The Fantastic Four II… Starring Jessica Alba

This story is a work of fiction and therefore untrue. This story has sexual situations in it and should not be read by minors or those easily offended. I do not know Jessica Alba or any of her sexual habits, so please do not think I know anything about her. If this offends anyone reading this sort of story please stop reading now. Send any comments to


starring Jessica Alba

By sharkboy77

The place, the studio where the new Fantastic Four movie is being made, the time is 2006 December in LA California. Jessica Alba walks down
the halls of the studio in her new and so called improved costume. Wearing it makes one of the stars Jessica Alba so incredibly horny. Her costume has been altered greatly from the first film. Now she wears a one-piece top with pantyhose under the costume.

The guy playing Johnny Storm told her she has a run in the back of her stockings. This both excites her and disturbs her greatly. To say the guy who plays Johnny Storm is not totally cute would be a complete lie, but Jessica has a boyfriend too. He might have a girlfriend too not that she remembers her asking or caring.

She puts her leg on a chair so she can inspect the back of her legs. Jessica tries her best to look at the back of her leg, but she really can’t see that well. Sighing hard Jessica looks around the hallway. A handsome young man walks down the hall, and Jessica makes eye contact with him. “Come here please?”

Bobby walks to the beautiful Jessica Alba and he looks into her amazing brown eyes. “Can I help you?” his eyes quickly scan her sexy body, and Jessica grins up to him.

“Yes, you can.” Jessica turns around and she asks him. “Do I have any runs in my stockings?”

“Not from what I can see. Spread your legs some more please? That helps when I check my moms.”

Jessica spreads her legs some more and she can’t help, but grin wide and she asks, “See anything?”

“Yeah, I can see things, but no runs. You have excellent legs.” He says to her, as Bobby can’t help but blush hard.

She turns to him and Jessica is blushing hard too. “Thank you. I think?” her eyes go over Bobby and she thinks she would not throw him out of bed for eating crackers. Heck, if he used the crackers right she would likely build him a cage. “Care to come into my dressing room? I need some help.”

Bobby’s eyes widen some, as she asks her question and he nods slowly at her. Jessica takes his hand and she leads him down the hall. “You like my legs, huh?” Jessica looks back to Bobby with a smoldering look.

“Yes, ma’am! I am so sorry Miss Alba, I am a big fan.” Bobby shakes some, as she looks back to him.

“Ma’am? Miss Alba? What am I you’re freaking teacher?” her eyes narrow at him slightly. “My name is Jessica. Can you say that?”

“I am so sorry, Jessica. When I started my internship here I was told to be respectful.”

Jessica smiles back at him, and she asks. “Does that mean talk to someone who you might have gone to high school with like she’s a teacher or someone older? God, do you looks at your mom like that?”

“Good point, I am just a huge fan Jessica. I have liked you since Dark Angel.”

She looks back to him once more and she asks, “How old were you when that show came on?”

“Thirteen, you were kinda a jump start for me into puberty. No offense, please?” Bobby blushes once more.

“At thirteen you should have been in puberty already kid,” Jessica then turns to him, “Or did Flipper do it?”

“Actually that dolphin has never turned me on.” Bobby jokes with her, and Jessica laughs at his joke.

“I was on Flipper, and do not make that joke!” Her beautiful brown eyes narrow at him.

“Yeah, you got me going on erections while you were on Flipper. Is that a crime?” Bobby blushes some, as his eyes follow her fabulous form.

Jessica turns back to him and she smiles, “No, if you were something like forty then yes. Am I a bad person for having trouble with old men wanting me?”

“No, if an old man wanted me I would be troubled too.” Bobby jokes with her some more and Jessica laughs hard.

“You must be a complete pervert?” She asks him with a smile. “Perhaps I should get someone else to move my stuff?”

“According to my dad you’ll likely expect me to move something like a couch from one side of the room to the other to match a painting or something. It would likely be easier to rehang the painting.” Bobby jokes to her, and Jessica looks back to him with a smoldering look.

“Trust me you will likely enjoy what I ask you to do.” Jessica opens the door and she walks inside, and of course Bobby follows her. “Bobby are you a virgin?”

“Actually yes, are you?” Bobby looks at the look of shock on Jessica’s face.

Jessica looks to him in complete shock, and she asks. “Are you aware I was married?” her look of shock melts into a grin. “Besides, do you think I would last too long?”

His eyes scan her body and he shakes his head no. “I would nail you anytime.” Then bobby realizes what he just said, and he looks into her eyes. “I am so sorry!”

“Why be sorry?” Jessica looks at him with a devil may care attitude, and she begins to unzip her uniform. His eyes widen as she does, and she grins at him. “Right now I need to be fucked, so bad.”

Jessica walks to Bobby and she kisses him with powerful passion. Bobby kisses her back gently at first, but he gets the drift. He kisses her deeply and more powerful and she moans loving it.

She breaks the kiss and she asks, “Can you fuck me?” Jessica then presses her tits against him, and she wiggles her perfect ass.

“I am afraid I’ll mess up or something.” Bobby admits to her truthfully. He can’t help but be seduced by the beautiful star of The Fantastic Four.

“How can you mess up?” Jessica asks him with a grin, Bobby can see most of her chest.

“I can cum on your thigh. That really pissed off my ex-girlfriend.”

“She is a girl I am a woman. I can deal with some thigh cum.” Jessica then takes her collar and she begins to lower her uniform to the floor. Bobby’s eyes widen as he looks to her body comes out from the extremely tight clothes.

“Oh my God!” His voice comes up showing his age, and Jessica smiles at him.

“I take it you like my body?” she grins at him wickedly. Then Jessica takes his hand and she leads him to her bed. “Why did they give me a bed? They expect me to be a slut?”

Bobby goes totally silent. He knows how his girlfriend gets sometimes. He knows how vulnerable he would be to anything Jessica might say to anyone. “Maybe they want you to be well rested? Besides has anyone ever heard of anyone else in this movie besides you?”

“Very good point. I can carry a movie on my own.” Jessica sits on the bed and she crosses her short, but extremely sexy legs.

“God, you are so sexy.” He comments to her.

Jessica smiles up to him and she asks, “Can you call me something else besides, God? Kinda gives me a complex.”

“Can I call you beautiful then?” he asks her. He has little time before he cums.

“Your going to cum aren’t you?” Jessica asks, as she looks to his rod. His pants are still on and she orders, “Get those off before you make a mess.”

Bobby takes off his pants, as his eyes continue to rove her beautiful body. He then takes off his underwear, and he looks to her. “Oh my God! That did not help much!”

“Come here then, and hurry!” She urges him to come to her, and Jessica kisses him with deep passion when he arrives. His dick moves against her naked belly making her gasp hard. “Still got to cum?”

“Yes, I am so sorry.” Bobby has tears coming down his handsome face, and Jessica begins to shush him.

“Don’t worry. Shhh!” Jessica touches his penis, and she grins at him. “You are my biggest fan aren’t you?” her expert fingers run over his hard cock.

“It’s big?” He asks her a little surprised.

“You have got a good sized dick here Bobby. You’re what seventeen?” She licks her lips, as her fingers continue to dance over it. He moans hard as she does.

“Next week I turn seventeen. Oh God!” she holds his dick towards her thighs, as Bobby begins to cum hard. He cums all over her upper thighs and Jessica smiles at him.

“You did good. Really good.” Her fingers now move over his smaller dick. “You still got some life in it. If I can get it hard once more will you fuck me?” Jessica looks to him in want.

“God yes, I would have fucked you before but…” Jessica walks away from him and she sits on the bed. She then gives Bobby an alluring look, and then she leans down and she begins to lick the seamen off of her lovely legs. Her tongue is not long, but her body is extremely flexible.

“Oh my god can you…” He stops talking, as Jessica looks up at him.

“Can I eat my own pussy? Yes, I can.” Jessica grins, before she continues to lick cums off of her pantyhose.

“If I could do that I would never leave the house.” Bobby jokes to her.

Jessica stops, and she wipes off her mouth and she grins at him. “You have got a pussy?”

“I think you know what I mean? Do you ever?” Bobby asks her, as he raises an eyebrow at her.

Jessica leans forward and she begins to lick her own pussy. Her body shakes as she does. Her eyes flutter some as she licks herself out hard. She then stops as she sits up, and she parts her legs for him. “Care to continue for me?”

“Do you like that with pantyhose on?” He asks her, as he walks to her, and Jessica nods. He kisses over her sexy knees really light and gentle Jessica giggles some, as he does. “Something funny?”

“I got sensitive legs my boy.” Jessica then smiles at him. “Seduce me with my thighs. My knees make me laugh too hard.” Bobby then licks her knee capes hard and she laughs extremely loud. Then he kisses down her inner thigh and Jessica exhales softly. “Okay, you have found the spot.” His tongue moves over her stocking covered legs, and she smiles.

His hands move over her legs and he feels the muscles in he legs. “You must be strong?” Bobby comments to her, as he kisses her over her legs.

“Yes, sometimes I hurt the man while we have sex.” She smiles a wide and fiendish grin, as he stops kissing her legs. With his head between her lovely thighs Jessica puts them together lightly. “Problem?”

“Are you going to hurt me or something?” he imagines Jessica becoming a huge bitch and wishing to hurt him or something. How can someone so pretty be a complete sadist?

“Me hurt you? I am not that tough you know.” Jessica smiles at him from between her tits.

“True, besides I am learning well.” He licks her inner thighs, and Jessica moans hard and loud. The farther up her leg he licks and kisses the louder Jessica moans.

He touches her pussy softly and Jessica moans sharply. Her eyes widen as he does. He plays with he clit a little harder and her beautiful body shakes. “Oh god! You have figured that out already?”

“It’s kinda big.” He wiggles it hard making her shriek hard. “And it makes you sound so sexy.” His fingers them move over her pussy lips, and he licks it once.

“Oh Fuck YEAH!” She shouts in enthusiasm. Her hips jerk up as she begs, “More please?” He licks her pussy three times clockwise and she closes her beautiful brown eyes. Jessica picks up her hips, and she pushes herself up into his face. “More, Bobby please!”

Bobby licks her out with glee, as his hands moves over her sexy thighs. She tastes great to him. She continues to moan and groan hard while he eats her out. He loves how she tastes with her pantyhose on and he looks at her clit. His finger plays with it and he pushes Jessica over the edge.

“Oh fuck yeah! You da the man Bobby!” she cums hard on his face. Her pantyhose catch most of it and she sighs hard.

“I am? I think you did most of the work?” Bobby blushes hard, as he looks at her face.

“Trust me you did a good part of the work too. How did I taste?” She asks him with a kinky smile.

“For my first time you tasted pretty good. I got a question.” He rubs her clit extremely hard, and her eyes widen and he chest expands. “What’s this?”

“Jesus! That’s my on switch.” She exhales hard. “Most guys don’t care about that from what I have seen. What do they teach you boys in sex education?”

Bobby plays with it some more and he makes Jessica gasp hard, and her eyes bug out wide. Her head arches back and she exhales hard once more. “You like that?”

Jessica Alba then widens her legs unlike anything Bobby thought was possible before. Her pussy pushes against her pantyhose and she instructs him. “Go to my desk and get something shape and free it and then fuck me so hard.”

Bobby stands up and he walks to her desk and he takes out a nail file. “This work?” he asks her.

“It’s sharp, so yes.” Jessica smiles up to him. By how his hand shakes it makes her eyes widen some. “Bring that to me, please? I do not like to bleed.” Jessica asks him. “Can’t go to the ER with a cut pussy.”

He walks back to Jessica and he hands her the nail file. She takes it from Bobby’s hand and she looks at her pussy. “Do me a favor and grab some of the hose over my pussy?”

Bobby grabs the part right over her pussy and he pulls it up some expanding it. Jessica cuts it some, and she gives him a kinky smile. “Going to cum again?”

“Trust me it could happen. I might pass out.” Bobby admits to her, and Jessica smiles at him.

“Never had a guy pass out on me before.” She stands up, and she looks at him. “Fuck me now then?”

“Okay,” Bobby says in a high pitched voice showing his age to her.

She lies back in the bed and she smiles up to him from between her sexy legs. “You have no idea where to start do you?”

“Not really.” Bobby admits to her. “Can I kiss your legs some more? They are so sexy!” His voice cracks once again.

Jessica smiles at him some more, “Yes, but we have got to hurry up some. I got a scene or two to shoot.”

Bobby walks to her and he kisses the back of her knees and down her toned and sexy thighs, and Jessica gasps hard and heavy as he does. His lips move down the back of her sexy thighs, and she continues to breathe hard. “Oh God, Bobby please just fuck me!”

She parts her incredible legs for him and she looks up to him in pleading lust. Her pussy is so wet and it looks so good that Bobby can’t resist it anymore and he takes a hold of his erection. He slides it inside of her and she squeezes down on him very hard. “Oh my god! You are so tight!”

“Don’t pull out you shit! Fuck me!” She screams at him, because this virgin has tested her patients. He freezes and he looks to her. She sighs very low. “I am sorry Bobby, but you are testing me.” Jessica admits to him. “Move in and out of me now, but don’t pull all of the way out of me.”

Bobby begins to move inside of Jessica and she purrs like a kitten as he does. He plays with her clit some as he does, and her eyes widen and she breathes much harder and faster. Her hips then begin to move into him and she starts to clamp down with her pussy. “God damn Jessica!” Bobby shouts to her as he moves into her hard, and he plays with her clit some more.

“Oh God Bobby!” Jessica exclaims hard, as she cums hard all over him.

Bobby looks into her eyes and he asks, “What just happened?” He’s a little embarrassed, and his complexion turns a little red.

“You just made me cum, kid. That a huge problem?” She asks him with a mighty grin on her face. Her hips continue to move into his with good power.

“I made you cum! Yes! Oh yes!” He shouts, as he pumps his fist into the air.

Jessica laughs at his reaction. “Hey, you learned and you adapted, so yes I came like a little tramp. Have you came yet?” she asks him with a naughty grin on her face.

“NO, trust me I only got a few trusts left in me.” He penis has that feeling a man gets when he needs to cum really bad, and he bites his lip.

“Finish fucking me then, please. I would be a bad hostess to cum and then leave you hard.” Jessica begins to fuck him once again, and his hands move over her sexy legs. She can tell by the look in his eyes that he needs to cum so bad, but he holds it. “Trust me. I can make you cum.”

Bobby’s eyes widen as he feels her hand move over his flat tummy and she asks, “Can I eat chocolate off of that sometime?” her hand then touches his testicles.

“Oh god no!” Bobby shouts in fear, as her excellent hands massage his balls hard. His eyes lock with hers and she smiles at him.

“I won’t hurt you,” She whispers in his ear as she clamps down around him so freakin’ hard. He finally cums inside of her hard and his body shakes as he does. She orgasms once more around him as she pulls him close to her with her legs.

“Wow! That was incredible!” Bobby exclaims to her. His hands move over her tits. “I totally ignored these. Sorry.”

Jessica expands her chest some, as she smiles up to him and she asks, “Not a tit man are you or is the problem the little bitty tits I sport?”

He sucks on her nipples some, and she gasps hard. His hand massages her tits nice and firm. Jessica expands her chest over and over as he plays with them. He looks into her amazing brown eyes, and she smiles at him. “I got a question for you.”

“Consider what you just did to me you can ask me anything you want to.” She smiles, as she leans up and she looks into his eyes. His hand moves over her tight flat tummy seductively, and she leans back and she moans hard. She parts her legs as he does this.

“This must be your sexual weakness?” he asks, as his fingers move over the tiles of her tummy. It’s so tight and sexy. Her beautiful body jerks as his hands move over her tummy.

“Yes… it is!” She states loud, as his hands move over her tummy. She closes her eyes, as she deeply enjoys what he does to her. “Do anything you want to me.” Her voice is a little hoarse and ragged. His other hand moves to her ass and it moves over the outside of her ass.

The look on her face suggests Jessica is not into what he has offered her. “Anything except that, right?”

“I dislike anal sex. Sorry.” She confesses to him. Is finger moves inside of her vagina, and her eyes widen as she gasps. His finger moves inside of her with good power and she gasps hard as he does it to her. “God, your fingers are so strong!” She says, as she exhales hard.

“Got two of them inside of you. That surprise you?” his mouth reaches down and Bobby begins to suck on her clit hard. Jessica moans in a way making it known that she can’t reply to his question. Her body arches showing him her tummy, as his other hand tickles it hard.

Jessica cums hard in a burst of laughter and she orgasms right inside of his mouth as he plays with her clit with it. She laughs so hard as she continues to cum hard. Jessica then looks up to Bobby with a wide smile. “I got to go back to work, kid.” She leans him in and she whispers into his ear. “Tell no one of this and it will happen again. You tell anyone and I will never even speak to you again.”

She gets up and she gives Bobby a look that suggests that she is totally serious about what she has just said. Jessica then lets him watch as she gets dressed. “Kid, would you pay eight bucks to see me prance around in this outfit?”

Bobby takes out eight bucks from his coat on the floor and he hands it to her. Jessica looks at the money and she blinks at it hard. “Okay, so most guys would play eight dollars to see me in this outfit?”

“Hell yeah. I got the money, prance around some now.” Bobby demands of her. Jessica crosses her arms and she looks at him. “Okay, please?”

“Put your money away then?” The moment he does Jessica prances for him. She then does the splits and he applauds hard and loud. “Thank you thank you very much! I have got to go now. Please don’t be mad?” Jessica stands, as she inspects her uniforms and her new pantyhose. She then waves at Bobby and she leaves.

The next day she is called into the office of some big wig and she sighs some. It took her over an hour to fuck Bobby last night, and the director was not too happy with her. He spent some time yelling at her and it upset her dearly. She walks into the lobby of the main offices and she smiles to the female secretary before her. “Hello Miss Alba, you look good today. Love the uniform.” Miss Walker says with a sexy smile.

“You like the look then?” Oh my god, she has a Lesbian before her and she bites her lip hard out of a combination of fear and dread.

“Love the look. Care to turn around for me?” Jessica spins some for her. “Do they show enough of you ass? For god sakes people.”

“Tell me about it and a nice breeze can keep me happy for hours inside of this thing. Tell me is Vince pissed about yesterday?”

“No, Vince seemed really happy when he came in today. Maybe he knew you’d come in wearing that?” Miss Walker smiles at her.

“He’ll likely try and get some. Best of luck to him. I have been getting hit on by producers since I was sixteen.” Jessica smiles at the pretty woman before her.

“Any of them succeed?” She asks her with a smirk.

“You know if a lot of men throw shit at the wall some of it will stick?” Jessica says with a smile.

“Very true. How do you like the camera in your dressing room?” Miss Walker asks with a smile.

“My what!” Jessica asks in outrage. They must have tapped what she and Bobby did last night. This is terrible news for her.

“No one told you?” She asks as she stands up. “We have reports people want to kidnap you.”

“That’s just fine and dandy! Put a… you saw it didn’t you?” Jessica’s eyes widen, as she looks into her eyes.

Miss Walker looks to the floor and she says, “And I am so sorry. Please don’t be mad?”

Jessica then storms into Vince Danno’s office and she glares at him. “You have got some explaining to do!”

“No, you have got some explaining to do. Do you like fucking young boys Miss Alba?” Vince looks to her harshly.

She immediately puts her thighs together and she looks to Vince. “Why was I not told of the camera? I change in there.”

“We had some reports on people planning to kidnap you. We did that for your protection. We had no idea that…”

Jessica’s eyes narrow at Vince as she asks. “No idea that what? I have sex? Look at me Vince. Come on!”

“Do you know what will happen when this hits the public?” Vince turns on the TV before him, and Jessica can see how Bobby eats out her pussy. “The uniform gives away the time line and what happens can be seen by anyone. The boy friend and other people will have some questions for you.”

“What can I do to make this tape go away?” Jessica damn well knows the answer, but she wastes time doing it anyway.

Vince looks to Jessica and he slides out from the desk and she can see what he has been doing. She closes her eyes for a moment. “What’s a matter Jessica. Dislike seeing what men do with your image?”

“No, I dislike how you throw it in my face, Vince. No offense but I do have a boyfriend.” Jessica points up at the camera. “Fooled me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

Vince takes his coat from behind him and he throws it up over the camera. He then looks to Jessica. “Think you know what to do.”

Jessica nods, and she walks over to him and she gets on her knees. She takes a hold of his penis and she begins to jerk him off. Her beautiful brown eyes looks up to him with fire inside of them as she does. Her tongue then moves over his dick and she looks up to him. “You want me to suck it?”

“What man would not want those lips around him?” Vince asks her with a grin.

Jessica then does something very threatening and she bares her beautiful white teeth at him in a threatening manner. “I got these too.”

Vince smiles at her and then he leans down and he whispers into her ear, “Can you endure the constant jokes? Can you handle the disapproval from mom and dad? How will you tolerate when people ask whatever happened to you? Both you and I know how fragile your career can be.”

She feels a chill go right down the back of her spine and her mouth becomes dry and cracked. Jessica swallows hard at the man who is in position to destroy her. She reaches for his water her eyes never leaving his. She takes a healthy drink from his water bottle and she does leave some back splash.

Jessica then licks her lips and she looks up to the handsome, but deceitful man before her and she begins to suck his dick hard. To her dismay his dick tastes great and she tries not to enjoy this too much. Her tongue moves over his penis hard and she can’t help, but grin at how he shakes.

She tries to give him an honestly good head job and she really tries not to like this so much. She continues to suck on his dick hard. Her fingers play with his nuts as she does. This is not the first blow job Jessica Alba has given anyone.

Vince then cums hard inside of her mouth and her eyes widens as he does. She tries to swallow all of the seamen but he has truly shot his load. It begins to come out of her nose as she attempts to swallow it. Jessica truly can’t handle it and she begins to hack it out onto the floor. She then glares up to Vince.

“What’s wrong beautiful? Can’t handle my explosion?” Vince smiles down at her like he knew this would happen.

“Be nice if you mentioned you did that.” She says, as she continues to cough hard.

“Would you actually believe me?” he asks, as he stands up and he walks behind her.

Jessica jumps to her feet instantly. “Don’t even try it!” She gets into a fighting stance, and she looks to him.

“I was planning on ace fucking you. I take it that’s a no?” Vince asks her, and Jessica nods enthusiastically. “You dislike an ass fuck then?”

“I got a friend hung like a horse and gay as hell. If he can ass fuck you I’ll let you do anything you wish to me?” Jessica asks him with fire in her eyes. “No, huh?”

“Can you blame me? This has a sign that says exit only.” Vince smiles at Jessica and a part of him goes sad. A blowjob will be all he’ll get out of her today. She even has some seamen in her nose.

Jessica slaps her own ass, and she looks Vince in the eyes. “So does mine, so no way Jose!” she puts her hands on her hips to make the point.

“Okay, on your way out stop by and have some fun with Miss Walker. She’s a huge fan of yours.” Vince smiles at Jessica as her eyes widen in complete horror at what he just asked her to do.

“I am no a dike!” She shouts at him totally pissed off. Jessica once again glares at Vince with fire in her eyes.

“I have a feeling some of those moments I have gotten from Max off of Dark Angel are more you than the writers.” Vince gives her an arrogant smile, and Jessica so badly wants to hit him.

Jessica fumes right before him and she yells hard, “Fuck you Vince!” she jumps up and down as she fumes hard. His eyes watch her body as she jumps, and so she stops doing it. “You are such a fucking pervert!” She screams loud at him. Jessica then leaves the room, and she comes face to face with Miss Walker.

“Clean yourself up. We got a bathroom to your left.” She smiles at Jessica softly, and she hands her a box of tissues.

“Did you hear what I just…” Jessica begins to quiver hard, and Miss Walker brings her in for a hug.

“Don’t worry about it.” Miss Walker whispers into her ear. “Go clean up now.” Miss Walker appears to be the polar opposite of Vince.

“Why are you so nice?” Jessica asks her in some tears.

“The truth? You are gorgeous and I want to fuck you so bad.” Miss Walker smiles an honest smile at Jessica.

“You… do?” Jessica begins to shake like a mouse under a cat’s glaze.

She runs her hand through her blonde hair and she asks her. “Do you like being a blonde?”

“It’s okay. Some people dislike me as a blonde and some think I am so hot as a blonde. If the role needs me to go blonde I do it.” She closes her eyes, as Miss Walker runs her hand through her blonde hair. “Oh God!”

Her eyes then open in complete fear as Miss Walker stops running her hand through her beautiful blonde hair. Her outfit has been unzipped some and she breathes extremely hard. “Don’t worry. Just had to see more of you.”

“I am just glad it’s not down by my knees.” Jessica says with a nervous smile. Her eyes rove the beautiful body of Miss Walker and she shakes her head. “You know why I can’t do this?”

“Yes, you are not a dike. I totally understand.” Her beautiful blue eyes go to the vent from Vince’s office. Jessica’s follow them.

“I am so sorry. I never expected…” Jessica honestly begins to apologize to her.

“I am aware of what people call my kind, so no worry.” Miss Walker has grown cold to her.

“No, I am not like that. I got some gay or homosexual friends. I became angry after Vince used me.” Jessica explains to her, and Miss Walker turns to her.

“Don’t you understand that dike is an insult to my kind? It’s mean and nasty and I don’t deserve it at all. Go clean up then leave.” Miss Walker sighs and she walks back to her desk, and she sets her excellent legs on top of it and she takes out a magazine, and she begins to read it.

Jessica walks into the bathroom and she looks up her nose. “Oh God, it came out of my nose!” She shouts as she takes out a tissue and she blows her nose. Jessica blows her nose extremely hard and most of it comes out of it.

“Talk about yuck!” She says, as she throws away the tissue. She checks her make up some and she looks in the mirror. “God damn, I really can’t blame Vince for wanting me. I do look hot today.” She unzips her uniform a little bit more. “I am lucky I am still allowed to wear clothes.” She says to no one. She has been approached more than once to do nudity and she had to say no.

There are some scenes inside of this movie she had rewritten before she would sign her contract. She also had a non-nudity clause written into it to protect her. One thing you can say about Jessica Alba is that she’s both extremely beautiful and very smart. Right now she feels like her body has outsmarted her. Jessica Alba is in deep, deep trouble and she begins to cry hard.

About twenty minutes later, Jessica walks out of the bathroom and she looks to Miss Walker. Her eyes are a little puffy from the crying and she sighs hard. “I am so sorry I insulted you Miss Walker. One day I hope we can be friends.”

“Jessica, you and I are friends as far as I am concerned, so don’t worry about it. Just don’t dress like that if you can do it?” Miss Walker looks to Jessica a little bit nervously.

She smiles to Miss Walker and Jessica begins to unzip herself some. “Don’t you like me?” her legs move in a way that Jessica knows can turn on nearly any man.

“What are you doing?” Miss Walker asks, as she stands up in alarm and lust. The sight before her makes her as wet as a whale, and her eyes move up Jessica’s exceptional body.

“I was told to fool around with you some, so I am just following orders. Or am I one of those friends type of friends?” Jessica grins at the beautiful woman before her. Her brown eyes rove up her body too.

“You are just a… oh my God!” Miss Walker steps back from Jessica, as she leans over her desk. She looks into her eyes and she asks. “How far do you want to go?”

“Make me cum Miss Walker if you can?” Jessica walks to the front of the desk and she sits down on it and she parts her legs. Her beautiful brown eyes look into Miss Walkers. “Does this make you wet?”

Miss Walker moves forward and she gets so close to Jessica Alba and she inhales deeply. She runs her hands through her beautiful blonde hair and she states. “Yes, it does. You can quit any time.”

“Why would I wish to quit?” Jessica asks her with a grin. Her beautiful brown eyes look into her eyes. Miss Walker traces her finger over her inner thigh and Jessica grins at her wide.

“You like this?” She asks her wide-eyed. Jessica continues to smile at her and she nods her head at her. Then Miss Walker grabs her pussy and Jessica begins to huff and puff hard. “You like that too?”

“What woman wouldn’t?” Jessica smiles at her, and then she sees something and she frowns.

“What?” She asks Jessica with a look of concern, and Jessica points. Miss Walker follows her hand and it leads to the security camera. “Yes, we can’t let him watch this can we?” Miss Walker takes her jacket off of the coat rack and she walks to the camera. She then tosses her coat onto it and she turns and she looks to Jessica.

“Very good. That pervert demanded I become his little sex slut because he got that video of me doing Bobby. Can you imagine that?”

“Vince is a pure scumbag, so I release you from the promise that you made to him.” Miss Walker says to Jessica, wishing she could beg the beautiful actress to get down and dirty with her.

“Why release me when you have me?” Jessica looks down to an old Maxium magazine she did a layout for. “You must be a fan of mine?”

“Am I the first Lesbian you have ever met?” Miss Walker asks her, as her blue eyes glide over Jessica’s incredible legs.

“I live in Hollywood, remember?” Jessica says with a smile. “I likely have met several and never known it.” Jessica chuckles to her.

“Trust me any Lesbian you meet would likely give you the same look I did.” Miss Walker says, as her eyes go over her amazing body once more.

Jessica spreads her legs a little farther apart and she looks to Miss Walker. “Considering you just released me you can’t keep your eyes off me.”

Miss Walker runs her hand up her leg to Jessica’s inner thigh, “No, you lack the sense to leave.” Her body flexes hard, as Miss Walker touches her inner thigh. She then touches her other thigh with her other hand and she runs them both down it. Jessica moans a little as her body quakes some.

Then Miss Walker leans in and she whispers into her ear with a sexy voice. “Are you wet yet?”

Jessica looks to Miss Walker with a salutary smile and she asks, “Want to check? You can tell with my uniform on.”

Miss Walker glides her hand up her leg once more, and Jessica shivers hard as she does it. She then feels her vagina area and she can feel wetness through it. “My god, is this uniform like a sponge or something?” Miss Walker asks offended at what it seems to do to her.

“Well its so far inside of me that it always touches…” Jessica purses her sexy lips and she leans in and she whispers to her. “It puts pressure on my G-spot.”

She takes a step back from Jessica and she looks at her a little wide eyed. “You must be very sensitive then?”

Jessica nods her head at Miss Walker and she adds. “Yeah, when I complained to the wardrobe guy he ended up ass fucking me. Talk about someone who does not give a shit.”

“Very true. Does Vince have any video of that encounter?” Miss Walker asks Jessica with a smile.

“Not that he has shown me. Please don’t tell him.” Jessica leans in and she kisses Miss Walker with a passionate kiss. Miss Walker can’t help but to kiss her back. They kiss each other a little deeper until Jessica finally breaks the kiss.

Miss Walker blinks at Jessica hard and then she exhales hard. “You are an excellent kisser.”

Jessica smiles at her shyly and she asks, “You think so, huh? Most men love my lips. At fifteen I so hated them. They were so huge.” She grins at her make out partner.

“Yeah, at sixteen I hated my long legs and now all of the men like them. Of course my height peaked at seventeen, so I was an Amazon.” Miss Walker confesses to Jessica.

“You ever fuck a guy?” Jessica asks her a little curious. Miss Walker looks towards the office and she begins to tear up some. “That bastard!” Jessica exclaims loud, as she stands up.

Miss Walker grabs her arm before Jessica can go and kick Vince’s ass and she turns and she looks to her. “Please don’t, this is my problem?”

“So how many women has he raped?” Jessica asks her, and Miss Walker shrugs. “How many since you have worked with him?”

“Seventeen is my guess and before you even think of filing charges many of them are much more famous than even you, and yes I know how big you are right now.”

Jessica purses her sexy lips and she asks, “Can I give you a rain check on this? I’m no longer in the mood.”

“Sure thing, Jessica. You should have been on the set an hour ago or so.” Miss Walker looks up at the clock.

“Shit! It has been two hours! Oh my God!” Jessica takes off down the hall and she runs to the set. When she gets to the set the director yells very hard at her for a long time.

Later in the day, nighttime in fact, Jessica and the man who plays Namor the Submariner sit inside of the set used to be Namor’s royal chamber. Jessica now wears a very sexy blue bikini and she did not make an argument because of how late she was today.

His eyes go over the beautiful Sue Richards, as Namor lays a hand on her upper thigh. Something that is not on the script but not unexpected by Jessica. Whenever most men had a chance to touch her they did with glee and enthusiasm. “Namor, we can’t…” Sue Richards protests him, as his hand moves up her sexy leg.

“Sure, we can Sue. You and I can do anything we wish to do.” His strong and handsome hand moves over Jessica/Sue’s sexy leg, and as a result she stands up before she jumps him hard.

“Maybe I can’t do it Namor. I love Reed!” Sue shows Namor her left hand and she asks, “Does this even mean anything to you? Do you people from Atlantis even wear wedding bands?”

“Uh, Jessica in order for this scene to work you have got to wear the wedding ring we gave you?” The director asks her after he shouts cut.

“Maybe if Bobby gave me my ring and he took his eyes off of my body for a moment?” Jessica glares at Bobby hard, as he holds her wedding ring for the movie in his hand.

“I am sorry, but you told me to hang onto it so you don’t take it home again.” Bobby holds the ring in his hand, and he begins to shake hard.

Jessica sighs because the kid was right and the director asks him to come and talk to him. “Wait, this was my fault. Bobby asked me to take the ring before the scene. Maybe I should just keep it on?” she holds out her hand to Bobby.

Bobby walks to her and he hands her the ring. She takes it from his hand and she says, “I am sorry I was such a bitch to you Bobby.” Jessica gives Bobby a very sexy smile, because she will need to be laid soon. The man playing Namor has a nice set of hands.

“Can I say something to everyone?” Bobby asks Jessica.

“Yeah, but go easy on me kid, because I have had a rough day?” Jessica asks him. “Hey everybody, Bobby has something to say!” Jessica shouts out loud to help the kid some. It then occurs to her that little Bobby has a few inches on her now. He has become a man.

“Today is my birthday and I turned seventeen. Can everyone try and call me Bob or Robert? I need to act and appear to be a little more manly.”

“So, Bobby has become a man?” Jessica leans in, and she kisses him with some passion then she rubs her tits against him. “Happy birthday Bobby.”

Everyone hoots and cheers for Bob, as he and Jessica kiss. One guy even shouts, “His hand is still on her ass! Way to go kid!”

Jessica takes his hand and she removes it from her ass and she can’t help but grin at him. “Bob seems to like me. Oh crap. Can I go screw him?” Jessica smiles at the director, and he shakes his head at her.

“Everyone get out of here. Jessica next time you have car trouble call us please and we’ll pick you up. Your auto-service sucks hard and I suggest you get a new one?” he gives Jessica a look, and she remembers she talked to him before she saw Vince, and she pales some.

“Don’t worry Nick. It won’t happen again.” Jessica confirms to him, as she looks to the floor.

“Not a huge deal Jessica. Remember Michael can’t last too long inside of that Thing suit.” He gives her a smile telling her its okay.

“Thank you for the offer,” Jessica smiles at him sexy like. She might have to fuck him later, but she grabs Bob by the belt. “Might as well make him a man, huh? Right after he moves some of my furniture.”

She drags him into her dressing room and she looks to Bob, and she tries to not and drool over him. Bob has put on some muscles over the past few weeks and Jessica is truly impressed. “Been lifting some weights?” She asks him, as she smiles softly at him.

“Yeah, have been for a couple of years now. Got a new motivational technique now.” Bob smiles at her, as his eyes go up her exceptional body.

Jessica walks to him, “What motivates you, handsome?” she feels his biceps, as she stops before him and she looks up to him.

“Actually, it’s kinda silly really. Every time I have trouble doing something I think of fucking you once again and I make it happen.” He grins down to the beauty in the bikini and she smiles up to him.

“Guess what?” Her hand moves from his arm to his crotch, and she begins to rub it hard.

“What… oh God!” he shouts, as her experienced hand plays with him and his eyes water.

“You want me and I want you so bad.” Jessica then unlatches her bikini top and she notices the guy playing Namor has done part of the job already. “God damn James!” she says to man the playing Namor who is not in the room. “That guy is all hands!”

Jessica slowly removes her bikini top and she looks to the camera and the picture she placed over it and she smiles to him. “Fuck me hard Bob?”

Bob leans down and he kisses Jessica’s sexy chest. Her nipples are really hard and pointy. Jessica Alba might not have a huge chest but on her small body her tits are really impressive. Jessica moans helplessly, as he kisses her tits. His fingers move over her rock hard tummy making her moan so loud and hard.

Her chest heaves as he kisses her tits and his strong young hands move over her tummy. Jessica moans extremely loud as he does this to her. Her beautiful and very sexy body shakes as he licks her nipples hard. She wraps her legs around him and she looks to him in supreme passion.

“God, did he make you so wet?” Bob asks her of the man playing Namor.

“He kept grabbing it and then giving me this sexy as hell look. Bob you have got to do me a little favor. When Namor and I am doing something like we did today can you take off please?”

Bob looks to her a little bit funny and he asks, “Why?”

“I felt weird when someone touches me like he does when you watch.” Jessica looks to him a little odd. “Do you get jealous easy?”

“Actually, you have got a good idea with that even though it ain’t my business who you…” Bob shuts up out of fear.

“Finish what you were saying please?” Jessica asks him, as she looks into his eyes.

“Who you fuck or pretend to fuck is not my business is it?” Bob shakes a little bit in fear.

“Actually it kinda is your business consider who I fuck you fuck. If I fuck someone who is sick and I get sick I take a chance of getting you sick, but don’t worry. I am only fucking you and my boyfriend. We get tested every few months too.”

Bob kisses Jessica and he says, “It’s okay Jessica, who you make love to is not my business.” Bob kisses her again with great and powerful passion, and Jessica closes her eyes, as she deepens the kiss some.

His hands move over her tits and Jessica moans hard, as his strong hands move over them. Her hand moves to his unit and she begins to stroke it underneath his pants. She breaks her kiss with him and she looks into his eyes. “You kiss so good.”

“Your kisses are so amazing. I used to dream of kissing Max from Dark Angel. You must be so sick of hearing of fantasies from that show?” Bob looks down to Jessica, as she grins up to him.

“Max looks up to the handsome soldier who has stopped her at the checkpoint.” Jessica looks up to Bob and she smiles. “What are you going to do with me? I am naked and helpless before you.”

“What do you think any man would do with you?” His eyes rover her beautiful and sexy body. Jessica blushes at him as she licks her sexy lips.

Bob walks to her and he kisses her hard with a deep and powerful passion and Jessica rubs her tits against him. His hands move over her toned and sexy ass and she wraps her legs around him and they continue to kiss with fury. His fingers move over her rock hard stomach and Jessica moans loud in between kisses.

He picks her up and he kisses her stomach and Jessica moans extremely hard. His tongue moves over her stomach with such passion and fire. Her body begins to shake and she cums all over her beautiful thighs. Bob then sets her on the bed and he enters her, and he moves inside of her and she moans extremely hard. She quickly cums once more and he pulls himself out of the exhausted beautiful actress and he to her. “You’re exhausted.”

Bob lies down besides an exhausted Jessica Alba and he pulls her close to him and she wraps her legs around him. “I got to sleep now. Want to join me?”

“Heck yeah, who would say no?” Bob holds her tight. “What if I cum in my sleep?”

“Oops!” Jessica says, as she wraps her hand around his penis. “God, Bob if you get any bigger you can do porno work.”

She begins to jerk Bob off with powerful strokes, he moans and groans as she does it. Her hands are so strong Bob fears he might pass out or something. Her very sexy brown eyes look into his eyes and she smiles as he cums all over her flat tummy.

Weeks later on the set…

Jessica walks into the dressing room and she looks at the rack with the uniforms on it and she looks for her Invisible Woman uniform. It’s not there and she turns to Tommy head of costume design and she asks, “Am I to go naked today, because it ain’t going to happen?”

“Your costume cannot be hanged up, Jessica. It’s on the table in a box.”

Jessica rolls her eyes and she asks, “Please tell me its not another bikini? I wore less clothes on Into the Blue and that actually took place under water.”

“I don’t think you’ll approve Jessica.” Tommy takes a few steps back out of fear of her reaction. “Remember I only designed, and I was made to do it.”

She walks to the box and she opens it, “Jesus Christ! Is this a comic book movie or a porno? Leather and pantyhose!”

“I am so sorry please don’t be mad?” Tommy shows some deep fear of Jessica and she sighs some.

“Am I a complete bitch Tommy?” Jessica asks calming down some.

“No, but sometimes you hotties can go on a nut. I’ll leave you to change.” Tommy begins to leave the room.

“You don’t have to leave?” She asks him with a sexy smile.

“Jessica, you know what I am and if I were straight I would have tried to have gotten into your pants, not that Sue seems to wear any pants, months ago.” Tommy regretfully turns her down.

“Thanks Tommy, can you clear the hall of any cute guys or I might not make it to set?”

“Sure, they can all come to my house!” Tommy does in a stereotypical homosexual voice and it makes Jessica laugh hard. “All cute guys get into my minivan!” Tommy then does a fake prance out of the room, and he locks the door behind him.

Jessica slowly removes her clothes from her body and she looks down to the black leather and pantyhose before her and she sighs hard. She gets completely naked and she rolls on her pantyhose very slowly. As she slides up her totally awesome thong up she exhales hard and her beautiful body shudders. “Dear lord if I make it to the set it will be a miracle.”

She fits the entire uniform onto her and she looks into the mirror. “God, I do look hot as hell.” Then her eye catches something in the bottom of the box. She picks up a small card and it reads, Jessica, if you do not like the outfit complain to me and not Tommy. Love Vince.

Jessica slams the card onto the table hard and she glares at the wall. “That mother fucker! First he rapes Miss Walker now he wants me!” she walks down the hall away from the set and towards Vince’s office.

Her heels click on the floor extremely loud as she walks and some kids looking maybe fifteen hang outside of the lounge and their eyes widen at her and her costume. He cracks her whip on the floor and she asks, “Do I make you boys hard?”

“Yes ma’am!” One of the boys says, as he comes to attention.

Jessica smiles her sexy smile at the boy and she asks them, “Care to come into my dressing room and undress me?” a part of her is deeply horrified because the kid can’t be fifteen. What scares her even worse is that a part of her is deeply turned on too.

The kids all walk to her and she takes her dressing room keys out of her thong. She hands them to a kid with a huge erection. Something must be in the water around here. “Go into my dressing room, and make yourselves nice and horny.” She smiles very sexy at all of the kids. “This means all of you.”

The kids all take off and Jessica feels like a complete whore. She stands up and she looks towards Vince’s office. She walks towards his office with fire in her eye. She walks into the lobby and she looks to Miss Walker’s desk. Thank god she is gone!

Jessica barges into his office and Vince sits at his desk and his eyes widen as she walks in, “Do I look fucking hot enough for you?” She walks towards Vince and she looks him up and down. His dick is sticking out and she removes her leather thong, and she walks to him. She sits on his dick and she drives herself onto him so incredibly hard, and her sexy brown eyes look to him in fury.

She drives herself onto his dick so incredibly hard, and she looks to him and she smiles. Jessica is so tight around his hugeness and she looks to him in fury, and she fucks him so hard. She feels herself begin to cum and she fucks him even harder. To Jessica this is more like violence to her than sex or love and it turns her on. She wants to hurt him badly too.

Finally, Jessica organisms hard onto him and he cums inside of her hard and she falls onto his body. She finally begins to cry so hard as she feels his heart beat beneath her chest. Sitting up Jessica looks into his eyes and she asks, “Are you finally happy?”

Vince looks up to the beautiful Jessica Alba who has just assaulted his dick in ways people would pay her a boat load of money to do to it, and he smiles at her. “Jessica we are done with the movie. No one told you?”

“I was told to come in for my scenes as Malice today!” Jessica attempts to stand, but right now her legs lack strength. She falls back onto Vince’s ribs and she has cracked them, and she smiles a little bit because of it.

“God damn you don’t even read the comics for the movie you are to do? Malice was made by Psycho-Man not Namor!” Vince laughs at the very beautiful Jessica Alba and she glares at him.

“Like I fucking care and yes I do read comics when I do the movie. The first movie got so much stuff wrong that it never occurred to me when this one was so wrong. I am…” As Jessica once more attempts to get up, some hands go on her shoulders.

She turns around and six men are inside of the room with them, and they just watched her and Vince fuck so hard. Her mouth opens as she looks to the handsome men around her and the one woman. “Hello Miss Walker.”

“Call me Alison, please?” Alison Walker moves towards Jessica and she hears something turn on. “It’s not going to hurt you.” Jessica closes her brown eyes, as the vibrator moves up her toned and sexy leg. “You are so wet.”

Jessica pulls her in for a kiss as it is worked inside of her gentle and it nearly rattles her teeth out of her face. Her right hand is freed, but the men continue to hold her only turning her on more and they play with her exceptional body.

Her body shakes, as the vibrator moves in and out of her and she moans so loud. Thy men move their hands all over her entire body including her tummy and Jessica moans so hard as they do.

The Aftermath…

Jessica lies on Vince’s couch and he has given her permission to spend the night there… like she needs it. Her body hurts so bad and is completely exhausted from the orgy that has taken place. She sits on the couch in her cum covered pantyhose and she asks herself. “What else could happen today?”

As an answer the door opens before her and Jessica sighs some and she rolls her eyes. Then she becomes extremely wet as James, the man who plays Namor, walks into the room and he looks to the beautiful Jessica Alba stunned. “Jessica, what are you…?” Jessica then smiles as he takes off his shirt, and he shows her his awesome muscles.

More often than not Jessica has dreamed of running her fingers over them in private and she smiles a very kinky smile to him. “Care to cum in James?” she says, as she parts her legs for him. As he kisses her hard Jessica sighs at the camera in this room too, she might have some explaining to do?

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