.” Anna immediately shoved three dainty digits straight up into Eliza; she was not messing around. A wide grin gripped Eliza’s face.

“Ah ha, drinks,” said Rose as Billy returned. “Thanks Billy. Run along now.” Billy put the beers on the table and Rose held one out to Eliza.

Eliza snatched the bottle from Rose’s hand and turned it nearly upside down, pouring the bitter liquid down her throat. Anna licked Eliza’s clit one last time and an orgasm gripped Eliza’s body. Somehow she found a way to moan delightedly into the bottle and drink the beer at the same time, all without spilling a drop.

“Maybe I’ll go get a beer for myself too,” said Billy when he saw the satisfied look in Eliza’s eyes. He disappeared into the crowd.

Anna gazed up at Eliza hopefully. “Well?”

“You know, it wouldn’t be fair for me to compare you and Shannon,” said Eliza. “After all, I don’t have all the information.”

“I could tell you who’s better,” said Rose.

“Eliza, let’s trade spots,” said Kirsten. “I want to find out for myself.”

Eliza chuckled at Kirsten’s audacity. It was somewhat unusual. “Sure.” They quickly straightened themselves out and circled around the table into each other’s respective seats. “What are you waiting for bitch, start stucking! Bonnnnng!” Shannon burst into laughter. “Does my pussy look like I’m joking?” said Eliza.

Anna was becoming overwhelmed with the naughtiness of her situation and the positioning of yet another dripping wet pussy before her lips. A few feet south Anna was rip roaring to go too but there was not much that she could do to get out of her position. And her knees were getting sore. “Oh well,” whispered Anna to herself just before she dipped her head to feast again of woman.

While Rose was happy to share, it was more because of the fact that she was taking these ladies home rather than any real altruistic leanings. There would be plenty of time to enjoy them later. So Rose continued to sip her drink and content herself with watching her two friends be pleasured by two of her new friends.

Now that bragging rights were at stake, Shannon and Anna raced furiously to the finish line. Kirsten and Eliza were taken along for the ride, enjoying every moment and every moment punctuated by the odd stare from another club-goer. This time Rose made sure to give Eliza and Kirsten her hands to squeeze rather than the tops of her thighs. When the orgasms hit, however, the result was largely the same; deep red marks made even more crimson from the contrast with her pale skin.

“Well,” said Rose as she rubbed the soreness out of her hands. “My favorite song is calling out to me on the dance floor. Shall we?”

“I haven’t even come down yet Rose,” said Kirsten breathlessly.

“You’ll be going down soon enough,” said Rose. “Let’s go.”

The three seated women got out of the booth. Anna’s head poked up and looked around nervously before the rest of her followed. Shannon simply crawled out from under the table. “Looking for a contact lens,” she said nonchalantly to a passerby.

Some Sean Paul song pounded through the club as the five gorgeous women entered the dance floor. After getting her battery charged (or drained), Kirsten went for the first attractive face she could find, which happened to be a young, sandy haired man who was already working on a gorgeous brunette. A little shake and shimmy, however, immediately drew his attention and soon he and Kirsten were in a near dry hump. Rose and the others fanned out and found (or took) dance partners as well.

After a long while Rose gathered her troops. She gradually worked Shannon and Anna towards the back of the dance floor near the wall where Eliza and Kirsten were dancing. Rose whispered in Kirsten’s ear.

“Now?” said Kirsten.

“You can’t have all the fun,” said Rose. “Don’t worry, no one will see. Unless they look.”

“Fine.” Kirsten approached Anna. “Would you mind taking a few steps back?”

“Um, okay,” said Anna. She stepped back.

“A few more.” Again Anna stepped back. “One more?” Anna bumped into the wall. “Good.” Rose went over to Eliza and Shannon and herded them towards Kirsten and Anna, forming a wall that, combined with the noise and darkness, just might disguise what was about to happen.

“What are you doing?” asked Anna. A deep French kiss from Kirsten answered that question. “Everyone can see!”

“You. Are. Too. Worried,” said Kirsten. If she could survive a bullet wound, she can survive rumors of her getting chummy with a girl in a club. Even when “chummy” meant “nasty lesbian sex.” Kirsten shrugged. “But if you don’t want to then you don’t want to.”

“Wait!” Anna stopped Kirsten from turning around. “Okay! Okay!” Feeling like a cheap slut, she pushed Kirsten down by her shoulders.

Kirsten giggled and peeked under Anna’s skirt. She chuckled again as she realized that she could not see anything. So instead she reached up and felt around with her fingers, discovering Anna’s askew panties. “Looks like I’m batting clean up, eh Shannon?” said Kirsten. She flipped the front of Anna’s skirt over her head. “Guess I’m going to have to rely on touch to find my way around,” she said to herself. “And taste. Hee.”

Like a homing missile Kirsten’s tongue crashed into Anna’s clit, making Anna squeal with pleasure. That was just a tease of course, Kirsten’s tongue slithered back down to Anna’s labia and began licking up Anna’s dew. She squeezed Anna’s butt and made sure that Anna’s growing squirminess stayed in check.

Rose turned around and moved towards Anna. She nudged Kirsten forward until she could comfortably stand in front of the panting woman leaning against the wall. Putting her arms around Anna’s neck, she drew her forward into a kiss. Rose had discovered long before that night that kissing women was much more fun than kissing men. Anna had only figured out this utterly obvious fact very recently but was as enthusiastic as could be.

Meanwhile, Kirsten was showing Anna’s clit just how soft and accommodating a woman’s lips could be. They were like tiny pillows, providing total comfort to Anna’s engorged clit. A comfort that provided the perfect distraction; a wet finger inched slowly towards Anna’s backside and then began teasing her asshole.

Anna’s eyes popped open about the same time one finger sank into her ass. The kiss broke as she gasped in pleasure. “Oh my god! Blonds RULE!” Eliza, Shannon and Rose all stared at her.

Kirsten went on the offensive as Anna’s asshole gripped her finger so tight there was no way another could make its way inside. She slathered saliva over Anna’s clit and then licked it away. She repeated this action over and over, prompting Anna to grip her head with both hands and press her face into her pussy even harder.

Pushing her finger in as far as possible and then back, Kirsten worked Anna to a feverish pitch that had Anna crying out in ecstasy. Luckily, noises like that blended into the general clamor going on around them. Anna eyes were wide open. They took in every flash of light, every writhing body on the dance floor, everything to make sure that Anna knew that she was having an orgasm in front of dozens and dozens of people.

Her high pitched cries prompted Kirsten to ease up on the gas pedal. A few moments later Kirsten took Rose’s place, giving Anna a little kiss. “We DO rule.”

Eliza was rubbing her hands together in anticipation when Shannon’s beeper went off. “Oh no. It’s my husband. I have to go.”

“No you don’t,” said Eliza.

“I’m so sorry, but I do. Rose, I need a ride,” said Shannon.

“Oh so Kirsten gets to have all the fun?” said Eliza indignantly.

“I know I know, I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

“If Rose is leaving, I have to go too,” said Anna. “She’s my ride.”

Kirsten shrugged. “Alright, guess I’ll see you guys.”

“Oh yeah, you’re all okay about this you slut,” said Eliza half-seriously.

“This place is dead anyway,” said Rose. “Come on, let’s go.” She and her two underlings walked off.

“What did you call me?”

“I called you a slut, you slut,” said Eliza. “What are you going to do about it?”

“I’ll show you!” Kirsten grabbed Eliza’s hand and pulled her towards the bathroom.

2:16 am. Monday, July 14. Michael and Thomas’s house. Chicago, Illinois.

Thomas was standing in front of the mirror in his bedroom. He pulled a black sweatshirt over his head. With some old Halloween makeup, he painted his face black and then straightened his dark jeans out. He almost wished he was strapping on a pair of night vision goggles and sliding a clip into his MP5 submachine gun.

“Yo Solid Snake. Stop staring at yourself. Willie’s here,” said James from the hallway.

“Finally.” Thomas turned around and followed James into the living room. “You guys ready?” Wilson and James nodded.

They piled into Thomas’s car and headed towards the kennel. “Are you sure you want to be the getaway driver?” asked James.

“Would you please not refer to it as a getaway?” said Wilson. “And yes, I want to be the driver. I’m sure as hell not going inside.”

“I don’t know about him driving Tom,” said James.

“It’s a bit late to voice your opinion about that now,” said Wilson.

“Jimmy, as long as we don’t screw up, Willie will be fine,” said Thomas as they stopped at a red light.

“What if we come running out of the kennel screaming with a hundred dogs and a few speeding bullets chasing us?” asked James.

“Then you’ll be running all the way back home because I’ll be looong gone,” said Wilson.

“See? Reassured now?” said Thomas. They drove past the front of the kennel and then around to the back. Thomas and James got out of the car as Wilson slid over into the driver’s seat. James pulled his ski mask down over his head as Thomas unlocked the back door and opened it.

“So which cage is he in?” whispered James after they tiptoed inside.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? How are we supposed to find him then?”

“Easy. These are his favorite doggie treats,” said Thomas. He took some out of his pocket. A dozen mutts erupted in anticipation.

“Put that shit away Tom,” shouted James.

Thomas began flicking the treats into the cages. “I brought them just in case something like this happened.”

“What about when they’re finished eating?”

“Hurry up and find those damn keys then, I’ll find X.”

James snuck out of the cage area and to the administrative offices. He turned his flashlight on and began checking the rooms. A nearly inaudible mechanical whirring stopped him in his tracks. He gradually turned around and looked straight into the security camera hanging from the ceiling.

Thomas flashed his light into each cage, nearly jumping out of his boots when the eyes of a captive Doberman flashed back at him. “X? Speak X, let me know where you are boy come on,” whispered Thomas. He whistled but the other dogs began barking too. “Damnit. Why the hell are there five black labs in here?!” There were no identifying marks on the cages except for a number. He had to find the list matching the cages and the animals.

“The thing has to be around here somewhere.” He found a desk in the corner of the room and began to rifle through it. “Here we go.” He found a clipboard and scanned through the listings attached to it. “Number eight.”

He went back to the cages and found X. “Hey boy, we’re gonna get you outta here okay?” X barked once. “Here.” Thomas dropped some treats into the cage. “As soon as Jimmy gets back here, we’re going.”

James slowly reached for the nearest doorknob and twisted it. Finding it locked, he reached for the next one. Locked. Trying not to panic he reached for the next one. By the fifth locked door he was officially panicking. “They can’t see my face right?” he muttered, trying to calm himself down. He finally happened upon an open door. “No. Of course they can’t.” The cops in a police squad car rolling by could see James standing in the lobby rather clearly.

He quickly ducked under the desk and turned his flashlight off. “Shitshitshit.” James lay still for a moment. Then he slid out from under the desk but something was holding onto the top of his ski mask, nearly pulling it off. “What the fuck? Goddamnit,” said James as he pulled his mask down to find a sticky wad of pink gum stuck to it.

James inched to the side of the desk and glanced outside. The police car had stopped and the cops were getting out. “Fuck. Keyskeyskeys.” As stealthily as he could he checked the drawers of the front desk. Finding nothing, he glanced around the room desperately. Through the darkness he spotted what looked to be a set of keys hanging on the wall. He got into a crouching position, ready to dash at the keys and get back to the cage area.

There was a slight thump as one of the cops cupped his hands on the window looking to the street and inspected the lobby. “There’s definitely someone in there.”

“You’re seeing things,” said his partner.

“I know someone is in there with a flashlight.”

“Well so what? Just a bunch of mutts in there.”

“It won’t hurt to check it out.”

His partner groaned. “Fine. You want to pick the lock or should I?”

Oh boy thought James. He took a deep breath and jumped up to grab the keys.


He ran back into the hallway and into the cage area, locking the door. “Get him out! It’s time to go!”

“What’s going on?!” asked Thomas as he caught the keys James tossed to him.

“Do it! Cops saw me!” said James frantically.

“Oh fuck.” Thomas tried key after key as the cops pounded on the door.

“Hurry up!” The dogs became agitated and barking furiously.

Eight keys later the lock finally turned and Thomas let X out. “Alright let’s go!”

“Gimme the keys!” said James.

Thomas tossed the keys to him and headed for the back door. James unlocked as many cages as he could before he followed Thomas and X out of the kennel. When one of the cops broke the door down he was greeted by a dozen frantic animals running dashing out the door.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Wilson started the car and shifted into gear as Thomas, James and X ran towards him. “You were serious about the dogs?!”

“Drivedrivedrive!” yelled Thomas as he, James and X jumped into the car.

A few of the liberated animals chased after the car for a few blocks before disappearing. “I can’t believe you were fucking serious about the dogs!”

“At least there weren’t any bullets,” said Thomas.

“Yeah,” said James. He chuckled. “Slow down Willie, we don’t need to get pulled over. So we’re all getting parts in Mike’s next flick right?”

“Don’t look at me Jimmy,” said Thomas. “My shot at show biz went down the drain along with Mike’s.” X barked a few times. “Oh yeah, X’s too.”

“Dude, X doesn’t know what the hell you’re talking about,” said Wilson. “He’s a fricking dog.”

“Yes he does, don’t you X?” said James.


“See?” said Thomas.

“Man shut up. It freaks me out when you talk to the dog like that,” said Wilson.

“So where’s the post-felony party?” asked James.

“I don’t know. McKinney’s? Joe’s?” said Thomas.

“We should hold them up first,” said Wilson. “I’m a little short on cash.”

“You’re a little short on a lot of things.”

“Hey! We’re dressed for it right?”

“Just drive Willie,” said Thomas. They passed by Joe’s on the way to Thomas’s place. “Besides, Steve would kick the shit out of us, right?”

“Probably,” said James. He looked at X. X looked at Thomas. Thomas looked at Wilson.

“Don’t bother,” said Wilson. “I’m already turning around.”

1:24 pm. Friday, July 18. Outside Larry’s Guns and Ammo.

Kirsten looked up at the simple, effective sign hanging over the door to the gun shop. The window display sported an assortment of shotguns and rifles, neither of which she was looking for. She scratched her arm nervously and looked around. Kirsten had been trying to make this trip for the last week and a half. The more she thought about the shooting, the more she realized that she could have done something about it if she were armed.

She could have stopped Michael from doing something so reckless with his dog. She could have prevented him from getting shot. Everything could have been different. But somehow she was still nervous about buying a gun. Kirsten knew she was doing the right thing, so what was the problem? As she reached for the door a patron suddenly came out and Kirsten jerked her arm back in surprise.

“Excuse me,” said the woman as she walked down the street.

Kirsten became more and more self-conscious as she nervously stood outside the small gun shop. Any number of wild rumors and speculation could get started if someone saw her purchasing a weapon. But Allen had told her that this place catered to the rich and famous and was known for their discreteness. That last part did not fill Kristen with confidence but she removed her sunglasses and entered the shop anyway.

“Good afternoon miss,” greeted the young, handsome clerk. “What can I do for you today?”

Kirsten looked around at the two other customers browsing the racks of rifles before answering. “Hi, um, Malik?” The clerk nodded. “I’m here to buy a gun.”

Malik grinned. “Well, I’d guess that you are.”

Kirsten approached the counter, embarrassed. “Um, I mean, a handgun. But I really don’t know anything about guns.”

“That’s not a problem at all,” said Malik. “All the employees here are DOJ-certified safety instructors. I can tell you everything you need to know in order to purchase and carry a firearm in this state.”

“Okay,” said Kirsten. “So what do I need to know?”

“The first-”

“Malik,” said the customer looking at the shotguns. “Come on now, you know the policy.”

“Don’t you start Jess,” said Malik. “This is one of Allen’s clients and he asked me to take care of her.”

Kirsten turned her head and saw Jessica Alba walking towards them. “Hi Jessica.” The two of them were formally acquainted, having met briefly at an awards show, but not friends.

“Hi Kirsten. It’s nice to see you again,” said Jessica. “You know Malik, I’ve never heard someone say ‘DOJ-certified’ as smoothly as you.”

“Thank you,” said Malik. He looked back at Kirsten. “Now miss Dunst, what kind of handgun are you looking for?”

“She said she doesn’t know anything about guns,” said Jessica.

“With all the rounds you pop off back there I’m surprised you heard that,” said Malik. “Anyway, I know what she said, I was getting to that.” Malik pulled Kirsten a couple feet down the counter away from Jessica, who put her hands on her hips. “Are you looking for something for target shooting, competition, personal protection?”

The fact he was asking her made Kirsten feel much more at ease. It was virtually impossible to not know what happened to her but he was acting like she was just another customer. “Personal protection.”

“I know the perfect gun,” chimed Jessica.

“Ah, no, Jessica,” said Malik. “Don’t listen to her miss.”

“Kirsten,” said Kirsten.

“Of course, Kirsten. She’ll probably try to outfit you with an AK-47,” said Malik. He pulled a set of keys of his belt and unlocked the display case. “We have a very nice selection of compact, easily concealed pistols that are perfect for self-defense.” He reached inside the case and pulled a pistol out and placed it on a cloth on top of the glass. “This type of pistol is called a derringer. That means-”

“Show her this one,” said Jessica, tapping her finger on the case a foot away from Kirsten and Malik.

“Can you please just let me get my spiel out of the way without interruption?”

Jessica rolled her eyes. “Fine.” She tapped her foot impatiently as Malik gave Kirsten the lowdown about types of pistols. “Okay. NOW will you show her the Glock 19?”

“You know, there’s like a hundred other gun stores you can go to,” said Malik as he relented and showed Kirsten the pistol Jessica insisted she try out. “See how this feels.”

Kirsten gingerly picked up the gun with her right hand. The polymer of the ergonomically shaped pistol grip was cold to the touch but it snuggled comfortably against her palm and seemed to warm immediately. It was surprisingly heavy but only because the last gun she held was a plastic keychain water pistol. She pulled the slide back and found that peculiar “ka-chunk” sound particularly satisfying.

“Glocks are superbly simple and practical weapons. The only controls other than the trigger are the slide release and the magazine release. The safety action is unique in that you don’t have to do anything to make it safe except keeping your finger off the trigger. You can drop it, kick it, or throw it and it won’t discharge,” said Malik. Kirsten pressed the slide release and smiled slightly as the slide clanked into place. “It might be a little too big to carry with you during normal days though. We’ve got some other pistols that are smaller and just as effective.”

“No, this is perfect,” said Kirsten as she held it up and looked through the sights. The weapon felt absolutely perfect. Its size and shape seemed as if it was custom made for her. “When can I take this home?”

“There’s a lot of other options-”

“The girl knows what she wants,” said Jessica.

“Even so, she has to take a safety test and we have to do a background check before we can sell it to her,” said Malik.

“How long is that going to take?” asked Kirsten.

“Not long at all,” said Jessica as Malik was opening his mouth to answer. “Why don’t we let her try out the gun Malik?”

Malik sighed. “Bill isn’t back from lunch yet. I have to watch the store.”

“Let me do it then,” said Jessica.

“I can’t, you’re not certified.”

“You know I know what I’m doing,” said Jessica. “Come on, she’ll be fine.”

Malik put his hands on his hips. “Let me do the instruction first, then you can take her to the range.”

“Fine,” said Jessica. She waited with one raised eyebrow as Malik gave Kirsten basic safety instructions. “Whenever you’re done I’ll be in the back.”

A few minutes later Malik finished up and showed Kirsten to the private shooting range in the back of the store. There were only two lanes and a thin partition dividing them. Malik handed Kirsten eye and ear protection before letting her into the range. Jessica was in the right lane and her purse was hanging on a hook on the wall. She was holding a Sig Sauer 228 at her side. Kirsten watched her closely.

Jessica took a deep breath as she stared lasers into the paper target hanging from the ceiling twenty five yards downrange. In a flash she raised the pistol up to eye level and squeezed off the entire magazine in mere seconds. Kirsten visibly jerked at each shot even though she was wearing ear plugs. With the practiced movement of an expert Jessica ejected the spent magazine and inserted a second clip. Thirteen more pieces of metal flew towards the helpless target at more than two thousand feet per second. After punching the “return” button the target came back to Jessica and her enraptured onlooker, complete with twenty six fresh new holes in a pair of equal sized six inch groupings.

Kirsten adjusted her earmuffs. “Guns are really, really, really loud.”

“Huh? You’re going to have to yell for me to hear you.”

“Guns are really, really, really loud,” said Kirsten again.

Jessica turned around. “Yes they are. That’s why you always have to wear ear protection. Ready to try out that Glock?”

“Mmhmm,” said Kirsten as she stepped into the stall Jessica was standing in. “Is that good?” She pointed at the target Jessica was removing from the track.

“It’s spectacular actually,” said Jessica. “Not to brag or anything.”

“Oh that doesn’t sound like bragging at all,” said Kirsten with a playful roll of her eyes.

“Let’s get started.” Jessica showed Kirsten the particulars of loading and firing the Glock 19.

“This is hard,” said Kirsten as she loaded 9 mm bullets into a magazine. Her thumb was already sore and she had only loaded four rounds into the magazine.

“Your hands will get stronger pretty quick. Here, let me finish loading it, I wanna get to the fun part.” Jessica’s fingers dragged across Kirsten’s knuckles as she took the magazine from her.

“Thanks,” said Kirsten. She watched with amazement as Jessica loaded the next thirteen rounds in the same time it took her to load the first four.

“Here you go,” said Jessica. “Twenty feet should be a good start.” She attached a human silhouette target to the track on the ceiling and punched a few numbers into the keypad to her right. The track brought the target out into the range.

“How far was yours?”

“Seventy five feet,” replied Jessica. “See how it feels.”

“Okay.” The magazine glided into the handle of the pistol easily and locked into place. After cocking it she gripped the gun like Jessica had shown her and pointed the gun at the paper hanging from the ceiling. The trigger resisted her pull but relented easily and released the firing pin. The blowback caught Kirsten off guard and she nearly dropped the pistol.

She paused after that first shot to absorb the intense feeling of firing a weapon for the first time. Kirsten had held her arms as steady as possible but the gun still ended up pointing at a near forty five degree angle. She steadied her hands and fired another shot. This time the gun was at more of a forty degree angle, progress Kirsten was happy she made. A minute later the slide locked back, signaling that the magazine was empty.

“You can breathe now Kirsten,” said Jessica.

Kirsten pursed her lips as she let out a long stream of air. “Wow.”

“Better than sex isn’t it?” said Jessica as the target returned to their end of the range.

There was a slightly annoyed look on Kirsten’s face as she looked at the target. There were only eleven holes and some of them were on the fringes of the paper, not on the silhouette at all. “Well I’m certainly better at that than I am at this.”

“Oh really,” said Jessica coyly. “It took a lot of practice before I got good at shooting, so don’t worry about it.”

“I want to go again.” Kirsten began loading the spent magazine.

“Quick recovery. I like that,” said Jessica. “I’ll go grab a few more targets.”

Kirsten adapted to the Glock 19 rather quickly but still had trouble maintaining any sort of accuracy. After a few dozen rounds she found herself sweating from the concentration. She gently put the pistol down and pressed the “return” button on the control pad. Kirsten wanted to pound her fist in frustration when she got a better look at her target as it came back to the front of the range. Her shots were obviously scattered and out of control.

Jessica was a little calmer but only because she was much more familiar with the feeling of power firing a pistol bestows upon its user. Shotguns and rifles had more kick but they looked like they had more kick. The average pistol looked harmless in comparison but there was a lot of spark in that little package and that was what excited her most; the unexpected might.

She suspected Kirsten was feeling the same way, and damn if she did not look sexy holding that black Glock 19 in her hands. Kirsten even made the gawky plastic eyewear look good. Jessica looked back down at her gun and grinned to herself. This was as good as foreplay could get. She looked into Kirsten’s stall and saw that she was loading her magazine again. Jessica snuck over to the door as Kirsten began firing again and locked it.

Observing Kirsten from behind, Jessica waited until she finished her clip and began loading it again. “Can I offer you a little help on your aim?”

“I was wondering how long you were going to let me fumble around back here,” said Kirsten with a frustrated smile. “This isn’t going to be much use if I can’t hit anything.”

Jessica grinned and walked up to Kirsten. “Get into your stance?” Kirsten raised the pistol and aimed down the range. Jessica looked up and down at Kirsten’s legs and hips. “It’s easier if you have a more even stance. You’re in a combat stance, like what you would see in movies. Here.” Jessica pressed her hand to Kirsten’s thighs and moved one leg back and the other leg forward.

“Okay.” Kirsten aimed and fired.

“Maybe you’re not aligning the sights correctly,” said Jessica. “You want the front sight to be lined up with the rear, and aim just under what you want to hit.” Kirsten fired again. “Hmm.” Jessica stepped close to Kirsten and reached around her with both of her arms. Her breasts brushed slightly against Kirsten’s back, her hardened nipples getting a tiny little thrill. Putting her hands around Kirsten’s she carefully adjusted her aim. “Alright. Try that.”

Another shot rang out. Kirsten smiled widely as she saw the new hole in her target. It was dead center of the head. “Oooh, thanks.”

“Let’s try hitting the torso now.” Jessica slowly lowered Kirsten’s hands.

Kirsten took a breath and fired. “Yes!” said Kirsten excitedly. It was a bulls-eye shot. She put the gun down and turned around, giving Jessica a high five. “Wow that was great!”

“You are such a quick learner, it took me a week before I could do that.”

“Oh yeah right,” said Kirsten. She picked up the last target Jessica perforated. “Look at this thing, you didn’t even overlap any of your shots.”

“You think that was intentional?” said Jessica. “Try my Sig, I think you’ll like it.” She went around the partition and retrieved her gun and a full magazine of ammunition. “Safety is already off. Just slam it, cock it, fire it.”

Kirsten put the magazine into the pistol and pressed the slide release. She tried to remember the motions Jessica had shown her and began firing. With every slow, methodical shot her lips curled up ever so slightly. By the time the slide locked back there was a radiant, toothy grin on her face. Kirsten put the gun down and gave Jessica a big hug. “I can’t believe I just did that!”

It felt pretty good getting such a tight squeeze from Kirsten. Especially one where their nipples were so blatantly rubbing against each other that it could not possibly have been unintentional. Jessica gladly returned it. “You’re incredible,” said Jessica softly.

“What?” The two of them were still wearing ear protection. Jessica looked at her and mouthed her words again. “I can’t hear you.” Kirsten turned her head and removed her earmuffs. Turning back she found a pair of voluptuous lips suddenly pressed against hers. She stood surprised for a few seconds before pushing Jessica away. “Whoa.”


Kirsten took Jessica’s ear muffs off. “What was that?”

“I’m sorry Kirsten,” said Jessica. “I just get really, really worked up when I’m on the range. I noticed that you were getting kinda excited too.”

Kirsten looked down at her chest and noticed the distinct outline of hard nipples poking against her shirt. “Oh. Well, you know, it’s just that I’ve never done this before.”

“Oh?” Jessica’s excitement increased markedly.

“I don’t mean ‘that,’ I mean this.” Kirsten held up the pistol.

“Oh.” Jessica pouted ever so slightly. “At least I got to take your gun virginity.”

Kirsten laughed. “And it was remarkably painless too.” There was no denying the feelings percolating in her mind. The rush from firing a weapon seemed to go straight to her erogenous zones and watching Jessica wield a gun so effortlessly drove her wild.

Jessica ran her finger along the barrel of her Sig. “We do have some privacy in here.”

Kirsten crossed her arms, never taking her eyes off of Jessica. “And?” It was difficult to avoid grabbing Jessica and tasting those lips again.

“If I don’t get a little relief, I’m just going to have to go home and take care of that all by my lonesome. But now you’re here to take care of it for me. I don’t want to put a gun to your head,” said Jessica. “But I could, couldn’t I?”

“That won’t be necessary. If you want it, take it,” said Kirsten as she pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it in Jessica’s face.

“That was easy.” Jessica lunged forward and took Kirsten in her arms, planting a lengthy kiss on Kirsten’s lips. As their heads twisted and turned Jessica flicked the clasp open on Kirsten’s tight bra and drew it off her shoulders. She broke the kiss and went immediately down to Kirsten’s chest, eager to play with those hard nipples that were teasing her earlier.

Little shots of pleasure hit Kirsten’s brain as Jessica sucked on one nipple while tweaking the other. She leaned back against the partition, clasping her hands on top of her head. Jessica rabidly licked Kirsten’s flesh, going back and forth until each nipple was glistening with her saliva. Then she reached for Kirsten’s jeans but Kirsten pulled her face up to hers and let Jessica suck on her tongue.

Now it was Kirsten’s turn to get a taste of breast flesh. She unbuttoned Jessica’s blouse and was somewhat relieved that Jessica was braless. In the heat of the moment Kirsten always seemed to fudge up the removal of the other woman’s bra. No matter, she had two handfuls of exquisiteness and proceeded to lick them like sweet scoops of ice cream.

Jessica’s hands were not content to sit on top of her own head, instead guiding Kirsten as each nipple became too sensitive for her aggressive attack. Kirsten’s blond locks smelled of Froot Loops, making Jessica chuckle.

“What?” asked Kirsten.

“Nothing baby,” said Jessica. “But I think it’s my turn now.” She unbuttoned Kirsten’s jeans and tugged them to the floor. A pair of sexy white cotton panties came down next. Jessica was amazed at the wetness that greeted her roving eyes. Kirsten was positively dripping. She may have found shooting even more arousing than Jessica did.

“Eat my pussy Jess, I need it so bad!” cried out Kirsten.

“Oh I know honey, I know.” Jessica dragged her finger across Kirsten’s labia slowly and it came back glistening with her juices. “Oh wow, look at that.” She stood up and waved her finger under Kirsten’s nose.

Kirsten opened her mouth and latched onto Jessica’s finger, licking it clean. Jessica watched with amazement at the eagerness that Kirsten sucked her finger. It made her even hornier to know that Kirsten could be as nasty as anyone. Jessica pulled her finger away and kissed Kirsten, seeking the flavor that Kirsten seemed to enjoy so much.

Deciding that the best course of action was to go directly to the source, Jessica pressed Kirsten hard against the partition and knelt down. She licked her lips with anticipation but then giggled about it. Why bother? The wetness between Kirsten’s legs was going to be all over Jessica’s face in a few seconds.

“Please, Jess, what are you waiting for?” asked Kirsten desperately. Jessica was so close to Kirsten’s cunt that she could feel her breathing right on top of her clit, teasing her even worse.

Jessica’s response was more than adequate; an enthusiastic sweep of the tongue that momentarily wiped Kirsten’s pussy clear of her juices. But as quickly as they were gone they came back. Jessica had the unenviable task of making sure that Kirsten went home nice and clean. So, she lapped away as sensuously as possible, coaxing Kirsten ever closer to an orgasm.

Kirsten fiddled with her nipples as she moaned loudly. She was well aware that the whole area was sound proofed and let loose with the horniest cries she could muster. It was too much for Jessica to take without a little satisfaction so she jammed one hand down her shorts and began to rub herself furiously.

Even then it was not enough and as much fun as she was having eating Kirsten out she was ready for some tongue love in return. Jessica gave Kirsten’s clit a tiny little nibble and was rewarded with a rather forceful thrust of Kirsten’s hips. She began swiping the little nub side to side with the tip of her tongue. Kirsten began bucking like a horse, her sensitive clit sending shockwaves throughout her body.

“Ohmygod Jessica!” said Kirsten. “It’s too- too- much!” Jessica latched onto Kirsten’s curvy hips and slurped her clit. She held on tight as Kirsten shrieked and bucked so hard the partition shook. Kirsten was flailing as she teetered at the edge of an orgasm.

“It’s never too much Kirsten.” Jessica gave Kirsten’s clit another slurp and was the grateful recipient of a torrent of girlcum splashing across her tongue. Bullets rained down over Jessica’s head, knocked off the countertop by a woman in the throes of a mind warping orgasm.

Kirsten yanked Jessica up and kissed her frantically while reaching down to undo Jessica’s shorts. Someone knocked on the door. “Hey! Guys you’re not supposed to lock this door!” yelled Malik.

“Go the fuck away!” yelled Jessica before she began kissing Kirsten again.

“I have a customer out here, let me in!”

“NO!” Jessica could have yelled all she wanted but Malik could not hear a word she was saying. She also knew that Malik would simply go around the back of the store and use the other door if they did not let him in. “That boy has AWFUL timing,” whined Jessica. Still trying to catch her breath, Kirsten began to get dressed. “What now?”

“If you think you’re getting away without letting me have a taste of your pussy, you’re dead wrong,” said Kirsten.

Jessica smiled happily. “My place or yours?”

“My place,” said Kirsten. She paused and thought a moment. “I just need to buy a bed first.”

9:29 pm. Friday, July 25. O’Hare International Airport. Chicago, Illinois.

The Wachowski brothers were looking for someone to star in the next big thing after the Matrix trilogy was completed. They were Chicago natives and made a point of that by sprinkling references to the city throughout the first Matrix film. The next big thing was going to be another high tech extravaganza, although the hook this time was going to be even better than bullet time.

Eliza walked through the airport terminal, slightly jet lagged and very annoyed. She did not wish to be in this city at the moment but somehow Simon had convinced her that there was a “huge” opportunity for her here. It all smelled fishy to put it pleasantly. She was not suspicious by nature but she knew how frequent these “huge” chances were. The whole “meeting with a producer” angle was rife with B-movie opportunities.

Not wanting to attract attention, Eliza opted to have a taxi waiting for her outside of the airport instead of the limousine the brothers offered. “Take me to here.” She handed the driver a slip of paper with the Larry Wachowski’s address on it.

“Really? That’s where you’re going?” asked the grizzled driver. “That’s not a safe part of town.”

The driver’s words should have given her more pause than they did. “I can handle myself. Just drive.”

A little while later Eliza got out of the taxi into the brisk Chicago night. There was nothing about that area that was inherently insidious. It was a well-lit street, clean and lined with little shops and restaurants. She was standing in front of the right apartment building, but it did not look like the kind of place a successful Hollywood director would stay in.

Eliza checked the date book in her purse and confirmed the numbers. “Maybe I wrote it down wrong.” She began walking down the street to check a different combination of address numbers. Eliza groaned irritably as she came upon a Chinese restaurant. Pulling out her cell phone she dialed the home phone number of Larry Wachowski.

“We’re sorry, that phone number is no longer in use. Please hang up and dial again,” spat a recording.

“What the hell?” She dialed Simon’s cell phone. “Hey Simon, what’s going on?”

“Eliza?” said Simon.

“Yeah, I’m at-” Suddenly she was jerked backwards and her cell phone clattered to the ground. “HEY!”

“Eliza?” said Simon.

The assailant pulled her deep into the dark alley and clamped a black cloth soaked in chloroform across her mouth and nose. Eliza kicked and struggled mightily but whoever was holding on was substantially more powerful than she was.

“Eliza?” said Simon again.

Slowly she became limp. The assailant dragged her back towards his car and placed her in the back seat, tossing a blanket over her to hide her from any onlookers. He pulled out of the alley and into the night.

In Los Angeles, Simon put his phone down. With a nervous breath he turned the volume back up on his television.

11:54 pm. Club X.

Consciousness gradually returned to Eliza’s woozy eyes. She blinked a few times and became dimly aware of the shackles binding her wrists and ankles, holding her flat against a wall. Her head felt like it weighed a hundred pounds but somehow she was able to look up and around the room.

The walls were stony gray and had various chains and leather restraints attached to them. In fact, chains and restraints seemed to be attached to the floors and ceilings too. In the middle of the room was a large, shiny metal torture rack. Eliza knew what kind of place she was in now. The average club did not maintain this sort of equipment. The metal door to her right swung open and a man walked in.

“She’s awake.” She looked to the right and out of the corner of her eye noticed a man sitting in a chair.

“Yes she is,” said the man who just entered the room. He walked up to her and lifted her chin, offering her a bottle of water. “We want to make sure you’re all moist and ready for the next few hours.”

Eliza thought the man had an unnaturally dark face. Then she realized that he was wearing a ski mask. She sipped some water and spat it back into his eyes. “Let me go.”

The man in black wagged his finger at her. “Now now, Eliza.” He cleared his throat. “I mean, mistress.” Eliza’s eyes widened. “That wasn’t very nice.”

“You?” said Eliza.

“Yes mistress. Me.” He grabbed her by the jaw. “I’ve got a score to settle with you.” Then he stepped to the side and reached for the door.

The man sitting in the chair to Eliza’s right adjusted his tattered, old Bears cap. “So do I.” The door shut with a bang.

Chapter 11 coming soon.

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