The Downfall Of Wonder Woman, Featuring The Legman

Story Title: The Downfall Of Wonder Woman, Featuring The Legman

By sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Jessica Biel

Codes: MF, MC, Fisting, FF, bond

The story you are about to read is not true and it never happened. I am NOT suggesting that what happens in this story is why Jessica Biel turned down the role of Wonder Woman in The Justice League movie. This story is a work of fiction from my mind and it has nothing to do with fact at all. Please remember that. Also note that these are my characters opinions and not mine. Anyone who can become easily offended, or happens
to be under eightteen years of age please stop reading now. Anyonw with any suggestions for who The Legman should take next send them to Please do not suggest girls under eightteen years of age, because I won’t touch them. You might want to read The Legman meets Jessica Alba, and yes I meant Jessica ALBA, and The Legman saves Katherine McPhee before you read this story.

Featuring The Legman

By sharkboy

I walk into the studios where they are doing the costumes for the up coming Justice League movie. So far they have casted a bunch of doofus for this movie. They got Tom Welling from that God Damn stupid show called Smallville to play Superman. How dare they! Then then got the very cuvry, but extremely wooden Erica Durance to play Lois Lane. I hope those two forget EVERYTHING they learned about The DC Comics universe, before they film this stupid movie. Because the people who made Smallville had no clue on anything. How could they get someone who was part Asian to play Lana Lang? Don’t even let me get going on what they did to Pete Ross. What a bunch of retards!

A smile comes down my face, as someone passes me with many different costumes. Some of the costumes make me want to puke. Oh my God they better NOT have Fire and Ice in this movie, because those two characters suck so bad! I hope that DC does not plan on packing this movie with minor league characters. What’s next Maxwell Lord will lead the fucking team. What a joke!

Then I freeze, as I see her in the room at the end of the hallway. She looks so hot in the uniform that they made for her. The only problem is that she does not deserve to wear it. Only one person should carry the mantel of Wonder Woman, and that’s Lyndia Carter.

I get closer so I can hear what Jessica Biel and the costume designer say. The guy’s first name is Mike, and he’s a decent guy. They speak of some of the problems that the costume will cause on some action scenes. “So, you’ll fix those flaws then?”

“Flaws? What flaws?” The guy replies, as he smiles at Jessica. “One nipple slip will equal maybe another 50 million in sales. Bush would likely double our sales.” He smiles at her.

“And give the movie a NC17 rating. No way I’ll star in one of those.” Jessica covers her breasts with her arms, so he’ll look into her eyes. “Besides kids have to see this movie. Making an adult comic book movie is like making a…”

“What about Sin City? I bet kids have those comics.” He smiles as he looks into her eyes. “Or do you have problems with Jessica Alba for playing Nancy?”

“Yeah, like some kids read their dad’s old Playboys. I do not act with my nipples. If you wish to see that bring Anna Nicole back from the dead. I also have no problems with Jessica A. She happens to be a friend.”

Those two talk for awhile, and they joke and tell stories to each other. I am not sure which are lamer the ones that Jessica tells from her days on 7th Heaven a really lame ass show, or the ones where he saw some boob when he worked on Jessica Alba’s costume on The Fantastic Four. He saw small girl boob. Big fucking deal! That would be like seeing Dakota Fanning’s boobs. You fuck Jessica Alba thrity or forty times she becomes just another skanky whore. It would have been nice if she moved when we fucked.

The man leaves the room and neither he or Jessica can seem to see me. I am becoming more and more powerful every day. Can I turn invisible? It would be so cool if I could? I watch her, as she posses in the mirror and I admit that she looks damn good. For a moment I consider turning around and leaving, and then Jessica does something good damn stupid.

“Lyndia who?” Jessica smiles, as she looks at her ass. “My butt sure looks fine.”

“Yes it does.” I say, as I walk into the room with her.

Jessica turns to me, and she gasps hard. “Who are you?” She covers her top some. “Are you supposed to be here?” Jessica is so embarrassed to where a Wonder Wonder costume, but a bikini is no big deal. What a hypocrite!

“I hope so, or I won’t get paid. You think they would let you leave that costume on a hanger or something?” I smile at her, and she shrugs.

“I was told to lay it on that table.” Jessica smiles at me. “I ain’t giving it to you.” She crosses her arms.

How dare she challenge me! Does she have any idea what I can do to her? “Yes, what does that costume cost forty dollars?”

The look on her face tells me that the costume costs a hell of a lot more than forty dollars. “Do you expect me to take it off so you can look inside, and see the tag name?”

“That would be nice.” I then close the door, and I lock it. Then I turn to a really scared Jessica Biel, as she backs up into a corner.

“No please…” She shakes some, as she perpares to fight for her life. Her magic lasso hangs so sexy from her belt.

“What do you fear me doing to you?” I walk towards her.

“You want to rape me! Help someone help! HELP!” Jessica screams so loud, because she’s unaware that this room happens to be sound proofed. I used to bring Jessica Alba into this room when she had a break on Dark Angel and fuck her ass.

“Scream all that you want. The room happens to be sound proof.” I laugh at her, and she becomes so afraid.

Then she does something stupid as hell. She tries to use some martial arts on me. She throws a basic punch at me that any yellow belt could easily block, and I block it. I twist her arm, and put pressure on her elbow. “Tell me one reason why I should not break your goddamn arm?” I yell at her so outragged.

“You CAN’T! Oh God NO! I’ll do anything, just don’t break my arm.” She begins to weep hard, as she begins to give up hope for escape. I got her where I want her.

“Okay Jessica, I let go of your arm, and don’t fight me. If you do I’ll break both of your fucking arms. Never start a fight with a fucking black belt with amature moves, bitch!” The funny thing is that I train people to fight in movies. I could have easily trained Jessica for something, as anyone else.

I let go of her arm, and she covers her face when she begins to cry so hard. “No… please…” She whispers.

My hands then begin to move over her sexy thighs. She shakes, as my hands move over her thighs, and her chest heaves. Her skin feels so wonderful, and she moans as my hands glide over her skin. “You are so sexy Jessica.”

Then to my total shock three words come out of her mouth. “No, no, NO!” She continues to fight my hands that God gave me. “PLEASE!” She begs of me. “I’m in love!”

“You love that boy band fag?” I asked so outragged. He does not deserve her!

“YES!” She screams mixed with fear and pleasure. I can see in the mirror we face that her eyes roll, as her chest heaves so hard. “Oh God…”

I then begin to unstrape her uniform slowly. I can see a stream of sweat coming down her back. My left hand moves over her left leg. I can see tears come down her cheeks, as she begins to blubber. “Trust me I can blow that fag away in the bedroom.”

“He’s not gay… Oh God please…” He eyes then widen, as I pull her uniform down to her knees. My hands move over her flat tummy and her amazing legs. She shakes so hard, as it happens. She slumps against my body, because she’s losing her will to fight me.

“So, the new Wonder Woman does not wear panties? How yummy!” My hands move over her tits, and her pussy. Her nipples are hard, and her pussy is so wet.

“Uhhh!” Jessica gives up, and she gives into the feelings that I stir. She turns and she kisses me with passion. I kiss her back rough, as my foot lowers her costume to the floor. It tears as it’s pulled down.

I can tell that Jessica does not give a shit, as the costume comes to the floor. She steps out of it, and she smiles at me. “You are a good kisser.”

“Thank you. So are you.” I then look at the couch in this room, and she grins at me. “Jessica, do you want to fuck me now?”

“Yes, fuck me please?” She takes my hand, and she leads me to the couch. She then sits down, and she parts her legs for me. Then Jessica looks up at me with a sexy smile.

I then begin to undress and she smiles at my trim feckled body, yes I am a red head. When my boxers make it to my feet Jessica looks at me wide eyed like a deer caught in the headlights. “Oh my God!” She sits on her elbows, as her eyes move over my penis.

“Justin has never slipped something like this to you has he?” I smile down at Jessica, as she shakes her head no. I can see the shame in her eyes, and I love it so much.

I then move between her legs, as she parts them. I see fear in her eyes, as she asks. “Have you ever hurt anyone before?”

“One Chinese girl on the set of Dark Angel cried hard for a week, after I ass fucked her. She was fired for making salty coffee.” I lie to her, because I love to see the fear in her fucking eyes. Besides we all know who I was fucking on the set of Dark Angel.

She braces herself, as I slide myself inside of her. Her chest heaves, and her eyes rolls back as I jam myself inside of her. I shove my huge penis inside of her, and she shivers so hard. “Jesus fucking Christ!” She yells, as she stretches around my penis.

Jessica arches and she screams, as I begin to fuck her hard. My hands move over her legs and tits, as I look into her eyes. My hips slam into her, as she screams so hard. “Stop! Stop! It hurts so bad!” I don’t care, as I fuck her so hard. When she orgasms she shall feel like she has been fucked by a freighttrain.

I continue to screw her so hard, as her fingernails come into my back. She looks up at me with agony, as she tries to repay me for the pain. I lean down, as I whisper to her. “Jessica, if I break those knees right you’ll never walk normal again.” I them slam my hips into her so hard, making her scream so loud.

“Why hasn’t anyone come in here yet?” Jessica screams, as I screw her so hard. My hands move over her sexy legs. I love how her skin feels, and she loves how my hands feel.

“Because you are in here with a locked door. People know you are fucking someone behind Justin’s back!” I begin to fuck her harder. “They will talk too!”

“Stop! I’m going to cum! STOP! Oh please!” Then Jessica begins to cum all over my penis. Her orgasm is hard and violent. She screams in agony, as it happens. “Oh FUCK!”

I then orgasm inside of her, and my seamen explodes into her womb. She gasps, as she figures out that I came, and she weeps so hard. “NO, PLEASE!” She begs my seamen, as it flows into her womb. She hugs me, as she weeps so hard. “I hate you!” She screams at me.

“Yeah, figured you would hate me.” My hands move over her large breasts, and she cries harder. Her body shakes, as my hands move over her tits. Jessica tries to fight my control, but its total. She’s my sex slave, and I love it. Oh my God I might have to fuck her sexy ass!

“What do you plan on doing to me? You can’t be through. Why am I now so fucking horny?” Jessica squirms, because when I fuck the shit out of someone that woman becomes such a fucking whore. She might hate to admit it, but she needs the shit fucked out of her again.

“Because when I fuck a woman she becomes open for business. If you take this role I’ll sneak in here every day and fuck you so hard. Afterwards you’ll have to go outside in that fucking costume and get hit on by every man, boy and even a few women. You’ll become the whore of tinsel town.”

“NO!” Jessica screams out of horror at the thought. Some women when they come onto the set of a movie are known as complete whores. When so and so does a movie with you the chances of nailing her are pretty good. My hands move over her legs making her even more horny than before. “How can I make that not happen?” She sobs, as fear runs through her head.

“Number one you not take the role of Wonder Woman! Next you…” I ball up my fist and I put it at the mouth of her pussy. She begins to moan a moan of dread, and she shakes so hard. Jessica then parts her legs, as she looks at me with her tear strained face. She doesn’t want to do this, and I don’t give a shit.

She strains so hard, as my fist moves up into her vagina. Jessica shudders when my fist makes it past her opening, and she gasps so hard. Then she shrieks, as my wrist comes into her vagina, and her body goes tense. I then begin to fuck her so hard with my hand until she orgasms, and she slowly passes out due to pain.

Before she passes out I pull my first from her vagina and it pops, and I whisper into her ear. “If you tell anyone what I did to you I shall follow you from set to set, and then make you fuck my rottweiler. He has a huge dick too.”

“I won’t tell…” She sobs hard, as she falls to sleep. I smile, because I have humliated the person who tried to take Lyndia Carter’s place in Wonder Woman lore. How dare she? No one can replace Lyndia Carter. NO ONE!

As I walk out of the room, she wraps her naked body inside of a blanket on the couch and she cries so hard. She gets into the fetal position, as she weeps so loud. Right now a lot of you must be having a fruit loop or something yelling this is not The Legman, this is NOT MY Legman. You know what? I ain’t The Legman. My name is Wally Scott and right now Jessica Biel hates The Legman. I plan on taking The Legman down, and then taking his place.

I stand outside of the room where I just fucked the shit out of Jessica Biel. She is now strong enough to sit up and look out the door. Tears run down her cheeks, as she has a look of powerful lust in her eyes. The tiger needs to hunt, and I have my cell phone out to get some pictures of her. Hopefully, she walks down the halls buck naked. My friends will love it!

She moves her feet off the couch to stand, and the man who she was talking to before I fucked her ass comes back into the room. He smiles down at her, as the blanket barely covers her sexy body. “Hello Jessica. You were screaming pretty good in here. Who’d you ‘talk to’?” Mike asks her with a wink, and she shrugs her shoulders. “You don’t know? 7th Heaven’s people would not approve!” He chuckles, as his eyes move over her body.

“Like I give a shit. I was so afraid I would be typed casted once that show got over so I bolted, remember?” Jessica gives the guy a look. Yeah, she’s going to fuck him hard.

“I remember those pictures that made people freak out so bad. I spilled a lot…” Jessica looks up at Mike, as he begins to make his off color comment and she gasps. “I’m so sorry.”

“Mike, did you dream of making love to me?” She asks giving the man her sexiest smile.

“Yes, I did. I have seen all of your movies, and I stopped watching that show after you left.” Mike blushes hard, as he looks at the floor. “It was not the same.”

Then he sees the blanket that Jessica had to cover her body on the floor. His eyes move to her, and they cover her sexy body. Despite all of the abuse that I did to her she looks damn good. “Mike, make love to me please?”

He looks down at her naked body with shock, as his eyes move over her sexy body. “Jessica, I’m not sure. I’m married.”

Jessica then lies on her back, and her parts her sexy legs, as she heaves her large chest out while she looks up at Mike. “Screw me please? You can tie me up with the lasso if you wish to do so.” She puts her hands together, and Mike takes the magic lasso off of her uniform. He ties up her wrists, as she grins at the man. “Do anything you want to me Mike. Anything at all.” For some odd reason Mike does not seem to notice that Jessica tore the uniform while she was having sex. I wonder why?

I stand outside of the place where she went for her fitting for her Wonder Woman costume. She finally walks out fucking six hours later, with her arm around a Mexican fellow. I wonder how many men she has fucked. The fellow her arm is around has a grin on his face. Tears go down her face, as she asks the man named Jose. “You must think I am a whore?”

“Whore? No, no, no!” He objects to her. He then points to himself. “Just a lucky day.”

“So, I should not cut my wrists then?” Jessica looks like shit by now. Her face has aged ten years, and she limps from getting her ass fucked over and over. She does not appear to be able to turn off the waterworks too. The hair on her head looks like it has been through a windstorm too.

“Too much to live for pretty seniorita.” He gives her a smile, and Jessica grin some.

“Thank you Jose. Tell your wife I am sorry?” She kisses him on the lips, and then Jessica begins to deepen the kiss.

Jose like a damn fool pushes her away. “NO, no, no! Remember Justin?” He extends his arms to make sure she can’t rub her tits against him.

“Yes… I need to tell him what happened…” Jessica shivers at the thought.

“And take the chance that you’ll lose him forever? You would be loca if you did that.” He hails a cab, and he help Jessica inside. “Forget this happened, okay?”

He waves at the cab as it drives away, and I smile because I have turned the wanna be Wonder Woman into a mess. Now she’s a complete whore who will fuck anything that moves. I then laugh hard when the cab suddenly pulls over, and the driver take Jessica into a sexy embrace. Not only have I turned her into a whore I turned her into a Lesbian too!

As I walk away I drop a picture of my next victim. Some actress from over the pond came over her to dethrone another American super hero icon. For some reason Hollywood has decided to attack all of the awesome TV shows that I used to watch on TV as a kid. Marvel has made a bad Hulk movie and now they plan on making number two. Now they plan on making a very bad version of The Justice League featuring Wonder Woman. Bu the next woman who shall fall to my touch happens to be The Bionic Woman!

TO BE CONTINUED. Next Legman Vs. Legman. Anyone with any suggestions for who The REAL Legman should take next send them to No one under eightteen please. I won’t do anyone until they turn 18. If you are angry, because the real Legman was not in this story, I am sorry. I had to hook you though he shall be in the next story.

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