The Color Of Amber Chapter Three: Girls Got Rhythm

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Now for the recap. In chapter two Amber fled to a lodge in Colorado to think things over while doing a little snowboarding, which she’d had very little time to do in the last couple years because of work. Once there however, she quickly found that she couldn’t escape the longings for female flesh that her friend, Michelle Trachtenberg, had woken up inside her. A seemingly innocent encounter on the slopes with Elisha Cuthbert turned into more. Last seen, Amber was bidding goodbye to Elisha and Lindsay Lohan after some time locked in a room fucking each other senseless.

Celebs in this story are Amber Tamblyn, Michelle Trachtenberg, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel. The codes are (FF, cons, oral, anal, toys). Go fuck yourself and go read something else if you dislike those codes or want something more. Or better yet, write it yourself.

I guess I should give out some thank you’s. I don’t really feel like doing it but I really should acknowledge some people. Anyone that sent words of encouragement (all two of you *wink*) along with Rich for constantly stroking my ego and then tearing it apart by writing a story better than I could ever even imagine. Most of all though I should give props to FD for digging his heel into my ass and forcing me to write. (Oh, and yes I know the title is a different AC/DC song than the one the lyrics to kick it off came from, but ‘Girls Got Rhythm’ fit better as a title while the lyrics to ‘Touch Too Much’ worked better for the quote. So fucking blow me if you got a problem with that.)

“She had the face of an angel, smiling with sin. A body of Venus with arms. Dealing with danger, stroking my skin. Let the thunder and lightning start. It wasn’t the first, it wasn’t the last, it wasn’t that she didn’t care. She wanted it hard, and wanted it fast, she liked it done medium rare.” – AC/DC ‘Touch Too Much’

The Color of Amber Chapter Three: Girls Got Rhythm

by voodoojoe

“Amber?” Michelle asked, picking up the phone after recognizing the phone number on her caller ID.

“Hi,” Amber said timidly.

“Where have you been? I’ve been calling for weeks,” Michelle said.

An uncomfortable silence settled over the line. Neither knew quite what to say until both of them blurted out “I’m-.”

“I’m sorry,” Michelle continued, cutting Amber off. “I shouldn’t have done what I did.”

“No, I’m sorry,” Amber protested. “I just kind of freaked out and had to take some time to think things through.”

“You should’ve just told me that instead of disappearing. I was worried about you,” Michelle declared.

“I went for a little vacation to do some snowboarding,” Amber said.

Michelle could hear a little something in Amber’s voice and pressed it. “You got lucky didn’t you?”

“What? You know me better than that,” Amber said, trying to hide the blush that was spreading through her face.

“You did, didn’t you?” Michelle asked, picking up on the slight change in Amber’s voice.

“I’ll tell you later,” Amber said, knowing that there was no way Michelle would let her get away without divulging every detail.

“Tell me it was a ski instructor,” Michelle pressed, trying to get at least something immediately.

“It wasn’t a ski instructor,” Amber said truthfully. She wasn’t sure how Michelle would take it when she told her she had fucked two women, but considering what had happened the last time they’d seen each other she was pretty sure that would make the details that much better.

“So you’re not going to tell me who it was?” Michelle asked.

“Not right now. I’ll tell you all about it later,” Amber promised.

“I’m going to hold you to that,” Michelle said. “I was just about to go see the guys. Want me to say hi to Floyd for you?”

“I don’t know,” Amber shrugged. She felt a pang of jealousy that Michelle was going to see Floyd, but she couldn’t really complain about it. “If you want to, then go ahead but I haven’t figured out what to do about that yet.”

“If he asks about you then I’ll tell him, but only if he asks,” Michelle agreed.

“Thanks,” Amber said. “I’ll let you go. I have to go shopping with a friend.”

“Come over tonight so you can tell me all about this guy who got my little Amber into bed with him,” Michelle lewdly suggested.

“Want me to bring anything?” Amber asked.

“Just your cute self,” Michelle responded, making Amber blush a little.

Hearing the doorbell ring, Amber said “I’ll be there, but someone’s at the door so I’ll let you go see Floyd.”

“You don’t mind me going over there do you?” Michelle asked, making sure that she wasn’t pissing Amber off.

“Just don’t sleep with him again,” Amber answered.

“I can fuck Joe though, right?” Michelle double checked.

“You can fuck Joe to your heart’s content,” Amber responded, laughing.

“Good, I wouldn’t want to be cut off entirely,” Michelle said.

“Bye Michelle,” Amber said, smiling as she hung up the phone.

When the doorbell rang again, she made her way through the house to the front door. Peeking through the peephole, she saw Kate standing outside.

“Sorry about that, I was on the phone,” Amber said as she opened the door.

“No problem,” Kate responded. “Ready to go?”

“Yeah, let me grab my purse,” Amber answered, ducking back inside to grab her purse off the table.

“Too bad you missed Floyd’s birthday,” Kate said when Amber reemerged from the house.

“I know, but I needed to take some for myself,” Amber shrugged. She felt bad that she had deserted town for Floyd’s birthday, but it wouldn’t have done anyone any good if she had stuck around. “Did he have a good one?”

“Rich and I gave him concert tickets, but everyone else seemed to give him beer,” Kate chuckled as they climbed into Amber’s car. “He said something about meeting an old friend for drinks that night, and I think it was a woman, but I don’t know if he was just saying that to make everyone think he had a date.”

The thought that Floyd might already be moving on stung her more than she cared to admit, but she couldn’t complain since she had been the one to run away. Rather than continue on that line of conversation, Amber just kind of grunted and pulled out of the driveway.

+ * + * +

“We should do this more often,” Amber said honestly when they got back to Amber’s house.

“Yeah we should,” Kate responded warmly, getting out of the car. “You should come to the dorm some time. I know Rich thought you were cool, but he’s easy to win over. Anyone that not only listens to him play the guitar, but makes requests as well earns top marks in his book.”

“Do you think Floyd will like the birthday present I got him?” Amber asked, holding onto the bag in her hand.

“He’ll love it. Anyone that likes the Cubs as much as he does is going to love a vintage Cubs hat and Ernie Banks jersey. Who knows, maybe now he’ll quit wearing that ratty old thing he usually wears during baseball season,” Kate said, laughing.

“Here, you give it to him. I don’t know when I’ll see him again and I want him to have it now, so you should give it to him,” Amber said, holding the bag with Floyd’s birthday present out for Kate.

“You sure? You should really be the one to give it to him,” Kate said.

“I want him to have it now, but I’m not sure I’m ready to talk to him right now,” Amber answered.

“Okay, but I’ll make him give any kisses he wants to give you to Rich instead of me,” Kate said, grinning.

“Thanks, I owe you,” Amber called after Kate, watching her head for her car.

With a wave, Amber watched Kate drive off before heading for her front door. During their little shopping excursion Amber had forced herself to try not to think about what Kate looked like naked. When they’d stopped by Victoria’s Secret so Kate could buy something special for Rich, it had become almost impossible for her to look at the various lacy and frilly undergarments and not picture them on someone. A red strapless bra and matching thong had been put on Michelle in her mind while Elisha had modeled a more modest black and white striped bra and panty set with matching garter belt for her imagination.

She had wandered around trying desperately to think of something other than her friends wearing them and waiting for her to take them off. Eventually she had bought a couple things for herself just to hold up the illusion that she had been shopping instead of thinking of fucking various women wearing the underwear.

Looking at clock, Amber noticed that it was about time she started getting ready to go over to Michelle’s. Grabbing the bag with the lingerie she had bought, she couldn’t help but wonder if maybe Michelle would be seeing her new underwear.

+ * + * +

“Tell me all about him,” Michelle said, opening the door to reveal Amber in a vintage Black Flag t-shirt and black skirt that came down to just below her knees. She didn’t even take the time to do the normal greetings and hug routine before demanding to know Amber’s vacation conquest.

“It’s nice to see you again too Michelle,” Amber said, smiling as she walked past her.

“Fine, I’ll do it your way,” Michelle said, hugging Amber and giving her a friendly kiss on the cheek. “It’s nice to see you, now tell me about this guy who got you to put out.”

“I brought Chinese food,” Amber said, holding up a bag of white cardboard containers. She smiled when Michelle squinted and fixed her with a look of pure frustration.

“Did you remember the egg rolls?” Michelle asked, snatching the bag away.

“Egg rolls, General Tsao’s chicken, pork fried rice, chow mein, and some pot stickers,” Amber replied, reeling off the items in her order.

“Ooh, General Tsao’s chicken and egg rolls? I love it,” Michelle said, digging through the bag.

“At least wait until you’re sitting down before you open it,” Amber said, taking the bag back.

“Spoil sport,” Michelle grumbled, going into the kitchen to grab some plates and forks.

“You’re not going to use the chopsticks?” Amber inquired, seeing the forks in Michelle’s hand.

“You know I don’t have the patience to use those things,” Michelle responded, setting the plates and forks down on the coffee table. “You can use them all you want, but chopsticks can’t match a fork when it comes to picking up rice.”

While Michelle was getting the plates Amber had taken the boxes of food out of the bag and opened them up. The egg rolls and chicken had gone to Michelle since Amber didn’t much care for ultra spicy fare like General Tsao’s chicken and the last time she’d tried to take an egg roll from Michelle she’d nearly lost a finger. The pot stickers were for her and the rice and chow mein were set in the middle of the table for both of them eat.

“Man, they must have known this was for me because it seems hotter than normal,” Michelle said, chewing on a piece of chicken. “I can already feel the sweat beading on my forehead.”

“I don’t know how you can eat that stuff,” Amber said, lifting a pot sticker to her mouth with her chopsticks.

“I grew up in New York eating spicy Italian food, it’s in my blood,” Michelle said, luxuriating in the way her mouth seemed be on fire. “So, are you going to tell me about him or what?”

“I can’t,” Amber said, piling some rice on her plate.

“Don’t do this to me Amber,” Michelle warned her, picking up an egg roll. Pointing the egg roll at Amber, she continued “You promised to tell me about your little encounter and I’m not going to let you off the hook just because you brought me some Chinese food.”

“I mean I can’t tell you about ‘him’ because it wasn’t a guy,” Amber said, laughing when Michelle choked on the bite of egg roll she’d just taken.

Spitting the egg roll out, Michelle searched for what Amber could’ve meant. “If it wasn’t a guy, then who was it?”

“Well, it was a, um,” Amber stammered. “It was a woman.”

“Oh my God,” Michelle murmured, not quite believing what she was hearing.

“Two of them actually,” Amber said, making Michelle’s mind reel further.

“You freaked out because of what happened between you, me and Floyd and then ran off to who knows where so you could get your groove on with two women?” Michelle asked.

“It just kind of happened. I met this woman named Elisha and we went out drinking. Next thing I know we’re naked on the floor of my room,” Amber explained.

“What about the other one?” Michelle inquired, feeling more than a little turned on by the idea that her best friend had spent time fucking other women. She felt a little jealous that Amber hadn’t been fucking her instead, but she held out hope that maybe the little rendezvous would open her up to a little more experimenting.

“The other one was Elisha’s friend Lindsay,” Amber answered. “The three of us were watching movies in my room and, well, wound up in a threesome.”

“Well, that’s certainly not what I was expecting to hear when you called me this morning,” Michelle said honestly, taking another bite of her egg roll.

“You don’t think I’m a freak do you?” Amber asked, hoping that Michelle wouldn’t reject her.

“Why would I think you’re a freak? I’ve had a few women of my own, so I can’t pass judgment. Hell, I think it’s fucking hot that you got fucked good and proper. So what if it was two chicks instead of two guys. At least tell me they were hot,” Michelle grinned.

“Elisha’s a gorgeous blond and Lindsay was this cute little redhead,” Amber said, inwardly heaving a sigh of relief at Michelle’s reaction.

“Good, because if they had been fat and ugly then I’d consider you a freak,” Michelle said, smiling warmly at Amber. “So, what’d you do today?”

“I went shopping with Kate. You know, from the party at the dorm. She’s Rich’s girlfriend,” Amber responded.

“The cute brunette with the nice ass and adorable British accent?” Michelle asked.

“That’s her. Now, what about you? How are Floyd and Joe?” Amber asked, not sure whether she wanted Floyd to fine or to be torn up over her.

“They’re fine, but Floyd’s still carrying the torch for you pretty good,” Michelle answered.

That made Amber feel better. It was the best of both worlds in her eyes. He was fine, but still hung up on her and that meant that he felt bad about what he’d done.

“Did you get lucky while you there?” Amber asked, desperately hoping Michelle had stuck to her promise not to fuck Floyd.

“No,” Michelle sighed. “They were arguing over what to do for spring break, and then they practically kicked me out so they could get ready to leave for Mexico tomorrow. They’re going to ‘drink in sleazy bars and pick up even sleazier women’ as Joe put it. It really makes me mad. They didn’t even invite me along.”

Amber felt a twinge of possessiveness hit her at the thought of Floyd picking up sleazy women, but she couldn’t say anything since she was the one avoiding him. Heck, she hadn’t exactly been celibate during their time apart so she had no reason to expect him to be.

“That sounds like fun,” Amber said, trying to hide the hurt she nevertheless felt.

“Did you buy anything while you were out shopping?” Michelle asked, turning the topic away from Floyd. She could tell that it wasn’t the best thing for Amber to be thinking about at the moment and she didn’t want Amber to have to talk about it.

“Nothing much. A birthday present for Floyd and some new underwear for me,” Amber answered.

“What kind of underwear? Sexy underwear?” Michelle pressed.

“Nothing overly fancy, but yeah I’d say it’s sexy,” Amber confirmed.

Michelle wanted to ask Amber if she’d bought it to show Floyd, but decided not to. Instead she said “Tell me you got a garter belt. Garter belts are sexy.”

“No garter belt this time, but I already have a couple of them,” Amber said, silently regretting that she hadn’t picked up a garter belt and some sexy stockings.

“I need a drink,” Michelle said, changing the subject before she threw herself at Amber. All this talk about sex and Amber’s underwear had her a little on edge and the last time she’d put a move on Amber she’d run off and hadn’t talked to her for a few weeks. “Want anything while I’m up?”

“What do you have?” Amber asked, needing a drink for essentially identical reasons as Michelle.

“Lets see, there’s always beer,” Michelle called over her shoulder as she went into the kitchen. Digging through the cupboard, she said “I’ve got some whiskey, tequila, vodka, various mixes. There’s some wine in the refrigerator from the last time Sarah and Alyson were over. Anything sound good?”

“Surprise me,” Amber yelled, pushing her plate of food away. There was going to be plenty of left overs, but Michelle could always eat them for breakfast or lunch tomorrow if she didn’t send them home with Amber.

“You asked for it,” Michelle said, coming back into the room with two glasses and a pitchers. “The last time you told me to surprise you I made you that drink you referred to as ‘Michelle’s paint thinner’ if I remember right.”

“Oh man, I had almost forgotten that,” Amber said, remembering the intense burn that had accompanied the drinking of ‘Michelle’s paint thinner’ as well as the incredible hang over that followed.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t go as overboard this time,” Michelle said, setting the glasses down on the table in front of Amber. Pouring her concoction into the glasses, she added “I just tossed a little of everything into some lemonade this time.”

“So now you’re going to ruin lemonade as well as that time you somehow managed to burn a ‘no bake’ cheesecake?” Amber asked, picking up her glass and warily inspecting it. Michelle watched for her reaction as she lifted it to her lips. Finding that not only did the drink not taste dreadful, but tasted quite good, Amber told her so. “This is really good.”

“I can’t cook but I know how to mix a drink,” Michelle said confidently, finally taking a sip of her own concoction.

“I guess you really did learn something at all those parties you’ve been to over the last couple years,” Amber teased.

“I learned two things actually,” Michelle corrected. “I learned how to mix drinks and I learned how to fuck.”

Amber should’ve been used to hearing Michelle say stuff like that, and she really should’ve been expecting it right there, but she was still caught off guard by the bluntness of the statement. She barely managed to refrain from spitting her drink out as a laugh threatened to break through and force its way out of her mouth.

“Oh don’t give me that innocent girl look,” Michelle said, seeing the look of shock on Amber’s face. “Anyone who fucks two girls like you said you did is far from innocent.”

“I’ve still got a long way before I catch up to you,” Amber shot back, trying to fight the blush that she knew was appearing on her cheeks.

“I can help you out if you really want to catch up,” Michelle said, grinning as she leered at Amber’s legs under her skirt.

“I’m sure you would,” Amber responded coyly, sipping her drink. She wanted Michelle to teach her, but she just couldn’t bring herself to outright ask for it.

“But the question is, do you want it?” Michelle asked, putting her hand on Amber knee and squeezing it.

Amber wanted to scream out ‘Yes’ but she couldn’t get her mouth to cooperate. For all the new things she’d tried recently, she was still the innocent, wholesome girl who couldn’t bring herself to admit that she desperately wanted to be fucked senseless by her best friend.

“Answer me,” Michelle demanded, letting her hand roam further up Amber’s leg to stroke her thigh.

“Yes,” Amber finally managed to hoarsely say.

“What was that?” Michelle whispered into Amber’s ear, her fingers at the hem line of her skirt and gradually getting closer to the spot that both of them wanted the fingers to be.

“Yes,” Amber repeated with slightly more confidence.

“Tell me what you want babe,” Michelle whispered. Her fingers were close enough that she could feel the heat coming off of Amber’s pussy but she wanted Amber to tell her what she wanted before she did anything.

“I, I want you to fuck me,” Amber stammered, finally asking for what she so dearly wanted.

“Then come on,” Michelle said, removing her hand from her friend’s thigh and grabbing her hand instead so she could lead her into her bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Amber nervously looked around the room as Michelle dug around in a dresser drawer. She’d been there a hundred times before, but never under these circumstances. The mirror above Michelle’s make-up table had drawn little curiosity from her before but now she realized that it was an angle where it could be seen easily and clearly from the bed as if Michelle had it put there so she could watch herself get fucked.

“Here we are,” Michelle said, pulling a shoe box out.

“What’s that?” Amber inquired curiously.

“You’ll see,” Michelle replied, setting the box down on the bed. Motioning for Amber to look, she pulled the lid off the box to reveal her collection of toys. Running her fingers over the cool surfaces of the various plastic and metal toys, she deliberated over which one to use.

“Oh my God,” Amber said, still being virginal enough to have never used anything but her fingers for self gratification.

“I’ve really got my work cut out for me, don’t I?” Michelle rhetorically asked, picking out a long, smooth silver vibrator that was her workhorse. Its the one that she always turns to when she needs a quick orgasm. “If you’re going to pray every time you see a dildo, then you’re going to be might religious by the time I’m done with you.”

“I was just a little shocked that you had so many,” Amber replied, her eyes resting on an odd looking toy. It looked to be a series of little plastic or rubber spheres connected by a thin cylindrical link. It piqued her interest enough that she asked Michelle about it.

“Those are anal beads,” Michelle said, making Amber’s eyes go wide.

“Anal beads?” Amber asked, intrigued.

“Yeah, you stick them up your ass. Then you slowly pull them out and you get the sensation of your ass repeatedly opening and closing around them,” Michelle explained.

“Does it feel good?” Amber asked, trying not to let Michelle know how turned on she was by the thought of having them used on her.

“Yeah, they’re really quite fun if you go in for that kind of thing,” Michelle answered, setting the vibrator down on the bed. “Does my little Amber want to have her cute little ass violated by my beads?”

“My ass isn’t little,” Amber sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Yeah, but that’s what makes it so damn cute,” Michelle responded, positioning herself between Amber’s knees. She leaned over so she could put her hands on Amber’s thighs.

Michelle’s face was mere inches from Amber’s and Amber ached for her to just lean in closer and kiss her. She could feel Michelle’s thumbs lightly stroking the insides of her thighs and it felt like her whole body was on fire. It felt like steam was about to come pouring out of her ears and every hair on her body seemed to stand on end due to Michelle’s electric touch.

“Tell me what you want,” Michelle urged, picking the vibrator back up. Turning it on low, she held it up to Amber’s gaze before bringing it down and lightly touching to the skin of her bare knee.

“Kiss me,” Amber said, jolts of exhilaration shooting through her starting from the point of contact with the cool surface of the vibrator.

Ever so slowly, Michelle closed the inches between their mouths. She watched as Amber’s eyes closed in expectation of the meeting of their lips. Softly she pressed their lips together and was rewarded by the softness that only a woman’s lips can offer. As the kiss deepened, Michelle used Amber’s distraction to drag the vibrator further up her leg.

By the time the kiss broke, Amber’s head was rather foggy. She had been expecting Michelle to come in fiercely and overpower her, but instead she had been overpowered by the delicate gentleness. The feeling of the vibrator being drawn up her thigh had further intensified the sensuousness of the moment and added an air of great excitement that left her almost breathless.

“How was that?” Michelle whispered, seeing her answer written in the flush of color creeping across Amber’s face.

“Mmmm,” Amber cooed, slowly opening her eyes.

“We’re just getting started baby,” Michelle said, lowering her head to plant kisses on Amber’s neck.

Amber could feel the tip of the vibrator on the inside of her thigh under her skirt just short of her panties. The dual attack that Michelle was launching with the vibrator on her sensitive skin and the kisses being lavished on her neck was having the desired effect. She couldn’t decide whether to grab the back of Michelle’s head and hold it to her neck or grab her hand and bring the vibrator in contact with her pussy that was rapidly becoming drenched with her arousal.

Since she couldn’t decide which to do, she did both. With one hand she grabbed Michelle’s head and held it against her neck and used her other to pull Michelle’s hand until the tip of the vibrator was pressed against panty clad pussy. As the vibrations hit her pussy, she let out a low moan and spread her legs wider so she could grind her crotch against it.

“I’m… gonna… make… you… feel… so… good,” Michelle said, planting a kiss along Amber’s collarbone between each word.

“Yeah,” Amber moaned, her eyes rolling back in her head as the sensations coursed through her body.

“Lets get this off you,” Michelle said, using her free hand to lift Amber’s shirt up. With a little help from Amber, they were able to get it off without the vibrator breaking contact with Amber’s pussy.

“Ooh,” Amber moaned as she felt Michelle’s free hand pull the cups of her bra down to expose her tits to the air.

“Is this new?” Michelle asked, inspecting the dark red bra she’d just pulled down before darting her tongue out to flick one of Amber’s nipples.

“Uh huh,” Amber groaned, pushing her tits out to Michelle’s tongue so she could reach behind her to unhook her bra. When the hook came free, she let the straps fall off her shoulders before pulling it off.

“Lets see if anything else you’re wearing is new,” Michelle said, kissing her way down Amber’s stomach before using her free hand to lift the hem of her skirt. Seeing a matching pair of dark red panties with a wet spot in front that made them look even darker, Michelle grinned knowing that Amber had come over looking to get fucked. “Did you wear these just for me?”

“Do you like them?” Amber asked, growing frantic with the need to feel the vibrator inside her and Michelle’s tongue on her pussy.

“Of course, but I think I’ll like them even better when they’re not on you,” Michelle answered, pulling the vibrator away from Amber’s pussy long enough to peel her panties down off her pussy.

As Amber leaned back so she could lift her ass off the bed, Michelle pulled them down to her knees. Taking one of Amber’s hands, Michelle pressed the vibrator into her palm so she could use it for a few seconds while she finished taking her panties off.

Pressing the vibrator against her now naked pussy, Amber wallowed in the sensations it created. Dragging it along her labia, her hips bucked involuntarily when it came in contact with her aroused clit. By the time Michelle had her panties off and was ready to take the vibrator back, Amber was about to go out of her mind with pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you?” Michelle asked, putting her hand on top of Amber’s on the vibrator so she could help maneuver it.

“Oh,” Amber moaned, letting Michelle take control. Letting go of the toy, she leaned back and spread her legs as wide as they would go.

“Tell me if you like it,” Michelle demanded, turning the vibrator up a notch.

“Oh God, I love it,” Amber moaned, her mind nearly in orbit.

“Do you want me to fuck you with it?” Michelle asked, positioning the tip against the opening of Amber’s snatch.

“Yeah, fuck me,” Amber said, her crotch burning as the vibrating stick pushed into her cunt.

Pushing the toy into her, Michelle could see her pussy undulate and shake with the vibrations. When it was as far in as it was going to go, she pulled back and watched as Amber’s tight pussy clutched at the toy trying to pull it back in. No matter how often she saw it happen, Michelle was always in awe of the sight of a pussy clinging to a cock, fake or real.

Amber was in sexual overdrive. She so aroused by everything that she couldn’t process everything that she was feeling and gave up trying. Her best friend was hovering over pushing a fake vibrating cock into her pussy and she was loving every second of it. If Michelle used her fingers or tongue on her clit, then Amber knew it wouldn’t be long before she erupted in orgasm and flooded the toy with her cum.

Setting a nice rhythm, Michelle fucked Amber with long strokes of the vibrator and watched with amazement as Amber thrust her hips up to get as much inside her as possible. The girl was a born slut and Michelle was determined to do whatever she could to coax that side out of her friend as much as she could.

“I want to hear you,” Michelle urged, using the thumb of her free hand to rub Amber’s clit.

“Fuck,” Amber groaned, a shower of sparks going off in her head at the touch to her sensitive bud. “Fuck me.”

“Pinch you nipples,” Michelle instructed. “You know you want to, and I want to see you do it.”

“Yeah,” Amber moaned as she followed Michelle’s instructions and grabbed her tits. Cupping them with her hands she pinched the nipples between her thumb and index fingers. Rolling the nipples between her fingers Amber bit her lip and shook with the added pleasure.

“Cum for me,” Michelle demanded. “I want your slutty little pussy to fucking cum and soak my God damned vibrator with your juices.”

The dirty talk spurred Amber on to even greater heights. Every nerve in her body felt like it was on pins and needles. She wanted nothing more at that moment than to do as Michelle wanted and soak the dildo with her cum, but she just wasn’t quite there yet.

“I said cum for me,” Michelle repeated, pulling her thumb off Amber’s clit. Sticking the index finger on that hand into her mouth, she sucked on it until she was satisfied that it was wet enough. Driving the vibrator into Amber’s pussy, she left it there as her now wet finger played between the cheeks of Amber’s ass for her butthole.

“Oh fuck,” Amber screamed as Michelle’s finger pushed into her asshole. That was all it took for her to reach her peak and Michelle was rewarded with a rush of pussy juice coating the vibrator and her fingers.

“That’s what I want,” Michelle murmured, pulling the vibrator out so she could lick up the cum she had just coaxed out of Amber.

“Lick me,” Amber moaned, coming down from her orgasm but still feeling the after effects.

When she had Amber cleaned up, Michelle turned off the vibrator and slid up onto the bed next to her. Running the tip of the vibrator along Amber’s stomach and between her tits, Michelle watched as it left a trail of wetness on her skin. Sliding on top of Amber, she moved down so she could lick up the path of cum that she’d just left. Reaching Amber’s tits, she stopped and pressed the vibrator against Amber’s lips.

Accepting the vibrator, Amber greedily sucked her juices off of it. In exchange for cleaning Michelle’s toy with her tongue, she pressed her friend’s head against her breast and urged her to suck on her nipple.

“Now you get to do me,” Michelle said, pulling away so she could pull her own shirt off.

“Sounds good,” Amber said, latching onto Michelle’s braless tits before she even got her shirt over her head.

“You don’t waste time do you?” Michelle asked, loving the gusto Amber was giving.

“Not when I’m having fun,” Amber replied, drawing Michelle down she could bring a nipple to her mouth.

“Make me cum and I’ll really show you fun,” Michelle responded, grinning lewdly at what she had in mind for Amber.

Sucking on the nipple in her mouth, Amber let her hand travel down Michelle’s stomach. Reaching her waist she fumbled blindly with the button on Michelle’s jeans before accomplishing the tough one handed unbuttoning maneuver. Letting her hand slip inside, Amber wasn’t all that surprised to find Michelle going commando under her jeans but it still thrilled her to know that she didn’t have to worry about a little piece of fabric acting as a barrier between her fingers and the pussy she so desperately wanted to touch.

“That’s it,” Michelle growled, feeling Amber’s fingers roaming over her pussy.

Giving up the nipple, Amber pushed Michelle onto her back. Without pulling her hand out of Michelle’s pants, Amber tugged on the zipper until it was all the way down. Finally taking her fingers off of Michelle’s pussy, she held them in front of her face so Michelle could watch her lick the juices off with her tongue before sucking them clean in her mouth.

“You’re a hot little bitch,” Michelle declared, marveling at the change Amber had undergone just since they started.

“I’ll show you what a hot little bitch I am,” Amber asserted, catching herself a little off guard with the way she was acting. It was so unlike her, yet it seemed to good and right that she didn’t let it bother her.

“You better,” Michelle challenged as Amber yanked her jeans down. When her jeans were all the way off she brought her feet up to her ass and spread her knees as far she could to give Amber a full unobstructed view of her bald pussy on display.

It wasn’t the first time Amber had seen Michelle’s shaven pussy and Elisha’s had been hairless as well, but this was the first time she had actually allowed herself to fully take in the sight. She had taken to grooming her own pussy into a landing strip so she could wear a bikini without fear of a stray hair popping out, especially on camera, but the smooth skin before her turned her so much that she instantly became determined to shave hers as well.

“Lets try a different one,” Michelle said, digging in the box of toys as she saw Amber pick up the vibrator that had just been used. Pulling out a standard dildo that was far from standard size, she handed it to Amber.

“Shit,” Amber muttered, the dildo so big that she had to put both hands on it to be able to completely encircle its girth.

“Yeah, its big,” Michelle agreed. “It took me a while before I could take it but its worth it.”

All Amber could do was shrug. The only things she’d had in her pussy besides fingers were the vibrator Michelle had just used on her and Floyd’s cock, and neither were as big around as what she held in her hands. Truth be told, it scared the hell out of her and aroused her all at the same time. Maybe the fact that it aroused her and she wanted to see what it was like was part of the reason it scared her, but that wasn’t going to stop her from fucking Michelle with it like she wanted.

Pressing the head of the dildo to the opening of Michelle’s pussy, Amber gently pushed. Despite Michelle’s assurances that she’d taken it before and could take it again, she still wasn’t quite convinced that it would fit. As Michelle’s pussy started to open and take the bulbous head, Amber’s own pussy juices started to flow again as she watched the massive cock disappear into her friend’s cunt.

When the head popped in Michelle moaned and kept right on moaning until Amber stopped when the stopper at the end was resting against her pussy. She felt so full and the slightest movement sent out shock waves from her snatch through the rest of her body. Of all her toys, this one was her favorite because it seemed to set off an orgasm right from the start that turned into one giant climax that didn’t stop until she was too tired to continue. It was so big though that she didn’t use much because she didn’t want to become dependent on a monster cock that through personal experience knew was rather hard to find in real life.

Still amazed at how Michelle’s pussy had been able to stretch and take such a massive organ, Amber started to withdraw and was in awe of the way the dildo looked stretching the pussy it was in so fully. Driving it back in was stunned to realize that she was on the verge of cumming already.

“Fuck me,” Michelle screamed, feeling her first orgasm take hold inside her. Shuddering through it, she was pleasantly surprised to feel Amber still fucking her with the dildo.

“I can’t believe you came so fast,” Amber said, but Michelle barely heard her as her orgasm seemed to stretch on forever.

“No talk, fuck,” Michelle demanded, not quite able to form complete sentences even if she wanted to.

Shrugging, Amber gave her what she wanted. Picking up the pace she drove the dildo into her pussy and pulled it out as fast as her hand would move. Soon though her inexperience started to show as her arm tired and she couldn’t keep the pace up.

“Fuck me,” Michelle demanded, sensing the slow down as she humped her hips to meet to inward thrusts of the toy.

“My arm’s tired,” Amber explained. She switched hands and kept going but being left handed, her right arm and hand just didn’t have the strength or stamina to go at such a breakneck pace.

“Just one more,” Michelle begged, feeling a massive orgasm looking in front of her and she so wanted to meet it head on.

“I’ll try,” Amber promised, blocking out the fatigue in her arm and reaching down for the strength to give Michelle one more climax.

“Almost there,” Michelle moaned, taking sharp, shallow breaths as the impending orgasm crept up on her. Finally with one finally plunge of the dildo it was there and Michelle let out a blood curdling scream as her whole body seemed to tear apart with the enormity of the climax.

“Michelle?” Amber asked, slapping Michelle’s cheeks lightly.

“Yeah?” Michelle asked groggily.

“You passed out,” Amber said.

“I told you the damn thing was worth it,” Michelle chuckled. “God, I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like that before.”

“Well you scared the crap out of me,” Amber pouted curling up next to Michelle on the bed.

“Sorry,” Michelle apologized. “I knew it was going to be big, but I wasn’t expecting that. It just goes to show what a good dildo and a hot woman can do to a person. You’ve gotta try it.”

“I think I’ll pass for now,” Amber responded. Seeing Michelle black out like that had convinced her that she wasn’t ready for something that big. She had thought Floyd had been big but he had been far more manageable than that toy had appeared to be.

“Suit yourself, but it really isn’t all that bad and an orgasm that makes you pass out is something that should be tried at least once in your life,” Michelle said.

“Hmm, I think I remember you saying something about showing me some real fun,” Amber said, getting over her little scare enough to remember that her pussy still wanted more.

“You’re insatiable, you know that? No wonder I like you so much,” Michelle said, rolling over on top of Amber so she could reach her toy box.

“Is that what I think it is?” Amber asked, seeing Michelle pull out what appeared to be a dildo with two straps hanging off of it.

“Uh huh,” Michelle answered, getting up so she could step into the straps before pulling the whole thing up until the dildo hung in front of her like a real dick. “I’m really going to fuck you now.”

Amber couldn’t but giggle at the sight of Michelle standing in front of her, one hand on her hips and the other stroking the fake cock. The giggle didn’t change the fact that she was extremely turned on by the idea of having Michelle pounding away at her pussy though. If anything, the giggle was a way of releasing some of the excess stimulation that was building up within.

“Hands and knees bitch,” Michelle said, trying to act macho and manlike to go with the dick she had on. She even dropped her voice as low as she could and scratched her butt to complete the parody.

Stifling a giggle at the show, Amber rolled over before drawing her hands and knees underneath her. Turning her head to look back at Michelle she saw Michelle admiring her ass as she stepped behind her. The feeling of Michelle’s hands on her ass made her lift up higher and push back at them.

Slipping a hand underneath Amber, Michelle ran her fingers along her slit. Dipping a couple fingers into her pussy, she worked them in and out a couple times just to make sure she was wet enough. Satisfied that she was, Michelle pulled her fingers out and positioned the head of the strap on at Amber’s entrance.

“Are you ready to be fucked like a dog?” Michelle asked, leaning over so she could whisper into Amber’s ear.

“Yeah, fuck me,” Amber replied, starting to get a little impatient. She wanted to be filled up with cock, and she wanted it five minutes ago.

Straightening back up, Michelle grabbed Amber’s ass with one hand to steady herself and used the other aim the plastic dick. Finding the right spot, she drove it all home in one quick stroke. Judging by the way Amber’s whole body stiffened up and the low guttural moan that accompanied the thrust, she wasn’t expecting to get so much all at once.

“Yeah, fucking take it all,” Michelle hissed, latching onto Amber’s hips with both hands to keep her from getting away.

Amber had no intention of trying to get away. Sure she had gotten a little more than she had expected right off the bat but the dildo felt so good in her pussy that she only wanted to stay on her hands and knees and let Michelle fuck her for all she was worth. Knowing Michelle’s experience, she was probably in for a long ride and she planned on enjoying every single second of it.

“You like that?” Michelle asked, pulling out until just the tip was buried in Amber’s pussy before driving it back home. “Tell me how much you fucking like it.”

“I love it,” Amber responded, reveling in the experience. It’d been a few weeks since the last time she’d been with Floyd and she’d forgotten how used to having a good dick around she had gotten.

Thinking of Floyd while Michelle pounded away at her pussy from behind made her feel guilty and turned her on even more at the same time. She had stormed out on him for fucking Michelle and here she was doing the exact same thing. They hadn’t officially broken up, but they weren’t exactly talking to each other and she figured he had already moved on, so why did it feel like she was cheating on him?

“I can’t hear you,” Michelle said, giving Amber a couple quick jabs with the dildo to draw the loud moan she was after. “I want to fucking hear you.”

“Oh yeah,” Amber moaned, dropping down to her elbows and resting her forehead on her hands.

“Louder,” Michelle commanded, starting to really get worked up. The nub of the dildo at her end was pressing into her own pussy each time she drove the dildo into Amber’s snatch and it was really starting to work its magic.

“Oh fuck me,” Amber screamed, feeling an orgasm starting to build deep inside her.

“Damn fucking right I’m gonna fuck you,” Michelle said. The dirty talk spewing out of her mouth was driving both of them closer to the edge.

Sensing that Amber was getting close, Michelle pushed her flat on her stomach. Grabbing her arms to keep her from getting back up, Michelle dug her knees into the bed and draped her legs over Amber’s and began to really drive the dildo home.

“OOOOOH,” Amber screamed, getting off on being completely defensive like that.

“Yeah, fucking cum for me,” Michelle demanded, feeling her own orgasm rapidly approaching thanks to the end of the strap in her cunt.

Amber’s pussy clamped down on the fake cock and she clawed at the sheets as she started to cum. She opened her mouth to scream out her pleasure but no sound came out. The air escaping her lungs let her know that she was screaming but the sound was so high that she couldn’t hear it. Her whole body stiffened up and started to shake with the ferocity of the orgasm tearing through her. She was going to be sore in the morning, but she would also be extremely satisfied and really that was all that mattered to her sex starved body.

“YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM,” Michelle screamed out as she came. Arching her back, she threw her head back and bellowed with the dildo buried as deeply in Amber’s snatch as she could get it.

“Oh God,” Amber panted, finally getting her voice back.

“I told you I’d show you some real fun,” Michelle said, collapsing on Amber’s back with the strap on still buried.

“I should be getting home,” Amber said, not making a move to get out from under Michelle or to remove the toy from her cunt.

“No you don’t,” Michelle said, nibbling on Amber’s ear. “You’re staying right here tonight.”

“I’d love to but I’ve got things to do tomorrow,” Amber responded, finally sliding out from under Michelle. The strap-on came out of her pussy with an obscene ‘pop’ that made Amber seriously reconsider staying just on the off chance that Michelle might use it on her again in the morning, but she had errands to run that she’d never get done if she succumbed to her desires.

“Are you sure? I’m a good cuddler,” Michelle pleaded from the bed.

“Maybe some other time,” Amber replied, collecting her clothes from the floor.

“You’re not going to stop talking to me for weeks like you did last time are you?” Michelle asked, feeling oddly insecure.

“I’ll call you tomorrow, I promise,” Amber answered, pulling her clothes on.

“I have an audition tomorrow, so Tuesday might be better. Besides, that will give me more time to put my plans in motion,” Michelle said, grinning as she turned over how she wanted things to go in her head.

“Whatever is, I don’t want it. The last time you grinned like that we wound up at a Star Trek convention in short skirts and thigh high boots,” Amber said, shaking her head vigorously. “At least I remembered to wear underwear.”

“I didn’t forget, I just didn’t want to wear any,” Michelle said, her grin growing bigger remembering the Trekkies cumming in their pants just looking at them. “This one you’ll like, I swear.”

“Fine, but I’m leaving if I see anything I don’t like,” Amber relented, pulling on her shirt.

+ * + * +

The next day between errands Amber dropped by Floyd’s dorm. She told herself it was just to see if he liked her present, but she knew it had more to do with just wanting to see him than anything else.

He wasn’t there though. Bruce was the only one around and he informed her that Floyd and Joe had already taken off, but he either didn’t know where or wasn’t going to tell her. She knew where they were because Michelle had told her but she didn’t bother telling Bruce for a couple reasons. If Floyd and Joe hadn’t told him they must have had a good reason for it, and if he knew and wasn’t talking then he must have been given orders not to tell. If he was under orders not to tell then she didn’t want to give away the fact that she already knew.

Shrugging, she went across the hall to see if Kate was around, again telling herself that it was just to make sure that Floyd had gotten his present and whether he had enjoyed it or not. When no one answered, she opened the door into the main room of the suite and took a look. There didn’t seem to be any signs of life, so she closed the door again and set off to go pick up her dry cleaning.

+ * + * +

“Come over tonight, and wear something sexy,” Michelle said into the phone. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

“Oh really?” Amber responded. “What do you have in mind?”

“Oh, you know me. Maybe a short skirt with no panties,” Michelle answered.

“And you know me well enough to know that ain’t happening,” Amber said, giggling.

“Then a short skirt, sexy panties, no bra. Oh, and wear fishnet stockings,” Michelle countered.

“I’ll think about it,” Amber said, still not sure whether she trusted Michelle’s ‘plans’ or not. “I just might stay home and clean my oven or something.”

“We both know you don’t use your oven enough for it to need cleaned,” Michelle pointed out. “Besides, I’ve got someone I want you to meet.”

“Now you’ve got my curiosity piqued,” Amber said.

“Nine o’clock, my place, don’t forget to wear what I suggested,” Michelle said.

“Who-,” Amber started but Michelle hung up before she could finish asking who she wanted her to meet. Hanging up the phone she muttered something about not going even though she knew that nothing was going to keep her away.

+ * + * +

Standing at Michelle door in the shortest skirt she owned, a green one that barely covered her ass, and fishnet stockings attached to a garter belt like Michelle had requested. She almost never wore the skirt because if she moved just right it would rise up and show the world her panties, but it made her feel so naughty to be wearing it at the moment. So naughty in fact that she was highly tempted to take off the pair of blue panties she had on underneath before knocking on the door. Better judgment, or worse depending on your point of view, prevailed though and her nether regions were still covered as her hand raised to ring the doorbell.

“I was starting to wonder if you’d show up,” Michelle said, opening the door. Taking in the sight of Amber, she let out a low whistle and took a couple seconds to lecherously gawk at her. “You look good enough to eat.”

“I almost didn’t come, but you know what they say, ‘curiosity killed the cat’ and all that,” Amber said, stepping past Michelle into the house.

“In this case, its more like ‘curiosity got the cat fucked good and proper’ instead,” Michelle grinned, following behind Amber so she could stare at her ass as they made their way into the living room.

Sensing Michelle’s eyes on her butt, Amber shook her hips just right and made the skirt flare up enough to give a little glimpse of panty. What she wasn’t expecting though was for Michelle to reach out and playfully slap her on the ass. It made her jump a little, which in turn caused her skirt to flare up and show off her panties again.

“Amber, this is Lauren Graham. Lauren, this is Amber Tamblyn,” Michelle said as a brunette in a black skirt and knee high black leather boots stood up from the couch.

“Nice to meet you,” Amber said, holding out her hand.

“Michelle’s told me so much about you,” Lauren said, taking Amber’s hand and shaking it.

“Nothing bad I hope,” Amber said, tucking some stray hairs behind her ear to keep them out of her face.

“Hmm, lets see,” Lauren said, pretending to think. “Nope, nothing bad that I can think of.”

“If you want the dirt on Michelle, I’ve got some,” Amber offered, liking Lauren immediately.

“Oh, I know more than enough dirt on Michelle to make her very uncomfortable if I wanted to,” Lauren said, winking at Michelle.

“While you two compare notes about me, I think I’ll go make some coffee,” Michelle said, turning and walking out of the room.

“So, how did you and Michelle meet?” Amber asked Lauren as they sat down on the couch.

“I was at one of those network parties a couple years ago and this brash, snot nosed kid was shooting her mouth off about anything and everything while I was talking to Alyson Hannigan,” Lauren said. “I was like ‘shut up’ but she wouldn’t. I was about ready to throttle her to get her to shut up but it turned out the kid was Michelle and I found ways of shutting her up that didn’t involve strangulation.”

“That sounds like Michelle,” Amber said, laughing at the mental image of Michelle bragging about anything she thought she might be superior at.

“She sure talks big for such a small girl,” Lauren said. “Good thing she’s so hot or she wouldn’t be worth my time.”

That made Amber a little uncomfortable. Why it did, she didn’t know. With the way Michelle had acted on the phone and when she had shown up, Amber knew that Michelle had something up her sleeve and was rather sure that Lauren was part of it, but something just wasn’t sitting right with her. Whether it was the thought of Lauren possibly being one of Michelle’s lovers making her jealous or simply because she didn’t feel enough at ease to be discussing lesbian or bisexual topics with a relative stranger, she wasn’t able to pinpoint.

“I didn’t mean to offend you,” Lauren said, noticing Amber’s unease. “Michelle told me about you, so I thought she would’ve told you about me.”

“Its not that,” Amber said, waving off the apology. “I’m just a little new at this sort of thing and I get a little shocked at times.”

“Who wants some coffee?” Michelle asked, coming into the room carrying a tray with a pot of Irish coffee and three coffee mugs on it.

“That sounds good,” Lauren said, standing up to grab the tray from Michelle. “Did you remember the whiskey I brought, or is this regular coffee?”

“When was the last time I served you anything that didn’t have alcohol in it?” Michelle said, picking up the pot to pour some coffee into the mugs.

“Thanks,” Amber said, picking up one of the cups. Blowing on the coffee to cool it down a little, she took a sip and felt the whiskey burn its way down her throat in a completely different way than the coffee. She hoped that the whiskey in the coffee would help her relax enough to keep her from squirming every time Michelle or Lauren talked about fucking her, each other, or other women in general.

“So, what were you two talking about?” Michelle asked, taking a seat between them with her coffee cup in hand.

“You of course,” Lauren said.

“You didn’t tell Amber the story about you and Alyson making me walk through the lobby of your apartment building naked did you?” Michelle asked, actually hoping that Lauren had because as much as she claimed to have disliked the act it had turned her on then and still makes her pussy wet to think about it.

“No, but that was a good one,” Lauren said, laughing and getting more than a little turned on by remembering a seventeen year old Michelle strolling through the lobby wearing nothing but a smile while middle aged businessmen stared at her.

“What’d she do that you made her do that for?” Amber asked, curious as to why her friend wound up naked in public.

“It was a bet. Michelle here bet Alyson and I that she could watch us fuck without playing with herself. She lost, so we took her clothes and made her go to the newsstand in the lobby to buy a paper while naked,” Lauren answered.

“I got the paper for free,” Michelle shrugged, causing everyone to erupt in laughter.

“That’s not the only thing you got that night if I remember right,” Lauren said, crossing her legs as one of her hands settled on Michelle’s knee.

Either the whiskey was doing the trick or Amber was getting more comfortable with Lauren because she no longer felt ill at ease with the topic. If anything, the thought of Michelle and Lauren fucking was turning her on.

“You’re blushing babe,” Michelle whispered into Amber’s ear when Lauren was busy sipping her coffee. Her hand was resting on Amber’s thigh as she leaned in.

“Must be the alcohol,” Amber muttered.

“Or it could be that you’re aroused and want to get fucked like there’s no tomorrow,” Michelle countered, letting her fingers trace figure 8’s on the inside of Amber’s thigh.

The conversation had already started making Amber’s pussy damp and itchy, but Michelle’s fingers on her skin only increased the dampness in her crotch. Without even realizing she was doing it Amber squeezed her thighs together and sipped her coffee.

“I think Amber’s turned on,” Michelle pointed out to Lauren. “I think she really wants to get fucked.”

“You’re one to talk,” Lauren said. “You’re always ready to get fucked.”

“Not always,” Michelle said.

“Puh-lease,” Lauren scoffed. “Name one time since I’ve known you that you weren’t looking to get laid.”

“Well, there was this time…” Michelle started before stopping to think. “No, I wound up getting fucked in the ass by that guy with the Porsche that time. There’s always the time I had the flu… no, I ended up fucking myself after watching my Interview With A Vampire DVD.” She rubbed her chin as if that would help her think. “God, I really am a slut.”

“I’ve been telling you that for forever,” Amber injected into the conversation. “But that’s what makes you Michelle. You wouldn’t be nearly as much fun to hang out with if you didn’t have your mind working on ways to get laid all the time.”

“Gee thanks, love you too,” Michelle said, rolling her eyes. Just to show Amber that she was joking she leaned over and gave her a short but sweet kiss on the lips.

“There you are trying to get laid again,” Lauren said, laughing as she spotted Michelle’s hand creeping further up Amber’s thigh.

“I’ll show you who’s trying to get laid,” Michelle said, turning and throwing herself on Lauren.

“Whoa,” Lauren said, taken aback by the sudden movement. She leaned back against the arm of the couch and her legs went straight out in front of her while her hands instinctively came up to block Michelle.

Lauren’s movements played right into Michelle hands, or at least allowed Lauren’s body to move right into Michelle’s hands. One of Michelle’s hands landed on her chest while the other landed on her legs at the hem line of her skirt. Before Lauren could think to react the hand on her thigh made a beeline for her crotch.

“Bad girl,” Lauren said, pretending to try to push Michelle off her but not really putting any conviction behind it.

“Your mouth says ‘bad girl’ but your wet pussy says ‘good girl’ to me,” Michelle said, rubbing Lauren’s pussy through her panties.

To say that Amber was in shock would have been a bit of an understatement. A more accurate assessment would have been that she was stunned to the point that one of those weapons of mass destruction that Bush claimed Saddam had could have dropped on her head and she wouldn’t have noticed anything. She was watching one of her best friends put the moves on someone she’d just met right in front of her, and it turned her on more than she would’ve thought possible.

“Lets get these off of you,” Michelle told Lauren, pulling her skirt up to her waist so she could pull her panties down.

Amber sat there and watched Michelle drag Lauren’s panties down her legs as if she were hypnotized. When Michelle got up off the couch to stand in front of Lauren, Amber got a clear and unobstructed view of Lauren’s pussy. She’d seen a few over the last couple weeks but the thrill of seeing another woman’s naked cunt was still there, and even though she still didn’t know whether she wanted a steady diet of it, she hoped that it never did become so commonplace that it lost that charge of excitement.

“I think we overloaded her,” Michelle told Lauren, pointing at Amber.

“We are kind of hot to watch if I do say so myself,” Lauren said, draping on of her legs over the arm of the couch to give Amber a better look at her snatch that was topped by a thin strip of dark pubic hair.

“You want her to see something hot? Take off that shirt and show her those tits of yours,” Michelle said.

As Lauren leaned forward, Michelle grabbed Lauren’s blouse and pulled it up to reveal a black bra. Reaching behind her Lauren unhooked the bra and pulled it away. Tossing the bra at Michelle she shook her upper body slightly and watched with glee as Amber and Michelle both stared openly at her tits.

“They’re magnificent aren’t they?” Michelle asked Amber, not taking her eyes off the pink nipples that capped Lauren’s mountains of flesh.

“Yeah,” Amber said, unable to do anything but agree wholeheartedly.

Amber continued to stare at Lauren’s chest as Michelle leaned down and whispered something into Lauren’s ear. She couldn’t hear what was being said between them but she guessed it had something to do with her by the way they looked over at her before returning to their little conference.

“You think she’ll go for it?” Lauren asked Michelle, just loud enough for Amber to hear.

“Look at her, of course she will,” Michelle answered, reaching out and pinching one of Lauren’s nipples between her fingers.

“Do I want to know what you two are talking about?” Amber asked them. She didn’t want to suspect them of anything, but with Michelle’s track record she couldn’t help but feel a little dubious about whatever they were plotting.

“No,” Michelle said, as Lauren got off the couch.

“Why do I feel like something I may not like just went down?” Amber mused to no one in particular, her eyes narrowing.

“Because you’re a skeptic?” Michelle shot back as Lauren leaned over the coffee table.

“Yeah, but there’s generally a reason for my skepticism,” Amber said, watching Michelle drop to her knees behind Lauren.

In response Michelle turned her head toward Amber and stuck out her tongue in a mocking manner. Turning her attention back to Lauren, she reached out and ran her fingers along the slit being offered her. Satisfied that Amber was paying attention Michelle spread Lauren’s legs further apart so she could get in there at her pussy.

“Yeah,” Lauren moaned as Michelle leaned forward and ran her tongue along her slit.

“You like that, don’t you?” Michelle said, rubbing Lauren’s clit with her thumb.

“Shut up and eat me,” Lauren demanded, causing Michelle to stop. Michelle doesn’t take orders from anyone wasn’t about to start now.

“You’re MY bitch, not the other way around,” Michelle made sure to point out to Lauren. She gave Lauren’s clit a couple rubs to keep her aroused but not enough to actually do anything more than frustrate her. “Come on, say it. Tell me you’re my bitch.”

“I’m no one’s bitch,” Lauren grunted, pushing herself back in an effort to get more contact with Michelle’s fingers.

“Yes you are, you’re MY BITCH,” Michelle said, pulling her hand away and slapping Lauren on the ass. “Just fucking say it and I can get back to work.”

The exchange was fascinating to Amber. They were two women who very obviously wanted similar things, Lauren wanted to pleasured and Michelle wanted to pleasure her, but neither was willing to budge even if it meant getting what they wanted. They both seemed set on being the master of the other and it was like watching two cars playing chicken with it still to be determined which one would swerve out of the way or whether they’d end up smashing into each other and killing the mood completely.

“I’m not going to say it because it’s not true,” Lauren hissed. She grunted as Michelle delivered another sharp smack to her rear end. “Fine, I’m your bitch. Now eat me.”

“Ask nicely,” Michelle demanded, giving Lauren another spanking.

“Will you please eat my pussy?” Lauren asked, though it sounded more like she was choking on the words as they came out rather than really meaning them.

“We’ll work on that later,” Michelle said, knowing that was about as good as she was going to get from Lauren.

Just like that the game of chicken was over and Michelle had her tongue buried in Lauren’s pussy. Amber watched Michelle work over Lauren’s pussy with just as much fascination as she had the fight for superiority. After all, it was the first time she’d watched a woman perform oral sex on another woman as an outside observer like this. Even when she had been shacked up with Elisha and Lindsay she hadn’t watched either of them go down on each other because she’d been too busy right in there with them.

It was all so erotic that Amber barely noticed her hand creeping under her skirt. The first touch of her hand on her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties sent a jolt through her body. Sliding the panties aside Amber slid her middle finger into her pussy to the second knuckle as Michelle’s tongue wandered up to give a couple quick licks to Lauren’s asshole. When Michelle’s tongue returned to licking Lauren’s slit Amber’s other hand had joined the fray and was rubbing her clit.

“I think she likes it,” Michelle said, taking her attention away from Lauren just long enough to look over and see Amber’s hands busy under her skirt.

“That means I win,” Lauren grunted as Michelle thrust three fingers into her snatch.

“Win what?” Amber moaned, her fingers driving in and out of her pussy in time with Michelle’s thrusts into Lauren.

“The bet,” Lauren answered, pressing her tits tightly against the glass of the coffee table as Michelle worked a finger into her anus.

“What bet?” Amber asked, stopping what she was doing.

“We bet on whether you could watch us without double clicking the mouse. I thought you could hold out, but you let me down,” Michelle said, fucking Lauren with her fingers even faster out of frustration of losing the bet.

“Fuck meeee,” Lauren squealed as the double penetration finally overwhelmed her and she came all over the fingers in her cunt.

“What’d you guys bet?” Amber asked, already pretty sure that the whispering had been them making the bet and that she was the prize.

“Lauren won, so she gets you,” Michelle said, licking Lauren’s cream off her fingers in quick, short licks like a cat cleaning its fur.

“What?” Amber demanded, but Lauren was already on her feet. Grabbing Amber by the hand, she started pulling her new prize toward Michelle’s bedroom. Pulling her inside, she waved at Michelle.

“One thing,” Michelle said before Lauren shut the door. “She seemed to take a liking to the anal beads.”

“Thanks,” Lauren said, shutting the door on Michelle. Turning around she found Amber nervously sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I don’t know about this,” Amber said as Lauren crossed the room toward her.

“If you don’t want to do this, you don’t have to,” Lauren said, unzipping the skirt that was bunched around her waist and letting it fall to the ground. She now had only her boots on and Amber was staring at her nakedness.

“A bet’s a bet right?” Amber said, nervously fidgeting on the bed.

“Don’t be nervous,” Lauren assured her, sitting on the bed next to her. “How do you know Michelle?”

“I did a guest spot on Buffy a couple years ago and we were about the only ones about the same age so we kind of hung out while I was there. We’ve been best friends ever since,” Amber answered, already feeling more relaxed.

“Yeah, she’s great,” Lauren agreed. “I’ll let you decide. If you don’t want to do this then you can walk out the door and I’ll understand. If you do want to go through with it however, which I’m hoping you do, then I’ll let you get Michelle’s little toy box out.”

Amber sat there for a few seconds thinking about it. Did she want to do it or did she want to leave? She was out of her comfort zone, but her pussy was also dripping wet and demanded satisfaction. Finally she made her decision and stood up. Opening the draw where Michelle kept her toys she pulled out the box and set it on the bed next to Lauren.

“Ooh goody,” Lauren said, taking the lid off the box as Amber sat back down on the bed. She fished around in the box like a kid on Christmas morning. Finally she pulled out three toys and set them down next to Amber. One at a time she held up a long but thin dildo, the vibrator that Michelle had fucked Amber with, and the big dildo that Amber had used on Michelle. “Small, medium, or grande?”

Remembering how Michelle had gotten off on the ‘grande’ dildo as Lauren had called it, Amber was tempted to pick that one but she knew she wasn’t ready for anything that big. The vibrator had worked well on her but if she was going to try something so new then she figured she might as well try something different. So, she pointed at the long thin dildo and felt the butterflies in her stomach as Lauren put the other two back in the box.

“Get those panties off,” Lauren said, putting the box on top of Michelle’s dresser.

Quickly obeying, Amber stood up and pulled her panties down. Stepping out of them she sat back down on the bed and awaited further instructions from Lauren. While she waited she nervously squeezed her thighs together and longed to have the itch between her legs scratched.

“Don’t be so nervous,” Lauren said, seeing the tenseness in Amber’s posture.

“Sorry,” Amber apologized. She tried to loosen up but the butterflies returned and she found her hands being clasped between her legs.

“You really don’t have to do this if you don’t want,” Lauren reiterated, nodding her head at Amber’s hands.

“I want to,” Amber said, pulling her hands apart and resting them on her thighs instead.

“Are you sure?” Lauren asked, bending over and putting her hands on the bed next to Amber’s knees so she could look at her face to face.

“Uh huh,” Amber nodded, a chill running through her. Considering Michelle’s house was always on the warm side, the chill wasn’t from a draft but from the excitement.

“Good,” Lauren said, lifting Amber’s chin so she could kiss her. As Amber got into the kiss Lauren opened her mouth slightly and ran her tongue along Amber’s lips. When Amber parted her lips to accept the tongue Lauren leaned her back on the bed.

“Mmm,” Amber moaned into Lauren’s mouth as she felt a hand on her thigh. Spreading her legs further she moaned even louder as Lauren’s hand reached her cunt.

“Lets see what we have,” Lauren said, breaking the kiss as she slid down Amber’s body. Grabbing the hem of her skirt with one hand she lifted it to get a look at what was underneath as she unzipped it with the other. She gave a low whistle of approval when she saw Amber’s pussy was already glistening with wetness. “Looks like you’re ready.”

Lifting her legs Amber let Lauren pull her skirt all the way off. The butterflies returned as she lowered her legs and felt Lauren’s gaze fixed on her cunt but they were muted by need and desire. They were all but forgotten when Lauren’s hands traced the outline of her labia with her finger.

“Fingers, tongue, or toy?” Lauren asked Amber, grinning wickedly as she awaited the answer. “Or would you like all three?”

“Anything. Everything,” Amber replied breathlessly, too overcome with lust to worry about how she was taken, just as long as she was taken and soon.

“Let me see those tits and I’ll give you everything,” Lauren told her.

Scrambling to comply Amber grabbed her shirt and almost tore it off in her haste to remove it. Tossing it aside she quickly reached behind her and fumbled with the clasp. When it didn’t come undone quick enough she actually did rip it. It was worth it to see Lauren nod approvingly when her bare breasts came into view.

“Good girl,” Lauren said, reaching up to cup Amber’s tits in her hands. She gently massaged them and let the nipples slip between her fingers while she fondled them.

“Oh,” Amber moaned, feeling Lauren’s tongue take a long swipe from the bottom of her slit to the top and finishing with a quick flick on her clit.

Letting of Amber’s tits Lauren dragged her fingertips down Amber’s stomach until they reached her waist. Giving her pussy another long lick she reached down and grabbed Amber’s ankles. Bringing them up on the bed she pushed them right up against Amber’s ass and then pulled the knees apart to give her room to work.

Amber instinctively wanted to close her legs back up since they were hanging open so obscenely, but Lauren seemed to know what she was doing so she left them like that. The feel of two fingers being shoved into her pussy made her spread her thighs even wider and thrust her hips to meet the invading digits with a moan.

As Lauren worked the two fingers into Amber’s pussy she reached over and grabbed the dildo with her free hand. She gave her fingers one more quick thrust into Amber’s snatch before pulling her fingers out and placing the head of the dildo at her entrance in their place. Pushing the head of the dildo in, Lauren stopped and gave Amber’s clit a couple quick flicks before pushing more in.

“Fuck me,” Amber urged, in heaven as the dildo made it’s way into her cunt with Lauren stopping every inch or so to pay special attention to her clit.

“You asked for it,” Lauren said, pushing the rest of the dildo in. When Amber’s moans subsided she started working it in and out in a rhythm that Amber couldn’t figure out.

“Ooh,” Amber moaned as one of Lauren’s lubricated fingers pressed against her asshole. As it popped in to the first knuckle Amber groaned and pushed down on it while Lauren pulled the dildo out.

“What do you know, Michelle was right,” Lauren mused, watching Amber’s reaction to the double penetration.

“Huh?” Amber asked, eyes closed as her hands cupped her tits.

“Nothing,” Lauren responded, pushing the dildo into Amber’s pussy at the same time she withdrew the finger from her ass.

Slipping the finger out of Amber’s completely, Lauren reached for the box of toys. She was going to give Amber a surprise that hopefully both would enjoy. Feeling around inside the box she found what felt like what she was looking for. Pulling the toy out, she held it up and saw that she had grabbed the right one.

Amber’s eyes shot open as something bigger than Lauren’s finger pressed against her anus. As it started to press in, she concentrated on relaxing and wondered just how big a dildo Lauren had decided to use on her. When her butthole suddenly closed with whatever had been pushed in still inside, she started to worry. Then another ball was pushed inside and it finally dawned on her that Lauren must have retrieved the anal beads.

“You liked that, don’t you?” Lauren asked when she reached the end of the strand. When Amber didn’t answer right away, she yanked on the end and pulled one of the beads out.

“OOH,:” Amber groaned, feeling her asshole open and close back up so quickly.

“Are you an anal slut?” Lauren demanded, pulling another bead out.

“Yeah,” Amber moaned as Lauren started fucking her with the dildo.

“Good. I like girls who like to take it up the ass,” Lauren sneered, pushing the dildo all the way into Amber’s pussy as she yanked another bead out of her ass.

“Fuck,” Amber hissed, feeling her orgasm fast approaching.

“Cum for me,” Lauren urged her, quickening the pace of the dildo.

“Cumming,” Amber panted as another bead was pulled out of her ass.

Her holes clamped down on the toys and she let out a long wail of ecstasy as her climax hit her. Just when she thought she had crested and was heading down Lauren yanked the final bead out of her and her orgasm seemed to intensify once more. By the time she was sure she was done, she was really done. She didn’t have much strength left and she was already feeling sleepy as Lauren pulled the dildo out of her pussy.

“That was so hot,” Lauren remarked as Amber crawled under the covers.

+ * + * +

Amber woke the next morning on her side with Lauren’s breasts pressed against her back and Michelle in front of her facing her. Both Lauren and Michelle had their arms tossed over her and Michelle had a leg tossed over both of their legs for good measure. She felt so secure and warm in the middle of their embrace that she hated the fact that she had to go. Sliding out from between them, she crawled out of bed and started to get dressed.

“Where are you going?” Michelle sleepily asked, reaching out to pull Amber back onto the bed.

“I have to go,” Amber answered.

“Come over tonight?” Michelle asked, moving her hand to fondle Lauren’s tits since Amber didn’t want to come back to bed.

“I can’t. My dad’s in town for a couple days and I want to spend some time with him,” Amber replied.

“Is he still on tour with Neil Young?” Michelle asked.

“Yeah, he leaves again in a couple days and won’t be back until just before my birthday,” Amber said, nodding.

“Your dad knows Neil Young?” Lauren asked.

“Sure, she hears that,” Michelle snorted, drawing a playful punch on the arm from Lauren. “Ow, what was that for?”

“Sorry,” Lauren apologized, giving Michelle a kiss on the lips.

“If you were really sorry you’d do more than that,” Michelle sneered.

Amber laughed as Lauren pinned Michelle to the bed. Since she was dressed, she was already forgotten as they restarted their sex games. Lauren was kissing her way down Michelle’s stomach and Amber really wanted to rip off her clothes and get back in the middle of the action but she did have to go. Michelle’s moans were already starting as Amber closed the door and let herself out of the house.

+ * + * +

On Thursday night Amber showed up at The Harem as per Michelle’s instructions wearing another short skirt, though not quite as short as the one that she’d worn the last time she’d met with Michelle. This one was black and she had black, slightly see through, blouse over a white tank top to match. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail that swished across the backs of her shoulders every time she turned her head.

“Looking good,” Michelle said when Amber entered the back room where Michelle and Lauren were sequestered, eyeing her from head to toe with a not quite subtle pause at Amber’s chest.

“I agree with her, but I won’t look at you like a side of beef like she did,” Lauren said, giving Amber a warm hug.

“I don’t look at beef that way,” Michelle interrupted. “Amber’s sweet and rich flavored, maybe like a cheesecake or wholesome like a slice of cherry pie, but definitely not greasy like a hamburger or something like that.”

“I guess I’ve been corrected,” Lauren said, rolling her eyes.

“Yes you have,” Michelle said triumphantly, pulling out a chair between her and Lauren for Amber.

“Just the three of us?” Amber asked, sitting in the chair Michelle offered.

“No, we’re waiting on one more,” Michelle answered.

“Another one of your friends that you want me to fuck?” Amber inquired, taking Michelle back slightly with the bluntness of the question. “Not that I mind or anything, just making sure ahead of time.”

“Actually, this is one of mine,” Lauren said. “You’ll like her. I’d bet you two have a lot in common.”

“The other night was great but I don’t know about this,” Amber protested.

Michelle started to say something when the door opened and a cute brunette entered. She had shoulder length dark brown, almost black, hair and wore a simple black dress that showed off a good deal of leg.

“Ahh, Alexis,” Lauren said, getting up to give the new arrival a hug. When the hug was over she turned to face the others in the room. “Michelle you already know, but that one over there is Amber Tamblyn. Amber, this is Alexis Bledel. Alexis plays my daughter on TV.”

“Nice to meet you,” Amber said, getting up and offering her hand to Alexis.

“Nice to meet you too,” Alexis said shyly, averting her eyes slightly as she shook Amber’s hand.

Over the next couple hours the conversation rolled rather briskly. At first Alexis was a bit of an outsider but seemed to warm up as she got more comfortable with the people around her. When she found out that Amber was into punk music the dam burst and she became as talkative and passionate as Rush Limbaugh when someone brings up Bill Clinton, except filled with love for the subject rather than bitter hatred.

“You were in a video for Less Than Jake?” Amber asked, completely jealous. “I love them.”

“They were great,” Alexis said. “I got to hang out with them and they even invited me to a show they did a couple days after the shoot wrapped.”

“I was probably at that show. They don’t come to town without me in the audience,” Amber said.

“I’d love to stay and talk some more but I have to get up early in the morning,” Alexis said, getting out of her chair.

“We could always hang out and talk some more later,” Amber offered.

“I’d like that,” Alexis said.

“You are like Yoda with the women,” Lauren observed when Alexis was gone.

“What?” Amber asked, not quite of Lauren’s meaning.

“With this one, the force is strong,” Michelle said, doing a bad impression of Yoda.

“That was really bad,” Amber said, giggling.

“Yeah. Joe would be able to knock it out of the park if he had a joint in his hand,” Michelle shrugged.

“Who’s Joe?” Lauren asked.

“A friend,” Michelle said, but the smile indicated that maybe Joe meant more to her than just a quick fuck whenever she had a few minutes to spare.

“So, are you in?” Lauren asked Amber.

“In for what?” Amber returned.

“I’ve been trying to get Alexis into bed for the last four years but she doesn’t seem to be into it. I had Michelle try a couple months ago but she came on so strong that she scared her off,” Lauren explained. “I know you like her, because I can sense these things, and I was picking up some vibes that she might be into you as well.”

“So you want me to seduce Alexis for you, is that it?” Amber asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You can do it. You’ve got this aura of innocence that is incredibly appealing,” Michelle said. “For the most part you still are quite innocent, but lately you’ve developed a streak of sluttiness that I also find incredibly hot. It’s the perfect combination for a job like this. You won’t come on too strong and scare her off but keep pushing her in the direction in the right direction and before she knows it you’re on your knees between her legs tasting her sweet pussy.”

“I think I’m going to go,” Amber said, standing up.

“Wait,” Lauren said, moving to block Amber’s path.

“Let her go, she’ll be back,” Michelle said. She started to say something more but she was cut off by her cell phone ringing in her purse. “I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Forget what Michelle said, okay?” Lauren told Amber. “Just think about it. I’ll bring Alexis over to Michelle’s tomorrow. Come over if you want, and do what you want with her.”

“I’ll think about it,” Amber promised her. She gave her a hug before leaving the room. Spotting Michelle she approached to say goodnight but it looked like Michelle was having a heated conversation with whoever was on the other end of the phone.

“FUCK,” Michelle screamed as she snapped her phone shut.

“Problem?” Amber asked from behind Michelle.

“Fucking Floyd,” Michelle said under her breath but loud enough for Amber to catch.

“What’s wrong with Floyd?” Amber asked.

“I had someone keep an eye on him while he’s in Mexico just to make sure he stays out of trouble,” Michelle said.

“So you sent someone to spy on him?” Amber asked.

“No, just keep an eye on him,” Michelle defended herself.

“By watching his every move? That’s called spying,” Amber countered.

“Fine, I sent someone to spy on him,” Michelle snapped. “Anyway, that was my ‘spy’ on the phone and it seems Floyd met someone.”

“Oh?” Amber asked, trying to keep her voice level and not let the fact that it felt like someone had just punched her in the stomach creep into it.

“I wanted to break it to you a little easier than this, but it seems they’ve gotten quite fond of each other over the last few days,” Michelle said, wincing as the hurt crossed Amber’s face in unmistakable waves.

“That’s fine. I can’t expect him to wait forever,” Amber said, biting her lower lip.

“Why don’t you come back to the room and me and Lauren will get you rip roaring drunk?” Michelle proposed.

“No, I think I’m going to go home and take a bath or something,” Amber said, giving Michelle a hug before pushing past her toward the door.

+ * + * +

The next day Amber mulled over her feelings for Floyd while deciding whether to take Lauren and Michelle up on their offer to seduce Alexis. By the time her stomach started rumbling at dinner time she still hadn’t figured out either. She cared about Floyd but he had cheated on her and was off sowing his oats without her, and it wasn’t like she wasn’t having fun on her own. As for Alexis there was an attraction for her but she just wasn’t sure if she had it in her to be the seductress.

After a dinner of pizza she was prepared to just sit at home and watch a movie, maybe see if 21 Grams was out on DVD yet so she could support her friend, Naomi Watts, but as she was ready to leave for Blockbuster her phone rang. Stopping to see if it was anyone important, she heard Michelle’s voice on her answering machine telling her to hurry up and get her ass over there. By the time she was out the door she had changed her mind and headed for Michelle’s instead.

+ * + * +

“It’s about time you showed up,” Michelle chided her as she opened the door. “Lauren and Alexis are supposed to be here any minute.”

“I could go if you want,” Amber offered, a little miffed at the way Michelle was ordering her around.

“Don’t you dare,” Michelle said, pulling her into a hug and then letting her hand slide down Amber’s back to pat her on the ass.

“I’m not going to seduce her for you,” Amber informed Michelle, walking past her before she could respond.

“Why not?” Michelle demanded when she caught up with Amber. “You’ve got to. Do it for Lauren.”

“Lauren said I don’t have to if I don’t want to, and I don’t,” Amber stated, feeling like she should stick her tongue out at Michelle just as a way to say ‘so there’ but decided it would look a little immature. Besides, Michelle would just take it as an offer instead of the intended purpose.

“What if Alexis wants to fuck, will you do it then?” Michelle asked as the doorbell rang.

“I won’t say no, but I’m not going to attack her like an octopus in heat,” Amber said, causing Michelle to shrug before leaving to answer the door.

Since Michelle was answering the door, Amber went into the kitchen to see what there was to drink. Only finding bottle water and half a bottle of wine in fridge, Amber rummaged around in the cupboards looking for something harder. Finally finding a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey she grabbed it and a glass. She poured a little bit into the bottom of the glass and then drained it, gasping as it burned it’s way down her throat and into her stomach.

“Where’d you go?” Michelle hollered from the living room.

“To get something to drink,” Amber answered, pouring herself another whiskey to steel her nerves against what was being asked of her.

“Could be a dear and bring out a bottle of wine and some glasses when you come back?” Michelle politely asked, even if it was hollered. “There’s a bottle of Jack if someone wants something else.”

“Sure thing,” Amber said, draining her second drink before grabbing some glasses and the alcohol for Michelle.

“Thanks,” Michelle said, smiling sweetly when Amber came back with the requested items. “Anyone want some wine?”

“Yes, please,” Alexis said from the couch.

“I’ll take the whiskey,” Lauren said, getting up to pour her own drink.

“Here you go,” Michelle said, handing Alexis a glass of red wine. “Don’t you want any Amber?”

“No, I’m good,” Amber said as she sat in a chair to the side of the couch, neglecting to mention that she just had two right in a row and was already starting to feel the effects a little.

“Are you sure?” Michelle asked, plopping down in a chair on the other side of the couch with a glass of wine in her hand.

“Maybe later,” Amber said.

As the time passed they each had a few drinks, Alexis seemingly more so since Michelle kept refilling her glass every few minutes to get her really drunk. By the time the bottle of wine was empty Alexis was swaying slightly on the couch and her words were running together.

“I’m going to go get another bottle,” Michelle said, shaking the empty bottle in her hand as if to demonstrate that it was in fact empty and that she wasn’t lying. “Want to help me Lauren? I can never figure out what wine goes best with what situation.”

“Might as well,” Lauren said, getting up off the couch. She turned to Amber and winked with a slight ‘get in there and do your thing’ motion with her hand. “Amber, will you keep my seat warm?”

“The couch is more comfortable,” Amber said, making an excuse for why she wanted to change seats.

“I thinkyur friendis aa lesss-bian,” Alexis said, leaning in and whispering into Amber’s ear when Michelle and Lauren were in the kitchen. Her speech was slurred and the words ran together but Amber had spent enough time with Michelle when she was drunk to have a bit of a handle on drunk-speak. Alexis was trying to tell her that Michelle was a lesbian.

“No, she’s just a slut,” Amber replied.

“No, she likes guurls,” Alexis said. She tipped her empty glass slightly and stared at it. “That was… strong wine.”

“She wouldn’t,” Amber muttered under her breath. Michelle was a lot of things and did a lot of things that she didn’t really approve of, but the thought of her drugging poor Alexis’ drink was so out there that she was ashamed that she even had the thought.

“Wooden what?” Alexis asked, slurring the word ‘wouldn’t.’

“Nothing,” Amber muttered, shaking off the thought and the question. “Michelle’s a slut. She just doesn’t like to limit her slutty ways to just one segment of the population.”

“Oh,” Alexis said, her head lolling back on her shoulders.

Amber was afraid that Alexis was going to pass out on her, but her head popped back up so fast that it almost looked like she might have given herself whiplash. Looking toward the kitchen she saw Michelle peeking around the corner. When Michelle gave her the same ‘get in there and do it’ signal that Lauren had given her before going with Michelle she shrugged and did it.

“Wha-?” Alexis asked as Amber kissed her. Her hands started to push Amber away but she didn’t have the strength in her condition. By the time Amber broke the kiss she had given up and was actually returning the kiss. “Yur a lesss-bian too?”

“No,” Amber said quietly, her face still inches from Alexis’. She couldn’t believe what she was doing, but Alexis’ lips had just looked so inviting a target that she couldn’t help but follow Michelle’s direction.

Pushing Alexis back against the arm of the couch Amber put her hands on her shoulders and kissed her again and was delighted that she wasn’t rebuffed. Testing the boundaries she pressed her tongue against Alexis’ lips and was rewarded by them parting. Letting their tongues mingle Amber let her hand wander down onto her chest.

“Mmm,” Alexis moaned as Amber’s hand settled on her breast. It was the signal that Amber had been waiting for and she unbuttoned Alexis’ shirt while caressing her tongue with her own.

Pulling open her shirt Amber broke the kiss and stared into Alexis’ big blue eyes. She could see confusion in them but there was also nervousness and even a little eagerness in there as well.

Taking the plunge Amber reached out and cupped Alexis’ tits with her hands. The silky fabric of Alexis’ bra pressed into her palms but it couldn’t block the heat coming from the skin beneath or conceal the pointy nipples threatening to tear through like homing missiles. They felt so perky and appetizing that Amber pulled down the cups of the bra to see what they looked like firsthand.

“Ooh,” Alexis moaned as Amber’s tongue flicked one of her nipples. Grabbing the back of her head she pulled her closer and was rewarded by Amber’s mouth latching onto the nipple and the skin around it.

“Would you look at this?” Michelle asked, causing Alexis to jump.

She tried to push Amber off but Amber just kept sucking on the nipple. Michelle dropped to the ground and let her mouth attach itself to Alexis’ other tit. Two mouths on her, sucking her nipples like that took any fight Alexis had left right out of her. With a hand on the back of each head she cradled them and let herself enjoy the treatment.

Feeling a tap on her shoulder Amber tilted her head without stopping the suckling to look up at Lauren. Shifting her position she let Lauren adjust Alexis’ position so she could work on getting her pants off.

Getting her pants unbuttoned Lauren urged Alexis to lift her butt up so she could pull them and her panties down. When they were around her ankles she yanked her shoes and socks off and pulled the pants off over her ankles. Moving back up Alexis’ legs Lauren wasn’t particularly surprised to find Michelle taking the opportunity to let fingers caressing her snatch.

“Oh ooh,” Alexis moaned as Lauren’s fingers joined Michelle’s on her pussy.

Still sucking on Alexis’ nipple Amber let her hand wander down Alexis’ stomach to join in the fun. When her hand kept bumping against the others Amber decided to let the more expert hands work. Trapping the nipple in her mouth between her lips she pulled her head back until it snapped back and caused Alexis to moan.

“Kiss her,” Michelle told Amber, her fingers massaging Alexis’ clit.

Glancing at Alexis for approval, Amber moved in to kiss her when Alexis nodded slightly. As their lips made contact Alexis arched her back and moaned into Amber’s mouth as someone hit a sweet spot on her pussy. After a couple minutes of the kiss Amber grabbed Alexis’ hand and moved it to her chest so she could return some of the pleasure she was receiving.

“Mmm,” Amber purred, pressing her tits into Alexis’ hand as it squeezed and fondled her.

“Move,” Michelle demanded, causing Amber to break the kiss and look up. Michelle was standing there naked and motioning for Amber to move out of her way.

When Amber moved off the couch, Lauren pulled Alexis further down the couch so she was fully laying down. Michelle leaned down and kissed Alexis before throwing a leg over her and straddling her face. Amber leaned over and watched the look on Alexis’ face as her tongue tentatively snaked out to get her first taste of pussy. After a couple seconds of swirling her tongue around in her mouth with Michelle’s flavor on the tip Alexis seemed to come to a decision that she liked it because her tongue shot out and gave Michelle’s cunt another even bigger lick.

Turning her head Amber watched Lauren attack Alexis’ pussy. The movements were definitely practiced as she made very deliberate and concise movements, alternating between rapid flicks and long licks. Sure she felt a little left out since she was the only one not getting or giving but it gave her a moment to watch and build up to what she hoped would be one hell of an orgy. The spell of watching Lauren attack Alexis’ pussy with extreme verve was broken when Lauren crooked her finger at her.

“Go get the toy box,” Lauren whispered when Amber leaned down to find out what she wanted.

Giving one final glance at the action Amber nodded and headed for Michelle’s bedroom. Digging through the drawer that she’d seen the box appear from the couple times she’d seen it, she found it and pulled it out. Taking the lid off she looked over the toys and got a bit of a thrill out of seeing the devices laying there ready to bring sweet orgasms and pleasure.

Reentering the living room Amber kicked off her shoes. As she set the box down next to Lauren she set about getting naked so she could enter the fray. Her pussy was so wet that she had to do something or someone or she’d go crazy with lust. As Lauren reached into the box Amber took notice of her ass sticking up the air so invitingly.

Lauren’s attention was so focused on fucking Alexis with the vibrator she’d grabbed that she didn’t notice Amber moving behind her or the hands lifting her skirt. She jumped slightly when she felt her thong being pulled down but she settled down when she turned her head and saw Amber behind her grinning devilishly.

“Naughty girl,” Lauren said, waving her ass at Amber. A shiver ran down her spine when she saw the behemoth of a dildo in her hand. As the vibrator in her hand buzzed away at Alexis’ clit her fingers stopped their movements as the dildo pushed into her snatch. “Fuuuuuck.”

“Shit,” Michelle moaned as she watched the goings on behind Lauren. She hadn’t used the dildo in Amber’s hand on anyone but herself so she knew Lauren had to be feeling really stretched out. Alexis tonguing her clit brought her thoughts back to her own feelings though, which is where they normally resided and where she felt they should always belong.

Amber watched as Lauren struggled to accommodate such a large phallus. Lauren made more than a few grunts, and a couple even sounded a little painful, but there weren’t any cries to stop so she didn’t. When the monster cock was fully seated in Lauren’s snatch Amber heard what sounded like an audible sigh of relief.

Reaching under her to rub her clit, Amber felt Lauren start to relax and grind her pussy against her digits. Keeping the fingers in place she pulled the cock out slowly and marveled at the way Lauren’s cunt clung to the shaft. It made her wonder whether it was because the cunt didn’t want to let go or because it was stretched so tightly that it virtually couldn’t. Either way it was one hot fucking sight and Amber watched wide eyed until the head came into view.

As Amber drove the fake cock back into Lauren’s snatch Michelle ground her pussy onto Alexis’ mouth and watched Lauren take the dildo with new appreciation. Lauren had been her mentor of sorts in the art of pussy eating but Michelle had no idea that she could take a cock so admirably. She knew that Lauren had boyfriends but she was so good at getting a girl off that Michelle figured that men was just a sideline to her real passion: pussy. Obviously she was at least partially wrong, but no one would ever hear her actually admit that because Michelle is never wrong.

“Fuck me,” Lauren moaned, finally adjusted to the size of the cock in her pussy. Actually, Michelle was right about the men in her life only being a cloak to cover her lusting of women but it wasn’t the first time she’d taken a dildo, even a rather large one like the one currently filling her to the maximum.

As Amber worked the dildo in and out of Lauren’s snatch with greater, but not complete, ease, she watch Michelle lean down so she was face to face with Lauren. The grunting from Alexis got louder as Michelle moved the vibrator out of the way so she could get a taste of the sweet pussy in front of her. When Lauren didn’t make a move to use the vibrator Michelle took it from her.

“OHHH,” Alexis wailed as she felt Lauren’s fingers leave her pussy and the vibrator slide into her in their place. Her hips bucked as the combination of the vibrator and Michelle’s tongue pushed her towards her orgasm.

To keep from screaming too loud Alexis grabbed onto Michelle’s ass and buried her face in her cunt. If anything the muffled sounds of her cried of pleasure sounded even more erotic to her ears, and the way Michelle responded told her that at least the vibrations from her cries were having quite the effect on her as well.

Lauren could feel her orgasm coming as well and started pushing back to meet every thrust Amber made with the dildo. Every thrust into her brought her climax that much closer and it was close enough for Lauren to taste. Her stomach was starting to clench and she gritted her teeth as she waited for the tidal wave to take her.

“FUUUUCK ME,” Lauren screamed as the first wave hit her. She threw her head back and roared as it washed over her and she felt her body shaking but was unable to stop it even if she wanted to.

“Oooh oh ooh,” Alexis whimpered as her own climax hit her, albeit much quieter than Lauren’s. Her back arched and felt the vibrator hit the end of her pussy as Michelle shoved as far into her cunt as it would go. The erect nubs of her nipples rubbed against Michelle’s stomach above her and the friction set off streaks of fire through her body.

When Alexis and Lauren settled down Michelle was disappointed. She hadn’t cum even though she had gotten very close and she wasn’t about to let this night end without feeling the release she desperately sought. Sliding off of Alexis and the couch she pointed at Amber and then at her cunt.

“You, come here, and eat my pussy,” Michelle clarified when Amber shook her head to show she wasn’t understanding the whole mime thing, running through the hand signals as she explained so Amber would know what they meant in case she needed to use them again later.

“You, come HERE, and eat MY pussy,” Amber countered, drawing a scowl from Michelle.

“I don’t take orders babe,” Michelle said defiantly.

“Oh, I think you will this time,” Amber said, feeling mighty cocky after being the catalyst for the hot sex that had just happened.

Michelle was about to take the couple steps over to Amber, grab her head and shove it into her crotch to teach her a lesson but she stopped when Amber spread her legs and started to finger fuck her pussy. It got her thinking that maybe she could compromise slightly just this one time. “Sixty-nine?”

In response Amber shrugged and laid back on the floor. She grinned as Michelle sauntered over and stood over her. She was staring straight up at Michelle’s bald pussy, still stroking her pussy as Michelle squatted over her. As the pussy was brought down to her Amber reached up and impatiently grabbed Michelle’s hips and pulled her down even faster.

“Yeah baby,” Michelle cooed at Amber’s eagerness.

Michelle was on knees with her pussy just inches from Amber’s face. Amber could see the combination of Michelle’s juices and Alexis’ saliva shining on the lips above her. Michelle was so close that a drop was collecting and grew fatter just waiting to let go and drip onto Amber’s face. Just before it fell Amber opened her mouth and moved to catch it on her tongue.

“Eat that pussy,” Michelle urged Amber shimmying her hips enticingly before leaning down to get at Amber’s pussy.

Amber hadn’t had a whole lot of direct stimulation but the sights and sounds of watching Lauren and Michelle take care of Alexis along with fucking Lauren had done a good job of soaking her pussy and gotten her as close to cumming from a purely mental standpoint as she’d ever been. She was still much further away from an actual orgasm than Michelle but she knew that Michelle’s experienced tongue would get her there quickly, hopefully about the same time she herself got Michelle off.

“Yeah, tongue fuck my cunt,” Michelle groaned as Amber speared into her snatch. She spread Amber’s pussy lips with her fingers and drove her own tongue inside in response.

“Mmm,” Amber purred into Michelle’s pussy. Moving her tongue to Michelle’s clit Amber concentrated on it and started drawing small designs on it.

“You’ve gotten better,” Michelle observed, afraid that she’d get her cookies before Amber. The thought was so alien to her and her ‘me first’ attitude that it took her back slightly but she recovered after only a moment’s hesitation. Determined to give just as well as she gave she attacked Amber’s cunt with such fierce passion that she had to hang on for dear life before Amber’s bucking hips and body threw her off.

“Ohh fuck me,” Amber moaned, shoving two fingers into Michelle’s pussy to make up for her mouth’s absence.

Michelle was on the doorstep of her orgasm but she wanted Amber to cum with her. Remembering Amber’s fascination with her anal beads and Lauren telling her about Amber’s reaction to them being used on her, she slipped a finger into Amber’s snatch. When she was sure it was sufficiently lubricated she slipped it out and searched for Amber’s asshole.

“Oooooh,” Amber moaned as she was sucking on Michelle’s clit. She had already been driven close but the finger in her ass pushed her over the edge. Bucking her hips wildly against Michelle’s tongue and finger she came.

Feeling the vibrations of Amber’s climactic moans on her pussy, Michelle finally let herself go and threw herself over the edge as well. Satisfied that she had won the orgasm was that much sweeter. The two writhed around completely unaware that Lauren and Alexis had come to and had engaged in their own little private sixty-nine on the couch.

“Oh mom,” Alexis moaned causing both Michelle and Amber to turn their heads and see the two raven haired beauties engrossed in each other’s bodies.

“Should we give them some privacy?” Michelle asked as they lay on the floor. When Amber shrugged Michelle jumped to her feet and grabbed Amber’s hand to help her to her feet as well. Picking up a couple toys off the ground she gave Lauren a swat on the ass and pulled Amber towards her bedroom.

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