The Harem: Episode 13 – All Systems Go

Ok people I’m about to head out on vacation so I’ll make this brief.
Welcome back to the wonderful world of the Harem. I don’t have time
to do a full recap, so instead if you’re not up to date reread Harem
12. Sufficed to say the girls of Malibu are scattered throughout the
country. Sarah and Jennifer are having themselves a good time in New
York City while Rose and Love found their road trip interrupted by a
nasty little stopover in Paradise, New Mexico where Love became very
friendly with the local law enforcement. Meanwhile, Jewel is touring
upstate New York while, back in California Alyssa finds herself
to contend with Britney and Christina’s bratty ways and grand
plans to start their own record label. Not to mention Jessica Alba
had herself a sexy audition with Jennifer Garner. There were also
CIA shenanigans with Waldo, Franklin and Delbert, but if you want to
find out what, you’re just going to have to look back (but not in
anger, please).

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Now…like the backwards talking dwarf in Twin Peaks said…Let’s

The Harem

Episode 13

“All Systems Go”


Sarah moaned in total contentment as she stretched out on the bed
like a pampered cat about to settle down on a soft pillow. She
wiggled her toes and her fingers and smiled blissfully as she
stretched out the kinks in her body and prepared to snuggle down for
the night. Her bed was empty, but Sarah knew it wasn’t going to be
like that for long.

The best thing about sharing this hotel suite with Jennifer was
knowing she was always going to have someone to fall asleep to and
to wake up with. Back at the mansion, things tended to end with
piles of four or five girls on a bed. That was always fun, but there
was something to be said for the intimate feelings that could only
come from one on one contact. There had been a lot of intimate times
between her and Jennifer, and Sarah had loved every moment of it,
even with the occasional quibble over cigarettes and blanket

Sarah just felt nothing but happiness over knowing that she’d wake
up every morning looking at Jennifer’s naked body. She knew that
Jennifer felt the same feelings of lust and affection that she did
and that made things even better. It made her feel safe and the
nightmares she had been experiencing lately seemed to be dissipating
the more time she spent in New York and the more time she spent with
Jennifer. It was like she knew Jennifer would protect her and make
her feel happy and comforted when she needed it.

It was the same feeling she got with Freddie…just totally
different. Sarah certainly didn’t feel the lust for him that she
felt for Jennifer or any of the other sexy girls she had encountered
lately, but he made her feel safe. Ever since her attack, Sarah had
longed to feel safe and Freddie gave her that. She just wished she
felt the desire for him that she felt for the girls in her life, but
it wasn’t like she could run off and marry Jennifer or Rose.

Every day was another day closer to her wedding, but Sarah didn’t
want to think about that. She didn’t want to think about how she was
going to have to leave her housemates behind and stop all this
playing around with other girls. She was going to have to commit
herself totally to this marriage if it was going to work and she was
going to have the family she had dreamed about since forever. But
Sarah told herself over and over again not to think about that. Her
wedding wasn’t here yet and she was committed to having as much fun
as she could before then.

Sarah could hear the shower running in the bathroom and she smiled
when she summoned the mental picture of Jennifer’s naked body under
that hot water as she soaped herself up and cleaned every inch of
her body. Sarah wondered if Jen was touching herself. She felt a
shiver run through her own body as she pictured Jennifer rubbing her
pussy under the water, using one hand to rub her slit while the
other pushed her fingers inside to tease and touch her clit. Sarah
had seen how good Jennifer looked covered in hot water and steam
from the shower and she could easily picture her breasts glistening
with water as her nipples got harder and harder.

It was such a sexy image that Sarah felt her own pussy begin to
juice up. She was naked on the bed, save for a pair of flimsy black
panties that were already clinging to her slit. The panties were
see-through and Sarah could feel her wetness beginning to leak
through the soft material. Part of Sarah wanted to get up and join
Jennifer in the shower, but she was also so comfortable lying down
on the bed and feeling her pussy get wetter and wetter.

She and Jennifer had shared so many erotic things since they had
arrived in the city. Sarah had even brought her sexy, young co-star,
Jamie-Lynn Sigler home for them to share one night. Since
discovering her bi side, Jamie had turned into quite the little
horny, sex monster and she had been only too happy to meet Jen and
play around with her and Sarah. Thinking about them sharing Jamie’s
sexy body just got Sarah even wetter and she knew it wasn’t going to
be long before she was pushing off her panties and finding
satisfaction, whether it was from Jennifer or from her own fingers.

But before Sarah could get her imagination cooking anymore, the
phone provided an interruption. Sarah considered ignoring it and
concentrating on her needs, but since it was late here in New York,
the phone call was probably important. People didn’t call after
eleven, unless they had a good reason so Sarah grumbled a little and
reached for the phone.

“Hello?” Sarah said after picking up the phone. She was a little
annoyed over the call interrupting her fun, but that mood
disappeared the second she heard who it was on the other end.

“Hey Sarah,” a very familiar female voice replied.

“Aly!” Sarah squealed happily. She hadn’t talked to her friend and
co-star in so long and hearing her voice filled Sarah with instant
elation. They had been through so much together and knowing that Aly
was up and around after her injuries was the best news Sarah ever
could have gotten.

“So how’s the big bad city?” Alyson asked.

“Not the same without you,” Sarah answered. “How are you feeling
Aly? Did you get my little present?”

“Mmmmm I’m feeling much better and, yes, your present was very much
appreciated,” Alyson giggled as she remembered every little thing
Charisma Carpenter had done to her in that hospital room while
dressed in her sexy nurse’s outfit. “The only thing that would have
been better was if you’d sent me two naughty nurses.”

“Greedy little slut,” Sarah teased, feeling her nipples harden while
summoning the images of what she could only imagine had gone on
between Alyson and Charisma. “Who else would you have wanted in that
room with you?”

“You of course,” Alyson replied with a little moan. “I would have
let you examine me everywhere. And then I would have done the same
right back to you.”

Sarah joined Alyson in moaning over that thought. The two actresses
had bonded almost instantly when they had began work on Buffy all
those years ago and their friendship had grown stronger after they
became lovers. Now Sarah knew she owed her life to Alyson and it
created a bond she felt could never be broken.

“I would have loved that,” Sarah sighed, regretting she hadn’t been
able to join Charisma on her trip to the hospital that afternoon.
She would have gladly come with, but she had had to pack for her
trip to New York.

“It would have been so hot,” Alyson said. “Sarah…I felt like I
haven’t seen you in like forever. I miss you.”

“I miss you too, Aly,” Sarah replied. “I can’t wait to see you
again. I’ll be back in L.A. soon. We don’t have too much more to

“I don’t want to wait,” Alyson playfully grumbled. “I’m so horny for
you now, Sarah.”

“You get right to the point, don’t you?” Sarah teased. She felt her
arousal increase even more as she remembered all the fun she had had
with her best friend. At first Sarah had been nervous that their
friendship would be in jeopardy by adding sex to the mix, but it had
only made things better.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Alyson answered. “I wish I was there with you right now
Sarah. There are so many things I want to do to you. So many ways I
want to make you feel good. I’m doing so much better Sarah and I
want to show you how good I feel these days.”

“Is this why you called me up?” Sarah asked. “Were you just looking
to tease me over the phone and get me all worked up?”

“Is that a complaint?” Alyson inquired with a sexy giggle. “Don’t
you like this Sarah? Don’t you like hearing my sexy voice say nasty
things to you, like how bad I want to make you naked so I can lick
your hot, wet pussy until you come? Or how I want to get in bed with
you and just 69 with you for hours as we make each other come and
come and come over and over again? Don’t you like hearing me tell
you how wet you make me and how bad I want to fuck you?”

“Mmmm you know I love it,” Sarah moaned, her panties getting wetter
and wetter with each word out of Alyson’s mouth. “You get me so wet
when you talk like that.”

“Are you wet now?” Alyson asked.

“Yessss…” Sarah moaned. “I’m lying here just in my panties and I’m
thinking of you Aly and how wet you get me.”

“You’re overdressed,” Alyson giggled. “I’m in my bed and I’m totally

“Well I can get naked for you real easy,” Sarah smiled as she
reached down and pushed off her panties. She didn’t want to move out
of her comfortable position on the bed, so it was hard for her to
get the wet garment down her legs. But she managed to wiggle free of
them and Sarah kicked her panties off her leg, sending them flying
onto the floor.

“Are you naked now?” Alyson asked as she lay back on her bed and ran
her hand over her bare breasts. She hadn’t been lying to Sarah.
Alyson was on her back without a stitch of clothing on. She had been
meaning to call Sarah all day, but there had been physical therapy
for her injuries and some quick shrink time that had sucked away her
whole day. Alyson was happy to see Sarah up for some late night
phone sex, because she had been horny all day and had craved any
type of connection with her friend and lover.

“Very naked,” Sarah replied happily while she teased her now bare
pussy with her fingers. “Mmmmm very wet too.”

“Good,” Alyson said. “That’s how I like you Sarah…all naked and
wet for me.”

“I wish you could see me now,” Sarah groaned. She had the phone
cradled under her chin, against her shoulder, as her eager hands
caressed every piece of bare skin she could reach on her body. “I’m
so wet for you Aly. I’m lying here naked for you…my pussy all nice
and shaved and my juice dripping from my slit. I wish you were here
to lick it all up.”

Alyson shuddered and moaned on the other end of the line as she
pictured that image. She wasn’t someone who lacked in experience
when it came to girl sex, but there was no girl out there who could
drive her as wild as Sarah could. Alyson had done a lot of wild
things in her day, both with guys and girls, and her best friend
didn’t even know the half of them. But whatever part of Alyson that
made her want to tie her boyfriends up or dominate sexy co-stars
like Shannon and Mena disappeared whenever she was with Sarah. She
didn’t want to be a domme or a sub with her. She just wanted to be
Sarah’s lover.

“I’d lick up every drop,” Alyson sexily promised. “I’d have my
tongue in that pussy and I’d get every bit of your cream. I’d lick
you so good and make you come all over my face and when you were
coming I’d just keep licking you. I’d make you come and come and
come until you had nothing left. I’d lick that hot pussy of yours

Sarah couldn’t believe she was doing this. She was having phone sex
with her best friend. She never used to do things like this. She’d
never done things like what she’d done to Jennifer in the elevator
the other day either and that was the best part. Sarah knew there
was such precious little time left and she wanted to make sure every
little kinky desire in her heart was filled.

“Mmmmm Aly you’re making me so hot,” Sarah sighed. “I wish I could
feel your tongue on me. We haven’t fucked in so long and I miss you
baby. I miss what you can do to me and how hard you can make me

“I miss it too,” Alyson replied. She and Sarah hadn’t been together
since they had double-teamed Charisma the night before the attack.
From the hard breathing coming from both ends, it was obvious that
both of the girls were very eager to make up for lost time.

“I’d give anything to be there with you right now,” Alyson
continued. “To see you lying there all nice and naked and so wet for
me. I love getting you wet Sarah. You smell so good and it just
makes me want to push my face into that pussy and lick you. Fuck…I
think I could come just thinking about it. Are you touching yourself

“Oh yessss…” Sarah groaned. She’d been rubbing her slit since the
moment she had stripped off her panties and the sexier the talk got
between them, the more Sarah touched herself. “I’m playing with
myself for you Aly. I’m all over my wet little pussy.”

“Ooooh wish I could see you,” Alyson softly cried out, revealing to
Sarah that she was touching herself too. “I wish that was my hand in
your pussy and not yours. I’d finger fuck you until you creamed all
over my hand Sarah. I’d make you come over and over again.”

“Mmmm I’d do you right back Aly,” Sarah promised. “I’d use my
fingers on you and my tongue and some of those hot toys you’ve got
in your closet. Would you like that Aly? Would you like me using
your toys?”

“Fuck yessss…” Alyson replied with a sexy growl. She couldn’t help
but think of how good Sarah would look wearing her strap on. It’s
size just about rivaled Mr. Snappy’s and thinking about that black
plastic cock strapped to Sarah’s naked body almost made Alyson come
instantly. Alyson had never been on the receiving end of her toy,
but she would have been spreading her legs for Sarah in an instant.
Alyson remembered that time in her trailer when she and Sarah had
shared a double ended dildo. It had felt so nasty and so good to be
fucked like that and Alyson felt her pussy drip at the thought of
doing it again.

“You touch yourself too,” Sarah commanded. “I don’t want to be the
only one coming. Come with me Aly. I want to hear your sexy voice.”

“I will,” Alyson said as she opened her legs and eased two fingers
inside her wetness while her cordless phone was nestled between her
chin and shoulder and her other hand played with her bare breasts.
“I’ll play with my pussy for you Sarah and come so you can hear me.
You get me so fucking wet Sarah and I want you to know how hard
you’re gonna make me come.”

For the next few moments, the only sounds that were exchanged in the
cross-country call were the sounds of aroused girl passion. Both
Sarah and Alyson had their hands on their pussies and were rubbing
themselves into hot states of orgasmic bliss. Soft, happy cries
traveled back and forth as both girls delighted in hearing the
other. Alyson worked herself over with both her hands, one using
three fingers inside her cunt to rub her hard clitoris and the other
to paw at her pale, sensitive breasts. Sarah had both her hands on
her pussy, one hand was rubbing her splayed pussy lips while the
other stimulated her clit.

“Ohhhhh fuck I’m gonna come soon Aly!” Sarah cried. “It’s so fucking
hot to do this knowing you’re lying there doing the same thing. Tell
me what you’re doing to yourself Aly. Tell me everything you’re
doing to your pussy!”

“Mmmm I’ve got my fingers deep in my pussy for you Sarah,” Alyson
said, happily complying with Sarah’s request. “Ohhh my fingers are
so wet and sticky already Sarah. You’re making my pussy drip sweet
honey for you baby. Ohhhhh my fingers are so wet and it makes it so
fucking easy to push them in and out of my tight little cunt!”

Sarah closed her eyes and felt a rush of pleasure wash over her
naked body at the sound of Alyson’s nasty words. She loved it when
Alyson talked dirty. Sarah had seen both sides of her friend. She
had seen the happy, occasionally goofy public face her friend put on
and she had also seen what a nasty sex goddess she could be behind
closed doors. Sarah loved both sides of her friend, but right now
all she wanted to hear was more from the nasty sex goddess.

“Oh yesss…talk nasty Aly,” Sarah moaned, hitting a sensitive spot
on her own clit with her fingers. “Tell me everything you’re doing
to yourself. Tell me so I can get off thinking of you. Mmmm Aly I
want you so bad baby. I want you to see me like this, rubbing my
pussy for you. My hands are all wet too. Wet with girl juice. Mmmm
Jen’s in the shower now and I need you to lick it all off my hands
Aly. I want you to lick all my slut juices off and make me wet to
come again and again. Gawwwwd I’m using both hands on my pussy and
it feels so fucking good. I’m thinking of you Aly! I’m thinking of
licking and fucking you and it’s gonna make me come!”

“Yes come for me Sarah!” Alyson requested. “Come all over those sexy
little hands of yours! I love thinking of you playing with your
pussy. Mmmm you know how much I love eating it! Imagine those are my
hands on you baby. Imagine it’s me fingering you before I lick you
all up!”

“Fuck I’m close!” Sarah gasped as her breaths became shorter and
more uneven. She gasped into the phone again and again as she rubbed
her bare ass on the cool bed sheets and stretched her body all over
the soft hotel bed. Sarah stretched and extended her legs until she
felt like she must have turned herself into a seven footer on the
bed. Her toes wiggled and every nerve in her body tingled with
arousal. Sarah knew she was close, but she didn’t want to come
without her friend.

“Come with me Aly!” Sarah begged. “Make yourself come for me baby! ”

“I will!” Alyson replied, her own voice growing frenzied with
arousal. “I’m close too!”

“Finger your ass for me too Aly!” Sarah requested, wanting to make
damn sure her friend came as hard as she felt she was about to. “Get
your fingers inside your butt and fuck yourself for me! Just like I
did to you when we were playing with Charisma! Fuck your hot ass for
me! Please!”

“Yeeeeeeessssssssss ohhhhhhhh you don’t even fucking have to say
please,” Alyson groaned as she turned herself over to her side and
moved her hand away from her tits. She lubed her fingers up with her
saliva and pussy juice and moved them around to her naked backside.
She fondled her own cheeks and wished with all her heart that Sarah
was the one doing this as she slowly pushed a finger inside her
tight asshole. Alyson gasped and moaned as her finger entered and
when her ring adjusted to the invasion, the sexy red head pushed a
second finger inside.

“How many fingers Aly?” Sarah begged to know from the other side of
the country as she kept her eyes closed to summon the mental image
of her friend. “How many fingers are you fucking your ass with for

“Mmmmmm two…and three in my pussy…ohhhhhhhh Sarahhhhhhh!!!”
Alyson cried.

“Come for me Aly!” Sarah cried out. “I’m so close! I want to hear

Sarah was working her fingers hard in her pussy, pushing the two
slick digits in and out against her clit while her other hand played
with her dripping slit. She was dripping hot girl juices down her
legs and she loved it. It wouldn’t have been the first set of sheets
that she and Jennifer had ruined here and Sarah could only imagine
what the maids thought of them by now. Sarah continued to cry out,
getting louder and louder the closer her orgasm came. She could hear
Alyson’s exclamations of passion too and it made Sarah want this
even more.

comfort of her bedroom. She was so close and the louder Sarah got,
the louder she got. Alyson wanted their volumes to match. She loved
doing this. She loved knowing that Sarah was so far away, but still
feeling the same sexy rushes she was. Alyson felt her body tremble
on the bed and she knew her orgasm was close. She could feel the
passion bubbling in her veins.


“YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Sarah squealed as she let herself go and felt
all the wicked arousal that had been building since she had first
lay down on the bed rush out all over her fingers. “FUCK YESSSSSS!!!

Hearing Sarah come gave Alyson all the reason to not hold back
another second. The double stimulation her fingers were creating was
more than enough and Alyson exploded onto her hands.

screamed as her orgasm creamed her fingers. She felt the lips of her
pussy clamp down on her digits as the juice from her explosion of
rapture coated them. Alyson could feel her juices drip down from her
pussy to her ass and she rolled her eyes back in her head at the
nasty sensations it caused in her rocking body. She finally had to
pull her two fingers out of her ass so she could lie down and really
let her orgasm rush through her.

The sounds of orgasm traveled back and forth between the girls.
Eventually the rapturous cries quieted down and all that was left
were the gasps of two happy and satisfied females. They traded moans
and purrs back and forth as the last embers of their orgasm
flickered out.

“Oh Aly,” Sarah sighed.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Alyson giggled.

“Mmmmm you have no idea…oh wait…actually you do,” Sarah giggled
right back. “I think you’ve got yourself a future as a phone sex

“Thank you,” Alyson replied with a broad smile as she stretched out
on her bed like a cat and felt the glorious afterglow cover her
body. “But I think we both know that it’s no substitute for the real

“Got that right,” Sarah agreed. “I can’t wait to do all that to you
in person.”

“Me neither,” Alyson said. “We need to have ourselves a hot little
Buffy reunion when you get back. Mmmm I haven’t been with Eliza
since your pool party. Charisma can get herself a babysitter and we
can have ourselves a real good time. We can invite Emma and Amber
over too. God, Sarah I wanted them so bad on the set every time I
saw them and I never made a move.”

“Me too,” Sarah admitted. “I wanted to do it too, but I wasn’t sure
how they’d take it. I’ll bet Emma’s into girls though. She seems
like she’d be up for anything.”

“Amber too,” Alyson said as she remembered the actress she shared
many kisses with when they played girlfriends on the show. “God, the
audience only saw her in those loose dresses all the time. They
never got to see how hot she looked in a pair of shorts.”

“Don’t remind me,” Sarah moaned. “I’ll have to start playing with
myself again.”

“That wouldn’t be so bad, would it?” Alyson teased. “We’d have to
get them all over. Mmmmm and one more too…”

“Don’t say it Aly,” Sarah warned, hating and loving how this turned
her on. “Don’t tempt me with her!”

“You know you love it,” Alyson said wickedly. “You want Michelle
just as bad as I do. Mmmmm imagine what we could do with that hot
teen body of hers. So young and tight….”

“Gawd, you horny thing,” Sarah playfully chastised. “She’s just a

“That’s the idea,” Alyson reminded her friend. “Can you imagine how
sweet that pussy of hers would taste?”

“Mmmmm she is a little hottie isn’t she,” Sarah moaned as she felt
another rush of arousal begin. “It was so hard to do all those
scenes with her these past two years and not think about dragging
her back to my trailer and totally corrupting her.”

Michelle Trachtenberg had been cast as Buffy’s sister, Dawn, four
years into the show’s run. Through the first year Michelle had been
in the cast, she and Sarah had acted a lot like sisters. Sarah had
given her advice on makeup, clothes, boys and whatever had caught
the young girls eyes. But when Michelle had returned from hiatus to
film the sixth season of the show, things had changed dramatically.

Michelle came to the set that year with a beautiful young pair of
breasts and had developed curves in all the right places. Sarah had
been shocked and aroused to see what had happened to her on-screen
sister and she knew Alyson had felt the same way. It had been so
hard for Sarah to see Michelle with her gorgeous, tight ass and
those hot little teen tits of hers and not want to jump her right in
the middle of their scenes.

It wasn’t as though Sarah was scared off by the fact that Michelle
was playing her sister. In fact that extra level turned Sarah on to
no end. She had once egged Jennifer and Reese to act out a sisterly
scene like their were their characters from “Friends” and Sarah
would have been lying if she’d said she hadn’t fantasized about
Michelle in the same way.

It was just that Sarah didn’t want to force Michelle into a sexual
situation she might not be ready for. Sarah really liked Michelle
and didn’t want her to grow up too fast and lose the innocence she
possessed. Sarah would have rather never filled this fantasy than do
something to Michelle she didn’t enjoy and force her to be jaded
before her time. Michelle had never shown any signs of being
interested in a same sex relationship with her fictional big sister,
so Sarah never pressed the issue. She put her fantasies on ice and
tried not to tempt herself with the forbidden fruit on the set.
Naturally, Alyson teased her about this as much as possible.

“Think about what the two of us could do to her,” Alyson continued
to say, filling Sarah’s head with all the naughty thoughts she tried
to ignore. “Mmmm better yet think of what everyone at the mansion
could do to her. They’d give her a real sex ed course.”

“Don’t say it,” Sarah requested, even though it was obvious her
heart wasn’t in getting Alyson to stop. Nothing could stop her from
conjuring up images of all her housemates showing Michelle the
wonders of lesbian sex while she caressed her bare body with her
hands. Sarah could just close her eyes and picture Michelle’s young,
naked body as she buried her eager face in Jewel’s tits while Love
and Jennifer licked her tight little pussy and Alyssa sucked on her
hard nipples. Rose would be right there behind them putting on Mr.
Snappy and getting ready to show Michelle what sex was truly all

Before she could get much further, Sarah pushed that fantasy out of
her head. Michelle was just a kid and Sarah didn’t want to torture
herself over something she felt would never happen.

“You’re so bad Aly,” Sarah sighed.

“Yeah and you love me for it,” Alyson laughed. “Mmmm sweet dreams
Sarah. I know what you’ll be thinking about tonight.”

“I can’t wait to see you again Aly,” Sarah said. “I’ll be home

Sarah and Alyson then ended the call and Sarah reached over to hang
up the phone. After finally opening up her eyes again and almost
gasped when she saw Jennifer standing by the bed wearing only a
white towel wrapped around her body.

“I suppose I don’t have to ask if that was Brad on the phone?”
Jennifer remarked as a smile tugged on her lips.

“I would have pulled you out of the shower if it was,” Sarah said.
“It was Aly.”

“I could tell,” Jennifer replied. “You were moaning her name pretty
loud you know.”

“You were watching?” Sarah demanded with mock outrage as she sat up
on the bed. “And you didn’t join in and help? What’s wrong with you

“You just looked so good lying there and playing with yourself that
I didn’t want to spoil the scene,” Jennifer said with a smile as she
summoned the memory of what she had just witnessed. She had heard
the phone ring in the shower, and had immediately hoped it was Brad
calling for her, but when Sarah hadn’t come to get her she knew her
hopes were for naught. But when she had exited the shower and heard
the moans from the bed, Jennifer knew it was a good call after all.
Jennifer had watched Sarah bring herself off and, as bad as she had
wanted to bring herself into, she hadn’t wanted to destroy the
delicacy of the carnality she was witnessing.

“Well next time don’t let that stop you,” Sarah said, scooting over
on the bed so there was plenty of room on the bed for her roommate
to join her. “In fact don’t let anything stop you from giving me
your tongue when you see me in need.”

“I’ll remember that,” Jennifer pledged when she joined Sarah on the

“Did you like what you saw?” Sarah asked, her eyes running up and
down Jennifer’s body. Her skin still showed the tell tale signs of
her shower and Sarah loved the sweet scent of Jennifer’s body

“You know I did,” Jennifer smiled.

“Well in that case, why don’t you lose this towel and let me see for
myself,” Sarah said. She pulled Jennifer’s towel away and left her
as naked on the bed as she was. Jennifer didn’t fight this sudden
stripping and instead lay herself back on the bed for a proper
inspection from Sarah’s horny tongue and hands. As Sarah began
kissing all over her bare breasts Jennifer started moaning. If this
was what she got for just standing back and watching, then she was
going to have to do it much more often.

* * * * *

As Sarah and Jennifer were expending the last of their energy before
bed, they weren’t the only couple getting ready to bunk down for the
night. It was a few hours earlier where Rose and Love were, but they
were just as tired as their New York housemates. They had been
driving all day and both were more than ready for some serious sleep
before they continued their cross-country trip to surprise Sarah and
Jen in New York.

It was certainly a long drive, but Love had relished every moment of
it. She and Rose had had so much fun and for Love it was just
incredible waking up every morning in some strange motel knowing
Rose was right next to her. She loved being this close to Rose and
sharing everything with her.

They were in a cozy little motel in Mississippi right now as they
made their way to New York and Love was in the bathroom, washing her
face before heading to bed. They had made good time the past few
days, even after they had detoured slightly so Love could see some
of her family in Texas.

After that short pit stop, they had gotten back on the road and
cruised as fast as possible through Oklahoma and Arkansas before
crashing for the night in Mississippi. They had traveled a great
distance, but Love still couldn’t help but have her thoughts drift
back to what had happened a few days ago in New Mexico.

Ever since that fateful day she and Sarah had felt that first spark,
Love hadn’t been with a man. There had been opportunities, but she’d
never partaken. Why should she? She was surrounded with beautiful,
horny women who wanted to give her pleasure. Love wasn’t going to
miss a second of that, especially for some man. No relationship with
a guy had ever made her feel as happy and fulfilled as she did with
her housemates.

Of course that wasn’t to say there hadn’t been a few fantasies about
the opposite sex in her head. Love had always had a very healthy
libido and even though she was surrounded by pussy, she had
entertained more than a few passing thoughts about feeling a real,
flesh and blood cock inside her again. She hadn’t thought she was
actually going to get herself any, but all that had changed in
Paradise, New Mexico.

Love had sometimes wondered what it would be like to take on a bunch
of guys at once. To have them all hot and hard for her body and to
have them all dying to fuck one of her wet and ready holes. It had
been such a hot fantasy and when it had come true right on the table
in the police station it had been beyond anything her perverted
little imagination had been able to conjure up. When she closed her
eyes she could still see those six hard cocks surrounding her
body…waiting to cover her in a cumbath and she wanted to feel them
all inside her again. She had been totally out of her mind with
horniness on that table…naked and spread open for them and she had
loved every second of it.

It had been so nasty and carnal and Love hadn’t wanted it to end.
She just wanted all of those cute cops to fuck her over and over
again, giving her all their hot, white cum until her craving was
finally satisfied. She had felt so powerfully erotic lying there for
them, knowing they were hard for her and knowing she could have
gotten them to do anything she wanted in exchange for her naked
body. They had given her all they had and she had still wanted more.

Love could barely remember how she and Rose had even gotten out of
there. She was so cum drunk by the time they had covered her body in
their loads that thinking straight had been impossible. Love could
remember Rose helping her up and getting her to the car, but beyond
that just about everything else was a blur. She did remember
something else though. She remembered what Rose had done to her
after they had found a motel to crash in for the night.

Rose had pulled her into the room and kissed her passionately, no
doubt tasting all the guy cum she had swallowed and let coat her
face. It was hazy for Love to remember it all, but she knew Rose had
taken her so tenderly that night. Her skin had been sticky with cum
and her pussy sore from fucking and Rose had given her just what
she’d needed. She remembered Rose getting her naked again and under
the hot water of the shower to wash her body and she remembered how
Rose had soaped up every inch of her skin to clean that cum right
off. When she had finished, Rose had just sunk to her knees and
tenderly teased her clit with her tongue, giving her soft kitty
licks that had brought Love to one more orgasm for the night. The
rest was fuzzy, but Love couldn’t forget how powerfully she’d been
connected to Rose that night.

Having Rose with her in that room had made everything 100 times
hotter for Love. She had gotten off so hard knowing Rose had been
watching her and fingering herself while she got fucked. Rose had
been there to lend a hand and tongue whenever Love had needed it and
the only regret Love had was that Rose hadn’t joined her on that
table and spread her legs for some of the hard cocks she had so
thoroughly enjoyed. It would have been so hot to see Rose get
fucked…to see those gorgeous pale tits of hers bouncing while a
hard cock penetrated her dripping pussy over and over again.

Thinking of that was getting Love’s pussy wet and she moaned softly
as she finished splashing water on her face. She hadn’t been able to
get Rose to join her that night, but just knowing she was there and
loving what she was seeing was all that Love needed. Love could feel
the arousal building in her pussy at the memory and she slowly began
stroking her body through her pajamas. They were red silk and she
loved how they felt against her body. The fact that she rarely ended
up waking up in them didn’t change that.

Love smiled when she remembered all the times on this trip where she
would go to sleep wearing these pajamas and wake up completely
naked. She could only imagine what it was that Rose was doing to her
in the night and Love didn’t even think about complaining. The hot
dreams she was having every night were more than worth Rose pawing
her in her sleep.

Suddenly, Love was snapped out of her thoughts by Rose’s voice from
the other room.

“What’s taking so long?” Rose asked. “Get out here Love. There’s
something I want to show you.”

Love didn’t waste a second before complying with the request for her
presence. She shut off the faucets and walked out of the bathroom.
When she saw what Rose had for her, Love immediately went gaga with

Rose was lying naked on the bed, her body atop the sheets and every
inch of her flawless skin exposed. The fiery red hair that covered
Rose’s head perfectly framed her smooth, porcelain face. Her nipples
were already hard and pink and Love couldn’t help but send her gaze
downward to between Rose’s legs, where Mr. Snappy lay awaiting her

“Mmmm is that for me?” Love asked with a sexy little giggle.

“Oh yeah, you bet your ass this is for you,” Rose replied wickedly.
“Now that I know what a real slut you are this is definitely for
you. I was just teasing before, but now I know you really are a
total fucking slut Love. I wish I’d know how much you really loved
big cocks. I would have been giving this to your hot little pussy
every night.”

Love didn’t reply with words. Instead she just blushed and hungrily
eyed the black strap on dangling from Rose’s legs as she crawled
onto the bed. Rose had taken her many times with her favorite toy,
but now Love wanted it more than ever. Even after being turned to
girls, Love had always gotten off on being penetrated and Rose knew
just how to take her. Love could only stare and feel her arousal
build as Rose wrapped her hand around the toy and began stroking it.

“You looked so fucking hot taking those cocks deep inside all your
slutty holes,” Rose moaned as she summoned the memories of Love
spread out naked on that table. “I don’t know which hole I loved
seeing you get fucked more. But I do know one thing though…none of
those silly boys could do to you what I can. You know that don’t you
Love? You know none of them could fuck you as good as I can.”

“Oh yesss…” Love moaned, her eyes locked on the toy dangling from
Rose’s legs as her breathing grew hard. “No one can fuck me like you
can Rose. I love how you stuff up my little pussy with your cock and
fuck me silly! You make me fucking drip for you! All I can think of
all day is you filling me up and making me your little slut!”

“Good girl,” Rose grinned. “You are my little slut Love. Those boys
with their big cocks can’t make you come as good as I can. Or Sarah.
Or Jennifer. Or Jewel. Or any of those hot pieces of ass you drag
home for us to share. If only they knew you were such a whore for
pussy. If only they’d knew how much you love fucking girls. If only
they’d known you didn’t need those cocks of there’s to get off.
They’d be so shocked they wouldn’t have been able to get it up.”

“Mmmm Rose…I loved you watching me,” Love told her friend, as she
brushed Rose’s hands off Mr. Snappy and started stroking it herself.
“I got off so fucking hard because you were there. I wanted to act
so slutty for you because I know it got you wet and made you come. I
wanted you to watch me get fucked and have my body covered in cum
because you know I only really want you and Sarah and all our

“That’s right Love,” Rose groaning from Love stroking the fake cock
a little harder. It was as if she could make herself shoot a load
just from hearing Love talk like that and feel her touch on the
plastic. “But now your play time with the boys is over, isn’t it?”

“Mmmhmmm,” Love eagerly nodded, her eyes and hand still locked on
Rose’s toy.

“But you still want to get fucked, don’t you Love?” Rose asked.

“MMMHMMM,” Love answered even more enthusiastically. Her eyes
trailed a bit upward to Rose’s soft, sexy tits as they shook on her
chest. Rose was starting to breathe a little heavier now too and
Love found the jiggling of her breasts to be so hypnotic and
arousing. She felt as if she could cream her pajama bottoms just by
staring at her lover’s body.

“You know what to do then, don’t you slut?” Rose inquired.

Love certainly knew exactly what to do and no more instructions were
necessary. Her mouth headed straight for the toy. Love didn’t bother
with a kiss to her travel companion’s lips. She went straight for
Mr. Snappy and extended her tongue to start giving the head of the
toy sexy licks. Love’s tongue teased the toy everywhere and her
little flicks soon evolved into long, lingering licks down each side
of the plastic. She treated it just like it was real and Rose loved

“Yesssss work that cock over slut,” Rose groaned. “Suck it like you
sucked those hard pieces of meat. Mmmm this cock aint never gonna go
soft on you Love. I can fuck you all night and you’d love it
wouldn’t you? You’d love this hard hunk of plastic up that tight
pussy of yours until you’re the loose little slut you’ve always
wanted to be. Get your mouth all over it. Show me all those fucking
tricks you did when you were sucking those cops off so good!”

Love moaned right into the plastic when she heard that. The idea of
having Rose inside her, filling her up all night long was ecstasy to
her. Love needed to feel that and she opened her mouth to take more
of the toy inside her. She wanted to make sure it was all lubed up
and ready for her pussy. Even though this was plastic in her mouth
and not flesh and blood it just felt hotter for her to do this than
it did when she was fucking those guys. They were just guys and Love
knew she was probably never going to see them again. She felt
connected with Rose and that always made the sex better. It wasn’t
just a random fuck and that made Love so wet.

Just as she’d sucked the cocks of her new friends, Love took on Mr.
Snappy. She wrapped her hand around the base of the plastic shaft
and began stroking it gently while she sucked it, working more and
more of the plastic inside her. She had always loved sucking cock
but Love knew that she wouldn’t be able to get all of Mr. Snappy
into her mouth. Her deep throating skills were a little rusty, even
after the fun she’d just had. Hopefully Rose would let her have
plenty more practice.

As she covered the toy in her saliva, Love found herself humming a
little as she worked it into her mouth. She could hear Rose’s
breathing get harder and she could smell the increasing arousal from
her pussy. She loved turning Rose on and soon enough her saliva was
coating the black plastic. Love began rubbing it all over the toy
with her hand, making sure there wasn’t a dry inch on it while she
looked up at Rose with sexy, needy eyes.

Rose was moaning like crazy as Love sucked her toy. Her hands were
all over her heavy breasts, fondling them and pinching her already
hard nipples while she met Love’s gaze with one of her own. Love
looked so sexy staring up at her with those sexy brown eyes, deep
pools of lust and adoration. Rose couldn’t get enough of that face,
so innocent one moment and so naughty the next. Rose hoped she would
never, ever forget how hot Love looked with that face of hers
covered in guy cum.

“That’s it Love…suck that cock,” Rose urged. “Suck it good you
little slut. Get your mouth around it. That’s no little boy’s cock
you’ve got inside you now. Now that hot little mouth belongs to

“Mmmmm yes…now it’s all for you,” Love replied with a smile,
pulling off the toy and letting her saliva drip down over the head.
She then took it right back into her mouth, bobbing up and down on
Mr. Snappy as she fondled the fake balls and played with whatever
part of the toy she couldn’t get her wet tongue on.

Rose’s hand moved to the back of her head, gently guiding Love over
the toy. Love sucked like a pro and with every bob of her mouth,
Rose got wetter. The blowjob she was getting was pushing the nub of
Mr. Snappy right into her pussy, stimulating Rose’s clit. Rose knew
she could probably come just from the eroticism of having Love suck
her toy off like this, but she wanted more. She wanted to feel
herself inside Love.

Rose pulled Love up off her cock by her hair and Love pouted as was
forced to stop.

“Don’t you like me sucking you off Rose?” Love teased with a smile
that almost made Rose melt into the bed. “Wasn’t I good?”

“Fuck you…you know how good you are,” Rose shot back as she and
Love shared a giggle and then a kiss. “You are one hot little
cocksucker Love. Mmmm those boys have no idea how fucking lucky they
were. But I know you just don’t want to suck cock, do you Love? You
want to be fucked.”

“Oh yesss…” Love groaned, her pajama bottoms getting wetter by the
second. Love’s pussy had been juicing up the second she saw Rose
waiting for her like this and now the fabric was almost soaked
through with desire. The soft material clung to Love’s pussy,
sticking to the lips of her slit and giving ample evidence as to how
aroused the actress was.

“Say it Love,” Rose ordered. “Tell me what you want.”

“Fuck me Rose!” Love begged. “Please fuck me! Push that hard cock up
my tight little pussy and make me come like the slut I am! You loved
watching me take on all those boys, but all I really wanted was you!
Please give me what I want Rose! I need to feel you inside me! Give
me that cock! I’ll do anything!”

“Come here,” Rose requested and Love didn’t hesitate before laying
her body down atop of her lover’s. The two girls began to
passionately kiss as Love pressed her pajama clad self against
Rose’s naked flesh. They kissed each other with experienced urgency.
They both knew what the other liked and neither of them wanted to
wait to give the other pleasure. Being in each other’s arms felt so
natural. Rose and Love knew every inch of each other’s body but it
didn’t diminish one bit of the lust they felt.

Love moaned as she felt Rose’s hands play with her hair and trail
down her back. Rose squeezed her sexy housemate and Love responded
by grinding herself just a little bit harder into the not so natural
redhead. If her pajamas weren’t already soaked, Love knew they would
be from the feeling of Mr. Snappy rubbing against her…just that
thin layer of silk keeping it from her wet and waiting pussy. Both
girls moaned into each other’s mouths as they kissed and dueled
tongues. Love would suck Rose’s tongue right into her mouth and give
it all the attention she longed to give to her lover’s pussy and
then Rose would go and do the same to her.

Rose began dragging her nails down Love’s back, scraping against her
skin through the material of her pajamas. She didn’t scratch her
hard enough to leave a mark, but Rose made sure Love knew she could
at any second. Love moaned at this prospect and started grinding
into Rose harder, letting the hard toy rub against her clothed pussy
and stimulate her burning desire. The louder Love’s moans got, the
more Rose’s hands touched her and Love’s bottoms were soaked through
as a result.

Soon Love’s moans turned into a steady purr, especially when Rose’s
hands traveled down the small of her back to her ass. Rose’s
exploring hands quickly gripped onto Love’s tight cheeks through the
material and began to rub. Rose massaged Love’s ass and finally
broke the kiss.

“You had no idea how hot you looked when you were bent over and
letting them fuck your ass,” Rose smiled, her face flushed from the
kiss as she and Love struggled to catch their breath. “You shaking
that sexy ass of yours in the air and getting them so hard to fuck
you. Mmmm I was even kind of jealous of those guys…them getting to
push their big cocks into your ass and me without my friend here.
But now you’re all mine and I can fuck you anywhere I want.”

“Yessssss God yesssss…anywhere,” Love moaned. “You can take any
fucking hole you want Rose. They’re all yours.”

“Let’s get these things off you then,” Rose replied as she hooked
her fingers into Love’s pajama bottoms and slowly pushed them off
her body. “I don’t like you wearing anything to bed anyway.”

“I can tell,” Love shot back with a wink before kissing Rose again
and moaning as the redhead peeled her bottoms past her ass and down
her legs. Love did the rest of the work, kicking them off and
letting them fall carelessly to the floor as her bottom half was
exposed to the open air. Love shivered and smiled as the air hit her
pussy lips. They were already soaked with juice and the air tickled
her in the best way.

“Get that top off too,” Rose ordered. “Let me see those tits. Let me
see where all those boys wanted to shoot their cum.”

“Ummmm no…take it off for me please,” Love requested. “I want to
feel your hands on me Rose. Please take off my top.”

“Heyyy…I give the orders around here,” Rose playfully chided
before indulging in another kiss to Love’s sexy lips. “Good thing
the reward’s worth it.”

Rose then reached up for Love’s top. She considered just ripping it
open, but she knew Love loved her pajamas and she didn’t want to be
mean about this. Rose grudgingly went the slow way, going for the
buttons of Love’s top and undoing them one by one. The more flesh
she saw the more excited Rose found herself getting. It wasn’t like
she hadn’t seen Love’s tits before, but like she had said, seeing
them again was always worth it.

When the last button was undone, Rose pulled open the top and Love
shrugged it off her shoulders, letting it fall off her back and onto
the bed beside them. The girls then kissed again, their large, bare
breasts rubbing together in a delicious friction of flesh. Their
kisses and moans continued until Love could take no more waiting and
suddenly sat up. She pinned Rose’s hands down and enthusiastically
kissed her, dragging her tongue over Rose’s happily surprised face
afterward. Love’s body was shaking with need as she pushed herself
down hard on Rose and let the toy fill her soaked hole.

“Fuck me Rose!” Love pleaded, her desire covering her body in a
needy flush. “I need you inside me! Fill me up with your huge
fucking cock!”

“Where do you want it Love?” Rose asked. “For now…you get to pick.
You want me to keep this in your pussy or do you want me to take
that hot ass of yours?”

“Take your pick, huh?” Love giggled, loving how this reminded her of
an erotic story she’d once read about herself on the Internet. She’d
come all over her probing fingers when she’d read that part and now
she had a chance to live it out.

“Mmmm keep it in my pussy Rose,” Love asked after debating which
part of her body ached to be fucked first. She rode Rose’s cock
hard, at one point pushing herself back too much and forcing Mr.
Snappy to pop out from inside her. Rose looked down and saw how the
lips of Love’s slit glistened from the light from the room’s lamp
and the way the plastic of the toy shared that sexy shine. Love
groaned in frustration from not being fucked and lined herself back
up, Mr. Snappy’s head positioned right against her cunt. With a
growl of desire, Love pushed herself back onto it, tossing her head
back as the hardness penetrated her pink walls.

Rose didn’t say anything. She didn’t need to. She didn’t even mind
Love pinning her hands down. A slutty Love was always a good Love.
All Rose did was push herself up so Mr. Snappy could easily slide
right into her roomate’s pussy. Love picked responded by meeting
Rose’s upward thrust with a quick motion downward so the toy could
penetrate past her slit. Love’s tightness didn’t allow the plastic
to slide in easily, but the two experienced lovers were quickly in
sync with each other’s movements and Rose was steadily sliding the
toy in and out of Love’s pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck…mmmmmmmmm yessss Rose…” Love groaned as the hard
plastic filled her wet cunt. “Fuck me! Gawwwwwd it feels so good!
Fuck me Rose! Fuck me better than those boys ever could!”

That wouldn’t be hard, Rose grinned to herself, confident in her own
abilities. Those cops had been cute and Rose had actually been
tempted more than a few times to lean down and suck them off a
little and let them have a go at her pussy, but they had only been
guys. They couldn’t do the things to Love that she knew she could
do. The weight of Love as she rode the fake cock, pressed the nub
even harder into Rose’s pussy and both girls were quickly feeling
their bodies fill with pleasure.

“Don’t stop fucking me!” Love cried out as she rode Mr. Snappy, her
tits bouncing up and down. “More Rose more!”

“You’ll get more you fucking slut,” Rose shot back, her voice
dripping out with lust covering it like honey. “You’ll get every
damn thing you want from me! I’m not stopping fucking you until you
cream my cock with your girl cum! I want you coating it like you
coated those hard cop cocks!”

Love replied with a series of loud cries and sharp gasps. She
wondered how thin these walls were and whether or not the couple
next door could hear them. Love quickly shrugged that off though.
Let them hear. That was why people came to these motels anyway. To
get fucked.

The sounds of their gasps and moans filled the room along with the
unmistakable scent of sex. Love could hear the hot sound of Rose’s
body slapping into hers as they fucked and it just made her wetter.
Some of those cops had had bigger cocks than Mr. Snappy, but Rose
was right…she knew how to use hers better. Love wondered how guys
who had had their cocks all their lives couldn’t be as good as
someone who hadn’t fucked a girl until the day she and Sarah had
broken into her trailer, but she supposed it was just God given
talent winning out.

Rose loved how it felt to have her toy buried deep in Love’s pussy.
The wetter Love got, the easier it was for Rose to push more and
more of the plastic cock inside her. Seeing Love’s sexy naked body
bouncing up and down on her lap was insanely hot and Rose loved
every second of it. Though she used Mr. Snappy a lot, Rose didn’t
always feel the need to fuck like this. A good tongue lashing
against a slutty wet pussy was just as hot, but who could ever not
want to be in this position with someone like Love? Who wouldn’t
want Love bouncing in their lap, her big, soft tits jiggling
uncontrollably as you fucked her?

“Ohhhhhhhhh more please more!” Love begged, her voice in a frenzy as
she felt her orgasm drawing near. Rose knew just how to use that toy
to fill her up and stimulate her clit. Every thrust from Rose
brought Love closer and closer to orgasm and her pleasure shot up
even more when Rose finally pulled her hands free. Rose’s hands went
straight for Love’s chest and she pushed her body up, burying her
face in Love swaying tits as she groped the sensitive flesh. Rose
hungrily feasted on the flesh of Love’s breasts while she fucked
her, making Love scream out in rapture.


As Love screamed, Rose was feeling her own arousal rush toward
orgasm. She was filling her mouth with as much of Love’s tits as she
could just to keep out from screaming out. She didn’t want anything
covering up Love’s exclamations of pleasure, even her own cries.
Rose had one hand cupping Love’s ass to keep her thrusts steady and
the other had joined her mouth at Love’s chest. Her tits were
quickly soaked with aroused saliva and little love bites that
quickly faded and disappeared from Love’s tender flesh. Rose’s
clitoris ached against the nub of the strap on rubbing her and
making her feel so good. Even without that nub, Rose probably would
have still loved fucking girls with Mr. Snappy, but it just made
things so much better to have it here.

“Come for me Love!” Rose demanded as she pulled up from her lover’s
breasts. “I want to feel you come all over my cock! Coat it in your
hot cream! Make it all wet and sticky so I can make you suck it

Knowing full well that Rose wouldn’t have had to make her do
anything, Love still focused on that sexy image. She’d licked her
own juices so many times and she loved it. Love felt her orgasm
boiling inside her body, just dying to be released. Rose’s hands
felt like they were everywhere and Love was lost in a haze of
pleasure. She could feel Rose on her tits, on her ass and especially
in her needy little pussy.

The hard plastic continued to penetrate and fill her pink folds,
making Love buck and cry out over and over again as she rode Rose’s
cock like no other. Even as she busied herself at her tits, Love
didn’t feel Rose let up a bit with her fucking and it was driving
her wild. Rose pushed into her and Love would thrust herself right
back down, letting that hardness fill her hole over and over again.
Feeling that hard cock fill her up was just what she needed and Rose
knew all the right spots to hit. Rose was skillful and enthusiastic
and when one last thrust filled her pussy, Love was a goner.

“YESSSSSSSSSS!!!” Love squealed as her face scrunged up and then
released in orgasmic glee. She began riding Mr. Snappy with even
more ferocity as she came, her tits shaking against Rose’s face and
her ass quivering as her body released all her passion onto the hard
plastic invader in her cunt. Love rode Rose through every burst of
pleasure with an energy that made it clear not only did she not care
if the bed broke underneath them, she wanted it to happen.

Rose pulled her face away from Love’s breasts to watch her as she
came. Love’s face was open and screaming in ecstasy and Rose let the
image burn into her eyeballs. Her own orgasm was so close, but Rose
left her pleasure wait for a moment as Love continued to cry out in
pleasure. When she finally had nothing of her orgasm left to give,
Love fell back her body still shaking and covered in a happy
afterglow flush.

Love struggled to catch her breath but she had a big happy smile on
her face as she giggled and fell to the side of the bed. Her eyes
were still full of lust though, so she was by no means done yet.
Rose was about to chastise Love for not letting her come, but she
suddenly found she didn’t have to. Love summoned her energy and
pushed Rose back down on the bed, just like she’d found her in the
first place. Love smothered Rose’s lips in a kiss and her hands
traveled down to push Mr. Snappy off of her.

“Heyyy what do you think you’re doing?” Rose asked as she groaned
happily from the sudden attention to her body. “Get to work cleaning
my cock off.”

“I need to taste you Rose,” Love said, her voice full of lust as she
finished removing the toy and exposing Rose’s sex. “Please let me
eat your pussy! I know you need to come! Let me make you come with
my tongue!”

“Mmmmm you horny slut,” Rose groaned in satisfaction as she took
Love’s horny face in her hands and pushed it toward her pussy. “Is
that what you want Love? You want my pussy cream all over your face?
Are you tired of guy cum? You want some sweet girl cum now don’t

Love couldn’t answer because her happy tongue was buried deep in
Rose’s pussy, lapping away at her clit. It hadn’t taken her more
than a second after Rose’s hand had hit the back of her head for
Love to get to work. Rose was in desperate need of sexual relief and
Love wanted to give it to her. Her pussy was already dripping and
her clit hard and swollen from the fucking so it wasn’t going to
take much for Love to get her off.

Burying her face in Rose’s pussy, Love’s tongue was quickly coated
in her sweet, addictive taste. Love was in total lust with Rose’s
pussy. Even after she’d dyed her hair red, she’d kept her neatly
trimmed bush black and Love just wanted to lavish every inch of her
zone of sex with attention. She loved how the dark hairs of Rose’s
bush tickled her face as she licked and it made her work Rose over
with her tongue that much harder.

“LICK THAT PUSSY LOVE!” Rose screamed as her own tits began shaking
in anticipation of her orgasm to come. “OHHHHHH FUCK!!! YESSSSSSS!!!

That was exactly what Love needed and she was going to make damn
sure she got it. She lapped away at Rose’s clit, sucking and licking
it with all the energy she could muster. Rose’s passion grew
stronger and her taste richer. Love knew she was about to come so
she leaned down and gave Rose’s clit a little nip with her teeth.
The tiny bit of pain with the pleasure was what Rose needed to get
off and it was then her turn to howl her rapture.


Rose’s body shook on the already creaking bed as she humped Love’s
face and soaked her tongue with girl cream. Love was famished for
Rose’s essence and her tongue licked up every drop. She let it coat
her tongue and drip down to her stomach as Rose cried out and kept
her grip on the back of her head. Love drank deeply from Rose’s
spasming cunt and when she was finally satisfied she pulled up and
wiggled out of Rose’s loosening grip. Love had a cum drenched smile
from ear to ear and gave Rose a hearty taste through a hot kiss to
her lips.

After the kiss ended, Rose held Love in her arms, their naked bodies
spooning together on top of the sheets.

“So you done with guys now?” Rose inquired.

“Mmmmm who needs them when I have you,” Love giggled as she hugged
her lover.

* * * * *

Back in Malibu, it was the middle of the night and Alyssa was doing
the sane thing and sleeping the darkness away. Around here you
didn’t always have a chance to catch up on beauty rest, so Alyssa
had made it a point to turn in early this night and wake up late.
All that girl sex did take it out of you and Alyssa knew she wasn’t
going to be scoring any hot trim with bags under her eyes.

Of course, as so often goes, the best laid plans of mice and men
often got really screwed up. Alyssa had been peacefully sleeping,
when her bliss was interrupted suddenly and brutally. She was yanked
from her slumber by a loud crashing and squealing noise that tore
through the mansion and went right through her ears.

Alyssa reacted as anyone would by shooting straight up from the bed.
If she’d been a cat she would have ended up clawing the ceiling. But
instead Alyssa fell to the floor with a hard thwump. She gripped
onto the side of the bed and pulled herself up. Her head was
spinning and her heart was pounding as she tried to figure out what
the fuck was going on. At first she assumed it was an earthquake. It
wouldn’t have been the first time her slumber had been interrupted
by a quake, but as her head cleared she realized this was no
earthquake. The tremors that seemed to be shaking the mansion were
entirely man made.

Staggering to the door of her room, Alyssa began cursing under her
breath as she vowed to find out who was responsible and rip off
their stupid, blonde pop princess heads. The closer she got to the
source the more awake she became. It quickly became apparent that
the noise was in fact music played at eardrum bursting volume levels
and since it wasn’t Chopin or Mozart, the wailing guitars and
pounding drums had the windows shaking as if it really were an

When she arrived at Britney and Christina’s room, Alyssa found the
doors wide open and the two girls jumping up and down on their bed
and singing and dancing like teenagers at a slumber party after too
much sugar. The fact that the two pop singers were singing along to
Van Halen’s “Panama” gave Alyssa pause. The fact that they were
doing it while stark naked gave Alyssa even bigger pause.

“Hot shoe, burnin’ down the avenue…Got an on-ramp comin’ through
my bedroom….Don’t you know she’s coming home with me? You’ll lose
her in the turn.
I’ll get her!” Britney and Christina sang together as they jumped
and giggled before leading right into the chorus.

As angry as Alyssa was over being awoken in such a noisy and rude
manner, she couldn’t help but crack a smile as she watched the two
giggly girls dance about on the bed. Their augmented tits bounced up
and down in a manner seemingly designed to cool the fires of
Alyssa’s anger. Alyssa also couldn’t help but notice their matching
shaved pussies and the way the limited light of the room made their
piercings shine. The rings through Christina’s nipple and labia and
Britney’s belly button were enticing and Alyssa couldn’t help but
stare at the inhibitionless show as the girls tore through the rest
of the song.

By the time Britney and Christina’s pistons were popping with no
stopping, they had noticed Alyssa standing their in the doorway with
her arms crossed over her chest. They both giggled again and waved
hello to their housemate, beckoning her in as the song ended.

“You’re up late,” Christina observed as she jumped off the bed and
turned the volume down on the stereo.

“Well I wasn’t until someone turned the house into the fucking
Headbanger’s Ball!” Alyssa snapped. “It’s four in the morning! What
the fuck are you two doing?”

“I dunno…we were just goofing around…” Britney giggled. Alyssa
squinted at her and saw her eyes were a bit bloodshot. Christina’s
were the same way and Alyssa sniffed around to find the telltale
signs of marijuana.

“Yeah…we kinda went next door for a bit too…” Christina
admitted. “Are you mad cause we didn’t invite you?”

“No! I’m mad cause you fucking woke me up!” Alyssa snapped. “What
are you doing up so late anyway?”

“We were working on stuff for the label,” Britney said, showing that
her second experience with pot was a much smoother one than her
first. “Our press conference to announce it and everything is
tomorrow…I mean today.”

“Don’t be mad baby,” Christina cooed as she caressed Alyssa’s cheek
with her palm. “Be happy that we woke you up so that we can do

“Do what?” Alyssa asked warily.

“This,” Christina grinned wickedly as she reached down and tugged
Alyssa’s boxer shorts down her legs. “You were overdressed anyway.”

Alyssa couldn’t help but smile at the girls insistence that every
problem could be solved by sex. That wasn’t always the case, but it
was certainly true here.

“Yeah what’s with the clothes Lyssa?” Britney inquired. “Usually
you’re like Ms. Nude World around here.”

“Well maybe I just wanted to give you two the chance to strip me
down,” Alyssa claimed as Britney reached over and pulled the
actress’ t-shirt over her head, leaving her completely naked. That
explanation wasn’t true in the slightest. Alyssa had just felt a
little cold that night so she’d thrown on the shirt and the boxers.
But it was much sexier to say it like that.

“Poor Lyssa,” Christina giggled. “She’s Little Ms. Grumpy Pants when
she’s woken up. Maybe we can do something to make her not mad at us
anymore Britney.”

“Mmmm I can think of a few ways to do that,” Britney smiled as she
took Alyssa’s face in her hands and kissed her passionately. Ever
since Britney and Alyssa had set aside their differences, things had
been very touchy feely in the mansion and this after hours encounter
looked to be no exception. Even though she was still sort of asleep
and angry about being woken up, Alyssa decided to just sit back and
enjoy this. There were far worse ways to be put back to sleep than
by being pleasured by Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

Alyssa moaned into Britney’s mouth and kissed her right back.
Christina then moved in for a taste and she and Alyssa fell into a
hot little liplock. Britney didn’t want to be left out of that, so
she pressed herself right back into the mix and it became a three
way kiss of horny lips and tongues. Hands were quickly groping
wherever they could reach as Alyssa toyed with Christina’s pierced
nipple and the two singers helped themselves to a healthy feel of
Alyssa’s tits. It wasn’t long before Alyssa found herself the
centerpiece of all the attention.

“Oh Lyssa, we’re so sorry we woke you up,” Britney smiled as she
kissed the back of Alyssa’s neck and made the little hairs on her
head stand up. “But I know how we can make it all better.”

“Yeah you won’t be mad at us for long after you’ve come all over
us,” Christina added while she lavished losses all over Alyssa’s
front. Christina played with Alyssa’s breasts and sank to her knees
while leaving wet kisses all over Alyssa’s flat, toned stomach.

All Alyssa could do was moan as Christina began kissing her
bellybutton and Britney began caressing her bare back. These two
talented tongues were making her forget her anger real fast,
especially when Britney sank to her knees and began fondling her

“How quick do you think we can get you off?” Christina asked
playfully. “Think it’ll take one minute or two?”

“You’re feeling cocky tonight,” Alyssa smirked. “What makes you
think you’re hot enough to do me that well?”

“Baby, when you’re good, you’re good,” Christina replied with a
confident smile. “And Britney and me? We are realllll good.
Britney’s been taking lessons from the master and her tongue is now
a pussy licking weapon, just like mine.”

“Oh yeah? Well then why don’t you shut up and get to it?” Alyssa
challenged. “Use those tongues for something other than talking for
a change.”

Alyssa then pressed her hands to the blonde heads kneeling before
her, pushing both pop superstars closer to her body. It was hardly
necessary for her to do that though. Both Britney and Christina were
more than eager to get a taste of the late night snack before them.
Staying up all night planning and preparing to take on the music
world had left the two girls in a nice state of horniness and the
drug created high they felt only made them want their housemate
more. They were looking forward to releasing some of their pent up
energy through a hot tonguing of Alyssa’s hot body.

The two girls helped themselves to generous feels of Alyssa’s body
as their tongues and lips made her moan. Alyssa found herself
getting a little wobbly as she stood there, but she managed to
steady herself and avoid toppling over as her horny housemates got
to work on her with the unified goal of making her come.

Christina kissed all around Alyssa’s thighs, but didn’t waste much
time before going for the actress’ pussy. The brunette had felt
aroused since she had first seen the naked bodies of her housemates
and now that all her hot spots were exposed, Alyssa was getting wet
fast. Christina’s tongue slid up and down her slit gently, as if
getting a teasing taste of her juice. Christina picked up the pace
with each lick, moving up and down Alyssa’s cunt lips faster and
with more passion each time she did it.

While Christina was paying attention to Alyssa’s front, Britney was
indulging in Alyssa’s fabulous ass. Britney caressed Alyssa’s firm
cheeks, first with her hands and then with her tongue. She hadn’t
been able to get enough of Alyssa’s body since their first encounter
on the beach and she loved how sexy this girl’s butt was. Britney
licked and kissed the tan cheeks hungrily, making sure Alyssa could
feel her saliva all over her backside before she moved in for the
kill. Alyssa’s puckered asshole lay before her in such a tantalizing
manner that it wasn’t long before Britney stopped her teasing and
began teasing Alyssa’s hole with horny tongue strokes.

“Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh…” Alyssa purred as she felt those two eager
tongues work over her holes. “Fuck me! You two bitches better work
me over good!”

Since it wasn’t necessary to hold Britney or Christina’s heads down,
Alyssa moved her hands away and up to her breasts. She pawed her own
tit flesh as she felt those wonderful tongues fucking her pussy and
ass. Christina’s skilled tongue knew just where to lick her cunt and
Britney was plenty eager to play with her ass. It was so good that
Alyssa began to believe they might be able to get her off as fast as
they had promised.

Alyssa loved feeling two tongues inside her. She’d felt this kind of
double stimulation before just a few days earlier when Michelle
Branch and Avril Lavigne had rewarded her efforts to bring them
together. Alyssa knew she didn’t feel it often enough. Telling
herself to try and make an effort to get double tongue fucked every
day, Alyssa continued to play with her tits and moan out her

“That’s it you nasty little girls…fuck me good!” Alyssa hissed
through gritted teeth. “Tongue fuck my wet little cunt Chrissy!
Mmmmmm yeah Britney show me what you can do with that ass! Fucking
work that tongue deep in my hole! Fuck yeah! I’m gonna come all over
those slutty faces of yours!”

“That’s what we want,” Christina cooed when she pulled her juice
covered lips away from Alyssa. “Come all over our little whore
tongues! Mmmm you won’t be mad at us then! You’ll just be thinking
what a lucky little bitch you are that you get to live with us and
get our tongues in your hot holes!”

“Shut up and eat me!” Alyssa groaned while she thrust her hips
forward to mash her dripping pussy against Christina’s hungry mouth.
The blonde slid her tongue right back inside Alyssa’s juicy, pink
cunt to lick her all up and tease her clit with a steady rhythm.
Christina loved Alyssa’s taste. She wondered whether between her and
Rose, Aaron Spelling purposely cast girls on “Charmed” with such
yummy pussies.

For her part, Britney was close to out and out worshipping Alyssa’s
ass. Her hands gripped the gym toned cheeks and spread them apart as
she pushed her tongue in and out of the actress’ tight asshole.
Britney loved how Alyssa’s hole was like a puckered flower for her
to tease and lick. She’d been taken in her ass with enough horny
tongues and hard toys since she’d moved in here to know how good it
felt and she hoped Alyssa was feeling as much pleasure as she always
did when someone played with her butt.

Now that she and Alyssa were friends, Britney was just as committed
to making her feel good as she was to Christina. Britney wanted them
all to come as hard as she did whenever she had a hot girl fuck. She
wanted them to come hard so they’d know how much she loved this and
how she never felt as good doing anything else. Nothing could
compete with the high she got from fucking a hot girl. Not even the
best concert she ever gave had made her feel the pleasure she’d
experienced since Jessica Alba had changed her life that day in New

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck!” Alyssa groaned. “Goddamn! You girls are fucking
hot! Ohhhh yessssssssss!!!! Mmmmmmm you’re gonna be fucking me to
sleep every night now! Ohhhhhhh morrrrrrre! Gimmie more you nasty
little whores!!! Make me fucking come! You’ve got me so close! Don’t
even think about stopping! FUCK ME!!!”

The scream that Alyssa shot out at the end of her moans, was all the
evidence Britney and Christina needed to know that their friend was
close. They honestly hadn’t meant to wake her up with their music,
but now they were very glad they did.

As she burrowed her tongue deeper in Alyssa’s pink folds, Christina
reached around back to get a better grip. She found Britney’s hands
already with a hard clasp of Alyssa’s backside and Christina smiled
into Alyssa’s pussy as she placed her hands on top of her friend’s.
Britney immediately got the idea and loosened her grip just enough
so that she and Christina could link hands. Their fingers held each
other as they both pleasured Alyssa, the two of them working
together as a naughty, naked team dedicated to getting the actress

Alyssa’s juices were coating Christina’s tongue and dribbling down
her chin as she got closer to orgasm. Christina mmmmm’d in delight
at the taste and redoubled her licking. She alternated between
tongue fucking Alyssa’s pink with concentrating on her swollen clit.
The closer Alyssa got to coming the more attention Christina paid to
her clit and she was soon rocking the brunette’s little man in the
boat big time. Alyssa’s aroused clit was a very satisfying target
for Christina’s tongue to hit over and over again as the singer kept
her face buried against the beautiful drenched pussy she was
feasting on.

Britney could hear the happy moans coming from Christina’s mouth as
she licked and fucked Alyssa. It was hard to hear them underneath
the aroused cries and needy moans Alyssa was shouting out, but
Britney would have recognized the moans of her lover and now partner
anywhere. She must love the taste of that pussy, Britney deduced as
she felt her own deep craving for some girl cream. She wanted to get
herself a taste of Alyssa too and fortunately that was easily

Her own pussy was weeping with arousal by now, so Britney just
reached down and coated her fingers with her juices. She then pushed
her hand back on Alyssa’s glorious ass and pulled her tongue away.
Alyssa groaned in noticeable frustration when she felt one source of
her passion stop, but that feeling didn’t last long when Britney
pushed one of her juice covered fingers into her ass.

“YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Alyssa screamed happily when she felt that
penetration in her tight ass. Those screams only increased when
Britney pushed a second finger into her ass and then joined
Christina at her pussy. Alyssa again nearly lost her balance when
she felt both of those hot tongues inside her snatch. Her arousal
was making her whole body swoon and sweat and she loved it. Fuck,
Britney and Christina could wake her up any time they liked if this
was how they made it up to her.

Christina happily greeted Britney inside Alyssa’s pussy by making
sure their tongues flicked together. This allowed Christina to
concentrate solely on Alyssa’s clit while Britney used her young
tongue to fuck the actress into her orgasm. Their efforts perfectly
complimented each other and Alyssa’s juices were soon dripping into
both of their mouths.


Alyssa continued to babble out her nasty words as she felt her
orgasm begin. There was no way she could withstand this assault of
pleasure. Not even Rose would have been able to keep from coming
from two horny tongues in her pussy while getting assfucked. Alyssa
groaned and cried out in ecstasy while she felt her blood boil in
anticipation. Suddenly both of those wonderful tongues hit her
simultaneously and the dam keeping her pleasure at bay broke.


Alyssa’s cries of orgasm filled the room with a vocal range that
rivaled both singers at their finest. Christina and Britney greedily
licked up her creamy release, loving the taste of her orgasm and
sharing the sexy essence back and forth between their horny mouths.
Alyssa shook and lurched as she stood in between them, crying out
her pleasure, her anger long forgotten. Alyssa’s legs felt weak and
when she finally stopped coming, she staggered over to the bed to
steady herself. The actress gripped the side of the bed and pulled
herself on it. The softness of the bed was mighty welcome as her
exhaustion returned. Before Alyssa even knew what she was doing, she
had curled herself up on Britney and Christina’s bed and fallen

“I’d say that’s a job well done,” Christina giggled as she and
Britney stared at their sleeping housemate.

“She didn’t know what hit her,” Britney replied before she and
Christina kissed, both of them tasting Alyssa’s juices all over the
other’s lips. The kiss started out frenzied and passionate and soon
progressed into something more tender and loving. When the two girls
finally broke away there were little strands of saliva connecting
their lips and they both shared a smile.

“God Christina, I can’t wait till tomorrow…I mean today,” Britney
said as she thought ahead to their scheduled press conference. “I’m
so excited to get started.”

“Me too Britney,” Christina said. “We’re gonna have so much fun
doing this and we’re gonna make so much fucking money that they’re
gonna be putting us on the cover of all those boring little money
magazines and saying, ‘This is how it should be done.'”

“The press is gonna think we’ve gone crazy or something,” Britney
predicted. She’d seen them gather around like buzzards before and
she felt confident it was going to happen again here, but now that
she had Christina by her side that didn’t seem to matter as much.

“Fuck them,” Christina shot back. “Who cares what they think. Our
fans are gonna love it.”

“I know,” Britney smiled. “Mmmm I’m just so excited. This is so new
and amazing.”

“You know Britney,” Christina said as she was suddenly reminded of
something. “I’ve been thinking about this being new for us and all
and I thought maybe since we were ditching our old labels and all
that…maybe we should ditch our old looks too.”

“What do you mean?” Britney asked as Christina ran her hand through
her shoulder length blonde hair.

“You’ll see in the morning,” Christina replied mysteriously. “Trust

“Ok,” Britney said a little reluctantly. She did trust Christina
though. She was sure whatever she had planned was going to be fine.

“So should we wake up Lyssa again?” Britney asked. “Mmmm my pussy
needs some loving.”

“Nahhh let her sleep,” Christina smiled as she sunk to her knees
right in front of her lover’s wet pussy. “I can take care of you
Britney. Let me show you what a good partner I can be.”

Britney had no problem with that suggestion, especially when
Christina’s tongue slid right past her dripping pussy lips. This
business partnership was already off to a great start.

* * * * *

With a groan, Jewel stirred from her night of slumber. She
reflexively reached over to the other side of the bed, but once
again there was nobody there. Waking up alone wasn’t something the
singer was used to and she sleepily sighed in sad frustration.

She used to love the road. She had loved playing in a different town
every night and seeing how one audience reacted to her set
differently than another had. Jewel had always welcomed the chance
to meet new people and her tours had given her so many opportunities
to meet and experience interesting people all over the world. But
this tour was different.

For the first time in her career, the road felt lonely and empty for
her. Jewel still loved giving her concerts and performing for her
fans, but the nights were so long and she felt a restlessness she
had never experienced before. It wasn’t hard to pinpoint the
difference. This was the first tour she had been on since she had
been invited to that pool party at the mansion where her life had
forever been changed.

Now the road didn’t seem so interesting to her. Jewel longed to be
back in Malibu with her housemates and all the friends they had
made. Before this tour, Jewel’s bed had never been empty in the
morning. There was always a sexy female body waking up with her and
sometimes there were two or three of them. Jewel missed that so much
and she couldn’t remember when she had ever felt this homesick
before. The fact that her schedule was going to take her right
through New York City in the next week, where she knew Sarah and Jen
were waiting for her, was a slight comfort but she wanted more.

If female companionship was just what Jewel was seeking then she
could have gotten that easily from any number of sources. She had
always had a fan base that was predominantly female and Jewel knew
that there was probably quite a few of them at each show that would
have loved the chance to spend some quality naked time with her. In
fact, Jewel had just had some fun a few days back with the president
of one of her fan clubs who had been all too willing to spend the
night with her tongue buried in her idol’s wet pussy.

But even though it had been fun, Jewel hadn’t felt the connection
with Amy that she felt with all her friends back in Malibu. It had
been so fleeting and Jewel had never been the type to enjoy a quick
encounter more than a real relationship. When she was with her
housemates and their friends it was like they were all part of some
secret little sisterhood that no one else knew about. That made
things so special between them and Jewel felt such a strong
connection between them that it truly rivaled anything she’d ever
had with a boyfriend. She longed to feel that connection and she
wasn’t going to get it from picking up random girls on the road.

Recently Jewel had been showing off a more sexed-up image and she
knew it was no coincidence that this had developed after she had
rediscovered her bisexual side. She had spent so many years keeping
her lust for women in check, but now all the things she’d done and
all the girls she’d done it to was making her feel so sexy and
confident and it was influencing her music. Her newest album was
much more upbeat and it certainly reflected how she’d been feeling
since that moment Jennifer had caught her peeking in on Love and
Jessica Alba and had set about releasing her pent up desires.

Jewel just felt more like having fun and showing off her body these
days. She had always known she was attractive, but seeing the affect
she had on girls like Sarah and Love and knowing all the ways she
could make Gwen Stefani or Michelle Branch come made Jewel feel so
much more comfortable and confident in showing off her goodies.

The road just didn’t hold the appeal for her that it did in years
past and now Jewel was finding herself doing something she had never
done before. She was counting off the concert dates in her head and
begging for time to somehow speed up so she could get them over with
and go back home.

* * * * *

Sarah sat back in the green room and tried to get her mind on the
scenes she was supposed to shoot that day for the movie. It wasn’t
easy, because all Sarah’s brain wanted to think about was sex. She
tried over and over to discipline herself and focus her thoughts on
the movie, but all she could think about was what she had done last
night with Alyson, what she had done last night with Jennifer and
all the things she wanted to do today to all the hot girls she knew.

It was a losing battle and she knew it, so after awhile Sarah just
stopped struggling. Thoughts of the movie were pushed to the side as
Sarah sat back, smiled and let her thoughts fill with as many horny
thoughts as she could summon. She had been so worked up since she
had gotten to New York and her sex drive didn’t show any signs of
slowing down anytime soon. Sarah didn’t know what was causing it. It
could have been the aftermath of her attack or it could have been
her impending marriage to Freddie. Whatever the reason was, it was
putting her pussy into a state of perpetual heat and Sarah loved it.

She had felt pretty normal when she had gotten up that morning and
kissed Jennifer goodbye before she left. She was supposed to do an
appearance that morning on “Live with Regis and Kelly” and Sarah had
figured she’d do that and get back to the set with no problem. But
then she’d actually done the show and her whole mood had shifted
into hyper-slutty. Sarah had watched this show a bunch of times and
done a few appearances on it and Kelly Ripa had never done anything
for her before. Regis’ perky, blonde co-host was very pretty, but
Sarah had never really felt anything for her…until today.

Sarah couldn’t put her finger about what had set her off about Kelly
that morning, but she didn’t really care to dwell on the “why” in
all of this. All that mattered was that right now Sarah was having
some very forbidden fantasies about America’s favorite morning host
who wasn’t Katie Couric. Kelly had acted like she always had and
dressed like she always had, in a loose tan skirt and a black top,
but Sarah felt like she had really noticed her today. Kelly hadn’t
made anything close to a move toward Sarah, but for the first time
the former slayer felt a rush of desire for her.

Right now Sarah was alone in the show’s green room wishing that
Kelly was there pulling down her beige pants and her wet panties.
She wondered if Kelly had ever been with a woman before and if she’d
be good at eating pussy. Sarah took a long drink from the water
bottle she held in her hand and smiled wickedly as she closed her
eyes and pictured Kelly sitting down in the chair naked with her
legs spread wide as Sarah slowly pushed the bottle into her hot, wet

It was such an overpowering image that Sarah almost came right there
while fully dressed, without even having touched herself. Her
nipples were straining against her bra and pink shirt. These
fantasies came about so suddenly that Sarah really didn’t know how
to deal with them. She and Kelly had always been very friendly to
each other on the few times they’d met and now Sarah felt such an
overpowering lust for her she was left wondering what to do. The one
thing she couldn’t do was touch herself, even though she longed to.
There really wasn’t any place around here that she knew of where she
could sneak away and find the proper relief and she wasn’t so far
gone that she was going to slam herself right here in the green room
when anyone could walk in and find her.

It also wasn’t as if she could go to Kelly’s dressing room and knock
on her door to see if she wanted to fuck. Sarah had no indication
Kelly was into girls and she wasn’t about to approach her out of the
blue. It would have been fun to try, but it wouldn’t have been the
smart thing to do. So Sarah was left with these sudden, unexpected
fantasies and no way to get satisfaction. She supposed she was going
to have to wait until she got to the set and saw Jamie, but Sarah
didn’t want to wait. She wasn’t supposed to be at the set until this
afternoon and she knew if she showed up early they would probably
make her do some kind of thing in front of a blue screen.

Suddenly a thought occurred to Sarah and she sat up in her chair.
She was right near the set for “All My Children.” They taped the
soap opera in the same building and Sarah was always up for a visit
to her old stomping grounds. As long as people knew enough to keep
her and Susan Lucci separated then those visits were always fun. If
it wasn’t a solution to her horniness, then at least it was
something for her to do until she’d have a chance to get over to the
set and see how eager Jamie was for some fun.

Sarah’s big break was being cast on the show. She’d been rescued
from the purgatory of commercials and “Swan’s Crossing” by playing
Erica Kane’s bitchy daughter, Kendall. That show had brought her the
one thing Buffy never had…an Emmy and she treasured her time on
it, even if she had ended up at Susan Lucci’s throat after the diva
had begun suspecting Sarah was stealing her thunder. She had left
the cast years ago, but she still kept in touch with her friends
and, because she visited the show every time she was in New York,
she had made a lot of new friends too.

It was only a short walk down to the set and if they still kept to
the same schedule they had had when Sarah was in the cast, then
people were probably reporting in about now. Sarah took a moment to
compose herself and not appear as though she was stuck on the verge
of orgasm. She couldn’t shake the fantasies she was having or the
desire to get herself some fun, but hopefully she would be able to
retain enough control to keep from humping any hot girls she saw on
the leg. Sarah giggled as she pictured that in her mind. God,
turning bisexual had made her into such a guy.

When she got downstairs, Sarah was disappointed to see that not many
other people had arrived yet. It was close to 10:30 a.m. here, but
she didn’t see anyone she knew. She guessed they had moved back call
time or something. Sarah wandered the hallways of the soap opera’s
floor and said hi to a few backstage people she knew, but she
couldn’t find any of the people she was looking for. She was about
to give up and head back, wondering whether she had time to get back
to her hotel and find Jennifer, when she suddenly heard a voice
behind her.

“Hey…no unauthorized access back here,” the female voice said.
“Where’s security?”

Sarah whirled around and smiled when she saw that she had been
caught by Rebecca Budig, one of the more recognizable faces in the
cast. Rebecca was probably the sexiest star on the show these days
and she was certainly someone who had kept Sarah watching through
the ups and downs of the plotlines. The young blonde was one of the
people Sarah had befriended when visiting the show.

“Hey G,” Sarah said as she hugged her friend and used her nickname.
It wasn’t the first nickname Rebecca would have chosen for herself,
but that was the thing about nicknames. You often didn’t pick them.

“Hey yourself,” Rebecca replied, returning the hug. “What are you
doing over here anyway? What made you want to grace us with your
presence today?”

“I did Regis and Kelly this morning,” Sarah answered. “I wanted to
see if anyone was around and wanted to hang out. I didn’t expect
nobody to be around.”

“Yeah, they pushed back the call time today,” Rebecca explained.
“Unfortunately someone forgot to tell me so here I am looking like a
dork when I could be at home sleeping in very late.”

“Well I guess we’re both dorks then,” Sarah laughed.

“I guess so,” Rebecca replied. “I guess that if I have to be stuck
in Dorkville with anyone, it might as well be Buffy the Vampire
Slayer. I could have been stuck with Ricky Paul Goldin after all.”

“Don’t remind me,” Sarah smiled as she remembered her former

“So how’s Kelly?” Rebecca asked. “I haven’t seen her in so long. I
mean I guess you take it for granted when you see someone every day
that you’ll always see them, but I haven’t seen her in months.”

“Are you kidding?” Sarah asked. “She works like three floors above
you and you never see her?”

“Please, she’s like persona non grata after the last contract
dispute,” Rebecca said. “The producers were so pissed that she left
the show. If they saw her come down here for a visit or anything
they’d probably send the AMC death squads after her. Of course that
will probably all be forgotten the next time they decide they want
to bring Haley and Mateo back.”

“Ahhh good to see the whole money talks thing hasn’t changed since I
left,” Sarah sighed.

“Oh it’ll be like that long after you and I are in the old age home
for former soap stars,” Rebecca remarked. “Some things will never

Rebecca was even happier than usual to see Sarah that morning. She
liked it when Sarah stopped by. She had heard diva stories about
Sarah’s behavior before, but like most rumors she had heard over the
years, they hadn’t proved to be true. Rebecca always had thought
Sarah was very nice and friendly.

To her generation of actresses, Sarah was a real inspiration. So
many big stars had started out on soaps, like Meg Ryan and Julianne
Moore, but Sarah was her age and Rebecca really looked up to her.
She had started out in the same position she was in now and had
risen through the star system to headline her own show, star in
movies and be a worldwide recognizable face.

Rebecca knew she was a big star in the soaps universe, but that was
still a very small universe. She was more likely to be recognized in
Hollywood for her two-minute part in “Batman Forever” then she would
be for her years on “Guiding Light” or “All My Children.” But Sarah
was someone famous all over the world and to say Rebecca wanted that
too was to be putting things mildly. Rebecca always liked when Sarah
stopped by because it helped inspire her and show her that her dream
of really making it big was in reach.

Today, Sarah’s presence was extra welcome because Rebecca was bored
out of her skull. If she’d known that they were going to be filming
so late then she never would have been here right now. She was going
to find out how the message didn’t get to her and make sure whoever
was responsible had their head brought to her on a platter. If there
was one thing Rebecca hated about soap operas was all the backstage
power plays. She had heard about the movie industry being cutthroat
and ruthless but she couldn’t imagine it to be any worse than what
went on behind the scenes at the soaps she had worked on.

“So I guess we’ve got some time to kill this morning,” Rebecca said.
“You know of anything us girls can do?”

God, what a loaded question, Sarah thought to herself. If only she
knew what I could do to her. Sarah felt all her desire beginning to
rage again as she tried not to be too obvious about eyeing Rebecca
over. Sarah had always seen how hot Rebecca was, but now yummy was
the only word Sarah could think of to describe her friend.

The young blonde had just thrown some clothes on, thinking she was
going to be in costume early, and she was standing before Sarah in
jean shorts and a t-shirt that tugged up to give very appealing
glimpses of her toned tummy. Sarah could picture herself just
pushing Rebecca against the wall and yanking those shorts down.

Sarah managed to restrain herself again before she started drooling.
Rebecca must think I’m nuts, Sarah said as she tried to stop staring
at her friend. She knew Rebecca was very much into guys, so she
didn’t want to try and make a move when she didn’t think it would be
accepted. Sarah didn’t want to blow a friendship and give more grist
to the rumor mill. God, she needed to come so badly and events
seemed to be conspiring to get her as horny as possible without any
relief in sight.

“Hey, want to see if Kelly wants to get some coffee or something?”
Rebecca suggested innocently. “They’re done shooting their show now
and it’ll give us all a chance to catch up and everything.”

“Sure…sounds good,” Sarah replied. Her throat became suddenly dry
at the thought of being back in Kelly’s presence. Sarah didn’t think
she would be able to hide her flustering arousal for long. She was
probably going to come just from walking to Kelly’s dressing room.
Sarah kept telling herself to maintain control, but she knew she was
only fooling herself. There was no way she wasn’t going to lose it.

Sarah and Rebecca made their way back upstairs to the “Regis and
Kelly” floor. Because they were both such recognizable faces, they
had no trouble passing right by security as they walked toward
Kelly’s dressing room. They quickly arrived at their destination and
Sarah was about to knock when she heard something and suddenly

“What? What is it?” Rebecca asked as Sarah’s fist froze in mid-air.

“Shhhh…listen,” Sarah said quietly. Rebecca frowned and strained
her ears to try and hear exactly what Sarah did. She didn’t get it
at first, but then she realized what it was and her eyes went wide.

“Oh my gawd…” Rebecca giggled as she moved her ear closer to the
door for a better listen. When Sarah had first heard the moans
coming from inside Kelly’s dressing room she had immediately assumed
she wasn’t feeling well. Then Sarah heard a buzzing noise she was
all too familiar with and she realized that Kelly was feeling very
well indeed.

“I can’t believe she’s doing this,” Rebecca marveled as she listened
to the continued moaning and buzzing. She had never figured Kelly to
be the type to do something like that.

“Oh? And you don’t?” Sarah teased as she felt her pussy throb with
need under her pants.

“Shut up,” Rebecca blushed as she gave Sarah a playful push. Of
course she did it. Sometimes she did this right in her own dressing
room just like Kelly did. But she had never thought she’d hear Kelly
moaning in pleasure like this.

“We should go,” Rebecca said quietly as she pulled away from the
door, but that suggestion was quickly shot down.

“No,” Sarah said with a firm shake of her head that illustrated that
she wasn’t intending on going anywhere.

“Oh my gawd…look at you,” Rebecca gasped in shock when she saw
Sarah’s nipples obviously straining against her pink shirt. They
were like tiny pebbles poking through the material. Rebecca couldn’t
believe she was seeing this. First Kelly and now Sarah. What was
going on this morning?

“Yeah…it’s making me hot…what are you gonna do about it G?”
Sarah demanded. She didn’t know where the words that were coming out
of her own mouth were coming from and she didn’t care. Sarah was
through trying to hide her arousal. She didn’t care what Rebecca
thought right now.

“Are you just going to stand there and listen you perv?” Rebecca
asked. Her question was cutting, but her tone wasn’t. There was an
air of giddy playfulness in Rebecca’s voice. She was no stranger to
sex, but this was all new to her. Rebecca couldn’t help but find
herself get a little excited too as she heard her former co-star
masturbate while her friend got visibly aroused.

“Nope,” Sarah grinned wickedly. “I’m going to do more.”

When she’d first heard the moans, Sarah had also noticed that Kelly
had carelessly left her door unlocked. There was so much potential
for danger in what Sarah wanted to do here, but there was also so
much potential for the hot fun she needed. Sarah couldn’t remember
when she’d ever done anything this risky before, but with no
risk…there was no reward.

“What are you going to do?” Rebecca asked. “Walk in and see if she
needs a hand?”

Sarah grinned again and winked at Rebecca, telling her that that was
exactly what she intended to do. Rebecca’s jaw hit the floor. She
had never seen Sarah act like this before. She wasn’t going to
pretend that she and Sarah were best friends or confidantes or
anything like that, but she was totally shocked to see this side of
the girl. Of course, being shocked didn’t mean that she didn’t like
seeing it. Rebecca didn’t make any move at all to stop Sarah as she
pushed open the door and walked right in on Kelly mid-masturbation.

“Hey Kelly,” Sarah grinned as she helped herself to an eyeful of the
morning host. Kelly gasped at the sudden interruption. She was
sitting in her makeup chair, her tan skirt pulled up around her
waist and her panties around her ankles. Her top was pulled up over
her breasts and her bra pushed down to expose her hard nipples.
There was a blue vibrator buried inside Kelly’s spread pussy and she
was so shocked that she didn’t even move to pull it out of herself.
She didn’t look much like America’s Sweetheart like that.

Kelly was too stunned to move. She just stated in open mouth shock
at the two girls who had interrupted her. She tried to summon words.
Tried to tell them that it wasn’t what it looked like. Kelly tried
to focus herself. Why was Sarah in her dressing room? And was that
Rebecca with her? What was going on here?

“What are you two doing in here?” Kelly asked when she finally found
the sense to pull the vibrator out of herself and push down her
skirt. She couldn’t believe this was happening, but she was too
embarrassed to be angry over the interruption. Her face was almost
purple with humiliation and Sarah immediately sought to ease Kelly’s

“No, don’t be embarrassed,” Sarah said, placing her hand on Kelly’s
knee tenderly. “We heard you in the hallway and we wanted to see if
you needed help.”

“You…you were listening to me?” Kelly asked, not believing that
someone like Sarah Michelle Gellar would be snooping in on this most
intimate of acts. All she had wanted was a little private time to
herself. Now she just wished the world would swallow her up. “Why?
Why would you do that? Please…just go…go away…”

“We didn’t mean to snoop,” Sarah claimed. “But we were just stopping
by and we heard you. You shouldn’t have to be alone Kelly…when you
need pleasure you should always have someone to help you…”

Sarah then smiled and began to caress Kelly’s leg. Her hand slowly
moved up and down Kelly’s exposed flesh, hiking up her skirt again.
Kelly’s throat suddenly went dry again and she lost all ability to
respond other than gasping in surprise. Rebecca couldn’t believe it
either. She’d tagged along just to see what would happen and it was
dawning on her that things were getting awfully lesbo in here. She
didn’t know what surprised her more. The fact that Sarah seemed to
really be coming onto Kelly or the fact that she was getting turned
on watching it.

“What are you doing?” Kelly asked in a shy whisper. She was still
visibly blushing, but it seemed to be less and less out of
embarrassment. This was just surreal. It didn’t seem possible that
she could be in a situation like this, but here she was, being
touched like a lover by Sarah. She’d just been a guest on the show a
half hour ago. Now this was happening! It had to be a dream!

But Kelly knew it was all real. That gentle touch was real and the
stimulation she was getting from it was all too real. She didn’t
know what to do. She had always fantasized about someone walking in
on her while she masturbated, that was why she had left the door
unlocked. But she had never thought it would actually happen and she
had never thought it would be a woman who would walk in…much less
two of them.

“Sarah…don’t…” Kelly protested as she started to squirm in her
chair. She’d been interrupted before she could get herself off and
all the horniness she hadn’t been able to release was now coming
back with friends.

“Shhhh…” Sarah said before softly pressing her lips to Kelly’s and
kissing her gently. Kelly was too stunned to do anything. Rebecca
just covered her mouth with her hand and gasped. Sarah pulled away
and smiled.

“Close the door G, we don’t want anyone else sneaking in, do we
Kelly?” Sarah said wickedly before leaning in to kiss Kelly again.

Rebecca wordlessly obeyed. She had no idea what she was doing. This
was like nothing she’d ever seen before and she’d certainly never
been this close to a lesbian situation. She had just wanted to see
how it was all going to play out and now she was getting an eyeful.

“I’m not a lesbian…” Kelly said in a whisper when she finally
found the will to push the words past her lips.
“I…I…just…don’t do this Sarah…please…”

“I’m not going to hurt you Kelly,” Sarah said reassuringly as she
reached up to toy with Kelly’s short blonde mop of hair. “You don’t
need to play with yourself anymore. I’m going to show you what
pleasure is all about.”

After Sarah made that promise, she kissed Kelly again. Despite the
enormous amount of reluctance she felt, Kelly began to respond to
the gentle, sexy kiss. She opened her mouth and slowly began to kiss
back. It was like she was having an out of body experience. Kelly
could see herself doing these things and feel them happening to her,
but it was like she couldn’t control her own body anymore.

Never in her wildest dreams or fantasies had Kelly expected this to
happen. She was a talk show host. She was a soap star. She had her
own sitcom. She was a loving wife and mother. And now she was
kissing another woman and feeling the sweet pleasure it was creating
in her body. Kelly had always been open about sex and she didn’t
consider herself inhibited, but this was beyond everything she’d
done. When she’d been in college she’d fooled around with a few of
her sorority sisters, but that had just been a little bit of kissing
and touching. This looked and felt like a seriously advanced level.

With the schedule of filming a talk show in the morning and sitcom
all afternoon, Kelly was often exhausted by the time she had to go
and be wife and mother for her family. She kept up such a demanding
pace, that lately she had just been too damn tired to get much
pleasure for herself. Her husband Mark was good in bed and she loved
him with all her heart, but Kelly had just had no energy to make
love. She hadn’t stopped feeling horny though and she had just
wanted to take these few free minutes she had had this morning to
play with her toy and get herself a badly needed orgasm. Now it
looked like she had way more than she had bargained for.

“Sarah…I just don’t know,” Kelly moaned when their kiss ended.
“I…I’ve never done this before. I just can’t…I have Mark and

“Don’t worry about Mark,” Sarah said. “Just think about you and all
the things I can do to you to make you feel good. Mmmmm I can feel
how wet you are Kelly. You need this. You need this as bad as I do.
Let me kiss you. Let me touch you. Let me make you come.”

Kelly felt as if she were fighting a battle she didn’t want to win.
She needed pleasure. It just felt so weird to be doing this with
someone like Sarah. God, she’d been bantering back and forth with
her on the air just a short time back. Now look at them! And there
was Rebecca standing in the corner…watching them. It was too
weird! But it did feel good and Kelly began to moan some more as
Sarah slowly pushed her hand up her skirt and toward her pussy. She
hadn’t pulled her panties up, so her sex was open and exposed to
Sarah’s lewd and lascivious intents.

If Kelly was having trouble believing this was happening, it wasn’t
as if Sarah was the picture of calm either. She may have looked cool
as ice on the outside, but inside she was feeling like there was a
downed power line in her stomach, shooting dangerous current
everywhere. All the arousal she’d been feeling that morning was
fueling her on and she was going purely on instinct. Sarah didn’t
want to pause even for a second, not because she was afraid Kelly
was going to make her stop, but because she was afraid she was going
to make herself stop.

Sarah wanted this. She wanted to take Kelly and make her come while
Rebecca watched and then take Rebecca and show her how good a female
tongue could feel in her pussy. Sarah knew it defied all common
sense to do this. It was so fucking risky. She was exposing herself,
literally and figuratively to two girls she didn’t really know that
well, but she wanted this. She wanted it so fucking bad. She wanted
it just like she had wanted Jennifer the other night in the
elevator. It hadn’t made sense then and it didn’t make sense now,
but Sarah craved it.

“You won’t need this anymore,” Sarah grinned naughtily as she took
the blue vibrator from Kelly’s hand. The tip was covered in her
juices and Sarah didn’t hesitate a second before bringing it to her
lips and licking it.

“Mmmmm,” Sarah said as she got her first taste of Kelly while her
hand continued to tease the morning host’s wet slit with gently
strokes. “I can’t wait to get that taste right from your pussy
Kelly. You’re going to see there’s nothing better than another
woman’s tongue inside you.”

Kelly just closed her eyes and moaned. To picture Sarah’s beautiful
and famous face between her legs was such an overpoweringly erotic
image. Kelly hadn’t had lesbian thoughts in years and years and even
when she had, they had never compelled her to do the things she knew
she was about to do. She was just in such a lust filled trance right
now that she probably would have done anything Sarah had wished if
it meant she’d end up having a chance to come.

Rebecca was still in a state of shock as all of this unfolded around
her. Neither Sarah nor Kelly had acknowledged her in so long, but
even if they had gotten in her face and snapped their fingers she
probably wouldn’t even have noticed. She had no idea Sarah was into
girls, but there she was kissing Kelly and touching her like she did
this every morning, noon and night. It was downright shocking, but
Rebecca couldn’t stop watching, especially since the more she saw
the wetter she felt her pussy get under her shorts.

“Stand up Kelly, let me strip you,” Sarah offered. Kelly complied,
slowly rising from her chair and immediately getting a passionate
kiss to her lips as a reward. Sarah hungrily kissed Kelly and pushed
her tongue inside for the first time. Kelly closed her eyes again
and just let Sarah kiss and tongue her. It was so soft and sexy that
Kelly began returning the favor by sliding her own tongue into
Sarah’s mouth. The two horny women frenched each other and sucked on
each other’s tongues with no inhibition as the reluctance Kelly had
melted away like an ice cube next to an open flame.

Sarah wanted to make sure she was gentle here. Part of her wanted to
go all Rose-style on Kelly and force her blonde head to her knees so
she could get her face in her dripping pussy, but Sarah didn’t think
Kelly would have responded to that. She could tell the woman needed
a soft, loving touch to slowly bring her over to the girl/girl side
of things.

Now that she had Kelly standing up, Sarah reached down to pull the
woman’s panties all the way off her legs. Sarah also helped Kelly
off with her top so she was standing there in her skirt and her half
off bra. Sarah could see how hard Kelly’s nipples were, but she knew
she could get them harder. Leaning down, Sarah began to lovingly
tongue the hard pink pleasure nubs. Her tongue circled all around
Kelly’s aureoles and zeroed in on her nipples, batting them around
and making the blonde woman moan.

Reaching around back, Sarah helpfully undid the clasp of Kelly’s
bra, finally freeing her tits from their imprisonment. Kelly’s
breasts were bigger than Sarah had assumed they would be. They
looked like they were bordering on the healthy border between B cup
and C cup. But it didn’t really matter to Sarah how big they were.
All that mattered was that they were hers to play with.

“Oh Sarah…mmmmm yessss…” Kelly moaned. She still felt conflicted
about this, but Sarah’s mouth was making her so wet. “God, you’re so
good at this. Play with my boobs. Yesssssss suck them and touch

Sarah smiled happily when she heard Kelly begin to respond like
that. She would have stopped for real if she felt she was really
forcing Kelly into this, but Sarah knew she wasn’t and she was
committed to seeing this through to the end. Reaching around back
for Kelly’s skirt, Sarah pulled down the zipper and let it pool
around her feet. Since Kelly had kicked off her shoes the second she
had entered her dressing room, this left her stark naked.

Kelly suddenly felt another rash of nerves as she stood there bare
for Sarah and Rebecca to see. She could feel the heat of their
stares and she crossed her arms over her breasts and shifted
uncomfortably on her feet. She was the oldest woman in the room, but
she felt like a scared child. Sarah could tell how uncomfortable
Kelly was and she sought to ease those nerves by taking her own
clothes off.

“Watch me,” Sarah said as she stepped out of her shoes and began to
do a little bump and grind to music playing in her head. She knew
that Kelly and Rebecca couldn’t take their eyes off her and she
played up the sexiness of her strip show as she slowly peeled her
shirt over her head. She had a white lace bra on underneath and her
hard nipples seemed ready to poke right through it. The bra pushed
up Sarah’s small breasts and she bent over to make sure Kelly could
see all the cleavage she could muster.

Kelly smiled nervously when she saw that and her hands slowly
dropped away from her breasts as Sarah began to ease off her pants.
Sarah bent over the opposite way when she put her pants down, this
time to give Rebecca a cleavage glimpse and so Kelly could see the
way her lacy panties clung to the tight cheeks of her ass. Kelly
gasped when Sarah exposed her panties and turned around so she could
see the visible wet spot her pussy had created.

“I’m so wet for you Kelly,” Sarah said, stating the obvious. “And I
know you’re wet for me too. Do you want me to keep stripping? Do you
want me to take my bra and panties off for you?”

“Yes,” Kelly said softly. She was still confused, but she could feel
her own arousal and she could sense how bad she needed to do this.
It was new and it was so exciting. It was what she needed. She’d
make this up to Mark somehow. She didn’t know how, but she knew she
would. Right now all Kelly wanted was to get the sexy young thing in
front of her naked and to do whatever gave their bodies pleasure.

Sarah didn’t reply with any words. She just smiled and reached
around back to unsnap her bra. She leaned forward to let it fall off
of her chest and didn’t hesitate a second before pushing off her
panties as well and exposing her bare pussy to her aroused audience.
Now that the two of them were both completely naked, Sarah and Kelly
embraced. This time there was much more enthusiasm on Kelly’s part
and she returned Sarah’s kiss with a growing passion.

Suddenly the two of them heard a moan from behind them and they
turned around to see Rebecca licking her fingers as she pushed her
other hand into her undone shorts. Rebecca was staring at them with
wide eyed passion as she touched herself.

“That’s right G,” Sarah smiled. “Play with your pussy for us. Touch
yourself and get nice and wet while I make Kelly come.”

Sarah then turned her attention back to Kelly and gave her another
passionate kiss. The older woman was putty in Sarah’s arms and the
former slayer loved knowing she had this perky, sunny morning host
panting with lust for her. It was such a turn on and Sarah just
wanted to make Kelly hotter. She pushed Kelly back into her makeup
chair and buried her face in her soft breasts.

“Ohhhhh Sarah…mmmmm yessss suck on them…suck on those boobs,”
Kelly groaned as she felt that wonderful girl mouth all over her
flesh. Mark was a good lover, but there was just something hotter
about this for her. It was so naughty and forbidden and Kelly loved
it. Her pussy was getting so wet and she was on the edge with
anticipation because she knew Sarah’s mouth was going to be headed
there next.

As she kissed and played with Kelly’s breasts, Sarah could hear
Rebecca moaning behind them still. She didn’t pay any attention to
the young blonde yet, she wanted to focus entirely on Kelly. This
had worked out better than Sarah ever could have dreamed and they
were just getting started. There were so many things Sarah was
longing to do to these girls.

After leaving Kelly’s breasts covered in saliva, Sarah moved her
lips down her body. Sarah left her hands on Kelly’s tits to rub and
play with them while she began kissing her belly. Kelly had recently
had her third child, but she sure didn’t show it. Her stomach wasn’t
as toned and tight as her own was, but Sarah loved how soft it was.
Kelly had lost her baby weight, but she had kept all her yummy
curves. Sarah kissed all over her tummy as Kelly moaned for more.
The morning host’s hand unconsciously snaked to her own pussy, but
Sarah playfully slapped it away. She was going to be doing all the
touching here.

The closer she got to Kelly’s pussy, the more Sarah could smell her
increasing arousal. Kelly was so wet for her and Sarah’s tongue
needed to taste her. What she had sampled off the vibrator had been
good, but this was going to be better. Sarah began kissing around
her thighs and Kelly urged her on with soft, needy cries. She
helpfully sat back and spread her legs for what was to come and
Sarah rewarded her by teasing her slit with her fingers again.

“Yessssss…touch it Sarah,” Kelly hissed. “Touch my pussy! Feel how
wet I am! Mmmm you’re making me drip!”

Sarah had the evidence to back that up as she felt the naughty
juices all over her fingers. Kelly was wet and Sarah didn’t want to
waste a drop of that juice. She wanted it all on her tongue so she
didn’t waste a second more before pressing her lips to Kelly’s

“OOOOOOOOH!!!” Kelly squealed in delight as she felt another woman’s
tongue against her pussy for the first time. Her cries grew louder
and needier as Sarah began lapping away at her sex. She had thought
Mark was good at going down on her, but now Kelly could see his
tongue was no match for Sarah’s.

As she had hoped the taste of Kelly’s pussy was even better right
from the source. Sarah feasted on the girl cream that was ready and
waiting for her tongue. Kelly had gotten herself so hot from her
vibrator before Sarah and Rebecca had walked in and everything that
had happened since then had done nothing to cool her down. Sarah let
her tongue play and tease Kelly’s creamy cunt, getting her hotter
and hotter until she was practically panting and writhing in her

Rebecca couldn’t remember ever seeing anything this hot. She had
both of her hands buried in her shorts now. She didn’t even want to
pause to get undressed, she just wanted to get her hands on her
pussy to find relief for her rapidly overheating libido. Rebecca had
one hand spreading open her drenched cunt lips while the other slid
inside to play with her hard clit. Her eyes were frozen on this
erotic site before her…Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kelly Ripa both
bare assed naked as Sarah bent over on her knees to tongue Kelly’s
wet snatch.

From this position, Sarah’s pussy and ass were exposed to Rebecca’s
hungry eyes and, even though she had never done anything remotely
lesbo in her life, Rebecca felt like her tongue was destined for
those holes. Sure she’d fantasized about girls now and then, but it
had been just idle curiosity and nothing she had ever seriously
pursued. They were doing a lesbian storyline on the show, so Rebecca
wasn’t going to say she’d never considered what it would be like to
be with a girl. But she had always loved cock too much to give it
much of a serious thought.

After a disastrously brief marriage, Rebecca had dedicated herself
to having as much fun as she could during her youth. She was just on
the verge of her 20th birthday and she was fully aware that she
wasn’t going to be this young and hot her whole life. Her blonde
hair wasn’t going to be as sunny as it was now and her skin wasn’t
going to be as flawless. So she wanted to make sure and squeeze as
much fun as possible during her prime years. That had included some
hot, hunky boyfriends, but none of them had ever been able to do to
her what it looked like Sarah was doing to Kelly’s pussy right then.

Rebecca had never seen someone who looked like she needed to come as
badly as Kelly did right then. Her hands held Sarah’s blonde head
down between her legs while she moaned for more and expressed her
pleasure through sharp gasps and squeals of ecstasy. Rebecca wanted
to be in that chair. She wanted to feel what Kelly was feeling and
she hoped she wasn’t going to have to wait long.

Naturally, the pleasure Rebecca was getting from watching this live
sex show was nothing compared to what Kelly was feeling from
actually participating in. Sarah was giving her just what she’d
needed. She had craved the skilled touch of a lover and Sarah was
making her feel things that no chunk of plastic jammed up her pussy
ever could. Sarah’s tongue was amazing. Kelly had never thought
another woman could make her feel this good, but it seemed all the
stories she’d heard were true. Only women knew just how to work a
pussy over right.

“God yes Sarah!!! Lick my pussy!!! Mmmmmmmm you know what I need
baby!!! Please give it to me!!! Make me come!!!” Kelly cried out as
she held onto Sarah’s head and made damn sure that her lips didn’t
stray far from her pussy. She had never thought she’d be in a
situation like this, but it felt too good to question.

Sarah responded with a happy moan right against Kelly’s pulsing
clit. Getting at the woman’s clit had been so easy for Sarah’s
skilled tongue. Kelly had been hot enough already that her clit had
been nice and swollen and Sarah hadn’t had to search for but a
second before she’d been able to get her tongue against it. She
licked Kelly’s clit tenderly, but with force. She didn’t want to
overwhelm her on her first time, but she also wanted to make sure
she had an orgasm that she would never forget.

“Mmmmmmmmm fuck me Sarah!” Kelly panted. “Use that tongue on my
clit! Ohhhhhhh you’re making me feel soooooooo good Sarah! Don’t
stop! Don’t stop licking my pussy! Ooooooooooh I’m gonna come soon
baby! Pleeeeeeeeease make me come! I need this baby! Make me come
all over your sweet tongue!!!”

Sarah loved hearing Kelly’s cries of passion. Her voice was just as
perky as it was every morning, but now it was dipped deep in the
honey glaze of desire. The taste of her juices was magical. Sarah
hoped that Kelly was getting oral sex regularly, because this pussy
was too tasty to waste. She was going to have to recommend to all
her housemates that they get booked on this show right away. Sarah
lapped away at Kelly’s juices while her hands stroked her thighs and
reached up to rub her bare stomach.

Kelly was so close and Sarah began tonguing her harder. Her girl
juices were starting to cover Sarah’s face and the sexy actress made
sure that her tongue was absolutely soaked in them. She wanted all
her taste buds to experience it. Sarah paused in her attention to
Kelly’s clit to give her a hard tongue fucking. Kelly bucked on her
chair and moaned deeply as Sarah delivered a series of skilled stabs
with her tongue. She pistoned her tongue deep into the pinkness of
Kelly’s pussy in what Sarah hoped would be the first of many hot
explorations of Kelly Ripa’s intimate parts.

“Ohhhhhhhh God!!! Mmmmmmmm soooooooo close!!!” Kelly squealed. Her
grip on Sarah’s head got tighter as she rubbed her happy pussy all
over her new lover’s face. Kelly didn’t care who was going down on
her anymore. She just wanted to come.

Sensing that Kelly was about to burst loose all over her face, Sarah
stopped tongue fucking her and went back to her clit. She pressed
her face deep against Kelly’s pussy, her dark bush tickling her
skin, and sucked hard on her clitoris. Sarah latched her lips onto
her throbbing pleasure center and gave her every ounce of energy she
had. She sucked on Kelly’s clit, making her writhe and buck on the
chair, until the blonde finally hit her peak.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Kelly screamed out, not caring who heard her as

With Rebecca watching every cry and every jolt of her body, Kelly
came against Sarah’s face, soaking her beautiful features in girl
cum. Sarah didn’t let up a bit with her efforts. She let Kelly ride
her face as she sucked on the lips of her labia and tongued up as
much of her cream as she could. The rest dripped down Sarah’s chin
and onto her chest, where Sarah was only too eager to rub it into
her tits, creating a nasty little shine.

Drained of her orgasm, Kelly fell back in her chair and sighed
dreamily. Not wanting to disturb the peace of her afterglow, Sarah
pulled away from her cummy pussy and turned toward Rebecca. Sarah
smiled at her friend and let her stare right at her sticky, cream
covered face.

“So, you want a piece of this or what?” Sarah giggled, running her
hands all over her naked body as Rebecca finally withdrew her hands
from her shorts.

“What the fuck does this tell you?” Rebecca shot back before sinking
to her knees and kissing Sarah ferociously. It was the first girl
Rebecca ever kissed and she certainly didn’t lack for enthusiasm as
she sucked Sarah’s tongue right into her mouth and hungrily frenched

Sarah grinned as she felt the hot kiss. Rebecca sucked her tongue as
if her very sanity depended on it and Sarah was already drooling
with anticipation over how good that mouth would feel on her pussy.
Rebecca’s eagerness and inexperience showed as she began touching
all over Sarah’s naked body, leaving little drops of girl juice from
her wet fingers on her bare flesh. It was all so new to Rebecca that
she barely knew where to start. She played with Sarah’s tits and
moved her hands down her flat stomach before reaching up to caress
her face as they continued to kiss. Rebecca wanted everything at

Feeling this lusty wasn’t something new to Rebecca. When she was
with a hot guy and she was really into it, she would rarely have the
patience to sit still for a second. She’d want to feel pleasure
everywhere and wouldn’t know where to focus. She’d want her man’s
cock in her mouth, her pussy and her ass and she’d want it all at
once. Now that she was experiencing a woman’s touch for the first
time, Rebecca felt more excited than she’d ever been in her life.

It wasn’t hard for Sarah to notice Rebecca’s enthusiasm, especially
from the way she was kissing and groping her. The only problem from
Sarah’s perspective was that she was completely naked and Rebecca
still had way too many clothes on. She was going to have to do
something about that right away.

“Relax baby,” Sarah instructed her friend before kissing her lips
again. “Let me show you how it’s done.”

It was such a rush for Sarah to feel she had all the control in the
room. She was the experienced one and Kelly and Rebecca were the
blushing virgins dying for her sexy touch. It made Sarah feel so
powerful and so wet. Sarah’s arousal was so high that she thought
she might come from a stray breeze grazing the lips of her slit. She
thought about pushing Rebecca down onto her back on the rug and
riding her face right then to see how eager she really was, but
Sarah held herself back. She knew if she could make Rebecca come
now, then there would be no end to what the young blonde would be
willing to do to her.

Since Rebecca’s shorts were already undone, Sarah went right for
them. She let her friend sit back on the soft carpeting of the
dressing room floor while she tugged those shorts down and exposed
an absolutely soaked pare of red panties. They might as well have
not been there at all because Sarah could look at them and see the
lips of Rebecca’s slit clinging to them as well as make out each and
every hair of her dark, trimmed bush. Sarah felt as if she touched
them with her fingers they would probably just dissolve.

“You’re so fucking wet,” Sarah grinned as she pushed up Rebecca’s
t-shirt. This exposed her matching red bra and showed off the firm
swell of her tits. Sarah wet her finger in her mouth and traced it
over Rebecca’s cleavage, making the girl gasp and shiver happily.

“You made me wet,” Rebecca shot back. “Now show me how good you can
be. I’ve never done this before. You’d better not be some fucking
tease or something. You got me so hot taking Kelly like that. Now
you’d better make me come.”

“I’m a lot of things G, but I am not a tease,” Sarah grinned,
relishing the challenge Rebecca had just thrown down in front of
her. As bad as Rebecca wanted to come, it was just as bad as Sarah
wanted to make her come. She wanted this gorgeous soap star to fuck
her face and coat her tongue with pussy juice.

The two then kissed again and Sarah helpfully removed Rebecca’s
shirt all the way off after the kiss broke. This only left her in
her bra, panties and her sandals. The sandals were easily removed
when Rebecca reached down and took care of them herself. She kissed
Sarah while she was doing it, so she had to fumble a little, but she
made sure the kiss never broke. There was no way she was pulling her
lips away from Sarah’s, not when she was this much in need of an
orgasm. Rebecca didn’t care anymore that she was doing this with
another girl. She just wanted to feel pleasure. That didn’t make her
lesbo. It just made her horny.

“This just has to go,” Sarah said after playfully snapping Rebecca’s
bra strap. Rebecca giggled and reached around back to undo the clasp
of her own bra. As soon as she did, Sarah tugged it away to expose
her friend’s chest.

“Mmmmm you have great tits, G,” Sarah admired as she stared at the
firm, young mounds of flesh. They weren’t as big as Kelly’s but they
were perfectly proportioned to Rebecca’s slim body.

“Thanks, so do you,” Rebecca replied before reaching over to play
with Sarah’s perky breasts. Sarah returned the favor and soon they
were kissing again and playing with each other’s tits. Rebecca had
felt up her own enough times to know what a girl liked and she began
to toy with Sarah’s nipples, teasing them and tugging on them enough
to make Sarah moan. She didn’t have to do anything to make Sarah’s
nipples hard. They could already cut glass, but Sarah sure loved the
contact to her sensitive body.

Sarah broke off the kiss and pushed her face into Rebecca’s breasts.
She cupped them with her hands and pushed them up to her hungry
lips. Sarah kissed and sucked on the exposed flesh, lavishing
attention on Rebecca’s nipples. They felt so good in her mouth,
between her lips as she sucked on them and from the way Rebecca was
moaning, Sarah knew she liked this too.

“Ohhhh Kelly was right, that does feel good,” Rebecca moaned. “Suck
on those nipples Sarah. Mmmmmm it feels so fucking good to have your
mouth on my tits!”

At the sound of her name, Kelly perked up. Sarah had left her in
such a sexual daze that she had drifted off as the two girls had
stated to go at each other. Kelly was filled with so many intense
feelings right then. She felt confusion, she felt guilt, but most of
all what she felt was the wicked lust still burning in her veins.
This was so alien to her, but seeing Sarah and Rebecca kiss and
touch each other like that reminded her of everything she had just
enjoyed from her encounter with Sarah. Girls were so soft and
passionate. They knew just where to touch and for the first time
Kelly found herself wondering if she had it in herself to take that
next step and do to another girl what had just been done to her.

As Rebecca continued to purr from the loving attention she was
getting, Sarah maneuvered their bodies so Rebecca was lying flat on
her back while she lay on top. Their tits rubbed together and Sarah
and Rebecca shared a moan when their pussies began to touch.
Unfortunately since Rebecca was still wearing her panties, it wasn’t
the flesh on flesh touch that Sarah longed to feel. Rebecca also
needed to feel that sensation and she wasn’t shy about letting Sarah
know it.

“Mmmmm get my panties off me,” Rebecca moaned. “I need to feel you
against my pussy Sarah. Don’t make me wait!”

Sarah loved Rebecca’s impatience. She loved knowing she could
inspire these feelings of lust in two formerly straight girls. Sarah
rewarded Rebecca for her insistence by immediately reaching for her
panties and starting to tug them off. Rebecca assisted her new lover
in this motion by lifting herself just enough off the rug for Sarah
to get the panties off with no resistance. When they were both naked
they fell back into another hot kiss, rubbing their bare bodies

Rebecca gasped when she felt another woman’s bare pussy against
hers. She was so wet and the mix of hers and Sarah’s juices quickly
began to make a cummy mess between their cunts. She felt a rush of
wicked sensations shoot up her spine and the sexy teenager shook
under Sarah’s hot body.

“Ohhhhh yesssss…ohhhh Sarah is it always this good?” Rebecca
groaned as the sensations continued up her young body. She wasn’t a
slut, but Rebecca had been with her fair share of guys. Nothing had
ever made her feel like this before.

“Mmmmhmm,” Sarah confirmed with a smile. “And I haven’t even gotten
to the really good part yet baby. Just wait till I get my tongue
inside you G.”

Rebecca closed her eyes and moaned at the promise that this could
get better. It already felt so good to just rub herself against
Sarah that she figured that if her new lover was as good as she
claimed to be, she’d come just from one tongue swipe against her
slit. Sarah began to really grind against her pussy and Rebecca
eagerly did the same thing back to her.

Their drenched slits touched and rubbed together, making wet
squishing and slapping sounds that danced around the three sets of
ears in the dressing room. Rebecca felt the smooth skin of Sarah’s
shaved pussy rub her and it almost made her cream right there and
then. She wondered if it felt as good to have a bare pussy as it did
to rub up against one. She’d have to ask Sarah to shave her so she
could find out. Rebecca didn’t think Sarah would be inclined to
refuse her that request.

Sarah could feel Rebecca’s body quivering under hers. Her eyes were
pools of need and lust. Sarah knew just what her friend needed and
fortunately she was more than equipped to give it to her. She kissed
Rebecca’s lips one last time before beginning a journey down her
body. Sarah kissed down Rebecca’s neck and indulged herself in
another series of licks and pecks at her firm, young tits. With
Rebecca cooing the whole way down, Sarah traveled past her breasts
and onto her bare stomach. Rebecca giggled as Sarah teased and
tickled her bellybutton with her tongue, but her laughter turned
back into moaning as Sarah’s tongue reached her thighs. Sarah took a
moment to admire the wetness clinging to Rebecca’s snatch and how
she’d shaved her dark bush down to a tiny V of hair and then began
licking her flesh again.

Rebecca began breathing hard and gasping in short little bursts
while Sarah began licking all over her thighs. The young actress was
going crazy with anticipation for Sarah to move her lips and tongue
a little more to the right to get at her heated core. She was on the
edge and she felt like she couldn’t wait a second more.

“Please Sarah…please don’t tease,” Rebecca begged. “I need you! I
need your tongue in my pussy!”

“Ask nicely and you shall…well you know,” Sarah giggled before
granting Rebecca exactly what she needed. She placed a kiss right on
Rebecca’s slit and followed it up with a slow, long lick of her
glistening cunt lips.

“OHHHHHHHHMYGAWD!!!” Rebecca cried out, practically jumping out of
her skin from the sensations Sarah’s tongue brought her. It was so
intense that it was hard for her to get a grip on how fucking good
it felt. Sarah’s hungry tongue licked up all the juice that had
collected on her slit and then pushed right inside her tight pussy.
Feeling that tongue lapping away and exploring her pinkness had
Rebecca clawing at the rug with arousal.

“FUCK ME SARAH!!! FUCK ME!!!” Rebecca screamed excitedly, not caring
how far her voice carried. She didn’t want to hide this. She was
getting her pussy eaten by another woman and she was loving it. She
pulled her hands off of the carpet and moved them right to her tits.
As Sarah licked every inch of her pussy, Rebecca fondled her own
shaking breasts, massaging them and rubbing them raw.

From her vantage point, Kelly had an excellent view of Rebecca’s
face as she expressed all the pleasure she was feeling. The morning
host thought her former co-star had never looked more beautiful than
she did then, mouth and eyes open wide with ecstasy. Is that how I
looked? Kelly wondered that as she stared at Rebecca’s gorgeous
face. She was feeling herself get wet again from watching and her
eyes couldn’t help but stray lower to where Sarah lay flat on her
belly, her face buried between Rebecca’s legs.

She has such a great ass, Kelly observed, blushing when she caught
herself checking out another woman’s naked body. Her initial
embarrassment didn’t stop her from continuing to stare, though. She
looked at Sarah’s sculpted cheeks and the glistening lips of her
pussy and felt a hunger she had never experienced before. She didn’t
know what to do, but Kelly felt herself stirring from the sexual
daze she had been in, knowing that she couldn’t just sit back here
and appreciate the view. She had to do something.

“Ohmygawd Sarah don’t stop!” Rebecca exclaimed. “Tongue fuck me!
Fuck my hot pussy! Taste how fucking wet you got me! Ohhhhhhhhh it’s
all sooo good!”

Even the reaction she had seen from Kelly as she came wasn’t able to
adequately prepare Rebecca for what she was feeling right now. It
was so true. Only women did know what other women needed. Sarah’s
tongue attacked her pussy with precision not even her most skilled
boyfriends hadn’t possessed. Sarah knew just how long to tongue fuck
her pussy and just when to move over to work her clit over. Rebecca
felt as if someone was reaching into her body and flicking a switch
inside her from STRAIGHT to BISEXUAL. She knew she was totally into
this now and that she was going to be checking out hot girls along
with hot guys now.

It was easy for Sarah to stimulate Rebecca. As yummy as Kelly had
been, she had had obvious reservations and had been nervous through
the entire encounter. Rebecca was totally there with her and holding
nothing back. She was open to whatever Sarah wanted to do to her and
there was no resistance when Sarah began sucking on her clitoris.

Rebecca’s cries became louder when Sarah started on her clit with
her experienced lips. Sarah alternated between long sucks and hard
tongue flicks against her sensitive love button. Every bit of
attention Sarah paid to her felt like lightning bolts of pleasure
shooting through her body. Rebecca wouldn’t have been shocked if
she’d found out her hair was now standing straight up on her head.
She wouldn’t have cared though. All that mattered was the pleasure
she was feeling. She knew she was close to an orgasm. Watching that
hot show and toying with herself had gotten Rebecca close to the
edge and Sarah’s tongue made her want to dive off that edge
headfirst into the pool of rapture. But just as she felt herself
start to get really close, Sarah paused.

Sarah had been sucking hard on Rebecca’s clit and minding her own
business. She’d captured Rebecca’s clitoris between her lips and was
sucking and massaging the throbbing bud when she suddenly felt a
finger slide past her slit and into her pussy. Sarah pulled out of
Rebecca’s pussy and gasped as the one finger began to slowly fuck
her, as if testing the waters of her pussy. Soon a second finger
joined and Sarah was happily moaning.

She knew it had to be Kelly doing this to her and her suspicions
were confirmed when the morning host moved her lips close to Sarah’s
ear and began whispering to her.

“I want to make you come, Sarah,” Kelly informed her in a hushed
tone. “I want to make you feel good.”

“Mmmmm that’s just what you’re doing, Kelly,” Sarah groaned. “Push
those fingers inside me. Finger my tight little pussy just like
that. Fuck yes! I’ll be coming all over those fingers!”

Kelly found herself grinning with excitement over that prospect.
Sometimes when she and Mark would go to a movie or a play together
and it got boring she would get such a rush out of undoing his pants
and giving him a hand job right there in the theater. She loved it
when he would come all over her hand and that was what it looked
like was going to happen here. It was a different sex, but the same
result and Kelly loved it.

The feeling of Kelly’s exploring fingers was doing wonders for
Sarah’s pussy. She needed to come so badly. All the pent up
horniness in her body had been like a weight down upon her shoulders
and every thrust of her fingers made that weight a little lighter.
An orgasm here would be deliverance to Sarah and she longed to be
saved. Unfortunately, taking time out to moan and experience the
pleasure of Kelly’s fingers didn’t fit in too well with Rebecca’s
plans and she let Sarah know it.

need dripping from every letter. “EAT MY PUSSY AND FUCKING MAKE ME

Rebecca released her tits from the custody of her hands and pushed
Sarah’s face down back against her sex. She grabbed at Sarah’s dyed
blonde hair and held her down steady, making sure that tongue got
back to doing what it did best. It wasn’t necessary for her to be
held down, but Sarah didn’t mind. She liked the feeling of Rebecca
gripping her hair and it reminded her that she needed to finish her
friend off.

Sarah pushed her tongue back inside the heated pink folds of
Rebecca’s pussy. She licked her clit to get her back to where she
was a few minutes ago and when Sarah felt the heat and wetness of
Rebecca’s pussy grow, she knew it was time to get back to making her
come. Sarah ignored the pleasure Kelly was giving her and started
sucking on Rebecca’s clit again. She pinched it between her lips and
soon had Rebecca right back on the verge again.

At first Kelly took the lack of reaction from Sarah’s lips as a sign
she was doing a bad job. She wasn’t particularly confident in her
own skills at this and she sort of hoped Sarah would pull her face
up from Rebecca to tell her how hot she was getting and how much she
loved having her fingers inside her. Kelly didn’t want to let Sarah
down, but instead of words she soon got the next best thing. As
Sarah kept her lips wrapped around Rebecca’s clit, she wiggled her
ass back and forth, egging Kelly on through her swaying motions.

Kelly seized upon that as a sign that Sarah wanted more and she
began finger fucking her harder. She located Sarah’s clit and used
her fingers to pinch and rub it. Kelly could start to hear Sarah’s
muffled moans and she fingered her faster. She felt her fingers
become so slick with Sarah’s juices and for the first time Kelly
felt the need to taste the juices of another woman. She loved how
they felt on her fingers and she needed to know how her new lover

Pulling her fingers out of Sarah’s snug pussy, Kelly helped herself
to a taste. She had tasted herself before and she was relieved to
see there were no huge differences. Sarah’s juices had a kick to
them, but they were still sweet and her tongue adapted to the taste
with ease. The more Kelly tasted the more she liked and, as Sarah
wiggled her ass to coax Kelly’s fingers back inside, she started to
wonder if there was a better way than using her fingers to get Sarah

Sarah kept working over Rebecca’s clit like a starved animal that
had finally found meat. She knew that as soon as Rebecca got off
she’d be able to concentrate fully on her own needs and get the
orgasm she needed so badly. Rebecca was close and the more Sarah
sucked on her clit, the louder she got.

“YESSSSSS SUCK ON THAT CLIT!!!” Rebecca babbled passionately.

The way Rebecca got nastier the closer she was to coming reminded
Sarah of Alyson and she grinned at the thought of hooking those two
up together for a screaming orgasm contest. Sarah would have happily
volunteered as judge. But that could wait. Right now Sarah was
preparing for another blast of hot girl cum against her face and
when she gave Rebecca’s clit another hot suck, the virgin lesbian
didn’t disappoint.

“AWWWWWWWWW FUCK YESSSSSSSSS!!!” Rebecca howled as she suddenly
came. She’d wanted this so bad and there was no letdown when it
finally happened. Her body shook and lurched on the soft carpeting
from the force of her orgasm. Rebecca’s hand still held Sarah’s face
to her pussy and when she came she humped the former slayer’s face
hard, meeting the forceful sucks with a passionate reaction of her

Sarah’s face was covered with girl cum for the second time this
morning and she hoped that it didn’t have a lot of calories because
she wasn’t missing a drop. Her tongue swam in Rebecca’s cream and it
mixed with the leftovers from Kelly’s orgasm to form a delightful
cum cocktail that sent Sarah’s tastebuds soaring. She loved
Rebecca’s taste and it moved her own orgasm even closer.

Of course it helped Sarah along considerably when she felt a new
stimulation against her pussy. She had felt so empty when Kelly had
pulled her fingers out, but that hadn’t lasted and instead it had
been replaced with tentative, but sexy licks from Kelly’s tongue. By
now Rebecca had pulled away to lie back on the floor with a silly,
satisfied grin crossing her well orgasmed face and Sarah was able to
encourage Kelly’s first efforts at cunnilingus.

“Yessss Kelly…that’s it baby…lick my pussy!” Sarah mewed. She
was so close already that she knew it wouldn’t take more than a few
good licks to get her off. “Mmmm taste my wet pussy Kelly! Lick all
those juices up so you can get my cream for dessert! Make me come
all over your face like you came all over mine! Ohhhhh it’s good
baby! I love your tongue on me!”

That was just what Kelly wanted to hear. She loved the taste of
Sarah’s pussy even more when she was licking it directly from her.
She licked her lips up and down like she was a popsicle, her tongue
soon slipping inside Sarah and finding her so warm and wet. Kelly
started licking harder and tasting as much of Sarah’s rich, hot
flavor as she could get on her tongue.

Sarah helped things by getting up off her stomach and positioning
her body on all fours. She looked down and Rebecca and saw that the
little slut had begun touching herself while she watched Kelly go
down on Sarah. Sarah felt her firm breasts began to shake as her
body reacted to increasing confidence of Kelly’s licks.

“Mmmmm just a little more Kelly!” Sarah begged. “I’m so close baby!
Lick me like that! Just like that Kelly! Lick my wet pussy so I can
come! Show me how much you loved it when I fucked you baby! You owe
me Kelly! Make me come!”

Kelly knew she certainly did owe Sarah. She had no idea what the
future held. She didn’t know if this was going to be a one time
thing or the start of a new journey for her. She did know that she
had loved what Sarah had done to her and she wanted to make her feel
good too. The lips of Sarah’s pussy were clamping down tight on her
tongue now and Kelly knew her new friend was close. All it was going
to take was a little more, so that was exactly what Kelly gave Sarah
as she gave her clit a series of happy, long licks.

AHHHHHHHHH” Sarah screamed as she reacted to the sudden licks to her
clit by exploding her orgasm all over Kelly Ripa’s face. She lurched
back and forth on her hands and knees and Rebecca quickly reinserted
herself back into the fun by grasping Sarah’s bouncing tits and
playing with them as her friend came.

Even though she knew Sarah had been about to come, Kelly really
hadn’t been prepared for the rush of hot girl cream that suddenly
coated her tongue and spilled down her chin. She gasped and gagged a
bit at first, but then quickly got back into it. The taste of
Sarah’s orgasm was even better than what she had tasted before and
Kelly was happily letting whatever didn’t cover her tongue to soak
her face.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm yessssssss sooooooo good,” Sarah moaned happily as she
finally fell back. She’d been needing that orgasm and her body felt
almost empty without all that built up sexual energy. Sarah knew
she’d have come even harder if she’d had the practiced tongue of one
of her housemates between her legs, but Kelly’s fresh new tongue had
still brought her the pleasure she’d so badly needed. Sarah’s body
felt all flushed and sweaty. Out of the corner of her eye before
she’d noticed that Kelly’s dressing room had a shower in it and she
had a sinking suspicion that the three of them would soon be using

Sarah fell back onto the rug and quickly found her face and lips
covered with sexy kisses from her two new lovers. Sarah welcomed
Kelly and Rebecca’s attention and she kissed them right back,
alternating between the two blondes before finally bringing them
together in a three way kiss. The three girl tongues twirled
together in a mutual exclamation of the lust they still felt for
each other.

Needing oxygen, Sarah pulled herself away and Kelly and Rebecca
responded by turning their passions toward each other. They began
kissing and playing with each other’s bodies as they hovered over
Sarah’s body. The spark of lust that had been lit between the two
former co-stars showed signs of growing and fast. Sarah grinned as
she lay back and prepared to watch them go at it. Whatever was about
to happen, Sarah knew she was going to be visiting these two sets
much more often.

* * * * *

Reese Witherspoon sighed as she sat in her bathtub, floating amongst
the bubbles. The last few days had been like a blur for her. Wasn’t
that always the way with life? She’d been in denial about her
marriage for so long. She didn’t love Ryan anymore. Sometimes she
wondered if she ever really had. All that had happened with Sarah
and Jessica and all the other girls she’d seen recently had only
just opened her eyes to the problems that had existed all along.

The fact that Reese had discovered her bisexuality was almost
incidental. It just helped her to realize that she needed to make a
break with Ryan. When she had realized that, it felt like she should
have known it all along and it was like a tremendous weight had been
lifted off her. Reese had begun making plans in her mind to leave
Ryan and it had felt good to plan her freedom. But then came the
news that she hadn’t expected in a million years and it had changed

She was pregnant. She hadn’t planned it, but it had happened
nonetheless. Reese had first been told about her condition by her
general physician. She had gone to see her OB/GYN and she had told
Reese the same news. Reese hadn’t wanted to hear it. In fact she had
even gone so far as to seek out a second opinion. But the results
had been the same.

Now Reese had no idea what to do. She couldn’t leave Ryan now. Could
she? Reese was so confused and the joy she felt over the prospect of
a second child was tempered by the fear that she might now be stuck
in a loveless marriage. She didn’t know how to feel and the last few
days had featured many angry and confused tears from her. No one
else knew about this. Not even Ryan. Reese wanted to decide what to
do before she told him.

Suddenly there was a knocking on the door of the bathroom.

“Come in,” Reese said and the door opened to reveal Julie, her
daughter Ava’s nanny. Right before she had found out the news, Reese
had totally lost control of herself and seduced Julie. She had
regretted it at first, but it had been the catalyst to her decision
to leave Ryan.

“I just gave Ava her breakfast and she’s playing in her room. Is
there anything else you need me to do?” Julie told her boss as she
couldn’t help but stare at the way her bare breasts floated in the
soapy water. She had never been with a girl until Reese had seduced
her and now all she longed for was another signal from her boss that
they could have sex again. Reese hadn’t given her one yet, but Julie
was hoping it was coming soon.

“No Julie…” Reese sighed. On any other day she would have had
Julie stripping down to join her in the tub, but so much had changed
in the few days since their first encounter.

“Is everything ok Miss Witherspoon?” Julie asked, hopeful that
whatever mood Reese had been in lately would pass and they could
have some fun.

“Yes Julie, it’s fine,” Reese lied. For a moment before she opened
her mouth, Reese had considered telling Julie everything. She
couldn’t keep all this to herself, but she stopped herself before
she started spilling her anguish. Julie wouldn’t understand. She
wouldn’t see what she was going through. Reese didn’t think that
anyone could.

Suddenly Reese thought of someone who would be able to help her.
Someone who would understand what she was going through. It wasn’t
like she was right next door, but all of a sudden Reese needed to
see her more than she had ever needed anything. Reese had to talk to
someone about this and as far as she could tell, this was the only

Reese stood up from the tub and grabbed a towel. She let the water
out of the tub and hurriedly began drying herself off. Reese
motioned for Julie to follow her as she ran into the bedroom and
began pulling some clothes out.

“Julie, I know this is asking a lot, but I need you to watch Ava for
today,” Reese said. Ryan was out of the state filming a movie down
in North Carolina and that meant she needed a short notice sitter.
Julie fit the bill perfectly.

“Where are you going?” Julie asked.

“There’s someone I have to see,” Reese replied. “I’ll be back
tonight. Please Julie. I need you to do this for me. I know it’s out
of your job description but I need your help..”

“It’s ok Miss Witherspoon,” Julie replied, worried about her boss.
“Do whatever you need to do. I can watch Ava for the day.”

“Thank you Julie,” Reese said as she finished throwing some clothes
on. She grabbed her cell phone and headed for the door. This was a
trip that was going to have to be planned on the fly.

“Miss Witherspoon…Reese…are you sure everything’s ok?” Julie

“I…I’ve just gotta see someone right now,” Reese replied before
running out the door.

* * * * *

Normally being surrounded by grunting, sweaty bodies would have been
something Eliza Dushku lapped up like a kitten at a saucer of cream.
Unfortunately, since she was at a gym getting a workout in and not
in the middle of an orgy, she was not having a particularly good

“C’mon Eliza…show me a little something,” her trainer, Jaret, said
as the actress went through another series of reps in her weight
training. “I want to see some serious burn here. Break through all
that resistance inside you. Show me what you’ve got. Push yourself
Eliza! Push your body and break through that wall!”

Eliza responded by shooting him a heated glare and muttering to
herself that she’d love to break through Jaret’s wall by smashing
one of these 25 pound weights right into his temple. It wasn’t as if
the weight was too much for her, it was the seemingly endless reps
he was making her do. Of all the trainers she had to get, she had to
get one that seemed to take sadistic pleasure in making her suffer.
It was just after 9 a.m. and her body was already aching. Eliza was
not in the mood for Jaret and his steroid fueled spiel.

Whenever Eliza saw someone who loved working out and expounded on
exercise, she looked at them like they had three eyeballs. Eliza
never understood why people enjoyed doing this to themselves. When
she exerted herself this much, she at least wanted an orgasm or
three out of it. Doing this without sexual satisfaction just seemed
like a waste of time. Unfortunately Eliza knew it was something she
had to do.

While she had always made sure she kept herself slim in the right
places and curvy in the right places, Eliza had to work to make sure
she kept her body toned and ready for action. When she had rejoined
the cast of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” for the final episodes, Eliza
had assumed she would be able to handle all the stunts and fight
scenes as well as she had when she had been a regular four years
back. The first day of shooting had set her straight.

The next morning Eliza had barely been able to move and she knew
right then that she had to get back to the gym and fast. Now that
she had her own show debuting in the fall it was more important than
ever. Eliza knew she looked good. But she wanted to look perfect.
She had already been assigned a crappy time slot against “Friends”
and “Survivor” so she knew it was going to fall to her to make the
show a success and to do that she was going to have to turn on the
sex appeal.

So here she was back at the gym and enduring Jaret’s special form of
torture. Eliza wasn’t quite at the income level where she could hire
a trainer to come to her house. Going off to the public gym was
going to have to do. Fortunately there were more than a few high
class gyms surrounding the Hollywood area and she’d found her way to
Crunch, one that was used to celebrity clientele enough so that she
knew she wasn’t going to be stared at all day long.

Going through all of this certainly wasn’t fun, but it was always
better when you had someone going through it with you and at least
Eliza knew she had Kirsten with her. Her girlfriend had been ready
to offer support wherever necessary, right down to treating Eliza to
hot oil massages when she’d get home from her workouts with Jaret.
Today Kirsten had accompanied her to the gym and knowing her little
Kiki was there with her at this ungodly hour made everything

As Jaret continued to urge her to punish her body just that much
more, Eliza was busying herself by stealing glances toward the
treadmill where Kirsten was running. She and the blonde shot sexy
smiles back and forth while trying to be subtle enough so that the
whole gym didn’t pick up on a “couple” vibe between them. Eliza was
finding it hard not to stare at her girlfriend as she worked out on
the treadmill in white shorts and a pink t-shirt. Eliza just wanted
to end this torture, go over to Kirsten and get a real workout in
with her.

“Eliza, are you paying attention?” Jaret demanded.

“Yeah Jaret, what’s up?” Eliza asked, her voice clearly showing her

“You’ve gotta take this seriously,” Jaret informed her. “How can I
transform you into a goddess if you aren’t giving me every ounce of
energy you have? Your head needs to be in your workout and nowhere

“I’m taking this seriously,” Eliza claimed as she tried to stifle a
giggle from escaping her lips. Over on the treadmill, Kirsten had
begun sticking out her tongue and making funny faces at her. Eliza
shot her a glare, but Kirsten didn’t stop, she kept contorting her
face and teasing her lover, trying to get her to burst out laughing.

“You know you’re always number one on my list,” Eliza swore to her
trainer as she summoned up all her resolve to keep from reacting to
Kirsten’s efforts.

“Well then let’s continue then,” Jaret said. “You and I are going to
get to work with the medicine balls.”

“Ohhhhh c’mon Jaret, can’t you play with your balls all by yourself
for once?” Eliza groaned as Jaret shook her head over her bad double
entendre and her continued bad attitude.

Jaret began walking toward the back of the gym and, with a sigh,
Eliza followed him. Their path took them right by the treadmills and
when they passed Kirsten, Eliza shot her a look that swore she was
going to get back at her for almost making her lose it there.
Kirsten responded with an innocent “Who me?” look as she began to
imagine what sexy punishment Eliza would have in store for her when
they got home.

Eliza was wearing tight black shorts that hugged her ass in a way
that just drove Kirsten wild. She watched her lover walk away and
tried not to be too obvious as she hungrily stared at her ass. With
her shorts and the white t-shirt that did nothing to hide the
generous chest she’d been blessed with, Eliza was a vision in
workout clothes and Kirsten knew that there were eyes on her from
all over the gym. Kirsten felt a rush of satisfaction because she
knew that they could stare all they want and they still wouldn’t
have a chance. Eliza was hers.

Kirsten also knew she didn’t look half bad herself in her outfit and
she could feel the stares directed at her too. She didn’t exude the
raw sexuality that Eliza did, but Kirsten could feel that they
wanted her. She knew they were looking at her body and imagining
getting her naked and sweaty. Kirsten liked them thinking that.
Fantasy was fun. It was harmless because all their dreaming wasn’t
going to get her. They could fantasize all they wanted to because
there was only one person here she was going home with.

The treadmill began beeping and the pace of the run started to slow.
Kirsten realized she’d become so lost in her thoughts that she
hadn’t even noticed her programmed workout was ending. She ran
through the cool down phase and hopped off the machine when it was
over, wiping down where her sweaty palms had just been and helping
herself to a long, refreshing drink of water from the bottle she
carried with her.

She knew Eliza wasn’t going to be done with Jaret and his balls for
a little while, so she’d have to find a way to busy herself. Maybe
she’d try a little weight training too. She wanted to make sure
Tobey wasn’t the only one in the Spiderman sequel with muscles.
Kirsten was about to pick up a pair of weights when she suddenly
heard her name.

“Kirsten!” an excited voice cried out and Kirsten turned around to
see the smiling face of Mila Kunis.

“Mila! How are you?” Kirsten asked as she hugged her friend hello.
They had co-starred “Get Over It” and while the movie had quickly
disappeared into oblivion, their friendship had been an enduring
result of the unsuccessful teen romantic comedy.

“I’m fine,” Mila answered. “How have you been? God, I feel like I
haven’t seen you in forever.”

“Yeah it’s been a lot of running around lately, sometimes I don’t
know where I am until I look out the window,” Kirsten said.

Kirsten’s life had certainly changed since “Spiderman” came out.
Before she had been very recognizable, but the film’s worldwide
success had catapulted her fame to that exclusive higher level that
many sought and few attained.

“No time for the little people in your life anymore, huh Kirsten,”
Mila teased. “I guess you’ve forgotten all about your friends.”

“No…it’s not like that at all…ummmm…what did you say your name
was again?” Kirsten laughed. Mila giggled right along with her. They
hadn’t seen all that much of each other lately, but the friendship
they had formed on the set was still there.

“Ohhhh how soon they forget,” Mila replied in mock outrage. “That
does it, when E! comes to me and wants to do a True Hollywood Story
about you I am sooooooo going to talk to them.”

“No! No! Anything but that!” Kirsten giggles. “What can I do to make
you stay quiet?”

“Hang out with me today,” Mila offered. “My boyfriend’s out of town
and I’m bored stiff. Let’s do something fun.”

I know something fun we can do, Kirsten thought to herself with a
naughty rush. She tried to quell her sudden sexy thoughts for fear
her nipples would start to get hard and give away her state of
arousal. When they had filmed the movie together, Kirsten had never
been with a girl. Now that that had changed and Kirsten could truly
see how attractive Mila was.

Mila had a sexy, small frame and piercing eyes that, along with the
healthy mane of dark hair on her head, gave evidence that there was
a spitfire of energy in her small package. She was wearing a red
leotard and shorts and Kirsten couldn’t stop thinking about how sexy
her friend was. It was so easy for Kirsten to imagine herself
reaching over to push the straps of that leotard off Mila’s
shoulders and proceeding to do very wicked things to her body.

“Why don’t you come on over to my house?” Kirsten suggested, the
words flowing out of her mouth before her brain could tell her not
to. “I’m sure we can figure out something fun.”

“Sounds great,” Mila smiled. “Are you still living with your mom?”

“Ummm no, I’ve got a new place,” Kirsten said with a little blush
that she hoped Mila didn’t pick up on. She couldn’t just come out
and say she was living with her girlfriend. Mila had no idea that
she was into girls and it wasn’t like Kirsten could just announce
her relationship with Eliza right in the middle of the gym, as much
as she wanted to.

Kirsten didn’t know if Mila had any experience with girls or would
have any interest in it. All she knew was that the more she looked
at her friend, the more she wanted to get her alone and see how open
she’d be to a seduction. It had been so hot when she and Eliza had
played with Natalie Portman and Kirsten now wanted to try a repeat
performance with Mila. Thinking of sharing Mila’s tight little body
with Eliza was getting Kirsten all wet and squishy inside. She
didn’t know if she’d be able to do it, but she wanted to try and
Kirsten knew Eliza wouldn’t mind Mila being invited over.

“Come on over around one or two,” Kirsten said after giving Mila her
address while trying not to look as horny as she felt. “We have a
lot of catching up to do and I have something I want to show you.”

“Ooooh mysterious,” Mila replied. If she was picking up on the
sexual overtones of Kirsten’s invitation she wasn’t saying anything
about it. “What is it you have to show me?”

“You’ll just have to wait and find out, but you’re gonna love it,”
Kirsten promised mischievously.

* * * * *

As she lay back on her bed, Jessica Alba couldn’t help but smile and
moan in bliss. She ran her hands over her naked body and continued
to relish the afterglow of her most recent orgasm. Her body was
still tingling all over, but Jessica was quickly becoming horny for

Her fiancée Michael was in the shower and Jessica wished he was
right here next to her so she could take his face in her hands and
push him down between her legs. He’d make sure she was nice and wet
for him to fuck her and Jessica could already feel herself spreading
her pussy open for him to push his hard cock back up inside her,
where it belonged.

Jessica had already awoken Michael that morning with a wet blowjob
and it hadn’t been thirty seconds after he’d filled her mouth with
his hot cum that she’d been grinding her naked body against his to
get him hard again so he’d fuck her. Michael had never asked her
what had made her so perpetually horny these past months, but then
again it had been hard for him to think much about it when the blood
was always rushing to his cock.

Her career hadn’t exactly been white hot since FOX had pulled the
plug on “Dark Angel” but everything else was going great for
Jessica. She had a man she loved and she had all the pussy she could
dream of. Jessica was in heaven and she wasn’t planning on coming
down from this cloud for anything.

Ever since she’d first been seduced by Jennifer Love Hewitt,
Jessica’s libido had been racing 24 hours a day. She just couldn’t
get enough and Michael had benefited time and time again from her
emerging slutty side. There were times Jessica was close to
confessing everything to him. She knew Michael would be shocked at
first, but she felt confident he’d see things from her point of
view, especially when she started bringing home some of her sexy
girlfriends for them to share. What man wouldn’t want that?

The only thing that was holding her back from confessing was greed.
Right now she didn’t want to share. Jessica was having too much fun
with girls to really want to bring Michael into it right now. She
knew eventually she would, but right now she wanted to keep this fun
all to herself. Jessica loved the pussy lusting side of herself. She
had been with so many beautiful women and done the most amazing
things with them.

Just recently Jessica had found herself in a very intimate situation
with Jennifer Garner where they had fulfilled the fantasy of every
fanboy by hooking up Max from “Dark Angel” with Sydney from “Alias.”
Jessica had really found herself affected to Jennifer. She’d been so
nervous and eager all at once to do this and they’d had a lot of fun
together. Jessica hadn’t been able to get enough of Jennifer’s
flawless face or her tight, toned body.

The only regret Jessica had was that she had somehow forgotten to
get a hold of Jennifer’s number. She couldn’t believe she had
forgotten something as basic as that and now she had no easy way of
getting ahold of her new lover. She could have hunted around for the
number through the usual sources of agents and the like, but Jessica
didn’t wanted to start any rumors and she knew there would have been
a few curious minds if she’d asked around for it.

So now Jessica found herself longing for a second encounter with
Jennifer and hoping they’d either run into each other or that
Jennifer would find a way to get in touch with her. There had to be
a discreet way to do this, Jessica told herself. She had loved being
with Jennifer and she had felt real chemistry between them. Jessica
didn’t want this to become a one time thing between them on top of
an oak conference table.

Thinking of all the things she and Jennifer had done on top of that
table had Jessica’s pussy juicing up again nicely. She was more than
ready for some fun and, as she heard the water of the shower from
the bathroom, she knew where she could easily get it. Michael was
supposed to play in some charity hockey game today and Jessica was
coming with him. She figured if she was going to do that, he at
least owed her the chance to use his body however she saw fit.

Finally getting up from the bed, Jessica grinned in anticipation of
the things she wanted to do to Michael…the things she wanted to do
to Jennifer…and the things she wanted to do to the two of them
together. Her bare body was already flush with desire by the time
Jessica got to the bathroom and opened the shower door to join her
fiancée under the hot water.

The look on her face made no secret of what she wanted and Michael
felt his cock twitch as he stared at the naked goddess he was going
to marry.

“Didn’t you get enough this morning?” Michael happily marveled as
Jessica gently wrapped her hands around his cock and began to stroke
it back to hardness.

“You know me baby,” Jessica wickedly giggled. “I can never get

* * * * *

“All right Britney…take a look and tell me what you think,” the
man with the heavy accent said behind her. Britney had almost been
afraid to look the entire time since she had sat down in the chair
at the salon. All she could do was listen to the sound of the
scissors, see the locks of her blonde hair fall to the ground and
hope that she liked what she ended up with.

Britney hadn’t wanted to change her hair, but Christina had talked
her into it. She said that since they were creating a new look for
their careers, they should also get new looks for themselves.
Britney had already watched as Christina had lost her blonde hair
and replaced it with dyed black hair that was as dark as the
feathers of a raven. Christina had promised Britney she’d like what
Raoul did to her hair, so she’d submitted.

“He’s the best Britney,” Christina had said and Britney trusted her
lover and partner. On Christina’s endorsement, she hopped into the
chair and let Raoul work her hair over. Now that he was finished,
Britney took a look in the mirror that stretched across the salon’s
length and immediately burst into tears.

“Oh my God…my hair…my beautiful hair…” Britney sobbed as she
saw her long blonde hair was now gone. Raoul had cut it to her
mid-neck and dyed it a honey brown color.

“Ohhhhhhhhh…all my hard work…she does not approve!” Raoul said
as he too was overcome with tears from Britney’s reaction. The
sensitive hairdresser fled the floor and ran into his private
office, locking the door behind him.

“It’s just buyer’s remorse Britney,” Christina said as she encircled
her arms around Britney and hugged her from behind while she
continued to stare at herself in the mirror. “Don’t worry, I had
that same reaction the first time I chopped off my hair too.”

“It’s just…so different…” Britney stated. She ran her fingers
through her hair and played with it a little. She was so used to
having her long hair. It wasn’t the color change that had given her
such an emotional reaction. It was that it was so short. It was like
she was looking at a different person in the mirror.

“That’s the idea Britney,” Christina assured her. “Different is
good. We’re different now and this is the perfect way to show it.
C’mon new looks are fun. Think of how everyone’s gonna react when
they see us like this. Besides, I think you look beautiful.”

“You do?” Britney asked.

“Mmmhmmm,” Christina said as she slowly began to kiss Britney’s neck
before turning her around to press against her lips.

Christina had arranged for the salon to be closed for them while
they had their work done so, as Raoul continued to sob in his
office, the only other person there was Cat the stylist and
Christina knew she could trust her. Cat had given Christina some
special styling a few times and the singer felt if you couldn’t
trust the woman who shaved your pussy, then who could you trust?

Britney gratefully returned the kiss. If Christina thought she
looked good, then Britney knew it must be true. She could get used
to this new look.

“You look beautiful too,” Britney said after breaking the kiss and
reaching out for Christina’s now dark hair. “I love it like this.
It’s all dark and mysterious. It’s very exotic.”

“Good, that’s just the look I’m going for,” Christina said. “Feeling
better now?”

“Yeah,” Britney said with a smile.

“I’m glad,” Christina replied before moving in for another kiss.
“But there’s one more thing you need Britney and I know you’re going
to like this. You won’t even be thinking about your hair anymore
when this is done.”

There were truer words never spoken, because 45 minutes later
Britney’s mind was far from her hair. She was lying in a chair
surrounded by sterilized needles and various pieces of jewelry with
her shirt off as Christina admired the silver ring that now lay
through her right nipple.

“Now THAT is fucking gorgeous,” Christina smiled. “Mmmm Britney,
that makes your tittie look so good. You want me to have Rico hook
you up with a clit ring? He did mine and I think you know how much I
love it.”

“No! One new piercing is enough! Thank you!” Britney giggled as she
peered down at her bare breasts. Christina had suggested this and
Britney had liked the idea, but she only wanted to do one nipple.
That way if she liked it she could do the other. It was so weird to
see and feel that metal through her nipple. Her flesh felt so tender
and even though Rico had said it wasn’t going to hurt, Britney found
that it actually hurt quite a bit. She was glad she did it though.
It looked hot and it was exciting to get a piercing in a secret area
like this.

“It really looks great Britney,” Christina said. She’d held the
former blonde’s hand all the way through the piercing and Christina
thought it made Britney look a hundred times hotter. It was like
they really were secret sisters now with their pierced nipples.
Christina so badly wanted to lean down and suck on Britney’s ring,
but she didn’t dare with the hole so fresh.

“I like how it feels,” Britney smiled. “It’s all tingly.”

Before Britney could say anything more, her cell phone began to
ring. Christina helpfully reached for it and handed it to her

“Hello? Ohhhh hi mom,” Britney said as she stifled a giggle. This
was the last person she wanted to know where she was.
“No…nothing’s up. I’m just hanging out with Chrissy…you know
doing girl stuff. Everything’s fine. What? No…I can’t! We’ve got
to do the press conference! I don’t wanna! C’mon mom! Isn’t there
some other place she can stay? There’s gotta be someone who can take
care of her for a few hours! I’m not her goddamn babysitter!”

Britney then paused and Christina frowned. Whatever her mother was
saying, it was obviously making Britney upset. Christina knew what
it was like to have your mom mad at you, so she didn’t envy Britney
right then.

“Yes mom…I’m sorry I cursed,” Britney said, obviously having just
gotten a hot ear from her mother. “Yes mom. She can come along. No,
we won’t be mean to her. Yes mom, I understand…I love you too.”

Britney then ended the call and delivered the bad news to Christina.

“We have to watch my sister today,” Britney said bitterly. “My mom
said she doesn’t want to leave her alone and she has to go out, so
she wants me to watch her. I told her about our press conference but
she said we should just bring her along too. I’m sorry Chrissy.”

“It’s ok Britney,” Christina said, unable to hide her
disappointment. Britney’s sister, Jaime Lynn, was ok she guessed,
but a little of her went a long way. If she was tagging along,
Christina knew she and Britney weren’t going to be able to do any of
the hot things she’d planned for them to celebrate the start of
their label.

As far as Britney’s mom knew, her daughter and Christina had merely
rekindled the friendship they had had years ago. She certainly had
no idea about what really went on in Malibu and both girls knew that
if Jaime Lynn found out about it, she wouldn’t hesitate a second
before running off to their her mom and blabbing. That would have
put a stop to their fun really damn quick.

“I don’t want her tagging along…she’s such a brat,” Britney
sighed, her good mood gone. She pulled her top back on. Britney
didn’t feel like being half naked right now.

“Maybe we can leave her at the mansion while we do the press
conference,” Christina suggested. “You know, have Alyssa watch her
or something.”

“No, Lyssa said she was gonna be gone all afternoon,” Britney
replied. “Damn…why’d my mom have to do this to me today? She had
to pick today of all fucking days to do this.”

“We could have Michelle watch her,” Christina said and Britney
immediately shook her head vigorously “no.” Christina understood
why. She could only imagine what the sexy French girl’s form of
babysitting would have entailed.

“Wait! I’ve got it!” Christina declared, a lightbulb going off in
her head. “I know the perfect people to watch her for the day!”

* * * * *

“So that’s why we really need your help guys,” Britney said as she
and Christina stood in the lab facing Waldo, Franklin and Delbert.

“You want us to babysit your sister?” Waldo asked. They had been
asked to do a lot of strange things in their day, but they had never
been asked to do anything like this.

“Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase,” Britney begged. “You gotta help us out.
It’ll totally be easy.”

“Yeah, all you’ve got to do is hang around the mansion with her,”
Christina explained. “Just make sure she doesn’t touch any of our
stuff or anything. Don’t worry, she’s like a total angel. You guys
can handle her.”

Britney almost laughed when she heard Christina describe her sister
like that, but she stopped herself. She didn’t want to scare the
guys off. Britney just hoped they would still speak to her after
having to spend the day with Jamie Lynn.

“We kind of have something planned for today already,” Franklin said
as he peered over his shoulders at the three well stocked backpacks
of gear.

“You have to help us! We’re totally desperate!” Britney pleaded. “It
will only be for a few hours. You can hang out with her at the
mansion. You don’t have to bring her here or anything. Please!
Please! Please help us!”

Waldo, Franklin and Delbert prided themselves on being able to
withstand torture and interrogation, but could one ever resist two
young girls looking at them with puppy dog eyes? The two singers
looked at them with their eyelashes on full batting mode as they
sought to charm their way out of this potential mess. Not
surprisingly, they were making good progress.

“Do we get to raid the refrigerator?” Delbert asked. “Is there a
limit to how many popsicles we can have?”

“There’s no limit on popsicles, fudgesicles or any cicles at all,”
Christina promised, hoping to seal the deal.

“We need to conference,” Waldo said as the three boys turned their
back and went into a huddle.

“We can’t possibly babysit today, we have the mission,” Franklin
pointed out. “We’ve got to do this and then we’re done for good. We
can’t have any complications mucking it all up.”

“But look at them…who can say no to those faces?” Waldo contended.

“And who can say no to popsicles?” Delbert asked.

“I don’t know…time is precious today,” Franklin said. “When they
show up and say we’ve gotta go, then we’re gonna have to go no
matter whose sister we’re babysitting.”

“It should only be for a few hours,” Waldo said. “Besides if we’re
gonna do whatever they want us to do today, then karmically we
should probably do this too. You know do something nice to balance
out the scales and all that.”

The three then nodded their heads in agreement and turned around to
find Britney and Christina’s attentions had been diverted by a free
range cow wandering around the lab.

“Why is there a cow in here?” Britney asked as it regarded the two
pop superstars with a rather bovine expression.

“That’s one of our Wisconsin kung fu ninja fighting cows,” Franklin

“Patent pending,” Delbert added.

“Anyways, we’ll do it,” Waldo declared. “But we only have a few
hours to spare today.”

“That’s great!” Britney squealed happily. “We won’t take too long at
all! I totally promise!”

“You guys sure have a lot of animals down here,” Christina observed
as the kung fu ninja fighting cow continued to regard her while a
small group of soldier monkeys walked bye in perfect formation.

“Yeah they won’t let us experiment on humans anymore,” Franklin said
sadly. “By the way, you might want to watch out there.”

“Why?” Christina asked as she started backing away from the cow.

“Because you’re about to walk into the aquarium,” Waldo answered.

“The aquarium?” Christina repeated as she turned around and found
herself face to face with a shark. Christina gasped and covered her
mouth before she screamed. She had never seen a shark before face to
face and this looked like it had a hungry glint in it’s eyes.

“Don’t worry he doesn’t eat human flesh, we’ve got him weaned onto
chicken wings,” Waldo assured the singer. “Besides he’s totally
friendly and he’s like a genius to boot.”

Christina and Britney then watched in amazement as the shark swam
close to the glass and breathed against it, fogging it up. The shark
then used it’s nose to write “Hi” on the glass and draw a heart
around it.

“I think he likes you Chrissy,” Britney observed.

“Let’s just get out of here,” Christina replied. “You guys can come
on by in like an hour or so. She should be there.”

“Bye guys,” Britney said with a friendly wave as Christina grabbed
her arm and tugged her out of the lab and away from the wild
kingdom. “Thank youuuuu!”

This left the boys alone in the lab and they took a moment to let
their new responsibility sink in. Suddenly a question presented

“Did they do something to their hair?” Delbert asked.

* * * * *

It was mid-afternoon on the set when the director called for lunch.
Sarah was pleasantly surprised to see things actually be on schedule
today. Sometimes when they finally got around to breaking for lunch,
it was time for breakfast. Sarah had been rolling around so far in
full Sigourney Weaver mode, shooting at blue screens that would
eventually be mutant monsters thanks to the magic of special
effects. She had picked up a few bruises already from this and,
combined with the strenuous activities she had engaged in that
morning, Sarah was in need of a good, restful break.

Even though she was tired, Sarah didn’t regret one thing she’d done
that morning. It had been wild and fun. Sarah was already thinking
of whether or not she should call Rebecca or Kelly to see if they
wanted to hang out with her and Jennifer. She knew of a couple
tricks she and her roommate could teach those newbies.

But that could wait till later. Right now Sarah was looking forward
to grabbing a salad and taking a nap before she had to be back on
the set and continue being action chick. Getting her specially
ordered salad from craft services was easy enough and Sarah began to
debate whether she should eat first or sleep first when she got back
to her trailer. Before she could get any further in that decision,
Sarah found herself interrupted by one of the production assistant’s
as she approached her trailer.

“Excuse me, Ms. Gellar,” the man said. “They wanted me to let you
know that there’s someone in your trailer waiting for you.”

“Who is it?” Sarah asked, hoping for a surprise visit from Jen and
wondering if it in fact was a surprise visit from Freddie.

“I’m not sure, they just wanted me to tell you,” the guy said before
rushing off.

Sarah frowned and continued her way toward her trailer. She wasn’t
much for surprises these days. She opened the door to her trailer
slowly, extremely curious as to who might be on the other end. When
she did finally see, it was one of the last persons she had

“Reese? Oh my God…what are you doing here?” Sarah asked, happy to
see her friend. Sarah’s smile instantly faded when Reese responded
to her question by bursting into the tears she’d been saving up
since she’d left Los Angeles.

“What? What is it? What’s wrong?” Sarah asked as she placed her
salad down on the counter and rushed over to where Reese sat on the

“Sarah…I’m pregnant!” Reese sobbed, getting right to the point.

“But…that’s great…” Sarah said. She had been expecting to hear
that something terrible had happened or something. The expression on
Reese’s face showed that she thought the news was anything but
great. Sarah was confused, but immediately sympathetic. She wrapped
her arms around her friend and lover and hugged her, trying to
soothe and calm her.

“Shhh it’s ok…it’s ok sweetie,” Sarah said as she hugged Reese.
Sarah didn’t understand this reaction at all. If she had just found
out she was pregnant, she’d be ecstatic. She was so jealous of Reese
having Ava sometimes and Sarah couldn’t wait for a few years from
now when the timing would be right for her to have a baby.

“No…it’s not…nothing’s ok Sarah,” Reese said, angrily wiping the
tears away as she slowly calmed down and stopped crying. She knew
only Sarah would understand her. It had been Sarah who had set her
along this path of self-discovery and Sarah knew the pressures of
having a Hollywood relationship.

Reese loved the soft, comforting feeling of Sarah’s embrace. It felt
good to be in her friend’s arms. She just needed to talk to someone
and not over a phone line. It had to be face to face and Reese
hadn’t cared that Sarah was a coast away. MGM, eternally in Reese’s
debt for giving them their only hit that didn’t involve James Bond,
had let her use their private jet and she had busted ass to the
airport after leaving Ava behind with Julie. She had to see Sarah.
She knew Sarah would listen to her.

“Tell me Reese, tell me what’s wrong,” Sarah said, giving Reese the
opening she was looking for. “You can tell me anything.”

Reese gratefully accepted Sarah’s offer and spilled her whole story
to her. She’d told her about what she’d done with Julie the other
morning and how much she’d loved it. She told Sarah about how it had
gotten her thinking and how she’d decided that she needed to leave
Ryan. And she told Sarah about the doctor’s news and how it had
changed everything.

“I don’t know what to do Sarah,” Reese said desperately, her tears
beginning to well up again. “I just don’t know.”

“Well…ummmm…have you thought about…you know…” Sarah began.
She could barely get the word past her lips. She knew Reese knew
what she was talking about though.

“Oh no…no I couldn’t do that…” Reese immediately replied. “I
want this baby. Whatever problems I’m having with Ryan, I want to
keep it. I can feel it inside me Sarah and I can feel my belly
growing already. It’s part of me, but I just don’t want to be angry
at it and hate it. I mean I’ll love it when it comes, but I don’t
want to hate it deep down inside because I’m stuck with Ryan.”

“You don’t have to stay with Ryan,” Sarah pointed out. “Just because
you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you’re stuck. I mean you’re one of the
strongest women I know Reese. You can do this and you don’t need
Ryan’s help. We can be there for you if you need us. Me and Jennifer
and all of us. We’ll help you no matter what you want to do.”

“Thank you Sarah,” Reese said, taking her friend’s hand in hers and
squeezing it. “I’m just so confused. These last few days have been
so damn confusing and it’s like they haven’t even been real. I felt
like I’d finally figured out what I wanted to do and then all of
this happened. I mean Ryan and I had planned on having other
children…just not now and…God…he doesn’t even know yet. He’s
been out of town. I haven’t even told him he’s going to be a father
again. I feel like such a horrible person for doing this.”

“Shhhh don’t say that…you’re nothing of the sort,” Sarah assured
Reese. “You’re just confused. I’d be doing the same thing if I was
in your shoes. I mean I can totally see what you’re going through.”

“I feel kind of silly, you know flying a whole coast away just to
talk to you, but I just didn’t know what else to do,” Reese
admitted. She was glad she had done it though. It was good to talk
about this and she knew Sarah meant it when she said she’d be there
for her. Reese sighed as she pulled a tissue from her purse and
dabbed at her eyes.

“Well I’m glad you’re here,” Sarah said, hugging Reese again. “Just
don’t be afraid. You’re going to do what you think is best. I know
you will Reese. And no matter what, we’re all going to be with you.
Now c’mon you can share my salad and we’ll talk about what’s next.”

* * * * *

As Jennifer walked through the streets of New York City, as usual
she was trying to think of anything but Brad and how much she missed
him. For once she was doing pretty well at it. Usually when she
tried not to think about Brad, he was all she could think about. But
today she was distracting herself with happy, sexy thoughts.

Jennifer could distract herself with thinking about how good Sarah
had looked last night, naked and fingering herself with the phone
cradled under her chin as her redheaded vixen of a best friend
whispered naughty things to her. She could distract herself with
thinking about all the things Sarah had done to her after pulling
her towel off and welcoming her on the bed. And Jennifer for the
first time found herself willing to consider some very forbidden

Throughout all that had gone on with the change in her sexual
orientation, Jennifer had vowed never to mix business with pleasure.
She had kept herself from fantasizing about her co-stars on
“Friends” Courtney Cox-Arquette and Lisa Kudrow. Even though they
were both beautiful women and Jennifer loved them as friends, she
hadn’t allowed herself to take things any further than that.

A few idle fantasies has slipped in now and then, but Jennifer
hadn’t let them grow and breed more naughty thoughts about her
co-stars. It had been hard enough for her to get into some fun with
Reese when Sarah had brought her over to the mansion and she had
only done a two-episode guest shot. Lisa and Courtney were a serious
step up and, for the first time, Jennifer started to find herself
considering whether to take that step.

They were both so beautiful and Jennifer knew she could make them
feel some serious pleasure. She had seen them naked so many times
when they changed clothes together and Jennifer could close her eyes
and imagine them naked and touching her while she went back and
forth kissing Courtney and Lisa and then the two of them together.
God, their hands and mouths would be able to go everywhere.

They were going to start filming the last season of the show soon
and Jennifer was starting to wonder if she did have it in herself to
make a move on her co-stars. It wasn’t like she had to decide today
or be banished from ever thinking about it again. She had time on
her side for once and the desire to throw caution to the wind and
take this risk was growing inside her.

With those pleasant thoughts in her mind, Jennifer pursued another
distraction of a decidedly non-sexual form. If she was going to
spend all this time in New York City, it would have been silly for
her go and ignore all the shopping available to her. Jennifer had
credit cards and she was planning on turning them into unusable
chunks of overheated plastic.

There were so many things that Jennifer was in the mood to buy, but
she had a little fetish that got priority over everything else.
Besides lesbian sex, there was one thing she indulged in outside of
the public eye…shoes.

She didn’t have three closets full of them or anything, but she had
built herself a sizable collection over the years. She loved shoes.
Loved them. Loved them. Loved them. It wasn’t like a compulsion or
anything, but she did like to buy them. Jennifer knew a great place
to get the best shoes in New York and she headed there first on her
little expedition.

When she reached the store, it didn’t take Jennifer but a moment to
gravitate toward the latest imports from Italy. She could smell the
leather and she inhaled it deeply. Jennifer was just glad that her
favorite shoes weren’t brought in from France. She had already
gotten in enough trouble for her anti-Bush comments. If some
paparazzi caught her buying French products, she was liable to find
herself Dixie Chicked.

Jennifer was bending down to get a closer look at the latest pairs
in from Milan when she was nearly beheaded by some carelessly swung
shopping bags. She caught them coming for her out of the corner of
her eye, so Jennifer was able to duck down and avoid being thwacked
in the head.

“Jeez…can’t I ever go outside without nearly getting killed,”
Jennifer muttered to herself as she shot up and turned to confront
the thoughtless shopper. Of course, when she saw who it was, all her
anger immediately disappeared.

“Jennifer? Is that you?” Catherine Zeta Jones said behind a pair of
dark sunglasses while appearing to hold about a dozen shopping bags
in her hands. It looked like she had made a tour of the city’s most
expensive boutiques that day.

“Catherine! How are you?” Jennifer replied happily as she and
Catherine kissed each other on the cheek. Any anger Jennifer might
have felt about just missing being hit evaporated when she saw the
vision before her. Even dressed down Catherine looked like she was
ready for a magazine cover shoot. She was in jeans that probably
cost about five times as much as a good pair of Levis and a short
sleeved black button down top that gave just enough hint of cleavage
to many any horny man, or woman for that matter, drool for more.

“I’m well…things are just fantastic,” Catherine answered. Her
voice had grown steadily more American over the years, but she still
hadn’t lost the accent from her Welsh upbringing. When she had first
gotten to Hollywood, her agents had wanted her to go to speech
therapy to completely lose the accent, but she had refused. She
thought it made her voice distinctive and she felt the resulting
years had proven her right.

Jennifer thought that fantastic was the appropriate word for how
Catherine looked. She had just had a baby a few months back and from
the outside it didn’t look like she’d wasted much time shedding the
post-pregnancy pounds. Jennifer tried to remind herself not to
stare, but she couldn’t help but look Catherine over from head to
toe. She knew there wasn’t much of a chance of anything happening,
but that didn’t stop Jennifer from beginning to wonder exactly what
she could do to Catherine’s body.

“How are Michael and the kids? Where’s your new baby?” Jennifer
asked, trying to keep her mind off sex, as hard as that was when you
found yourself staring at Catherine Zeta Jones.

“She’s absolutely wonderful,” Catherine replied. “She’s the most
darling little angel in the world. I mean I just look at her and I
want to get ready for baby number three. I have to remind myself
that my body needs a little bit more time to recharge first.”

Catherine let out a sexy little laugh at her own joke. She and
Michael Douglas had just had their second child, a girl named Carys.
The doomsayers in the media had predicted she and Michael would
never last, but after two children and three years they had proven
them wrong. Catherine knew it wasn’t the most conventional marriage
out there, but as long as there was love and lust there, that was
all that mattered.

Jennifer felt a little envy over the happy look on Catherine’s face.
She had it all…the Oscar…the great career…the husband…and
the children. It was everything Jennifer wanted. Jennifer badly
wanted the happy marriage and the children she had dreamed about.
Catherine had everything and Jennifer couldn’t help but experience
twinges of jealousy.

The two of them weren’t close friends by any definition of the word,
but their paths had crossed many times over the past few years.
Their husbands were both high profile and they were no slouches
themselves. Jennifer and Catherine were highly sought after guests
on the Hollywood party and charity circuits. They had attended
numerous events together and had always been friendly. Plus
Catherine and Brad had just done voices for an animated film about
Sinbad for Dreamworks. The two women had the type of casual,
Hollywood friendship that was so common out there.

“God, Jennifer I haven’t seen you in months,” Catherine said. “Where
have you been hiding?”

“Oh here and there,” Jennifer answered coyly. It wasn’t like she
could tell Catherine about what she had been doing with her time
lately, as much as she would have loved to. There was just something
so sexual about Catherine even when she was just standing there in a
casual conversation. Jennifer didn’t know if Catherine had ever
fooled around with another woman before, but she just had a feeling
that she would adapt to the goings on at the mansion very easily if
she spent some time there.

“I could ask you the same question Catherine,” Jennifer pointed out.
“I guess you’ve been too busy with Oscar parties and baby time to
get out much.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” Catherine replied. “It’s just been
so hectic lately. I need a little time to myself that’s for sure.
Michael’s taken the kids to Los Angeles to see his parents and I’m
taking full advantage of the opportunity, as you can see. I think
that’s one of the things I love most about him. He knows when I’m
about to explode if I don’t get some me time.”

“All husbands should be so well trained,” Jennifer laughed.

“It took a lot of work to get him that way, believe me,” Catherine
grinned. “The next trick I’m going to do is get him to fetch my
slippers every night.”

The two women shared a smile and Catherine noticed the time from a
quick glance at her wristwatch.

“Say Jennifer, I was just about to grab some lunch,” Catherine
stated. “I’d love to catch up with you. Would you care to join me?”

“Sure, I’d love to,” Jennifer eagerly answered, happy to spend as
much time with Catherine as possible. “Just lead the way.”

“Fabulous,” Catherine declared. “I know just the place. Let me just
send these packages ahead to my apartment and we can be on our way.”

A short while later the two of them were sharing a light lunch at a
corner table in a small restaurant. The restaurant did have outdoor
seating and the sunny summer weather was so nice that Jennifer and
Catherine had considered eating outside, but they knew if they did
eventually someone would walk by, recognize them and ask for their
autograph. Then another and another and soon they’d be signing too
much to have time to eat. Both girls loved their fame, but it could
be a burden during the times when you just wanted to eat and catch

Now that they were inside the restaurant, they were able to do just
that. They chatted casually, filling each other in on what was going
on in their lives. Of course Jennifer left a few small details out,
like Brad leaving her and her discovery of the wonders of girl/girl
sex. Jennifer wondered how shocked Catherine would be if she told
her the truth about her new sexuality? She’d probably choke on her
chicken salad, Jennifer said to herself with a smile. She certainly
didn’t want to cause that.

Seducing Catherine was something Jennifer was very open too, but she
had to wait until the time was just right. Jennifer didn’t want to
blow this chance to get Catherine into her bed, so she decided to
proceed slowly and maybe subtly turn the conversation to sex later
on to test how receptive her friend might be. As for now Jennifer
was happy to keep the conversation focused on the other thing
Catherine had that she lusted after…her Oscar.

“I’m not going to lie to you sweetie…winning an Oscar does have a
lot of advantages,” Catherine smiled “Higher money offers…better
scripts…executives fawning over you just a little bit more. I’ve
got that little extra credibility now in Hollywood. Of course
that’ll disappear pretty quick if my next movies all flop.”

Jennifer nodded her head knowingly. If she’d learned one thing in
Hollywood, it was that people had very short memories. It was the
definition of a “What have you done for me lately” type of town.
Still she couldn’t imagine an Oscar not boosting her career from now
until eternity. Jennifer wanted the credibility as an actress that
Catherine had.

“And of course there’s the Gold Club,” Catherine added in such a
hushed, wicked tone that it immediately piqued Jennifer’s interest.

“Excuse me? The what?” Jennifer asked.

“Sorry, I’ve said too much already,” Catherine grinned evilly. “I’m
sworn to secrecy.”

“No screw that, you can’t just hint at something all mysterious and
then not tell me,” Jennifer pouted. “I want to know!”

“I can keep it secret and I will,” Catherine promised. “Just use it
as incentive to go out and win yourself a little gold bugger too.”

“No! You gotta tell me!” Jennifer playfully demanded. “You don’t
just drop broad hints and then clam up.”

“That’s the way it is Jennifer,” Catherine said with a laugh as she
motioned as if she were locking her lips up and throwing away the
key. “Just think of it as incentive to win.”

“Great, as if I wasn’t jealous enough already,” Jennifer grumbled,
her face still smiling though.

“You? Jealous? Of little ol me?” Catherine teased.

“Oh you know perfectly well just about everyone who looks at you is
jealous,” Jennifer pointed out. “Even me. None of that false modesty
or anything.”

“Well it’s not always fun and games believe me,” Catherine replied,
her face showing that she knew a lot of what Jennifer was saying was
absolutely correct. “I think you know that better than anyone,
Jennifer. We’ve got the tabloids after you all the time and we’ve
both had our days in court because of them. Those little bastards do
tend to look where they’re not supposed to, don’t they?”

“Yeah,” Jennifer sighed. Besides the big careers and the famous
husbands, Jennifer and Catherine also had something else in common.
Paparazzi had caught them sunbathing topless. Jennifer had gone to
court to stop her pictures from getting out any more than they
already had and Catherine now seemed willing to do the same thing.

“Not that we have anything to be ashamed about though,” Catherine
smiled. “I wish I hadn’t been holding the fucking cigarette, but
even that much pregnant I was looking pretty good, if I don’t say so

“Yeah you did,” Jennifer said with a smile. She had seen the
pictures and even though she was close to eight months pregnant,
they couldn’t help but show how truly sexy Catherine was.

“Ah hah! Caught you! You were peeking at those pictures!” Catherine
laughed as she pointed a finger of accusation at Jennifer. “Bet you
liked what you saw, didn’t you Jennifer?”

Jennifer’s face immediately fell into deep blushing mode. She had
slipped up and Catherine had indeed caught her. Jennifer nervously
drank some of her water and tried not to show how flustered she
really was. It hadn’t been like she’d used those pictures as
masturbation material or anything, but Jennifer hadn’t wanted to
skip the chance to see Catherine’s body. Now Jennifer had wondered
how much she’d accidentally revealed about herself.

Fortunately, Catherine moved to reassure her.

“Don’t worry about it, can’t say I haven’t seen your pictures as
well, because I most certainly have,” Catherine replied.

That statement really took Jennifer by surprise. The pictures had
only been published in one of those magazines that was nothing but
naked celebrities and somehow Jennifer couldn’t picture Catherine
going down to the corner newsstand to buy a copy.

“Don’t look so shocked,” Catherine said as she noted the look on
Jennifer’s face. “You think I don’t have an Internet connection? I
was curious, so I looked. You’ve got a beautiful body Jennifer.”

“Thanks, so do you,” Jennifer mumbled, unsure where this
conversation was headed. She couldn’t help but feel as if it were
Catherine who was testing the sexual waters and not her. Jennifer
couldn’t be sure though, so she didn’t say anything right away.

“Yeah it’s a lot of hard work to get that baby weight off, but it’s
worth it,” Catherine said proudly. “I mean let’s face it. I’m never
going to be Lara Flynn Boyle or anything, but I think that’s for the
best, don’t you. I mean, I love this look for me. That’s who I am.”

“Yeah, I love your curves,” Jennifer blurted out before her eyes got
wide and she realized she’d done it again. Her mouth just wasn’t
listening to her brain today.

“Oh really?” Catherine grinned. “What are you trying to say

The restaurant was small and not too busy around them so it was very
easy for the two girls to act as though they were the only ones
there. Jennifer and Catherine stared at each other from across the
small circular table, neither of them saying much at first.
Jennifer’s face was flustered again as she hurriedly searched her
brain for any explanation that would make sense for what she just
said. Meanwhile, Catherine was the picture of cool, smiling at
Jennifer and seeming to enjoy her bout with panic.

“I mean…I…I…saw ‘Chicago’ and you looked really good and you
know you can’t help noticing your body in those costumes,” Jennifer
began to stammer. “And I…uhhhh…just thought that…”

Jennifer then interrupted herself and slammed her hand over her
mouth to stifle the gasp that almost escaped from her mouth. The
last thing she had expected to happen, had just happened as
Catherine had slid her foot right over her pussy through her jeans
and panties. Jennifer’s face was a testament to her utter and
complete shock as Catherine continued to play footsie with her sex
underneath the table.

“What Jennifer? What were you thinking?” Catherine asked innocently
while her foot rubbed Jennifer in just the right manner. Catherine’s
face was still totally calm and collected and anyone who walked by
their table would have no idea that she had kicked off one of her
shoes and was now pressing against what she could easily tell was a
rapidly dampening pussy.

“Excuse me Catherine!” Jennifer said with a nervous rush as she
jumped up from the table and rushed off to the ladies room.
Catherine permitted herself a wicked and satisfied grin when
Jennifer left the table. This was working perfectly, Catherine
thought to herself while sliding her foot back into her shoe. Now
all she had to do was move in for the kill and Jennifer would be

Jennifer let the door to the ladies room slam behind her as she ran
in, her head spinning the entire way. What had just happened there?
She had run away from the table by instinct. This was too much, too
fast for her. It wasn’t as if Jennifer had minded Catherine’s
advances and that was what they were. There was no way a gesture
like that could be misinterpreted. She just hadn’t expected it and
Jennifer felt her heart pounding in her chest.

She had to try and calm herself. She had done this before and she
would have loved to do more with Catherine. Jennifer just hoped that
Catherine didn’t think she was some weird spazz now or something.

The more Jennifer talked to herself, the more she was able to calm
herself down. It had felt good to feel Catherine’s foot there and it
wasn’t as if Jennifer hadn’t wanted to seduce her. Hopefully she
hadn’t blown this by running off. Jennifer splashed some cold water
on her face and was about to see if she could salvage some fun from
this when the door to the ladies room flew open and Catherine
confidently strode in.

“There you are…” Catherine grinned as she came up from behind
Jennifer and wrapped her arms around the waist. Jennifer was still
leaning up against the sink and she looked up into the mirror to see
Catherine’s face next to her. “You’re not trying to run from me, are
you Jennifer?”

Catherine accented that question by gently kissing the back of
Jennifer’s neck while her hands reached up to grasp Jennifer’s
breasts through her white top. The top was loose around Jennifer’s
chest and Catherine was easily able to maneuver her hands around it,
massaging Jennifer’s tits and making her nipples harden,

“Ohhhhmygawd,” Jennifer moaned as she felt Catherine’s hands on her
chest. She’d obviously done this before, because she knew just how
to touch her breasts. Jennifer quickly melted into Catherine’s
touch. She could feel the warmth of her breath on her neck and
Jennifer began to back herself up, rubbing her ass against
Catherine’s body.

“I could sense you would be into this,” Catherine purred into
Jennifer’s ear while she continued to play with her breasts through
her top. “I just had a good feeling about you Jennifer. Glad to see
I was right. I always get what I want, you know, and right now I
want you Jennifer.”

“I want you too,” Jennifer admitted, the words flying off her tongue
without a second thought. She pushed herself away from the sink
enough so she could turn around. She embraced Catherine and
immediately pressed their lips together. The two women shared their
first kiss and it wasn’t long before it deepened into a hot, soul
kiss with tongues flying into unfamiliar mouths and needy moans
escaping their sealed lips.

“Ever done this before?” Catherine asked when she broke the kiss.
Her finger began tracing over Jennifer’s lips and down her chin,
where just the slightest trace of saliva lay.

“Oh yeah,” Jennifer answered with a smile. “Lots of times.”

This time it was Catherine’s turn to be surprised. She hadn’t really
expected Jennifer to have experience with girl on girl love. She had
always regarded Jennifer as someone who would be open to a seduction
and Catherine knew she was a great seductress. She hadn’t had to dig
deep into her bag of tricks today. She had just figured that
Jennifer was an easy target. Now she had a little bit of a clue why.

“Good, now I won’t have to teach you anything you already know,”
Catherine replied before pressing her lips to Jennifer’s again. The
kiss grew more passionate with each second. Jennifer moved her hands
up to Catherine’s head, playing with her long, black hair and making
sure she didn’t leave her lips. Catherine was just so damn kissable
and Jennifer indulged in the taste and feel of her sexy lips. They
sucked on each other’s tongues and rubbed them together, oblivious
to their surroundings. It was only when Catherine reached down to
try and pull up Jennifer’s top that she brought things to a halt.

“No…not here,” Jennifer said, too concerned about someone walking
in and finding them in this oh so compromising position. Plus
Jennifer knew if they did it here, it would have to be quick and she
wanted this to last.

“Mmmm but I can’t wait for you Jennifer,” Catherine said. “I have to
have you now.”

“My hotel!” Jennifer quickly said. “It’s really close by! We can
grab a cab and be there in no time. Mmmmm we have a such a soft,
nice bed in there Catherine. We can totally lay out in there and
play all afternoon.”

“We? Who’s we?” Catherine asked. She hoped it wasn’t Brad. She
wouldn’t be able to do a threesome with Jennifer and her husband.
That would have been a violation of the rules she and Michael had
set up for their marriage.

“Well…if you’re lucky enough, you might find out,” Jennifer
grinned, relishing her chance to be coy and mysterious. “Now how
about we pay the bill and get the hell out of here?”

Grabbing Jennifer’s hand, Catherine tugged her outside of the ladies
room. There wasn’t anything she wanted more.

The cab ride to the hotel only took about 20 minutes, but to
Jennifer it felt like it took 20 hours. Every second was a lifetime
because it was a second Jennifer couldn’t have her hands and lips
all over Catherine’s body. She had never expected to be doing this
today, but here she was on the verge of a sexy rendezvous with the
gorgeous Catherine Zeta Jones. There was no seduction necessary now.
Both she and Catherine were experienced and more than ready to
indulge in each other’s body.

The whole cab ride to the hotel, Catherine and Jennifer longed to
touch each other, but all they dared was caressing each other’s
hands and legs, out of view of the driver. Why start rumors? As bad
as they wanted each other, they both knew they had to wait.

When they finally arrived at the hotel, Jennifer hoped that maybe
they’d be able to have some fun in the elevator like she’d had with
Sarah the other day. Unfortunately they ended up having to share the
elevator with a child and her grandparents traveling one floor up
from them. Like the cab ride, the elevator trip up felt like it took
forever. Jennifer and Catherine kept glancing at each other and
sharing a look that both knew well. It was a look that said “Once I
get you alone, I am going to tear your clothes off.”

After finally arriving at the room, the two women quickly got down
to business. As soon as the door slammed shut behind them and they’d
kicked off their shoes and socks, Catherine and Jennifer fell back
into each other’s arms, kissing passionately as they made their way
toward the bed. They were releasing all the pent up lust they had
stored since they’d left the restaurant.

Now Jennifer had no hesitancy at all and she let her hands roam wild
all over Catherine’s body. She kissed the Oscar winner hard while
her hands rubbed down Catherine’s back to hold and squeeze the
cheeks of her ass through her designer jeans.

“Mmmm eager,” Catherine grinned. “I like that.”

“You’ll like this a lot more,” Jennifer grinned right back as she
began undoing the buttons of Catherine’s top. Jennifer loved the
hints of cleavage the top revealed and she was so excited to see
more than her hands actually began to fumble at the task. Jennifer
tried to calm herself, but then she gave up. Why bother calming
down? If you couldn’t get excited at the possibility of having sex
with Catherine Zeta Jones, what could you get excited about?

Even though her hands continued to shake as she undid the buttons,
Jennifer soon had Catherine’s top open. This exposed the matching
black bra she had underneath and Catherine pushed the top off her
shoulders, letting it fall to the floor to show off the flawless,
creamy skin that lay underneath.

“Oooooh black underwear,” Jennifer said, loving what she saw. “Mmmm
you know what they say about girls in black underwear.”

“Why do you think I wear it?” Catherine asked with a throaty laugh.
“Oh Jennifer, I know what they think of me. They think I’m some
spoiled snob who doesn’t like to get her hands dirty, but they don’t
know the real me. Mmmmmmm I love to fuck and you’re going to see
that for yourself soon Jennifer. I’m not so fucking snobby when I’m
filling your cunt just right with my hot tongue.”

Hearing Catherine talk dirty in her Welsh accent brought a smile to
Jennifer’s face and a rush of pleasure to her pussy. Catherine
looked like a real hellcat and Jennifer was ready for whatever
challenges lay ahead. She wanted her new lover to realize that
whatever tricks she knew about girl sex, Jennifer knew a few of her

With her top off, Jennifer began kissing the deep valley of cleavage
that lay before her. She licked up the little droplets of sweat that
trickled down between Catherine’s bra-clad tits and began kissing
all over the generous mounds. The pregnancy had only added to the
size of her breasts and so far they had not shrunk from her weight
loss. Catherine loved the extra jiggle this gave her and, judging
from the way Jennifer’s tongue and mouth, was treating her flesh,
she could see her new lover loved it too.

Lesbian relationships in British musical theater were just as common
as gay ones in the Shakespeare troupes. When Catherine had first
started acting she often felt the hungry stares at her from her
fellow castmates and it wasn’t long before she responding to those
stares with kisses and caresses. Catherine had never felt any
inhibition around other women and some of the best sexual
experiences she had ever had had been with females. Sex had always
been a big part of Catherine’s upbringing and though people who had
only seen her after she’d married Michael thought she projected the
image of posh and cold, she actually loved getting as down and dirty
as possible. There were few things Catherine hadn’t done sexually
and, for the most part, she had enjoyed them all.

In the end she loved men too much, so she supposed they were her
preference, but she never denied herself a beautiful, supple female
body when she had the chance and she had a hell of a chance right
here with Jennifer. It wasn’t cheating on Michael to do this,
because they had an open marriage in the best ways.

When Catherine had first gotten involved with the older actor, a lot
of people had warned her that it couldn’t end well. Michael had been
a well known player in the Hollywood scene, even getting treatment
at one point for a sex addiction. They had told Catherine that he
had cheated on his first wife and that he would end up cheating on
her, but Catherine had an idea that had resulted in what had so far
been a blissfully happy marriage.

She had confided her bisexuality to her husband and, naturally, he
had been most intrigued in seeing her in action. Catherine made him
promise that as long as he never broke the rules and did this
without her knowledge, anytime he found a hot girl he wanted to
sleep with he could bring her home so they both could share. As part
of the deal, Catherine was under no such requirement to share. That
meant she was able to keep Jennifer and her other famous friends to
herself. The arrangement had worked wonders so far. Michael had kept
it in his pants when he wasn’t around Catherine and she was able to
explore her bi side with as many hot girls as caught her fancy.

When she had bumped into Jennifer like that, Catherine had instantly
felt all the longing she had felt the first time she had met the
Emmy winner. She had never imagined Jennifer would have been this
receptive to a same sex encounter, but she was happy to see how
eager her friend was. There had been a lot of lesbian loving for
Catherine since she had won her Oscar, but she missed the intimacy
of a one on one encounter. And from the way Jennifer was eagerly
playing with her tits, Catherine could feel a lot of intimacy coming

“Let me help you with that,” Catherine said before reaching back to
undo the clasp of her own bra. It easily fell off her chest and
Jennifer didn’t waste a second before burying her face in
Catherine’s tits. “Mmmmmmm yessss good girl. Get your mouth all over
my tits. Every good feeling you give to me darling, I’m going to
give it back to you double.”

As if Jennifer needed any more incentive to make Catherine come,
there it was. Everything about Catherine was sexy to Jennifer, but
seeing her all dolled up in expensive outfits was nothing compared
to what she looked like standing there topless by the bed. Her
nipples already stood out proudly, but that didn’t stop Jennifer
from bending down to get them in her mouth so she could make them
even harder. Jennifer started out by licking Catherine’s nipples
with firm tongue strokes and, as Catherine moaned happily, Jennifer
opened her mouth to begin sucking on them.

“Oh God yes, you’re good,” Catherine moaned while playing with
Jennifer’s blonde streaked brown hair. “You weren’t lying Jennifer.
Ohhhhhh you have done this before.”

Feeling Catherine’s nipples between her lips and under her tongue
was getting Jennifer even wetter. She just had to touch herself and
she didn’t hesitate to reach down and unbutton her jeans. She eased
them open just enough to slide her free hand inside and play with
her pussy underneath her panties. Jennifer moaned into Catherine’s
breast when she felt her wetness coat her fingers, but she didn’t
penetrate her pussy. She didn’t want to come too early. Jennifer
wanted to save all her precious girl cum for when she got
Catherine’s tongue inside her.

If there was one area about Catherine that always demanded attention
it was her legs. The term “gorgeous gams” had been invented for
people like her. Unlike the majority of her “Chicago” castmates,
Catherine hadn’t needed to undergo intensive dance training. She had
been dancing all her life and it showed on her beautiful, long legs.
Many a man had imagined those legs wrapped around them and Jennifer
was no different. She lusted after every inch of Catherine’s body
and she knew she wasn’t going to be satisfied when she was standing
there in her jeans.

Smiling all the way, Jennifer pulled her hand out of her own jeans
and away from Catherine’s breasts to get at her new lover’s pants.
She undid the button and slowly and lovingly unzipped her, as if she
were doing it to a man she was about to give head to. Catherine was
all woman underneath and as soon as her jeans were open enough,
Jennifer reached in to cop herself a serious feel of some hot pussy.
Surprisingly when she did this, Jennifer felt nothing but wet flesh
waiting for her.

Catherine definitely had panties on underneath, so Jennifer was a
little confused. The only way to get to the bottom of this was to
push down her jeans and see for herself. When she did, Jennifer was
happy to see that while Catherine had black panties on they had a
slit in the front of them that offered easy access to her dripping

“Do you like?” Catherine asked sexily. “I love going out in
crotchless panties. They feel so fucking sexy and it makes it so
easy if you find yourself in the right position to get yourself some

“I love them,” Jennifer marveled. Her first thoughts when she saw
them was how good Catherine looked in them and how badly she wanted
a pair of her own. In fact she wanted some for all her housemates
because there was probably no better gift to show them what they
meant to her than crotchless panties.

Of course Jennifer didn’t just want to stare at Catherine’s panties.
She wanted to get at what was behind them. Jennifer eagerly sank to
her knees and got herself ready to get her first taste of Catherine.
But before she could, the Welsh beauty stopped her.

“Oh no, not yet,” Catherine said, taking a step back from Jennifer’s
disappointed tongue. “Not until you’re naked too. Show me your body

“I think that can be arranged,” Jennifer smiled as she got up and
prepared to strip down for her new lover.

“Goody,” Catherine replied, casting off the bedspread and taking a
seat on the edge of the bed as Jennifer peeled her shirt over her
head. She had a pale blue set of bra and panties on underneath her
clothes and Jennifer knew Catherine would love the way her nipples
strained against the bra and how her pussy had darkened the color of
her panties. After casting her shirt down to the floor, Jennifer
sexily ran her hands over her bra, moaning from the sensations she

Her nipples were close to aching under her bra. It felt good to rub
herself through the material, but if her tits were going to get all
red and sensitive, Jennifer wanted it to be from Catherine’s mouth.
To remedy this, Jennifer undid her bra and let it join her shirt on
the floor. Catherine smiled as she admired Jennifer’s firm, bare
breasts while the actress set to work getting her jeans off.

Using all the tricks she had picked up at her strip cardio classes,
Jennifer let the anticipation build by sensuously moving her body
with everything she had. She missed those classes and her thoughts
turned to her former classmate Cameron Diaz. Jennifer wondered if
Cameron had been practicing the special moves they had tried out on
each other after class one day. She would have to check in with her
when she got back to L.A., but right now Jennifer knew she was in
New York and should really be focusing on the girl before her.

While she continued bumping, grinding and shaking her sexy ass for
the amusement and arousal of Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer finished
what she’d started before. Her jeans were already partly open and
she completed the job by pushing them down her hips and bending over
so Catherine could see her panties and how they hugged the curves of
her ass. Jennifer couldn’t see Catherine, but she could hear her
moans, so she knew she must have liked it.

Jennifer got her jeans all the way down her legs and stepped out of
them, leaving her clothes crumpled on the floor of the suite. She
then turned around to face Catherine, naked except for her panties
and giggled in delight when she saw her pawing at her pussy through
the open crotch of her panties.

“You like that don’t you?” Jennifer observed, licking her lips in
the process as she came up with a way to try out a new skill. “How
about a lap dance baby?”

“Mmmmm sounds heavenly,” Catherine said as she accepted Jennifer on
her lap with a welcoming kiss. Jennifer kissed back with passion,
her hands traveling through Catherine’s hair and onto her bare back.
While they kissed Jennifer began to squirm in Catherine’s lap,
grinding her ass against her and causing their bare tits to rub
together. This only intensified the kiss as both girls began
breathing harder by the minute.

Jennifer certainly had no formal lap dance training, it was
something they hadn’t even gotten into at strip cardio class, but
she knew she must be doing a good job because of the way Catherine
moaned. Jennifer continued to rub her ass against Catherine’s lap
and grind into her body, kissing and touching everywhere she could
reach. She could feel the heat rising from Catherine’s pussy and
Jennifer’s mouth watered over the prospect of sticking her tongue
into what would undoubtedly be a sweet, honey coated snatch. The
more she rubbed against Catherine’s body, the more Jennifer needed
to taste her, but Catherine grabbed her chance first.

“Oh Jennifer…I have to taste you,” Catherine groaned, the firm,
sexy cheeks of Jennifer’s ass increasing her arousal to levels that
went beyond hot and sweaty. It was hard for her to choose what she
wanted first, but there was no way she couldn’t indulge in a taste
of the girl who was getting her this wet. Besides, Catherine knew
the longer she waited, the sweeter her own orgasm would be.

Jennifer was about to counter that offer by tonguing Catherine
anyway, but she wasn’t even given that option. Catherine stood up
from the bed and let Jennifer fall from her lap onto the soft,
dangerously comfortable mattress she and Sarah slept on. Jennifer
bounced slightly as she hit the bed, her tits jiggling and she
quickly found Catherine pouncing on top of her.

“I need you Jennifer…I need to taste you,” Catherine purred, her
voice getting sexier the more aroused she got.

“No one’s going to stop you,” Jennifer replied, ecstatic to have her
chance first. From the look in Catherine’s eyes, Jennifer knew even
if she had tried to stop her, it would have been a futile effort.
She remembered what Catherine had said earlier about always getting
what she wanted. That certainly looked to be true here.

“Mmmm such a beautiful body,” Catherine admired as Jennifer set
herself down on the bed and stretched out, her head resting by the
pillow while Catherine looked over every inch of her flesh. “I could
just eat you up.”

That was exactly what Jennifer wanted to happen and she began
writhing on the bed as Catherine lay down beside her and began
kissing her neck and down her shoulder blade. Jennifer moaned and
squirmed from Catherine’s sizzling kisses and little nips on her
flesh. Catherine moved down, her hands fondling Jennifer’s bare tits
and rubbing the nipples into maximum arousal. She followed up her
firm touch with sexy licks, grazing over the pink pebbles of
stimulation that were now Jen’s nipples. The feel of her tongue was
so light and practiced that Jennifer moaned for more.

“Ohhhhh so goooood…” Jennifer sighed from the way her body tensed
up. It was like Catherine had her on the edge of orgasm and she
hadn’t even got past her breasts. Jennifer had heard many raves
about her tongue since she’d first gotten into that fateful limo,
but she couldn’t imagine she was as good as Catherine was. The
slightest graze on her nipples felt like a mini orgasm and
Jennifer’s hand instinctively went to Catherine’s head, holding her
in place and making sure she didn’t stray too far from her tits.

Catherine continued to tease Jennifer’s hard nipples, taking the
feel of her hands gripping her head as very good feedback instead.
Catherine knew she was good, but it was always good to see proof of
how good you were. Her tongue licked Jennifer’s nipples up and down,
batting the pink points and leaving drips of aroused saliva all over
her flesh. Catherine loved the salty taste of Jennifer’s flesh from
the sweat that was now giving her skin a healthy glow. She could
also taste the soap and body lotion from her shower that morning,
but that wasn’t the taste Catherine wanted most.

She began to move her head downward and at first Jennifer resisted,
not wanting the pleasure against her nipples to stop. But Jennifer
quickly deduced Catherine’s intentions and let her proceed along her
merry way. Catherine left a wet trail of saliva as her tongue slowly
traveled down Jennifer’s body. She gave Jennifer the lightest lick
against her tummy and over her bellybutton. It was hard enough for
Jennifer to feel it, but soft enough for her to crave even more.
Every nerve in Jennifer’s body was feeling the pleasure and Jennifer
could feel the tiny hairs stand up happily from the intense
anticipation she was feeling. Jennifer couldn’t wait to feel that
tongue inside her pussy and Catherine knew it.

Unfortunately the barrier of her panties still remained, but they
were very easily disposed of. Catherine took a second to smile with
satisfaction over how Jennifer’s panties were clinging tightly to
her cunt lips. You could so easily make out her slit and the juice
that had dripped from her pussy had turned the light blue into a
midnight shade of dark arousal.

Catherine kept moving her mouth down Jennifer’s body and when she
got to the waistband of her panties she bared her teeth and snagged
them. Catherine gripped Jennifer’s panties with her teeth and slowly
began pulling them off. Catherine peeled the panties off of
Jennifer’s soaked slit, leaving behind a film of girl juice as a
reminder they were there. Jennifer moaned as she felt the room’s air
conditioning hit her pussy and tickle her wet, aroused flesh. It was
all so good and Catherine was just making her hotter by continuing
to drag her panties down with her teeth.

Jennifer’s panties went down her legs, leaving behind a sticky trail
and Catherine finally released them from her mouth when she was
about to fall off the edge. She used her practiced toes to push
Jennifer’s panties the rest of the way off and she pulled herself
back up so her face was now even with Jennifer’s exposed pussy.

Having done this many times before, Catherine was no stranger to the
body of another woman. That didn’t dilute the thrill of seeing
Jennifer’s naked pussy. She had her brown bush trimmed to a tiny
landing strip, perfect for guiding the way to heaven. Her pussy lips
were swollen with arousal and aching for the type of attention only
Catherine’s tongue could provide so she decided not to wait any
longer to give Jennifer what she needed.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss Catherine…fuck yesssssss!!!” Jennifer
panted when Catherine began to tongue the dripping lips of her cunt.
Just like she’d done with her nipples, Catherine started Jennifer
off slowly, licking her with long, tantalizing licks and soaking her
tastebuds in her lover’s flavor.

“Mmmmm this pussy tastes sooo good,” Catherine said, licking her
lips free of the juice that now coated them. “I always knew you’d be
a hot fuck Jennifer. I’d see you with Brad all the time and all I’d
be thinking about was stripping you naked and licking your hot
little pussy until you came for me. Now you’re mine Jennifer!”

“Yessssss…all yours,” Jennifer hissed as Catherine resumed her
licking. There wasn’t a drop of juice that could drip from
Jennifer’s pussy that Catherine’s tongue didn’t immediately lap up.
Her tonguing was harder this time and she easily slid past
Jennifer’s slit to dip inside her pinkness. Like a skilled huntress,
Catherine searched through Jennifer’s folds and quickly found what
she was looking for…her lover’s hard clit.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck yesssssss fuck that clit!” Jennifer passionately
urged. “Tongue fuck me Catherine! Jam that hot tongue right up my
tight little pussy!”

That was Catherine’s plan to the letter. Once she located Jennifer’s
clit, she began fucking it hard with her tongue. Jennifer was tight,
but she was so wet that it was easy for Catherine to just slide her
tongue in and hit her clit with hard tongue strokes. Jennifer bucked
and moaned on the bed, Catherine’s tongue driving her to horny highs
with each thrust from her mouth.

Wanting Catherine to get an even better angle, Jennifer helped
things out by pulling her legs up. She was now lying flat on the bed
with her legs up in the air and her pussy spread wide open for
Catherine’s tongue. The raven haired actress was most appreciative
and pulled herself more onto the bed so she was lying on her
stomach, her legs dangling over the bed’s edge. Jennifer’s pussy
looked so hot when it was all nice and spread, Catherine licked the
pink folds of girl flesh and plunged her tongue right back inside,
hitting Jennifer’s aroused clit and making her cry out.

“Yesssssss fuck that pussy you nasty girl!” Jennifer shouted. “You
were so right Catherine! Mmmmmmm you’re no fucking snob! You’re a
hot fucking bitch!”

“Oh yeahhhhhh I’m the hottest fucking bitch that will ever tongue
this sweet little pussy!” Catherine replied wickedly before pushing
her tongue right back inside Jennifer’s sex. Catherine certainly
didn’t lack for confidence, but when you had the skills to back up
your words it was all good and Catherine certainly had skills. Her
tongue was like a mini cock, pushing into Jennifer’s pussy and
making her wetter with every thrust. Catherine’s tongue swam in
those juices, pushing in and out and getting more and more of that
flavor she craved.

While her tongue played deep in Jennifer’s pussy, Catherine’s busy
hands stroked Jennifer’s outstretched legs and moved down to cup the
sides of her ass. Catherine loved a good ass and she could tell
Jennifer had a great one. Hopefully she’d have time later to fully
explore it. Right now she was content to caress the curves of her
butt as she continued to tongue Jennifer’s steamy, dripping pussy.

Catherine let the leaking juice from Jennifer coat her lips again
before pulling away from her clit to lick her slit up and down
again. She couldn’t get enough of Jennifer’s taste and Catherine
could scarcely wait until she was covering her face in pussy cream.
She had been with so many beautiful women over the last months, but
Jennifer was inspiring a special tug of lust in her heart. Catherine
loved her body and her attitude, so eager and so hesitant at
once…as if Jennifer knew if she ever truly let herself go there
would never be any turning back. That hesitancy made her juices even
richer, in Catherine’s opinion, and she licked up every drop she
could get.

“Fuck me Catherine! Fuck that hot cunt of mine just like you
promised!” Jennifer swore while she sucked on her own fingers,
trying to get a grip on all the pleasure she was feeling. “Fill me
with your hot tongue! Ohhhhh I’m close! Don’t stop fucking me
Catherine cause I can be just as hot to you baby! Make me come good
and I’ll fuck you so sweet Catherine! I can do every nasty thing you
like and more!”

Catherine had no doubt that Jennifer would be as good as her word.
Thinking of what Jennifer could do to her, had hot juice traveling
down Catherine’s long legs from her aching pussy. She could feel
Jennifer’s orgasm building and drawing near and Catherine sensed it
was going to be a hot one. She wanted Jennifer to come. Then she
wanted Jennifer to do her. Then she wanted to do Jennifer again.
This was shaping up to be an all day encounter and Catherine was
truly pleased as punch at the prospect.

The heat from Jennifer’s cunt demanded Catherine’s attention, so she
didn’t let her thoughts stray too far from where they needed to be.
Catherine pulled out from Jennifer’s pussy again, but only to lick
up and down her slit again. Testing Jennifer’s limits a little,
Catherine let her tongue trail down from Jennifer’s pussy toward her
pink, inviting asshole. With Jennifer’s legs up in the air like
that, it was easy for Catherine to lean down and give Jen’s ass a
few teasing licks. To Catherine’s delight, Jennifer moaned happily
and squirmed on the bed.

She considered leaving her tongue there and ass fucking Jennifer to
orgasm now that she knew Jennifer loved it as much as she did, but
Catherine couldn’t deny herself the taste of that hot pussy during
orgasm. Catherine filed that information about Jennifer away for
later and dragged her tongue back up to Jennifer’s overheated
snatch. When she got there, Catherine grinned in front of the pink
cavern of pleasure before her, the little droplets of sex cream
clinging to her splayed lips. It was so beautiful and Catherine
treated Jennifer to a flurry of hard tongue fucks.

“MMMMMMM YEAHHHHHH!!!” Jennifer shouted out, her hands flying to her
legs to keep them from falling down. She didn’t want to leave this

Jennifer could feel her body begin to grind against the bed and
shake with orgasmic anticipation. Jennifer rubbed her bare ass
against the soft sheets and fucked Catherine’s tongue, imploring her
to slide more of her tongue inside her. She only wished Sarah would
hurry home from the set today. Jennifer wanted her friend to be able
to feel this tongue inside her too.

Catherine delighted in how Jennifer’s pussy was quivering for her.
She continued tongue fucking her, licking her clit as she pushed
deep into her pinkness. The walls of Jennifer’s cunt were clamping
tight around her invading tongue and Catherine knew it would only be
a matter of seconds before she was tasting all the hot girl cream
she could want. She began licking Jennifer’s clit with a more
concentrated effort, loving how it jumped and throbbed from every
hard flick against it.

“OHGODOHGODOHGOD!!!” Jennifer babbled as she felt the intense
feelings begin to take hold of her body. She was right on the verge
and she was dying for that final little push.

“Come for me Jennifer!” Catherine commanded, in between licks.
“Cover my face in that sexy cum! Coat my tongue in cream!”

Just as she had said earlier, Catherine always got what she wanted
and as soon as she got her tongue back on Jennifer’s clitoris, she
got the yummy orgasm she had craved. Catherine hit Jennifer’s bud
hard with a long, full tongue stroke and her new lover exploded all
over her face, soaking her features in creamy girl cum.

“OOOOOOOOOH GAWWWWWD!!!” Jennifer roared in ecstasy, her orgasm
zipping through every inch of her naked body. “YESSSSSSS CATHERINE

Jennifer humped Catherine’s face again and again as she came, her
juices covering her face. Catherine didn’t break for anything. She
just buried her face deeper inside Jennifer’s creaming pussy and
lapped up every drop she could get of her essence. Catherine had
always loved the taste of a woman and Jennifer was well worth the
efforts. Hearing Jennifer scream her passion out loud like this
while she licked up her orgasmic offerings had Catherine’s own pussy
wetter than it had been in a long time. Catherine wouldn’t have been
surprised if she’d ended up coming just from tasting Jennifer’s girl
cream, but she managed to hold on.

“Oooooooohhhhh mmmmmm…” Jennifer happily sighed as the last
tremors of her orgasm traveled through her well fucked orgasm. Her
whole body was flush with afterglow and little strands of her hair
were stuck to her forehead now. There was a content, peaceful glow
to her body and Jennifer was feeling mighty good indeed. Now all she
wanted was to give that same feeling to Catherine.

“Glad you approve,” Catherine smiled before pulling her body on top
of Jennifer’s and tenderly kissing her lips. Jennifer wrapped her
arms around Catherine’s bare back and held her close, pressing their
naked breasts together as they kissed, their energy growing with
every second.

“Now it’s your turn,” Jennifer grinned as she flipped Catherine over
on the bed so now she was the one flat on her back. “You’re not the
only girl who knows just what to do with a pussy. I’m going to make
you feel so good Catherine.”

“You’d better,” Catherine playfully challenged. “I don’t do what I
just did without expecting some kind of reward.”

Jennifer was happy to give Catherine multiple rewards for what she
had just done and she illustrated this with another passionate kiss
to the sexy Welsh woman’s beautiful, full lips. When she broke off
the kiss, Jennifer left a long strand of saliva dripping from her
mouth that finally snapped free when she began kissing down
Catherine’s body. She quickly came upon Catherine’s heaving breasts
and Jennifer immediately latched onto them.

“Mmmm yesssss suck on those tits Jennifer,” Catherine moaned. “Get
them all wet and shiny with your tongue.”

Jennifer couldn’t get enough of Catherine’s breasts and the way they
jiggled so tantalizingly with every movement from her body. As
Catherine moaned and writhed on the bed, Jennifer had her hands and
lips all over the sexy mounds of girl flesh. Jennifer pushed her
face in between them and kissed them all over, leaving wet tongue
trails of desire over her nipples and in her cleavage. Catherine’s
moans got louder as Jennifer grasped her tits with her hands and
rubbed them against her horny face. The smell of Catherine’s perfume
was intoxicating to Jennifer and it was clear that she’d placed a
few drops in her cleavage before she’d gone out.

Catherine’s nipples already were hard, but that didn’t stop Jennifer
from treating them to the same sexy licks that she’d just gotten.
Catherine moaned as Jennifer turned the tables on her, teasing her
and tantalizing her the same way she’d done it. It showed that not
only was Jennifer a fast learner, but that she had the experience to
keep up with her. The sensations of Jennifer’s lips and tongues all
over her breasts were getting Catherine even hotter than she’d been
before. She could feel the ache and desire in her pussy and she knew
she couldn’t make it much longer without feeling Jennifer inside

“Jennifer…ohhhh that’s good darling…” Catherine purred, her hand
playing through Jennifer’s hair as she continued to suck and lick
her tits. “Go lower lover! Please! My pussy needs you so bad

That was a siren call that Jennifer had no intention of ignoring and
she took mercy on the needy, moaning woman under her. Jennifer
pushed her body off of Catherine’s and settled next to her on the
bed. They lay side by side as Jennifer began to comply with
Catherine’s request to move lower on her body. Jennifer silently
promised Catherine’s breasts that she’d be back later to play with
them some more and started kissing down her stomach and toward the
hot wetness that lay between her legs.

The further down Jennifer got on Catherine’s body, the more she
could smell the only scent she loved more than the gentle perfume
Catherine had worn that day. The inviting scent of Catherine’s pussy
drew Jennifer closer and closer to the object of her desire. She was
so wet and Jennifer could almost taste her before she even got her
tongue out of her mouth.

“Lower…go lower Jennifer…” Catherine pined, her body squirming
against the sheets in anticipation. “I need you so bad! I want to
feel you against my pussy! Give me what I need…please don’t

Jennifer couldn’t help but tease, though. Every inch of skin on
Catherine’s body was beautiful and Jennifer wanted to touch and
taste it. She didn’t just want to jam her fingers into Catherine’s
pussy and have this done in thirty seconds. Jennifer wanted to savor
the taste of Catherine’s skin and the flavor of her orgasm. She
wanted this to last.

Leaving kisses the whole way down, Jennifer journeyed past
Catherine’s belly and over her thighs. She licked the bare skin
gently, but sexily, making Catherine shiver and moan on the bed.
Jennifer was happy to show her friend that she could be just as good
at heightening anticipation and making women wet and squishy on the
inside until they felt they just wouldn’t be able to take it
anymore. She teased Catherine’s thighs, making her cry out in jagged
gasps that indicated her needs. Jennifer could feel the heat from
Catherine’s pussy. She needed this so bad and Jennifer finally
decided that she had waited long enough.

Since Catherine still had her panties on, Jennifer was left with an
intriguing option. The panties were crotchless and that left
Jennifer with an immediate opening to just slid her tongue inside.
She’d never done that to a girl before, but Jennifer also wanted the
freedom of having nothing in her way, even if it was something as
slight and easily avoidable as Catherine’s tiny panties. In the end
Jennifer decided that she wanted to see Catherine bare so she slowly
pulled them down her legs. She didn’t use her teeth, but she found
that her fingers could be just as effective in this process.

“Yessssss…” Catherine mewed as her pussy was revealed. “Show me
how much you want me Jennifer. See how wet my pussy is! It’s wet for
you. Look at it darling…look at it and make me come! Please touch

When Catherine’s panties were finally down her legs and on the floor
with the rest of their clothes, Jennifer did just that. She admired
the arousal swollen lips of Catherine’s pussy and how the sexy V of
dark curls that made up her bush were wet with need. Jennifer didn’t
just admire the view though. She grazed three of her fingers up
Catherine’s slit, collecting her juices and immediately bringing
them up to her mouth for a taste.

“Mmmmm so sexy,” Jennifer smiled upon getting her first taste of
Catherine’s juices. They were rich and flavorful and Jennifer
instantly craved more. She knew just how to get them and the next
contact Catherine felt against her slit was Jennifer’s tongue.

“Oooooooooh Jennifer that’s it…lick that slit!” Catherine groaned.
“Use that hot tongue on my pussy! Lick it just like you licked my
nipples and I’ll be coming in no time! Don’t be shy darling…really
give it to me! Fuck me like a woman!”

Jennifer had no doubt that Catherine could take on anything she
could offer and she didn’t hesitate in picking up the pace. She
licked up all the juice that was collecting on Catherine’s pussy
lips and then slid two of her fingers inside her drenched snatch.
Jennifer then spread open Catherine’s slit and buried her tongue
inside her, lapping up the creamy, yummy juices that lay beyond them
and seeking out her clitoris.

“Yesssss that’s it!” Catherine groaned. “Eat my wet pussy Jennifer!
Mmmm fuck that tongue of yours is good! Ohhhhhh it feels so fucking
nice in my hot cunt! Fuck me Jennifer! You know what I need! Give it
to me!”

Jennifer quickly found Catherine’s clit, but she didn’t attack it
right away. Instead she moved around it, licking in all directions,
but where Catherine needed it most. The dark haired actress deduced
what the playful Jennifer was doing and she moved her hands to the
back of her head to try and guide her, but she couldn’t control
Jennifer’s tongue. Jennifer really wanted the passion to build up in
Catherine so she’d really come hard. She wasn’t going to go right
for her clit yet. She wanted to make it throb and make Catherine
even wetter.

“Noooo don’t tease!” Catherine begged in a futile effort. “Make me
come Jennifer! Suck on that clit! Don’t make me wait! I hate

But waiting was exactly what Catherine was going to have to do,
because Jennifer felt like teasing. She licked and tongue fucked
her, but she wouldn’t go right at Catherine’s hot spot. Instead she
drew out the anticipation Catherine was feeling and made her wetness
drip right onto her tongue. Jennifer greedily sucked Catherine’s
dripping juices right into her mouth, letting them coat her tongue
and slide down her throat to her waiting stomach. They’d never had a
chance to finish lunch and right now this was what Jennifer was
hungry for.

With her fingers doing their job well, Catherine’s pussy was wide
open to Jennifer’s naughty explorations. She licked every inch of
pink sex flesh she could get at and made sure Catherine was a proper
writhing mess on the bed. Catherine’s cries were needy and ragged
and Jennifer only served to increase them by sliding her tongue in
and out of her splayed cunt, savoring the rich juices and tongue
fucking Catherine close to enough to the edge so that she could feel
her own orgasm, but not close enough that she could actually have

From the moment that Catherine had extended her foot under the
table, she had been in control of this encounter and now Jennifer
was committed to showing her that she wasn’t just some little girl
she could draw into her spider web. She was a woman and she had done
things that Catherine could only dream of. Jennifer wanted to hear
Catherine beg for her and, after a few more hot tongue strokes, that
was exactly what she got.

“Please Jennifer please!” Catherine begged. “I need to feel you fuck
me hard! Make me come Jennifer! I can’t stand waiting any more! Give
me what I need! Please fuck me! I’ll do anything you want! Just
please don’t tease me anymore!”

Jennifer grinned in satisfaction when she heard that. It was time
for her to really get down to it and Jennifer knew exactly what she
wanted to do. She had wanted to do this ever since Catherine’s
tongue had strayed before and she wasn’t going to deny herself.

“Get up,” Jennifer said. “On your hands and knees baby. I want to
see all of you.”

Catherine didn’t hesitate before complying. She needed to come and
positioning was irrelevant. All that mattered was the result.
Catherine got onto her hands and knees and pushed her dancing toned
ass in the air. Jennifer admired her sexy curves with her eyes and
then with her hands, caressing her firm cheeks and dragging her
tongue over them.

“Mmmmmmmm yesss…don’t stop,” Catherine purred, her eyes closed and
her pussy dripping onto the sheets below her. Jennifer’s tongue felt
so good on her ass, but she needed more.

Jennifer wasn’t about to stop, not for anything. She continued to
lick and kiss Catherine’s butt cheeks, while her fingers teased and
touched her slit. Jennifer drew near Catherine’s puckered asshole
and, without any warning, pushed her tongue inside. At the same
time, Jennifer inserted two of her fingers inside Catherine’s pussy
to rub her clit and the result was instantaneous.

“OHHHHHHH YEAHHHH!!!” Catherine loudly grunted. “NOW YOU’RE FUCKING

Hearing Catherine talk dirty was such a turn on to Jennifer. Her
voice still had that cultured lilt to it, but there was nothing
refined about the lewd profanities that were spilling out of
Catherine’s lips. Jennifer couldn’t help but notice that the harder
she gave it to Catherine, the more she sounded like she was from
Wales. She was losing her American accent the more worked up she got
and Jennifer loved it. She wanted to reduce Catherine to
incomprehensible babbling by the end of this.

Suddenly an idea occurred to Jennifer. She could feel that Catherine
was close, but she knew something that could do an even better job
on her than her fingers. She and Sarah had packed a few of their
toys and one of them was a sexy red dildo that they had used on each
other many nights during their time here. They hid it inside a
leather carry on bag to avoid the attentions of snooping maids and
Jennifer knew that it was exactly what was called for here.

“Wait right here for a second Catherine,” Jennifer said wickedly,
rubbing her lover’s cheeks and jumping off the bed.

“NOOOOOOO GET BACK HERE!” Catherine shouted in frustration. “GET

That’s exactly what I’m going to do, Jennifer grinned to herself as
she literally streaked across the room and quickly retrieved the
toy. Jennifer gave the head a sexy lick and began lubing it up with
her saliva. She quickly got back to the bed and when Catherine saw
what she was holding, her angry frustration immediately vanished.

“Oh yeahhh that’s it Jennifer,” Catherine declared, wiggling her
bare ass in the air. “Give it to me darling. Get that sexy hunk of
plastic deep in my pussy and fuck me good!”

Jennifer responded by letting her saliva drip down from her mouth
and onto the red plastic, coating it with desire. Catherine was
plenty wet already, so Jennifer only needed to give it a little bit
of lube. When she was satisfied, Jennifer pulled it from her mouth
and slowly began pushing it inside Catherine’s pussy. Catherine was
open and exposed to her perfectly from this position and, when
enough of the toy was inside her, Jennifer began fucking her doggy


“Not such a classy little Oscar winner now, are you?” Jennifer
grinned, relishing her chance to control as she licked and whispered
into Catherine’s ear. “Now you’re just another hot, desperate slut
like the rest of us!”

“OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS I’M A FUCKING SLUT!!!” Catherine yelled as the
dildo filled her pussy so well. “YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW FUCKING NASTY

The tight walls of Catherine’s cunt hugged the plastic and it was
quickly getting slick and sticky from her juices. Jennifer kept at
her with a steady, penetrating motion that pushed the dildo as deep
inside her as Catherine would permit it. Catherine’s grunts and
cries of passion got louder and longer the harder Jennifer gave it
to her pussy with the toy and Jennifer attempted to push her over
the edge by getting her tongue back to where it had been nice and

Catherine squealed, her tits shaking and her chest heaving with lack
of breath as she panted and gasped. Jennifer’s tongue felt so good
in her ass, sliding into her hot hole and licking her just right as
the dildo stretched the folds of her pussy in the best way. It was a
double stimulation that had Catherine almost climbing up the walls.
It was so good and she almost didn’t want her orgasm to come. She
didn’t want this to stop.

But her orgasm was inevitable. Jennifer was too good at fucking her
holes for Catherine to stop her. She had never expected Jennifer to
be this good at girl fucking and Catherine hoped she would feel this
pleasure from her time and time again.

Catherine gasped and moaned like a wild woman, her hair getting in
her eyes as she rocked back and forth on the bed, her whole body
shaking from Jennifer fucking her like this. Suddenly Catherine felt
her body tense up and she knew it was time. Before she even had a
chance to steady herself, her orgasm crashed like a tidal wave over
her naked body.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Catherine screamed, her pussy squeezing the dildo
and her ass contracting around Jennifer’s tongue. She creamed the
toy, soaking it with sexual essence as she screamed her rapture with
garbled words and high pitched cries.

Jennifer loved the sound of Catherine coming. There was something so
primal about it and she couldn’t bear not getting a taste of what
was coating the plastic. Jennifer pulled her face away from her ass
and let the dildo fall out as she came. She replaced the toy with
her tongue and she licked up the remaining hot blasts of girl cream.

body continuing to rock back and forth on the bed. Her hands and
knees felt weak, but Catherine kept herself propped up throughout
her orgasm and when she finally had been drained, she slumped down
onto the bed, her face pressing into the cool pillow.

Catherine’s face was all smiles and when she finally pulled herself
up from the pillow, she saw Jennifer sitting up on the bed, licking
the tip of the cum covered dildo like a cat licking cream. Catherine
quickly found the strength to join her and they started sharing the

“I told you I loved to fuck,” Catherine grinned.

“I never doubted you,” Jennifer replied. “But I’d love to see how
long you can go.”

“Oh yeah? Is that a challenge?” Catherine laughed. “Why don’t you
try me?”

“Oh I will,” Jennifer wickedly promised. “I will.”

* * * * *

Jessica shifted in her seat and glanced at her watch as she stifled
a yawn. Hockey wasn’t really her game, so it wouldn’t have been her
first choice to spend her day here watching a celebrity exhibition
game for charity. But Michael loved hockey and was playing in the
game, so Jessica had decided it was only fair to do something he
liked for a change. Besides he had already promised to take her out
that night, so Jessica supposed she could grin and bear it for a few

The usual hockey loving crowd of celebrities was there at the game.
Michael J. Fox…Keifer Sutherland…Mike Myers. It seemed any actor
with a hint of Canadian ancestry was there. Jessica was
half-Canadian herself but it wasn’t like she was out there ready to
to lace up her skates and tape her stick up. She had just never been
a big hockey fan. Jessica supposed that if she was full blown Canuck
she might have felt differently.

Jessica tried to train her thoughts away from hockey and onto her
favorite subject these days…hot girl sex. Jessica had seen that
one of the team’s captains was Chris Irvine, who wrestled in the WWE
as Jericho, but alas he had not brought any of the divas along with
him. Just thinking about playing around in her trailer with Amy and
remembering what had happened in that steam room with Trish and
Stacy was filling Jessica’s body with all kinds of tingly

She began scanning the crowd that was filtering around the rink.
Most of them were guys, and the few girls that were there all seemed
to be accompanied. Jessica sighed in disappointment as the crowd
continued to filter in. She supposed it would be too much to hope
that she’d find a naughty and willing girl to sneak off for a
quickie with. Plus that wouldn’t have been fair to Michael. It
didn’t stop Jessica from looking though.

Jessica had caught a glimpse of Avril Lavigne when she’d gone to
visit Michael in the locker room as he’d gotten ready. As she looked
at the Canadian cutie she wondered if beneath all her teenage
attitude there might be a willingness to engage in some girl on girl
fun. Jessica had watched the Much Music Video Awards recently when
Avril had mooned the audience. Her bare ass had looked mighty yummy
and Jessica wouldn’t have minded seeing more of her. She would have
to try and get herself alone with Avril sometime soon and see what

But after seeing Avril tape up her stick and down about four Red
Bulls back to back, it was clear that the teenager’s mind was on
hockey and nothing else. This left Jessica without a play for the
time being and forced her to continue looking into the crowd for fun

Unfortunately, nothing really seemed to be developing and Jessica
was starting to get bored. Hopefully soon this thing would be over.
Jessica felt herself starting to get thirsty so she got up from her
seat and decided to get a soda or something. If she was going to be
bored then at least she should have some sugary goodness traveling
through her body to make it go down easier.

Jessica began walking through the stadium looking for a refreshment
stand and when she saw one she paused to get her money out of her
purse. She stood there looking for small bills amidst all the junk
she carried with her when suddenly Jessica found herself being
embraced from behind. A pair of strong, but undeniably female arms
encircled her waist and held her close.

“Hey you…” a sexy voice purred into Jessica’s ear and she smiled
in response. Jessica didn’t even have to turn around to know who it
was. It could only be Jennifer Garner and Jessica’s pussy
immediately turned into a furnace of desire.

“Hey yourself,” Jessica replied, loving the feel of Jennifer’s hands
around her. To anyone passing by it just looked like a friendly hug
between close friends. But Jessica and Jennifer knew it meant much,
much more. Before anyone got suspicious, though, Jennifer released
her lover from her grip and Jessica turned around so they could face
each other.

Neither of them said a word. They just stared at each other and
smiled happily. Their eyes spoke volumes and it was obvious from
their stare that they both just wanted to leap into each other’s
arms and kiss each other until they were out of breath. They hadn’t
completely lost their minds, though, so they held back on their
instinct. Instead Jessica held out her hand and Jennifer gratefully
accepted it. Jessica then silently lead Jennifer away. They didn’t
know specifically where they were going. They just wanted a place
where they could be alone, if only for a few minutes.

They didn’t have to search long because Jessica quickly spotted an
open door. Beyond the door lay a stockroom filled with Lakers
merchandise like big foam hands, caps, t-shirts and gold and purple
teddy bears. Jessica didn’t particularly care what was inside there
as long as she was with Jennifer and as soon as they closed the door
behind them they fell right into a kiss.

There wasn’t anything gentle about the kiss. It was hard and
passionate, fueled by the intense need both actresses felt for each
other. Their lips and tongues fused together as their hands grabbed
at as much flesh as they could. Jessica’s hands ran up and down
Jennifer’s strong back while Jennifer went right for Jessica’s tits,
squeezing them through her t-shirt and bra. Saliva dripped back and
forth and the girls breathlessly moaned into each other until they
could take no more and finally broke free of their kiss.

“Mmmmm I needed that,” Jennifer groaned. Her face was flush and she
had an ecstatic look on her face.

“Not as bad as I did,” Jessica replied while breathing hard, her
breasts heaving. “I didn’t know you were going to be here. This is
like the best fucking surprise ever!”

“Tell me about it,” Jennifer smiled. “I didn’t know you were going
to be here either. I mean I came here with Michael and then I saw
you standing there and I just couldn’t believe it.”

Jessica was confused for a second when Jennifer said the name
“Michael.” Then she realized it wasn’t her Michael she was talking
about, but rather Michael Varian, Jennifer’s co-star on “Alias.”

“Michael just loooooooves hockey so he asked me to come with him
when he played,” Jennifer explained. “I wasn’t going to at first but
now I’m so glad I did.”

“So are you two seeing each other?” Jessica asked with more than a
little bit of jealousy in her tone. She knew she didn’t have the
right to be jealous or anything, after all she had her Michael and
all the girls in Malibu, but she couldn’t help it. Part of her
wanted Jennifer all for herself.

Jennifer blushed furiously at the question, but didn’t stop smiling.
Ever since she had split with her husband the tabloids had been
linking her and Michael together.

“Sort of…but not really…” Jennifer admitted. “It’s like a casual
thing right now. I don’t know. We’re more like friends than anything
else. Besides, I’d really much rather have you Jessica. You’re the
one I want right now.”

When she heard that Jessica’s knees almost went week. She just had
to kiss Jennifer again after a compliment like that so she did. This
kiss was much more tender, but just as hot. Jessica wrapped her arms
around Jennifer’s neck and pulled her close so she could kiss and
suck on her tongue with abandon. Their bodies pressed together and
both girls happily grinded against each other, making their flesh
tingle and their hearts race.

When the kiss ended Jessica decided not to waste any more time
before taking care of a critical piece of business.

“You’ve got to give me your phone number,” Jessica said as she began
rooting through her purse for a pen and a piece of paper. All she
could find was a pencil and an old ATM receipt, but they would have
to do. “I can’t believe I didn’t ask you before, but I just wasn’t
thinking straight. I’ve wanted to call you so much these past few
days. You have to give it to me.”

“Sure, no problem,” Jennifer said as a silly grin tugged at her
lips. “It’s 867-5309.”

Jessica actually began writing it down before she caught herself.

“Heyyyyyyyy…” Jessica grumbled, her face scrunging up over having
fallen for that. “Be serious.”

“Sorry…I couldn’t help it,” Jennifer giggled before giving Jessica
her real number.

“How long have you been saving that gag up?” Jessica asked.

“I use it all the time,” Jennifer sheepishly admitted. She knew it
was silly, but it just always struck her as funny. “Some people
actually think I’m being serious.”

“Foolish people,” Jessica grinned as she held the number in her hand
like it was gold.

“I’m so glad I saw you here,” Jennifer said. “I’ve got to ask you

“Ask away,” Jessica replied. “And if the question is `Can we get
naked again?’ then the answer is a hundred times yes.”

“Mmmmmm good that’s what I was hoping you’d say,” Jennifer said with
a wicked smile. “Do you have plans tonight? Cause ummm…there’s
this club and I have an invitation…”

“Jennifer Garner…Are you asking me out on a date?” Jessica

“Ummmmm yes…yes I am,” Jennifer blushed, but without losing her
infectious smile. “There’s this club I’ve been dying to go to. It’s
called Eterna. It’s never in the same place two nights in a row and
tonight I know where it’s going to be. Have you ever heard about

Jessica absolutely had. Eterna was supposed to be an exclusive club
for lesbians that traveled around Los Angeles from night to night.
It was supposed to only have two rules. Admittance was by invitation
only and it was supposed to be anything goes. Whatever happened in
the club, stayed in the club. Jessica had always kind of figured
that it was just a Hollywood urban legend and that it didn’t really
exist. But Jennifer seemed to have evidence and Jessica was eager to
see it for herself, especially if Jennifer was there with her. There
was just one problem though.

“I do have plans tonight,” Jessica frowned. “I’m supposed to go out
with Michael. I mean my Michael, not your Michael…you know what I

“I do,” Jennifer said sadly. She’d longed to go to Eterna ever since
she had first heard about it. It had seemed to be the perfect place
the explore the lesbian desires she had tried to ignore for so long.
Now she had a chance to go and the perfect girl to go with. She
didn’t want there to be any hitches. She wanted this to be perfect.

“Maybe I can get out of this thing tonight,” Jessica offered and
Jennifer’s face immediately lit up again. She’d feel bad about doing
this to Michael, but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and
Jessica didn’t want to pass it up.

“Ok…well call me and let me know,” Jennifer said as she grabbed
her purse and swung it over her shoulder. “I’ve gotta get back
before my Michael starts to think I got kidnapped or something. Call
me, ok?”

“You know I will,” Jessica promised before giving Jennifer a proper
kiss goodbye.

Jennifer left the stockroom and Jessica was left staring at the
number in her hands. There was no way she wasn’t going to be

“Jenny I got your number…I need to make you mine…” Jessica began
singing to herself with a happy giggle before putting the number
carefully in her purse and leaving the empty room behind.

By the time Jessica got back to her seat the game looked like it was
about to begin. The celebrities had split into two teams and were
finishing their final skate around. Things especially seemed to get
moving when Avril zipped onto the ice and started screaming like a
person operating on Red Bull and sports adrenaline only could.

Avril screamed, to the dismay of everyone who had brought children
down to the game.

As things got going Jessica couldn’t stop herself from thinking
about Jennifer. She tried to keep her mind on her Michael, but her
brain only wanted to focus on Jennifer and what delights might await
them at Eterna that night, that was if she could go. Part of Jessica
wanted to give Michael a kiss on the cheek, say “See ya later” and
run off to the club, but she knew that wasn’t right.

As much fun as it would have been, it would have been mean and
hurtful to do that to Michael and Jessica didn’t want to be that
person. There had to be a way to do this without lying or making
Michael feel bad. Jessica didn’t want to be this close to what she
wanted and then not be able to go for it. There just had to be a

Jessica perked up when she saw that Michael had the puck and was
driving toward the net. Jessica couldn’t help but get excited for
him the closer he got. Ironically, he’d gotten the puck passed to
him by Jennifer’s Michael and as he skated hard toward the net
Jessica found herself on her feet and cheering her fiancée on. But
then things got messy.

Avril was playing defense for the other team and as Michael got
close to the net she seemed to zip out of nowhere. Jessica noticed
Avril coming toward Michael with a full head of steam and what
looked to be all the force of a Serbian defenseman in the final
seconds of a scoreless Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Jessica saw
the young pop singer before anyone on the ice did and she yelled out
for Michael to look out. Unfortunately he didn’t hear her and a
collision could not be averted.

“OUTTA MY WAY!!!” Avril screamed as she stole the puck and checked
Michael hard into the boards. He obviously hadn’t been expecting to
be hit with such brute force from a teenage girl because he wasn’t
set properly for it and his face smacked into the glass.

triumph as blood streamed from Michael’s face. Jessica gasped in
horror and covered her mouth to keep from screaming as the lower
portion of her fiancé’s face turned bloody.

Michael was helped off the ice by some of his teammates and Jessica
ran from her seat and toward the locker room. All thoughts about
Jennifer were momentarily forgotten as she ran to see if Michael was
ok. She got to the locker room as fast as her legs could travel and
she saw Jennifer’s Michael waiting for her there as the trainers
looked at Michael’s face.

“Is he ok?” Jessica asked, trying not to panic.

“He’s fine,” Michael Vartan answered. “He just lost these.”

Michael then held out his gloved hand to show off what Jessica’s
Michael would undoubtedly want for Christmas that year…his two
front teeth.

“Oh my God!” Jessica gasped. “Michael baby…are you ok?”

“THATH CRATHY BITH!!!” Michael shouted, his speech impaired by his

“It’s ok baby, we’ll get you to the dentist,” Jessica said as she
wrapped her arms around Michael’s shoulders.

“WHATH THE HELL ITH WRONG WITH HER???” Michael raged as he angrily
stripped his gloves off and flung them to the floor. He was already
calming down though. The presence of Jessica was known to do that to

“Don’t worry, we’ll get you home and get you a nice liquid diet and
then when her next single is a hit you can sue her for everything
she has,” Jessica smiled, happy Michael wasn’t more seriously hurt
as she caressed his forehead.

“Thaths a good plan…” Michael smiled back, showing off his now
toothless grin. “She’s crathy…iths a fucking exhibithion game!”

“Don’t talk baby,” Jessica urged. “We’ll go get you all fixed up.”

“We wonth be able to go outh tonight,” Michael sighed. “The whole
night ith ruined!”

“Oh don’t worry about it baby,” Jessica said, fighting off a grin as
she continued to caress Michael’s wounded face. “I’m sure I can find
something to do tonight.”

* * * * *

“Let me tell you something about celebrities my boy,” the man said,
all of his words twisted with the sound of his sharp Australian
accent. “Celebrities are useless. They are just a lucky few who hit
the genetic jackpot. They serve no real purpose except to distract
the idiots from their boring, mundane lives. Celebrities always talk
when they should keep their mouths shut and are always expecting you
to fall to your knees and orally gratify them just because of how
special they think they are. Now we are in the unique position to do
something about that. Do you follow me?”

“Yes sir, I do,” Scotty Taylor said as he sat inside the office of
Duncan Malloy, the publisher of L.A. Beat Magazine. The magazine had
begun publishing six months ago and was already infamous in being
antagonistic as possible with the rich and famous.

“Good, I like someone who can keep up with me, my boy, few can,”
Duncan chortled. “We have the responsibility to cut these no
nothings with their pretty, brainless faces down to size. Because
the public really doesn’t love them…they hate them. They hate
celebrities because they have what they admire most. There’s nothing
people enjoy seeing more than a big mouthed celebrity get dragged
through the mud. Makes them feel better about themselves, you know.
This is what will distinguish our magazine and make us a success.”

“I understand Mr. Malloy,” Scotty replied. He had been hired by the
magazine last month and had started off with a few small articles.
Now he was about to be assigned his first big story.

“It’s a well known fact that 99% of the celebrities out there
support subversive causes,” Duncan stated. “I’d call them outright
traitors if they wouldn’t have 200 of their finest lawyers right up
my arse if I dared speak the truth. These celebrities and all their
elitist, liberal friends think they control the media, but they
don’t control Duncan Malloy, I can promise you that.”

“They certainly don’t, Mr. Malloy,” Scotty agreed, knowing it was
best to just nod and smile as his boss talked. He actually couldn’t
do much else but stare at Duncan’s suit. The Aussie man was
notorious in America for publishing newspapers and magazines with
right wing spin and also for his rather unique suits. Duncan had
taken to his adopted homeland with zeal and always wore button down
suits colored red, white and blue.

“I like you Scotty,” Duncan smiled. “You’re a real free thinker and
that’s what I demand of my writers. I started this magazine to keep
these people in line and I need you to help me do that. I need you
to go out and fight and claw them every step of the way. That’s how
they do it back in England and that’s how we’re going to do it here.
No piece of dirt is too small, you follow?”

“I certainly do Mr. Malloy,” Scotty agreed. He had come to Hollywood
with a communications degree and a dream and it hadn’t been long
before Duncan Malloy’s new startup publication had captured his
attention. “No amount of dirt is too small.”

“There few things I enjoy more than exposing which celebrities hate
America and which celebrities are dipping their pens in each other’s
inkwells, if ya catch my drift boy,” Duncan said with a leer and a

“Sure do Mr. Malloy…pens and inkwells,” Scotty replied.

“But what’s even better than that is when they’re off buggering
little furry animals and all that stuff,” Duncan continued. “That’s
what people love to read about. They love to read about the stars
getting nasty with little kiddies and finding out which men like to
bumfuck each other around here. In fact…well that just reminds me
of my great unproven story.”

“What’s that Mr. Malloy?” Scotty asked, noticing his boss’ now
wistful tone.

“Oh it’s nothing…just a little theory I have,” Duncan sighed.

“Tell me sir…please,” Scotty requested.

“All right, I will,” Duncan said eagerly. “But first we have to take
some precautions.”

Duncan then leapt up to his feet and turned up the stereo in his
office. The sounds of John Philip Sousa filled the room and Duncan
proceeded to close the shades to his door and window and start

“I can’t be too careful because of their spies,” Duncan began.
“Their spies are everywhere you know. But I know what’s really
controlling things around the world.”

“What? What is it sir?” Scotty pressed.

“It’s the lesbian conspiracy son…” Duncan murmured. “It’s a cabal
of lesbians seeking to emasculate men and enslave us for procreation
purposes. They start out with the famous people and convert them to
their sick, twisted lesbian ways and then they use their power to
convince our wives and daughters to rise up and chop off our willies
while we sleep! They’re out there. I just need to find a way to
prove it before it’s too late. It’s my life’s mission son.”

“Wow,” Scotty marveled as he put the pieces together in his mind. It
would be amazing if it was true.

“But lets focus on the now,” Duncan said, his voice returning to
normal as he sat up and pulled up the shade. “This is today’s story.
I want you to cover the Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears press
conference. Show them no mercy. I want you to get your spikes into
them and twist them as hard as you can.”

“Got it sir,” Scotty replied. “Twist them in as hard as I can.”

“Good lad,” Duncan smiled. “Take Horatio with you so he can take
some pictures. Cover the story son and don’t let them get away with
anything. Remember they’re only celebrities. You’re the press. They
will always have to answer to us!”

* * * * *

Brandon Moore smiled as he took in the city around him. He loved New
York. There was no city in the world with as much diverse culture
and art that also was completely filled with people that hated each
other. Brandon loved that despite all the efforts to make New York
City seem safe and wonderful to tourists from Nebraska to Norway,
the city was still and would always be one match stroke away from
completely exploding. Brandon had been all over the world and no
city always seemed to be on the verge of boiling over with tension
and chaos like New York.

If there was one thing Brandon had learned in all his years was that
there was great beauty in chaos. There was nothing like taking a
situation that seemed stable and then manipulating it until anarchy
ruled. It was only through true chaos that any type of order could
emerge. Brandon had seen enough governments fall to know that.

But Brandon wasn’t there to explain his own version of chaos theory
or to do a tourist video for New York City as he sat there on a
bench in Central Park. He had work that needed to be done. He didn’t
like taking snoop work. He was a highly trained government agent. He
shouldn’t have to be looking through windows to see who was screwing
whom. But the money had been too good to turn down and the work
definitely had its bonuses. Brandon had already seen a few new
angles to play in this case. It was just a matter of time before he
was ready to strike. He could string along his famous client until

However, there were other pressing matters at hand that he needed to
take care of so Brandon was going to have to subcontract this job
for the day. Fortunately he had just the man in mind to do the job.
Now all the guy had to do was actually show up on time for once.

After waiting around for a few minutes on the bench, Brandon finally
found his man. Sid DelGrecco was busily finishing off a hot dog as
he ambled up to the bench. He showed all of the speed of a 250 pound
man who had eaten a few too many hot dogs over the years, but
Brandon knew Sid would get the job done. He was the perfect man for
the job. He was reliable and knew when not to ask questions about
who he was doing the job for.

“You got the stuff?” Sid asked.

“Right here,” Brandon replied as he pushed a black carry on bag
toward Sid. The bag was filled with the type of camera equipment you
didn’t ordinarily carry around with you in Central Park, but if
anyone had actually tried anything they wouldn’t have even had a
chance to yell before Brandon crushed their windpipe. Killing
someone and ducking away sight unseen was nothing new to Brandon and
he wouldn’t have hesitated to do it again if provoked here.

“What about the money?” Sid asked.

“You’ll get it if I like what I see,” Brandon answered. “Get as
close as you can get and don’t waste shots. If you don’t see
anything worthwhile then don’t bother, but make sure you get the
good stuff. Don’t fuck this up Sid.”

“You don’t have to tell me my fucking job,” Sid grumbled as he
picked up the bag.

“Just making sure,” Brandon said before he glanced at his watch.
“Alright, you know what you need to do. I’m out of here. I’ve got a
flight to catch. There’s a little something I need to take care of.”

* * * * *

“Ok Tara, it’s all done,” the man said and Tara Reid squealed in

“Ooooooh lemme see…lemme see…” Tara giddily requested. She’d
been wrestling about whether or not to do this for so long and in
the end she hadn’t been able to resist.

The man pressed play on his tape machine and Tara sat back to enjoy
the show. It was the video she’d made with Rachael, with a few edits
to it. Now the identity of her lover was completely a mystery and
all anyone could see on the tape was Tara…completely nude and
blissfully enjoying some lesbian sex. All you could tell from the
tape was that she was fucking another woman. The fact that the other
was Rachael Leigh Cook was entirely hidden.

“I love it!” Tara declared, happily clapping her hands together.
“You’re a wizard Becker.”

“Oh honey, it was easy when I have such a beautiful girl here to
inspire me,” Becker replied. “Believe me that Carson is a fool if he
can’t see how hot you are.”

“Thank you Becker,” Tara said before kissing her friend on the
cheek. Becker was a video technician and Tara knew if anyone could
edit down a copy of her little home movie, then he could. She didn’t
even have to worry about Becker making copies and bringing them
home. He was as gay as a Cher impersonator. In fact that was how he
spent his nights, and Tara had always felt that if you couldn’t
trust a Peruvian man who loved to dress up as Studio 54 era Cher,
then who could you trust?

After Rachael had freaked out about the tape and told Tara to get
rid of it, Tara had actually considered doing it. But she just
couldn’t help herself. She had to do this. She had to keep this tape
and show Carson she was totally over him now. Tara hadn’t forgotten
how mean he’d been to her the last time she’d seen him. He’d been
with his little slut girlfriend Jaime Pressley that night and Tara
had longed to pay him back for how he’d treated her.

Tara had decided to ignore Rachael’s advice, but she also had wanted
to take steps to protect her friend. She didn’t want Carson to find
out Rachael was the other girl. That was where Becker came in. He’d
edited the tape down to the juiciest parts where it was just Tara in
all her naked, orgasmic glory.

“Did you add in the little thing at the end?” Tara asked.

“I sure did,” Becker said before he fast forwarded to the end. After
the sex part was done there was new footage of Tara looking right
into the camera.

“See Carson…I don’t need you anymore,” Tara smirked on the tape.
“I’ve gotten myself something new and she’s soooooooo much better
than you ever were. She fucks me better than you could ever dream.
Your tiny little cock is nothing compared to what she can do to me
with her tongue. I hope you like this Carson. I hope you like
knowing that she can fuck me better than you ever could. Bye bye

The tape then ended and Tara began giggling again.

“It’s perfect,” Tara laughed. “I love it. I just wish I could see
his face when he watches it. I just wish I could be there when he
finds how I don’t need him anymore.”

“Are you sure you want to do this honey?” Becker asked Tara as she
ejected the new tape from the machine. “I mean he’s gonna be really

“I’m positive,” Tara said before sliding the tape into a FedEx
envelope. “I don’t care what he does. He can’t do anything to hurt
me anymore.”

* * * * *

With the subtlest peek out from behind the curtain, Britney took a
gander at the rows of assembled media waiting for her and Christina.
It seemed any channel or publication that had an entertainment
division was present and accounted for and they were all impatiently
milling around, waiting for things to begin.

“Chrissy, I really think we should get out there,” Britney pointed
out after dropping the curtain back into place.

“Let them wait,” Christina declared. “I’m not ready to go out there

They were at their newly rented studio and a stage, complete with
curtain, had been quickly assembled for their press conference.
Britney was nervously pacing around, anxious for things to happen,
but Christina had been the picture of serenity all day. Now the
former blonde was sitting in a lotus position on top of a crate with
her eyes closed as her portable radio played Debussy’s “Clair de
Lune” at top volume.

“I think they’re getting kinda mad,” Britney observed after another
peek. Things were supposed to have started 15 minutes ago, but
Christina had insisted they wait.

“They can wait Britney,” Christina declared. “I am searching for my
happy place. Only then can we begin.”

Britney began pacing again. She was too nervous to be thinking about
going to any happy places right now. She’d focus on that when this
was all over. God, she needed a cigarette bad right about then, but
the last thing she wanted was the press to capture more pictures of
her smoking. They had already condemned her as a bad role model
enough times. It wasn’t like they cared that living under the
microscope they put her under was one of the reasons she had started
smoking in the first place.

Her clashes with the press lately had been often and numerous. They
had either been ripping on how she dressed, acted or who she dated
or they had been declaring her career over. None of those things
were what Britney would have considered to be positive press and the
conventional wisdom was wrong, there was such a thing as bad
publicity. Now she and Christina were going to present themselves
and their new venture before the hungry media whores and hope that
for once they’d cut them some slack.

Britney wasn’t optimistic that the press would be anything but
brutal toward them. She wished she shared Christina’s ability to
just say “fuck it.” She let them rattle her, but she couldn’t help
it. Britney just couldn’t figure out why people would attack her and
spread lies about her when they didn’t even know her. How was that
fair? They had this idea about her that was so far divorced from
reality it wasn’t even funny. It was sad and Britney hated it. She
hated how the media seemed to take special pleasure in her misery
and now she was out there trying to curry favor with them. She just
wanted to get this done and then get to the good part…making music
with Christina.

That was the part that she loved and that was the part that excited
her. After today it was official…she and Christina would be
partners. Naturally the media couldn’t know how deep their
partnership truly ran, but she at least hoped this would set the
record straight about them not being friends. Britney couldn’t wait
to do this with Christina. It was going to be so much fun and
Britney felt confident they were gonna make hot, catchy music

“Hey guys, they’re getting kind of antsy out there,” said Byron, the
public relations guy that Britney and Christina had made their first

“Shhh…she’s not ready yet,” Britney chided, protecting Christina’s
peace and serenity from the intrusion. Byron then slunk away and, a
few moments later, Christina opened her eyes and smiled.

“Ok..let’s nail this fucker,” Christina said as she clapped her
hands, stood up and shut off her music. Britney eagerly giggled and
took Christina’s hand as they began walking toward the curtain. As
they did, Britney had one nagging thought pop into her mind.

“I wonder how Jamie is doing with the guys?” Britney asked.

“Don’t worry Britney,” Christina assured her. “I’m sure they’re
getting along great.”

* * * * *

“My sister is more famous than youuuuuuuuuu…” Jamie Lynn Spears
said as she stuck her tongue out at Waldo, Franklin and Delbert.
“I’m more famous than youuuuuuuu. You guys are totally not famous at

The three boys just sat their silently and looked at the clock,
wondering when exactly it was that Britney and Christina were
supposed to get back. Years of CIA training had unfortunately left
them unprepared for situations like this…an attack of a bratty

“I am sooooooo totally gonna be more famouser than Britney,” Jamie
Lynn confidently declared. “I mean she’s just a singer and she’s
totally awesome at that, but like…I’m gonna be a singer and an
actress and like a model too. I’m totally gonna model hot clothes
and hang out with interesting people who will be wayyyyy cooler than
you guys. I’ll bet you’ve never done anything cool in your lives or

“Oh yeah…we once broke into a fortress in Morocco to steal the
Bellisarius Device!” Delbert began before Waldo and Franklin clamped
their hands over his mouth.

“There must be no further discussion of the Bellisarius Device,”
Franklin ordered.

“Yeah Del, don’t let her drag you down to her level,” Waldo said.
“You’re better than that. You’ve watched presidents die. We’re way
cooler than her.”

“You guys are weird,” Jamie Lynn declared with a frown. She was
soooooooo bored. She couldn’t believe Britney had left her with
these guys. She could have been totally kicking it over at Aaron
Carter’s house or something and instead she was stuck here. This
totally sucked. She couldn’t wait for Britney to finish with her
boring ol’ press conference so she could get out of here.

Jamie Lynn didn’t know why Britney wanted to spend all her time with
Christina these days anyway. She was so weird and kinda icky. Why
didn’t Britney want to spend time with her instead? Jamie Lynn knew
she was way more interesting than stupid Christina Aguilera anyways.
She always asked Britney why she was always with Christina and
Britney kept telling her she was too little to understand. Jaime
Lynn hated when Britney said that. She was totally mature and knew
wayyyy more about the world than Britney thought she did.

“Gawd…it’s too boring here to live,” Jamie Lynn sighed before
wiggling her feet out of her sandals. “Which one of you wants to
paint my toenails for me?”

“Ooooooh pick me! Pick me!” Delbert excitedly offered in between
licks of the popsicle he had in his hands.

Before there could be any further discussion of Jamie Lynn’s
toenails there was a sudden and dramatic interruption. With all the
grace and subtlety of a bull taking a quick browse through the
breakables section of a china shop, a helicopter landed next to
the mansion.

“WOW!” Jamie Lynn declared as she leapt from her seat on the couch
and went to the doors by the pool to watch as the helicopter kept
it’s blades twirling softly and two Army officers exited. “That’s so
freakin cool!!!!”

“That’s our ride,” Waldo said as he pulled Franklin and Delbert up
with him.

“Where are you going?” Jamie Lynn declared. “I want to go too! I’ve
never been in a helicopter! I’ve totally been in private jets and
all that, but never a helicopter! I wanna go!!!”

“You can’t go,” Franklin insisted. “Just sit here quietly and wait
for your sister.”

“Oh yeah and don’t touch any of her stuff,” Delbert added,
remembering the special instructions Britney had given them.

“You have to take me!” Jamie Lynn protested. “You told Britney you’d
watch me and if you left now it would totally be like child abuse!
I’d so tell on you!”

“We’ll deal with the consequences,” Waldo replied.

“NO FAIR!!!” Jaime Lynn screamed as she stomped her foot on the

“We’re leaving and you’re staying!” Waldo said firmly.

“I HATE YOU GUYS!!!” Jaime Lynn shouted as she ran from the room,
her face flushed with fury.

“Think she’ll be ok?” Delbert asked.

“Sure, kids today are very clever,” Franklin replied as the two Army
officers approached the house to escort them to the destination that
was still a mystery. “I’m sure she’ll think of some way to occupy
her time.”

“Let’s just grab the gear and get this over with,” Waldo declared.
“The sooner we get this done, then the sooner we can forget we ever
had to do this again.”

* * * * *

Back at the studio, the press conference was going about as well as
could be expected. The questions had been the usual stuff Britney
and Christina had come to anticipate from events. They were asked
why they had decided to do this and to comment on the rumors that
they hated each other. Though Britney’s nerves were being eased
about the questions, she was quickly getting bored with this. She
wanted this press conference to be over so she could get back to
doing fun things.

It wasn’t helping matters that, mid-way through the questions,
Christina had begun caressing her pussy through her skirt. Britney
hadn’t worn any panties that morning and Christina had quickly
gotten her feeling good and squishy inside. The way the table was
set up made it impossible for anyone to see what was really going on
between them and Britney had to use all her willpower to keep from
moaning from Christina’s sexy touch. God, if they only knew the real
story, Britney giggled to herself. Now that would be something for
them to write about.

Even as she played with Britney’s bare pussy, Christina was all
business in answering the questions shot out at them. Things had
gone well so far and then Christina pointed her finger at one of the
guys from E!

“Are you two aware that in response to your announcement, Mandy
Moore has also said she’s leaving her label and forming her own?”
the guy asked.

“She what?” Christina demanded, her voice suddenly growing cold and
hard. She pulled her hand away from Britney and bore her eyes
straight at the reporter.

“Mandy Moore said she wanted to form her own label too,” the
reporter repeated. “Do you have any response to that?”

Christina didn’t say anything at first, but Britney could see she
was seething on the inside. Britney had seen Christina get mad and
she knew it wasn’t pretty, so she quickly moved in to answer the

“That’s great,” Britney said with a smile. “Mandy’s a terrific
singer. I can’t wait to hear what she puts out.”

“But it looks like she’ll be directly competing with you,” the
reporter pointed out.

“We love competition,” Christina said, forcing a smile as she talked
through gritted teeth. “There’s plenty of room for all of us out
there. Plus it’s not really competition because we’re us and you
know she’s just her and…”

“Next question!” Fluffy barked out, cutting off Christina’s answer
before it got any work. He had been standing to the corner the whole
time, lording over the room and glowering when he needed to. He was
there to make sure no one fucked with Christina and Britney, who had
eagerly signed on for his bodyguarding services after meeting him at
the party.

Britney was very grateful for Fluffy’s intervention. The last thing
they needed was Chrissy losing her temper. She looked over at her
friend and saw that she was still aggravated so Britney picked the
next question.

“Yes…you…over there in the back…” Britney said, her finger
pointing right at Scotty. He shot up from his seat and hurled his
question at the two singers like a bullet.

“Scott Taylor, L.A. Beat Magazine…Is this just an attempt to
rescue your flagging careers?” the young reporter enthusiastically
asked. “Do you think that people might see this as a sign that you
two are desperate to keep things going?”

“Dude, what are you doing?” Horatio asked, as he yanked on Scotty’s
sleeve to get him to sit down.

“It’s just what Duncan would have wanted,” Scotty whispered to the
photographer. “You know…tough aggressive questioning!”

“Is that a real fucking question?” Christina snapped. The reporters
murmured as she cursed, their pens picking up speed.

“Yes…it’s a real question…do you think people see this-” Scotty
began before being cut off.

“I heard what you said,” Christina said icily. “Our record sales are
just fine. We’re doing this because we want to. That’s a fucking
stupid question.”

The gathered reporters attempted to get some more questions out
there and take advantage of Christina’s newly combative mood, but
Scotty managed to shout out all over them.

“How come you two changed your looks? Do you think people had gotten
tired of the old yous?” Scotty demanded.

“What is your problem?” Britney shot back. “Why are you bein’ such a
jerk about this?”

“These are just the questions people want to know,” Scotty said,
defending himself. “As the Hollywood press corps, it’s our job to
ask the tough questions.”

“You’re just being a little fucking prick,” Christina snapped. “No
more questions for you!”

The reporters then began shouting out questions again, but Christina
immediately went back on her declaration when she heard what Scotty
shouted out next.

“Excuse me?” Christina said in disbelief, not sure if she could
possibly have heard his question right.

“I said…how come you’ve gotten so fat?” Scotty asked as Horatio
buried his head in his hands in humiliation. He couldn’t believe
that Scotty was asking these questions.

“I an not fat!” Christina spat out, her face becoming visibly

“Why are you being so mean?” Britney asked, staring straight at
Scotty as she wrapped her arm around Christina’s shoulder as a sign
of support.

“I’m not being mean,” Scotty claimed. “These are legitimate
questions. Christina, you’ve looked much chubbier lately. Why is
that? Have you stopped exercising? Have you moved next door to a
Krispy Kreme? Do you just not care how you look anymore? Why have
you decided to become fat?”

“YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!!” Christina screamed as she jumped from over the
table and lunged toward Scotty. Fluffy alertly grabbed her and slung
her over her shoulder as she screamed and cursed in Scotty’s general

“Ummm…this press conference is over,” Britney said into the
microphone before running out of the room after Fluffy and

After the two singers left, the assembled media, satisfied that they
had what they had come for, began to pack up and leave.

“I can’t believe you asked those questions,” Horatio said as he
shook his head.

“They were legitimate questions,” Scotty claimed. “It’s just what
Duncan said he wanted. People love it when we ‘get’ celebrities.”

Horatio was about to respond to that when suddenly a massive arm
reached over and grabbed Scotty by the shoulder.

“You need an attitude adjustment…” Fluffy growled before dragging
Scotty away.

“Help me…” Scotty squeaked as he was pulled backstage. Horatio was
frozen to his spot. He knew he didn’t have a chance against someone
of Fluffy’s size. He just hoped he’d be able to find all the pieces
of Scotty afterwards.

“Please don’t kill me!” Scotty begged while Fluffy pulled him behind
the curtain and lifted him up in the air. “I have so much to live
for! There’s so much I haven’t done!”

“Your questions are garbage! You’re garbage!” Fluffy declared. “Do
you know what happens to garbage?”

Scotty didn’t have an answer, so Fluffy provided him with one.

“You throw garbage out,” Fluffy stated before tossing Scotty’s slim
body into a nearby garbage can. Scotty easily fell into the large,
plastic refuse receptacle and Fluffy proceeded to turn it over on
it’s side and toss it down the hallway. As it rolled down the ramp
of the hallway, Scotty felt like he was stuck in the washing machine
on the spin cycle. He rolled over and over again his brains being
scrambled and his stomach doing backflips until the ride ended
rudely with a crash against some stacked up boxes. The garbage can
hit with a crunch and Scotty poked his head out, his face now an
unhealthy shade of green. The whole room was spinning but he quickly
noticed two figures engaged in animated conversation. Even as sick
as he was now, Scotty could tell it was Britney and Christina and
that they didn’t know he was there.


“Shhhh calm down Chrissy,” Britney urged. “It’s ok baby!”

CONFERENCE!!!” Christina roared, her face red with rage.

“Please calm down Chrissy,” Britney begged, seeking to calm her
friend. “Let me make you feel better baby.”

Britney tenderly pressed her lips to Christina’s, who was only too
happy to taste her kiss. Christina immediately felt her anger begin
to dissipate. There was nothing like a little loving attention to
calm a raging fire and Christina smiled and let Britney suck on her
tongue. Christina began moaning as Britney’s hands crept up to her
chest and began massaging her breasts through her clothes. Suddenly
Scotty’s questions didn’t bother her so much anymore. This was
reminding her about the one thing in life that really did

“Mmmm thanks…I needed that,” Christina grinned when Britney pulled

“Think there’s anything else you’d like me to do to make you feel
better?” Britney playfully asked.

“I can think of a few things,” Christina replied. “Let’s get the
hell out of here.”

Christina then grabbed Britney by the hands and pulled her down the
hallway toward the exit. Scotty couldn’t believe what he had seen,
his head was still aching and he was still having trouble focusing,
but he knew what he had seen. Britney and Christina! They were part
of it! The celebrity lesbian conspiracy! It was all real!

* * * * *

As Christina and Britney’s press conference had ended, across town
in L.A. it was the end of another long series of interviews for
Cameron Diaz. There were few things about being a movie star that
she hated more than press junkets. She didn’t mind the one on one
interviews or appearing on Leno or Letterman, but this was such a
grind that Cameron looked forward to them about as much as she did
going to the dentist for a root canal.

Junkets were the weekend long grinds where a steady stream of
reporters would come in and ask you the same questions all day long.
They would then all be presented as exclusive interviews with her on
every station from Albany to Omaha, but by the end of the day
Cameron barely knew which reporter was which and she didn’t even
care where they were from. They always asked the same
questions…was she really friends with Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu?
Did she like wearing the sexy costumes in the movie? What was it
like to work with Demi Moore on her big comeback? Cameron felt like
all she had to do was reach into her brain and pick out a standard
answer to each standard question. There was nothing hard about doing
these interviews, it was that they were just so long and boring.

Cameron knew it was important to do them to help sell the movie and
she knew that it was all part of playing the game. It didn’t mean
she had to like it though. On the other hand it did get her in the
same vicinity as Drew and Lucy and got her closer to fulfilling the
fantasy of hers that she’d been carrying for what now felt like

Ever since she and Jennifer Aniston had hooked up after their
strip-cardio class, Cameron had been dying with the need to play
with her two Angels co-stars. Something about that class had
triggered new desires in her and those desires had drawn her to
Jennifer’s sexy body. Jennifer had made Cameron want to explore
every little bit of her sexuality and when the two of them had
finally hooked up after weeks of fantasies, it had been like magic
to Cameron. It felt as though a whole new world was open to her.

Soon after she’d discovered just how good a woman’s touch could be,
Cameron had broken up with her longtime boyfriend, Jared Leto. Her
new bisexuality hadn’t been the only reason for the breakup, but it
had been the straw that had broken the camel’s back. There was too
much fun Cameron wanted to have right now and she didn’t want a bad
relationship holding her back. Cameron wanted to chuck her
inhibitions and indulge in the sweet pleasure that girls could bring
and she wanted to experience that with Drew and Lucy.

They had become such good, tight friends that Cameron felt like sex
would just be an extension of the love they already had for one
another. Now if only they could find some time to be alone. There
had never been that perfect moment for the three of them to play and
Cameron as hopeful that this weekend might provide one.

By now Cameron and Drew were already very well acquainted with each
other’s bodies. In fact almost as soon as Cameron and Jennifer had
shared their last kiss, Cameron had been on her way to her friend’s
house to share every nasty detail about what had just happened. Drew
was open about her own bisexuality and Cameron knew she’d love
hearing all about her encounter.

At first Drew hadn’t believed her, but Cameron had proven it to her
by pulling her over and passionately kissing her on the lips.
Cameron, Drew and Lucy had always been very affectionate with one
another, teasing the press and each other in ways that just bordered
lesbianism. It had all been silly stuff, but there had been nothing
silly about the kiss Cameron had given Drew. It had taken Drew’s
breath away and left her in shock. But that hadn’t stopped her from
quickly returning the favor to Cameron and before either of them
knew it, they were naked in Drew’s bed as Cameron showed her friend
all the pussy licking tips she had just picked up from Jennifer.

There had been numerous encounters between the two of them since
then, but none had involved Lucy. They both had talked a bunch of
times about how they wanted her and all the things they would want
to do to her, but they were both kind of scared to make a move.
Cameron and Drew were both bold women, unafraid to go after what
they wanted, but they also knew there was nothing more important
than friendship. Lovers came and went, but a good girlfriend was
something you treasured. Neither Cameron nor Drew wanted to
jeopardize their tight friendship with Lucy for sex, even though
they both wanted it bad.

In fact, Drew had confessed to Cameron after their first time
together that she had never made a move on her for the exact same
reason. She hadn’t wanted to risk losing her as a friend. Now that
they both knew how much they wanted each other, that fear was gone
and it made them wonder just how receptive Lucy would be to a girl
on girl on girl encounter.

Now that all three of them were stuck in this hotel for the weekend,
going through the grind of interviews, it seemed like the perfect
opportunity to strike. Drew had gotten them a room in the hotel and
had told Lucy to come on by at 2:00. It was getting close to time
and Cameron excitedly made her way up. If this worked out, it was
going to make the torture of these interviews all worth it.


n she got up to the room, Drew was already waiting for her and,
since they were all alone, they immediately fell into each other’s
arms, kissing happily.

“Mmmm I’ve wanted to do that all day,” Drew sighed as she
affectionately ran her hand over Cameron’s blouse.

“Tell me about it,” Cameron replied. “Thinking about this has been
the only thing keeping me sane. I need this soooooo bad.”

“I can’t wait to give it to you then,” Drew giggled before giving
Cameron another kiss. This one was more tender and loving than the
first. Above anything else the two women were friends. The sex they
were now having was just gravy.

“I just wish Luce would hurry up and get here,” Cameron said,
longing for their absent co-star. “She did say she’d be here,

“Chill girl, she’ll be here,” Drew promised. “She told me she would
and I don’t think she’d going to be standing us up.”

“Think she’ll go for it?” Cameron asked. It was a big step for them
to try and bring Lucy into the fun. Lucy had never really shown any
tendencies to drift toward the sapphic side of things. But that
didn’t stop her and Drew from dreaming about her tight Asian body
naked and spread open for their horny tongues.

“I dunno Camie, I sure hope so,” Drew answered. “It’s hard to tell
with these things. I mean I never would have guessed you would be
into it Cameron, but you sure proved me wrong when you got your
tongue in my pussy.”

Cameron responded to the memory by squeezing the shorter girl in her
arms and kissing her again. She had loved surprising Drew that day.
Cameron had still had the taste of Jennifer all over her tongue and
to combine that with Drew’s sweet flavor had gotten Cameron all
kinds of wet. They had touched each other everywhere that night and
had continued to grab every chance they had had to play since then.

“Mmmm if she doesn’t go for that, then she’s crazy,” Drew grinned.
There was a sudden knock on the door and Cameron and Drew
immediately separated. They hurriedly composed themselves, making
sure there weren’t any tell tale signs of their make out session. It
was better to bring Lucy into this slowly instead of shocking her by
having her walk in on them mid-kiss.

Drew went to answer the door and, as expected, their co-star was
waiting on the other side.

“Please tell me you’ve got a freakin mini-bar in here or
something…” Lucy said as she walked through the door. She looked
exhausted and the day was only half over. “I can’t do another one of
these interviews without a drink.”

“I think we can hook you up,” Drew said before hugging her friend
and kissing her on the cheek. There were a lot of places on Lucy
that Drew longed to touch with her lips and she hoped her smooth
cheek was only the beginning.

“Thank God,” Lucy sighed happily as she gave Cameron the same warm
hug she’d just given Drew. Lucy was continually amazed at how people
refused to believe the three of them could be friends. They just
assumed that three strong willed women naturally would be fighting.
Well they had been friends on the first film and it had only grown
through the sequel. Lucy considered Drew and Cameron to be people
she could confide anything in and she often did. There wasn’t much
the three of them hadn’t done together and Lucy felt closer to them
than she had with any of her boyfriends.

“Looking for anything in particular Luce?” Drew asked as she stuck
her head in the mini bar and took stock of the goodies they had

“Anything with kick in it,” Lucy said, slumping down on a soft
leather seat and happily taking a load off. These fucking interviews
were just agony.

“Hey Luce here’s something you’ll like…salted nuts,” Cameron
grinned as she tossed her friend a bag from the cabinet. The three
of them had never shied away from playful crudeness and Cameron
hoped that by getting the conversation to sex, things would go
smoother for them.

“Mmmmm I could use some nuts in my mouth right now…salted or
otherwise,” Lucy laughed as she gratefully grabbed the bag in the
air and ripped it open. “You know this was a great idea Drew. I
never would have thought of it, but having this room is like genius.
Now we have a place to relax before we have to get back there for
more interviews.”

“Well I had another reason for getting this room,” Drew said,
handing Lucy her drink. “Camie and I have something to tell you.”

“What?” Lucy asked, her eyebrows rising. “Is something wrong?”

Cameron hadn’t expected Drew to go at this so quickly, but she was
ready to follow her lead. After all, Drew had seduced women in the
past and she certainly hadn’t. She just hoped this would work.

“No, nothing’s wrong Luce,” Drew said sitting down on the couch
across from Lucy’s chair. Cameron sat down right beside Drew with a
look of nervous anticipation on her face. She hated being tongue
tied, but she didn’t really know what to say.

“Then what? What is it?” Lucy asked. “You guys can tell me anything.
You know that.”

“Well, Luce…it’s like this…” Cameron began, finding the words
waiting for her on her tongue. “Drew and

“We’re lovers Luce,” Drew interrupted, saying the words Cameron
couldn’t quite muster.

Lucy’s face was instantly covered in surprise. She couldn’t believe
it. That wasn’t possible. Then, suddenly, a wide smile cracked her
lips and she started to laugh.

“Get out of here…” Lucy laughed. “You two are messing with me.
Good one though. You almost had me going there for a second.”

“No, we’re being serious,” Cameron said, swallowing hard and
spitting out the words. “Drew and I are lovers. We hooked up a few
weeks back and well we’ve been…you know…messing around ever

“No way…” Lucy gasped, shaking her head. “You two are for real on
this? You’re doing it?”

“Oh yeah,” Drew smiled, squeezing Cameron’s hand and turning to kiss
her. Cameron eagerly accepted and soon the two actresses were
pressing their lips together and kissing. It wasn’t too hard a kiss,
but it was enough to show Lucy that this truly was no joke.

“No way…” Lucy repeated, not believing what her eyes were seeing.
They’d always joked around about this stuff and she’d obviously
known that Drew was bisexual, but Cameron? It just didn’t seem
possible. She’d had no idea that this was going on and now suddenly
a question occurred to Lucy.

“Ummm…why are you telling me this?” Lucy asked nervously. She
thought she had a good idea already, but she had to know for sure.

“We want you to join us Luce,” Drew answered with a smile. “It’s so
good baby and we want you to feel the same pleasure we bring each

“I…I…thanks…but I….” Lucy stammered. She had to put her
drink down on the coffee table or else she was afraid she was going
to drop it. This was so surreal. Her best friends had been fucking
and they hadn’t told her. Now they wanted her to join. It was too
much and Lucy reflexively stood up.

“Luce, it’s so wonderful,” Cameron said hoping to talk her friend
into this. “I never knew how good it was to be with a girl until
recently and now I can’t get enough. Drew and I have wanted to get
you into this since we hooked up. You’re our friend and we want you
to be more.”

“I can’t…I just can’t,” Lucy said nervously as she began backing
away from Drew and Cameron. “That’s…ummm…it’s just not me. I’m
not into girls.”

“Have you ever tried it Luce?” Drew inquired.

“No!” Lucy answered a little too quickly. She could feel like she
was messing this up. She was shocked about this, but it wasn’t like
she suddenly hated Drew and Cameron. She was ok with them doing
this…but she wasn’t into girls. Lucy couldn’t believe she was in
this position. All she wanted to do was get out of here without Drew
and Cameron thinking she was some kind of homophobe.

“You never really know until you try it sweetie,” Drew said,
speaking from her years of experience. “C’mon Luce…let us show you
how good it is.”

“I’ve…I’ve gotta go!” Lucy said before running for the door. She
didn’t look back at Cameron and Drew. She just ran for it and
escaped back into the hotel’s hallway.

“Shit!” Cameron said sadly, kicking the couch in frustration. “We
fucking blew it.”

“It’s ok Camie,” Drew replied. “If Luce doesn’t want to play, then
she doesn’t have to. I mean we weren’t going to force her, were we?”

“Well no, but I was hoping she’d at least want to mess around or
something,” Cameron sighed.

“Well you never know, she might come back,” Drew, ever the eternal
optimist, opined.

“Yeah right, she couldn’t wait to get out of here,” Cameron
muttered. “She’s probably never going to speak to us again.”

“Now you’re just being silly,” Drew pointed out. “She’s our friend.
Of course she’s going to speak to us and well, this might still work
out. Things have a way of turning out for the best sometimes.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Cameron replied. She was completely
bummed about Lucy’s response. Fortunately, Drew had just the thing
to cheer her up.

“You know we still do have this room,” Drew pointed out. “And I see
a soft bed over there that’s calling our names.”

Drew then leaned up and kissed the leggy blonde before her. Cameron
didn’t hesitate to return the kiss and they were quickly lost in
each other.

“Mmmm you’re right,” Cameron smiled. “No sense wasting the
opportunity while we’ve got it.”

“My point exactly,” Dew said, taking Cameron’s hand and leading her
toward the bed. “And if Luce decides to come back…then so much the

* * * * *

As Alyssa was driving it was hard to keep her eyes on the road
because it was so much more fun to concentrate on the fantasies in
her head. She hadn’t gone out and done it on purpose, but it seemed
as though her diet had consisted mostly of pop princesses lately.
Britney…Christina…Michelle…Avril…It had been nothing but
girls either in their teens or just out of them and Alyssa needed
something more. She needed a real woman.

Not that Alyssa was complaining about those girls and what they’d
done to her. They were all hot and their pussies were so sweet, but
Alyssa needed someone with experience and more developed maturity.
Those girls were just kids. Alyssa needed someone like Rose or
Sarah. Someone who had a full sense of their sexual powers and knew
just how to use them. Unfortunately, they were both out of her
reach, but Alyssa was optimistic about the prospect she was
traveling to see at that very moment.

Alyssa had known Jaime Pressly for years before she guested on
“Charmed” and as soon as she had seen the blonde actress in her
mermaid costume, Alyssa had known she had to have her. Jaime was so
beautiful, with a tight, firm body that oozed sex. She also had an
edge of danger and mystery to her that Alyssa found so appealing. It
was part of what she liked so much about Rose. You could look at the
two of them and feel that they had no sexual limits…that there was
nothing they wouldn’t be into. Jamie had that sharp Southern voice
of hers and a stare that could turn any victim into ice and it all
just made Alyssa want her more.

There hadn’t been a good opportunity when Jaime had been on the show
for Alyssa to try and make a move on her, but now a golden
opportunity had fallen right in her lap. Out of the blue a few days
ago Jaime had called the mansion. The fact that she had called
looking for Love had been irrelevant because Alyssa was able to get
a lunch invitation out of it. Jaime had called again that morning to
see if Alyssa had wanted to come over to make good on the
invitation. Naturally, Alyssa had accepted. She didn’t know what
Jaime was cooking up for her, but she hoped it would be a pussy

Alyssa had no idea if Jaime was into girls or not. There had always
been rumors about her, but Alyssa knew those went hand in hand with
Jaime’s tomboyish look and attitude. Just about any female who spoke
her mind like Jaime did was tagged a lesbian at some point, so
Alyssa had never paid the rumors much mind.

But even if Jaime had never had the slightest girl/girl thought in
her life, Alyssa was totally confident that she could bring her
around. All she had to do was think back to her encounter in the
Frederick’s changing room with Heather Locklear and then to the
hotel room with Avril Lavigne. Those girls had both been straight
going in and Alyssa had turned them over to lesbianism. She had no
doubt she could do it again and as she drove Alyssa was thinking
about everything she wanted to do to Jaime’s hot, firm body. She had
packed up nearly a year’s worth of fantasies in her head and by the
time Alyssa had gotten through them, she was pulling up to Jaime’s

Hopping out of her car, Alyssa eagerly walked up to the front door.
She had to stop and tell herself to calm down. She couldn’t just
rush up and kiss Jaime on the lips when she saw her. Alyssa knew
better. She knew that she had to take it slow and show Jaime just
how sexy a woman’s touch could be.

When she reached the door, Alyssa found a note waiting for her.

“Lyssa, come on in. I left the door open for you. Jaime.”

Since this wasn’t Mayberry, Alyssa found it a bit odd that anyone
would leave their door open, but Jaime had always been the type of
girl to ignore conventions, so why should this be any different.
Alyssa opened the door and walked inside. She didn’t want to start
bellowing out Jaime’s name, so instead she began looking around for
her friend. There wasn’t any sign of her in the kitchen or anywhere
else downstairs, so Alyssa walked up to the house’s second level.

There weren’t any signs of life up there either and Alyssa was
starting to get a little creeped out by this. Something wasn’t right
here and Alyssa felt a touch of paranoia as she pictured someone
about to jump out from a corner and drag her into the basement for
nefarious purposes.

Suddenly Alyssa heard a noise behind her and she nearly jumped up in
the air in response. She managed to steady herself, though, and
Alyssa quickly turned to see that the noise was merely a door
opening. Steam poured out of what Alyssa deduced was the bathroom,
but that wasn’t what grabbed Alyssa’s attention and held it tight.
It was the fact that Jaime walked out of the door and into the
hallway completely naked as she dried her hair from her shower.

At first Alyssa was dumbstruck. She’d seen Jaime naked before from
her Playboy spread and her ventures into late night cable soft porn
like “Poison Ivy 3”, but that was nothing compared to seeing her in
the flesh, with water glistening off her bare skin. Jaime’s firm
breasts curved out proudly and her stomach still had the toned
flatness of the gymnast she used to be. Her long legs drew Alyssa’s
attention down her body as she found herself fantasizing about
kissing every inch of those gams. And of course Alyssa couldn’t help
but focus on the completely shaved pussy that gave Jaime’s body such
a sensual center.

Jaime didn’t seem to notice her at first as she dried her hair, so
Alyssa finally found the willpower to stop staring and speak up.

“Ummm…Jaime?” Alyssa said, even as her throat went dry from the
vision before her.

“Holy shit!” Jaime gasped in surprise. She immediately ducked back
into the bathroom and came back out covering herself in a pink

“Sorry Jaime, I just saw the note…and I couldn’t find you so I
came upstairs and…” Alyssa said, trying to explain her presence.
She was a little embarrassed about this, but she didn’t regret it
for a second. Being able to see Jaime’s naked body was totally worth
it and Alyssa only hoped she’d be seeing it again real soon.

“No it’s my fault Lyssa,” Jaime claimed. “I just wasn’t expecting
you. I figured I had a good few minutes to get myself dressed, but I
guess I was wrong. It’s totally ok though. Not like anyone hasn’t
seen what I got before.”

“Good point,” Alyssa replied with a knowing smile. She hoped the
desire she was feeling for Jaime wasn’t too apparent. She didn’t
want to freak the blonde girl out. Alyssa knew she had to find just
the right moment if she wanted to attempt a seduction here. She had
to be bold, but not careless.

“C’mon in, no sense getting shy now,” Jaime said in her clipped,
sexy drawl that had Alyssa dreaming of how good dirty talk would
sound coming out of her lips. Jaime didn’t have the long drawn out
accent of a southern belle, but more of a direct and to the point
speech. It was like every word out of her mouth was saying “Yeah,
I’m from the south, got a fucking problem with that?”

Jaime walked into her bedroom and Alyssa obediently followed. Since
this was supposed to be a casual get together, Alyssa had just
slipped on some black shorts and a t-shirt. Modesty forced her to
put some underwear on and the more time she was with Jaime the more
Alyssa felt her body squirm under her clothes. God, she needed to
get naked and since they were now in Jaime’s bedroom, Alyssa hoped
it wouldn’t be long before she would have her chance to make a move.

“Grab a seat…I gotta get some clothes on,” Jaime said as she
casually gestured toward a chair near her bed. Alyssa did just that
and took a moment to get a look around Jaime’s bedroom. She quickly
deduced that they were total opposites when it came to their rooms.
Alyssa wasn’t a slob by any means, but she liked to throw her
clothes around now and then and leave things messed up. The only
word Alyssa could summon for Jaime’s room was “meticulous.” There
wasn’t a piece out of place. It seemed like as if a speck of dust
dared enter, Jaime would use a laser stare to blast it into

Of course Alyssa quickly found herself distracted by the immaculate
bedroom when she saw Jaime drop the towel and expose her body once
again. Nothing could pull Alyssa’s attention away from that body,
especially when the blonde turned around to give Alyssa a delicious
view of her ass. Jaime was all muscle on her backside, but hadn’t
lost her womanly curves and Alyssa felt herself getting dangerously
close to drooling.

Even when Jaime was in a relaxed state it looked like she was ready
at any moment to pounce like a panther and Alyssa was dying to be
pounced right about then. She tried not to stare at Jaime, but
figured why fight it? She liked what she saw as Jaime rooted through
her closet and stuck out her bare ass as a tantalizing sight for
Alyssa’s horny eyes. There was no way that Alyssa couldn’t stare at

“Whoa what’s with the look?” Jaime asked as she turned around
holding a sundress against her naked body. She had been about to
slip it on, but Alyssa’s look gave her pause.

“What look?” Alyssa asked innocently. She knew she’d been caught,
but decided it couldn’t hurt to feign a little ignorance.

“That look,” Jaime said, pointing right at Alyssa’s face. “God, you
look like you want to fuck me or something.”

This was it! Alyssa knew she was never going to get a better opening
than this.

“And what if I did?” Alyssa asked, her voice on full carnal mode.
“What if I wanted to fuck you Jaime?”

Jaime cracked a smile on her face, but quickly saw that Alyssa
wasn’t joking.

“Are you serious?” Jaime asked.

“Mmmhmmm,” Alyssa nodded. “Jaime, right now you look good enough to
eat and I’m pretty fucking hungry.”

“Holy shit,” Jaime gasped in visible disbelief. “I never thought
that you…you know…were into…that.”

“Ever been with a girl Jaime?” Alyssa asked as she got up from the
chair and began sauntering toward Jaime.

“No…” Jaime answered softly, still clinging the dress to her naked

“Then I have so much to show you then,” Alyssa grinned wickedly
before leaning in and kissing Jaime’s lips tenderly. Jaime’s eyes
flew open in surprise, but Alyssa didn’t hesitate or entertain
second thoughts. She wanted Jaime and she was going to have her.

The feel of their lips together was electric. Alyssa could feel
Jaime holding herself back, but she sensed it wouldn’t be long
before the blonde was returning the kiss and then some. Alyssa kept
their lips together, deepening the kiss slowly as she began to push
her tongue into Jaime’s mouth. As soon as she felt Alyssa’s tongue
inside her, Jaime suddenly stepped away.

“No…I…I just can’t do this…I’m not into girls,” Jaime said.
Alyssa could hear her nerves, but also detected aroused curiosity
there. It looked like she would just have to coax Jaime a little

“Now how do you know that if you haven’t tried,” Alyssa pointed out
seductively as she pushed the dress out of Jaime’s hands and once
again exposed her naked body. “I want you Jaime. I’ve wanted you
ever since you were on the show. I want to make you feel so fucking
good that you won’t be able to stand it. I’m going to make you crave
pussy as much as I do. Let me show you how good it feels baby.”

As Alyssa was talking she began tracing her fingers over Jaime’s
breasts. She teased her friend’s nipples and Alyssa grinned when she
saw those pink points begin to harden with arousal. She knew Jaime
would be into this. All she needed was a little bit more incentive.

“What’s the matter Jaime, don’t you like sex?” Alyssa asked, knowing
Jaime never backed down from a challenge. “Don’t you like feeling

“You know I do…” Jaime said in a near whisper. Her face looked
nervous still, but more and more intrigued with what was happening.

“Don’t you think you’re hot enough for me?” Alyssa smirked wickedly.
“I think your body is amazing and there’s so many things I want to
do to it.”

“I know my body is….ohhhhhhh God….good…I…ooooooooooh don’t
stop,” Jaime moaned when Alyssa leaned down and began flicking her
tongue against Jaime’s nipples. “It’s just
that….yesssssssss….ohhhhhhhh fucking yessssssss…I’ve never
done this…”

“There’s a first time for everything baby,” Alyssa reminded the
blonde girl before getting back to her tongue play. Alyssa now had
Jaime backed up against her closet, her bare ass pressing against
the mirror on the door. Alyssa picked up speed against Jaime’s
nipples, tonguing them with a gentle intensity that drove Jaime high
with pleasure. Alyssa did know just how to use her tongue and sounds
of desire slipped from Jamie’s mouth.

As Jaime moaned, Alyssa batted her pleasure points back and forth,
teasing them with her fingers after getting them wet with her
tongue. When Alyssa began sucking on them, Jaime’s cries only

“Ohhhhh yessssssss Lysaaaaaaa…” Jaime hissed in pleasure. “God, it
feels so fucking good. Mmmmmmmm much better than a man!!! Is all of
it this good? Ooooooh I love it!”

“It gets even better than this,” Alyssa promised with a sexy grin.
She knew she had Jaime now. It had been so easy and Alyssa couldn’t
wait to get at that smooth pussy of Jaime’s. Alyssa was actually
surprised that this was Jaime’s first time with a girl. She would
have figured she’d have done this a long time ago. She just seemed
the type to be open to female affection.

“Lyssa…I don’t know…ummmmmm yessss…I just…oooooohhh…”
Jaime moaned. While she was speaking her reservations, her body was
betraying her arousal. Alyssa could smell how hot Jaime was getting
and it turned her on even more. Now more than ever Alyssa felt
imprisoned in her clothes. She wanted to tear them off and get naked
with Jaime. But she held on to her self-control and kept
concentrating on Jaime. The blonde actress began stroking Alyssa’s
hair while she sucked on her nipples. Alyssa loved the feel of
Jaime’s hand on her head, imploring her to go forward even as her
voice expressed doubts.

“I’ll make a deal with you Jaime, ok?” Alyssa said, pulling her head
up and watching Jaime nod her head in assent. “The second this stops
feeling good, all you have to do is tell me to stop and I will. But
I know you won’t tell me to stop because I can make this feel better
than any fucking thing you’ve ever felt. How’s that sound baby?”

“Mmmm goooooood…” Jaime groaned as Alyssa’s hands latched onto her
breasts while she kissed all the way down her flat, super toned
tummy. Jaime’s body was lean and so sexy. Alyssa lavished wet kisses
all over her stomach and down her body toward her bellybutton. The
call of Jaime’s pussy was powerful, but Alyssa couldn’t stop herself
from indulging in her flesh first. This tight, toned body drove
Alyssa crazy and she demonstrated it by leaving wet kiss marks of
pure lust everywhere she could on Jaime’s bare skin.

“Mmmmm it’s too bad you already took your shower Jaime, because I am
going to get you so fucking dirty now,” Alyssa giggled, her eyes
ablaze with horniness.

Alyssa’s words sounded so good to Jaime and she responded with an
excited moan. She still looked as though she was trying to fight off
her raging arousal, but Alyssa could see her resolve weakening by
the moment. Jaime couldn’t hide how wet her pussy was getting and
when she started pushing Alyssa’s head down lower, the brunette knew
that there would be no more resistance.

“You better keep your promises,” Jaime shot back, telling Alyssa
that she’d better not disappoint.

“Oh I will, don’t you worry about that,” Alyssa guaranteed. “I’m
going to make your pussy drip right onto my tongue. You’ve never
been fucked like you’re going to get fucked now Jaime.”

Don’t be so sure of that, bitch, Jaime thought to herself, stifling
back a smirk as she reminded herself she was supposed to be playing
hard to get here.

“Ooooh make it good Alyssa,” Jaime sighed as Alyssa began kissing
down her stomach again, sinking to her knees so she could kiss and
nibble at her thighs. “Make it as good as you promised.

Alyssa got closer and closer to Jaime’s pussy with each kiss and she
could easily see how wet the blonde was now. Christ, her pussy was
practically a river of desire. Jaime was overheating with excitement
and Alyssa didn’t mind patting herself on the back a little for
getting her that way. She’d turned another straight chick and it had
been so easy. Alyssa knew she was going to have to use this power of
hers more often.

“God you’re so fucking wet,” Alyssa marveled when her face was right
up against Jaime’s juicy cunt. “What do you want me to do Jaime? Do
you want me to kiss this pretty pussy of yours? Do you want me to
suck and lick on your hot, shaved lips?”

“Yessssss…God yessss…” Jaime grunted, her need for pleasure
obvious. “Don’t make me wait! Give me that tongue of yours Lyssa!”

Alyssa could feel Jaime’s hand on the back of her head again,
pushing her forward so she decided not to make her wait any more.
Juice was dripping off the smooth lips of Jaime’s pussy and Alyssa
took care of it in one swift motion, licking Jaime’s slit clean with
a hard tongue swipe.

“Ooooooooooh fuck yeah!” Jaime grunted, both of her hands now firmly
on Alyssa’s head, holding her on her knees against her pussy. “Lick
it good Lyssa! Lick my tight little cunt! God…I can’t believe
you’re fucking doing this to me but it feels awesome baby!”

Just as Alyssa had imagined, it sounded so good to hear those nasty
words coming out of Jaime’s lips. Some people had complained about
her voice in the past, but Alyssa was totally loving it. She wanted
to hear more from her and she knew just how to get what she craved.
Alyssa began licking Jaime harder, running her tongue up and down
her slit and licking off each fresh coating of juice that dripped
from her overheated pussy. The harder she licked, the harder Jaime
gripped her head, not wanting to give Alyssa any possibility of
escape. Not that Alyssa was thinking about bolting. She was going to
stay there until she got every drop of Jaime’s girl honey.

“Lick harder Lyssa!” Jaime urged, her hands full of Alyssa’s dark
hair. “Mmmmmm your tongue feels amazing in my pussy! Ohhhhhhhh we
should have been doing this so fucking long ago! Get that tongue
inside me! Lick my clit you nasty slut! Eat my pussy like you mean

It was obvious to Alyssa by now that Jaime was someone who loved
being in control. Normally Alyssa wanted to be the one on top but
Jaime wasn’t letting her get her way this time. Her encounters with
Rose always seemed to devolve into a power struggle, albeit a
mutually satisfying one. But this time Alyssa was willing to let
Jaime lead her. She liked the feel of her hands gripping and pulling
on her hair and she knew they must have made quite a sight…her on
her knees and still fully dressed as Jaime stood naked before her,
rubbing her naked ass against a mirror as she grunted and cursed
with pleasure.

Jaime’s pussy cream was being spread over Alyssa’s lips as the
blonde began to unconsciously grind her dripping snatch against her
lips. Jaime was too tasty for Alyssa to quibble about who was in
control. She wanted this bad and Alyssa wanted to give it to her
over and over again. She’d turned her to bisexual so damn fast, that
Alyssa wanted to make sure Jaime had nothing to regret when the
inevitable second thoughts began to creep in.

Alyssa’s tastebuds were very happy to be coated in Jaime’s tangy
flavor and she was getting so wet that it was as easy as a hot knife
cutting through butter for her to slide into her cunt and get at her
pink. Alyssa helped matters out even more by reaching up and
spreading Jaime open with her fingers. She was so tight and coiled
that Alyssa wondered if she’d even been with a guy lately. Whatever
the reason, Jaime was wet and tight. She was so ready to get fucked
and she let Alyssa know it.

“Mmmmmmmm you little slut…fuck me!!!” Jaime cried out. “You made
me this fucking horny now you better do something about it! Eat my
cunt you nasty whore!”

It had been Jaime’s intention to murmur sweet nothings to Alyssa
until she was hers, but she couldn’t help herself. She had to be
nasty. Luckily, Alyssa seemed to love it and it was making Jaime so
wet. Alyssa’s tongue did feel good inside her. She hadn’t been
licked so enthusiastically in a long time. Alyssa knew just where to
bury her hot little tongue and just how long to lick. Jaime’s clit
was on fire with need and Alyssa was giving her just what she
craved. She’d been stoking herself up for this all day and the
orgasm she’d stored up was close to bubbling over in a big way.

“Ooooh you’re getting into this,” Alyssa grinned as she pulled her
sticky face away from Jaime’s wetness and looked straight up at her.
“I knew you’d love my tongue in your pussy baby. You had that needy
look about you girl. Mmmmm when I’m finished with you Jaime, you’re
gonna need to have your pussy licked by a girl every day.”

“Stop talking and keep licking!” Jaime ordered before shoving
Alyssa’s face back into her cunt. She then reared her head back and
released a long and happy groan as Alyssa’s tongue slid back inside
her and went right after her clit. None of the girls she’d ever
taken knew just how to lick her like Alyssa did…well there was one
who was even better, but Jamie held her in up to a special level.

Alyssa bathed Jaime’s clit with long, steady licks like a fucking
machine, not missing a beat as she drove her to horny highs. Jaime
could feel her clit throb against Alyssa’s tongue and she gripped
her tighter. She wasn’t going to let Alyssa slow down a bit.

If it had been anyone else holding her down like this, Alyssa would
have spanked them hard right on the ass or given their clit a nip,
but it felt natural to be before Jaime like this. Maybe she had a
dormant sub side or something, Alyssa figured. But she knew she
could psychoanalyze herself later. Right now she had a hot pussy to
attend to. Alyssa’s hands had been lying to her sides during all
this and now she used them to pull up her own t-shirt and tease her
nipples through her bra. It felt so good to touch herself while she
feasted on Jaime, but Alyssa wasn’t content to leave her hands
there. She wanted another feel of Jaime.

Alyssa pulled Jaime forward just enough to pull her away from the
mirror. This gave Alyssa all the room she needed to get her hands on
Jaime’s toned ass. The blonde moaned in pleasure as Alyssa’s hands
squeezed her tight butt cheeks. She loved being touched like that
and Alyssa’s hands felt so good on her ass.

“Yesssssssss squeeze those cheeks…” Jaime groaned. “Mmmm I wanna
feel you all over my hot ass! Feel that fucking sculpted ass of
mine! Bet you wish you had an ass this hot, don’t you Lyssa!”

Lyssa thought her ass was plenty hot and didn’t need much
improvement, but she kept that thought to herself. Instead she just
moaned an affirmation into Jaime’s pussy as she worked her over.
Alyssa had moved away from Jaime’s clit for the moment and was
concentrating on tongue fucking her snatch. Alyssa’s tongue pushed
in and out at rapid speed, bringing more and more of Jaime’s hot
juices down her throat. Craning her eyes to the side, Alyssa caught
a glimpse of herself in the mirror and she loved what she saw. All
she could see was Jaime’s ass and her hands tightly gripping it, but
that was enough for her. She loved seeing her ruby red painted
fingernails on Jaime’s tanned flesh, spreading her cheeks open and
exposing her puckered asshole to the open air. Alyssa hoped it
wouldn’t be long before her tongue was deep inside that hole too.

“Fuck me Alyssa!” Jaime urged. “You’re getting me so hot you fucking
bitch! Fuck me with that nasty tongue! Get it deep in my cunt so I
can come down your throat! Mmmmmm that’s just what you want! My hot
cum dripping down your throat and filling your belly! You fucking
little whore! You wanted to see me naked, didn’t you? You wanted to
get me against the wall so you could pound my cunt with your tongue
like the pussy loving whore you are! FUCK YES LYSSA!!! EAT MY

Jaime sure didn’t talk like a first timer, but Alyssa supposed she’d
just had a lot of hot, nasty fun with guys. She wondered why her
pussy was still so tight if she was experienced as she let on, but
Alyssa didn’t think long about it. Jaime had always been a bunch of
riddles and contradictions for as long as she’d known her, so why
should this be any different.

“OHHHHH SOOOOOO CLOSE LYSSSSSA!!!” Jaime screamed, her passion
continuing to grow with each passing word. “FUCK ME HARD WITH THAT

Jaime’s grip was starting to loosen now, but that was only because
all her energy was being focused on her nearing orgasm. Her legs
were starting to shake and it was hard to keep standing. Holding
onto Alyssa’s head was the only thing that kept Jaime upright as her
body shook and quivered in anticipation. Sweat was rolling down her
neck, forehead and back as Alyssa drove her closer and closer with
every tongue thrust into her pussy. Her orgasm was almost there and
Jaime impatiently waited for the crashing pleasure.

It wasn’t hard to see how close Jaime was so Alyssa knew it was to
get back to her clit. She started sucking on it like a fiend, as if
she could reach her own satisfaction just by making Jaime come.
Alyssa pinched Jaime’s swollen red clit with her fingers and sucked
hard on it with her horny lips. A second later she was greeted with
the flood of girl cum she’d been craving since she got that first
phone call from Jaime the other day.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!!!” Jaime roared with a hard thrusting
against Alyssa’s face. Jaime’s body bounced back and forth from the
mirror to Alyssa’s face. Her ass smashed Alyssa’s hands into the
mirror while her body bucked in orgasmic pleasure. Fortunately the
bucking of her hips wasn’t too hard, so Alyssa wasn’t feeling any
pain, but even if she had been it was doubtful she even would have
noticed it. The sensation of drinking down Jaime’s rich, tangy girl
cream was enough of a pleasurable distraction for Alyssa to not
notice much at all. Girl cum splashed against her tongue and Jaime
fucked her face hard. Through it all Alyssa kept her hands tight to
her ass and her mouth glued to her cummy pussy.


Alyssa peered up from Jaime’s pussy to see her friend’s face frozen
open in rapture as bestial grunts and groans escaped her lips.
Seeing Jaime like this was such a turn on that Alyssa had a small
orgasm of her own, soaking her panties without even so much of a
touch to her pussy. It was just a tiny one though. Alyssa knew she
could do much better and she hoped Jaime was going to help her.

Jaime’s orgasm died down to soft cries and moans and her legs
finally gave out on her. She gently fell to the carpeting and found
herself greeted by Alyssa’s kisses and caresses. Jaime tasted
herself all over Alyssa’s lips and complimented herself on a job
well done. She had Alyssa totally convinced that she’d just seduced

Of course Jaime had planned everything. She’d been waiting in her
bathroom, listening for Alyssa’s footsteps and timing it so the girl
would see her emerging naked from the bathroom. The rest had been
easy. She’d known Alyssa would have been unable to resist putting
the moves on her after seeing her glorious naked body and it had
been so easy for Jaime to just stand back and let Alyssa do all the
work on her. She just had to stand there and play the role of the
shy virgin, shocked by a lesbian advance, but wanting to experience
the pleasure.

Now she had Alyssa thinking she’d just “converted” her and it felt
so good to know Alyssa had bought the whole act. Jaime knew that
Alyssa would want her to return the favor and she grudgingly geared
herself up to do it. This was the hard part. Jaime hated giving
pleasure. What she really wanted to do was throw Alyssa on the bed,
strap her toy on and rape her ass, treasuring each and every one of
her screams as she transformed Alyssa’s cocky personality into one
of a simpering, obedient little bitch like Tiffani.

If only Alyssa knew that Tiffani was locked up in her guest bedroom,
ball gag in her mouth and tied to the bed. She’d made Tiffani dump
her fiancée and now she totally belonged to her. Jaime wanted to
give the same treatment to Alyssa, but she stopped herself. It was
too soon for that. She had bigger game in mind and she needed Alyssa
to lead her right there.

“God, Lyssa…how did you learn to do all that?” Jaime gasped as she
played with Alyssa’s hair and slipped back into the role of the
freshly seduced.

“I’ve had plenty of practice,” Alyssa said with a satisfied and cum
covered smile.

“With who? Who’s the lucky girl?” Jaime inquired.

“It’s a whole bunch of girls and that’s top secret,” Alyssa
contended. “Of course you might be able to get that secret out of

“Oh? And how can I do that?” Jaime asked.

Alyssa responded not with words, but by undoing her shorts and
pushing them off her legs, revealing a soaked pair of black panties
underneath. Jaime felt a surge of anger suddenly. Who the fuck was
Alyssa to demand pleasure from her? She was nothing! But Jaime
forced a smile and leaned down to kiss Alyssa as she helped her new
lover off with her shirt and bra. She could face sincerity and give
Alyssa a few orgasms. She knew what she was on the verge of
getting…an invitation to the mansion and access to Rose. That was
worth giving some pleasure and if things worked out the way Jaime
wanted them to, then Rose was going to be getting a nasty surprise
when she got back from her little roadtrip.

* * * * *

As Rose and Love continued with their drive through Mississippi, a
whole new problem had presented itself. They had diverted from the
main roads, to soak in some country sights and now they were
completely, hopelessly lost.

“Ok, I officially have no idea where we are,” Love sighed as she
pushed down the map she’d had pressed to her face and folded it back

“Relax Love, all these roads have got to lead somewhere,” Rose
pointed out, continuing to drive down the dusty and deserted road.
It was a real scorcher that day and the light sundresses they both
wore clung to the curves of their body. They had the top down on the
car so it provided enough of a breeze to keep the heat stroke at
bay, but both girls had their eyes peeled for a little lake or some
place they could strip down and cool off for a little bit.

“At this rate by the time we reach New York, Sarah’s going to be
back in Malibu,” Love playfully pouted. She really didn’t mind the
slow pace, especially because it gave her and Rose plenty of chances
to break for fun.

“I know you’re not ripping on my driving, are you?” Rose teased.
“Cause I have ways of making you pay if you are.”

Rose’s hand then snaked up Love’s leg, pulling up her dress just
enough to get a surge of energy headed straight to Love’s pussy.
Rose teased Love’s leg with soft strokes and elicited a few choice
moans from the girl before stopping.

“Any other comments you’d like to make Love?” Rose inquired.
“Because that can be the last time you feel me touching you for a
long time.”

“Noooooo…” Love giggled. “Anything but that. No comments here.
Just keep doing whatever you want.”

“I thought you’d see it my way,” Rose grinned before stealing a kiss
from Love. Their lips brushed together, creating little sparks of
passion before Rose turned her attention back to their destination.

“Now let me get a look at this map,” Rose said. “There’s got to be a
way to get back on the highway from here. I think we’ve seen the
same damn farmhouse for like the past six times.”

Love had to admit there sure wasn’t a lot out here besides farmland.
They all did seem alike after a while. Love knew there were probably
lots of interesting stories behind each and every farm, but from the
outside they all looked the same and all seemed to have the same
animals always roaming around.

Unfolding the map again, Love began to study it with Rose. The
redhead craned her head to get a look at it too and took her eyes
off the road for just a split second. The distraction prevented Rose
from seeing what immediately caught Love’s eye.

“LOOK OUT!!! COW!!!” Love shouted.

“Huh?” Rose replied before looking up and slamming on the brakes. A
cow had wandered off from one of the neighboring farms and was
making her way across the road. The brakes screeched and Rose
swerved the car off to the left shoulder, kicking up dust
everywhere. They narrowly missed the cow, but the car couldn’t
escape damage as it hit a rock. Rose and Love heard an unmistakable
pow and when Rose stopped the car, they both heard the hiss of air
escaping. A quick investigation confirmed that they had indeed had a
blowout in their left front tire.

“FUCK!!!” Rose screamed as she kicked the car and turned her wrath

“We’ve got a spare, right?” Love asked hopefully.

“Ummmm no…” Rose sheepishly admitted. “The guy I borrowed it from
said he didn’t have one and I didn’t think we’d need one anyway.”

“Now what are we going to do?” Love asked. “We’re stranded!”

“I’m sure one of these farms has gotta have someone who can help
us,” Rose surmised. “I guess we’ve just gotta start walking until we
find one.”

Seeing no better alternatives, Rose and Love pushed the car all the
way onto the shoulder and started walking.

* * * * *

Jewel sighed as she sat down and looked around the empty theater.
She was at Syracuse University and that night she was going to be
performing in front of a full crowd. At least she hoped it was a
full crowd. The promoters had assured her it was a sell out so she
took their word for it. The size of the crowd wasn’t really
something that fazed Jewel. She would play for one person if that
was all showed up, but it was always nicer to have a full house. At
least when she was performing for a crowd of fans she could lose
herself in the moment and not remember how lonely she was feeling.

Certainly Syracuse University had its share of hotties and Jewel was
confident she could entice one or two back to her hotel room that
night, but her heart just wasn’t in it. She missed her friends and
wasn’t ashamed to admit it.

Jewel began to wonder much progress Rose and Love had made with
their little road trip. She couldn’t wait for all of them to hook up
in the city soon. Jewel just hoped that they timed everything right
so they could really give Sarah and Jen a happy surprise. As she
dreamt about the happy looks on Sarah and Jen’s faces, Jewel began
wishing there was a surprise for her somewhere out there. That would
have been just what she needed.

When she closed her eyes it was so easy for her to imagine walking
into her hotel room and finding Rose and Love waiting for her on the
bed without a stitch of clothing on between them. After this tour,
there was nothing Jewel longed for more than the feel of Rose using
Mr. Snappy on her and fucking her pussy mercilessly while Love
happily sucked on her tits and then pressed her hot little shaved
pussy in her face. That sounded just like heaven.

“Jewel? Jewel? Are you ok?” her manager, Ian, asked her snapping her
out of her dreamy state.

“I’m fine,” Jewel said as she got up and slapped her hands on her
legs. “What are we doing now?”

“Well they said they want to do some sound checks and make sure all
the levels are good and everything,” Ian explained.

“Ok, well then lets get to it,” Jewel said before picking up her
guitar and making sure her microphone was firmly attached to her
person. The concert wasn’t for a few hours so this was part of the
seemingly endless prep work they had to do.

Jewel ran through a few medleys and did some freestyle cover songs,
throwing them together as she played. It really didn’t matter what
she played as long as they got the right level readings for tonight.
Feeling like raising a few eyebrows amongst the crew, Jewel began
plucking at her guitar and singing the first view verses of Nine
Inch Nails’ “Closer” before Ian interrupted her.

“Hate to stop your interpretation of the classics,” Ian said with a
bemused smile. “But there’s someone here to see you.”

“Oh yeah? Who?” Jewel asked, hoping against hope it was one of her
friends. When she saw who her visitor was, Jewel saw she hadn’t
gotten exactly what she wanted, but she’d gotten damn close.

“Hey girl,” Beyonce Knowles smiled as she stepped forward and
greeted Jewel with a hug.

“So what are you doing here?” Jewel asked happily. She and Beyonce
were now in her dressing room and kicking back. Beyonce had been one
of the last people she’d been expecting to see here, but it was a
good surprise. It certainly added some intriguing possibilities to
the night.

“We’ve just been doing the tour of radio stations and all that…you
know try to get the buzz going about the album,” Beyonce explained
as she brushed a strand of her long honey blonde hair away from her
face. Not many girls looked good with dyed blonde hair, but Beyonce
owned the look.

“Anyways, we’re doing like every radio station we can think of to
get the word out and after that we’re gonna start hitting the TV
shows doing the single and everything…but you know how it works
already girl,” Beyonce continued.

“I sure do,” Jewel replied. She’d just finished one of those little
publicity tours herself to promote her new album. It looked like
Beyonce was doing even more than she’d done to promote her stuff. Of
course Jewel thought that all they had to do was play Beyonce’s
“Crazy In Love” video on non-stop repeat and there would be a flock
of guys buying the album.

Jewel thought she had looked good in her own “Intuition” video, but
she didn’t mind admitting that Beyonce completely blew her away in
her new video. Beyonce had a lot to shake in that video and she
shook it in a way guaranteed to create cardiac arrest. Jewel loved
the video and it had created more than a few naughty thoughts in her
head about her friend Beyonce.

Their paths had crossed a bunch of times over the years, but they
had really sparked a friendship when they had done a duet together
at the recent VH1 Divas special. Jewel thought Beyonce was really
down to earth and friendly and they had hit it off very well. They
had traded a lot of phone calls and text messages since then, but
this was the first time they’d seen each other in weeks.

“So are you in town for the night?” Jewel inquired.

“Yes and thank God,” Beyonce groaned. “They have got me working so
hard on this promotion stuff that I don’t even know what damn town
I’m in half the time. They wanted to move on tonight to somewhere
else, but I had to put my foot down and tell them no way. I need a
night to relax and just chill. I’m close to just crashing down and
sleeping for the next like six years or something. Tonight I am not
even going to think about the album and if anyone comes up to me
with a microphone for an interview then they are gonna get that
thing pushed up where the sun don’t shine.”

“Well I’m glad you came to chill with me,” Jewel smiled as she began
thinking of a few fun ways she could help Beyonce relax.

“How could I not girl?” Beyonce asked with a grin. “I saw you were
in town and I just had to stop by. Think you can get me a ticket for

“I think something can be arranged,” Jewel replied, her brain
already whirling with possibilities. If she could arrange things
just right, this could end up being a very memorable night for the
both of them.

* * * * *

Her head still spinning from what had just happened, Lucy knew she
needed to find a way to calm herself down. She couldn’t believe what
Drew and Cameron had told her and she also felt terrible about the
way she’d reacted. Cameron and Drew were two of her best friends in
the world and when they had confessed their relationship to her, she
had reacted like they were telling her they were child murderers or
something. Lucy had been shocked by what they had told her, but that
was no excuse for her running out of there like a scared bunny. What
could they have done to her anyway?

As soon as she asked herself that question, more than a few answers
popped into Lucy’s head. She knew exactly what they could have done
to her and it made Lucy totally nervous to think about it. Like any
female celebrity, Lucy was sure she had lesbian fans out there who
entertained fantasies about her, but that was one thing. Knowing it
was your friends that wanted to have sex with you was something
totally different. Now Lucy found herself thinking back to every hug
and kiss they’d shared and every time they’d goofed around by
grabbing at each other’s boobs or slapping their asses for some
hidden sexual meaning. How long had they wanted her?

It was all too much for Lucy to take in at once. She had been pacing
around the hotel, trying to get a grip on her thoughts and it hadn’t
been working. Her brain was churning too fast for the rest of her
body to keep up and Lucy felt herself start to get a little sick.
She needed to sit down and the hotel bar seemed as good a place as

Lucy felt as though Drew and Cameron had just taken a 10,000 pound
weight and tossed it at her, screaming “CATCH!!!” Now she not only
had the truth about her friends’ relationship weighing on her, but
her own immature reaction. Everything had been tossed higgledy
piggeldy in her head.

She’d never even taken a sip of her drink back in Drew’s room and
Lucy needed one more than ever. She sat down right at the bar,
quickly catching the attention of the bartender.

“What can I get for you?” he asked, his nametag indicating his name
was Steve.

“Vodka…straight…” Lucy answered. She needed something strong and
she was prepared to sit here and enjoy Russia’s finest until things
were clear in her head again.

Steve poured Lucy a shot and she quickly downed it. She let it rush
through her veins before pointing right at her now empty glass,
giving the universal signal for him to hit her one more time. As
Steve poured her another shot, Lucy began to eye him over. He was
pretty cute. He looked to be in his late 20’s with a handsome face
and a mess of brown hair on his head that was unkempt in just the
right way. Lucy hadn’t had a boyfriend for awhile now and she was
beginning to think that maybe there was something else he could for
her, if for no other reason than to prove to herself that she wasn’t
tempted by Cameron and Drew’s offer.

Before Lucy could continue pondering this possibility, she found
herself interrupted by a familiar presence.

“I thought that was you Luce,” Demi Moore said as she came up from
behind Lucy and kissed her on the cheek. “How’s it going?”

Lucy didn’t reply with words. Instead she emptied her shot glass
into her mouth just as quickly as she had with the first one.

“That bad, huh,” Demi observed. “Tell me about it. These junkets are
the worst. Now I remember why I stopped making movies for so long.
There’s only so many of these things you can do before you start
wishing you were back doing waitressing shifts.”

Demi chuckled a little at her own joke and Lucy forced a smile. When
Demi had joined the cast of the movie, there had been a little
apprehension because they had all heard the diva stories. But they
all learned that, as usual, the rumors were far from the truth. Demi
had been a pleasure to work with and had quickly become one of the
girls. Lucy loved having her as a friend, but she wasn’t sure if now
was the right time for her to have company.

“Lucy, what’s wrong?” Demi asked. She was quickly able to deduce
that something wasn’t quite right with her friend. Lucy was usually
pretty chatty and to see her sitting around and staring into a drink
wasn’t normal.

“Oh it’s nothing really…just personal stuff,” Lucy replied. She
considered telling Demi everything, but held back. She didn’t know
what to say and, besides, it wasn’t like she could confess Drew and
Cameron’s lesbian relationship right here in the middle of the bar.

“Oh…well if you ever want to talk…I’m here,” Demi said with a
little frown. She couldn’t help but feel a little hurt that Lucy was
being secretive with her. They were friends and Demi thought they
could share things like this with each other.

Lucy saw that Demi’s feelings were hurt and she immediately tried to
make up for it.

“Let me get you a drink,” Lucy offered. “What are you having?”

“Just a club soda please,” Demi told Mike before he walked away to
get it for her. Lucy felt like smacking her head against the bar.
What was wrong with her today? She’d completely forgotten that Demi
didn’t drink. Here she was practically pouring a shot down her
throat. This just wasn’t her day. Demi could see Lucy’s aggravation
and she again inquired about it.

“Lucy, you look like someone’s sticking needles into your brain,”
Demi said. “What’s wrong sweetie?”

“Nothing it’s just that…” Lucy began, before stopping herself and
kicking her bar stool in frustration. “It’s just that life got so
fucking confusing all of a sudden.”

“I know that feeling,” Demi said with a knowing shake of her head.
Boy did she ever know that feeling. There were so many times when
she felt she had gotten her life just the way she wanted it to be
before fate would go and smack her right upside the face. “What
happened, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Well…I really don’t think I should say,” Lucy said as Mike
brought Demi her club soda and poured Lucy another shot. “I mean it
really involves other people.”

“It looks like it involves you too,” Demi said. “I don’t think you’d
be this upset just because of something that happened to someone
else. Spill it girl. I can see that you need to talk about this.”

Lucy knew Demi was right. She couldn’t keep this bottled up forever.
It would drive her insane. She needed to talk this out with someone
and Demi seemed like someone she could totally trust with this.

“Ok, but not here,” Lucy said. There were too many prying ears
around. A hotel full of press was probably not the best place to be
spilling secrets. The lounge was pretty deserted at this time of day
and Lucy and Demi quickly moved their little party to the back,
where they were surrounded with nothing but empty tables and chairs.
Lucy knew they’d have plenty of privacy there.

As they walked, drinks in hand, Lucy couldn’t help but admire how
beautiful Demi was. There was nothing about her that looked 40. She
had the body of a 25 year old. Lucy had seen Demi so many times
during shooting in skimpy outfits, but for the first time it was
like she really noticed her. Wait a second, what the hell was she

Lucy stopped herself as she realized she was actually checking Demi
out. It was like now that she knew about Cameron and Drew, Lucy
couldn’t get the idea of women out of her head. She started
wondering what it would be like to kiss a woman and touch her and go
down on her. What would it be like to do all the things that Cameron
and Drew did to each other? Lucy had had these thoughts before, but
it had been so long since she had. What was going on in her head?
Things were getting even more confusing, but Lucy couldn’t stop
herself from eying Demi in her gray dress.

The dress was loose enough to give Demi plenty of room to move in
it, but it was also tight enough to hug her body and show off to
anyone who saw her that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Lucy
thought Demi looked gorgeous in it and began wondering what she
looked like underneath it. These thoughts were so sudden and
overpowering that Lucy was grateful when they finally sat down and
she could try and get her mind off Demi’s body. As soon as they sat
down in the back corner, Lucy downed her drink nervously, feeling
the alcohol burn through her body.

“Whoa there Luce, you look like you’re trying to kill of your liver
in one afternoon,” Demi said. “What’s wrong?”

“Gawd it’s just that…I ummmm…damn it…” Lucy muttered. “I
wasn’t expecting this at all and I’m glad they told me about it, but
also I’m fucking mad. I don’t even know why. I mean I guess I’m mad
that they just threw this into my lap, but I think I’m also mad
because they didn’t tell me earlier. Does that sound weird?”

“Maybe you’d better start over at the beginning,” Demi suggested. “I
think I’m missing a few details here.”

Lucy felt like an idiot for like the zillionth time that day. It was
like she was turning into a total spazz before her very own eyes.
Lucy took a deep breath and started over. She kept her voice low to
ward off unwanted ears and told Demi everything that had happened.
She told her how Drew had invited her to her room and how she and
Cameron had totally blown her mind. Then she told Demi about how
she’d just run out of there like she’d had and all the turmoil that
had been going on in her brain.

“Whoa…that is kind of heavy,” Demi said as soon as Lucy finished
her story. “I had no idea about Cameron. That’s totally wild. Drew
and Cameron? Wow!”

“Welcome to my world,” Lucy sighed. “I feel just awful about running
out like that. I just don’t know what’s going on anymore. Its like
they just totally wrecked everything I had set up in my brain.”

“Well sometimes that’s a good thing,” Demi replied. “It’s the
unexpected things in life that sometimes are the best. Just think,
this could be a great opportunity for you.”

“An opportunity?” Lucy repeated. “An opportunity for what?”

“An opportunity for you to go back upstairs and take your friendship
to a new level,” Demi grinned. “They weren’t lying to you Lucy. It
feels awesome to be with another woman. You should grab this chance
and open your mind a little.”

“No way…” Lucy gasped, her mind blown for the second time. Demi
was bi too? What the hell was going on here? Was every hot girl in
this town secretly a lesbian?

“Don’t freak out on me Luce,” Demi said. “It’s no big deal. It’s
just sex. When you care about your partner and you’re feeling
pleasure then it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman you’re
with. All that matters is that it feels good.”

“I…I just can’t do this…” Lucy insisted, squirming in her seat.
Demi was sitting right next to her at the table and Lucy suddenly
felt the sensations of having her hot breath against her neck.

“C’mon you can’t tell me you’ve never thought about it,” Demi
replied. “You’ve never thought about what it would be like to make
love to a beautiful woman?”

Lucy could say no to the question, but she knew it would be a lie.
She had thought about it. She had once thought about it a lot and
had almost done something about it. When she had been on “Ally
McBeal” she had once shared a kiss with Calista Flockhart as part of
an episode. Lucy had done a lot of kissing scenes on camera before,
but none had left her as frazzled as that one had. Calista had been
such a good kisser and Lucy had felt so aroused after they had
finished. It had left her wondering what it would be like to kiss
another woman for real and then do all the other things that would
follow naturally.

The feelings of curiosity had gotten so intense that Lucy had
considered calling up an escort service or something. But she had
never had the nerve to do that or to go out and pick up a random
girl. Eventually the feelings had faded and Lucy hadn’t looked back.
That had been years ago and now everything was turned upside down
and shook around again.

“There’s nothing wrong with admitting it,” Demi said. “I love women.
I love men too. But women are so soft and sexy. You’ve never felt
anything like it Lucy.”

Demi had always been curious about women and that curiosity had
reached a fever pitch when she had filmed “Striptease.” Before she
had started doing the movie she had made sure to do plenty of
research by going to strip clubs and picking up the girls’ moves.
The girls at these clubs had been only too happy to help Demi and
she had befriended a bunch of them. Seeing those beautiful girls
strip for her would always get Demi so wet and since a lot of the
girls at the clubs were bisexual it was like having a bunch of
dynamite near an open flame. Sooner or later something was going to

Ever since then Demi had been more than open to the possibilities of
girl on girl fun. She could never stop wanting men, but she knew
that a soft, sexy girl could be just what was needed sometimes and
from her vantage point, it looked like Lucy needed another woman
bad. Demi had hoped that when she’d join the Charlie’s Angels cast,
there would have been some opportunities for fun, and she’d been
disappointed until now. It sure looked as though things were
changing for the better though.

“I just don’t know…” Lucy said softly. She was totally flustered,
but was making no attempts to back away from the table. She didn’t
know what it was. Whether it was the rekindling of her dormant
feelings or the alcohol flowing through her bloodstream, but Lucy
found herself more receptive to this than she’d been back in Drew’s

“It’s not too late you know,” Demi pressed on, pushing her chair
closer to Lucy’s. “I’ll bet Drew and Cameron wouldn’t mind if you
went upstairs and told them that you’d changed your mind. I’ll bet
they’d be all over you in a heartbeat, kissing and touching you and
getting this dress off of you. I know that’s what I’d do.”

At the admission that Demi wanted to make love to her too, Lucy
tensed up in her seat. She still didn’t run though. She just sat
there and continued to let Demi whisper naughty ideas into her ear.
There were people milling around the lounge, but they had no idea
what was going on in the back with the two actresses. If only they
knew…then they’d have their story.

“I know it’s hard your first time,” Demi whispered, her hand
touching Lucy’s knee and caressing her skin. “I know how nervous you
must be Luce, but I know how to make you feel better. Think of how
good it would be to get naked with Cameron and Drew. They both have
such sexy bodies and I’ll bet they know all kinds of things to do to
a woman. Imagine them kissing you and dragging their tongues all
over your bare body, licking and sucking you in all the right
places. It’s true you know, only another woman knows how to really
make a woman feel good.”

Lucy felt her pulse race and her heart flutter as Demi continued to
whisper into her ear. Her husky voice was so arousing and it was
like Demi was always on the verge of just sliding her tongue into
her ear. Lucy’s whole body was tingling from every word and she
began to feel her pussy dampen. Demi slowly and subtlety began to
push up her polka dot dress and extend her hand up. Lucy found
herself gripping onto the edge of the table as Demi slowly and
surely broke down her layers of resistance.

“Maybe you three girls could invite me in too,” Demi suggested. “I’d
love to join in. You know, you girls could make me a full Angel and
all that and I could do things to all three of you to make your
pussies so wet. Don’t be afraid Lucy. It’s like nothing you ever
felt and as soon as you feel how good it is, you will wish you’d
hadn’t waited even a second.”

“Demi…I…” Lucy began before Demi interrupted her by placing her
finger against her lips.

“Shhh…don’t say anything,” Demi instructed. “Meet me in the ladies
room in five minutes if you want to explore this a little further.
If you don’t, then no hard feelings. Everything’s fine. But if you
do, then meet me in there and let me show you what pleasure is all
about. You can think about it now. I know you’ll make the right

Demi then got up and sauntered off toward the ladies room, leaving a
flustered, but totally aroused Lucy behind. Lucy had no idea what to
do now. On the one hand, she had never done anything like this
before. On the other hand, she couldn’t remember the last time
anything had gotten her pussy this wet. Demi’s hand had been so hot
on her leg and, despite her nerves, Lucy wanted more. She had no
idea how long she sat there, wondering what to do, but she knew her
decision was clear. She had to see where this went.

Lucy bolted up from her seat and walked off toward the ladies room,
trying not to make her excitement too clear. She could feel her
nipples straining against her bra and her pussy get wetter with
every step. This was so new and wicked and it was a feeling she
wanted more of. She was too excited about this to second guess
herself. If doing this was a mistake, then it was one she would
regret later.

When she pushed open the door to the ladies room, Lucy saw Demi
sitting next to the sinks, a happy smile on her face.

“I knew you’d make the right decision,” Demi smiled.

“Are we alone?” Lucy asked.

“Oh yeah,” Demi answered. “Lock the door, Luce. We don’t have much
time, but I’m going to show you exactly what you’re missing by not
being upstairs with Drew and Cameron.”

Lucy quickly reached over to lock the door to the ladies room and
turned her attention back to Demi. She walked over to her friend and
Demi greeted her by wrapping her arms around her neck and drawing in
for a kiss. Lucy didn’t allow herself a chance to think twice. She
just let Demi pull herself forward and kiss her passionately. It was
the first time she’d kissed a woman since she’d kissed Calista and
this time there were no camera crews and teamsters around to watch
them. It was just her and Demi and Lucy didn’t hesitate before
surrendering to the kiss.

It felt just as soft and sexy as Lucy remembered it, but this was no
stage kiss between actresses. It was the real thing and Demi held
nothing back as she kissed Lucy tenderly. It was so hot to have
another woman’s lips against hers and Lucy responded by opening her
mouth to suck on Demi’s lips and allowing the kiss to deepen. Demi
slowly pushed her tongue into Lucy’s mouth and Lucy moaned when she
felt the sexy, pink invader inside her. She sucked on Demi’s tongue
and marveled at how different it was to kiss another woman than it
was with a man. Demi knew the power of a good kiss and Lucy knew she
was going to remember how this felt forever.

Lucy’s hands came to life and she pulled her arms around Demi’s
back, rubbing her up and down through her dress as they kissed. She
toyed with Demi’s long black hair while her new lover did the same
to her. They sampled the flavor of each other’s lipstick and Lucy
felt herself get more turned on with every passing second. It was
like the floodgates were now open and she was free to explore all
her desires as she and Demi’s lips smacked together and their
tongues dueled. The sound of their lips kissing and their moans
mingling was all they could hear as they burned with desire
underneath their clothes.

“Hop up on here,” Demi instructed as she pulled herself off the
countertop. “Let me show you how good another woman can really make
you feel.”

Lucy had now placed herself entirely in Demi’s hands and she was
ready to go wherever she wanted and do whatever she needed. She
obediently changed places with her friend, hopping up next to the
sinks and shivering as a stray little puddle of water soaked her
white spotted dress.

As soon as Lucy was in proper position, Demi leaned forward to kiss
her again. God there was so much she wanted to do to Lucy’s tight
little body. She just hoped they would have time to fully explore
later. They were working on a clock here. Demi knew there was only
so long you could keep a bathroom door locked and she wanted to make
sure there were no interruptions of their fun.

Demi certainly hadn’t approached Lucy with the intention of dragging
her off for sex. She’d resigned herself to the fact that she was
never going to have the chance to score with her Angels co-stars.
But an opportunity had presented itself and Demi had run with it.
She had fantasized about all three of them and she wasn’t going to
turn down a chance to fool around with Lucy, especially when it
could lead to something developing with the other lovely ladies in
the cast. She could tell how bad Lucy needed this, even if she
didn’t know herself. Demi wouldn’t be doing this to her if she
didn’t feel like she really wanted it.

“Ohhhhh Demi…” Lucy moaned, leaning back against the mirror as
Demi kissed down her neck and began to massage her breasts through
her dress. She had been with a boyfriend in a public bathroom
before, but that had been a wham bam thank you maam type of thing
and the thrill had been more the actual rush of doing it than the
sex itself. That feeling was nothing compared to how it felt to
having Demi’s lips on her skin as her hand played with her tits. If
it was all going to be this good, then Lucy was already regretting
not having taken up Drew and Cameron on their offer.

“I’m just getting started…it only gets better baby,” Demi
promised. “I wish I had time to give you the full show, but I guess
we’re going to have to skip right to the good part.”

“The good part?” Lucy repeated, before she was given a full answer
of what exactly Demi considered to be “the good part.” Demi pulled
up the end of Lucy’s dress and began to rub her pussy through her
panties. The white silk of Lucy’s panties was absolutely soaked by
now and Demi loved how it clung to the lips of her slit and how it
showed off her dark black bush.

“Ooooooooooooh yesssssss rub it…” Lucy groaned, not wanting this
pleasure to stop. This had all happened so suddenly that it was like
a dream, but if that’s what it truly was then Lucy never wanted to
wake up.

“Mmmm yesss tell me what you like Luce,” Demi instructed. “Tell me
where you want me to touch you. Don’t be afraid to talk nasty to me.
Tell me to rub your pussy. Tell me how good it feels.”

“Feels soooooo goooood…” Lucy cried back as Demi picked up speed
in her rubbing. She took Lucy’s panties and rubbed them against her
slit, sawing them back and forth against her pussy lips and soaking
them even more in the process. The wet spot on Lucy’s panties grew
with every rub against her dripping pussy and her moans grew louder.
“Rub my pussy Demi! Show me everything I’ve been missing by not
fucking girls all these years!”

Demi wanted to do that so badly to Lucy. She wanted to make her
crave pussy as much as she did. She hadn’t even touched Lucy’s pussy
yet with her mouth and Demi could practically taste her juices all
over her lips already. She’d wanted her co-stars for so long and now
she had one of them spread out before her with her dress bunched up
around her waist and her panties soaked with girl juice. Demi just
hoped this was only a warm up for more.

“Do you want me to lick you Luce?” Demi asked, teasing Lucy with her
fingers by rubbing her slit up and down. “Do you want me to get
these panties off you so I can get my tongue into your pussy?”

“Yesssss lick me! Please Demi!” Lucy hissed, not believing she was
begging another woman to go down on her. “Get my panties off and eat
my pussy! Gawwwwd you’re totally making me fucking lose it and I
love it!”

“Mmmm that’s it Luce…let go,” Demi advised while she reached up to
pull down Lucy’s panties. “Lose those stupid little inhibitions and
just let me make you feel good. I can do such hot things to your wet
pussy Lucy. I can make you feel so fucking good that you’re never
going to want me to stop!”

Lucy already felt that way and Demi hadn’t even gotten her panties
all the way off. She could only wonder how good this was going to
feel when she finally came. Lucy felt like such a fool for running
out on Drew and Cameron. She wished they were here right now with
her so they could see Demi getting ready to fuck her and how bad she
wanted it.

Demi left Lucy’s panties around her ankles. She wished she had time
to fully undress her friend and see every inch of her body, but they
didn’t have time to bother with niceties. They could concentrate on
foreplay later. Now it was all about fucking and Demi sank to her
knees, lining her face up perfectly with Lucy’s cunt. Her bush was
in a small, wispy triangle of dark hair and her pussy looked about
ready to drip right down her legs. Lucy’s pussy was already opening
to her like a flower and she had the aroused excitement that could
only come from a first timer. It wasn’t going to be hard at all to
make Lucy come and Demi didn’t hesitate before leaning in and
sliding her tongue right into Lucy’s pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!!!” Lucy screamed out before clamping her hands
right over her mouth to muffle her rapturous screams. She moaned and
screamed into her palms as she felt an amazing high rush through her
body. Demi’s tongue went at her like a skilled practitioner of the
pussy licking arts. She lapped up her hot juices and burrowed deep
inside her tightness. It was like sparks flying into her body and
coursing through her veins. Lucy had never felt anything like this
and it took all her strength to keep her hands over her mouth and
prevent the whole lounge from hearing how much she loved what Demi
was doing to her.

Demi took Lucy’s cries as high praise. She knew she was good at
eating pussy. Even during her first time, she had been able to make
her stripper friends come and her skills hadn’t abandoned her
through the years. Lucy’s juices were hot and fresh and Demi
hungrily tongued them up. She could feel Lucy’s clit throb inside
her pussy, but she didn’t want to go straight for it. She knew she
could get Lucy a little wetter first. They had enough time for that.

“Your pussy is so beautiful Luce,” Demi smiled when she pulled away,
her lips shiny with juice now. Lucy looked down on her first girl
lover with hungry, needy eyes that compelled Demi to go on. Lucy
kept her hands pressed to her mouth, afraid of how loud she would
scream if she dared take them away. It was everything Demi had said
it would be and more.

“I could just lick you all day,” Demi added before starting to lap
at Lucy’s pink again. Lucy’s horny juices coated Demi’s tongue and
tickled her hungry taste buds. Demi pressed her hands to Lucy’s ass
and pulled her closer to her tongue so she could reach in deeper. In
between licks, Demi continued to speak to her friend, increasing her
arousal with every word.

“You’d love that wouldn’t you Luce?” Demi inquired. “Me on my knees
all day licking this sweet, beautiful pussy of yours? Maybe you’d
rather have Drew doing that? Or Cameron? Or all three of us?
Kneeling down for you…serving your pussy with our hot tongues.”

The thought of that sent another loud scream of pleasure out of
Lucy’s mouth and into the muffler of her hands. Lucy felt her palms
get covered with spit and hot breath from her own mouth and it just
made things hotter for her. It didn’t seem real but she could feel
it all and it was too intense to be a dream. There she was, skirt
bunched up and her panties down around her ankles as she lay back on
the counter, spreading her legs for Demi Moore’s tongue. The fact
that Demi was still fully dressed and Lucy had kept most of her
clothes on made it even hotter for the Asian beauty. It made their
sex seem raunchier and Lucy had never minded raunch when it came to

“Ohhh you’re close,” Demi said, looking up from Lucy’s pussy with a
smile on her face. “I can see how bad you wanna come for me. Don’t
hold back Lucy. I want you to come. Feed me all that hot pussy
cream. Fuck my face. I want it dripping off my chin. Don’t be
afraid. Give me what I want baby.”

Whatever fear Lucy had felt before was long gone now. It felt too
good for her to be intimidated by these feelings anymore. Demi’s
tongue was heaven between her legs and Lucy felt her whole body
seize up in anticipation of the orgasm she knew was coming. Lucy
bucked her head forward, causing her long hair to fall over her
face. She blew some of it out of the way, but left the rest there as
she continued to moan into her hands. Demi’s tongue licked and
explored all the hot folds of her pussy, making Lucy ache for more.
She implored her friend to go on through her muffled cries and moans
and fortunately Demi got the message loud and clear.

It had been a few months since she’d been with a woman and Demi was
crazy over the taste of Lucy’s juices. It was always hot to be with
a sexy, willing woman and Lucy was no exception. Demi hadn’t lacked
for sex lately, but it was always nice to have a little variety. A
girl couldn’t live on cock alone. Well, she probably could…but she
shouldn’t have to.

Demi could feel Lucy squirm under her tongue. She cupped the hot
cheeks of Lucy’s ass and held her straight so her tongue couldn’t
miss its mark. Demi slid her tongue in and out of Lucy’s wetness,
licking up all she could as her lover cooed and moaned above her.
Finally Demi decided it was time to finish Lucy off. She knew that
people would be pounding on the bathroom door any second now so she
went straight for Lucy’s clit. Her licking and teasing had Lucy’s
sensitive bud screaming with need and Demi gave her what she needed
by pressing her lips to it and sucking her forcefully.

“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!” Lucy squealed, her hands the only thing keeping
her voice from shattering glass. She nearly toppled off the edge of
the counter, but Demi’s strong hands kept her in place. All Lucy
could think about was how bad she needed this orgasm. Every hard,
labored breath she took pushed her closer as her skin tingled from
Demi’s work on her clit. Demi’s practiced mouth sucked her clit
hard, pressing her lips tight to her.

Demi loved how she could feel Lucy’s clit jump when she pressed down
on it. She sucked long and hard, teasing it with her tongue and
making Lucy drip into her mouth. She felt how Lucy was shaking on
the counter and Demi added to those shakes and then some when she
pushed two fingers inside to pinch her clit and gave her another
hard lash with her tongue.

screamed, practically smothering herself with her hands to keep her
joy from escaping as she came. The pleasure had been building in her
for so long and when Demi put that pressure on her clit with her
fingers and her tongue, there was no stopping her orgasm. She
bounced up and down on the counter, thrashing about in ecstasy that
she finally had to drop one of her hands from her mouth.

Lucy grabbed blindly at the counter, at one point turning on the
faucet to her right as she tried to get a grip on the intense
pleasure roaring through her body. It felt like her whole body was
soaring with joy as she experienced an orgasm like never before. She
rubbed herself unconsciously all over Demi’s face, letting the
pleasure push through her body as she closed her eyes and leaned
back against the mirror, leaving it a blur from her sweat..

It was so hard for Lucy to let it all sink in. The pleasure was so
intense. Her cries eventually died down and she finally allowed
herself to take her hand away from her mouth. She saw Demi smiling
at her, her face soaked in the cream of her orgasm. Lucy thought she
was going to come again, just from seeing that.

“Did you like?” Demi asked. All Lucy could manage was a happy,
flushed smile, but Demi got the picture. She reached up to pull Lucy
off the counter and back onto her feet as she stood up as well. They
were now face to face and Demi pushed her lips back against Lucy’s.

“Taste yourself,” Demi mumbled before their lips touched and Lucy
certainly did. She loved how she tasted all over Demi’s lips and
tongue and all the confusion she had felt was now long gone. There
was only one thing she wanted to do now.

“I think we need to go find Drew and Cameron now,” Lucy grinned.
Demi smiled right back at her. Her own pussy was soaking her panties
beyond repair now and that idea certainly sounded good to her.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, another plan was blossoming as Eliza and Kirsten prepared
for Mila’s immanent arrival. Eliza had to admit she loved watching
Kirsten nervously pace around the house, like she was waiting for
the arrival of a baby or a grade on a tough test. Kirsten was so
eager for this that she practically had been bouncing off the walls
of the house since they had gotten back from the gym.

“Relax Kiki…” Eliza finally said, grasping her girlfriend and
whirling her around for a kiss. Eliza got a face slap from Kirsten’s
blonde hair and a happy giggle for her troubles before they kissed.

“Sorry Eliza, I’m just nervous,” Kirsten said.

“I can see that,” Eliza replied with a smile. “Don’t worry. You’re
going to be fine. She’d be crazy not to go for your body.”

Kirsten smiled gratefully for the compliment and kissed her
girlfriend again. She had no idea whether Mila would turn out to be
a secret lesbian or the biggest homophobe on the planet, but she
knew she wanted to try this. She wanted the rush she had felt when
she had seduced Natalie.

“Besides you’re the one with the best kiss award, so how can she
resist?” Eliza joked. They had playfully put Kirsten’s golden
popcorn on display in the house like it was an Oscar after her
recent win at the MTV Movie Awards. Kirsten just had wished she’d
been able to thank the girl she practiced with every night during
her acceptance speech.

“I just wish you were going to be doing this with me,” Kirsten said.
One of the best parts of seducing Natalie had been hearing Eliza’s
sexy voice in her ear, telling her what to do.

“Oh yeah that would work…’Hey Mila…nice to meet you. I’m
Kirsten’s girlfriend. Wanna fuck?'” Eliza laughed. “We’d spook her.
Besides, Kiki I want you to do this. Time to take your training
wheels off. Besides, I’ll be watching and enjoying the show. Just do
it like we planned. As soon as she’s totally into it, I’ll pop out
and we can share her, ok?”

“Mmmm more than ok,” Kirsten smiled. “I can’t wait. Mmmm I’m so wet
already just thinking about her and us together.”

“Really?” Eliza inquired with great interest. “How wet are you?”

“Dripping,” Kirsten replied wickedly. “Wanna feel?”

“Mmmm you have to ask?” Eliza shot back as Kirsten helpfully undid
her shorts and guided Eliza’s hands to her pussy. Eliza slid under
the waistband of Kirsten’s panties and confirmed that she was indeed
dripping wet for her.

“Oooooh yesssss Eliza…touch my pussy baby,” Kirsten cooed as Eliza
lightly stroked her slit. “God, no one ever makes me feel like you

Kirsten continued to moan and sigh when the doorbell suddenly rang,
bringing a sudden end to their fun. Kirsten jumped back and Eliza
withdrew her hand, happily licking the juices off her fingers.

“She’s here,” Kirsten squealed, buttoning her shorts back up and
running for the door. Eliza smiled and snuck away into the shadows
like a lurker. She had total confidence that Kirsten could pull this
off and she was planning to enjoy the show.

* * * * *

Back at the hotel room, Cameron was sitting on the bed in the suite
finishing getting redressed. She pulled her pink top over her bra
and sighed. The sex with Drew had been good…it was always good,
but she couldn’t help but regret the way things had gone down with
Lucy. Despite Drew’s optimistic assurances that everything was going
to be ok, she was worried she’d fractured their friendship and that
things would never be the same between them.

If Cameron had known that their friendship was going to be put in
jeopardy, she never would have tried to draw her into the fun. Sex
wasn’t worth losing a good friend over. She had wanted to broaden
their friendship, but now Cameron feared that she’d done just the
opposite. It was a real downer and Cameron what really wanted was to
see Lucy and to get some kind of sign from her that everything was

Drew was in the shower now, washing off their exertions and Cameron
got up from the bed, intending to walk over to the bathroom and tell
her friend that she was going off in search of Lucy. But before she
could get there, there was a knocking on the door. Cameron
immediately wondered who it was. No one knew they were in here.
Except for…

“Who is it?” Cameron asked after walking toward the door. She didn’t
want to get her hopes up, but the voice on the other end confirmed
her hopes.

“It’s Lucy,” came the reply and Cameron immediately swung the door
open. She had so much she wanted to say to Lucy.

“Luce, I’m so glad you’re here,” Cameron said opening the door. She
was immediately taken aback to see Demi tagging along with the
wildly grinning Lucy. The presence of their co-star didn’t stop
Cameron though. She had to get this off her chest and, besides, she
supposed she could trust Demi enough for them to not keep any
secrets from her.

“Luce, I just want to apologize,” Cameron said right after Lucy and
Demi walked in, not giving the Asian beauty a chance to say anything
first. “I’m so fucking sorry. If I’d know you were going to be
uncomfortable with me and Drew getting together I never would have
said anything. It’s not worth fucking up our friendship over. I
didn’t mean to freak you out…”

Cameron had more that she wanted to say, but her words were cut off
when Lucy suddenly leaned forward and kissed her. This wasn’t like
the playful kisses they had shared back and forth for years now.
This kiss oozed with sexual intent. All of the burning desire Demi
had unlocked in Lucy was now flowing freely from her lips and
Cameron’s eyes shot open in shock.

Now it was Cameron’s turn to be taken totally by surprise. This had
been the last thing she had been expecting and she was too shocked
to even enjoy it, much less kiss back. The tables had completely
been turned. Lucy was hungry and horny and Cameron was all

“What? What are you doing Luce?” Cameron, her brain trying to catch
up with what was happening. She had figured Lucy was dead set
against this, but her lips were now telling a different story.

“I’m just seeing if that offer of yours is still open,” Lucy said
with a wicked grin. “I have one condition though.”

“Condition?” Cameron asked.

“Yeah…I’ll join in as long as Demi can too,” Lucy giggled before
pulling the villainous Angel over and kissing her passionately,
sending Cameron’s jaw dropping to the floor. Part of her wondered if
she’d fallen asleep after making love to Drew and was dreaming this.
This was too much like one of her wet dreams to be real.

Before Cameron could respond to the sight before her, Drew exited
the bathroom, a trail of steam following her, with a hotel robe
wrapped around her body. She was drying her hair and immediately
stopped in surprise over what she saw going on. Unlike Cameron, Drew
was quickly able to find her tongue.

“Oooooh now this is a party I wanna join,” Drew grinned as she
walked over to her three friends. “I had a feeling you were going to
come around Luce.”

“Demi showed me what a mistake I made,” Lucy explained after she
pulled away from their kiss. “She showed me how right you two were.”

“Well then I guess I should be thanking you,” Drew said as she
turned toward Demi.

“I can think of a few ways you can do that,” Demi replied.

“So can I,” Drew shot back before reaching over and doing what she’d
wanted to do ever since the first day of shooting…kiss Demi Moore
right on her sexy lips. Drew had fought for Demi to get this part.
She had always thought she was a great actress…and here was the
bonus of being able to do this. Drew’s lips pressed against her
passionately and Demi eagerly responded. Soon she and Drew were
passionately tongue kissing.

Cameron was still too shocked to say anything, but that changed when
Lucy turned her attention toward her.

“So are you going to just stand there and gawk or are we going to
have that fun you promised Camie?” Lucy playfully inquired.

“What do you think?” Cameron said, finally snapping out of her
trance and bringing Lucy in for a hot kiss. This was her fantasy
come to life and she wasn’t about to just sit on the sidelines.

Lucy immediately began moaning when Cameron took her face in her
hand and pressed their lips together feverishly. Lucy displayed none
of the resistance she had once had and didn’t hesitate to open her
mouth for Cameron’s tongue. Lucy slid her own tongue into Cameron’s
mouth and soon they were happily kissing and swapping saliva back
and forth. Kissing Lucy was just as hot as Cameron had imagined and
being able to peek over and see Drew and Demi making out just made
things better. The room was filled with lust as four pussies got wet
with lesbian desire.

Happy girl moans and wet lips smacking together were the only sounds
made as the four co-stars made their intimate connection. The kisses
deepened and when they broke it was only so everyone could swap
partners. After brushing their lips together again, Lucy and Demi
changed places. Drew opened her mouth wide for her friend’s tongue
as Demi introduced her lips to Cameron. The pairs shared their first
kisses and eagerly came back for more. Hands began to explore bodies
and kisses deepened into tongue massages and hungry devouring of
lips. Drew and Lucy moaned into each other’s mouths as Cameron and
Demi did the same to each other. No one held anything back and Drew
finally piped up with a suggestion.

“Why don’t we take this to be bed,” Drew offered. “There’s plenty of
room for all of us.”

Since the suite featured a king size bed, Drew wasn’t lying. She
grabbed Lucy by the hand and guided the eager girl toward the bed.
Cameron did the same to Demi and the foursome headed toward the soft
mattress. The bedspread had already been cast off and the sheets had
been thrown asunder by Cameron and Drew’s earlier adventures. But
that only made the bed look more inviting to the horny women.

“Now we can really spread out,” Drew grinned before she reached down
and undid the sash of her bathrobe. She shrugged the fluffy, white
robe off her shoulders and it fell to the carpet below, revealing
her body in all its naked glory. Lucy gasped at the vision before
her. She had seen Drew and Cameron naked a bunch of times when they
were changing clothes or just hanging out after a long, tiring day
of filming, but it had never been like this. Just like before with
Demi, it was like Lucy was finally noticing that Drew was a
beautiful woman whose body demanded sexual attention.

“C’mon…don’t the rest of you slack off on me now,” Drew laughed.
“If I’m the only naked one here, then it’s gonna cut down on the fun
for the rest of you.”

Drew had a definite point there and the others struggled to play
catch up. Lucy and Demi kicked off their shoes as Cameron pulled her
top over her head, exposing her black bra again. She quickly reached
around back to undo it and her firm, perky breasts were exposed to
her horny audience.

“Let me help you with the rest of that Camie,” Drew offered before
placing another kiss on her sexy lover. She reached down for
Cameron’s jeans and yanked them down. She pulled the blonde’s
panties right down along with her jeans, leaving her as naked as she

“God, you two are so beautiful,” Lucy smiled happily, giddy with
anticipation over what was about to happen.

“Don’t just gawk Luce,” Cameron giggled. “Let’s see what you’ve got
under that dress baby.”

Lucy didn’t hesitate to show Cameron what she wanted by reaching
down and pulling her dress right over her head. This left her in her
underwear and Cameron didn’t know what to stare at first, the way
Lucy’s nipples looked ready to rip through the white silk of her bra
or the way her panties were soaked right through. Demi then spoke up
to provide even more of a distraction.

“Don’t forget about lil ol me,” Demi purred as she reached around
back to undo the buttons on her dress. She then pushed it off her
shoulders and let it crumple around her feet on the rug, showing
that Lucy had been correct in her earlier guess that Demi hadn’t
bothered with a bra that day.

Demi had never been shy about dropping her clothes in the past, so
all three of her friends had already seen what she had to offer.
That didn’t make them drool any less as she stood there topless in
just a black thong that showed off the fact that while Demi might
have left Hollywood, she hadn’t left her personal trainer. Her
breasts stood out proudly from her bare chest and her well sculpted
ass looked made for that thong.

“You’re fucking gorgeous,” Cameron marveled, her eyes traveling up
and down Demi’s body.

“Thanks, but you’re no slouch yourself Camie,” Demi grinned as she
gave them all something more to stare at when she lowered her thong
to expose her bare pussy, still sensitive from having been freshly
shaved that morning. Her playtime with Lucy in the ladies room had
left her lips glistening with girl honey and all three of her
co-stars were eager to get a taste of her. Of course there was still
one little matter to be taken care of first.

“Oh Luce, you’re not nearly naked enough,” Drew observed before
pushing her friend down on the bed. Lucy giggled as she bounced on
the soft mattress. Drew set herself down right beside her and kissed
her deeply again, while her hands roamed all over Lucy’s barely clad
body. Drew caressed Lucy’s small breasts through her bra, teasing
her already hard nipples with her fingers and making her moan for
more. Lucy’s panties were so soaked that they might as well have not
been there at all and Drew took care of that soon enough when she
reached down to lower the garment off her body.

“Oh Drew,” Lucy mewed sensuously. “That’s it baby. Get these damn
clothes off me and take me. Just fucking take my body now!”

Lucy loved feeling her sticky, cum coated panties being stripped
off, leaving a wet trail of lust all the way down her legs. Lucy
moaned when Drew took her panties and pushed them up to her face,
smelling her desire and tasting the cummy material.

“Mmmm I can’t wait to taste those juices right from your pussy,”
Drew said. But first she paid attention to Lucy’s tits. Lucy was
breathing pretty heavily after witnessing Drew’s face buried in her
panties and it made her breasts heave and jiggle under her white
bra. Drew pushed her face into Lucy’s breasts, kissing and massaging
them while her friend cried out her pleasure with soft, but high
gasps of need. Her nipples long to be freed and Drew finally
complied, reaching around Lucy’s back to undo her bra. Lucy
helpfully sat up to make this easier and the bra fell right off her

“Oooooooooh yessss suck on those nipples Drew,” Lucy groaned,
ecstatic that she no longer had to muzzle her own cries. “Get my
tits all nice and wet!”

Lucy wasn’t the only one moaning and Drew peered up from in between
Lucy’s flesh mounds to see Cameron was also giving a sexy treatment
to Demi. The two women stood by the side of the bed and Demi was
bent backwards slightly so Cameron could rub her tits and suck on
her nipples. Demi looked to be thoroughly enjoying the feel of
Cameron’s mouth on her breasts and her moans quickly outdid Lucy’s,
especially when Cameron began touching her slit with her fingers.

“Oooooh she’s wet,” Cameron giggled. “Hell, she’s fucking soaked.”

“That’s cause she hasn’t come yet,” Lucy explained.

“So she went down on you and you didn’t return the favor?” Drew said
with mock outrage. “I had no idea you were such a greedy bitch

“Noooooo it’s not like that,” Lucy laughed before gasping as Drew
playfully slapped her pussy. “Oooooooh yesss…mmmmm we wanted to
wait until we got up here with you guys.”

“Poor Demi…pussy so wet and needy,” Cameron giggled. “What can we
do about that?”

“You can start by sliding that hot little tongue of yours right into
my cunt,” Demi suggested before bringing Cameron’s face back against
hers for a kiss.

“Oooh you’re direct, aren’t you?” Cameron replied.

“That’s me baby,” Demi moaned as she and Cameron rubbed their hard
nipples together. “What are you going to do about it?”

“Why fuck you of course,” Cameron answered before pushing Demi right
onto the bed beside Lucy. The horny Asian greeted her sex-ed teacher
with a hot kiss as Cameron set her own naked body against Demi’s.
Cameron lavished kisses all over Demi’s face as Drew came up with an

“You know, Demi is the reason we’ve got Luce up here now,” Drew
said. “I think the three of us owe her a good time.”

Naturally Demi was very receptive to that idea, especially when she
suddenly felt three horny mouths on her naked body. Her co-stars
were all over her and Demi was instantly transported to heaven.
Taking Lucy like she had in the ladies room had left her pussy
dangerously overheated with need and Demi knew there was no way she
wouldn’t find the satisfaction she craved with her friends.

“Yesss oooooooh fuck…” Demi sighed happily as she felt three lips
and tongues on her flesh. “Ohhhhhhhhh I’ve wanted this for so long.
Gawwwwd we should have been doing this from day one.”

Drew, Cameron and Lucy knew Demi was right. It would have made a
happy set even more fun. There had been so many chances to do just
what they were doing, but no one had had the courage to set it all
in motion. Now they had to make up for lost time and the three
Angels set about giving Demi her reward for opening Lucy’s eyes.

As Drew and Lucy nursed Demi’s bare breasts, Cameron was
concentrating on her pussy. Cameron had never been with a shaved
girl and she loved how Demi’s pussy looked…all smooth and juicy
for her. Droplets of girl cream clung to the lips of her cunt,
begging to be licked up and Cameron quickly got to work. She let her
tongue drag up Demi’s slit slowly, tantalizing the actress and
eliciting a long, needy groan from her mouth.

“Mmmmm faster Camie…faster…” Demi urged. “Fuck me baby! Get that
tongue in my pussy!”

But Cameron was in no rush to hurry things along. She had wanted
Lucy, but Demi was the added bonus in all of this and Cameron wanted
to savor her taste. The flavor of her juices on her tongue sent
Cameron’s taste buds into a blissful state. Her pussy had the rich
taste of Demi’s smoky voice and Cameron loved the contrast to Drew’s
sweet tasting snatch. It was like Drew was candy and Demi was
dinner. Cameron just wanted to gobble Demi up and then have her
other two co-stars for dessert.

Drew and Lucy could feel Demi shudder and squirm under their tongues
and if Cameron was going to go slow, they were going to do just the
opposite. They got their tongues and lips all over her breasts,
licking away at every inch of her and making sure they didn’t miss a
spot. Drew and Lucy swiftly moved from Demi’s neck to her nipples to
the sides of her breasts down to her belly button. Demi appreciated
their efforts and let them know through her moans and from the
gentle way she stroked their heads with her hands.

This was Lucy’s first time doing this to another woman and her
confidence was growing with every happy moan dripping from Demi’s
mouth. Lucy felt like a fool for waiting for so long to do this. It
was like she had blinded herself to all the possibilities sex
offered and she promised to never do that again. There was too much
pleasure in this to deny herself. It felt so good to kiss Demi’s
firm, proud breasts and suck on her hard nipples, just like she
loved having done to herself.

Lucy was dealing with the disadvantage of her inexperience, though,
so it was fortunate she had Drew there to guide her. When it came to
the pleasures of sex, Drew was a most appropriate teacher. Drew had
always been so free and open to everything life had to offer and
Lucy fed off her sensual confidence and sunny eagerness to please
Demi. Drew made sure that Lucy could follow along with her. She
didn’t want to leave her co-star behind in the dust. She had so much
she wanted to show her.

Drew had always been closer to her female friends than she had to
her male friends. She had been through two husbands already and too
many boyfriends to count. Men were disposable in her
life…girlfriends weren’t and it had felt natural for her to always
show her friends how much they meant to her in a sexual way. Drew
didn’t believe in repressing herself and she wasn’t going to cut
herself off from sexual pleasure just because of outdated concepts
like “straight” and “gay.” If everyone loosened up and stopped
repressing their desires, there would be a lot less wars and a lot
more orgies and Drew knew everyone would be a lot better as a

“Watch me Luce,” Drew instructed and her eager student complied,
watching with wide-open eyes as Drew encircled Demi’s left breast
with her hand and began to flick her tongue over the already hard
nipple. Drew didn’t do it too fast, but she also did it
enthusiastically. She tickled the nipple up and down with her
tongue, making Demi coo. Lucy quickly got the idea and began doing
the same to Demi’s right breast.

“Mmmmmmm suck on those tits…yessssss you naughty girls…get those
nipples in your hot mouths,” Demi moaned as she felt pleasure soak
through her body. Eagle eyed celebrity body watchers had noticed a
slight shrinkage in Demi’s bust line after she had re-emerged from
Idaho and they were right. Demi hadn’t bothered to acknowledge the
rumors, but she had indeed taken out the breast implants that had
once given her such a statuesque physique. She hadn’t needed them
anymore to make herself feel attractive, so there was no reason to
keep them. Demi loved having her natural jiggle back and it sure
looked like Drew and Lucy didn’t mind.

For Cameron, it was such a rush to be able to peer up from Demi’s
pussy to see her friends nursing her tits. This was even better than
her fantasy. The only thing Cameron could imagine being hotter than
a threesome was a foursome and that was just what she had on her
eager hands. She just hoped this wasn’t going to be a one time
thing. Having her fantasy fulfilled wasn’t going to quench Cameron’s
lesbian desires and she wanted this to be the first of many times
they all got their sexy bodies together.

When Drew and Lucy hit a sensitive spot with their dual tonguing,
Demi cried out and bucked her hips in response, pushing her pussy
right against Cameron’s face. The blonde squealed in delight over
the taste of Demi’s juices being spread over her lips and down her
chin and it encouraged her to finally pick up the pace on her
co-star. Cameron didn’t have a ton of experience when it came to
eating pussy. The only two women she had ever gone down on were
Jennifer and Drew, but she knew what women liked and she made sure
Demi got it.

“Yesssssss lick that pussy!” Demi groaned when Cameron finally
penetrated past her slit and began licking her soaked folds. “Taste
how fucking wet I am! Lick all that hot girl juice out me Camie!
Ohhhhhh I’ve wanted to fuck you all for so long! I had no idea you’d
be into it! Yesssssssss!!!”

Demi knew her own body and she could feel how close she was already.
She had gotten so wet with Lucy that her orgasm was drawing near
thanks to Cameron, Drew and Lucy’s sexy touches. Cameron’s tongue
wasn’t too delicate in her pussy, but she made up for her lack of
finesse with an eagerness that couldn’t be faked. Demi wanted to
close her eyes and just let her body experience the pleasure of
being touched, but she couldn’t let herself do that because she
wanted to keep watching Drew and Lucy.

Now the sexy pair were sharing her right nipple. Drew was stretched
over her body to meet Lucy at the pink peak, and they licked it back
and forth, batting it around and making Demi close to delirious with
wicked shocks of pleasure shooting right up to her brain. Drew’s
positioning let her bare breasts brush against Demi’s and the dark
haired actress groaned when their hard nipples rubbed together.
Drew’s larger breasts swayed and rubbed against Demi back and forth
while she concentrated on her nipple, causing the pleasure to rise
even more.

Drew and Lucy would lick the nipple up and down, their tongues often
meeting up at the top. The two friends would flick their tongues
together, before kissing, sandwiching Demi’s achingly sensitive
nipple between their mouths. Lucy was growing even more confident
and Drew saw it. The auburn haired actress smiled at her friend’s
enthusiasm and decided it was time to experience it for herself.
Drew knew she could handle Demi. It was time for Lucy to broaden her
horizons again.

“You know Demi’s not the only one that needs attention,” Drew smiled
as she reached up to caress Lucy’s face. Lucy moaned at the soft
contact to her face. She gripped Drew’s hand in her own and brought
it to her mouth so she could kiss her palm and show her friend that
she understood. Lucy was nervous about taking this next step, but
her curiosity and arousal easily overwhelmed those nerves.

Pulling away from Demi, Lucy jumped off the bed and sauntered over
to the other side. Her route took her all the way around the end of
the bed and allowed the three other girls in the room to look at
every inch of her body. Even Cameron managed to pull herself away
from Demi’s pussy to get a look at Lucy as she walked and modeled
her nudity. Lucy could feel their heated stares on her body and it
gave her such a rush. They all wanted her and she wanted to show
them their desires were not unwarranted. She wanted them to see she
was worth their fantasies.

When she got to the other side of the bed, Drew was there waiting
for her. Or more specifically, her sexy bare ass was there waiting
for her. Lucy stared at the sexy curves of Drew’s butt as she
wiggled it in the air and enticed the dark haired beauty to not be
shy. Lucy could see how wet Drew had gotten and she felt her nerves
rise again. Could she really do this? Could she really go down on
another woman? Could she eat pussy? Lucy closed her eyes and
remembered how good it had felt to have Demi’s tongue in between her
legs and she knew the answer was yes. She wanted her friends to feel
as good as she had felt.

Lucy crawled onto the edge of the bed and placed her hands on Drew’s
giggling butt cheeks. They were shaking as Drew sucked and played
with Demi’s tits and the movement egged Lucy on. She stroked Drew’s
cheeks and leaned down to literally kiss her friend’s ass, placing
her lips on each cheek and leaving behind traces of lipstick and
saliva. Drew looked so sexy like that and this position gave Lucy an
excellent view of the two tattoos on Drew’s back. Drew had several
pieces of body art on her person and now Lucy was staring right at
the two angels that decorated Drew’s back. One angel held the name
of Drew’s mother, Jaid, and the other’s name was crossed out,
signaling the end of her relationship with former fiancée, Jaime
Walters. Lucy loved them both and didn’t hesitate to lean forward
and kiss them both.

Drew giggled and moaned from being tickled and aroused at the same
time by Lucy’s tongue. Lucy traced over the intricate designs as
best she could with her tongue and Drew certainly appreciated the
efforts. It was almost enough to get her to stop playing with Demi’s
tits, but the almost orgasmic cries of the actress kept Drew focused
on her task. Drew could hear how close Demi was and she didn’t want
to let her slip away. She wanted to push her into orgasm.

If Drew could hear how close Demi was, then Cameron could taste it.
Cameron’s tongue was swimming in Demi juice and she wanted more. She
wanted her face soaked in it. Cameron felt so delightfully slutty at
that moment…bare assed naked and eating Demi Moore out with her
two best friends at her side. Cameron didn’t want to leave this bed
until she had the juices of all of them covering her face. She
wanted to end up soaked in girl cum so she’d always remember how
sticky, slutty and happy this was making her feel.

Demi’s clit throbbed before Cameron, like a flashing red light
indicating her desperate need for orgasm. Even if Cameron had wanted
to ignore it, she wouldn’t have been able to. Demi’s need drew her
in Cameron latched right onto her clit, licking it hard with quick
tongue strokes designed for one purpose…to get Demi off.


Cameron smirked to herself as she realized for the first time, Demi
was living up the “Gimmie Moore” nickname the press had tagged her
with. It wasn’t like Cameron minded though. She was more than happy
to give Demi what she wanted, because she knew it was going to get
her what she wanted too. Cameron kept licking her clit, pushing and
wrapping around her sensitive bud with her tongue. She got more and
more of Demi’s juices until the actress could hold back no more and
gave Cameron the flood of girl cum she had craved.

“UHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSS!!!” Demi shrieked with delight as
the double stimulation of Cameron and Drew pushed her over the edge.
She bounced up and down on the bed, fucking Cameron’s face with hard
thrusts up to meet her tongue while she came. Cameron held steady
between Demi’s legs, meeting her thrusts up with tongue fucks to her
clit that drew out Demi’s pleasure.

Lucy just had to look up from Drew’s tattoos to see Demi’s face as
she came. Her face was contorted in ecstasy as her whole body shook,
her breasts bouncing up and down into Drew’s eager mouth. It was
amazing to see Demi cone. Lucy wondered if she’d looked that
beautiful when she’d come. Now she couldn’t wait to see Cameron and
Drew go through the same thing.

When Demi’s head finally fell back on the pillows at the top of the
bed, she found Drew’s lips waiting for her. Demi didn’t waste a
second before passionately kissing the granddaughter of Hollywood
royalty. Her orgasm hadn’t tired her out…far from it. Instead Demi
felt a buzzing of energy in her body. She had been thoroughly
pleased by her Angels co-stars and now she wanted to please them
right back.

“Mmmm I’m so horny for you Drew…” Demi sighed happily. “Fuck, that
felt good. Let me thank you properly.”

“You should thank Camie first,” Drew replied. “It was her tongue
after all. Besides, I’ve got an eager little girl of my own to play

Drew then turned around and grinned at Lucy. A giggle escaped her
lips and Lucy found herself blushing in expectation. She had played
around with Drew’s body art enough. She knew what Drew needed and
Lucy gathered all her courage to do it. She didn’t want to let Drew
down. She wanted to do this right.

While Lucy gathered her resolve, Demi turned her attention down
toward the end of the bed, where Cameron looked up at her, smiling
with a face delightfully painted with orgasmic release. Demi
beckoned her co-star to join her.

“Bring that sweet pussy of yours to me Camie,” Demi smiled. “Let me
show you how good you just made me feel.”

That was exactly what Cameron wanted to hear and she eagerly crawled
on the bed toward Demi. She passed right by Drew and brushed her
lips against her lover’s, giving her a hot little taste of Demi’s
girl cum. Cameron didn’t want to give her too much of it though. She
wanted to make sure there was plenty left for Demi to taste.

Demi was plenty eager to taste her own juices and she drew Cameron
right into a frenzied kiss as soon as she was close enough. It had
been awhile since Demi had tasted herself on the skin of a woman as
beautiful as Cameron and it was so hot to taste the juices she knew
had just shot out of her own pussy all over Cameron’s cover girl
face. Demi held Cameron’s face in her hands and licked her clean
like a cat. Demi’s tongue dragged up and down, licking up every drop
of juice she could get from Cameron as the horny blonde squealed in
delight. But that wasn’t all Demi was eager to do.

“Bring your pussy to me,” Demi requested. “I need to taste you
Camie. Get that pussy right on my lips.”

There was no arm twisting necessary to get Cameron to do that and
she happily pulled herself away from Demi’s kisses. She repositioned
herself so her pussy was hovering right above Demi’s lips. Cameron
set herself up so she could ride Demi’s face, reverse cowgirl style
and Demi immediately responded by pushing down on Cameron’s thighs
and smashing her dripping cunt right to her lips.

“AWWWWWWWW YEAHHHHHH!!!” Cameron shrieked from the sensations that
flowed through her body when Demi’s tongue slid right past her slit
and began feasting on the pink delights inside.

Watching Demi just reach out and grab Cameron’s pussy like that,
added fuel to Lucy’s fire. Drew’s pussy was oozing with desire and
Lucy could smell her need and feel her heat. It was time for her
first taste of pussy and as she slowly moved her face to her
friend’s sex, Drew gently urged her.

“You can do it Luce,” Drew moaned in anticipation. “I’m so wet for
you already baby. Just do to me what you know feels good. Lick my
pussy like you like being licked. It’s so easy. I know you’re going
to make me feel so so good.”

Hearing Drew’s sexy voice compliment her made what was left Lucy’s
nerves disappear. She wanted to do this and she wasn’t going to let
herself turn away. Lucy, remained on her knees and grabbed onto
Drew’s ass while she pressed her face to Drew’s soft, dripping

“Oooooh that’s it Luce…kiss it…kiss my pussy…” Drew sighed
happily as she felt Lucy’s sexy lips make first contact with her
cunt. Lucy kissed her friend’s wetness over and over again, getting
her first taste of Drew’s sweet, sugary juices and quickly realizing
she loved it. Her biggest fear was that she wouldn’t like the taste
of another woman and Lucy was so relieved to see that wasn’t the
case. Drew tasted wonderful and the length of Lucy’s kisses to her
slit grew and grew until Lucy finally took the final plunge and slid
her tongue into Drew.

“Mmmmmmmm yesssssss…now you’re getting it Luce,” Drew mewed. “You
can do it baby. Lick those juices. Work that tongue into my pussy
just like that. Mmmm taste how wet I am. Taste how good you’re
making me feel.”

While Lucy was getting her first taste of Drew and loving every
second of it, Demi and Cameron were having themselves quite a time
as well. Cameron was enjoying the hell out of Demi’s skilled,
experienced tongue piercing the walls of her pussy and sliding
inside to lick her pinkest of parts. Her positioning on the bed gave
Cameron a great chance to ride Demi’s horny face and the pleasure
was building fast in Cameron’s body.

“Ohhhhhh fuck me Demi! Fuck my pussy with that nasty tongue!!!”
Cameron cried out, her perky breasts bouncing up and down with a
frenzied jiggle. Demi knew just what she was doing and she moved
inside her with confident tongue thrusts that made Cameron giddy
with ecstasy.

“Mmmmmmmm fuck you’re tongue feels awesome in my cunt!” Cameron
exclaimed with a happy squeal when Demi hit a particularly sensitive
part of her clit. Cameron cursed and moaned and made all the sounds
that told Demi a few months of inactivity on the girl sex front
hadn’t damaged her skills any. The taste of Cameron’s pussy was well
worth the effort Demi was putting into her. Cameron’s juices were
gently spicy, like they were sprinkled with cinnamon or something.
Demi certainly didn’t question why she tasted the way she did. She
just enjoyed it. She lapped away at Cameron’s juicy snatch and felt
the appealing tickle of her dirty blonde bush rubbing against her

“Awwwwww Demi…ooooooooh baby…keep fucking meeeee…” Cameron
squealed. “Fuck me good while I ride your gorgeous face! Mmmm I want
to come all over you just like you did to meeeeee!!”

Cameron’s words then faded into an incomprehensible series of
squeals and moans as she continued to ride Demi’s face. She had
thought that Drew had drained her pussy from before, but Demi was
making her drip and fast. Cameron felt shivers of pleasure travel
straight up her spine and she never wanted them to end. Demi was
licking her so well and Cameron couldn’t believe she had never
thought to include her in the fun until now.

While Cameron’s cries were dominating the room, that didn’t make
Drew’s pleasure any less. Lucy’s tongue was shy inside her, but
still mighty hot. Drew knew that with a little more practice Lucy
would be one hell of a pussy licker. For a first timer she was
showing a ton of potential and Drew was feeling pleasure from her
head right down to her wiggling toes. Drew braced herself up on the
bed, by planting her hands down on the messed up sheets and keeping
her ass in the air so Lucy could keep at her pussy with no
interruptions. Drew’s soft breasts swayed back and forth while she
gently rocked on the bed, Lucy’s tongue driving her steadily and
surely toward orgasm.

Lucy relished the taste of Drew’s juices against her lips and
tongues. So much had changed over the last half hour and while
Lucy’s head was still spinning a little from these radical turns,
she was enjoying herself too much to question any of it. Lucy could
feel her own pussy get wet again. Her orgasm with Demi had been
totally satisfying, but Lucy was ready for more. She wanted to just
reach back and touch herself, but she didn’t dare take her hands off
Drew’s ass. She didn’t want to lessen her friend’s pleasure one bit.

The feel of Drew’s soft, sexy flesh under her hands was one of the
reasons Lucy felt herself getting wet again. She loved the way
Drew’s ass giggled for her when she fondled and caressed it while
sliding her tongue in and out of her pussy. Lucy, Drew and Cameron
had always been quick to playfully slap and grope each other’s butt,
but now that she saw her friend up so close Lucy truly saw how
beautiful Drew’s ass was. Their friendship was flying off into bold
new directions and Lucy welcomed it. It was such a huge rush for her
to be doing this to one of her best friends.

“Don’t stop Luce,” Drew moaned. “Keep pushing your tongue in me!
Mmmm I want to feel your whole pretty face against my pussy! Fuck me
Luce! Ohhhhh you’re making me feel sooooooo gooooooood!!!”

Lucy smiled happily. She wanted to make Drew feel good so badly. She
wanted to make her come nice and hard. Lucy took her new lover’s
advice and pushed her face in closer to Drew’s pussy. Her delicate
features right between Drew’s ass cheeks while she tongued her from
behind. Drew responded with a rush of happy moans as Cameron
continued to cry out wildly.

“Ooooooooooh yesssssssss lick that cum Demi!!!” Cameron shouted.
“Lick up all those hot juices you’re making me fucking drip right
onto your tongue! Mmmmmmm you’re so gooooooooood at this Demi!!! I
love your tongue! Give it to me good baby! Make me come!!!”

The weight of Cameron’s pussy against her face was most welcome to
Demi. She had her hands clamped tightly to Cameron’s world famous
ass. How many times had she stared at that ass during filming and
wished she could have done this? Demi had lost track but that didn’t
matter. What mattered was that she finally had what she wanted. She
held on tightly to Cameron’s magical ass and pushed her tongue into
her pussy like it was a cock. Demi tongue fucked Cameron over and
over again, licking her clit and exploring all of her folds, looking
for all of the blonde’s hot spots.

Cameron was a very vocal lover and Demi loved it. She didn’t like
lovers who just stood there and made her do everything. Cameron was
practically hooting and hollering as she rode her face. Demi half
expected Cameron to slap on a cowboy hat and scream out “YEEEEEEE
HA!!!” while she rode her face and that made it even better. Demi
liked knowing Cameron was enjoying her tongue inside her. She liked
knowing that it was driving Cameron wild. It just made her want to
tongue fuck her harder.

From her vantage point, Cameron had an excellent view of everything
that was going on below her. She had chosen to ride Demi’s tongue
reverse cowgirl so she could keep an eye on Drew and Lucy and it the
sight was well worth it. The pleasure Cameron felt from Demi’s
tongue was amplified by being able to look down and see Lucy’s face
buried in Drew from behind. The looks of open mouthed ecstasy on
Drew’s face showed Cameron just how good a job their friend was
doing and Cameron again thanked whatever higher power had gotten
together to make all this possible.

Leaning herself down, Cameron pressed her lips to Drew’s and shared
a hot kiss as they both felt the intense pleasure of their
respective tonguings. Drew sucked on Cameron’s probing tongue and
strained her body to the side so the blonde could get at her shaking
tits. Cameron immediately took advantage of the opportunity and
captured her friend’s breasts in her hands. Cameron had always loved
Drew’s tits. They were so soft and bouncy and plenty of fun to play
with. Drew was a healthy C cup now and this was after she had
undergone breast reduction surgery years before. Cameron could only
imagine how good those babies had looked back then.

Drew moaned right into Cameron’s mouth as Lucy started to really
give it to her clit. She could feel Lucy’s tonguing technique get
more confident and aggressive inside her pussy and Drew felt the
surge of pleasure that went along with it. Lucy was certainly a
quick study and Drew was reaping all the benefits.

“Ohhhhhhhh Luce…that’s it baby…just like that…” Drew groaned
after breaking away from Cameron and leaving strands of saliva
dangling from their chins. “Mmmm suck on that clit baby. You’re
going to make me come Luce! Don’t stop doing that! Mmmm that’s how
you work a pussy baby. Ohhhhhhh Luce you’re doing so well!”

Lucy had been trying to emulate exactly what Demi had done to her
and she was duplicating her technique of saving the clit for last.
As she sucked and licked Drew’s clitoris, Lucy thought back to all
the boyfriends who had said to her they hadn’t been able to find her
clitoris after unsatisfying lovemaking attempts. They must have been
either blind, stupid or both, because Lucy had had no trouble
finding Drew’s clitoris and now that she had it, she did exactly
what Drew wanted, pushing her friend even closer to her orgasm.

Demi’s skilled tongue had Cameron slightly ahead of Drew and Lucy’s
pace and the blonde was more than ready to come. Demi was driving
her absolutely wild with pleasure and Cameron rode her face harder.
That only got Demi’s tongue moving faster and it wasn’t long before
Cameron found herself sitting up straight, grinding Demi’s face and
pinching her own hard nipples as she sat on the edge of sexual

“OHHHHHHH JUST A LITTLE MORE BABYYYY!!!” Cameron wailed in need.

That was type of request no sane girl could deny and Demi tongue
fucked Cameron hard, sliding her pink tongue into Cameron’s
overheated pussy, swiping over her super sensitive clit over and
over again as she moved in and out. Each push in would result in the
coating of Demi’s tongue with girl juice and each pull out would end
with Demi drinking it all down her throat. Demi repeated this over
and over again, until Cameron could take no more and came with a
rush against her face.

“WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAA!!!” Cameron gasped, all the breath rushing out of
her body as she gasped in ecstasy. Demi’s tongue didn’t let up a
bit. She fucked Cameron’s pussy just as hard and lapped away like a
happy little slut as Cameron came all over her skin.

“FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!” Cameron screamed over and over again,
bouncing up and down on Demi’s face and treating her to all the hot
cream she could ever wish for. Cameron grunted and sweated, beads of
it dripping down her bare back and down her front as her head spun
and her body floated in rapture. Her pussy clamped down tightly on
Demi’s tongue and only when Cameron had finally had enough did she
let the woman go.

“Ooooooooooohhhhh…” Cameron sighed dreamily as she fell back to
the bed, providing Demi with some badly needed oxygen. Cameron
giggled and relished her afterglow, but Demi was hungry for more.
Her lips and chin were covered with Cameron’s cum as she struggled
to catch her breath. She had so much energy bubbling up in her body
and she suddenly saw a perfect way to use it.

Hearing Cameron come was a huge turn on to both Drew and Lucy. All
Lucy wanted right now was for Drew to go through the same thing. Her
own pussy was beginning to leak hot juice down her legs, but Lucy
ignored it for now. She concentrated on sucking on Drew’s clit while
still making sure she indulged in the wicked feeling she got from
feeling girl juice drip from her own snatch and trickle down the
back of her legs and toward her thighs.

Lucy pursed her lips and sucked hard on Drew’s pleasure bud when she
suddenly gasped and let out a moan of ecstasy, her eyes rolling back
into her head. Drew groaned and pouted when she felt Lucy stop, but
her face turned into a smile when she craned her neck and saw what
had distracted her friend.

Demi was standing behind Lucy, hovering over the bed and leaning
down to finger fuck her pussy. Lucy was in heaven from the feel of
Demi’s fingers in her cunt, teasing her clit and pushing deep inside
of her. She almost forgot about Drew, but the auburn beauty wasn’t
about to let that happen.

“Please don’t fucking stop Luce! I need you now baby!” Drew begged.
“Please fuck me! I’m so close Lucy! I need to feel you lick me!
Ohhhhh please Luce!!!”

Hearing Drew beg her snapped Lucy back to it and she pushed her face
into her friend again. She went straight for her clit and sucked on
it hard, trying to get Drew off even as Demi got her all kinds of
hot with her fingers.

“Mmmm such a nice tight little pussy!” Demi moaned while she finger
fucked Lucy’s wet cunt. “Ohh you were nice and tight for my tongue
but mmmm now you’re even tighter for my fingers! You’re so fucking
hot Lucy! I can see why they wanted you so fucking bad!”

Lucy groaned and cried out in response, but her cries were again
muffled. This time it was by Drew’s pussy and Lucy knew that was
much preferable to her hands. She moaned right into the soft, tender
folds of Drew’s pink pussy and felt her pleasure build up like a
snowball rolling down a mountain. It started off small and it was a
boulder by the time it reached the end. Demi’s fingers felt
unbelievable inside her pussy.

“Mmmm please…soooooo close…” Drew continued to beg. “Ohhhhh
Lucyyyyyy!!! Eat my pussy!!!”

Drew’s clit pulsed against her lips and tongue and Lucy once again
opened her mouth wide for it. She clamped her lips down on Drew’s
clit and sucked on her friend hard. This was just what Drew needed
and Lucy got a faceful of girl cum for her work.

shrieked. She pounded on the bed, her hands hitting the mattress
repeatedly as she came. As Drew’s orgasmic cries hit a fever pitch,
Cameron pulled herself out of her stupor and silenced Drew with a
passionate kiss. Cameron sucked Drew’s cries right out of her and
took them into her own mouth, drinking Drew’s squeals of pleasure in
like they were cool water. Drew fell into the kiss as tears formed
at her eyes from her orgasm. She felt so totally connected to her
friends right then. Lucy at her pussy and Cameron at her lips. It
was like they were one in sexual nirvana and Drew was riding a
serious wave of bliss.

“Mmmm look at them Luce…look at them kiss…look at how bad they
fucking want each other,” Demi said, continuing to pump her fingers
into Lucy while the actress giddily lapped up Drew’s cream from her
pussy. “They want you too baby. Mmmmm imagine Drew and Camie kissing
you like that. They’re going to kiss all over your body…every
inch…all you have to do is come for me now Luce. Can you do that
baby? Can you come all over my fingers?”

Lucy eagerly nodded her head and cried out in sharp gasps of rapture
when she finally pulled away from Drew. Now Lucy’s face was just as
sticky as Demi’s and suddenly the Asian beauty found Cameron and
Drew licking her with their tongues. She gasped happily and moaned
for more as her two sexy friends licked Drew’s girl cum off her
face. Lucy couldn’t decide what she liked more. The feeling of
Demi’s fingers in her pussy or the tongues on her face, licking her
clean. Lucy put her hands down on the bed to brace herself as she
rocked back and forth. She was getting closer with every thrust of
Demi’s fingers into her snatch and Lucy’s cries got longer and

“Yesssss that’s it…come for me baby…come all over these fingers
while I fuck your tight little cunt…” Demi grinned, her voice so
commanding, but playful at the same time. “Mmmm I can feel how
fucking close you are. Just like last time Luce…don’t hold back.
Give me what I want! Soak my fingers like you soaked my face!!!”

The tongues on her face and the two fingers inside her pussy was
just total ecstasy to Lucy and when Demi wickedly went and added a
third finger to her pussy, Lucy nearly blacked out. She kept herself
conscious through sheer force of will, though, and came with a rush.

she found herself in a three way kiss with Drew and Cameron. Lucy’s
orgasm was slightly less intense than her first one, but that didn’t
make it any less pleasurable. She had been brought to orgasm twice
in an hour by Demi Moore and Lucy got off so hard on that fact. She
screamed and creamed with her friends surrounding her, egging her
orgasm on with their tongues, lips and fingers. There was so much
lust in the room and Lucy felt the same thing Drew had just
experienced. She had never felt closer to her friends than she did
at that very moment, riding the waves of her orgasm.

After she had mewed her last cry, Lucy fell back exhausted onto the
ruined sheets. She was quickly joined by her three co-stars and they
tangled themselves up in a heap of girl limbs. Kisses and caresses
were eagerly exchanged with no one particularly knowing or caring as
to whom was touching whom. Lucy felt like she was in heaven and she
smiled happily as she found herself starting to drift off. But
before she could slip away completely to dreamland, Lucy found Drew
shaking her awake.

“Hey no sleeping on the job,” Drew laughed. “There’s a lot more fun
today. You don’t get to escape that easily.”

Lucy then found her lips covered by Drew’s as Demi and Cameron
leaned over them to press their own lips together. It certainly
looked as though plans for “Charlie’s Angels 3” were coming together
very nicely indeed.

* * * * *

As the plane flew through the air, Waldo, Franklin and Delbert found
themselves in a very familiar position, sitting across from Frank
Blevens and David Terrance, waiting for their briefing.

“So you plan on telling us where we’re going anytime soon or are you
just going to surprise us when we get there?” Waldo asked. They had
been in the high speed military plane for several hours without any
word about what their destination would be.

“Well I hope you boys like cigars and human rights violations
because you three are on your way to Cuba,” Frank replied with a
smirk. The helicopter had taken the boys and their bags out of
Malibu and to a private military air strip in Bakersfield. Frank and
David had boarded the plane at that time before it had taken off and
now it seemed they were all headed toward Communism’s dying gasp.

“Cuba? Isn’t that old hat for you guys?” Franklin laughed. “Didn’t
you all stop trying to kill Castro like 40 years ago?”

“The CIA never misses a target,” Frank replied. “Sometimes it just
takes a little while longer than we intend it to.”

“But this is not about Castro,” David was quick to add. “It’s about
this man.”

David then withdrew a file folder and pulled out several black and
white surveillance photos of a man in his late 20’s. They didn’t
have to tell the boys that he was a scientist of some type. He had
the look of someone who had spent a few too many hours in a lab. He
had glasses in the photos and the type of wild, unkempt hair that
seemed to only grow on the very brilliant or the very strange.

“His name is Dr. Marcus Barker and he is a traitor to this country,”
Frank explained. “He was the lead scientist on a CIA project code
named the MAW device along with Dr. Raymond Hall. Last week we lost
touch with him and later discovered their handler agent dead and
Hall wounded. According to Hall, Barker killed the agent, took the
MAW device with him with all the relevant data and fled the country.
We discovered that he has fled to Cuba where he is awaiting a buyer
for the device and the data. He has scheduled a sale for this
evening and we must make sure that never happens. This project is
absolutely vital to national security.”

“What does this thing do?” Waldo asked.

“That information is available on need to know basis only,” Frank
answered. “You don’t need to know that. All you need to do is get it
back by any means necessary.”

“We won’t kill anyone,” Delbert declared.

“You will do whatever you have to do to make sure this mission is
successful!” Frank shot back. “Need I remind you three what is at
stake here? Unless you want your girlfriends on the cover of the
Enquirer then you will do this and you will do it well.”

“Your mission is to go in and stop the sale from taking place,”
David elaborated. “Then you will extract the device and the data
using deadly force when appropriate. The plane will remain at the
secure location until 18 hundred hours.”

“Is that 18 hundred hours eastern standard time or are we still
working on L.A. time?” Delbert asked as he tinkered with his watch
and got glares from Frank and David.

“If you haven’t returned by 18 hundred hours the plane will lift off
without you,” Frank added. “So get this done and get this done
quick. Here is a dossier of everything you need to go. Go and get it

That was about all that needed to be said, so the rest of the plane
ride was in relative silence. This was work that Waldo, Delbert and
Franklin had grown accustomed too since they had been plucked out of
Chicago and recruited as part of Project Homework, but it didn’t
mean they had to like it. If the girls’ secret wasn’t at stake then
they never would have done this. But it was and suddenly the boys
found themselves having to put their lives at risk for the MAW
device whatever the hell that was.

“We’re approaching Cuban air space,” Frank said. “Damn these things
are fast. I love it. Half the time it used to take to fly
cross-country. Isn’t it beautiful?”

“Yeah, brings tears to my eyes,” Waldo replied. The plane was flying
low to avoid radar detection, but it was filled with so much stealth
technology that it probably could have passed by the entire Cuban
army without so much of a raised eyebrow. When the secure location
was found by the pilot the plane touched down and Waldo, Franklin
and Delbert exited.

“Remember…18 hundred hours and no failure boys,” Frank stated.
“Your country is depending on you.”

The boys began walking away when all of a sudden, David called out
to them.

“Hey you forgot this bag…” David shouted as he tossed it out of
the plane. It hit the ground with a loud thump and what the boys
immediately recognized as an “OUCH!”

“We weren’t planning on taking that bag,” Franklin whispered to
Waldo. “I don’t remember setting it out for them.”

“You don’t think…” Waldo began and he hadn’t even finished the
thought before he and Franklin grabbed the bag and began dragging it
away from the plane. It was heavier than any of their equipment,
which meant it could only be carrying one thing.

When they were safely out of view from the plane, Waldo zipped open
the bag and to no one’s surprise Jamie Lynn Spears popped out of it.

“Gee thanks for letting me out of there guys,” Jamie Lynn grumbled.
“Not like I needed anything like oxygen or anything. I could have
suffocated in there and it would have been alllllll your fault.
Britney totally would have been pissed at you guys.”


“Geez…say it don’t spray it four eyes,” Jaime Lynn replied. “I
told you guys I wanted to come along and you wouldn’t let me. I
always get what I want so I hid in your big bag. It was sooooooooo
easy. You guys had no idea I was there the whole time.”

“I can’t believe this,” Waldo said as he rubbed his forehead in
frustration. “Jamie, you have to find a place to hide so we can come
get you before the plane leaves.”

“Nah uhh…” Jaime Lynn replied with a firm headshake “no.” “There’s
no way I’m not coming. This is like totally awesome. Doing spy
stuff. Where are we spying? What do we get to do? Do I get to have a

“No you most certainly do not get to have a gun,” Franklin replied
testily. “Do you even have any idea where you are?”

“I dunno…but it’s hot and kinda smelly,” Jamie Lynn said as she
took in her surroundings. “It’s just like Arkansas.”

“It’s not at all like Arkansas,” Delbert replied as he reached into
his pocket for some food for the goat that had wandered up to them.
“Hey look guys. I made a friend. I shall call him Monty. Monty the

“That’s great Del,” Waldo sighed. “But what are we going to do about

“We’ll have to leave her here,” Franklin stated.

“No way!” Jamie Lynn shouted. “You can’t leave me here! I’ll totally

That was the last thing they needed. Covert agents working with the
CIA did not work best when they had screaming tweens with them.

“Then you’re going to have to come with us,” Waldo said. “But you
have to do whatever we say. This is dangerous stuff here, so just
stay out of our way and try not to get hurt.”

“Gotcha,” Britney’s little sister smiled. “Agent Jamie Lynn Spears
reporting for duty. All systems go.”

With the extra member of their party now locked and loaded, the boys
began walking toward their destination. They still had a mission to

* * * * *

As the hot Los Angeles sun beat down on their bodies, Kirsten looked
over to steal a glance at Mila. They were lying by the pool and
baking their skin in the all-natural way. No tanning beds for them.
They were going to bronze their bodies the way they were meant to.
Of course that was what Kirsten had told Mila. Really, Kirsten had
been looking for any angle to get at her friend and getting her in a
bikini by the pool seemed like as good an idea as any.

Mila was stretched out on a beach chair by the pool, listening to
music and happily sunning herself while remaining totally oblivious
to Kirsten’s true intentions. Kirsten had been nervous the whole way
that Mila would become suspicious before she made her move, but she
hadn’t. Even when Kirsten had called her up earlier that day and
suggested she bring a bathing suit, Mila had just taken it as an
invitation to get some sun and nothing more. Mila was either too
trusting or she was getting too paranoid, Kirsten thought to

If only she knew what she was doing to me, Kirsten said silently as
she watched Mila lie there in her pink and white floral pattern
bikini with her sunglasses on and her Walkman headphones plugged
into her ears. It wasn’t too revealing or anything, but Kirsten knew
how easy it would be to just reach over and pop open Mila’s top, to
expose her firm little breasts and begin touching her in all the
ways she knew girls loved being touched. Kirsten’s imagination was
running about 100 miles a minute and Mila just lay there, having no
clue how wet she was making her pussy.

Kirsten was starting to get a little antsy about this. She felt like
she had to make a move soon or just forget about the whole thing.
She also felt pressure because she knew Eliza was watching. She
didn’t want to let her girlfriend down. She wanted to show Eliza
that her little Kiki could be naughty and seductive and put on a
nasty show for her. She wanted to show Eliza that she could seduce
Mila and make her crave a woman’s touch.

She had had a few slight openings to try something after Mila had
arrived and they had gone out poolside, but she hadn’t gone for
them. Kirsten had assumed that the perfect chance would have be when
they changed into their suits, but Mila had gone into the bathroom
to change, denying Kirsten a chance to see her friend in the buff.
Now Kirsten was starting to think that she’d never have a chance.

But then suddenly inspiration happened and Kirsten had an idea. It
was a stretch and she wondered if Mila would see right through it,
but Kirsten felt that if she was confident and didn’t back down,
then she would be able to talk Mila into some fun. Gathering all her
courage, Kirsten signaled to Mila to take her headphones off.

“Hey Mila…ummm I really don’t want…you know…any tan lines or
anything…ummm do you mind if I take off my top?” Kirsten asked,
trying to not be too blatantly obvious but also trying not to act
like a stammering idiot. It was a fine line to travel.

“Sure…it’s your house after all…” Mila smiled, adopting a
relaxed attitude. Mila had always believed that people should be
able to do what they wanted as long as they weren’t hurting anyone.
She certainly had no problems if Kirsten wanted to go topless.

Kirsten reached around back and undid the catch for her striped red,
pink and gray bikini. Her jiggling breasts quickly spilled out, but
Kirsten was disappointed to see that Mila barely took notice. She
had put her headphones back in her ears and her eyes remained hidden
behind her sunglasses. Kirsten Dunst dropping her top would have
sent just about her entire legion of fans into cardiac arrest, but
unfortunately it didn’t faze the one person Kirsten wanted to faze.

After squirting out some suntan lotion in her hands and rubbing it
on her own chest, Kirsten decided to try for plan B. She once again
signaled for her friend to take her headphones off.

“You know Mila…maybe you should do this too,” Kirsten suggested,
hoping her voice didn’t betray her nerves. “I mean you have such
fair skin that you’re definitely going to show lines.”

“It’s ok…I don’t mind,” Mila replied and Kirsten quickly rushed to
counter her.

“It’s a lot sexier to not have them on your body,” Kirsten said,
biting her lip just a little bit. She was sitting there topless,
with her hands on her breasts and hoping to find a way to talk her
friend out of her suit. “I mean I’m sure Macaulay would like to see
you without any lines…”

Mila blushed a little when Kirsten mentioned her boyfriend, Macaulay
Culkin. She supposed she was right though. Mila was usually too busy
working and never really had time to get all tanned. She bet her
body would look better with an all around tan on it. It probably
wouldn’t look too good to be bronze everywhere and pale where her
boyfriend most wanted to see.

“Hmmmm I guess you’re right…not like there’s any photographers
spying on us or anything. I guess we’re safe” Mila replied with a
smile as she reached around back to undo her top.

She pulled it off and Kirsten desperately tried not to stare as she
got her first look at the nubile 19-year-old’s firm breasts. Mila
had been on television for so many years and sometimes it was easy
to forget how young she was. It was the same way for Kirsten. She
had just turned 21, but many people had always assumed she was older
because they had been seeing her in movies for 10 years.

Kirsten couldn’t help but steal a few glances at Mila’s pale, pink
globes. She wanted her more than ever. Now that she had her friend
topless, Kirsten knew she had to move fast or she’d lose her window
of opportunity. I just hope you’re watching me Eliza, Kirsten said
to herself before opening her mouth.

“Hey Mila, want me to rub some lotion on you?” Kirsten inquired as
she tried to keep her breathing measured. “I mean after I talked you
into this, I’d hate to see you get sunburn.”

“Ummmm sure…” Mila replied, a little surprised at the offer. She
could just have easily put the lotion on her chest herself, but
Kirsten was offering, so why turn her down? After all, Kirsten had
already put lotion on her back, this was just another side.

Kirsten had to try and keep herself from trembling as she moved next
to Mila on her chair and squirted some lotion on her hands. Since
Mila wasn’t backing away or anything, Kirsten figured she was doing
a good job of putting on a cool and calm exterior. Everything was
going right so far, but Kirsten knew this was the key point. This
either worked or it didn’t. She gathered up all her confidence,
remembering how good it had felt to take Natalie in the back of that
limo and thinking back to all the times Eliza had told her she could
do this.

After psyching herself up, the young blonde reached over and began
rubbing the lotion on Mila. It was tempting to go for her breasts
first, but Kirsten held off on going for pay dirt right away. She
didn’t want to scare Mila off. Instead she rubbed the creamy lotion
on Mila’s stomach, getting her whole tummy covered before moving
upward. Kirsten reached up and slowly took Mila’s breasts in her
hands, rubbing them and making sure that they were covered in

Mila’s eyes flew open when she felt Kirsten’s touch on her breasts.
Her hands were so soft and gentle. She had been expecting Kirsten to
just slather the lotion on her body, but it was like she was getting
a sensual massage instead. Mila had to fight back an involuntary
moan. She didn’t want to say anything to Kirsten because she didn’t
want her host to think she thought she was hitting on her or
something. Kirsten wouldn’t be doing that…would she? Nahhh. No

“So Mila…how’s Macaulay?” Kirsten asked as she continued to rub
the lotion on. It felt so good to play with Mila’s soft, young
breasts and she didn’t think she’d be able to stop herself even if
Mila reached over and began slapping her hands away.

“Ummmm he’s fine…we’re fine…” Mila said, starting to feel a
little weird about this. It seemed like Kirsten’s hands had been on
her breasts for way longer than they should have. She was beginning
to think this was getting a little lesbian. But that couldn’t be
true. Not Kirsten.

“How’s…uhhh…how’s your love life?” Mila asked, trying to get her
mind thinking about anything other than the feeling of Kirsten’s
hands on her breasts. This was starting to feel really good and Mila
knew that was really bad. This was getting too weird and part of her
wished Kirsten would stop doing what she was doing and the other
hoped Kirsten would just keep gently massaging her breasts. It was
like this was turning into something more than Kirsten just putting
lotion on her boobs, but Mila just couldn’t find the ability to tell
her blonde friend to stop.

“You have a…mmmmm…ohhh…a boyfriend these days?” Mila asked,
not succeeding too well in her efforts to keep from moaning.
“I…ohhhhh…don’t see…mmmm…see you with many guys lately.”

This was it. Kirsten knew it was time to strike. She had to lay all
her cards on the table.

“No…I don’t have a boyfriend these days,” Kirsten began. She was
still nervous, but was growing more and more confident that Mila was
about to become hers.

“Ohhhhh…” Mila replied, the word being way more drawn out than she
wanted it to be. This felt so good, but Mila knew it couldn’t be
what she thought it was. Mila just couldn’t believe that Kirsten
would be into this. But then Kirsten proceeded to blow all her
assumptions away.

“I have a girlfriend,” Kirsten said before going for broke and
pressing her lips to Mila’s.

The word “shock” could not even come close to describing Mila’s
reaction when she felt Kirsten kiss her. She completely stunned…so
much in fact that she couldn’t move. Even with Kirsten feeling up
her chest, this had been the last thing she expected. Now she had
her friend’s hands on her tits and her lips up against hers and no
idea what to do. Several seconds of closed mouth kissing passed by
before Mila finally found her will to resist and pushed Kirsten off.

“Stop! Stop! What are you doing?” Mila gasped. “Kirsten? What’s
wrong with you?”

“I’m just trying to make you feel good Mila,” Kirsten said, taking
her finger and tracing it up Mila’s bare chest, right to her hard
nipple. “Don’t you like feeling good?”

“Are you high or something?” Mila demanded. She wasn’t really
angry…just completely turned around and tossed around in the head
by all of this. “I mean I’m not gay. Are you? Are you a lesbian or
something Kirsten?”

“Just relax Mila,” Kirsten said before kissing her friend once
again. She was so gentle in her kiss, brushing her lips against
Mila’s and slowly opening up her mouth while she caressed the dark
haired girl’s fine features, rubbing her hand up and down her cheek.
Mila found she couldn’t help but respond. She had always loved
kissing and she had never been kissed like this before. This was the
first time she had ever felt a girls’ lips against hers and it was
so hard to resist. It was so wicked and forbidden, but so tender and
loving at the same time. Mila even felt a moan forming in her body
before she snapped back to her senses and pushed Kirsten away again.

“No! No! Don’t do this!” Mila said. “I’m not into girls Kirsten!
Stop kissing me! I don’t want to do this!”

Kirsten didn’t want to force Mila into this, but she also didn’t
want to just take no for an answer. She remembered how Eliza had
taken her that first time and she decided to try and recreate some
of that sexy magic.

“It’s so wonderful Mila…” Kirsten cooed as she once again stated
caressing her young face. “You’ve never felt anything like this
before in your life, believe me. Let me show you how good it can be
baby. I’m totally into girls now Mila and I’ve never been happier. I
want you to feel good too. That’s why I invited you here. I wanted
to show you how hot a woman’s touch can be.”

“Oh my God…” Mila said in a whisper. She had been set up! She had
thought this was some kind of impulse thing Kirsten was following,
but now she knew Kirsten had been planning it from the beginning.
This was too fucking freaky. Mila knew she should get out of here.
She should run to her car and get out of here, without even wasting
time pulling her top back up. But she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t
get her feet to move or her legs to stand up.

“I didn’t know till recently,” Kirsten continued, still caressing
Mila’s face and moving in for soft kisses on her lips every few
words. Mila wasn’t responding to her kisses, but at least she wasn’t
pushing her away anymore. “I had no idea how hot and sexy women
could be. But then I got seduced, just like you Mila. We were on the
beach and she just slid her hand into my bikini and touched me.
Mmmmmmmm Mila she just pushed her fingers right into my pussy and
finger fucked me until I came. I had never done anything like that
before and it was so intense and then it just got better and

“I can’t do this…” Mila whispered. “I’m not gay.”

“It’s not about being gay…it’s about feeling good,” Kirsten
pointed out before kissing Mila’s soft lips again and finding even
less resistance than before. “It’s about all the things I can do to
you to make you come.”

Mila felt a shiver run through her body at Kirsten’s sexy words. She
had never been an overly sexual girl. She was just 19 and Mac was
really her first serious relationship. She wasn’t a virgin or a nun
or anything, but she wasn’t going around trying every sexual
position out there or anything. She had never really even thought
about being with a girl before, but then again she had also never
been in a position like this either.

“You don’t have to do anything at all Mila,” Kirsten promised. “You
just have to lie back and let me do all the work. I can make you
feel so good and make your pussy so wet. You want that, don’t you?
You want to feel good, don’t you?”

“Please don’t do this,” Mila whimpered, not sure if she was talking
to Kirsten or herself. She knew she wasn’t putting up much of a
fight at all, but that was because she honestly didn’t know what to
do. She knew she should be running away and she should be making
Kirsten stop this, but she didn’t feel deep down that she really
wanted it to stop. It had felt so good to be kissed by Kirsten…so
different and so arousing.

Mila could feel her pussy stirring as she looked down at Kirsten’s
face, so beautiful and so filled with a desire to please her. Mila
also couldn’t help but look down at Kirsten’s bare breasts. They
were bigger then her own, but they weren’t huge or anything. They
were the perfect size for Kirsten’s body and Mila found her mind
wandering. What would it feel like for Kirsten to touch her like a
lover? What would it feel like for her to return the favor and touch
Kirsten’s breasts and then pull down her bottoms to play with what
she found underneath. Mila knew that it was curiosity that killed
the cat, but she also couldn’t stop the feelings inside her that
were compelling her to see where all of this led.

“I know you’re nervous Mila,” Kirsten said. “I’m nervous too. Ummm
I’ve never really done this before. But I want you. I can make you
feel good. I can do things to you that no man ever could.”

“I…I just don’t know about this…” Mila said, her body shivering
a little as she reflexively covered her bare breasts with her hands.
She suddenly felt as naked as she almost was. This wasn’t at all
what she had expected. But she just couldn’t find the words to make
Kirsten stop.

“It’s going to feel good…I promise,” Kirsten swore as she
repositioned herself. The blonde got up onto the chair and straddled
Mila’s slim body and pulled away the girl’s hands from her chest.
“Just lie back and let Kiki touch you.”

Kirsten then leaned down and kissed Mila again. While she did this
her hand snaked down toward Mila’s bottoms. The native Russian
instantly knew where Kirsten was headed and she tensed up in
response. But Kirsten relaxed her with another kiss. The part of
Mila that wanted to see what happened. The part that was more
nervous and excited about this than the first time she had made love
to a boy was overpowering the part that still held reservations. Her
heart was dry, but she could feel her pussy get wet and Mila
suddenly found herself kissing back. It just felt like the natural
thing to do. She began kissing Kirsten’s sweet lips and relaxing her
body for Kirsten to touch her.

Even though to Mila’s eyes, Kirsten looked totally in control,
inside she was probably even more nervous than Mila was. She had
totally thrown whatever plans she had out the window and was going
on pure instinct. All she knew was that she would have given
anything to keep Mila from bolting from that chair. Mila looked so
beautiful, lying down topless for her as she squirmed slightly on
the chair. Kirsten’s heart was pounding in her chest and her stomach
was doing a gymnastics routine that would have impressed even the
Romanian judges. She was giddy with nerves and excitement. Kirsten
could see Mila relenting, but she didn’t want to go too fast. She
didn’t want to overwhelm her. But she also couldn’t just kiss her
forever. There was so much she wanted to do.

“Just relax,” Kirsten repeated to Mila and also to herself. She
moved her hand down Mila’s stomach and continued toward her bottoms.
She took a deep breath and pushed them under the waistband of her
bikini and was delighted with what she found.

“Ooooh you’re wet,” Kirsten squealed. “You do want this Mila!”

“I…I…I…I don’t know…” Mila stammered.
“Ummm…gawwwwwd…just make it good Kirsten…ok?”

“I promise,” Kirsten said before sealing her words with a kiss. This
time Mila kissed back without hesitation. The war in her body was
over for the moment. She wanted this. Kirsten and Mila kissed, the
heat between them rising, and when Kirsten’s tongue slid into Mila’s
mouth she accepted it with no questions asked.

Mila moaned openly now. This was getting too good to even think
about stopping. Kirsten’s touch against her pussy was teasing in the
best way. It made Mila want more. She looked down to see the outline
of Kirsten’s small hand under her bottoms and Mila sucked her own
bottom lip in from the pleasure. And when Kirsten broke the kiss to
lean down and suck on her breasts, Mila’s moans turned to sharp
gasps and happy cries.

“Ooooooh Kirsten…oooh what are you doing to me?” Mila asked. This
wasn’t how she usually acted. But Kirsten was unlocking a hidden

“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” Mila said as her breathing sped up.
Her chest bounced up and down with each sharp breath and it made her
bare tits jiggle.

Nothing was going to make Kirsten stop and she let Mila know that by
licking her nipple and sucking it between her lips. She nursed
Mila’s right tit and felt the nipple swell between her lips. Kirsten
knew Eliza was watching her. She wanted to make this show hot for
her. She wanted Eliza to get so wet she had to touch herself as she
watched as her naughty little Kiki made Mila all hot and slutty.

Kirsten felt her palm continue to get nice and slick from Mila’s
juices. She loved how her friend’s hot essence was coating her skin.
Kirsten had just been teasing Mila’s pussy before, making sure she
knew how good it could be. Now she got serious and slid a finger
into her tight little cunt.

“OHHHHHHHHMYYYYYYYGAWWWWWDDDD!!!” Mila squealed when she felt the
invading digit. It was like she was masturbating…except it was
totally better with another hand inside her. The sex she had had
with guys had been good…but it had also been pretty vanilla. There
was nothing plain about this. It was absolutely wicked and Mila
shivered from the pleasure shooting up her spine. Not even her own
finger was as good as it felt to have Kirsten inside her.

“You like baby?” Kirsten asked. “You like feeling my finger in your
pussy? You don’t want me to stop anymore, do you?”

“Oh noooo…” Mila replied, her voice full of tingling excitement as
she lay there, topless in her sunglasses while Kirsten absolutely
ravished her pussy. “Don’t stop! Do anything you fucking want…just
don’t stop! I love it Kirsten! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy good!”

The words flew out of Mila’s mouth and she didn’t know where they
were coming from. She just knew she liked saying them. Kirsten was
so sexy and fearless and Mila felt like she could be the same way.
She felt like she could do anything and have anything done to her.
Mila felt like she’d been holding back her entire life until now and
she just couldn’t do it anymore. She had to be wild.

“More Kirsten more!” Mila implored. “I want this! Ohhhhhhh forget
what I said before…mmmmmm just give me more. Finger my pussy!
Ooooooh its soooooo goood! Gonna come soon!”

Kirsten was happy to give Mila more and she slid a second finger
into her pussy. She wasn’t shy about pushing her fingers into Mila,
but she also didn’t forget to be gentle. She wanted to make Mila’s
first time as good as hers had been alone on that beach with Eliza.

Mila’s pussy was getting so wet that Kirsten was able to penetrate
her with no trouble. She slid in and out of Mila’s tight, pink
snatch, her fingers coated with the juices she longed to taste. Mila
continued to moan and Kirsten smothered her cries by pulling away
from her breasts and covering her mouth with a sizzling kiss. The
more aroused Mila got, the more aggressive Kirsten became. She used
her free hand to cradle the back of Mila’s neck and pull her up
closer to her lips. Mila didn’t resist a bit when Kirsten’s tongue
went back into her mouth, massaging right down to her tonsils. In
fact, at the first chance she got, Mila pushed her own tongue into
Kirsten’s mouth.

Now it was Kirsten’s turn to moan. She rewarded Mila’s exuberance by
pushing a third finger into her overheating pussy. Mila’s cunt lips
clamped tightly around Kirsten’s fingers and she cried right into
her new lover’s mouth. This was a whole new intensity for Mila and
she felt pleasure right down to the last strand of her black hair.
Her bottoms were soaked with desire, the fabric clinging to her skin
as Kirsten’s hand continued to move back and forth under them.

“Mmmmm I knew you were going to love this,” Kirsten moaned into a
gasping Mila’s ear. “I can feel your pussy tremble Mila. I can feel
how bad you need me to make you come. You’re so nice and wet for me
Mila. I love how wet you are. It feels so good and mmmmmm it tastes
even better, I’ll bet.”

Kirsten then withdrew her hand from Mila’s drenched bottoms and
brought them up to her lips. Mila groaned, not wanting Kirsten to
stop, but she was powerless to say anything else. She just watched,
completely entranced, as Kirsten began to slowly lick her fingers.
Suddenly Kirsten paused, like a great idea had occurred to her, and
pushed her hand toward Mila’s mouth.

“Lick them,” Kirsten commanded. “Taste your hot juices. Taste how
yummy you are Mila.”

Mila didn’t hesitate. She’d tasted her own pussy before. Hell, that
was the only thing here she had done before. She grabbed Kirsten’s
hand and hungrily pulled it into her mouth. She was dying for
stimulation…any stimulation. Mila lapped away at her own arousal.
She couldn’t remember the last time anything had made her this hot
and her juices tasted better than ever.

“Yesss lick those juicy fingers,” Kirsten hissed, her own pussy
getting nice and drippy under her bottoms. “Mmmm you love the taste
of pussy don’t you Mila? You’re gonna love it even more when it’s my
juices you’re licking up!”

Hearing that made Mila close her eyes and groan in bliss. An hour
ago she never would have considered this. Now all she wanted was for
Kirsten to push her pussy to her face and make her lick her dry.
Mila’s whole insides throbbed with a lust she never knew she had.
She wanted Kirsten…all of her.

When Kirsten pulled her hand away, Mila again groaned and pouted.
But that didn’t last long as Kirsten’s hand slid back under her
bottoms and right for her pussy.

“Yesssssssss…” Mila mewed as Kirsten began playing with her pussy
again. Kirsten pushed her fingers back inside her sizzling, tight
folds and rubbed Mila into a gasping, squirming frenzy on the beach
chair. Kirsten used her other hand to keep Mila held up by her neck
and she watched with great interest as Mila took her own hand and
began sucking on her fingers. Mila needed to have something in her
mouth and Kirsten immediately gave her a better option.

“Suck on my tits Mila…” Kirsten said, pushing her bare chest up to
Mila’s needy mouth. “Suck on my nipples while I finger fuck you.
Mmmm if you make me feel good then I’ll make you come. You like?”

Mila didn’t have to say “yes.” All she had to do was get Kirsten’s
jiggling breasts into her mouth and that was exactly what she did.
Mila panted and drooled onto Kirsten’s tits as she found herself
playing with another woman’s body for the first time. She didn’t
know what to do so she let her instinct guide her. Mila started
sucking and tonguing Kirsten’s nipples, just like the blonde had
just done to her. She guessed she was doing a good job at it from
the way Kirsten moaned and from the way she picked up speed in her

Kirsten loved how Mila’s mouth felt on her sensitive nipples. She
definitely deserved a hot little reward, so Kirsten used her fingers
to attack Mila’s clit. As the dark haired girl showed she had a real
talent for sucking tit, Kirsten rubbed her aching clitoris. She
rubbed Mila’s hot little button back and forth between two of her
fingers and send the girl into a high-pitched chorus of squeals and

“Oooooooooh Kirstennnnnn…yessssssssss OOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSS!!!”
Mila gasped, her breaths and words coming in short, loud bursts as
she released Kirsten’s breasts from her mouth. “MMMMMMM DOOOOOOOON’T

“I won’t stop Mila,” Kirsten promised. “I want you to come! Come all
over my fingers baby! Come for Kiki!”

It wasn’t as if she had been waiting for permission or anything, but
Kirsten’s words gave Mila another hot blast of arousal that sent her
right over the edge. Kirsten’s fingers were like magic on her clit
and Mila didn’t hold back her pleasure as she came from a woman’s

heavens as she came. She wrapped her arms around Kirsten reflexively
and squeezed her for support as her body bucked and bounced in the
chair. She felt her pussy cream like it never had before all over
Kirsten’s fingers, completely soaking her bikini bottoms. The sexy
blonde continued to pump in and out of her and Mila’s cries just got
louder, no doubt scaring off more than a few low flying birds.

Mila felt her whole body shake in rapture as she held her lover
tight. It was new and scary but sooooooo good to feel like this. She
held onto Kirsten as her orgasm raged through her veins, pumping
pleasure to her brain at such a fast pace that Mila didn’t think she
could take it all in. And when Mila finally had no cries left and
fell back onto the chair, Kirsten just smiled at her and winked.

“You think that was good Mila?” Kirsten giggled. “Just wait till I
get my tongue inside you.”

All Mila had the strength to do was lie back and moan, tossing her
head around as she struggled to make sense of the haze of rapture
her brain was in. She didn’t know what to feel now. Guilt? Shame?
She knew she should probably feel guilty about doing this, but she
didn’t and it confused her. She didn’t feel bad or shamed…instead
she felt a deep satisfaction that she had never experienced before.
Mila wanted more and she didn’t resist when Kirsten reached up to
peel down her bikini bottoms.

“Mmmm yummy,” Kirsten giddily declared when she saw the soaked mess
of dark curls that made up Mila’s bush. She was now naked on the
beach chair, except for the sunglasses that continued to hide her
eyes. Kirsten couldn’t bear to have an inch of Mila hidden from her
so she reached up to pull the glasses away and expose one of Mila’s
most distinctive features. One of her eyes was blue and the other
was green. Kirsten thought it made her look so beautiful and
distinctive and she let her friend know it by kissing her on the

Meanwhile, inside the house, Eliza was trying to keep her eyes on
the show. It was hard because all she wanted to do was close her
eyes, jam her fingers up her pussy and fuck herself into blissful
oblivion. Their bedroom had a perfect view of the pool and Eliza had
seen every solitary second of Kirsten’s seduction. Eliza had known
it was going to be hot. She just hadn’t known it was going to be
this hot.

To see her little Kiki turn Mila into a mewing, squirming mess of
girl cum with her fingers had been the hottest thing Eliza had ever
witnessed. It even surpassed what she had witnessed at the orgy in
Malibu because that had been about sex and this had been so personal
to Eliza. It was like Kirsten had come out of a shell right in front
of her eyes. Kirsten had never even kissed a girl when Eliza had met
her…now she was fucking them with wicked abandon and Eliza
couldn’t get enough of it.

Eliza’s clothes were long gone by now and she was pressed up against
the bedroom window, the sweat from her breasts smearing the glass as
girl cum trickled down her leg from her well fucked pussy. When
Kirsten had started things off with Mila, Eliza had been fully
dressed in her shorts and top. But seeing what Kirsten had done had
made the thought of clothes unbearable to Eliza. She had never taken
her eyes off her sexy girlfriend turning her former co-star into a
drooling little fuck buddy. Eliza had pushed and tugged off her
shirt and jean shorts while not looking away. It wasn’t easy, but it
had been worth it.

By the time Kirsten had Mila screaming on the chair, Eliza had four
fingers inside her steaming snatch. She had finger fucked her pussy
until she felt like she couldn’t take one more thrust and then Eliza
gave herself that one last thrust…and another and another until
she lost track of how many times she’d come. All she knew was that
she was bare assed naked, her hands were covered in girl cream and
her legs were weak and wobbly. It was one of the best feelings Eliza
had ever experienced and she was dying for more.

All she wanted to do was walk downstairs and join the sexy duo by
the pool, but Eliza stopped herself. It was Kiki’s show and she
didn’t want to spoil it. She’d have her chance soon…she just had
to wait. But Eliza didn’t mind waiting, especially when she saw
Kirsten tug down Mila’s bottoms. As Kirsten continued to work her
friend over, Eliza kept up the pace on herself, pushing her fingers
inside her pussy until she was ready to come again.

Eliza moaned aloud as she resumed fucking herself.

“Yessssss fuck her Kiki…fuck her tight little teen pussy for
me…mmmmmm show me what a fucking nasty girl you are
Kiki…yesssssss…show me what a slut you can be…” Eliza groaned,
her fingers already getting a fresh coat of glaze.

Back by the pool, Kirsten had Mila’s bottoms and sunglasses thrown
to the side with the rest of her forgotten bikini. She couldn’t help
but take a moment to drink in Mila’s supple young body. She was
small, but not a stick figure and Kirsten just wanted to run her
tongue over every inch of her flesh.

“You are so beautiful,” Kirsten smiled as she drank Mila in.

“Thanks…ummm so are you…” Mila said, returning Kirsten’s smile
with one of her own. She was still nervous, but she knew she
couldn’t turn back now. Not when her pussy was positively dripping
for more of Kirsten’s attention.

“Thanks Mila…” Kirsten replied. “My girlfriend thinks so. She
thinks I’m so sexy and I’ll bet she’s thinking the same thing about
you now baby. She’s watching, you know. She’s been watching me
finger fuck you and now she’s going to watch me eat that yummy
little pussy of yours.”

Mila gasped and turned her head around. She didn’t see anyone
standing around but that didn’t mean she wasn’t watching from the
house. Mila had thought this was private between her and Kirsten.
She hadn’t wanted a fucking audience! But whatever new reluctance
Mila had about being watched instantly evaporated when Kirsten
reached down and dragged her tongue over the creamy lips of her
slit. Mila had such a tight little slit for her to play with and
Kirsten found it to be completely irresistible.

“Oooooooooooohhhhhh…” Mila moaned. Suddenly she didn’t care who
was watching. Hell she wouldn’t have cared if Kirsten was filming
this. All she cared about was how good Kirsten’s tongue felt on her

Kirsten lapped at Mila’s pussy, picking up speed with every lick.
She could taste the cream of her earlier orgasm and the flavor
fueled her on. Kirsten wanted every drop of the cum that was left
from Mila’s orgasm and she wanted the chaser of fresh, hot girl
juice. Kirsten placed her body between Mila’s legs and bent down,
pushing her ass up in the air. Her bikini bottoms clung to her skin
like the heat had fused them to her. Kirsten fantasized about Eliza
walking up behind her and tugging those bottoms down to get at her
pussy while she ate Mila out. She longed for her girlfriend and
hoped it wouldn’t be long before she graced them with her presence.

With her body positioned perfectly between Mila’s legs, Kirsten was
easily able to spread her lover open and get at her pussy. Mila was
soaked and ready for her and Kirsten gave it to her as best as she
could. The more of Mila she had on her tongue, the harder Kirsten
licked, pushing her face closer and closer until her nose and
forehead were being tickled by Mila’s neat little dark bush.

“Mmmmmmm Kirsten…give it to me!” Mila groaned. “Ohhhhh you weren’t
lying baby…it’s even better than your fingers…yesssssss…tongue
me Kirsten! Tongue my pussy!”

Mila thought she had experienced good oral sex before. Now she could
see how wrong she was. Every sexual thing she had ever done in her
young life now paled next to Kirsten’s amazing tongue in her pussy.
It felt like jolts of lightning were being shot through her from
every lick. Kirsten’s tongue was so soft, but so steady inside her.
It demanded a reaction and Mila was delighted to give it to her.

“Oooooh Kirsten…eat meeeee…please don’t stop!” Mila cried out.
“Mmmm it’s sooooo fucking good! Gobble up my little pussy! Eat me
till there’s nothing left!”

Coming on the heels of her earlier reluctance, hearing Mila’s sexy
voice shoot those words out had Kirsten nearly creaming her bottoms.
She had done it! Mila was all hers and Kirsten felt the overpowering
urge to kiss her. She pulled her shiny face out from between Mila’s
legs and pressed against her lips in a kiss. Mila greedily sucked
her own juices off Kirsten’s lips and tongue and the blonde could
hear her muffled moans for more.

“That’s it Mila…taste yourself all over my tongue,” Kirsten
ordered. She felt so sexy and powerful right then, her body pinning
Mila down as they kissed and rubbed their bare tits together. She
felt just like Eliza must have during their first time.

“Taste your hot little pussy…” Kirsten continued. “You love it,
don’t you? You love the taste of pussy. Good thing too…mmmm cause
as soon as you come I’m going to make you taste mine!”

What Mila said next came as a very happy surprise to Kirsten’s eager

“Ohhhhh yesssss Kirstennnnn…now! Give it to me now!” Mila said
with a sexy growl of wanton lust. “Don’t make me wait for your
pussy! Put it on my face and make me lick you now!”

Naturally this was a development Kirsten had no problem with. Since
she was already on top of Mila, it would have been mighty easy to
slip into a nasty little 69, so that was exactly what Kirsten did.
She turned herself completely around on Mila’s body, so her mouth
was lined up against her pussy while she rubbed her soaked bottoms
against Mila’s horny lips.

Mila had no idea what she was doing right then. Her ability to think
rationally had ceased to be right about when Kirsten had pushed her
hand into her bikini bottoms. Now she had Kirsten’s pussy right
against her face and Mila could feel the blast of heat that was
coming from her juicy core. Even through her bottoms, Mila could
feel how hot and wet Kirsten was and she didn’t shy away from it.
Mila embraced it and accepted it as a challenge. She wanted to make
Kirsten feel as good as she was feeling from that wonderful tongue
inside her cunt.

When Kirsten started licking away again at her dripping pussy, the
need to give some pleasure back became even greater for Mila. She
reached up and grasped Kirsten’s ass with her hands, rubbing the
gym-toned cheeks through the thin material of her bottoms. It was
another first for Mila in a day of firsts and she loved the feel of
Kirsten under her hands. She could feel Kirsten’s heat. Her ass was
almost sizzling by now and Mila quickly became more enthusiastic,
massaging Kirsten’s butt while the blonde rubbed her pussy soaked
bottoms against her nose and mouth.

“Get those bottoms off me,” Kirsten purred as she took a break from
Mila’s honey pot. “You want my pussy, Mila? Then get me naked so you
can fuck me like the naughty little slut you are.”

Mila shuddered in pleasure over that characterization. That was what
she was. She had Kirsten almost naked and hovering over her bare
body while her sexy tongue drove her wild and Kirsten’s sexy mystery
girlfriend was off watching somewhere. What else could Mila be but a

Secure in her newfound sluttiness, Mila reached up for Kirsten’s
bottoms and proceeded to strip her bare. Mila hooked her fingers
into the waistband for Kirsten’s bikini and yanked it down as fast
as she could. This left it bunched up just below Kirsten’s bare ass,
but Mila didn’t move it any further down. As soon as she pulled the
garment away, Mila found herself instantly hypnotized by the sight
of Kirsten’s pussy.

Her dirty blonde bush was absolutely soaked and matted with juice
and her labia seemed to glow with desire. There didn’t seem to be a
part of Kirsten that wasn’t wet down below and Mila found herself
more turned on than she’d ever been in her life. A little droplet of
juice suddenly dripped down from Kirsten’s snatch and, as a reflex,
Mila licked up with her tongue and caught it. It was her first taste
of another woman’s pussy and it nearly sent Mila into a pleasure

“Mmmmmmm soooo goooood…” Mila gurgled from the taste. She had to
have more and she quickly began licking up and down Kirsten’s slit
with her tongue, mimicking the motion Kirsten had used on her after
she’d gotten her bottoms off. Her first tongue strokes were shy, as
if Mila was checking the taste out, to confirm that she did like it.
She was slowly nibbling away at the naughty snack before her lips
and once she saw that she really did love it, Mila instantly became
more eager.

“Ohhhh yeahhhh Mila…” Kirsten groaned when she pulled her face up.
“Lick it just like that! Good girl! Lick my pussy just like I’m
licking yours!”

Kirsten then plunged her face back into Mila’s pussy. She knew she
would have no trouble getting Mila off, but Kirsten didn’t want to
take her too fast. Kirsten wanted to keep a steady arousal going in
her new lover so she wouldn’t stop her first tongue exploration of
another woman. Kirsten knew that nothing would distract Mila and
drain her will to lick like another orgasm and Kirsten was too wet
to allow that to happen. She had to feel herself come all over
Mila’s face and if that meant slowing down her own tongue pace, then
Kirsten was more than ready to make that sacrifice.

With that in mind, Kirsten pulled her tongue back and instead
concentrated on sucking and playing with Mila’s labia. Mila just had
the cutest little pussy lips…so nice and pink…and Kirsten
couldn’t get enough of them. She couldn’t wait to share them with
Eliza, but right now they were all hers. Kirsten teased them with
her tongue and licked them clean before wrapping her lips around
them and sucking hard, occasionally giving Mila a little nip with
her teeth. She could hear the dark haired girl let out little yips
when she did that, but Kirsten could tell she liked it. Every time
she did it, Mila licked her pussy just a little bit harder.

Mila’s tongue strokes were ragged and all over the map, but they
were enthusiastic and that was good enough for Kirsten. She knew
they could refine Mila’s pussy licking skills later if she was
willing to participate in some sexy tutelage. Mila’s tongue was
eager enough to hit the right spots and Kirsten groaned happily. She
began rubbing her pussy against Mila’s adorable face, grinding her
juices against her pale skin as they lay together under the sun in
their 69, Kirsten on top, her long blonde hair draping down to the
curves of Mila’s ass while they rocked each other back and forth on
the beach chair.

“Ohhhhhh fuck me Kirsten!” Mila urged in a tiny voice, high pitched
with need. “Mmmmm play with my pussy with your tongue! Am I doing
you good baby? Do you like how it feels?”

“Mmmm it feels fucking amazing,” Kirsten grinned, telling Mila
exactly what the girl was dying to hear. “Don’t stop now Mila. Eat
me out you nasty little slut! Get your tongue on my clit and make me
come while my hot little girlfriend watches and fingers herself!”

Who was Kirsten’s girlfriend? Mila was dying to know. Was she
famous? Was she just a regular person? Was she real or a figment of
Kirsten’s horny imagination? Mila hoped they wouldn’t keep her in
suspense long. She had to know who she was performing for. She had
to know who was watching their sexy show.

Now that she knew Kirsten liked what she was doing, Mila got right
back to her pussy and picked up her pace. She plunged her pink
tongue into Kirsten’s soft, wet folds and licked up as much juice as
she could, while she teased the sensitive walls of Kirsten’s pussy
and licked over the throbbing bud of her clitoris. Mila had known
Kirsten liked it just from the way her juices kept dripping into her
mouth, but she had just wanted to hear the words too. She wanted to
hear from Kirsten’s sexy, experienced mouth that she was doing good
at her first attempt.

Mila kept her hands firmly on Kirsten’s ass, pressing her pussy to
her face as she lapped away. She tried to keep her tonguing as
steady as possible on Kirsten, but she couldn’t help but stop every
now and then to moan and gasp over the pleasure she was getting. It
was like she was out of her body now and was just sitting back,
being forced to watch a porn movie where she was the star. Thinking
about this from that perspective made Mila even wetter. Even with
her last orgasm having come such a short time ago, Mila felt like
she needed to come more than she had ever needed anything before in
her life. That was what made it so frustrating when Kirsten suddenly
ceased all tonguing.

“Nooooooo don’t stop!” Mila cried. “Please Kirsten please! Don’t
stop eating my pussy!”

“Ohhhhh no…you’re about to come soon Mila and that’s too quick for
me,” Kirsten said, as she teased Mila’s pussy by gently blowing cool
air on it. “You need to even out the score first. Make me come and
I’ll make you come again. Show my pussy some love and I’ll give it
all back to you baby and then some.”

As if Mila hadn’t wanted to taste Kirsten’s cream badly before, this
gave her a whole new level of added incentive. Mila didn’t pout or
complain, as she was wont to do when she didn’t get her way
sometimes. Instead she just pushed her face back against Kirsten’s
pussy and began licking her with a new passion and speed that made
Kirsten buck and shudder right above her.

“Yessssss that’s it Mila…” Kirsten groaned, continuing to tease
Mila and keep her in a perpetual state of heat, while she made sure
to rub her bare tits against the brunette’s flat stomach, tickling
her flesh with her hard nipples. “Mmmmm lick it baby! Lick up all
those juices in my pussy! Mmmm I got so wet for you and you were
totally worth it Mila! Ohhhhh fuck I love how your tongue feels in
me! Lick me Mila! Lick my pussy just like you want me to lick yours!
Suck on my clit! Mmmm suck on that clit and I’ll be coming all over
your face!”

As much fun as Mila was having just exploring every inch of
Kirsten’s soft pussy with her tongue, she knew she was going to have
to work over her clit to get her off. Mila didn’t get to it right
away though. Instead she executed a little payback for Kirsten
making her wait to come. She continued to tongue fuck Kirsten’s
wetness, pushing her hard pink tongue into Kirsten over and over
again and collecting sweet girl juices to drip down her throat to
her waiting belly. Mila was gaining confidence with her abilities
and she gave it to Kirsten with energy and enthusiasm, pushing her
hot tongue in, but purposely avoiding Kirsten’s clit.

While she did this, Mila was certainly aware of Kirsten’s needy
clitoris. She could feel the heat of the throbbing bud, but she kept
her tongue away from it. She felt it was only fair that if she had
to wait, then Kirsten should wait too. Mila got her tongue near
Kirsten’s clit several times, but never quite hit home. She loved
hearing Kirsten beg for more with her moans and she loved feeling
how Kirsten would get hotter and wetter for her tongue the more she
made her wait. Besides, Mila was having too much fun licking up
Kirsten’s juices and letting them coat her tongue and drip down onto
her chin to stop now.

“Ooooooh who taught you to be such a fucking tease?” Kirsten
groaned. She was totally on edge by now, but it was the type of
frustration that felt so good. She had been looking forward to this
since she had seen Mila in the gym and the closer it got, the
farther away it seemed.

“Mmmm you taught me Kirsten dear,” Mila shot back wickedly before
getting right back to Kirsten’s pussy and slipping her tongue back

“Noooo don’t be mean…” Kirsten moaned playfully with a sexy giggle
thrown in for good measure. “Play with my clitty! Get your tongue on
it Mila! Pleeeeeeeeeease!!! Mmmmm baby I’ll be soooooooo good to you
if you make me come! If you suck on my clit, I’ll fuck you so good
Mila! I’ll eat you up and make you come so fucking hard! Just please
don’t make me wait anymore! I made you come before and I haven’t
come yet! Please Mila! I need you baby!”

Mila supposed that Kirsten’s point was a fair one. She had come from
Kirsten’s fingers and Mila certainly had no complaints about how
that had made her feel. Besides Mila loved hearing Kirsten’s promise
to make her come. Mila was confident she could take Kirsten at her
word when it came to that. Who couldn’t trust a sweet voice like

As she pushed her tongue back inside Kirsten, Mila stopped her
teasing. She went right for Kirsten’s clit. She wasn’t exactly sure
what she was supposed to do, but she was confident that she would
figure it would come to her when it was time. Mila just assumed that
how she liked her clit played with would work with Kirsten and when
she began licking the sensitive bud like an ice cream cone, Mila
found out how right she was.

“OOOOOOOOOH MILAAAAAA YESSSSSSS!!!” Kirsten squealed happily when
Mila finally began to pay attention to her clit. She instantly found
herself right on the verge of orgasm. Mila was treating her clit to
soft but frequent licks and it got Kirsten right where she wanted to
be. She reflexively fucked Mila’s face and cried out, just needing a
little more to find the satisfaction she craved.

Mila could feel Kirsten’s hard clit rubbing against her lips while
she licked. Even to a newbie like her it was obvious what Kirsten
needed to come. Mila could feel how close her friend was and she
opened her mouth to give her just what she needed. Mila opened her
lips and clamped them right down on Kirsten’s clitoris. She sucked
the blonde passionately, drooling right into her pussy and humming
in satisfaction as she tasted a sudden rush of girl juice from
Kirsten’s dripping cunt. Mila held firm to Kirsten’s clit, sucking
it as hard as she could and rubbing her face against it to give her
friend as much pleasure as possible. It only took about two minutes
of this for Mila and Kirsten to both get what they wanted.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” Kirsten screamed out as her body
delightfully tensed up and then released with a hard shake of
orgasm. She was sure Eliza could hear that from inside the house and
she just hoped that her girlfriend was enjoying this as much as she
was as she exploded onto Mila’s tongue. Every muscle in Kirsten’s
body had seemed to tense up right before she came and now her whole
body was soaring with orgasmic pleasure.

Kirsten continued to scream out. She rubbed her pussy hard against
Mila’s face, smearing girl cum all over her young, delicate
features. Kirsten soaked her friend in pleasure, screaming out and
alerting the entire neighborhood as to how fucking good it felt to
be young and slutty.

Mila couldn’t get over how much she loved the taste of Kirsten’s
orgasm. What she had tasted before now seemed like mere topping to
the treat she had all over her tongue now. Even as Kirsten’s orgasm
faded and the blonde slumped her sweating head between Mila’s legs,
the brunette continued to give her pussy soft kitty licks, just so
she could taste as much as she could.

“Mmmmm good good good girl,” Kirsten grinned, her face flushed from
the sun and the intensity of her orgasm. “Now you get your reward
Mila. I know just what to give good little sluts like you.”

Mila’s body tensed up in anticipation of what she knew Kirsten was
going to give her and she wasn’t disappointed when the blonde’s
tongue dove right back into her pussy. She had been close before
and, with her happy tongue bathing her clit up and down, Kirsten
quickly had Mila back on the edge of release.

Kirsten used her position on top of Mila to her full advantage. She
grabbed Mila’s legs with her hands and pried them open. Kirsten held
Mila’s legs in the air in the spread position, which gave her an
excellent view of the girl’s young pussy all nice and splayed out
for her. There was so much sexy pink on display for Kirsten and she
dove right in, covering Mila’s whole pussy with her mouth and
sucking the girl juice right out of her.

“OHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Mila howled in rapture when she felt Kirsten
practically devour her wet pussy from up top in their 69 position.
She began shaking on the chair, Kirsten holding her down with a
tight grip to keep her from falling over. Mila had never felt more
alive than she did at that point, lying under Kirsten while her
tongue licked her to the verge of the most amazing orgasm of her
young life. She had had no idea when Kirsten had promised it would
be good that it would be this good. All Mila wanted was to come now
and then come a hundred more times after that. Now that her eyes
were open, she knew she’d never get tired of this.

While Kirsten kept her mouth to Mila’s cunt, she licked away at her
clit with rapid, firm strokes. She could feel the teenager writhe
under her on the chair and Kirsten didn’t tease or hesitate. She
went right for Mila’s hot spots to make sure she never forgot how
good this could be. Kirsten couldn’t believe how well this had
worked out. In her mind she was already thinking about what friends
she could invite over next for some sex and sun by the pool. Maybe
soon she’d finally be able to see that pool in Malibu that Eliza had
had so much fun around.

The more Kirsten licked, the more Mila writhed and shook underneath
her. Mila’s body felt like it was on pins and needles as she
anxiously awaited her orgasm. Kirsten’s tongue was like a machine
between her legs. She kept her mouth clamped to her pussy and her
tongue just wouldn’t stop licking her clit. Not that Mila wanted her
to stop. She was so close and all she wanted was more. Kirsten
expertly tongued her clitoris, rubbing it against her tongue and
teeth and doing everything in her power to stimulate it. Mila’s body
tingled with anticipation and when she could withstand it no more
she let Kirsten know with a flood of hot girl cum against her young

came, her hips bucking up and down on the chair and her pussy
mashing into Kirsten’s eager face. Just as Mila hadn’t paused her
licking when she had come, Kirsten returned the favor here. She
lapped up every drop she could get at and let the rest soak her
skin. Kirsten loved the feel of the sizzling girl cum on her skin.
When this was over she was fully planning on standing up and
spreading it all over her tits and tummy like sunscreen so Eliza
could lick her clean. Mila screamed out her pleasure and Kirsten
just kept at her licking.

The feeling of orgasm ripped through Mila’s small body and there
were times where she thought it was too much and her heart would
explode. But it would have been a way to go that Mila would have
eagerly embraced. She didn’t know if she’d be able to go back to
Macaulay after all this and right then she didn’t care. She just
wanted to enjoy every single second of her orgasm. Mila felt her
body shake uncontrollably and she wished it would never stop. She
was having too much fun to stop. Her skin was practically stuck to
the chair now and Mila just smiled because she never planned on
leaving here anyway.

When Mila finally closed her eyes and fell back, she had a happy
smile covering her young face. She quickly found that smile covered
by Kirsten’s face and Mila eagerly kissed her back.

“Oh Kirsten…I…I…just can’t thank you enough,” Mila panted. “It
was just so…so…WHOA!!!”

“And its not even over yet,” Kirsten promised.

“It’s not?” Mila asked.

“Nope,” Kirsten replied as she saw Eliza walking out of the house
and sauntering toward them without a stitch of clothing on her
beautiful body. “In fact it’s about to get even better.”

* * * * *

The unforgiving sun beat down upon Love and Rose as they walked down
the dirt road, looking for someone…anyone to help them. So far
they had been unsuccessful, but they knew eventually they’d find
someone. After all two hot girls were bound to attract attention.
They just hoped it was from someone nice and not someone right out
of the casting call for “Deliverance 2.”

“I think we’re at someone’s farm,” Love observed as they looked out
at a hill right next to the road. The small little slope lead right
to a green field and it was either a farm or the biggest hydroponics
experiment on record. Either way it was something that had to be
checked out.

“Listen, I hear something,” Rose said. “Sounds like a tractor.”

“Mmmm maybe it’s some hunky field hand working out in the sun
without his shirt on,” Love teased.

“Yeah you’d just love that wouldn’t you,” Rose replied as she
playfully whacked Love’s arm. “I thought you were done with guys

“I am,” Love grinned. “He’d be for you. This time it would be my
turn to watch you get fucked.”

“Oh yeah…good chance of that happening,” Rose said with a roll of
her eyes.

“Oh c’mon…it would be sooooooo hot…” Love giggled. “I know deep
down you want it, if only for an afternoon. Some hot guy filling
your mouth with his cock and then bending you over his tractor to
pull up your dress and give it hard to your wet pussy.”

“Oooooh I hope whoever it is up there has a hose with him because
you need to cool off Love,” Rose laughed. “The sun is frying your
brain. There’s no way that’s going to happen.”

“I’m just saying it would be hot, that’s all,” Love said, wrapping
her arms around Rose and squeezing her affectionately as they walked
up the hill toward the field. Once they reached the top of the hill
the tractor was easily spotted. It was a little bit in the distance,
but close enough that they could see it.

“HEY!!!” Rose shouted out, trying to get the guy’s attention. “OVER

Rose and Love waved their arms in the air and tried to get the guy
to notice them. It didn’t take long for them to be successful as he
changed directions on his tractor and drove over toward them. The
tractor drove closer and closer until stopping right in front of the
two stranded actresses. It was then that Rose and Love received
their first surprise of the afternoon.

“Hey, what’re y’all doing out here?” the young girl on top of the
slightly worn John Deere tractor inquired. Rose and Love were left
speechless at first. This was no guy they were looking at. It was a
girl who couldn’t have been more than 18 or 19 and she looked right
out of the pages of Farmer’s Daughter Monthly.

She wore a straw hat to cover her head from the sun and a pair of
sunglasses, but the rest of her skin was exposed and showed the even
tan of someone who spent a lot of time working outside. Her skin was
golden brown from her work and her brown hair was sun bleached to a
lighter shade than she had undoubtedly been born with. Her flesh
glistened from the exertion of her day’s work.

The girl held her hair back in a simple braid at the base of her
skull, but what Love and Rose couldn’t help but stare at was her
firm chest, covered only in a small bikini top. Her breasts were
practically hanging out for them to reach out and grab and Rose had
to fight off the instinct to do just that. The girl had been wearing
overalls, but she’d dropped the top portion from around her chest.
Now it lay hanging around her waist as she sat on the tractor.

“Ummm our car…we had a flat…” Rose said, finally finding the
power to speak to this vision on a John Deere as Love continued to
just stare.

“Damn…where’d ya break down?” the girl asked. “There’s not much
around here. But town’s not too far away. I’m sure we can get
someone to tow you away.”

“Great, we broke down a few miles that way,” Rose said as she
pointed down the road.

“Well let’s get you inside the house, you can use the phone to call
the garage,” the girl helpfully offered as she held out her hand.
“I’m Bobbie Jo.”

“I’m Rose and this is Jennifer,” Rose said before she was

“You can just call me Love,” Love interjected, unable to take her
eyes off Bobbie Jo. She knew she was in the Bible belt here and not
everyone was probably big on girl on girl fun, but she didn’t care
about that at the moment. She just wanted to drink Bobbie Jo and her
firm, young body in while she stood there in her overalls and bikini

“Oh…I know who ya are,” Bobbie Jo grinned, pushing down her
sunglasses to give the girls a glimpse of her blue eyes. “Both of

Rose and Love smiled in response. Neither of them had egos big
enough for them to just assume everyone already knew who they were,
but it was always nice to be recognized. Plus it would save having
to be asked the “What do you do for a living?” question.

“It won’t take long to get back to the house,” Bobbie Jo said as she
gestured toward the house in the background. “Hop on and grab onto
the sides. Don’t worry about falling off. I drive pretty slow. Just
grip on tight and let me know if you’re starting to slip. We’ll be
there in no time.”

Love and Rose quickly agreed and jumped on board Bobbie Jo’s ride.
She seemed really nice so far and both girls were ready for a
serious dose of some southern hospitality. Neither of them were shy
about staring at Bobbie Jo’s exposed flesh and they couldn’t help
but share the same thought about their accident maybe becoming a
very fortunate one indeed.

* * * * *

“Ok, I’ve gotten the schematics down for the house and I think our
best point of entry is the roof,” Franklin declared. The three boys,
one goat and one preteen were crouched behind a hill overlooking
Marcus Barker’s temporary Cuban home. It wasn’t much, but it was out
of the way and not surrounded by anything. Waldo, Franklin and
Delbert knew it best. When you didn’t want anyone to find you. The
best place to be was to find someplace where no one would see you.

“How many doors does it have?” Waldo inquired. “I don’t want him to
have a chance to escape with the device.”

“Well if the dossier is right, and by my observations it is, he’s
got just the one door and four windows, two in the front and two in
the back,” Franklin answered.

“So going through the roof is our game, eh?” Delbert said with firm
resolve. “Good thing I brought along ol torchy!”

Delbert then reached into one of the bags and withdrew the handy
blowtorch that had aided them on many occasions. There was nothing
quite like white hot flame to get you into, and out of, any tricky

“Ooooh what’s that do?” Jamie Lynn asked as she grabbed at the tool.

“Don’t touch that!” Waldo yelled as he yanked it away from her.
Jamie Lynn immediately began pouting.

“C’monnnnnnnnn…you gotta let me do something!” Jamie Lynn whined.
“Don’t I get like a cool gadget or something? Like you think its
really a pen and its like a rocket launcher. Something like that.”

“We left those at home,” Waldo explained. “And no you don’t get to
have a tool.”

“You guys suck,” Jamie Lynn grumbled. “Vin Diesel is wayyyyy cooler
than you guys! He had one of those super cars. All you’ve got is
that dumb jeep.”

Jamie Lynn scowled in the direction of the beat up jeep they had
“borrowed” in order to get to Marcus’ house. The whole way through
she had complained the ride was too bumpy and Franklin had had to be
restrained twice from just pushing her out of the car.

“All right, it’s going to be simple grab and run…nothing fancy,”
Franklin explained. “Delbert we’re going to lower you through the
roof. According to the heat goggles, there’s an energy source at a
desk in his bedroom. That corresponds with the data we have about
the MAW device. So we lower you in, you grab it and…is that gum?”

“Maybe,” Jamie Lynn replied coyly as she blew a big pink bubble in
the boys’ faces.

“Did you bring enough for everyone?” Delbert demanded and Jamie Lynn
responded by blowing another big bubble that popped all over her
face. She quickly used her tongue to lick the gum back into her
mouth where she resumed chewing.

“Ok, now back to the plan, we’re obviously going to need to find a
way to distract Baker so he doesn’t know we’re grabbing the device
and the data,” Waldo said. “Del, we’re going to give you some
chloroform for when you go in. You know what to do about it.”

“What if he’s armed though?” Franklin wondered aloud. “I mean I
don’t want to send Delbert in unless we have the clear advantage.”

“I’d thought of that, we’re going to need some kind of distraction,
but we’re limited in our resources,” Waldo said. “We need something
to keep his attention occupied. Something that will totally distract
him from what we’re doing.”

“Blah blah blah blah…” Jamie Lynn groaned in boredom. “You talk
too much! Hey! You’ve got a funny nose!”

Jamie Lynn then reached over and poked Waldo right in the nose.

“BEEP!” Jamie Lynn exclaimed before laughing uproariously at her own

“Damn it Jamie Lynn you are the most annoying person I have ever
met!” Waldo shouted. “How can anyone concentrate when you…”

Waldo trailed off and then shared a look with Franklin.

“Franklin are you pondering what I’m pondering?” Waldo asked.

“Indeed I am,” Franklin grinned. “Delbert, are you pondering what
we’re pondering?”

“I think so guys,” Delbert replied. “But even if we got Carrot Top
and Cher to get married, how can we be sure they’ll conceive a

Waldo and Franklin ignored Delbert’s comment and turned their gaze
toward Jamie Lynn.

“What? Why are you guys looking at me like that?” Jamie Lynn
demanded. “You guys are creepy!”

“Jamie Lynn, we actually do have a job for you,” Waldo smiled.

A few minutes later, Marcus Baker heard a knocking on the door of
his house and he reacted with immediate suspicion. No one knew he
was here except for them and they weren’t scheduled to be here for
another 10 minutes. He knew they kept time promptly and hated
showing up either early or late. The knocking continued and at first
Marcus ignored it. It might be a trap. They might be coming after
the device! But then he began to think about it logically. If they
were here for the device they would have just blown off his door and
taken it. Those types of people didn’t usually knock.

“Who is it?” Marcus asked from the other side of the door.

“Ohhhhhhh gawwwwwd you’re American? I need your help?” a female
voice with a sharp Southern twang shouted back from the other side.
That had definitely not been what Marcus had expected to hear and he
flung the door open to see a young blonde girl standing at his door.
She couldn’t have been any older than 13 or so and she looked to be
in a seriously agitated state.

“Oh thank God y’all are here!” Jamie Lynn twanged. “I need help and
they said y’could speak English! Can y’help me! Please!”

“What’s wrong?” Marcus asked. “What’s going on?”

“Ohhhhh I don’t know what happened but I got on a plane and I
thought it was for Cabo…and it was for Cuba!” Jamie Lynn cried
out, happy to finally have a stage to display her immense acting
talents. “I don’t know where I am! This country is so weird, y’all!
Can you believe they don’t speak English here?”

“Well…it is Cuba,” Marcus replied, not quite sure what to make of
the young girl at his doorway.

“You gotta help me!” Jamie Lynn insisted. “I’m lost and vulnerable
and I think the guys here are lookin at me with sinful devil eyes!”

“Geez, I think the ham needs some salt,” Waldo sighed from atop the
roof where they listened in on Jamie Lynn’s performance.

“Forget about her, she’s distracting him let’s get cutting while we
have the chance,” Franklin said and Delbert eagerly accepted.

“Burn baby! Burn!” Delbert gleefully declared as he began cutting
through the roof with the blowtorch. Fortunately the roof was none
too sturdy and it was like cutting through butter. It was only
seconds before they had a hole big enough to fit Delbert.

“You ready Del?” Waldo asked as he checked on the harness attached
to his friend’s back.

“Ready and not so willing,” Delbert replied.

“Close enough…let’s go!” Franklin said and Delbert responded by
jumping through the hole. Waldo gripped the rope attached to him
tightly and made sure it was firmly attached to the pulley. Delbert
dropped down like a cat and landed perfectly on his feet. The
intelligence had been spot on and he found himself in Marcus’
bedroom. The bed looked like it hadn’t been made in weeks and the
desk was full of the clutter only a scientist could make. But right
there in the middle of the desk was the device as clear as day.

Delbert tugged on the rope once, which had been the prearranged
signal for when he found the device. They needed to maintain silent
communication for fear of tipping Marcus off and it was one tug for
finding the device and two tugs for needing to be pulled up. Delbert
crept across the floor and made sure not to make any more noise than
possible. For the first time he took a look at the MAW device. It
was simple and gave no indication of what its uses were, practical
or otherwise.

The device was a simple metal structure with a blinking red light on
it. Delbert scratched his head and wondered why they had been sent
out there for something like this. It looked like something that
could be put together with tinker toys. It looked like a broadcast
tower, except shrunk down to pocket size proportions. The MAW device
was hooked up to a larger box filled with all sorts of blinking red
and green lights. It looked too bulky to be practical and Delbert
shook his head in confusion. Their missions rarely made sense, but
this one made less sense than usual.

Back on the roof, Franklin surveyed the terrain around them with his
binoculars. He looked around the perimeter and quickly found
something troubling.

“Hey Waldo, we got company headed this way,” Franklin declared.
“Looks like they’re about five minutes out. Must be his buyers.”

“Must be,” Waldo grunted as he held onto the rope, ready to pull it
up when he got the signal. “Can you see them at all?”

“That’s just damn strange,” Franklin stated. “It looks like an army
vehicle. You know those ones they use when they’re on special ops.
The one’s you’re not supposed to notice.”

“Oh yeah, I used to see those all the time,” Waldo replied. “Are you
sure it’s one of them?”

“I’d need a closer look to be sure,” Franklin said. “But it sure
looks like one. We’d better get Del to hurry up.”

“Relax, five minutes is plenty of time for him,” Waldo said.

Inside the bedroom, Delbert was picking up the pace. He grabbed the
device and the box. He saw a bunch of notebooks and notepads next to
it so he opened his bag and put them all in as well. He didn’t
discriminate. Since he really had no idea what it was that he was
looking for, he just grabbed everything. This filled up the bag
pretty quickly and when Delbert turned around to begin walking
closer to the hole, the bag knocked over a glass that had been
propped up on the edge of the desk. It fell to the floor and
shattered loudly into several pieces.

“Hey! What was that!” Marcus shouted from the other room.

“Ummmmmm nothin! C’mon mister help me!” Jamie Lynn frantically
insisted. “You don’t wanna look in there!”

“What the hell is going on?” Marcus demanded as he ran into the
bedroom and saw Delbert standing there with his full bag,
frantically pulling on the rope attached to his back.

“NO!!!” Marcus shouted. “DON’T DO THIS! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE

Waldo began pulling the rope up at top speed, yanking Delbert up
quickly. The pulley kept things moving briskly and Delbert shot up
through the air and back through the hole in the roof. Marcus lunged
for him but the pasty scientist was unsuccessful when Jamie Lynn
screamed out and jumped on his back pummeling him with her preteen

“WE’RE KICKING YOUR ASS AMERICAN STYLE!!!” Jamie Lynn cried out in
triumph as she pounded on Marcus’ back and head. “YOUR ASS IS

Marcus quickly tossed the girl off his back and onto the floor,
where she yelped. He tore toward the door when Jamie Lynn grabbed
his leg and tripped him.

“SO LONG SUCKER!!!” Jamie Lynn laughed as she ran ahead of the door
out of the house.

“C’MON JAMIE LYNN!!!” Waldo shouted out as the three of them ran up
the hill toward the waiting jeep. The preteen ran as fast as could
and quickly pulled ahead of Waldo, Franklin and Delbert. They all
hopped into the jeep and Waldo got behind the wheel, starting the
car up and flooring it.

“Here he comes!” Franklin reported. “And he’s got his friends right
behind him.”

Marcus had hopped into his jeep as well and took off after them,
with his mystery buyers following closely behind him,

“Step on it!” Jamie Lynn shouted, stomping her foot on Waldo’s and
forcing him to push down on the gas hard. The car lurched forward
and the chase began in earnest. It was now a matter if they could
get to the rendezvous point before Marcus and his friends could
catch up to them.

* * * * *

“So what’re you drinking?” Jewel called out to Beyonce as the singer
lounged on the couch in Jewel’s suite.

“Whatever’s cold,” Beyonce immediately replied. It had been a
complete scorcher that night and even with the air conditioner on
full blast in Jewel’s room, both girls were desperate to cool down.

“Champagne it is then,” Jewel stated as she pulled out the bottle
that had been helpfully left waiting for her in her room in a big
bucket of ice by the hotel staff to congratulate her on the concert.
Jewel poured two glasses for her and Beyonce and rejoined her friend
on the couch.

“So, what should we drink to?” Beyonce asked after Jewel handed her
a glass. This request took Jewel by surprise. She had expected to
just toss back the cold liquid and not give it any significance. Now
she was on the spot and she blurted out the first thing that came to
her mind.

“Ummm…how about to being bootylicious?” Jewel suggested and
Beyonce joined her in laughing.

“Ooooh I like that,” Beyonce said as she and Jewel clinked glasses
together. “To being bootylicious.”

Jewel giggled again over their toast. She just liked the sound of
that word. Neither she nor Beyonce were stick figured girls who
looked like they hadn’t eaten in a month. They both had curves in
all the right places. Of course, Jewel couldn’t quite duplicate
Beyonce’s amazing dance moves. She was too much of a dork on the
floor to quite be considered truly bootylicious.

“How about to success for both our albums?” Jewel suggested, more

“That’s even better,” Beyonce smiled. “To both of us.”

“I’ll drink to that for sure,” Jewel said as they clinked glasses
again and both girls drank, the ice cold champagne feeling so good
traveling down their parched throats. It had been a long night for
both of them and they were looking to do some serious relaxation
with what was left of the night.

The concert had gone really well in Jewel’s opinion. The crowd had
been a sell out and they had seemed to love her performance that
night. The songs killed when they needed to and everyone looked like
they were having a good time. Beyonce had also been more than a mere
audience member. She had given the crowd a thrill by joining Jewel
on stage to duet on a few numbers. They had even done a few lyrics
from “Say My Name” as a joke and the crowd really seemed to enjoy
hearing the interpretation of one of Destiny Child’s biggest hits
with an acoustic guitar and a spot of yodeling thrown in.

Jewel and Beyonce had had a lot of fun out there and they had
decided to continue the fun back in Jewel’s room. It hadn’t taken
much of a twist of the arm for Jewel to permit Beyonce to come up
with her and the Alaskan princess just hoped things would taken an
even bigger turn for the better. She had Beyonce in her room, but
where she really wanted her was her bed.

She had been so lonely lately, that it was good to spend any time
with a friend, so Jewel wasn’t just out for sex, even though she
would have welcomed it with open arms and open legs. She just wasn’t
going to grab Beyonce by her hair and say “Fuck me or get out!”
Jewel was going to let things develop slowly and if she saw an
opportunity she planned to take it and see if Beyonce might be
interested in some fun. But if no opportunity presented itself then
Jewel would figure it just wasn’t meant to be.

Of course it was hard for Jewel to think about anything but sex,
especially considering what Beyonce was wearing…or rather not
wearing. The July heat had been so oppressive that Beyonce had
changed into some short shorts that looked painted onto her body and
a white tank top. It was so close to the same outfit that she wore
in her “Crazy In Love” video that Jewel couldn’t not mentally drool
over her.

It wasn’t like Jewel was dressed in a parka either. She had gotten
back from the concert and just ditched her clothes completely. Jewel
had kept her bra and panties on, but nothing else and she covered
her underwear only in a small, pink kimono. Beyonce hadn’t seemed to
mind Jewel’s lack of clothing so Jewel happily lounged around in it.
Besides, the heat was too much for them to care much about clothing
right then.

“Mmmm this is just what I need,” Beyonce sighed happily as she drank
down her champagne and let the air conditioning cool her skin. “Mind
if I hide out with you for a few weeks? I could use the break.”

“You’ve got sanctuary here as long as you need it,” Jewel promised.
“But I think your boyfriend might miss you.”

“Yeah right,” Beyonce muttered. Jewel’s eyebrows shot up in surprise
a little at that reaction. She would have thought Beyonce would have
been more enthused about her relationship. Jewel didn’t want to read
too much into that, but it certainly demanded further exploration.

“So what do you call him when he’s off stage? Is he always Jay Z?”
Jewel teased.

“No offstage he’s just Shawn,” Beyonce replied. “Just plain old

“So you two are always so vague about your relationship,” Jewel
pressed on, looking for an opening and also hoping to satisfy her
own curiosity. “What’s the deal? Are you two going out or what? The
people demand to know.”

“The people are just going to have to mind their own business,”
Beyonce pointed out as she helped herself to more champagne.
“Besides there’s not even really that much to tell.”

“Oh? And what’s that mean?” Jewel inquired.

“Ahhhh forget it, it’s not even worth talking about,” Beyonce
claimed. “Let’s talk about something else. Like where you’ve been
getting all those sexy moves of yours girl?”

“I stole most of them from you,” Jewel giggled. She was no dancer
and they both knew it, but it was fun to get out there and shake it
a little.

“I knew it,” Beyonce laughed back. “You’re nothing but a dirty dance
move stealer, Jewel. Of course I can’t blame you. If you’re going to
steal moves, you might as well steal from the best.”

“Yeah…from JLo,” Jewel said, cracking up again.

“Ooooooh that’s it…I’m not speaking to you anymore,” Beyonce shot
back with mock outrage. “I’ll go find sanctuary with Sheryl Crow or
someone else. You’re mean!”

“I’m just teasing,” Jewel grinned. “You know you’re still the most
bootylicious one out there Beyonce.”

“Yeah and don’t you forget it,” Beyonce said triumphantly. “I may
have to change my name to Queen B or something so the peasants out
there know who to worship.”

“Hmmm Queen B huh? Sign me up as one of your peasants,” Jewel smiled
as they clinked glasses together again.

“I shouldn’t be drinking too much of this,” Beyonce said as she
poured herself a third glass. “It makes me sleepy. I might end up
just passing out on your couch.”

“Don’t worry, if you do I’ll check on you in the night to make sure
you’re not drooling all over the cushions or anything,” Jewel

“Thanks, I appreciate it,” Beyonce said as she stretched out her
arms and flexed her back. Her long legs were curled up under her on
the couch, her sandals now lying on the floor. Beyonce certainly
looked like someone who could use a long, relaxing break.

“Wow, they are working you hard,” Jewel observed.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Beyonce replied. “I mean I know it’s worth it because
without the promotion we’re just not going to sell any albums,
simple as that. It’s just that Kelly, Michelle and I were touring
and recording and touring and recording like non-stop and then I was
doing the movies and then the solo album and now we’re promoting it
everywhere and I know I’m going to end up doing a few concerts late
in the summer and then we’re going to do another Destiny’s Child
album. It’s just so much. I can’t remember the last time I was just
able to sit back and kick it for a few weeks. I’m working here on a
serious fun shortage girl.”

“Even with Shawn around?” Jewel slipped in, wanting to dance around
this subject a little more to see what was really going on.

“Especially with Shawn around,” Beyonce stated. “He and
I…we…well…it’s just complicated…I don’t really want to talk
about it.”

Jewel could see that while Beyonce said she didn’t want to talk
about it, she needed to. Jewel considered herself to be a pretty
good judge of human nature and it sure looked to her that she was
holding back something she was dying to tell.

“You can tell me,’ Jewel said, putting her hand gently on Beyonce’s
arm. “You look like you really need to talk.”

“Is it that obvious?” Beyonce asked and Jewel nodded her head “yes.”

“Damn…” Beyonce sighed. “I really shouldn’t though. It’s just that
things aren’t always what they seem to be and what you thought was
going to be a really great idea, doesn’t always end up that way.
It’s just that I’m 21 years old and I feel like there’s so much I’m
missing out there. I know I’m living the dream and I wouldn’t trade
in my life, so don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I wonder if I’m
missing out on things. I mean I feel like I should be doing crazy
things now and having fun with friends…falling in love and having
my heart broken and all that. But I’m not…I feel like I’m just
product to so many people and they’re gonna grind me into dust and
them move onto the next hot chick who can sing and shake her ass.”

“That won’t happen,” Jewel assured her friend. “You’ve got so much
talent Beyonce. You’re in this thing for the long term. I’ve seen a
lot of girls come and go since I first hit and I know you’re not
going to let them grind you up. You’re too strong for that.”

“Sometimes I just don’t know…” Beyonce replied. “But hey, I didn’t
mean to turn this into confession time or anything. I know you don’t
want to hear me whine.”

“You’re not whining, you’ve got to get these things off your chest,”
Jewel pointed out. “I mean I’ve never been popular like you’re
popular, but I know what you’re going through. Believe me.”

“I just feel like I have this need in me and its not being
fulfilled,” Beyonce continued. “This thing with Shawn…I…I really
feel like I made a big mistake doing this. I mean I…just can’t
have any fun. I have…you know…needs…”

“What thing?” Jewel asked, not sure what Beyonce was talking about.

“It’s nothing, it’s just that…I…damn…I really shouldn’t say,”
Beyonce said.

“You can tell me. I can keep secrets. I’ve got a few doozies of my
own,” Jewel promised, making one hell of an understatement in the

“I just feel like I’ve got to tell someone, you know?” Beyonce
replied. “I mean someone who’s not in on the whole deal.”

“Tell me,” Jewel requested, keeping her hand on Beyonce’s arm and
caressing her skin in a friendly manner. “You look like you really
need to.”

Beyonce knew Jewel was right. It was just too big for her to always
carry this around with her and pretend that what she had with Shawn
was anything more than what it was. Sometimes she felt that she was
dying inside because of it and that she might lose prime years of
her youth and never feel real love or happiness because of it.
Beyonce knew she had to tell someone about it and she felt like she
could trust Jewel to keep this locked in her guitar case. She took a
deep breath and spilled her secret.

“It’s just that Shawn and me…he’s a really great guy and all
that…but we’re not really together,” Beyonce confessed. “He’s just
a friend and it’s more like a business arrangement really. I mean I
get to cross over to his rap audience and the label can sell more
albums and well…no one gets to know the truth about him.”

“What? Is he gay or something?” Jewel asked. She had heard lots of
rumors over the years about many of the biggest rappers being
secretly gay.

“No…I wish,” Beyonce said, cracking a grin. “Then he could give me
like hair and makeup tips and stuff like that. Shawn’s definitely
not gay. He’s big time straight but…ummm…his equipment doesn’t
quite pass inspection.”

“You mean?” Jewel pressed.

“Yep…he’s been limp for years,” Beyonce admitted. “Ohhhh God, he’d
kill me if he knew I was telling you this, but he can’t get it up.
He’s seen like every doctor on the planet and they don’t know what’s
wrong with him. He’s on herbal medication and seeing hypno
therapists and has got all these pumps and pills and things, but he
just can’t get it to work. It drives him crazy. He’s tried
everything and he just can’t get hard.”

“Wow,” Jewel marveled. “That can’t be good for his reputation.”

“You ain’t lying,” Beyonce replied. “It wouldn’t be good for his
sales if his fans knew that the guy who does ‘Big Pimpin’ can’t get
a hard on. It would just kill his rep. That’s where I come in. I
hang out with him all the time and make it seem like we’re
together…but we’re really not and I don’t know how much longer I
can take it. I mean I like Shawn and all. He’s really talented and
he’s helped me out so much…but I’m a woman, Jewel. I need to be
touched and I need to be loved.”

“Why don’t you just get some fun on the side?” Jewel suggested. “I
mean you’re so beautiful Beyonce. Any guy would be crazy not to want
to be with you.”

“I can’t, its part of the deal,” Beyonce sighed. “This is the worst
part. You know how they say to always read the fine print? Well I
can’t go off with anyone else, because we might be seen with each
other and rumors start. Jewel, you have no idea what it’s like in
the rap industry…it’s like a beauty parlor. Everyone gossips and
everyone whispers. That’s why Shawn is so paranoid about anyone
finding out about him, so it’s not like I can have a boyfriend on
the side or something and sometimes I just can’t take it anymore. I
mean I want to fall in love. I want to be with someone I can really
be with…not just someone I can pose for pictures with.”

“I’m sorry,” Jewel said tenderly. “Isn’t there anything you can do?”

“There isn’t,” Beyonce said sadly. “I mean it’s not like I’m going
to have to do this forever or anything, but I just need someone so
bad. I mean Shawn has his guys around all the time following me and
making sure I’m not sneaking around. I’m surprised he doesn’t have
guards outside the door of your room. I’m barely allowed to talk to
other guys and there’s this one guy…”

“Ooooh who is it?” Jewel asked. “Is it an illicit romance? Tell me!”

“It’s nothing…I mean I think I want it to be…but it’s not
anything,” Beyonce replied. “But there’s this guy who just signed
onto Shawn’s label. His name is Mike…he uses the stage name

“Never heard of him,” Jewel said.

“Well you will,” Beyonce guaranteed. “He does this rap and R&B
fusion thing and it’s just off the charts good. He’s got mad skills
and he’s gonna be great and I see him all the time and I see him
looking at me and I just know he wants to…you know…and not in
one of those ways that guys always look at girls and you know all
they want is what’s between your legs. He wants more and I think I
feel the same way. But…no luck for us…”

Jewel thought that was one of the saddest things she’d ever heard.
It was a love that could never be story. If this was a movie, Jewel
knew she would be reaching for a tissue to dab at her eyes. Hearing
all of this only made Jewel want Beyonce more. This girl needed
pleasure and Jewel knew she could give it to her.

“I’m so sorry, Beyonce,” Jewel said putting down her glass and
hugging Beyonce. Beyonce responded to the warm hug and held Jewel
tight. If it wasn’t for the girls she was close to, like Kelly and
Michelle, then she probably would have gone insane by now. She
didn’t have that type of connection with Jewel, but it felt so good
to tell all this to her and know that she was listening to her and

“Thanks for listening Jewel,” Beyonce said as they hugged. “It’s
just so hard to go through all this stuff sometimes. I mean I know
there are people out there with bigger problems and everything…but
I just feel so lonely sometimes. Like no one understands what I’m
all about or even cares. Like I’m just Beyonce the singer and not
Beyonce the person to them. I mean I haven’t had many boyfriends. I
feel like I’m missing so much. You don’t even want to know when the
last time I was with a man.”

“When?” Jewel immediately asked. “I mean if you don’t mind me

“You’ll laugh,” Beyonce claimed.

“I totally promise I won’t,” Jewel replied.

“Ok…it’s been a year,” Beyonce said. Jewel didn’t laugh, but she
almost choked on her tongue in shock. The thought that someone as
beautiful as Beyonce could go without sex for a year seemed totally
crazy. It just couldn’t be the truth. Now Jewel was certain she had
to make a move. It was a crime against humanity for a girl like
Beyonce to be without pleasure for that long.

“Wow…a year,” Jewel repeated, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Tell me about it…” Beyonce groaned in frustration. “I just
haven’t had time and my daddy was always around and then the thing
with Shawn started. I think sometimes my body is going to fall apart
through underuse. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I need
something and I can’t get it!”

This was her chance. Jewel knew she had to grab it so she went in
right for the kill.

“Don’t worry Beyonce, I know just what you need,” Jewel said.

“What’s that?” Beyonce asked before she got the surprise of her
life. Jewel leaned forward and kissed her right on the lips. Beyonce
gasped in shock, but she was too taken aback to do anything but just
sit there as Jewel kissed her. Her first instinct was to push Jewel
away and bolt, but Beyonce couldn’t do it. She was too shocked to
move, much less stop the kiss and, besides, she wasn’t even sure she
wanted to stop it.

Despite her complete and utter shock over the sudden kiss from her
friend, Beyonce felt her body begin to respond to it. She felt the
tingle on her skin, the acceleration of her heart and the stirring
in her loins. Jewel’s kiss was everything a kiss should be and
Beyonce found herself not even caring that it was another woman
kissing her. It had been a long time since Beyonce had been kissed
like this and her body craved it. Jewel’s kiss was so soft and
tender, while also promising a heat and passion that Beyonce had
longed for. The dark beauty continued to sit straight up, afraid to
move…she just sat there and let Jewel kiss her. It was only when
Jewel deepened the kiss by starting to push her tongue in Beyonce’s
mouth that she came to her senses and broke their liplock off.

“Whoa…whoa…whoa…what are you doing?” Beyonce said, putting her
arms out and pushing Jewel away from her lips. Beyonce wasn’t angry,
she was just confused. She and Jewel had just been talking
normally…and then that. Beyonce was completely thrown for a loop.
Why had Jewel done that? And, more importantly, was it possible she
had just enjoyed being kissed by another woman?

“I’m just giving you a little bit of what you need Beyonce,” Jewel
answered seductively, lightly teasing her finger over Beyonce’s lips
to collect the saliva that had collected there. “I can do much, much
more too…”

Jewel then moved in for another kiss, but Beyonce stopped her and
pulled away slightly from her on the couch.

“I’m not a lesbian,” Beyonce said, a little anxiously.

“Neither am I,” Jewel informed her friend. “I just know how good a
woman can make another woman feel. I listened to every word you just
said Beyonce. You need this. I know you need to be touched and
kissed. I know you need to feel pleasure. I can give you that and so
much more.”

“This is crazy,” Beyonce said softy. Her heart was pounding in her
chest like a cartoon character, bursting in and out of her. She had
never expected to be in this type of situation. Sure she had had a
fleeting thought or two over the years about what it would be like
to make love with a woman, but she had never really considered it.
Now Jewel, of all people, was offering her sex. It was too weird.

“No it’s not crazy,” Jewel assured her. “I can make you feel so
good. You don’t have to do anything back. You just have to lie back
and let me touch you.”

Jewel then went for a kiss again and this time Beyonce didn’t move
away. She let Jewel press her lips to hers and kiss her softly.
Beyonce couldn’t believe this was happening. It was like it wasn’t
even her on the couch being kissed and she was just watching this
happen, with no control over her own body. She had never thought
this would happen, but there she was. She was being kissed by
another woman and Beyonce couldn’t deny what was plainly
obvious…she liked it. Being told to just lie back and feel
pleasure was good under any circumstance and it didn’t matter what
the sex of your partner was.

“I just…it’s just this is so…I’ve never…” Beyonce said, unable
to complete any of her thoughts after their second kiss ended. Jewel
heard her loud and clear though. She knew Beyonce was nervous.
Luckily Jewel knew a few tricks to calm her down.

“You know you need this,” Jewel said before leaning down to kiss
Beyonce’s lovely neck. “Don’t deny yourself pleasure just because
you’ve never been with a girl. This could be the best thing that
ever happened to you. You say you can’t get any guys? Well you don’t
need guys when I’m around Beyonce.”

The logic Jewel was handing out made perfect sense to Beyonce. It
did feel good to be kissed by Jewel. Beyonce had always prided
herself on being open minded to life’s possibilities, but this was
way beyond anything she had ever considered for herself. Jewel’s
kiss on her neck was heavenly and, despite her reservations,
Beyonce’s body was responding to the blonde’s sexy touch and
overruling her brain.

“I can stop if you really want me to,” Jewel said, pulling away from
Beyonce’s skin.

“No! Don’t stop!” Beyonce’s instinct took over and pushed the words
out of her mouth. She hadn’t thought to say them. They had just
leapt off her tongue.

“I…I…I…just don’t know what I want…” Beyonce admitted. “I
mean it felt good…really good…but I’ve never, you know, done
this…with another girl that is…”

“Just relax,” Jewel stated, pushing her lips to Beyonce’s again and
kissing away her concerns. “Just tell me to stop if you don’t want
me to go on, but I know you’re going to like this.”

Beyonce’s head was still filled with a zillion questions. Was Jewel
gay? She said she wasn’t, but she sure acted like she was. How many
times had Jewel done this? Had she been wanting to seduce her? How
was she making this so damn hot? But Beyonce knew she could worry
about those questions later. She knew this made her body feel good
and it had been a long time since her body had felt good in a sexual
way. Somewhere in between the second kiss and the third one she had
shared with Jewel, Beyonce had decided to see this crazy thing
through. And Beyonce could be very stubborn about sticking to her

“I do want this…” Beyonce confessed. “You’ll just have to, you
know, show me how to do it right. Make me a promise though?”

“Anything,” Jewel agreed.

“Don’t hold back,” Beyonce nervously smiled, biting her lip in
anticipation. “Make this as good as you promised and don’t feel like
you have to hold back, just cause it’s my first time. I need to feel
good Jewel. I need it so fucking bad. Don’t be shy about giving it
to me.”

“I won’t,” Jewel promised with a wicked grin. That was the first
time she had ever heard Beyonce curse and she hoped it wouldn’t be
the last. Jewel could only imagine how good dirty talk would sound
pouring past her beautiful lips.

“So…umm…what do we do now?” Beyonce asked. She couldn’t believe
she was doing this, but her body was telling her that she needed
this. Her skin was tingling all over in excitement…it was so
wicked and forbidden. She had been good for too fucking long.
Tonight Beyonce wanted to be bad.

“We get naked,” Jewel giggled before reaching down to undo the knot
in her kimono. She pulled it open and slipped it off her body,
exposing her teal blue bra and panties.

“Oh gawd,” Beyonce said nervously, but happily when she saw Jewel’s
almost bare body. She’d been close to naked women before, but
changing costumes with Kelly and Michelle was nothing like what she
was about to do here.

“Let me help you,” Jewel offered as she kissed Beyonce again and
reached over for her tank top. Beyonce tensed up when she felt
Jewel’s hands begin to tug her top up over her head, but the kiss
helped her relax. Now Beyonce was responding to another woman’s kiss
for the first tine. She opened her mouth for Jewel to kiss her with
more passion and she began kissing the blonde back. Jewel’s lips
were so soft. It was nothing like kissing a guy. It was soooo much

While they kissed, Jewel tugged at Beyonce’s shirt and began sliding
it up her body. It had been too damn hot for her to slip a bra on
under her top, so Jewel immediately found herself at Beyonce’s
delightful bare breasts. Jewel pulled the white tank top up to
Beyonce’s shoulders and stopped to stare at her nudity.

Beyonce squirmed a little, feeling like she was being inspected, but
when she saw the happy grin on Jewel’s face and knew that she liked
what she saw, she relaxed. Beyonce had never had any lack of
confidence about her body or sexiness, but this was so new to her
that she couldn’t help it. Beyonce already knew she liked what she
saw of Jewel’s underwear clad body, she just wanted the Alaskan to
feel the same way.

“God, you’ve got gorgeous tits,” Jewel said as she began massaging
them gently with her hands. Beyonce’s breasts weren’t as big as her
own, but they were so soft and sexy. They were firm and jiggled just
right every time Beyonce shifted on the couch.

“Oooooh yeah,” Beyonce groaned at the first contact to her quickly
overheating flesh. The guys she’d been with had always been more of
the grope and maul school when it came to her breasts. Jewel’s touch
was much more gentle and a hell of a lot sexier. She caressed her
bare breasts and when she leaned down to begin sucking on her
nipples, Beyonce knew she had made the right call about this. This
was getting so good and she knew it was only going to get better.

Beyonce shuddered a little bit in pleasure as Jewel’s tongue created
little shockwaves to travel up her spine. She had no idea how many
girls Jewel had done it with, but Beyonce could feel she knew what
she was doing. Jewel’s tongue teased and traced all around her
nipples, making them swell and harden and making Beyonce crane her
neck back and moan.

“Yesss suck on them…suck on those nipples Jewel,” Beyonce urged,
her hands moving up on their own accord to play with Jewel’s blonde
hair. It had been too long since she’d felt anything like this and
the sexual feelings that she had pushed deep down inside herself for
a year were now starting to run free. Beyonce felt her pussy get
moist in a hurry and she knew if Jewel kept this up, it wouldn’t be
long before she was soaking her shorts.

“Just tell me what you like Beyonce,” Jewel instructed, tugging
gently on Beyonce’s aching nipples. “Tell me what you want me to do
to you and I’ll do it. This is all about you feeling pleasure.”

“Don’t stop sucking on my boobs…” Beyonce groaned. “Mmmm suck on
those tits Jewel. Suck them like you’re my baby and I’m your hot

Jewel shot Beyonce an absolutely wicked grin in response and happily
pushed her face back to her tits to give her what she wanted. She
loved hearing Beyonce get more and more into this. Jewel certainly
had selfish reasons for wanting to do this, but she also honestly
wanted to give Beyonce the pleasure she clearly craved. No one
should have to go that long without sex and if her career choices
were going to prevent her from going after guys, Jewel wanted
Beyonce to see that there were other options out there. Jewel
licked, kissed and rubbed all over Beyonce’s beautiful chocolate
mounds. She wanted to show her everything a woman could to do her.

Beyonce continued to moan as Jewel pressed her lips and tongue all
over her breasts. It was such a rush to have the feel of Jewel’s
saliva on her tits. It made her feel all kinds of naughty and good.
Beyonce’s libido had been waiting a year for this and she wasn’t
going to censor herself or any of her impulses. She wanted to do
some exploring of Jewel of her own.

“Let me see you,” Beyonce requested in between moans. “Take off your
bra Jewel. Let me see your titties too. Don’t make me be the only
naked girl here.”

Jewel had no intention of depriving Beyonce of her body so she
immediately pulled away and reached around back to undo her pale
blue bra. Beyonce’s eyes lit up with excitement when she saw she was
going to get herself some girl flesh too to play with. Beyonce
helpfully finished pulling her tank top off, leaving herself
completely topless. She did it quickly, so she wouldn’t miss Jewel’s
grand unveiling. Beyonce had just finished pulling the top over her
head and brushing her hair out of her eyes as Jewel opened the clasp
to her bra and pulled it off her.

“You like?” Jewel asked as she tossed her bra to the floor and began
caressing her own large tits. She hefted them up to her mouth so she
could lick her nipples with her own tongue. That trick never failed
to get guys and girls excited and it was having the same effect on

“Mmmm yessss I like,” Beyonce grinned. A woman’s body had never
really turned her on before, but now she was seeing girls in an
entirely new light. “I want to see more! Get your panties off too!”

“Oooh you’re getting greedy,” Jewel teased. “Don’t forget who’s the
one with all the experience here. You’re just going to have to wait,
Ms. Beyonce. But don’t worry, you’ll see my pussy soon enough. Right
now though, it’s your turn and I’m dying to see what’s under those

If Jewel insisted on getting her naked first, Beyonce certainly
wasn’t going to fight her on it. Instead she helped her new lover
out by stretching out on the couch, leaning her back against the
armrest and placing her long, dancer legs right on Jewel’s lap.

“Mmmm thank you,” Jewel said, gratefully accepting the gift of
Beyonce’s legs. She traveled up her right leg with her lips, kissing
her way toward her shorts. Those shorts didn’t cover much of
Beyonce’s body and that left Jewel with a lot of leg to cover. She
journeyed her way up Beyonce, kissing her everywhere as she
traveled. Jewel left wet kiss marks all the way up Beyonce’s legs as
she slid up along side her on the spacious couch. Jewel considered
moving this to the bed, but they were already so comfortable here,
why change a good thing?

“Now this is what I want,” Jewel grinned when she reached Beyonce’s
micro jean shorts. They came down just to the end of her butt cheeks
and seemed to be designed to produce instant creaming of the pants.
They were certainly working on Jewel and it was almost a shame when
she had to take them off. Jewel quickly got over it though. As good
as Beyonce looked in her shorts, Jewel knew she would look much,
much better without them.

“Strip me Jewel,” Beyonce moaned from flat on her back. “Make me
naked so you can fuck me! I need this Jewel! Strip me and fuck me
you hot little lezzie! Show me all the nasty things you can do to a

Jewel heeded those cries and was more than happy to comply with
them. Undoing the button of Beyonce’s shorts was easy, but pulling
them down her toned, sexy body, was seconds of pure torture. The
shorts hugged tightly to each and every one of Beyonce’s amazing
curves and Jewel had to pull forcefully down on them to get them
off. But the effort was worth it. All Beyonce wore underneath was a
red, lace thong that clung to the lips of her pussy. The panties
assumed the shape of her mound and Jewel happily inhaled the scent
of Beyonce’s arousal.

“Now let’s see how wet I got you,” Jewel declared. She didn’t bother
with pulling the red lace off Beyonce. Instead she just jerked it to
the side, exposing Beyonce’s needy pussy. “Mmmm you are nice and wet
for me Beyonce. I’ll bet you’re going to taste so good against my

The idea of another woman’s tongue against her pussy might have
grossed Beyonce out an hour ago, but right now all she wanted was
Jewel to lick her pussy and make her cream. It was as if the very
idea of her continued survival now depended on having this orgasm.
She needed it. She needed Jewel and Beyonce cried out in ecstasy
when the blonde began tracing up and down her slit with her thumb.

“Mmmmm baby your pussy is so hot and tight,” Jewel squealed. “I’m
going to have to open you up a little. Do you want that Beyonce? Do
you want me to loosen your tight little pussy?”

“Gawwwwwd yessss…” Beyonce growled in desire. “Loosen up that
tight pussy of mine! Get nasty with me Jewel! I need to be fucked!
You know how bad I fucking need it! Ughhhhhh can’t wait much longer!
Give me what I need Jewel!”

Jewel kept Beyonce’s panties pushed off to the side with one hand
and continued to use the other to play with her pussy. She was
getting wetter by the second and there was no hint of any of the
earlier reluctance the singer had displayed. Jewel began rubbing
Beyonce’s cunt with her thumb and two of her fingers, making her
lurch and jump on the couch. Beyonce’s pussy was beautiful as it
began to open up for her, layers of pink beyond her dark flesh.
Beyonce had shaved her bush down to a small, thin landing strip of
fur and her juices were starting to soak her fingers. Jewel knew it
was time for her to finally feel a woman’s tongue.

When Jewel pulled her fingers away, at first Beyonce didn’t know
why. But then she peered down to see Jewel positioning her face
between her legs and she had to close her eyes to let the pleasure
course through her. She was so turned on by this that the mere
anticipation of feeling Jewel’s tongue on her pussy almost made her
come. She could feel Jewel’s hot breath getting closer and Beyonce
automatically spread her legs on the couch, exposing herself in
every way to her lover.

Because they were sharing the couch, Jewel had to position herself
oddly. She perched herself on the armrest and leaned down like a
vulture to get at Beyonce’s pussy. Jewel didn’t mind the positioning
though. As long as she was close to Beyonce’s wetness, she was
happy. She continued to hold Beyonce’s panties to the side and this
gave Jewel all the access she needed.

“OHHHH SHIT!!!” Beyonce gasped loudly when Jewel’s tongue first
dipped into her pussy. She’d gotten head before, but feeling Jewel’s
tongue inside was like nothing she had ever experienced before. The
first contact to her cunt nearly sent Beyonce sprawling onto floor
along with their discarded clothes, but she managed to grip the
sides of the couch and hold on.

Beyonce hadn’t been kidding about the year of inactivity. She was so
tight that if she had said she was a virgin, then Jewel would have
probably believed her. Now that Jewel had this pussy before her all
nice and wet she wanted to give it a serious workout. It was crying
out to be loosened up a little and Jewel was going to give Beyonce’s
pussy all it could take.

Jewel started out just with her tongue. She licked Beyonce’s slit
and lapped up the juices that were starting to seep from her pussy
lips. Beyonce’s flavor was rich and addicting and Jewel got even
more of it when she pushed inside her again. The pink walls clung
against Jewel’s tongue, but it didn’t stop her from starting a
steady lapping motion that elicited a healthy drink of girl juice
for her to enjoy.

“Ughhhhh yeahhhh fuck me Jewel!” Beyonce cried, wicked words pouring
from her overheated libido and out her mouth. “Get that tongue in
me! Mmmm feels nice and tight in there, doesn’t it! No one’s been in
there for so fucking long and now I’m all wet for your nasty little
tongue! Don’t hold back Jewel! You promised! Fuck me hard!”

Jewel hadn’t forgotten her promise. She was happy to fuck Beyonce
any way she could get her, but it was always better when you didn’t
have to hold back. Being gentle was fun, but being hotter and
nastier was such a slutty rush to her body. Jewel took her free hand
and slowly pressed one finger into Beyonce’s pussy and then another,
she then used her fingers to spread the lips of her pussy open and
began licking harder.

This brought about a series of gasps and jagged cries from Beyonce
as well as an increase in the flow of honey onto Jewel’s fingers and
tongue. Jewel rubbed Beyonce with her fingers, not too hard, but
firmly enough that she could begin to stretch open her tight walls.

“Ohhhhh yeahhhhh I like…I fucking like!” Beyonce groaned. “Fuck
me! Get those fingers in me while you lick up that pussy! Get nasty
with me Jewel! Show me how much you love that hot black pussy of

You want nasty? I’ll show you nasty, Jewel grinned to herself as she
pulled her face up and spit right into Beyonce’s pussy. The singer
groaned when she first felt the contact of Jewel’s saliva right on
her tender folds. Jewel did it again, spitting right into Beyonce’s
spread pussy and then pulling her fingers out and following it up
with a smack against her girl flesh.

“OWWWWWW!!!” Beyonce cried, but it wasn’t from pain. “YEAHHHHH!!! DO

Beyonce didn’t know if she was shocking Jewel by acting like this
and she didn’t care. She had been waiting a year for this. Every
perverted fantasy that had entered her mind during that time was
running wild in her head. She could be made love to later. After a
layoff like she’d had, Beyonce wanted to be fucked. Fortunately it
seemed that Jewel was more than ready to match her naughty desires
with ones of her own.

“You’re the nasty bitch Beyonce!” Jewel wickedly shot back. “Telling
me to spank your pussy! Begging me to fuck you! I thought you were a
good girl but you’re just another little slut who needs to get
fucked! You need to be taken like the hot little whore you are! Just
like that slut Christina Aguilera! I’ll have to give her your number
so she can push that pierced little cunt of hers in your face and
make you lick her like a slut!”

Was Jewel confessing to have fucked Christina Aguilera? Beyonce had
seen clips of her press conference from that afternoon and had liked
her new look. If Jewel was playing straight with her then Beyonce
was calling her up in a second to see if she really was as hot as
nasty as she acted.

“Ooooh you like that don’t you,” Jewel grinned as Beyonce writhed on
the couch. “Mmmm I think you’re even a bigger whore than she is. She
never begged me to smack her pussy like you’re doing. I see you
acting like you’re daddy’s good little girl Beyonce but now I know
what you really are…a hot little bitch who needs to have her tight
pussy fucked like a slut!”

“YEAHHHHH THAT’S WHAT I FUCKING AMMMMM!!!” Beyonce howled, the words
pouring straight from her unchecked libido. “FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT

“Let’s get these out of the way,” Jewel said, finally disposing of
Beyonce’s panties by ripping them in half from the stitches. She
pushed the shards of lace away and spanked Beyonce’s pussy
furiously. She gave her five good hard slaps and Beyonce loved every
one of them. She sweated, grunted and writhed on the couch, soaking
Jewel’s hand in the process. A deep need had been tapped into in
Beyonce and she wasn’t going to even try to bottle it up until she

After having gotten Beyonce’s pussy tender from her slaps, Jewel
took mercy on her and pushed her face back against her slit. Her
tongue stuck straight out and began licking Beyonce’s juicy pussy
up. Beyonce rose up her ass from the couch to fuck Jewel’s face and
the Alaskan met those thrusts with hard tongue strokes. Her fingers
and slaps had loosened Beyonce up a bit and Jewel now had more room
to maneuver in her. She licked all around her pussy, loving the
richness of her juices and getting her clit as swollen with desire
as Beyonce had ever felt it before.

Jewel’s tongue inside her pussy was the most intense sexual feeling
she had ever experienced. Beyonce put it right up there with the
rush of performing. Jewel knew just where to lick and just how to
treat a needy pussy like hers. Beyonce actually found herself hoping
her orgasm wouldn’t come so fast. She wanted to keep this going as
long as possible. It was too fucking good for her to want it to stop
or even lessen just a bit.


Hanging around rappers for so long had given Beyonce quite an
interesting vocabulary. She had learned so many new terms to
describe her womanhood and she was ready to use them all. Beyonce
took pride in not coming off like a slang talking, cursing,
no-nothing kid in her conversations, but here she was ready to make
porn stars blush.

Jewel kept at Beyonce’s pussy steadily. Her perching position meshed
perfectly with Beyonce’s humping motions and her tongue kept meeting
Beyonce’s cunt at just the right time. Jewel tongue fucked her
friend and felt her juices sizzle on her lips and chin. Beyonce was
hot and more than ready to come and Jewel began to concentrate more
on her clit. She licked the pulsing bud and made sure Beyonce was
writhing like a snake on the couch.


At the sound of that, Jewel pulled up from Beyonce’s pussy and
grinned. Beyonce panted and shared a look of wild, almost bestial
lust with Jewel. The dyed blonde hair on Beyonce’s head clung
against her forehead and was matted to her slutty face. She looked
just as slutty as she was acting and she and Jewel shared a look
that said everything. Jewel didn’t say a word as she picked up
Beyonce from off her back and repositioned herself on the couch.
Beyonce didn’t struggle at all. She helped set herself up just right
so her curvy, drool inspiring ass was wiggling in the air, waiting
for some attention.

Jewel was on that ass in a second. She palmed it, rubbing Beyonce’s
smooth black cheeks with force, leaving marks from her fingers.
Jewel buried her mouth against those cheeks, kissing, licking and
even biting a little of Beyonce’s ass, to the singer’s obvious

“Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh play with that ass…you liked seeing me shake it
on stage with you tonight, didn’t you bitch?” Beyonce purred, her
voice quieter, but no less intense. “Bet you wanted to fuck it right
there and then, didn’t you, you hot little dyke slut! Mmmm we would
have given those fucking kids in the audience a real thrill…you
fucking my hot black ass on stage…blowing their minds and making
them all want a piece of me! Yeahhhhhh bite it baby! Bite those sexy
cheeks! Watch them fucking jiggle for you!”

Despite the air conditioner being on high in the suite, both Jewel
and Beyonce were sweating up a storm on the couch. Their exertions
had their skin glowing with sex sweat and they hadn’t even gotten to
their orgasms yet. They were going to need to break for Gatorade
before this was all done.

Jewel did love seeing Beyonce’s ass cheeks jiggle for her. The best
way she knew to get that visual was to do to her ass what she had
just done to her pussy and Jewel gave a hard smack right to
Beyonce’s booty. She slapped one cheek and then went right for the
next, spanking her ass like it was the thing she had been put on
this Earth to do.

“OOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSS!!!” Beyonce screamed, kicking it up a notch

Hearing Beyonce scream out like that was like pouring fuel on the
fire in Jewel’s pussy. She took her free hand and slid it right
under the waistband of her panties. Her movement pushed the sticky
fabric of her panties away from her pussy and allowed her to start
rubbing herself raw while she spanked Beyonce’s ass. Bootylicious
was truly the only word that could accurately describe what it was
like to see Beyonce’s beautiful, curvy butt wiggling in the air and
shaking from her smacks. Jewel left handprints that quickly faded as
she tenderized Beyonce’s flesh. She could have been happy spanking
Beyonce for the rest of the night, but there were other things she
longed to do as she got her friend off.

Jewel stretched herself out a little bit so she was hovering right
above Beyonce’s puckered asshole. Her mouth watered over the
succulent site before her and Jewel gave her some all natural lube.
Jewel let a string of saliva drip down from her mouth and it was a
direct hit with Beyonce’s ass. Beyonce cooed as the cool spit hit
her hot hole and when Jewel followed it up with another helping of
saliva, the singer knew what she wanted.

“Give it to meeeeee!!!” Beyonce begged. “Tongue my ass Jewel! Make
me come bitch! Get that tongue in my tight little asshole!! Mmmmm I
haven’t taken cock up there in too fucking long! I need your tongue
baby! Lick that asshole and fucking make me come!”

That was just what Jewel did. She pushed her tongue right into
Beyonce’s asshole, rimming her and making her lurch forward on the
couch. Beyonce was on her hands and knees on the couch, her tits
bouncing back and forth as she shook from the intense pleasure she
was feeling. Beyonce had always loved it up her ass and Jewel’s
horny tongue was giving her the type of pleasure she had assumed
could only come from a hard cock.

While Jewel licked and tongue fucked Beyonce’s quivering asshole,
Jewel was doing a pretty good job on herself with her free hand
buried in her panties, stretching them out as she finger fucked
herself. Jewel had three fingers sliding in and out of her cunt
while she gave it to Beyonce’s ass and she was getting herself close
to orgasm. She wasn’t feeling lonely any more and she loved it. This
was just as nasty as she loved to get at the mansion with Rose and
Sarah…two girls who never shied away from giving it to her hard
and slutty. She hoped soon to introduce Beyonce to them. She knew
their tongues would highly approve of her choice of a partner for a
pussy duet.

As close as Jewel was getting on herself, Beyonce was way closer.
Jewel could hear her needy cries and see her whole body shake in
anticipation of what was brewing inside her. Jewel just wanted to
give it all to her at once. Part of her was afraid that Beyonce
would regret what she’d done and there never would be another
chance. She wanted to make sure she did everything she wanted to
Beyonce’s body while she had the perfect opportunity.

Seeing Beyonce’s pussy all dripping and spread for her as she took
her ass from behind gave Jewel the perfect idea. She reluctantly
pulled her hand from inside her panties and used it to guide her
swaying tits to Beyonce’s cunt. Jewel held Beyonce down with one
hand and used the other to rub her tits against Beyonce’s pussy,
scraping her exposed, swollen cit with her hard nipples.


Jewel summoned up every drop of energy she had to work Beyonce’s
beautiful bare body over. She tongued her ass like she was licking
ice cream and rubbed her tits against Beyonce’s clit until her heavy
mounds were slick and coated with girl juice. This double
stimulation was just what Beyonce needed and Jewel was quickly
greeted with a year’s worth of pent up sexual frustration.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Beyonce screamed until her voice grew hoarse.

Her cries went on and on as she coated Jewel’s huge tits with girl
cum. It dripped down over her nipples and into her cleavage. The
stream of honey spread down Jewel’s flesh and onto her tummy,
tickling her belly button even. Beyonce’s essence coated Jewel’s
entire chest, soaking every inch of her breasts as the sexy blonde
rubbed them back and forth against Beyonce’s creaming snatch,
pushing one tit inside her and then using the other in just the same
way. While she tit fucked Beyonce, she didn’t let up with her
tongue. She licked away at her asshole and prolonged the pleasure.

Tears of rapture ran down Beyonce’s face as she came. A year of
unwanted chastity ended with the greatest orgasm of her young life.
Beyonce just gave in to the bliss. She hadn’t expected this but it
was exactly what she needed. Her whole body felt more alive than it
had ever been. Every cell swam in ecstasy and her brain buzzed
uncontrollably with endorphins. It was more pleasure than she ever
had imagined she could get from sex.

When the last cry of rapture passed her lips, Beyonce slumped onto
the couch, her ass still sticking in the air as she rested her head
against the couch’s soft armrest. She smiled dreamily and wondered
what she had just done. She had never done anything that wild
before, but the need in her had been so strong. Beyonce closed her
eyes to appreciate and savor the final tremors passing through her
body and when she slowly opened them she looked up to see Jewel
sitting down next to her on the couch licking her own tits clean of
the girl cum that now completely coated them.

Beyonce stared right at her new lover. She just couldn’t believe she
had done what she had done and said the things she had said. She had
never been that wicked before. But there was just something about
being with Jewel that brought out her nasty side. All that
frustration had finally boiled over and Jewel had been the lucky
recipient. But now Beyonce didn’t know what to do. Should she
pretend this never happened or take it a little further? Looking at
Jewel licking her own tits free of girl cum made the answer obvious
to Beyonce.

“Mmmm you gotta share,” Beyonce grinned as she pulled herself up
into a sitting position and buried her face in Jewel’s impressive
cleavage. She question her new sexuality later. Right now she was
still too turned on to have serious second thoughts about this.

“Ooooh be my guest, after all it’s your sweet pussy cream that got
my titties so nice and sticky,” Jewel moaned as Beyonce took her
first lick of another woman’s breasts. The fact that the breasts
were coated in her own cum made it even hotter for her. Beyonce
didn’t hesitate to start exploring the topless body before her. She
rubbed Jewel’s slick tits with her hands while she licked her
nipples and tongued away the cream that covered her flesh. Beyonce
was tentative at first, but she tried to duplicate what Jewel had
done to her and the moans coming from the blonde proved she was
getting the job done.

Beyonce lapped away at Jewel’s soft, sexy breasts, fondling the
large mounds and tonguing them with a growing eagerness. The more
Jewel moaned, the more Beyonce licked and caressed. Now it was her
turn to set the pace and she wanted Jewel to feel good. Beyonce
could have easily been selfish and curled up into a naked little
ball and slept. But that wasn’t who she was. She wanted to get Jewel
off too.

“Oh Jewel…that was just amazing,” Beyonce moaned when she pulled
away from her lover’s tits. She rested her head against Jewel’s
flesh pillows and smiled, looking up at the blonde. “I can’t believe
we did that. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“There’s nothing like your first time,” Jewel replied, very happy
she had given Beyonce something to remember forever. “I just wanted
to give you what you needed.”

“Mmmm I can’t thank you enough,” Beyonce sighed, her long hair
drooping over Jewel’s bare and sticky flesh. “I did need that. I
needed it soooooo bad. You were just incredible. Ummmm want to see
if I can give it to you too?”

“You don’t have to,” Jewel said as she reached down to caress
Beyonce’s flushed face and play with her hair. “I mean I want you to
but I don’t want to force you. I don’t want to make you do anything
you don’t want to do.”

“I want this,” Beyonce declared. “I want to make you feel good too.
Ummm I just don’t think I can be as hot as you were though! You were
doing the advanced level on me girl.”

“Don’t worry, I’m already nice and close,” Jewel said, sticking her
hand inside her panties and pulling her fingers out a second later
coated in girl cream. She held it out for Beyonce to see for herself
and the rookie eagerly grabbed Jewel’s hand for a taste. Her first
taste of another woman’s juices were was just as good as she had
hoped. Jewel was sweet, but not too strong. She wanted more.

“Besides, Beyonce, just do to me what you like done to you and it’ll
be all peaches and girl cream,” Jewel giggled. “It’s simple and I’ll
help you out any way I can.”

Beyonce loved the sound of that. She took a deep breath and prepared
to literally take the plunge. She pushed herself off the couch and
landed softly on the floor, the soft hotel carpeting massaging her
tender, spanked ass. She crawled over to Jewel and stared right at
her soaked crotch as the blonde spread her legs for her. Beyonce
wondered if she could really do this, but quickly swallowed her
doubts and summoned her sexual courage. Beyonce reached up for
Jewel’s panties and lowered them down her legs, peeling them away
from her pussy and exposing her sodden lips and matted dirty blonde
bush. Beyonce couldn’t believe how wet Jewel was. She was
practically glowing with arousal. She had liked her taste from
Jewel’s fingers and now that she was face to face with Jewel’s
pussy, Beyonce couldn’t wait any longer for her first real taste.

“Ooooooh Beyonce that’s it…” Jewel moaned when Beyonce started her
first licks. “Mmmmm lick it just like that baby…taste how wet my
pussy is and lick it nice and steady.”

Jewel’s instructions were much appreciated and Beyonce made sure she
followed them to the letter. The taste of Jewel’s pussy juices on
her tongue only made her want more. Jewel’s cunt was soaked for her
and Beyonce instinctively knew she was close to coming. She wanted
to taste her friend’s orgasm. She wanted Jewel to soak her skin the
way she’d soaked her tits. Beyonce’s nasty side wasn’t gone yet, in
fact it was reemerging.

Beyonce reached up to stroke Jewel’s thighs with her hands, pinching
and caressing her skin as she licked. She combined the instructions
and praise Jewel moaned to her with her instincts and it was having
the desired effect on her lover. Beyonce peered up from Jewel’s
pussy and smiled when she saw Jewel moaning and groping her own
tits, playing with her soaked jugs and pushing them up for her
tongue to lick. Seeing Jewel fondle herself was a huge turn on for
Beyonce and she rewarded Jewel with a quick flurry of hard licks
against her pussy.

“Mmmmmm yessssss more…” Jewel groaned. “You’re learning fast
Beyonce! You are a nasty girl! Mmmm I wish you could see how hot you
are on your knees eating my pussy…that beautiful bare body on
display…your hot ass sticking out and begging to be fucked again!”

Beyonce felt a rush of tremors though her body again at that
thought. She wished Jewel’s friend Christina was there. She’d want
her to walk up behind her with a dildo or a strap on or something
and fuck her ass while she ate Jewel out. Beyonce knew that would be
the ultimate. Summoning that image fueled Beyonce on even more and
she started licking Jewel even harder. Jewel jumped on the bed when
Beyonce’s tongue made contact with her clit, so she did it again,
licking it and teasing it as Jewel moaned for more and ground her
bare ass into the couch cushion.

Though her tonguing was ragged and uneven, Jewel saw a lot of raw
potential in Beyonce that she hoped she’d have a chance to help
develop. After how hot she’d gotten from her own fingers, Beyonce’s
tongue was more than enough to get Jewel cruising toward her orgasm.
Plus the pleasure of being able to look down and see Beyonce’s
beautiful black face buried between her legs and feasting on her
pussy was an intense turn on for Jewel.

“Mmmmm Beyonce…that’s it!!! Yesssss you little slut…mmmm keep
licking my clit!” Jewel groaned. “You’ll make me come in no time!
Mmmm you think I’m a hot little lezzie? Mmmm you’re just as hot
baby. I’ll share you with all my friends and we’ll show you a real
good time!”

Beyonce didn’t know who Jewel’s friends were, but that sure sounded
good to her. Jewel’s clit was pressed right to her lips and Beyonce
sucked on it hard, just like she loved. She rubbed Jewel’s clit with
her lips, pressing down on it and licking it with her tongue at
every opportunity she had. While she did this, Beyonce’s hands moved
off of Jewel’s thighs to grab at her ass. She was easily able to
grip Jewel’s sexy cheeks and she dug her nails in, giving Jewel a
little spice to go with the sugar.

“Ohhhhhhhh nasty girl…” Jewel laughed. “Mmmm grip that ass baby!
Squeeze it good while you lick my cunt like the pussy loving slut
you are! Ohhhhhh you don’t need to worry about your boyfriend’s limp
cock anymore…mmm you’ve got my wet fucking pussy anytime you’re
fucking horny and hungry for a snack!”

Right now Beyonce would have happily accepted that invitation and
any other ones Jewel might have offered her. She kept sucking on
Jewel’s clit and rubbing her face against her wetness. When she
paused for breath, Beyonce took a second to press her lips to
Jewel’s pussy, kissing her labia and getting an even better taste of
her. Beyonce didn’t know what tomorrow would hold, but she wasn’t
planning on leaving here tonight until she had taken the time for a
full exploration of the pinkest of Jewel’s parts.

Jewel didn’t know what was getting her hotter, the reality of
Beyonce’s tongue in her pussy or the mere thought that knowing
Beyonce Knowles was between her legs eating her out. How many people
had seen Beyonce’s videos and dreamed about fucking her? Now Jewel
was doing what even her supposed boyfriend couldn’t do, fuck
Beyonce’s face and get her beautiful skin wet with cum.

Whatever the true reason was, Jewel could feel herself getting
closer and closer. Beyonce knew how to suck on a clitoris and she
was giving Jewel plenty of pleasure to course through her naked
body. A rush of rapture shot up Jewel’s spine and she called out to
her lover.

“Oooooooooh sooooooo close Beyonce!” Jewel shouted. “Keep sucking my
clit! Keep your mouth right on my pussy and make me come! Mmmmmm
it’s so fucking close baby! Make me come like I made you come! Fuck
me Beyonce!”

As her own pussy began getting wet for more, Beyonce worked hard to
give Jewel what she needed. She licked and sucked every inch of
Jewel’s clit. There wasn’t a part of her pleasure center that wasn’t
bathed with affection. All of the attention Beyonce was giving Jewel
just kept building and building, until it finally peaked after a
hard suck from Beyonce’s eager lips.

“YESSSSSSSS!!!” Jewel screamed as her body tensed up and exploded in
creamy spasms against Beyonce’s face. She bucked into Beyonce’s
young face over and over again, her cum dribbling down the rookie’s
sexy chin while her bush pressed into the top of her nose and
forehead, ticking and scratching her skin at the same time.

“AHHHHHH OOOOOOOH!!!” Jewel exclaimed, her voice seemingly on the
verge of yodeling several times. Beyonce didn’t move an inch as her
tongue and face were coated with a wave of hot girl cream. She
welcomed the blast of pleasure against her face and licked up as
much as she could. When she sensed Jewel was nearing the end of her
orgasm, Beyonce let her cream fill her mouth and then stood up to
kiss Jewel as she released her final moans.

As she kissed Jewel, Beyonce dribbled all the saved up girl cum
right back into Jewel’s mouth. Jewel happily accepted the return of
her juices and she and Beyonce traded tongue sucks back and forth as
they deepened their cummy kiss and shared Alaskan essence back and

When she kiss broke off, Beyonce dropped back down to the couch and
snuggled up to Jewel, kissing her lips and rubbing their bare
breasts together. She knew her life had changed because of this. She
didn’t know how dramatic a change it would be, but Beyonce knew
things were going to be different from here on out.

“Wow! I think that was actually worth waiting a year for!” Beyonce
laughed. Jewel quickly joined her and the two singers laughed and
tickled each other back and forth affectionately.

“I meant what I said Beyonce,” Jewel said. “Anytime you need me to
help you have some fun…all you’ve got to do is wiggle your finger
and I’m there.”

“Mmmm thanks,” Beyonce sighed happily, rubbing her bare body against
Jewel’s. “But we’ll think about the future later. Right now I just
want to think about tonight. Cause I don’t know about you, but I
sure could use a bath.”

“Any chance you’re going to need help scrubbing your back?” Jewel

“Only if I get to scrub yours right back…and any other areas that
need attention,” Beyonce giggled. She felt very bold and sexy at
that moment and Beyonce was really starting to think that not only
should this be more than a one time thing, but that maybe it was
time for her to summon up her courage and see if a certain member of
Shawn’s posse was interested in spending some time alone with her.

* * * * *

Britney moaned as she stirred from her sleep. After the press
conference, Christina had been totally stressed out and Britney had
wanted to calm her down the best way she knew how. Going to
Christina’s old house was quicker than making the drive back to
Malibu, so that was where they had crashed.

After their fun, Britney had drifted off for a short nap and when
she awoke she saw that Christina was just as animated as ever.
Christina was sitting in a chair in her bedroom totally naked and
listening to a tape through her headphones. She obviously didn’t
like what she heard because she kept cursing.

“Goddamn fucking little bitch,” Christina muttered while listening
to the tape. “Stuck up cunt. Who the fuck does she think she is?”

“What’s wrong Chrissy?” Britney asked as she rose up from between
the sheets and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. “What’cha got

“Listen to this Britney,” Christina said. She jumped up from the
chair and handed the headphones to her similarly naked lover. “It’s
that little bitch Mandy Moore’s new song. It’s the first song she’s
going to release after she stole our idea.”

Britney took a listen to it and she immediately saw what made
Christina so upset. The song was great. It was catchy and easy to
dance to. It was totally gonna be a big summer hit. Britney could
practically hear it being played all season long as people enjoyed
the hot weather. It was a perfect pop song and Britney knew after
one listen that it was going to be huge.

“Uh oh,” Britney said after the song ended.

“Can you believe that fucking cunt?” Christina snapped. “First she
steals our idea and then she has a single all ready to go. I’m going
to totally kill her!”

“What’s she calling it?” Britney asked.

“It’s called `Don’t You Want To Be My Baby’,” Christina answered. “I
had a friend whose got a copy to send it to me. She’s going to
release it in three weeks.”

“Ooooh good title,” Britney said, already picturing what would
surely be a number one video on TRL.

“THIS SUCKS!!!” Christina screamed in frustration. “If she gets this
single out before we can get something out and if it’s a hit then
everyone’s going to say we copied her when she’s the one who stole
our idea. We’re going to have to get a single out before she does.”

“How are we going to do that?” Britney asked. “Three weeks is like
no time at all. We can’t do something that quick.”

“I’ll think of something Britney,” Christina promised. “I can’t
believe it. She’s totally going to ruin everything for us. Everyone
thinks Mandy’s such a little goody two shoes and all that shit.
She’s really a fucking cold, heartless bitch!”

“Too bad there’s not like some big scandal or something with her,”
Britney said. “I mean everyone really thinks she’s totally nice and

“Britney! That’s it!” Christina happily exclaimed. “You’re a genius!
We’ll make a scandal for her! Then everyone will see that Mandy’s
not so fucking pure!”

“Ummm how are we going to do that?” Britney asked. She hadn’t
intended to suggest that at all. She didn’t hate Mandy. Britney had
always thought she was as nice and sweet as she seemed. Mandy was
like the queen of the good girls.

“I know just the way,” Christina grinned evilly as she threw her
clothes back on. “Get dressed Britney. There’s someone we need to

“Who?” Britney asked while she quickly got dressed. “Where are we

“You’ll see,” Christina said mysteriously before she opened the
bedroom door and screamed for her loyal bodyguard.

“FLUFFYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!” Christina screamed and a second
later Fluffy entered the bedroom, ducking down to avoid hitting his
head in the doorway.

“We’re going out,” Christina informed Fluffy before leaping into his
bear like arms. “Carry me!”

Fluffy did just that, silently carrying Christina out of her room
and down the stars. Britney followed right behind them, wondering if
she should call the mansion or something first to check on Jamie
Lynn. They’d been gone way longer than she’d said they were going to
be. She hoped her bratty little sister wasn’t giving the boys any
problems. Finally Britney decided not to call. She was sure they
could handle her with no problems.

* * * * *

“This is freaking awesome!” Jamie Lynn cried out as the jeep sped
through the uneven Cuban terrain. They were quickly approaching the
rendezvous point, but they still had their tails on them. “Go faster

“Will you get down!” Franklin shouted as he tugged down on Jaime
Lynn’s shoulders as a flurry of machine gun bullets ripped over
their heads. As soon as the second car, with the buyers, had gotten
close enough they had started firing at the car and shouting, in
perfect English, for them to stop and give them back the device.

“Why aren’t they shooting at the tires?” Delbert asked. “They can
make us stop like that!”

“I think they’d rather kill us then risk us crashing and breaking
the device,” Waldo speculated.

“It doesn’t make any sense!” Franklin declared. “That’s Army for
sure. Why are they trying to kill us?”

“I don’t know but I’m not going to stop and ask!” Waldo shouted as
he zoomed forward.

“They’re catching up! Go faster!” Jamie Lynn insisted. “Put the
pedal to the metal grandma!”

“The petal is already on the metal,” Waldo insisted. “Look we’re
almost there. We just have to cross past through the two hills and
go past the farmhouse and we’re there!”

But just before the boys entered under the passageway in between the
two hills an explosion ripped open the ground right in front of
them. Dirt and flame flew everywhere and Waldo slammed on the jeep’s

“What the hell?” Waldo demanded, temporarily blinded. Before he knew
what happened a hand reached in and punched him in the face.


“NEVER!! IT’S GOING BACK TO THE U.S.!!!” Delbert shouted back as he
hugged the bag.

“I’M WORKING FOR THE U.S.!!!” Marcus insisted. “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT

“WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?” Waldo shouted over the roar of the
fire in front of them. “WE’RE WORKING FOR THE C.I.A.!!!”

“NO! NO YOU’RE NOT!!!” Marcus declared, but before he could say
anything more a hail of machine gun bullets from the hill above him
hit him right in the chest. The scientist lurched backwards before
collapsing on the ground in a lifeless heap.

“Is he dead?” Jamie Lynn gasped.

“Yes and we will be too if we don’t get the hell out of here!”
Franklin said as Waldo began backing the jeep up. They didn’t get
too far before a second explosion ripped through the ground in back
of them. Dirt and rocks flew everywhere and the Army guys hopped out
of their jeep and began firing at the assassins in the hills.
Whoever was stationed up there had the superior numbers and
firepower and the four Army guys were soon cut down where they

“Waldo! We’ve gotta get out of here!” Franklin shouted and the four
of them quickly exited the jeep and tried to make a run for it. But
before they did, they quickly found themselves surrounded. Men in
full body armor with machine guns formed a circle around Waldo,
Franklin, Delbert and Jamie Lynn. The circle opened in the front and
the one man not masked and in uniform entered with a smirk.

“You!” Waldo shouted in an accusing tone. “I should have known.”

“Hello boys,” Brandon smirked. “Oh and hello girl too. Awfully young
to be your girlfriend, isn’t she boys? But when I suppose you’re
living next to a house like you do, you take girls when you can get

“What the hell are you doing here Brandon?” Waldo demanded.

“Give me the MAW device Waldo,” Brandon ordered. “Don’t pretend you
don’t have it because I saw you take it. The quicker we get this
done, the quicker this will all be over. So just give it to me.”

“We don’t have it,” Delbert insisted, hugging the bag in his arms.

“Fine, if that’s the way you want to play it, that’s the way we’ll
play it,” Brandon said as he calmly reached over and grabbed Jamie
Lynn. A knife shot out of his sleeve as if on a spring and it was
quickly against the young girl’s throat.

“Give the MAW device to me now or else your pretty little girlfriend
isn’t going to have a head in a few seconds,” Brandon stated as he
held the screaming Jamie Lynn tightly.

“LET ME GO YOU ASSHOLE!!!” Jamie Lynn screamed. “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO

“She’s spirited,” Brandon smirked again. “I wonder how much a
spirited girl like this will bleed. I wonder if she’ll bleed as much
as your little friend Dexter. He went out like a bitch, by the way,
bawling and begging for his life. I hope when you three die you’ll
at least do it with a little dignity.”

“You son of a bitch,” Franklin spat out. “You’re not going to get
away with this. We’re going to get you for what you did to Dexter. I
knew it was you! I knew it!”

“Franklin, I have already gotten away with it,” Brandon laughed.
“Now give me that bag or else the girl dies slowly and painfully.
You can’t win. Just give it to me. And lets not see any displays of
that famous temper of yours Delbert. Not even you can take out six
armed guards without one or two of your friends getting wasted
first. Do you really want to be responsible for them dying?”

The boys knew that Brandon had them. If they were going to have any
hope of escaping this, they were going to have to do it with all of
their heads attached to their bodies. Delbert reluctantly handed
Brandon the bag and he let Jaime Lynn go. She quickly ran back
toward the boys and as far from Brandon and his knife as she could.
Brandon looked through the bag and smiled when he saw that
everything he needed was inside.

“Well at least you boys get to die quickly and relatively
painlessly,” Brandon said as he backed away and his men aimed their
guns. “You boys did a great job getting all of this for me. And
thanks for helping me take care of Marcus too. That do gooder was
always such a pain in the ass. You boys were always good at this,
but you’re in the no win situation. No one beats the no win

“Unless its the Kobayashi Maru test,” Waldo said, immediately
seizing on an idea. “You following me Frank?”

“Absolutely,” Franklin replied. He had always believed that life’s
most important lessons were taught by “Star Trek.” Now was a chance
to prove it. “In the no win scenario, you just change the rules.”

Franklin then grabbed Jaime Lynn and Delbert and ran for the jeep.
Waldo picked up one of the large rocks that the explosion had jarred
loose and hurled it at Brandon. The rock hit it’s mark and Brandon
went sprawling onto the ground. In the confusion that followed,
Brandon’s men allowed Waldo a second to run for the jeep too and he
took off at top speed. They were cut off in both directions so they
improvised, driving off to the side and toward the farmhouse.

“KILL THEM!!!” Brandon screamed as he picked himself up, the side of
his head bleeding. “KILL THEM NOW!!!”

The men opened fire on the speeding jeep, but it had gotten just
enough of a head start to be out of range for total accuracy. The
bullets whizzed by their heads and everyone ducked down. Several
struck the car, but none hit the fuel tank or any of the passengers.

“JUST A LITTLE CLOSER!!!” Waldo said as he drove toward the open
barn doors. Jamie Lynn kept screaming from the backseat, all tucked
down with her head between her legs and the boys weren’t far from
joining her in adding their own screams. They zipped at top speed,
hurtling as fast as the old jeep could take them. Just as the
bullets continued to come too close for comfort, the jeep drove
through the open door.

“Sir, we’ve lost them,” one of the men reported.

“Well go find them! FIND THEM NOW!!!” Brandon roared, staggering
from the blow to the head.

“There they are!” another of Brandon’s men reported as the jeep
crashed through the back wall of the barn and began driving away.
“I’ve got them in my sight!”

“TAKE THEM OUT!!!” Brandon commanded and the mercenary picked up a
shoulder rocket launcher and fired it at the jeep. It hit its target
dead on and the jeep exploded into a ball of flame lighting up the
Cuban horizon.

“All right, I want a full search of the area,” Brandon ordered as he
picked up the bag containing the MAW device and the data and began
walking up the hill. “You find me bodies. You find me ashes. You
just find me something that shows me they’re dead. I’ve got a
helicopter ride to catch now. Now go make sure they’re dead!”

As the jeep burned into nothingness outside the back of the barn,
Jamie Lynn stood inside, brushing her clothes off as the boys picked
themselves up from where they’d jumped out of the jeep.

“Ewwwwwww everything’s so dirty in here,” Jamie Lynn complained.
“It’s so yucky here! I wanna go home now!”

“So do we,” Waldo sighed. “Ok now, they think we’re dead, but that
won’t fool them for long. Let’s get out of here. We make our way to
the rendezvous point on foot. We’ve still got half an hour. They’d
just better have some kind of explanation for what the hell just
happened here.”

* * * * *

Back at a more peaceful farm, Bobbie Jo stopped the tractor with her
two passengers still safely on board.

“So is your dad around? Maybe he could help us with the car,” Love
suggested as she and Rose hopped off the tractor and began walking
toward the house with Bobbie Jo.

“He might help ya, but you’d have to go and find him first,” Bobbie
Jo said with an obvious bitterness. “My daddy ran off when I was
eight. Left me and momma for some slut who used to answer the phones
down at the hardware store. Haven’t heard from him since and I don’t
care if I ever do.”

“So it’s just you and your mom here?” Rose inquired. “No uncles or
brothers or anything?”

“Why, you lookin for a date?” Bobbie Jo teased, making Rose chuckle.
“Naw, it’s just momma and me. Don’t need anyone else.”

“How do you two run this whole place by yourself?” Love marveled.
Sometimes she was a spazz when it came to working universal remotes.
She didn’t even want to think what would happen if she was placed in
a situation like this.

“It’s not that hard,” Bobbie Jo claimed. “I mean it’s a lot of work
and all that, but it’s like any job. If you work hard at it and do
it right then there’s no problems. We hire field hands when it
really gets really busy and I’ve got school and all that. But mostly
it’s just us doin it all.”

The girls then reached the house and Bobbie Jo opened up a screen
door. She gestured for Love and Rose to follow her, both eager to
get a look at Bobbie Jo’s mother. If she was anything like her
daughter then this would officially become the best place in America
to have a car accident.

“HEY MOMMA!!! WE GOT VISITORS!!!” Bobbie Jo yelled as she walked
into the house.

“You don’t need to shout like that Bobbie Jo…my ears are still
working just fine,” a woman’s voice said from the other room.

“C’mon inside, I’ll introduce you to my mom,” Bobbie Jo said,
leading Rose and Love into the kitchen. They quickly spied a woman
chopping vegetables on the counter top in a light sundress and apron
and a pair of sandals. She looked like she was in her late 30’s or
early 40’s, but the specifics didn’t matter to either girl because
what did matter was that Bobbie Jo’s mom was just as easy on the
eyes as her daughter was. While Bobbie Jo had skin tanned from her
work outside, her mom’s flesh was much fairer. Her hair was black
and straight down her back and the dress she wore couldn’t cover
what Rose and Love immediately detected to be an impressive chest.

“Hello there, my name is Faye…I’m guessing Bobbie Jo already went
and introduced herself,” the woman smiled in a friendly manner. “So
what brings you down to see us today? I hope you’re not selling
anything. I make it clear with the signs I don’t want any solicitors
coming around here selling junk.”

“Momma!” Bobbie Jo gasped, visibly embarrassed by her mother’s
manner. “Don’t you recognize them? This is Jennifer Love Hewitt and
Rose McGowan! They’re both TV stars!”

“Actually I’m only doing films these days…” Love began, before
Rose shot her a look and she immediately shut her mouth.

“Sorry I didn’t recognize you,” Faye replied. “I don’t watch much TV
these days. Bobbie Jo just tells me what’s popular and what’s not. I
didn’t mean to jump all over you there. It’s just that you get all
kinds of people these days and if you let one group in your house
there’s probably a half dozen more waiting outside. So what’re you
two doing here? You’re a long way from Hollywood.”

“We had a little car accident and we blew out one of our tires,”
Rose explained. “We just wanted to use your phone to call a garage
or something.”

“Earl should still be working, it’s not that late,” Faye said as she
wiped her hands on her apron and walked toward a phone mounted on
the wall. “I’ll give him a call and see if he can come help you

“That would be great thanks,” Love smiled. At least they had found a
friendly family. This could have been a bad situation in a bunch of
ways but it looked like they had really lucked out.

“Sorry about momma not recognizing you…” Bobbie Jo apologized,
still embarrassed by her mother. “She thinks everyone’s a salesman
at first. I can’t even bring friends home without her giving them
the third degree.”

“Nahhh it’s no problem,” Love assured Bobbie Jo. “I mean if you go
out assuming everyone’s going to recognize you, then you’ve got
yourself a little bit of an out of control ego. I much prefer it to
someone recognizing me and then telling me I suck.”

“Gosh, who would ever say that to you Love?” Bobbie Jo asked. “I
mean you’re awesome. Both of you are.”

“Ooooh you’re so sweet,” Love smiled.

“Mmmm and you don’t know the half of it,” Bobbie Jo said as she
pulled off her sunglasses, revealing her lovely pair of baby blues
and winked at Love. The tone of her remark did not escape Love or
Rose and they shared a knowing look with each other. Bobbie Jo
seemed a little star struck and both girls were beginning to wonder
just how far she was willing to go to prove she was a fan.

“Sorry girls, Earl says he’s closing up a little early today,” Faye
said after hanging up the phone. “He said he’d come by to tow your
car back to the garage, but he won’t have a chance to fix the tire
until tomorrow morning.”

“Is there a motel in town?” Rose asked. “We need a place to stay

“You can stay here!” Bobbie Jo excitedly offered. “Momma they can
use the guest room!”

“Now Bobbie Jo, you shouldn’t make offers like that,” Faye
chastised. “They might not want to sleep here with strangers.
There’s a motel in town. It’s nothing too fancy or anything, but
it’s got four walls and a roof.”

“Oh momma!” Bobbie Jo pouted, clearly not favoring any solution that
took Rose and Love away from her.

“Don’t be a pest Bobbie Jo,” Faye said. “And what did I tell you
about working out there dressed like that?”

“Oh c’mon momma…it was so hot today,” Bobbie Jo defended herself.
“Besides I kept my top on this time.”

“Well I suppose that’s doing better,” Faye admitted before turning
her attention toward Love and Rose. “I swear this girl would do her
work out there stark naked if she could. I can’t tell you how many
times I caught her out there without her shirt on.”

Both Rose and Love had a hot thought summoning a mental image of
Bobbie Jo working under the sun topless…beads of sweat trickling
down her cleavage…but they tried not to make it too obvious. They
didn’t know how Faye would react to them openly lusting after her
daughter. Both girls stole a look at Bobbie Jo and saw that she
didn’t seem to mind her mother telling her new friends about her
personal habits. In fact it looked like she enjoyed them knowing.

“It really doesn’t matter where we stay,” Rose said, not in much of
a hurry to leave her quite yet either.

“Well we can discuss it after dinner,” Faye declared. “I insist you
at least stay for that.”

“Yeah! You have to stay for dinner! Please!” Bobbie Jo
enthusiastically added.

“We’d love to,” Love accepted, feeling a little growl in her
stomach. Some dinner would definitely hit the spot and any excuse
for her and Rose to stay in Bobbie Jo’s company was a good one. Love
certainly wouldn’t have minded staying here for the night,
especially if Bobbie Jo came by to tuck her and Rose in.

“Well I’ll just set out two extra places then,” Faye smiled. “Bobbie
Jo, did you put the tractor away?”

“I’ll do it after dinner,” Bobbie Jo said. “I wanna talk to Rose and
Love for awhile.”

“Do it now Bobbie Jo,” Faye said firmly.

“Oh momma…c’mon!” Bobbie Jo whined. “It takes forever to wash it

“Bobbie Jo! Don’t make me ask you again!” Faye shot back, ending the
mother/daughter debate.

The teenage girl looked crestfallen at having to leave her famous
friends so Love, seeing a good excuse to get alone with her, quickly
offered up an idea.

“I can help you Bobbie Jo,” Love suggested. “I mean it’s the least I
can do since you’ve been so nice to us. With the two of us it should
take half the time.”

“Well that’s very generous of you Jennifer,” Faye smiled.

“Call me Love,” the actress smiled back as Rose shot her a look of
jealousy for coming up with the idea first.

“C’mon Love…let’s go,” Bobbie Jo said excitedly, grabbing Love by
the hand and pulling her toward the door. Love let the teenager
guide the way hoping that this little trip outside could lead to
some fun. She didn’t want to assume anything, but Love was confident
she was getting signals from the eager young girl.

* * * * *

Jaime smiled in satisfaction as she drove. Things had gone exactly
as she had planned with Alyssa. The girl hadn’t invited her to the
mansion yet, but Jaime knew it would come soon. A few more fuck
sessions like they had just had and soon Alyssa would be begging
Jaime to come down to Malibu for a playdate.

As soon as she got that invitation, Jaime knew she’d be able to drop
her little girl virgin act and give it hard to all of Rose’s
friends. Who knew what sluts Rose had stored away in that mansion
and Jaime was looking forward to fucking them all. She’d give it to
them until they screamed at her to stop and then she’d fuck them
even harder until their spirits broke. Jaime could only imagine what
the look on Rose’s face would be like when she saw all her friends
had become her simpering little slaves…just like she would soon be

The thought was so intense Jaime nearly brought herself to orgasm
while driving. She was keeping one hand on the wheel and another
between her legs. She had her jeans down past her knees and three
fingers crammed up her cunt as she fucked herself while dreaming of
destroying Rose once and for all. That fucking bitch thought she
could escape her? Jaime would never let her go. Never. There wasn’t
anywhere she could go that she couldn’t get her.

Jaime couldn’t believe all those mindless little whores thought Rose
was some tough, sexually uninhibited woman. She knew the truth. She
knew what Rose had done and she knew her true nature. Holding that
over Rose was the greatest power Jaime had ever had and there was no
way she was letting Rose get away from her. Not as long as she was
still breathing.

By the time she reached her destination, the smile on Jaime’s face
had only grown. Unfortunately she had to pull her pants up now, but
she was confident she wasn’t going to have to wear them for long.
Those who knew Jaime in the most intimate of ways would never
believe she could ever be into guys, but they did have their
uses…especially when she could get something from them.

When she had dated Carson Daly last year, Jaime had gotten more
press attention than she had for any of her movies or TV series. She
still saw him now and then, just to keep him safely under her thumb.
It was amazing what a guy would do for a girl who could suck cock
and Jaime loved to suck cock. It was the ultimate rush to feel a man
between her lips, placing his most valuable possession right near
her teeth. Carson had no idea about her extracurricular activities
and Jaime was going to keep it that way. She liked her little sex
toy to be nice and clueless. It kept him from asking too many

She had found it useful to keep Carson around because it never hurt
to have a well known media guy willing to do whatever she wanted.
All she had to do was pop over his house now and then for some fun.
That wasn’t too high a price to pay and it was about time for a
visit anyway, so when he had called her and asked her to come over
Jaime hadn’t hesitated.

But when she arrived at his house, she didn’t find him happy to see
her. In fact, she had never seen Carson so agitated before.

“That bitch! That fucking bitch! Who the fuck does she think she
is!” Carson cursed as he paced up and down the floor.

“Slow down baby. What is it?” Jaime asked. She quickly got her
answer when Carson played her the video that had been sent to him
that day. It was that little twit Tara Reid and Jaime didn’t have to
guess what it was she was doing on it. She was having herself a hell
of a lesbian good time. It seemed like a real change from the time
they had seen her at the concert, where Tara had seemed to be
perpetually on the verge of tears.

“Wow…I didn’t know that little dummy had it in her,” Jaime said
with admiration.

“I can’t believe she did this to me!” Carson continued to rage. “How
can she think she’s better off without me? I’m Carson Daly! I’m
better in bed than any fucking dyke ever could be!”

“Of course you are baby,” Jaime lied. She better than anyone else
knew that Carson could never make anyone come the way Tara was
coming on that video. Now if only she could see who Tara’s little
pussy pal was. That would be the really interesting part.

“That bitch needs to pay!” Carson swore. “No one does that to me!
She needs to fucking pay!”

“Oh yeah?” Jaime said, her ears perking up. She liked the sound of
this. “Maybe I can help you out with that.”

“You?” Carson demanded. “How could you help? What do you know about

“Oh I know a few tricks,” Jaime replied coyly, a wolf’s grin
crossing her lips.

* * * * *

Getting the tractor inside the barn only took a few minutes and as
soon as it was inside, Bobbie Jo started hosing it down. She handed
one to Love as well and the actress took on the other side.

“It sure is nice of you to help me out like this,” Bobbie Jo
remarked over the sound of the water rushing out of the house.

“Oh it’s no problem at all,” Love said brightly. “You were so nice
to help us out back there. I’m just trying to return the favor.”

“I’m sorry if I was a little bratty in there,” Bobbie Jo said.
“Momma just kind of brings that out in me sometimes.”

“I know what you mean, I’m the same way with my mom,” Love replied.
She and Bobbie Jo seemed to have a lot in common. Their fathers had
both run off and they had both been raised by Southern mothers. Love
certainly hadn’t been raised on a farm down in Texas, but she saw
where Bobbie Jo was coming from, that was for sure. There was
nothing like a mother to regress you to childhood. Sometimes when
she got into it with her mom, Love felt like she was 10 years old

“I just can’t believe you’re here…I’m such a huge fan of yours,”
Bobbie Jo gushed. “I saw you two standing there and it was like a
dream. I was sure I had heatstroke or something. I mean it just
couldn’t be real. What are you two doing down here anyway? You part
of the movie they’re filming in town?”

“They’re filming a movie in town?” Love inquired. “No, we’re just
driving through. We’re headed to New York to see some friends.”

“How come you didn’t take some private jet or something?” Bobbie Jo

“We wanted to drive,” Love shrugged. “It was Rose’s idea. It’s nice
to see America. I mean L.A.’s nice, but you can only be there for so
long before you start to go nuts. It’s been a strange trip, but it’s
been a lot of fun.”

While she talked it was hard for Love to keep her mind on her work,
water was splashing off the tractor and onto Bobbie Jo’s firm young
body, covered in her small bikini top. With her sunglasses off she
looked even more beautiful, displaying her sexy teen body. You
couldn’t quite call her a tomboy because it was clear she was all
woman, but her tan skin and energetic personality showed her as
someone who didn’t look like she enjoyed just sitting around and
waiting for nail polish to dry.

Love couldn’t help but look at the beads of water hitting her almost
bare chest and imagining licking them off with her tongue. She could
feel herself getting wet and it wasn’t from the water splashing
against her dress from the hose. Now if only Bobbie Jo would give
her a clear sign and confirm her suspicions, she would make a move.
Fortunately, Love didn’t have to wait long.

“You’re gonna soak that dress,” Bobbie Jo observed.

“I guess so,” Love giggled. “No big deal though. It’ll dry off

“You could always take it off,” Bobbie Jo suggested with a wicked
grin. “I mean unless you mind standing here in your underwear. I can
promise not to peek at ya.”

“Oh no, I can’t do that…” Love replied, playing it coy as she made
absolutely sure Bobbie Jo was hitting on her.

“Why not?” Bobbie Jo asked with a little bit of a teenage pout.

“Well…I don’t have any underwear on,” Love giggled with a little
blush. She was getting very hot and squishy inside standing here
with this little teen sexpot. Bobbie Jo was the reason why so many
people had farmer’s daughters fantasies and right now Love’s
imagination was running wild. The temperature only rose when Bobbie
Jo spoke up again.

“Ohhhh well that’s no problem…I usually end up hosing this thing
down naked anyway. I love feeling the water on my bare skin,” Bobbie
Jo declared before showing she wasn’t joking. She reached around
back and undid the string of her bikini top. She yanked her top over
her head and tossed it to the ground, exposing a succulent pair of
young breasts that Love felt had to be a large B cup, bordering on
C. Bobbie Jo then pulled down her overalls and showed that not only
wasn’t she wearing any panties underneath them, she also favored the
same grooming habits that Love did.

“Oh my,” Love marveled at the inhibitionless way this girl had just
stripped for her. It had seemed to be as easy for her as taking a

“Now you,” Bobbie Jo said, pointing at Love’s dress. “Now you have
to get naked too. I know you’re not shy, Love. C’mon it’s too damn
hot to be wearing clothes anyway. Before you and Rose came along I
was just lying under the sun totally naked and it felt soooooo

“Oooh you’re a bad girl,” Love giggled, unable to take her eyes of
Bobbie Jo’s shaved pussy. “Does your mother know you were doing

“There’s a lot of things my momma doesn’t know,” Bobbie Jo grinned
as she put the hose down and walked toward Love. “I love momma more
than anything, but she doesn’t know me at all. She thinks I’m some
good little girl, but I’m not. She doesn’t know I don’t like boys at
all. I never let them touch me. Mmmmm but I let girls touch me all
the time. She doesn’t know that. She doesn’t know that when her best
friend invites me over all the time to babysit her kids, she really
wants me to get naked for her so she can lick my pussy all
afternoon. And she doesn’t know I keep these in here.”

Love could only stare in happy shock at the little naked slut before
her as she confessed her lesbian activities and stretched up to grab
a box she had put on a high shelf in the barn. Bobbie Jo opened the
box and showed Love it was full of porno magazines and an ivory
white dildo. The magazines were all dedicated to girl on girl sex,
but the hardcore pictures weren’t what drew Love’s attention. It was
the Playboy magazine that Bobbie Jo pulled out for her to see.

“Did you like what you saw in there?” Love asked, swallowing hard as
Bobbie Jo displayed her issue of Playboy. It had hit the stands just
as she and Rose had left Malibu and Love had gotten such a kick out
of seeing her face staring out on the cover of the magazine at the
many gas stations they had visited along the way. Love always got
wet when she saw the cover, knowing the cover shot of her wearing a
long white t-shirt and nothing else only hinted at what was inside.
You couldn’t see any of her good parts on the cover, but inside you
saw all of them.

“Mmmmm did I ever,” Bobbie Jo answered with a twinkle in her eye.
“You are just so, so beautiful in here Love. I never thought you’d
get naked like this and when I heard you were doing it I thought it
was too good to be true. But it was even better than I imagined it
would be. Your body is gorgeous. And when I saw you standing there I
really did think I’d passed out from the heat cause it was like one
of my fantasies came to life.”

“I’m just glad you liked it Bobbie Jo,” Love replied. “But you know
what? I’m even better looking in person.”

Love then unzipped her dress and let it pool around her feet,
leaving her stark naked except for her sneakers and socks. Bobbie Jo
put the box down and gasped as Love stripped for her. Now she was
really thinking it was a dream. This couldn’t really be happening.

“Are ya teasin me?” Bobbie Jo demanded. “Don’t be teasin me. Please
tell me you’re into girls too.”

“I am,” Love grinned, making Bobbie Jo’s heart soar and her pussy
drip. “I love playing with girls and right now I want to play with
you Bobbie Jo. I saw the way you were looking at me and Rose and we
loved it. We were hoping you’d be into this. Now I get to really
repay you for being so nice to us.”

“Are you and Rose together…you know…like girlfriends?” Bobbie Jo
asked, her mind already racing ahead to think about having the two
of them together.

“Kind of,” Love replied coyly. “It’s complicated, but we can talk
about that later. Right now there’s other things we can do.”

“Mmmm goody,” Bobbie Jo grinned as she and Love embraced, pressing
their bare bodies together as they kissed for the first time. Bobbie
Jo wasn’t shy about her kiss at all, she gave to back to Love as
good as the experienced actress gave it to her. They wrapped their
arms around each other while they kissed, their tongues intertwining
as they shared their mutual passion. Bobbie Jo’s kiss had a needy
heat to it that Love found so arousing. She was so eager for
something like this to happen, but Love had a question first.

“How old are you baby?” Love asked while she ran her finger up and
around Bobbie Jo’s bare breasts, teasing her nipples.

“I’m 17…gawd, that’s not a problem…is it?” Bobbie Jo asked
anxiously. She didn’t want this whole deal to be blown just because
she wasn’t 18. Love considered this for a second and quickly decided
on her answer.

“Not to me,” Love said before kissing Bobbie Jo again. The age thing
didn’t bother Love because Bobbie Jo had clearly done this before
and it was obvious how bad she wanted this. If there had been any
reluctance on her part, then Love might have reconsidered, but there
wasn’t a drop.

The two girls kissed furiously, their passions and moans rising
together. They knew they didn’t have much time to do this, so they
didn’t waste it. They kissed and touched each other in passionate
gasps of energy. Love’s hands reached down to squeeze Bobbie Jo’s
tight, young ass cheeks while Bobbie Jo’s hands shot up to play with
her idol’s tits.

“Oh my God, I just can’t believe this is happening,” Bobbie Jo
moaned happily. “I’ve wanted something like this for so long. I
watched all your shows and your movies and mmmmm I played with
myself so many times looking at your pictures and imagining we were
doing this. I never thought it would happen!”

“It’s all real baby,” Love replied as she continued to play with
Bobbie Jo’s naked cheeks, rubbing and pinching them. “Have you been
with a lot of girls?”

“Mmmmm not as many as I wanted to,” Bobbie Jo grinned. “I always
knew I was into girls. Boys were always so stupid. I used to play
around with my friends, but now they all have their dumb boyfriends
and they don’t want to do lesbo stuff with me. So I just go and fuck
their moms instead.”

“You serious?” Love asked.

“Mmmhmmm…I show their mommas a real good times while their
husbands are off getting drunk and dumb,” Bobbie Jo wantonly
revealed. “Lots of hot women in this town love feeling my little
tongue on their pussies. Once my friends realize men are good for
nothing they’ll come back to me.”

Love couldn’t believe what this young girl was telling her. She was
a total country slut for pussy and it was making Love wild with lust
for her. Every word from Bobbie Jo’s mouth was making Love wetter.

“You naughty little girl,” Love smirked before leaning her head down
to begin sucking on Bobbie Jo’s tanned teen tits. “Fucking your
little girlfriends and then eating their moms out. Mmmm you must
have all sorts of nasty thoughts in your head. If only your mom knew
what a naughty slut she’d raised.”

“Yeahhhh I’m the nastiest girl in town,” Bobbie Jo groaned as she
felt Love tongue her sensitive nipples. “My pussy is wet all day
long. I have nasty fucking thoughts in my head all the time. I wanna
fuck every hot girl I know! Mmmm every last one of them! Mmmmm
yeahhhh suck on my titties Love. Suck them good in your hot mouth!”

“Little nympho…my friends all think I’m a slut, you totally outdo
me…maybe I should just see how wet your little pussy is,” Love
said, sliding her free hand down between Bobbie Jo’s legs and
helping herself to a feel of her hot, wet teen cunt. “Ooooh I love
your shaved pussy Bobbie Jo.”

“I did it cause of you!” Bobbie Jo said in between moans. “I saw you
in your pictures and you were so hot all shaved like that. Mmmm so I
shaved my pussy and I love how it feels.”

“It’s so nice and smooth,” Love cooed as she ran her fingers up and
down Bobbie Jo’s slit, soaking her fingertips with girl juice. Love
then pulled her fingers up to her mouth and greedily sucked them
clean. “Mmmm you taste good too. I just want to get my tongue all
over this slutty little pussy of yours baby.”

Surprisingly, just as Love was about to crouch down and line up with
Bobbie Jo’s pussy, the teenager stopped her.

“No! I wanna do you first!” Bobbie Jo declared. “I don’t want momma
to call us in before I make you come! I need to do you first!”

Love certainly wasn’t going to object to that. She craved a real
taste of Bobbie Jo’s juices, but she was confident she would have a
chance, if not now then later. She wasn’t going to turn down a pussy
licking from this hot little country nympho.

The two girls kissed again and Bobbie Jo turned Love around and
pushed her toward the tractor. Love’s bare back pressed against the
machine and the water they had spread all over it tickled her skin.
That didn’t distract her from the kiss, though, and Love and Bobbie
Jo happily sucked on each other’s tongues, kissing and groping each
other. Love’s hands grabbed at Bobbie Jo’s breasts, massaging and
tugging at the nipples she had just been licking.

“Get up on the tractor,” Bobbie Jo commanded. “Get up there and
spread your legs so I can eat your beautiful pussy Love.”

Love did just as she was told. She hopped up on the tractor and
spread her legs wide, exposing her glistening pussy to Bobbie Jo’s
hungry, horny eyes. The teen giggled happily as she ran her fingers
over Love’s splayed lips, collecting the cream and licking it off.
She really couldn’t believe this was happening. Love and Rose
showing up at the farm was unbelievable enough, but finding out both
of them were into girls was so beyond amazing that Bobbie Jo truly
thought she must have been dreaming this.

She had wanted them from the first time she had seen them both,
especially Love. Bobbie Jo had known she was going to try to seduce
them before she even saw who they were. All she had first seen was a
couple of hot girls and Bobbie Jo loved hot girls. When she had
found out they were more than just regular hot girls, she’d wanted
them even more. Bobbie Jo had had no idea Love was into girls. She’d
been hoping she was, but had had no idea about the truth. She hadn’t
been planning on taking no for an answer, but she hadn’t had to use
any of the seduction tricks she had used to coax so many of the
women in town out of their panties. There was still one woman Bobbie
Jo wanted more than anything and hadn’t had, but she could worry
about that later. Right now she had one of her favorite fantasy
girls’ pussies staring at her begging to be licked and Bobbie Jo
knew just how to lick a girl right.

“Ooooooooooh that’s it! Eat that pussy you little slut!” Love cried
out as Bobbie Jo buried her face in her wet cunt. “Taste how fucking
wet I am! Get it all over your nasty tongue!”

Love reached up to play with her own jiggling breasts as Bobbie Jo
licked her pussy. The girl hadn’t been lying. She had done this
before because her tongue knew just where to go. Love didn’t have to
guide her at all. Bobbie Jo’s tongue would have fit right in with
the fun in Malibu and Love had a feeling the star struck teen
wouldn’t have objected to a long vacation there. Bobbie Jo lapped
away at her dripping pussy, hitting her spots and making her
clitoris swell with need and desire.

“Oh fuck your tongue is good you nasty little nympho!” Love shouted.
“Mmmmm those women in town must really love your hot little mouth on
them! God you’re sooooo good Bobbie Jo! Eat my pussy! Make me coat
that naughty tongue in my cream!”

It was as if all of Bobbie Jo’s previous encounters were leading up
to this moment. They had all been practice and now this was the big
stage. How many times had she made herself come over Jennifer Love
Hewitt? Bobbie Jo had lost count. When her Playboy issue had hit the
stands, those fantasies had only increased in vividness and
frequency. Having seen her bare body, Bobbie Jo had imagined exactly
what she would do to Love if she ever had the chance to taste her.
She had never thought that day would come, but now that it had
Bobbie Jo didn’t deviate from her plan.

She licked Love’s slit clean of juice and then got more for herself
with hard tongue strokes inside her pussy. She lapped at Love’s
pinkness and tried to get every drop of yummy girl cream onto her
tongue so she could swallow it like manna from the heavens. She’d
trade off her licks with little nips of her teeth against Love’s
clit, making her jump on the tractor seat and hump her face. She
didn’t give Love any pain with this. It only increased her passion,
especially when Bobbie Jo would suck gently on her clit, giving it
sugar after the salt.

Bobbie Jo had never been with a girl as eager about girl sex as Love
was. Her friends had always been so shy and the older women in town
were usually too nervous about their husbands catching them or too
worried that they were doing something sinful to really relax. Love
had none of their inhibitions. She was just as free and at ease with
her sexuality as Bobbie Jo was. She hoped Rose was the same way
because Bobbie Jo was certainly planning to try and rustle up a
threesome before bed.

Love continued to lie back with her legs spread on top of the
tractor as Bobbie Jo leaned up against it and feasted on her soaking
wet pussy. She played with her tits, shaking them up and down and
massaging them until she could leave handprints on her own flesh.
Love just wished Rose was here with her to see this country slut eat
her out. Rose could get Mr. Snappy and show Bobbie Jo what fucking
was all about. Conjuring up that image sent a rush of pleasure
through Love’s bare body. She’d have given anything to see Rose take
Bobbi Jo’s tight country cunt and loosen it up with her toy, like
she’d done to her countless times.

Time wasn’t on their side, so Bobbie Jo didn’t bother with the
niceties. She knew she had to get Love off hard and fast. She didn’t
want to even think about how her momma would hit the roof if she saw
the two of them together. If she only knew half the things Bobbie Jo
had done around town she’d probably faint. But Bobbie Jo didn’t
think what she did was wrong. It felt so good and she knew it was
giving people pleasure. There was never anything wrong with

“Don’t stop Bobbie Jo!” Love urged as her body filled with the
ecstasy the hot teen’s tongue was bringing her. “Get that pretty
little face of yours in my slutty pussy and eat me out!!! Mmmmmmm
you and I…we’re the same! We’re both little sluts who love pussy!
Make me come and I’ll make you come! I’ll make your farm girl pussy
come so hard Bobbie Jo! Just get me off! Eat that pussy you got so
fucking wet so I can come over your country slut face!”

The rush of having this young girl’s tongue and lips on her cunt
made Love’s body writhe on the tractor seat. She loved how nasty it
was to know this slutty little thing was eating her out right here
in the barn while her mother was inside making dinner and thinking
she had herself a good little girl. A nasty thought popped into
Love’s head…what if Rose was doing this inside to Faye? What if it
was like mother like daughter? What if Faye was as much a slut for
pussy as her little girl was? Love hoped for Rose’s sake she was.

Bobbie Jo began sliding her fingers inside Love’s pussy, making the
actress scream out with joy. She used her fingers to spread open her
pussy even more, making sure there was plenty for her to taste and
lick. Knowing she was tongue fucking one of her favorite actresses
was such a turn on to Bobbie Jo that she thought she could make
herself come without even touching herself. She was so hot for this
that she felt as if she could just will her pussy to explode and
drip hot girl cream down her bare legs.

As her tongue collected more and more of Love’s juices, Bobbie Jo
tongue fucked her harder, pushing her tongue in and out of Love’s
pussy and rubbing it right against her stimulated clit. She wanted
Love to come so bad. She waned her girl cum to drip down onto the
tractor seat and stain it. Bobbie Jo had done that to the seat so
many times. She’d always been an exhibitionist and there had been
many occasions when she’d just paused in her work, stripped out of
the little clothing she wore out there and just fingered herself to
orgasm right on that seat.

“Come for me Love!” Bobbie Jo ordered, pulling her face away but
using her fingers to stimulate Love. “Come for lil ol Bobbie Jo!
Cream that seat with your cunt! I always hoped you’d be a nasty girl
who loved being fucked like this! Now I wanna see you come baby!
Come all over my face! Make your sweet Hollywood juices drip down
onto my tits! Fuck my face so I can have your cum all over my skin
and my momma can smell you on me all through dinner! Gimmie that
pussy cream!”

Bobbie Jo’s nasty words sent Love’s body soaring with pleasure. That
sounded so hot. Love could picture it now. All of them around the
table and Faye not knowing why her daughter was all sticky and
flushed. Rose would know. She’d know what they’d done to each other
in the barn and she’d want a piece too.

“Ohhhhh soooooo close!!!” Love cried. “Tongue fuck me you little
tramp! Jam that tongue up my pussy and make me come! Lick that clit
Bobbie Jo! Lick that clit like you lick all your slutty friends and
their nasty mothers!”

Bobbie Jo did just that. She licked Love’s clit over and over again,
flicking against the tender bud and sending Love’s libido through
the roof. Love’s clit was swollen with arousal for her and when she
batted around her bud, slapping it with her tongue strokes, there
was no way Love could stop herself from coming and giving Bobbie Jo
what her hungry mouth craved.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!” Love screamed before covering her mouth with
her hands. She didn’t want to make it too obvious what was going on
here. Love screamed into her hands as she came all over Bobbie Jo’s
tanned face. She soaked her sun baked skin with hot girl cum that
the girl lapped up like she had found an oasis on a 120 degree day.

Bobbie Jo’s skilled tongue worked hard to make sure she didn’t miss
a drop. She wanted Love’s essence to fill her belly. She didn’t care
what her momma was making for dinner. This was all she wanted to
eat. When she had had her fill, Bobbie Jo let the rest drip out of
her mouth and onto her chest, where she began rubbing it into her
skin, coating her teen tits.

“Mmmm Bobbie Jo, you are one sweet little slut,” Love grinned when
she finally came down from her orgasmic high.

“And you haven’t even tasted me yet,” Bobbie Jo giggled.

“Is that an invitation?” Love asked, hopping down from the tractor
and reaching for Bobbie Jo’s pussy. The girl was dripping wet and
Love’s hand was quickly soaked with her arousal.

“You know it is,” Bobbie Jo grinned before bringing Love in for
another kiss, making sure she could taste herself all over her young
lips. “But I don’t know if we’ll have time. Momma will be calling us
in soon.”

“Well I don’t hear her calling us yet,” Love shot back. “So why
don’t you just let me show you what I can do. Besides your mom
probably isn’t doing much talking with her head buried in between
Rose’s legs.”

“Nahhhh…not my momma…she’d never do anything wild like that,”
Bobbie Jo contended.

“I dunno, Rose can be very convincing,” Love teased, her hand
continuing to play with Bobbie Jo’s wetness. “I’ll bet that’s why
she hasn’t called us in yet. She’s too busy playing with Rose.”

Bobbie Jo continued to shake her head. She didn’t see that as
possible, but the mental image did turn her on and Love noticed an
increase in the heat of her pussy.

“Ooooh you like that, don’t you?” Love grinned. “Your sweet mommy
getting fucked by my friend. I’ll bet Rose is making her just as big
a slut as you are. Mmmmm you’re getting so wet thinking about it.”

Bobbie Jo didn’t deny it. She just kissed Love again passionately.
Love didn’t know where those thoughts had come from. She usually
wasn’t this nasty about sex, but then again she had just taken on 6
guys the other day and was now rubbing a strange 17-year-old girl’s
pussy. Spending all this time with Rose must have been changing her
and Love felt it was a change for the better.

“Mmmm I could play with this hot pussy all night,” Love purred as
she kept rubbing her new friend’s snatch. “But a nasty little girl
like you needs more than that, don’t you? You need to be fucked!”

“God yes…fuck me Love!” Bobbie Jo gasped from the pleasure Love’s
probing fingers were giving her. “Fuck me just like I dreamed

“What did you do when you looked at my naked pictures?” Love
inquired, her fingers pushing through Bobbie Jo’s slit and into her
wet pinkness. “Did you fuck yourself with the dildo of yours?”

“Yes! Yes I did! Over and over again!” Bobbie Jo confessed. “I’d
look at those pictures of you and fuck my hot little pussy with my
toy! I’d pretend it was you fucking me!”

“Is that what you want? Me to fuck you with your toy? For me to push
it deep inside you and make you come?” Love demanded, loving having
erotic power over this nubile sex goddess in training.

“Please!” Bobbie Jo begged. “Fuck me Love! Get that toy inside me
and fuck me!”

“Did you stain my pages with your girl cream?” Love asked, her
tongue dragging up Bobbie Jo’s face, licking up her sweat as she
traveled to her ear. “Did you soak my naked pictures with your cum?”

“Yessssssss!” Bobbie Jo hissed, her young pussy dripping hot juice
onto Love’s fingers. She’d gotten so hot eating Love out that she
found herself already on the verge of orgasm from Love’s trained
fingers. “I fucking soaked those pictures! Mmm the pages are all
stuck together! Gonna have to buy a second copy!”

“Good girl,” Love replied before kissing Bobbie Jo’s lips again.
“That’s a good little slut. You deserve some fun for being such a
good girl.”

Love then pulled her fingers out and moved away from Bobbie Jo. The
girl didn’t protest or whine though. She knew what Love was going
for and it was more than worth a few seconds of no stimulation.

Sure enough, Love did exactly what Bobbie Jo was hoping for. She
bent down onto the ground, giving Bobbie Jo an excellent view of her
ass in the process, and pulled the dildo out of the box. She resumed
finger fucking Bobbie Jo and also began sucking on the toy. Love,
having just received a refresher course in blow jobs the other day,
made sure the show was extra hot as she drooled all over the white
plastic, her saliva dripping down from top to bottom. Love could
hear Bobbie Joe pant and moan as she took the toy in her mouth,
sucking it off as easily as she’d sucked off the real thing.

Just when Bobbie Jo seemed to be getting closer and closer to coming
all over her fingers, Love really gave her something to stare at.
Since at six inches the modest toy was no problem for someone
accustomed to Mr. Snappy, Love was able to expertly deep throat it,
taking the plastic all the way down.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” Bobbie Jo gasped happily at Love’s slutty display.
Between watching her idol act like a porn star and the fingers in
her pussy, Bobbie Jo was surprised she hadn’t come already.

For her part, Love was having a hell of a time performing for her
lover. She could taste Bobbie Jo’s leftover juices all over the
dildo and knowing soon she’d be drinking them from the fountain, so
to speak, made it even hotter. Love slowly pulled the toy from her
mouth, and ran it down Bobbie Jo’s bare, sweaty body. She traced it
down her flat stomach and soon reached her destination.

“Now it’s your turn naughty girl,” Love declared. “It’s your turn to
be fucked like the slut you are.”

Without any further warning, Love pulled her fingers out of Bobbie
Jo’s pussy and replaced them with the toy. Bobbie Jo cried out as
her favorite toy penetrated her cunt and her snug walls quickly
wrapped around the plastic to accommodate it. Love began pumping the
dildo in and out of her and the teenager yelped happily, the
pleasure flowing through her veins. Bobbie Jo unconsciously backed
up as she was fucked until her bare ass was pressed up against the
wet tractor. A trickle of water fell from the exterior and dribbled
down between her cheeks, tickling her asshole and causing another
shudder of pleasure to wrack through her young body.

“Fuck me!” Bobbie Jo urged. “Fill my pussy up with that dildo!
Mmmmmmm yessssss this is just like how I wanted it to be! Fuck me
Love! Fuck me hard like the slut I am! I am a nasty girl! I dream
about fucking every hot girl I know and you’re giving me just what I

Love started kissing Bobbie Jo again, putting her free hand around
the back of the teen’s neck and pushing her head forward. Their lips
met in a sizzling kiss while Love fucked Bobbie Jo hard, sending
juice down her leg as she pulled out and pushed in with a hot,
steady motion. Bobbie Jo cried her pleasure right into Love’s mouth,
reflexively shooting her tongue into her and wiggling it around as
she felt bursts of intense pleasure from her toy. This was the first
time anyone else had used it on her and Bobbie Jo couldn’t think of
anyone she wanted to do it to her like this more than Love.

As they kiss their sweaty bodies rubbed together, Love’s tits
getting slick from the perspiration and the girl cum that Bobbie Jo
had smeared all over herself. Even in the relatively cooler barn, it
was still close to the “hot as hell” level and their dripping bodies
showed it. Neither girl cared though. The temperature outside
couldn’t even begin to compare to the volcanic heat of their own
raging libidos.

“Fill me up!” Bobbie Jo repeated. “Get that thing all the way in my
pussy! I can take it! I’m a big girl! Give it to me Love! Give my
wet pussy what it needs! It needs you Love! You say I’m a nasty
girl? Then fuck me like I’m one! Fuck me like the hot little whore
you say I am!”

More than ever in her life did Love wish she had a strap on cock to
give it to this little slut. She had never worn one. She had always
been on the receiving end of them. But lately she’d been wanting one
of her own. Her arm was getting a little bit tired from repeatedly
pushing in and pulling the juice covered toy out of Bobbie Jo’s
body, but she didn’t slow down. Bobbie Jo was sweating profusely and
her chest was heaving up and down, sending her teen tits jiggling
away. She was close and Love wasn’t about to let her off the hook.
She was going to go faster!

“Yeahhhhh gonna fuck you like a nasty little slut!” Love growled as
she thrust hard into Bobbie Jo with the dildo. “I’m gonna fuck you
like I’m always getting fucked…hard and nasty! I’m always being
called the slut and the whore, but not with you Bobbie Jo! You’re my
slut! You’re my whore! Say it! Say it you nasty little girl!”

“OHHHHH GOD YESSSSS!!!” Bobbie Jo roared, her eyes rolling back in
her head as she shook in ecstasy.. “I AMMMMM!!! I’M YOUR SLUT LOVE!

Hearing those words spit out of Bobbie Jo’s mouth in her delta farm
girl accent was just what Love needed to hear. She kissed Bobbie Jo
passionately and picked up the pace even more. Whenever Rose filled
her with Mr. Snappy, she always gave it to her hardest when she was
just about to come and Love gave the same treatment to Bobbie Jo.
She pushed into her hard with the toy, pushing the plastic all the
way into her and it had the same effect it did when it was Rose
wielding the sex weapon.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!” Bobbie Jo brayed like a banshee, coming
with full force all over the plastic invader in her cunt. As soon as
she began to come, Love fell to her knees, pulled the plastic out
and pressed her face against her. Love eagerly lapped up her cream,
letting it cover her face as her tongue got a full taste of Bobbie
Jo’s passion.

Bobbie Jo lurched and bucked against Love’s face and covered her
fair skin with girl cum. Love could feel hay and straw poking into
her bare legs, but she didn’t care. The taste of this hot little
teen was too good to even think about stopping until she had every
drop of girl juice on her tongue.

Love stayed on her knees and when Bobbie Jo finished her orgasm, her
legs were too weak and jiggly for her to keep standing. She fell to
her knees as well and was eagerly greeted with a kiss from Love.
They made out for moments that felt like lifetimes, sharing girl cum
back and forth from their wet mouths.

“That was unbelievable,” Bobbie Jo gasped. “Even better than I ever

“Mmmm you too baby,” Love smiled. “Your mom must be wondering what
happened to us.”

“It’s weird that we never heard her callin’ us,” Bobbie Jo replied.
“I wonder why she didn’t? Usually you can hear her callin’ me all
the way in town. I wonder what’s going on?”

* * * * *

The answer to that question began just as Love and Bobbie Jo went
off to the barn. At first Rose had seethed with jealousy as she had
watched the two girls traipse off together. It wasn’t fair that Love
got first crack at Bobbie Jo. Rose had no doubt she had been sending
out lust signals their way and she also had no doubt that, at the
first chance she had, Love was going to be licking up Bobbie Jo’s
sweet southern honey. That was all well and good, but where did it
leave her? All horny and alone with no relief in sight.

But, as Rose burned on the inside, she also noticed that she wasn’t
quite alone. Faye wasn’t the nubile little thing her daughter was,
but she was also still a beauty. It wouldn’t have been hard for Rose
to believe that Faye had been some kind of beauty queen or something
before she had had her daughter. Faye had a soft, womanly look that
contrasted nicely with the lusty tomboyish nature of her daughter.

Rose certainly wasn’t getting the same signals she and Love had
gotten from Bobbie Jo, but that didn’t necessarily mean anything.
Rose knew better than anyone that in every woman beat the wanton
heart of a sexual creature, just dying to get out and run wild. As
she sat at the table, watching Faye prepare dinner and helping out
whenever she could, Rose wondered how wild she could get her.
Perhaps an opportunity would present itself.

Before she could concentrate on that, Rose noticed she had another
matter that probably needed attention. All the walking that day
under the hot sun had left her sweaty and sticky and not in the way
she liked it.

“Hey Faye, I think I should wash up a little,” Rose said. “Could I
use your shower?”

“I can do even better than that for you,” Faye smiled warmly. “Come
with me.”

Faye felt bad for acting a little suspicious toward Rose and Love at
first. She had talked with Rose a little and she seemed perfectly
nice and friendly. Plus Bobbie Jo had really seemed to take to them
and that was always a good thing. Ever since she had been a little
girl, Bobbie Jo had been a spirited handful, but the older she got
the harder she had been to handle. They had been fighting a lot more
than usual lately and the last thing Faye wanted was to have her
only child grow distant from her. She supposed she could be a little
tough on her sometimes, but she didn’t want to see her make the same
mistakes she had made when she was a young girl. Perhaps the visit
from Rose and Love could help their relationship improve. Stranger
things had happened.

Rose followed Faye upstairs, unabashedly admiring the swing of her
ass under her sundress. Soon they reached their destination, the
house’s master bathroom, and Rose immediately saw what Faye had been
talking about. The bathroom contained an open clawfoot tub that
looked right out of the past. It was plenty big and Rose smirked
when she calculated that you could easily fit two people in there
and maybe three.

“This will get you better cleaned than any shower ever will,” Faye
declared. “You have plenty of time until dinner so feel free to rest
up a bit. You must be exhausted.”

“It has been a bit of a long day,” Rose replied, returning Faye’s
friendly smile. She was tired from driving all day and from the
walk, but she had enough energy left to play if the moment presented
itself. She didn’t dare come right out and ask Faye if she wanted to
join her in the tub, but Rose was certainly thinking about it, as
well as many more lewd invitations she could send Faye’s way.

“Great, well take your time,” Faye said. “I’ll be downstairs.”

Faye then left, closing the door behind her as Rose turned on the
water and began filling the tub. The closer she had gotten to Faye
the more she had seen that Bobbie Jo certainly hadn’t monopolized
the looks in the family. Her skin looked so soft and the years of
single parenthood hadn’t robbed Faye’s face of the beautiful
features of her own youth. The more the thought about it, the more
Rose became convinced that this was a possibility worth exploring.
After all, Love shouldn’t be the only one of them having fun.

Rose sat on the edge of the tub and untied her sneakers. She pulled
them off along with her socks and stuck her feet right in the water.
Rose groaned in satisfaction as the filling warm water coated her
tired feet. She could really go for some serious relaxing right
about now, but it was always better if she had someone to relax
with. All she had to do was find the right time to pounce and Rose
felt she could make Faye hers.

Pulling her feet away from the tub and standing up, Rose peeled off
her sundress. She pulled it over her head and exposed her naked
body. She hadn’t bothered with underwear and as the open air tickled
her pussy, Rose groaned and reached down to stroke the lips of her

“Soon,” Rose grinned as she talked to her libido. “I’ll get you some
loving soon. Don’t you worry.”

Suddenly the door opened and Faye walked back in. Rose instinctively
dropped her hand from her pussy, but she certainly wasn’t
embarrassed about being caught like this. She was ecstatic about it.

“I brought you some towels and I…oh my! I’m sorry!” Faye said when
she saw Rose standing completely naked by the tub. “I didn’t know
you would be standing there like that!”

“Don’t worry about it,” Rose smiled. “Not like I don’t have anything
you haven’t seen before. Besides it’s just us girls here and I’ve
never had a problem with nudity. It’s natural to walk around like

“Bobbie Jo seems to think so,” Faye said with a shake of her head.
Rose made no attempt to cover herself and Faye told herself not to
get flustered by the presence of the strange naked woman in her
bathroom. If she wasn’t going to be bothered by it, neither should

“Oh c’mon Faye,” Rose teased. “Are you going to tell me there’s
never been a time when you took off all your clothes and just
lounged around naked? No way you haven’t done that. I’ll bet you’ve
got a great body under that dress. I know you like to get naked as
much as that daughter of yours. Don’t pretend you don’t.”

“Well that’s…umm…that’s rather personal there Rose,” Faye
replied as she put the towels down beside the tub. The water level
had risen to an acceptable amount and Rose shut off the water and
crawled inside the tub, making sure that Faye got a look at her ass
and a glimpse of her pussy from behind.

“That’s not a ‘no,'” Rose grinned. “Don’t be shy Faye.”

“I should get back downstairs,” Faye said as she began walking for
the door again.

“No! Don’t go,” Rose requested. “Stay with me a little while.
Dinners in the oven. You can stay and talk with me for a little
while. Please.”

Faye knew Rose had a point. There was no reason she really had for
heading back downstairs at this moment. She could certainly stay
here and talk to Rose. It would be a little weird for her to be
sitting and talking with a naked woman in the tub beside her, but
Rose didn’t seem shy or ashamed of her body. It would have been
impolite of her to leave like this so Faye stayed.

“Mmmm this is just heaven,” Rose moaned as she stretched out her
tired, naked body in the tub and began washing her skin. The
exertion of driving and walking was easily cleaned off and the
cleaner she got the more Rose felt like having some fun. Now that
she had Faye with her here, there was no reason not to at least try
something. There was a chance that Faye would freak out and throw
her out of the house, but Rose hadn’t gotten anywhere by being
afraid to take chances.

“Sit down right here,” Rose gestured toward the white tile near the
tub. Faye felt this was a bit of an odd request, but she didn’t say
anything. One spot was as good as another. Besides, on a hot day
like this, being splashed with some water would have been a relief.

Faye sat down beside the tub and she was immediately surprised by
Rose. Before she even had a chance to get comfortable, Rose reached
out from the tub and began massaging her shoulders.

“What are you doing?” Faye gasped. She had never been touched so
boldly before. Rose had just reached out and grabbed her. The
sensation of a strange woman rubbing her shoulders was strange, but
Faye didn’t jump up or anything.

“I’m just helping you relax a little Faye,” Rose answered. “You’re
helping me relax so I’m returning the favor. God, you’re tense. Do
you ever get massaged Faye?”

“Ummm no…no time…” Faye answered in a distracted tone. It was so
strange to be touched like this by someone she didn’t know, but it
did feel good. Faye didn’t know what the hell was going on here, but
she still didn’t get up from the floor.

“You really should,” Rose replied. “I mean you really are tense. You
definitely could use some relaxation.”

“Mmmm I know…I ummm try…but it’s hard to…” Faye couldn’t help
but moan as Rose’s touch relaxed her tense muscles. This girl did
seem to know what she was doing.

“I guess it is hard raising a kid by yourself,” Rose said as she
continued massaging Faye’s shoulders and moving lower to get at her
back through her dress. “I don’t even know what I would do if I was
in your shoes. Raising someone like Bobbie Jo with no help. She must
be a handful.”

“She’s…oooooh…rambunctious at times…” Faye moaned as Rose’s
hands loosened a tight spot in her back. “Oh my…that feels just

“I can make it better,” Rose claimed. “Let’s get this dress off

“What? No I can’t!” Faye protested.

“Why? I just want to get at your back a little better,” Rose replied
innocently. “It’s harder for me to rub you through your dress.”

“But…ummm…I…I’m not wearing anything underneath,” Faye
admitted with obvious embarrassment. “It was just so hot and I…”

“Don’t be ashamed,” Rose interrupted. “After all it’s not like I’m
wearing anything either. Like I said, it’s just us girls here.”

Faye continued to protest, but she began to feel like she was being
foolish. Rose’s touch felt good on her back and what was the harm in
taking off her dress? She’d been naked in front of other women
before and it hadn’t been a big deal or anything. It wasn’t like
Rose was going to jump out of the tub and force herself on her. She
was being silly.

“C’mon Faye,” Rose pressed on. “I won’t even peek or anything.

“No it’s ok, you can peek,” Faye said. “I’m just not used to this.”

Faye reached around back and unbuttoned the top of her dress. She
pushed it off her shoulders and let it fall to around her waist. She
reflexively crossed her arms over her breasts and kept them there,
preventing Rose from gazing upon her flesh. Rose did have a chance
to stare at her sexy, bare back and that was enough for her. She
continued her massage, moving down Faye’s back and noticing with
glee how she could see the crack of her ass when she bent forward.
There was a whole lot of Faye that Rose wanted to see and she was
making excellent progress,

Faye continued to feel pleasure from the massage. It had been a long
time since she had felt any touch like this and she shockingly
realized her body was beginning to respond. Was she that hard up
that she was actually getting turned on by another woman? Faye
couldn’t believe that was possible. This couldn’t be what she was
thinking it was.

After her husband had left, Faye had tried a few relationships with
other men in town. But none of them had been suitable step-father
material for Bobbie Jo and she had quickly given up on having a sex
life and concentrated on raising her young daughter. Mostly Faye
didn’t mind missing out on men too much. It was her experience that
they were loud, boorish and more often than not came too quickly.
But there were times, late at night, when she craved the touch of a
lover. Her fingers would take care of that need on those occasions,
but Faye knew they were no substitute for the real thing.

She couldn’t help but begin to suspect that Rose had some interest
other than massaging her. Her touch was so pleasurable and as her
hands moved lower Faye felt like she should be telling her to stop.
But it felt too good for her to find the words she needed. She tried
to find some way to distract herself from the feelings of arousal
that were beginning. She wasn’t a lesbian and wasn’t planning on
turning into one.

“Ummm I wonder what’s keeping Bobbie Jo and your friend Jennifer,”
Faye said suddenly, wanting to keep her mind off sex. “Maybe I
should call them.”

“Oh don’t you worry about those two,” Rose smirked as she continued
to massage Faye’s flesh. She could feel how excited she was getting
the woman. Now all she had to do was press a little harder.
“Besides, if I know Love they won’t be back for a little while.
They’ll be too busy with each other.”

“What do you mean?” Faye asked, still fighting off her building

“You know what I mean,” Rose grinned. “You saw the way they were
looking at each other. Don’t pretend you didn’t. They were totally
into each other. I’d say that they’re probably face deep in each
other’s pussy by now.”

“What a thing to say!” Faye gasped as she shot up off the floor and
kept her arms crossed over her breasts. “That was just a rude thing
to say young lady!”

“Oh don’t play ignorant with me Faye,” Rose said, standing up in the
tub, water and soap bubbles dripping off her nude body. “You’re
daughter is totally into girls. I could see it in her eyes and I
just met her. You can’t pretend that you haven’t noticed the same

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Faye stammered out, but in
fact she did. She would have been blind not to notice how Bobbie Jo
was never with any boyfriends or anything. Boys were always asking
her out and she was always pushing them away. Faye had even once
found her daughter’s stash of porno in the barn, but hadn’t said
anything. She had hoped it was a phase she would grow out of and
didn’t want it to become an issue that wedged in between them.

“Yes you do, you know exactly what I’m talking about,” Rose shot
back. “Mmmm and I see that good looks run in the family. Don’t hide
those tits of yours from me Faye. You should show those things off
more, just like that sweet daughter of yours does. She looked so hot
out there on that tractor. Love would have humped her leg if she’d
had the chance and mmmmm so would I.”

Faye couldn’t believe this was happening. She was standing there
topless as a completely nude TV star stood naked before her and
confessed she was a lesbian. She couldn’t listen to this anymore. It
was getting too weird. Faye turned to reach for the door, but she
didn’t get far.

“Oh no you don’t!” Rose said as she jumped out of the tub and
grabbed Faye’s shoulder. “I’m not done giving you your massage Faye.
Don’t you want to see how good I can really make you feel?”

Rose pressed her wet, nude body to Faye’s bare back and whirled her
around. She delivered a hot kiss to Faye’s lips, the housewife’s
eyes shooting open wide in shock. Faye didn’t know how to react. She
had never been kissed by another woman before. It was strange and
intoxicating all at once.

“Poor Faye,” Rose said gently after breaking off the kiss and
reaching up to caress her soft cheeks. “How long has it been since
someone made you feel good? How long has it been since you’ve been
fucked like a woman should be? Why should your daughter be having
all the fun when you look so good and I want to touch you everywhere
a woman should be touched? Don’t resist me Faye. I can give you so
much pleasure.”

“This isn’t happening…” Faye gasped softly in disbelief. It was
like Rose had taken her breath away. Her heart was pounding and her
head spinning. What was going on here?

“Don’t be scared Faye,” Rose replied. “I can make you feel so good
if you let me. I know how to give a woman pleasure that no man can
ever dream of giving. When was the last time you had sex Faye? I’ll
bet it wasn’t that good, was it? Some guy on top of you, pumping
away until he shot his load before you even had a chance to get
close to coming. It’s not like that with a woman, Faye. It’s not
like that at all. You haven’t lived until you’ve had another woman’s
tongue licking your pussy.”

“I don’t want to do this,” Faye automatically said, but her feet
weren’t moving. She was just standing there in front of the dripping
wet Rose, holding her arms tightly across her breasts.

“I don’t think you really mean that Faye,” Rose said, delighting in
flustering the older woman. Faye looked like a deer in the
headlights and Rose fed off her insecurity and slightly panicked
nature. She knew that deep down Faye wanted this. Hell she needed
it. All Rose had to do was unlock those desires.

“I do…I do mean it…I don’t want to do this…” Faye repeated.
“Let’s just pretend this never happened. I won’t tell Bobbie Jo
about this. We can just not talk about it.”

“We could do that,” Rose smirked. “But wouldn’t you much rather have
some fun. Wouldn’t you much rather take that dress off and be naked
with me Faye so I can show you how good a woman feels. Your daughter
knows. You know as well as I do that she’s fucking Love right now.
Can you picture it Faye? Your little baby girl’s face buried in my
friend’s pussy. Close your eyes and think about it. Think about how
much fun she’s having. You can have that fun too. I’ll bet Bobbie
Jo’s face looks so good covered in girl cum. I’ll find out soon too,
cause if you won’t play with me Faye, I’ll just have to go down and
fuck your little girl until she’s howling my name.”

Faye suddenly reached out and slapped Rose across the face. Rose
didn’t flinch though. Instead she grabbed Faye’s hand and kissed it
before placing it on her bare breast. She held Faye’s hand against
her left breast and forced her to fondle it.

“Use that passion on me Faye,” Rose instructed, her cheek stinging
but her pussy stirring. “I’ll bet you liked slapping me, didn’t you?
You liked it for the same reason you like getting mad at Bobbie Jo,
because it makes you feel alive. Because it makes you feel like
you’re not dead inside. I can make you feel so alive Faye. You need
pleasure. You need to come. You need to feel like a woman for once
and not some housewife abandoned by a useless husband.”

Faye didn’t want to listen to Rose’s words, but she knew they were
right. Slapping the actress like that had her heart pumping
adrenaline through her veins. Faye was so confused and when she
opened her mouth to say something she found herself being kissed
again. Rose pushed their lips together in a passionate kiss. She
tried to spark whatever embers were beginning to come to life in
Faye. Rose kissed the woman as hard as she could, pushing her tongue
and her desires inside her. Faye couldn’t help but respond. She had
never thought about other women this way, but Rose’s mere presence
was intoxicating. Faye didn’t know what to do anymore. She wasn’t
even sure she wanted this to stop.

Rose took advantage of Faye’s confused state by pushing down the
rest of her dress. She pulled it down from around her waist and let
it fall to the floor around her sandal covered feet. Faye’s hand
instinctively went to cover her crotch, but Rose pushed it away and
Faye couldn’t resist her. Rose did the same with Faye’s other arm,
pulling it away from her breasts so she could stand fully exposed
for inspection.

“You’re so beautiful,” Rose smiled. “And you need this so bad.”

Rose’s eyes took in the naked woman before her. As she’d suspected,
Faye was hiding a gorgeous chest. Her breasts had to be a D cup and
they fit so well on her body. She had the womanly curves of someone
who kept in shape, but didn’t use extraordinary measures to fight
off time. Rose loved her full, womanly body and smiled when she
shifted her eyes downward, past the triangle of dark curls between
her legs to see that Faye’s pussy was getting wet.

“If you don’t want this, then how come you’re getting wet for me?”
Rose questioned. “How come I can see and smell sweet girl juice on
your pussy?”

“I’m…I’m not…” Faye protested, but her words were cut off when
Rose reached down, stroked her labia and then pushed her fingers
into Faye’s mouth. Faye’s eyes flew open when she tasted herself all
over Rose’s fingers. She’d tasted herself after masturbating before,
but now it felt so wicked and sinful to have Rose’s fingers in her
mouth. But she couldn’t say she didn’t like it.

“Oh yeah taste yourself,” Rose demanded. “You love the taste of
pussy. Don’t pretend you don’t. You want to taste me too don’t you?
You want to feel my pussy against your face while I eat you out and
give you more pleasure than you’ve ever felt in your life. Once you
get that first taste of girl cum on your lips you will never get
enough of it. Believe me, I know. You’re going to taste pussy
whether you want to or not. You’ll taste it when you kiss your baby
girl’s cheek and she has Love’s cum all over it.”

“Nooo…” Faye sighed.

“Yesss…” Rose insisted before kissing Faye once again on the lips.
“Don’t fight this Faye. You know deep down this is what you need.
You need to feel like a woman again. Let’s go now Faye. Take me to
your bedroom.”

“I…I…” Faye stammered, but she knew that it was useless to
resist Rose. Her thoughts were crashing into each other all at once.
She didn’t know what was what, but she could feel her pussy getting
wet. She could feel how Rose was turning her on. Faye felt Rose’s
hand press against her ass and push her forward and she
automatically began walking, leaving her dress behind.

Rose grabbed onto Faye’s hand and let the silent housewife guide her
toward her bedroom. Faye felt like she had been hypnotized by Rose’s
confidence and that she had no will left to resist her. Once she saw
the way, Rose took control, leading Faye by the hand into her own
bedroom. When they got inside, Rose made sure to leave the door open
and pushed Faye down onto her bed. Faye moaned when she fell onto
the mattress and sprawled her naked body onto the bedspread.

“Now it’s going to get really good Faye,” Rose promised with a grin
as she pulled off Faye’s sandals and threw them down. “You don’t
have to do anything now. You don’t even have to think. You just have
to lay back and let me show you pleasure.”

Rose then fell onto the bed and pulled her naked body on top of
Faye’s rubbing their hefty bare breasts together as they started
another kiss. Faye might have been confused and out of her head, but
it didn’t stop her from responding to Rose’s hot kiss. It had been
years since Faye had been kissed like this. In fact she couldn’t
even remember the last time she had felt a kiss this soft and sexy.
It hadn’t been with her last boyfriends and it sure as hell hadn’t
been with her husband during the last years of their marriage. Her
body responded to the kiss, not caring who it was on top of her.
Faye moaned and opened her mouth for Rose to have better access.

“That’s it Faye, just let me kiss you,” Rose instructed, her control
over the older woman complete. “Mmm I’m gonna make you lust after
pussy just as much as that slut daughter of yours does.”

Faye opened her mouth, about to say something to defend her Bobbie
Jo’s honor, but that just gave Rose another opportunity to kiss her
and plunge her tongue inside. Faye began to writhe underneath Rose,
just as the redhead reached down for her heavy tits. Rose played
with Faye’s large mounds of girl flesh, massaging them and rubbing
them together as she kissed her way down Faye’s neck and toward her
now heaving chest. Rose had the grin of a predator as she ran her
tongue between Faye’s breasts, licking the sweat between her
cleavage and kissing the curves of her tits.

While she did this, Rose didn’t stop fondling Faye’s breasts. She
wasn’t too rough on them, but she gave the woman a firm, passionate
touch. Rose loved the feel of her soft, sexy breasts underneath her
hot hands and she squeezed them, feeling the soft flesh mold to the
shape of her hands. She played with Faye’s jiggling tits as she
started sucking on her nipples. Rose fastened her lips tightly to
Faye’s nipples feeling them swell in her mouth while Faye began
tossing her head around on the bed and moaning.

The moans that came from Faye were coming despite her still active
reservations. This was all so new to her, but she just couldn’t find
the will to make Rose stop. Faye didn’t feel as if she was being
forced, she was just being put into a position where it was too good
for her to say no. The men in her life had rarely paid as much
attention to her breasts as Rose was doing. Faye had always had big
breasts but guys had just wanted to look at them, not touch them in
a way that gave her pleasure.

“Doesn’t it feel good Faye?” Rose asked, pulling her face up from
the mother’s chest. “Doesn’t it feel good to have another woman
sucking on your big, sexy tits? It’s only a hint of how good I can
make you feel. I can do things to your pussy that will make you come
in floods. But I want you to tell me what you want.”

“I…I…don’t know what…” Faye said softly in between her moans.

“Yes you do…you know what you want,” Rose stated. “Tell me Faye.
Tell me what to do.”

“Make me feel good…make me feel gooooooood…” Faye moaned, her
will breaking officially as Rose continued to stimulate her nipples.
She hated and loved what was happening to her. This actress had
barged into her life and was now doing things she couldn’t bear to
have end.

“No, do better,” Rose chastised. “Tell me to eat your pussy Faye.
Tell me what I want to hear.”

“Ohhhhhhhh eat my pussy Rose,” Faye groaned, her face burning in
humiliation as the dirty words escaped her lips. But even as she
felt embarrassed, her heart was pounding the same way it was when
she slapped Rose. Saying it like Rose wanted her to was making
adrenaline flow in her body.

“Say it again,” Rose said with a wolf’s grin. “Say it again like you
mean it this time.”

As Rose issued her order her hand snaked down to Faye’s pussy and
began stroking her full, juicy lips. Her essence coated Rose’s
fingers and the actress began to do some serious snatch rubbing on
the older woman.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!” Faye cried out in pleasurable shock.
“Yesssssssssss eat my pussy Rose! Eat my pussy! Please! Make me
come! Make me feel like a fucking woman again!”

Now that was just what Rose wanted to hear, so she gave the
desperate, writhing woman under what she needed. Rose kissed her way
down from Faye’s breasts, past her stomach and toward the heat of
her pussy. Rose reacted to the scent of Faye’s arousal the way a
shark reacted to blood in the water. It flared up all her senses and
brought out the horny tigress inside her.

Rose dragged her tongue over Faye’s thighs, circling around her
pussy and heightening her arousal. Faye was now groaning in
anticipation and when Rose finally pressed her lips to her pussy, it
was if the world suddenly froze for her. Everything else didn’t
matter. All that Faye wanted to think about was the pleasure that
coursed through her body like a bolt of lightening.

“OHHHHHHHHH MYYYYY GODDDDDDDD!!!” Faye screamed. It had been too
long since anything but her own fingers had touched her there and
Rose’s tongue was like nothing she had ever felt. Rose licked her
way past her labia and right inside her heated core. Rose’s tongue
made her body tense up with sheer pleasure and rushes of energy shot
up her spine.

Rose had never been with a woman who needed an orgasm as badly as
Faye did at that moment. Her pussy was soaked with years of stored
up juices and Rose happily lapped away at them. Faye’s cunt was nice
and snug around her tongue. Rose was certain that Bobbie Joe had
herself one hell of a hot little pussy, but her mother was just
perfection under her tongue. Her juices were like fine wine, rich
and flavorful. They were so warm and they just dripped down Rose’s
throat to her stomach like it really was honey. Rose knew it wasn’t
going to take much to get off a woman as needy as Faye was and she
wanted to make sure to fully appreciate the taste of her juices
before she began to have second thoughts about all of this.

“Ooooooooh ooooooh ahhhhhhh…” Faye gasped and cried as Rose licked
her pussy. The pleasure was coming fast and furious to her body and
she was having trouble taking it all in. It was like the pleasure
was too much for her and Faye tried to keep up with it. She was
breathing hard and her whole body crackled with energy. Faye could
feel her tits bouncing on her chest and she reflexively reached down
to grab them. Soon Faye was fondling her own breasts as Rose slipped
her tongue inside her cunt over and over again. It was all so scary
and so good for Faye all at once.

Hearing Faye cry out like that in gurgled gasps of rapture pushed
Rose’s efforts on. She sped up her tonguing and alternated that with
sucking on her pussy lips. Rose sucked her labia and stimulated Faye
with her fingers, pushing two of them inside and coating them with
girl juice. Rose then used her juicy digits to do a little finger
painting on Faye’s thighs, tracing little shapes and designs on her
skin before licking them off her.

Faye had given up questioning why this had happened to her. All she
cared about was that it felt better than any sex she could remember.
Rose’s tongue seemed hell bent on bringing her pleasure and that put
her light years ahead of any man she had been with. For the first
time in years she was on the verge of an orgasm not of her own
making and it made her body quiver in anticipation. Rose’s tongue
was getting her off so fast that Faye felt like she was on a roller
coaster without breaks.

“Mmmmm such a hot juicy pussy,” Rose admired as she pulled her shiny
lips up and inserted her fingers into her lover. “It’s a fucking
shame that no slut’s been licking this snatch every night. Mmmm but
now I’m here and I’m going to lick all those nights of pent up
arousal away. You’re gonna be so much happier now that you’ve had my
tongue in your pussy. You’ll be looking for female fuck friends in
no time. I’ll bet Bobbie Jo has a nice little collection she could
introduce to you. Maybe you could even share a few. Mmmm wouldn’t
that be hot? Slut mother and slut daughter.”

At the sound of her daughter’s name, Faye felt an intense swell of
shame. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. Was it true that her
daughter felt this way about girls? All the signs pointed to it and
if it was true, now Faye could see why. But she didn’t want her
daughter to lose respect for her. Those feelings didn’t last though
because they were quickly replaced by body shocks of pleasure.

When she pushed her face back into Faye’s pussy, Rose went right for
her clit. She had tasted enough of Faye’s juices. Now it was time to
make sure she had an orgasm she would never forget. Rose kept her
fingers inside Faye’s pussy, making the fit for her tongue even
tighter. She lapped at Faye’s clitoris, feeling the bud swell before
she pulled her tongue back and went after her with her lips. While
her fingers fucking Faye, Rose sucked her clit, drawing the orgasm
right out of her.

“OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!! ROSE!!! YESSSSSSS!!!” Faye gasped in
disbelief that anything could feel this good. Her body was
completely on edge and she felt like the orgasm rushing toward her
might tear her apart, like a firecracker about to go off in a closed
fist. But she welcomed these feelings. She welcomed them like the
long lost feelings they were.

“DON’T YOU STOP!!!” Faye commanded. “DON’T YOU EVER FUCKING STOP!!!”

As Faye’s cries grew louder, her juices grew richer and bolder, Rose
just kept on licking. Underneath the screams she could have sworn
she heard something behind her, but she was way too occupied to
look. She peered up at Faye and saw the woman, mauling her bare
breasts and tugging on her nipples while she lay there flat on her
back, her eyes closed and her face delirious with pleasure.

Rose didn’t slow down one bit on Faye’s clit. She sucked the desire
right out of her and into her horny mouth while she continued finger
fucking her. Rose could feel her own pussy dribbling hot juice down
her legs and beads of sweat running down her bare back and over her
asshole and pussy. It was making her shiver with pleasure as she
feasted on Faye’s womanly orifice. Rose needed to feel Faye come and
when she added a third finger to her cunt, she finally got what she

orgasm as she came, her pussy creaming onto Rose’s tongue and
filling her mouth with the sweet essence of sexual pleasure. Faye
felt like she was on the verge of blacking out from the intensity
and she kept her eyes locked shot as she took it all in. Cream
pumped out of her cunt as years of frustration disappeared in hot
blasts of ecstasy. Faye had never felt anything like this and she
knew at that moment she’d do anything to feel it again. Wave after
wave of pure pleasure ran through her body as her cries floated
through the air.

But just as Faye thought there was no way the pleasure would ever
end, a voice sent her fantasy crashing back to earth.

“Oh my God momma!” A voice cried out and Faye’s eyes flew open to
confirm her worst fears. Bobbie Jo was standing in the doorway
starting at her with open mouth shock. That Jennifer Love girl was
standing right behind her and Faye felt like her whole world had
suddenly collapsed around her. She had been so high and now all she
felt was dirty and sinful. Her beautiful daughter had watched her
and she felt so ashamed. However, those feelings did not appear to
be mutual.

“Oh my God momma!” Bobbie Joe repeated, before adding the kicker.
“That was the hottest fucking thing I have ever seen!”

Faye couldn’t believe what she heard and her eyes received another
shock when she noticed that Bobbie Jo’s bikini top was pushed down
and the Love girl was playing with her breasts, squeezing and
pinching them while she nuzzled her neck. Faye could also see that
her daughter had her hand under her overalls and had been touching
herself while she had come against Rose’s face.

“Ooooh I like this development,” Rose grinned evilly. “Let’s see
where this leads, shall we?”

Rose leapt off the bed and left Faye to her own deep humiliation.
This was the last thing she wanted and she grabbed at the bedspread
to cover her naked body as Bobbie Jo approached the bed. The only
thing that shocked Faye more than the presence of her daughter at
this moment were the words coming from her mouth.

“No…don’t cover up momma, let me see you,” Bobbie Jo drawled
sexily as Love and Rose watched with rising interest. “Let me see
your body.”

Bobbie Jo tugged away at the covers, exposing her mother’s body to
her. The hunger in her eyes was clear and it made Faye visibly

“Oh momma, you’re beautiful,” Bobbie Jo giggled. It wasn’t the first
time she had seen her mother nude, but it was the first time she had
ever seen her like this. Girl cum still was dribbling down her leg
and her pussy was covered in sexual release and Rose’s saliva.

“Bobbie Jo, don’t look at me like that,” Faye commanded, but her
daughter wasn’t listening.

“Why not momma? Why shouldn’t I look at you like this?” Bobbie Jo
inquired wickedly. “I like looking at you. Don’t you like looking at

Bobbie Jo then pushed her overalls all the way down her legs and
cast off her half-on top, leaving her as nude as her mother.

“Mmmmm it looks like we both like the same thing,” Bobbie Jo cooed.
“Oh momma, I had no idea you were into girls.”

“I’m not…I’m not a lesbian…” Faye protested. “This was just…it
was…I couldn’t help myself…”

“Don’t worry momma, I understand,” Bobbie Jo grinned. “Rose is so
fucking sexy. Just like her little friend over there. I wonder if
her pussy tastes as good as Love’s. Do you know that momma? Do you
know what Rose tastes like? Did you eat her famous pussy momma like
I ate Love’s?”

“Don’t talk like that Bobbie Jo,” Faye said, but the teen completely
ignored her mother’s wishes. Bobbie Jo had never been more turned on
in her life and she was being fueled by a dark, nasty need she’d had
for as long as she’d known she liked girls. This was the most wicked
of her fantasies come to life right before her horny, young eyes.

Bobbie Jo and Love had returned to the house after throwing their
clothes back on and both had been very surprised to not find anyone
waiting for them. They had begun looking around the house for Rose
and Faye and it hadn’t been long before they had heard the moans.
Both girls knew perfectly well what kind of moans they were and
Bobbie Jo would have recognized her mother’s voice anywhere. In
response, she had grabbed Love by the hand and dragged her upstairs
and when they had walked in on the two of them naked by the bed,
Bobbie Jo had thought she was going to pass out in shock.

To see her mother spread out and nude while a beautiful woman ate
her pussy was the last thing Bobbie Jo had expected to ever see. She
had thought about it. God, had she ever thought about it. But she
had never thought fantasy would become reality. Now that she had
caught her mother in this position Bobbie Jo knew she couldn’t deny
the wicked, pulsing desire in her body. She had to do what she was
about to do.

“Momma you looked so hot having your pussy eaten like that,” Bobbie
Jo wantonly stated, hovering above her mother’s nude body lying on
the bed. “I got so fucking wet watching her lick you and make you
into a slut like me.”

“Please Bobbie Jo…stop it…” Faye begged, but it was to no avail.
There was no stopping her horny daughter.

“There’s something you don’t know about me momma,” Bobbie Jo
grinned. “I’m the biggest fucking tramp in town, but I’m not
spreadin my legs for any of those dumb boys around here. Mmmmm I
only play with girls and I love it. I love eating pussy and then
pushing some hot slut’s face into my cunt. All the hot girls in town
know it, because I’ve fucked them all. I’ve been fucking Judy for
years. She loves having me come over after she’s put the kids to bed
so she can fuck me with a strap on while she’s wearing her husband’s
clothes. Mmmmm it feels so good momma. I love being a little lesbo
slut and now you’re one too momma.”

Faye didn’t know what shocked her more. Her daughter flat out
confessing her sexuality like that, the fact that she was fucking
her best friend or the fact that she was liking what she was
hearing. The confusion that Rose had created in her was an
unstoppable storm inside her body now. Faye didn’t know what to do.
She was nude on her bed while her daughter and two famous actresses
gawked at her. All Faye could do was pretend this wasn’t affecting
her like it was.

“No…I’m not a slut!” Faye insisted. “Don’t say that!”

“You are a slut momma…just like me…” Bobbie Jo said as she
licked her lips, the fantasy that she always thought of late at
night when she was too turned on to stop herself was right before
her and she was going to grab it. “I saw how much you were lovin
that tongue inside you! I saw you come all over Rose’s face. Mmmm in
fact…c’mere Rose…right now!”

Rose and Love had been content to just stand back and watch this
unfolding drama. They had been too turned on by what they were
seeing to try and inject themselves back into the fun. But when Rose
heard her name, she didn’t hesitate to walk up to Bobbie Jo. The
teen greeted the actress with a sexy kiss, pressing her lips to
Rose’s while she wrapped her arms around her neck and tasted the
flavor all over Rose’s pale face.

“Mmmmm you taste good momma!” Bobbie Jo giggled. Faye’s mouth with
open with shock over what her daughter had just done, but it was
only the beginning of what Bobbie Jo wanted to do.

“There’s something else you don’t know about me either,” Bobbie Jo
continued. “I wanna fuck you momma! You’re the only girl I wanted
that I could never have and now I am gonna have you! I saw how much
you loved having your pussy licked! Let’s see how much better you
love it when it’s your nasty lil Bobbie Jo eating you out!”

Before Faye could move or react in any way, Bobbie Jo pressed her
young face to hers and kissed her. It wasn’t like the
mother/daughter kisses they had shared so many times over the years.
It was same kind of kiss that Rose had just given her. It was the
kiss of a lover! Her own daughter was kissing her like a lover! This
was sick! But Faye couldn’t find a way to make her stop. The need
Rose had installed in her was pumping in her veins like a drug. She
couldn’t make the feelings of lust stop even when it was her little
girl kissing her and rubbing her hands all over her face.

“Holy shit!” Rose gasped. Even in her wildest thoughts about these
two had she expected things to go this far. She had seen a lot in
her days, but never anything like this and her pussy was on fire
watching it. She didn’t dare get involved though. She didn’t want to
risk breaking the spell of lust the two women were under.

“Mmmm momma…did you like it when I used to suck on your big
titties when I was a little baby?” Bobbie Jo asked, her voice
dripping with nasty and lewd intent. “Well now I’m all grown up and
I’m gonna suck those titties so good momma.”

“Noooo Bobbie Jo…we can’t…we can’t do this…” Faye groaned,
fighting off her own body to spit those words out of her mouth. This
was wrong! It was incest! There was no way you could possibly defend
what was happening…except that it felt good. Faye couldn’t help
but respond. Her daughter’s kiss was hot and sexy and the fact that
it was her own flesh and blood kissing her filled Faye with a wicked
rush that she had never experienced before. It was like she was
getting drunk and high at the same time from kissing Bobbie Jo and
even as she writhed on the bed and tried to get her daughter to
stop, Faye began to feel as if deep down she really wanted this to

“Look at this Love,” Rose whispered, grabbing her friend by the hand
and tugging her to the bed. She was afraid to raise her voice, as if
any distraction could make the show stop.

“I’m looking! I’m looking!” Love replied, her voice also a sharp
whisper. Never, even in her kinkiest porno fantasies, have Love ever
thought she would see something like this. There was no other word
for it but taboo. It was a mother and daughter letting their desires
for each other free and Love felt like her pussy could cream just
from the stimulation filling her eyeballs. It had been easy to see
that Bobbie Jo had a slutty side from the first moment they met. But
Love had no idea she was this fucking slutty.

Bobbie Jo had her face buried in her mother’s breasts, squeezing
them and sucking on her nipples like an eager child. She had
fantasized about this for so long, but she had never thought her
mother would let her touch her like this. Seeing Rose’s beautiful
face against her mother’s pussy changed the world for Bobbie Jo and
all she wanted right now was to show her beautiful momma how much
she loved her and how much she wanted her.

“Stop…please God stop…noooo Bobbie Jo!” Faye cried out, her
words betrayed by the passionate cries that came in between them.
Her body wanted this and Bobbie Jo refused to let her mother wiggle
away from her. She used all the strength she had developed form
working in the fields to pin her mother down while she kissed her
tits and played with her long, pink nipples.

“You don’t really want me to stop momma,” Bobbie Jo said. “You want
me to eat your pussy and make you come. Rose made you feel good,
didn’t she? Well no one can make you feel better than your own
little girl. Momma I know all the ways to make a girl come and I’ve
wanted to do this to you for so long. Don’t stop me momma! Let me
show you what a good little girl I can be to my slutty mommy!”

It had just been the two of them alone on the farm for so long and
Bobbie Jo had always felt it was natural for her to be attracted to
her mother. After all, she was a beautiful, sexy woman and Bobbie Jo
loved beautiful, sexy women. She didn’t feel it was nasty or wrong.
It was something she wanted more than anything. She had wanted her
mother since she had first realized she was only attracted to girls.
Now she could finally show her mother how much she meant to her as
she began kissing her way down her bare body.

Faye continued to squirm on the bed, her nerves and reluctance
becoming more and more visible, the closer Bobbie Jo got to between
her legs. It felt so good, but she knew it was wrong. Hell, Faye
practically expected the Sheriff to bust down the door and drag her
away for doing this. Of course that didn’t happen, but Faye couldn’t
help but feel she and Bobbie Jo were crossing the uncrossable line.
But before she could get any more insecure about this, Faye found
two sexy pairs of lips telling her it was ok.

Not able to stand back anymore and just watch the show, Rose and
Love threw themselves into the action. They feel onto the bed, each
one of them taking a side of Faye’s body and they were kissing all
over her face and neck, their soft, wet lips pressing to her bare
flesh over and over again and easing her nerves.

“Don’t fight her off Faye,” Rose instructed. “You have no idea how
fucking hot this is. Watching your sexy daughter make you into her
slut is fucking amazing and it’s even better for you because you get
to feel her hot, pussy loving lips all over your body. We just get
to watch and you get to feel it. You get to feel her suck on your
big tits and kiss you everywhere you’re dying to be touched. Don’t
act like you don’t want this. Mmmm I know how much you loved it when
I tongue fucked your needy little cunt!”

“Mmmm your daughter is soooooo good Faye,” Love assured the horny
housewife. “I felt her tongue in me and she made me come so hard.
Every mommy should have a daughter as sexy as yours and look at her
now…look at her pretty face lining up with your pussy. Don’t shut
your eyes! Watch her get ready to eat you out!”

If Faye had been unable to fight off one horny woman, she knew she
was completely powerless against three. Her brain still screamed at
her that this was wrong, but her heart and her pussy told her to
just lie back and let Bobbie Jo do her thing. She felt her teen
daughter’s tongue slide over her bellybutton, just as Rose and Love
began sucking on her heaving tits. She had loving attention all over
her body and, after going without it for so long, to have so much of
it was lulling her into a state of perpetual ecstasy. Her words
still begged her daughter to stop, but her body told her this was
going to happen and she was going to love it.

“I’ve wanted this pussy for so long momma,” Bobbie Jo squealed when
she got to where she longed to be. Her hand was actually trembling
as she made her fantasy come true and began stroking her mother’s
slit. She rubbed Faye’s labia gently, making juice drip from between
her lips and eliciting hungry moans from her mouth.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” Rose demanded while her hand squeezed
Faye’s right breast. “Mmmm you love your baby playing with your
pussy, don’t you? Tell her you do. Tell your slutty daughter to make
you come. Tell her to eat her momma’s pussy!”

“I can’t…I can’t say those things…” Faye protested, the words
completely unconvincing to her audience.

“Yes you can,” Love pressed, her tongue grazing Faye’s left nipple,
licking the sensitive nub. She couldn’t believe she was doing this
but it was making her pussy so wet to watch Faye and Bobbie Jo play
with each other.

“Tell her how good it feels…tell her all the nasty things you were
saying to Rose when we walked in on you,” Love urged as she pulled
away long enough to push her dress back off her body. She couldn’t
be dressed at a time like this. She wanted to be just as naked as
the rest of them and besides she knew it couldn’t hurt Faye’s libido
for her to see some more hot girl flesh in front of her.

“Tell me momma,” Bobbie Jo ordered as she hovered her face over her
mother’s dripping pussy. “Tell your nasty little baby to eat your
pussy. Tell your little girl to suck on her mommy’s cunt!”

The words of all three girls buzzed through Faye’s overheated brain.
Her pussy was close to dangerous levels of desire. Her body was
shaking from the attentions of these three horny girls and she just
couldn’t hold back anymore. She knew it was wrong and she didn’t

“Eat me Bobbie Jo!” Faye growled from the very depths of her sex
crazed soul. “Eat that pussy! Eat your momma’s hot little box like
the nasty little bitch you are! Show momma what that horny tongue of
yours can do!”

Faye’s next words were completely indecipherable because she was too
busy screaming out to make them clear. Bobbie Jo plunged her face
into her mother’s pussy, lapping away at her yummy, hot juices.
Bobbie Jo had always loved eating a woman out just after she’d come
and tasting the cream from her orgasm and it was even better knowing
it was her mother’s cream she was licking. The taste of the orgasm
Rose had just given her was all over her pink folds and Bobbie Jo
didn’t miss a single drop. Her pink, teen tongue licked up a storm
in her Faye’s pussy swallowing all her sex cream and making a new
batch drip right down her throat.

While this was happening, Rose and Love were blissfully making out,
their lips pressed together over Faye’s breasts, but their eyes
pointed straight down at Bobbie Jo. Her young face was buried
between her mother’s legs and Rose and Love didn’t even want to
blink and miss a second of this show. They couldn’t wait to tell
Sarah and everyone about this, but they knew they had one problem.
Who the hell would believe them?

“OOOOOOOOOOOH YOU NASTY GIRL!!!” Faye screamed, words pumping out of
her mouth that she never thought she’d hear herself say. “EAT

Bobbie Jo had longed to hear these words for so long and tears of
joy were almost falling from her eyes at the sound of them. Her
mother was just as yummy as she’d always wanted her to be. No pussy
she’d ever had tasted as good to her as her momma’s did at that
moment. Bobbie Jo knew she was going to need these juices on her
tongue every day from now on and she pressed her teen face in
harder, tongue fucking her momma’s pink and licking up every drop of
girl juice she could get her tongue on.

scream, in the loud voice that had yelled at her daughter so many

Rose had four of her fingers pressing into her pussy at the sight
before her. Watching it had been so hot, she had come instantly when
she had reached down to stroke her slit and she was already hungry
for more. She was rubbing herself into a frenzy, her eyes still
locked on the forbidden pairing before her, when Rose felt Love’s
hand on her shoulder.

“Don’t touch yourself Rose,” Love begged. “Let me do it! Let me make
you come while we watch them!”

That was just what Rose wanted and she hopped off the bed to walk
nakedly to the other side. She crawled back on and kissed Love hotly
on the lips, sucking her housemate’s tongue right into her mouth and
reaching up to grip her jiggling tits. Love groaned from Rose’s
familiar and oh so sexy touch on her naked body. Only Rose could
make her ignore the mother/daughter sex show, but there was no
reason they couldn’t watch and play on the same time.

Rose lay herself down on the bed, flat on her stomach right across
from Faye. Her wet pussy soaked the bedspread as Love got on her
belly right behind her and spread open her pussy from behind. Before
Rose knew what hit her Love had pushed her face between the cheeks
of her ass and was licking her pussy while her eyes remained
straight ahead and staring at Bobbie Jo driving her mother to

“OOOOOOOOOH LOVE LICK IT!!!” Rose screamed as Love’s tongue dipped
into her sizzling snatch. “TONGUE FUCK MY PUSSY WHILE THIS LITTLE

Knowing her new friends were loving what they saw, Bobbie Jo turned
up the heat on her mother. She had been furiously fingering herself
the whole time and she had come instantly all over her fingers the
second she had gotten her first taste of her momma. But she hadn’t
even slowed down a bit after that orgasm and now girl juices were
running all the way down Bobbie Jo’s arm. She used her wet, sticky
fingers to help get her momma off, by sliding three of them inside
Faye’s spread pussy and fingering her while she kept licking.

JO!!!” Faye cried out at the top of her lungs. She had given up
trying to make it stop. Now all she wanted was for the pleasure
filling her body to never, ever end. “FUCK MOMMA LIKE THAT!!!

Love’s hands were gripping so tightly to Rose’s ass cheeks that she
was afraid her nails would break the skin. Rose didn’t care though.
She had already come once all over Love’s horny tongue and she
wanted to do it again. She had never been this turned on in her
life. Watching Bobbie Jo and Faye go at it like wanton whores was
getting her wetter than anything had since the first time Love and
Sarah had showed her what women were truly capable of doing. Love’s
tongue kept pushing into her hot cunt like a piston and Rose quickly
felt another orgasm brewing as they both kept their eyes right on
their new friends.

Bobbie Jo knew her momma was right on the verge and she sucked hard
on her clit, licking her hot juices and feeling her clit pulse with
the nasty desires Bobbie Jo felt every day of her life. Now that her
momma was just like her, Bobbie Jo knew they were going to be
getting along a hell of a lot better now.

“Come for me momma!” Bobbie Jo begged, pumping her fingers in and
out of Faye’s pussy while she talked. “Come all over your slut
daughter’s face!!! Show me how much you love me! Gimmie all your hot
girl cum momma! Feed your nasty little Bobbie Jo her dinner!!!”

Faye stared down at her daughter, juice covering her precious young
face. It was smeared on her lips, on her nose and down her chin.
Bobbie Jo’s face seemed to be glowing for her and knowing it was her
juices staining her daughter’s skin sent a surge of ecstasy through
Faye’s body that she had never felt before. Her body was completely
on edge, just waiting for that little push it needed to fall into
orgasm and when Bobbie Jo plunged her face down into her pussy again
Faye got that push.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Faye wailed in rapture as her pussy tightly
contracted around her daughter’s amazing tongue. Her orgasm blasted
against Bobbie Jo’s teen face and the girl lapped it all up like it
was candy. Faye screamed over and over again in pure pleasure and
the only thing that stopped her cries was Rose smothering her lips
against hers.

Rose kissed Faye ferociously, her own cries flowing into the
mother’s mouth as Love’s tongue drove her to orgasm for a second
time. Love’s tongue always felt so good inside her pussy, licking
and fucking her clit and the sight of seeing Faye come all over her
daughter’s face and cream her tan skin was something Rose couldn’t
help but go wild over. Just seeing it was enough to get her off and
Love’s tongue just made it sweeter. Rose’s orgasm was only silenced
by the fact that she had her lips locked with Faye’s sharing their
saliva as they both came.

Both Faye and Rose humped their creaming pussies against their
lovers’ tongues as they screamed and cursed into each other’s mouth.
This was all new to Faye, but Rose had felt these wicked, pulsing
sensations so many times before. That didn’t lessen them, though,
and it left Rose with a wild, happy smile on her face when she
pulled away to grin at the gasping, squirming Faye.

“Did it feel good Faye? Did it feel good to come all over your baby
girl’s slutty tongue?” Rose asked wickedly.

“Mmmmmmm yesssss…sooooooo fucking good…” Faye groaned, her body
still feeling the aftershocks of her orgasm. Her brain was far, far
away now. Her lust was still in control.

“What about you Bobbie Jo?” Love asked. “Did your mommy’s pussy
taste good?”

“See for yourself,” Bobbie Jo grinned as she pressed her lips to
Love’s. They shared the essence that covered them back and forth,
Bobbie Jo getting her first taste of Rose and Love getting her first
yummy sampling of Faye’s flavor.

“Mmmm she does taste good,” Love giggled. “You’re a lucky girl.”

“Oh I know that,” Bobbie Jo drawled. “My momma is the hottest thing
here. Except for me of course.”

“So how about it Faye?” Rose demanded. “You gonna return the favor?
You gonna reward your little girl for making you come so sweet? You
gonna taste that tight teen pussy of hers? What are you gonna do?”

Faye felt three sets of horny eyes staring at her, waiting for her
answer. She didn’t know how to feel. It had felt so good. It had
felt so right. But she knew it was wrong to feel this way about her
daughter. Didn’t it? Faye didn’t know how to feel, but she did know
something. She could worry about it tomorrow.

“Bobbie Jo, bring that pussy of yours to momma’s lips and I’ll show
you what I’m going to do,” Faye declared with a lick of her lips.

Rose and Love could only watch with wide smiles as Bobbie Jo crawled
onto the bed and started riding her mother’s face. Who knew how all
this was going to end, but they were damn sure not staying in any
stupid motel now. That much was certain.

* * * * *

“It’s almost time,” David Terrance said as he glanced at his watch.

“Relax it’ll get here,” Frank Blevens replied.

“I don’t like this plan, it’s too risky,” David declared.

“These are risks we have to take,” Frank shot back. “Look, we need
the MAW device. We can’t have it fall into anyone’s hands but ours.
This was the only way. It’s probably going to be messy, but we’ve
handled messy before. The important thing is that we get the

Suddenly the door to the plane opened and what David and Frank had
been waiting for arrived.

“What took you so long?” David demanded.

“There were some collateral damage problems that needed to be taken
care of,” Brandon answered. “Though in this case I look at is as a

“Are Waldo, Franklin and Delbert dead?” Frank asked.

“Yes,” Brandon lied. He didn’t have his confirmation yet, but he had
bigger fish to fry right now. In a few minutes Waldo and his friends
would be irrelevant to the bigger picture.

“It’s a shame, they were always very effective,” Frank sighed.

“Hey when you hired them to steal the device, you knew that
eventually they were going to figure out what was going on,” Brandon
said. “That’s why you brought me in. To steal it from them before
they learned the truth. What did you think I was going to do, let
them off with a slap on the wrist? I was always going to kill them.”

“Let’s focus on the device,” David declared. “Do you have it?”

“I certainly do,” Brandon answered as he pulled it out of the bag.
Frank and David’s eyes lit up like they were staring at the Maltese
Falcon itself. But just as suddenly as Brandon pulled it out, he
shoved it back into his bag.

“However, I think it’s time we talked about renegotiating my deal,”
Brandon announced. “I’ve been doing some research into the work of
the now late Dr. Marcus Barker and his partner, Dr. Raymond Hall. It
was very interesting stuff, if I don’t say so myself. I had no idea
of the true possibilities of the MAW device until I read up on it.”

“What are you getting at Brandon?” Frank demanded. “Are you voiding
our agreement?”

“I’ve decided to keep the MAW device for myself, Frank,” Brandon
replied evenly before reaching into the bag and pulling out a
silencer equipped handgun. With a calm squeeze, Brandon shot a
bullet right into Frank’s forehead. David reached for his own gun,
but it was too late and Brandon quickly shot him too, a soft pop
ending his life. Frank and David slumped forward onto the table
before them, their heads hitting the formica. Brandon then walked up
to the pilot and, before he had a chance to react, ended his life in
a red splash against the cockpit walls.

Whistling while he worked, Brandon then reached into the bag again
and pulled out a small but powerful helping of plastique. He quickly
assembled a crude bomb, set the timer for five minutes and strode
outside the plane. Brandon stood on the edge of the cliff,
overlooking the wide Atlantic and calmly waited for a minute. A
helicopter soon emerged and after getting low enough it dropped its
ladder. Brandon grabbed onto the ladder and, MAW device in tow, was
pulled up to safety.

The helicopter took off and precisely 90 seconds later the bomb went
off, reducing the plane to burnt wreckage and a rising plume of
smoke to signify that something was once there.

“What are we going to do now Waldo?” Franklin asked.

“Don’t worry Franklin,” Waldo replied as the four faces peeked out
from behind the trees. They had arrived the same time as Brandon and
when they had seen him they had decided to wait and see what
happened next. The answer they found was definitive to say the

“I’ve got a back up plan,” Waldo announced. “You’ve always got to
have a back up plan.”

Jamie Lynn just shook her head as they all began walking down the
hill again. These guys were total weirdsville. But at least they
weren’t boring. This was actually fun, except for the parts with the
knives and the bullets. Jamie Lynn found herself wondering how
Britney’s press conference had gone. She wondered if Britney had
even noticed she was gone.

* * * * *

“Chrissy, what if someone recognizes us?” Britney asked, her voice
betraying her touch of nerves.

“Relax Britney, we’ll be in and out before anyone has a chance to
notice we’re here,” Christina replied. “Besides, I think everyone
here’s a little distracted. So unless you hop up there and start
shaking those hot titties of yours, then no one will ever know we
were here.”

Britney knew Christina was right, everyone here was too distracted
to notice much of anything. With strippers bumping and grinding
against poles and offering themselves up for lap dances, who could
possibly notice two pop singers walking behind their huge bodyguard.
The music was loud and the lights were either too low or too bright
for people to look at anything but the girls shaking what they had,
natural and otherwise.

“Now quit drooling and c’mon,” Christina teased as she grabbed
Britney’s arm and tugged her deeper inside the club. “This is gonna
be even better than those girls up there.”

Even before she had gotten into girls, Britney had always liked
strip clubs. She had always loved how the women had all the power
there as they tempted, teased and danced their customers away from
their hard earned cash. It was the ultimate look, but don’t touch
and Britney had often studied strippers to try and get that right
amount of teasing raunch into her dance routines. Her infamous strip
at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards had been the product of more than
a few research trips to clubs like this and now that Britney knew
how hot women could be off stage as well as on, she had a whole new
appreciation for strippers.

Christina had been a little skimpy on the details of her plan. She
had just expected Britney would follow her and, as usual, she had
been right about that. Now they were at one of L.A.’s better known
strip clubs, Liquid Dreams, and Christina had a purpose in mind
other than just gawking at naked girls. They could do that at home.
Christina had business to discuss with someone. She had told Britney
that much.

“Do you really think she’ll go for this?” Britney asked.

“Please Britney, I know this girl, she’d jump at the chance,”
Christina replied, her voice shouting just a little to be heard over
the loud music. “She’s gonna be totally into this. We might not even
have to pay her. Hell, I’ll bet she’d take care of our little
problem for free.”

“Have you ever…you know…with her?” Britney asked.

“Have I ever what?” Christina teased, her pierced lips pressing to
Britney’s ear. “Have I ever licked her porn star pussy? No. No I

“Really?” Britney asked in disbelief. “No way you haven’t fucked
her. What’s the matter Christina, don’t you like girls?”

“Shut up Britney,” Christina shot back playfully. “Or else I’ll
throw you down on stage and show you how much I like girls.”

“Mmmmm I wouldn’t fight you off,” Britney giggled, knowing that
Christina was touching on one of her favorite fantasies. A group of
people watching Christina eat her out so they could all see what a
naughty girl she was and how much she loved having a woman tongue
her pussy. Britney loved thinking about that and, just like always,
it made her nipples swell under the white tank top she wore.

With the way she and Christina were dressed, they could easily have
passed themselves off as strippers. They had both thrown on their
clothes quickly and what they were wearing didn’t do much to cover
their young bodies. Britney was in her white tank top and Christina
had slipped into a black bra top thing. They both were in jeans
shorts that were frayed at the bottom to show they had once been
full jeans and neither girl had bothered with any underwear. They
were certainly dressed dangerously for a place like this, but with
Fluffy at their side, no one dared approach them. It was like they
had their own private bouncer.

“So how come you never hooked up?” Britney asked. “I mean, did she
turn you down or something?”

“No one turns down Xtina!” Christina firmly declared in a way that
showed Britney she was deadly serious. “We just never had the right
moment. We’ve only met each other like in groups and stuff. We never
had any one on one time. It’s only a matter of time though. She
wants me. I want her. We’ll be soaked in each other’s juices before
you can even blink.”

“I’d love to watch,” Britney grinned. “Mmmm maybe you’ll let me join
in too.”

“Only if you’re a good girl though,” Christina giggled before
wrapping her arms around Britney and squeezing her affectionately
from behind. Christina made sure she used this opportunity to rub
the dampening crotch of her jeans against Britney’s ass, making sure
she could feel her wetness. Britney certainly noticed it and purred
a little as she ground her ass right back against Christina.

The two pop singers reached the club’s private dressing room for
feature dancers and they quickly saw that she had a bodyguard of her
own stationed outside. Christina whispered to Fluffy what he should
do and he obediently went over to explain the situation. The other
bodyguard nodded his head and disappeared inside the dressing room
before returning a moment later.

“She’ll see you now,” the bodyguard announced.

“Great!” Christina squealed. “Wait here Fluffy. We’ll scream if we
need anything.”

The two girls then zipped right inside the dressing room, happy,
anticipatory grins on their faces. When they closed the door behind
them, they found themselves staring at the backside of one of the
world’s most recognizable sex stars as she bent over to pull
something out of her bag. Even from behind, it was obvious who she
was thanks to the famous “Heartbreaker” tattoo she had on her right
butt cheek. She was wearing a short robe and a thong and when she
bent over, there wasn’t much that wasn’t exposed to her horny

When she realized her famous visitors were there, the girl turned
around and smiled happily.

“Oh my God…this is just awesome…I can’t believe you two are
here,” Jenna Jameson grinned. “How are you Chrissy?”

“Mmmm better now that I’m here,” Christina replied as she and Jenna
kissed cheeks and bussed their lips together in a tantalizing
promise of what they both hoped would come. There was no mystery
between the two. They each knew they wanted the other and they
didn’t bother to keep it secret. It was just that the forces of fate
had not lined up to make it possible yet.

“So you gonna introduce me to your friend, or what?” Jenna asked.

“Yeah right…don’t be coy,” Christina said with a roll of her eyes.”

“I’m such a big fan of yours,” Jenna said as she turned her
attention to Britney and pulled her into a very friendly hug.
Britney felt Jenna’s breasts crush into hers through the thin layer
of their clothing and her nipples immediately began to respond.

“Thanks…ummm…me too…I’m a big fan of you too,” Britney
offered, even though it wasn’t 100% true. She had certainly heard of
Jenna and she certainly thought she was one of the hottest women on
the planet, but she had never actually seen any of her movies.

A few months back the tabloids had buzzed about Britney and Jenna
being infatuated with one another, going as far as to say that
Britney loved lesbian porn and was considering doing a movie with
Jenna. Britney had laughed when she had seen the story. As usual the
tabloid press had completely missed the truth and if they had dug a
little they might have found out what was really going on with her
sex life. Needless to say Britney was glad they had gone with the
lies and not anything close to what was happening.

Jenna had talked to the reporter and confessed how hot she found
Britney and now that they were face to face for the first time,
Britney found the feeling was mutual. Jenna looked so beautiful in
her short little robe and it would have been so easy for her or
Christina to just reach over and untie the sash to expose the
delights underneath. Their definitely was mutual desire in the air
and Britney could see the rumors becoming truth for once.

“So what brings you guys down here tonight?” Jenna asked. “Are you
here to watch me dance?”

“Of course,” Christina replied. “We wouldn’t dream of missing it.
But we also have a little proposition for you that I think you’re
going to like.”

“Oh? What is it?” Jenna asked. “You want me to be in one of your
videos or something?”

“Not exactly,” Christina answered before explaining her plan to
Jenna. Christina felt like this was her best plan ever. It was a way
to take care of their competition and have some fun in the process.
It was a no-lose situation.

Christina went over every detail, explaining the background and
telling Jenna over and over again how much they needed her help on
this one and how she was the only one they could think of. Through
it all, Jenna stood stone faced before Britney and Christina, not
reacting until the new brunette finished her sales pitch.

“So you like want me to be your whore? Is that what you’re saying?”
Jenna demanded.

“Nooooooo it’s not like that at all,” Britney quickly replied.

“Really? Cause it sure sounds like you want me to act like a fucking
whore for you,” Jenna muttered, her face showing signs of hurt over
the offer. “Do you think I’m some kind of hooker you can just buy

“No! That’s not what we think!” Christina insisted. She was
surprised by Jenna’s reaction. Never in all of this had she
considered Jenna actually refusing the offer. Now she didn’t know
quite to say. She hadn’t expected to be put on the spot, but
fortunately Jenna’s next words erased the need for any quick

“Well if that’s how you both really feel, then fine,” Jenna said.
“Don’t worry, girls. I’ll be your little whore for you. That is, if
you do something for me first.”

“Do what?” Britney asked, a little nervously. Who knew what Jenna
was cooking up in her mind? “What do you want us to do?”

“Oh it’s very simple,” Jenna said smirking as she sat down in a
chair across from the two pop singers and set herself up in the
perfect “Basic Instinct” pose to flash her delights underneath with
each crossing and uncrossing of her legs. “If you two want me to act
like a whore, then you’re going to have to be my whores first.”

Britney and Christina stood silent for a moment as they took Jenna’s
offer in. It wasn’t what they had expected her to say, but it wasn’t
like they minded it in the slightest. Christina was the first to
break the quick silence when a wicked smile tugged at her lips.

“Mmmm Jenna, you don’t even have to ask,” Christina grinned as she
approached the porn star. “We’ll be your fucking whores all night if
that’s what you want.”

“Oh I like this attitude of yours Chrissy,” Jenna said, licking her
lips before pulling Christina into a hot kiss. Their kisses before
had always been too chaste for both of their tastes, but this time
there was nothing holding them back. This time there were no
boyfriends or managers tugging them apart. They could let their
desires run free and Jenna gave Christina a kiss that threatened to
rip the singer’s tongue right out of her and left her gasping for

“Now it’s your turn Britney,” Jenna declared. “Let’s see if you’re
as hot as I’ve always dreamed you would be.”

“Oh yeah? Let me show you how hot I can be,” Britney confidently
declared before kissing Jenna hard on the lips. Britney had been
unsure about where Jenna had been intending to go with all of this,
but now it was clear the fun possibilities that lay ahead. Jenna was
the only person Britney could think of that could have more
experience at this than Christina and she couldn’t wait to see what
she had in store for them.

Britney tried to kiss Jenna as hard as she could, to show she wasn’t
some pushover or anything, but the veteran sex goddess was easily
able to gain the upper hand. They tongue wrestled for a few moments
while Christina still struggled to catch her breath, but Jenna was
quickly able to pin Britney in their little matchup. Jenna’s kiss
was like nothing Britney had ever experienced, it demanded attention
and the feel of her lips was enough to get her pussy dripping
against her shorts. Even as confident as she had been in her own
ability to sex things up, Britney knew she was no match for Jenna.

Jenna’s hands reached up to grope Britney’s tits through her tank
top and she gasped when Jenna started pinching her nipples through
the material. The hard contact against her sensitive nubs
immediately sent Britney flashing back to how Rose had taken her
that first day in the mansion and it got Britney even wetter. When
Jenna finally released Britney, she was gasping for breath harder
than Christina had been.

“Oh yeah you two are going to make fine little whores,” Jenna
grinned. “Mmmm you are hot Britney. Just like I thought you would
be. You’re going to be even hotter when that face of yours is buried
in my pussy. But I think you deserve to go first Christina, after
all you came up with this idea and, after all, you are the one who
likes to get dirty.”

Christina smiled as Jenna referenced her album. She’d heard all the
jokes when it came out, but hearing them from Jenna Jameson put
things in a whole new light. Christina hungrily stood as Jenna
pulled away from Britney and walked back toward her. She was
expecting another hot kiss and was shocked when Jenna slapped her
across the face.

“OW! What the fuck!” Christina shouted.

“What do you want you little whore?” Jenna demanded.

“What?” Christina asked and that earned her another hard slap
against the cheek.

“What do you want?” Jenna repeated. “You want to get fucked, don’t
you? DON’T YOU?”

Christina was too shocked by Jenna’s sudden dominant tone to say
anything. She just nodded her head.

“Say it!” Jenna commanded, grabbing Christina’s cheeks and pressing
into them with her fingers. “Say what you want you little whore! Say
you want to get fucked!”

“Yessssssss!” Christina groaned through Jenna’s tight grip on her
face. “Fuck me Jenna! I want it! I want to get fucked!”

“That’s just what I want to hear from my little whore,” Jenna said
as she released Christina’s face and proceeded to plunge her tongue
right back inside her gasping mouth. “You want me to do your dirty
work for you Christina? Then you’re gonna have to earn it!”

Before Christina could react, Jenna reached down and jerked down her
bra top, exposing her pierced nipple. Christina’s face was still
stinging from the slap, but Jenna was doing wonders to make her
forget it when she began sucking hard on Christina’s nipple, running
her tongue over the piercing as her hand made its way to Christina’s
shorts. It was obvious that Jenna didn’t feel like fooling around or
trading niceties tonight. Christina was more than ready for this
game and when Jenna popped open the button of her shorts and shoved
her hand inside, she found the pop singer was wet and ready to fuck.

“You love this don’t you?” Jenna demanded in between nipple licks.
“You’re getting all wet and juicy from being my little whore! Take
that fucking top off! Show me those tits I’ve been dying to see for
so fucking long!”

Christina knew it was useless to respond to Jenna verbally. The porn
star could feel how wet she was. She knew Christina loved this. All
Christina could do was moan and reach around back to undo the string
of her top. After untying the string, Christina pulled the black top
all the way off her body, leaving her topless and moaning as Jenna’s
hand groped and pawed at her pussy.

As all this was going on, Britney was watching and enjoying the
show. She remembered the way Christina had gotten so turned on
watching Rose take her hard and now she could see why. It was an
incredible turn on to see someone as confident and sure of herself
as Christina, be reduced to moaning and obeying commands like a
whore. Britney started playing with her nipples and rubbing herself
through her shorts as she watched Jenna take Christina.

“Yeah you watch this little show Britney,” Jenna ordered, turning
her attention to the other celebrity in her presence. “You watch and
enjoy because you’re next. Mmmm I don’t want one whore tonight…I
want two! So you get yourself nice and wet for me baby because I am
taking you whether you’re ready or not!”

That threat sent a rush of pleasure to Britney’s pussy and she began
rubbing herself harder through her shorts, creating a dark spot of
pleasure on the fabric. Britney didn’t undress yet. She was waiting
to be told to do it and she didn’t want to risk whatever punishments
Jenna could devise by getting ahead of herself.

“Mmmmm great tits…but not as great as mine,” Jenna smirked as she
dropped the robe and exposed the bosom that had been operated on
more times than she dared admit. She finally had them the way she
liked them at the moment and she was proud to show them off to
Britney, Christina or whatever horny man or woman wanted to see. She
was sporting a 32DD these days and they shot out like missiles from
her chest. Since Jenna’s blonde hair was pinned up at the moment,
Britney was able to stare at the dragon tattoo on the back of her
neck and her eyes traveled down the rest of Jenna’s almost bare

She had tattoos on both of her calves, one of flowers with the words
“Crazy Girl” printed on her right and an angel painted on her left.
Flowers were painted on the back of her left ankle and of course
there was the infamous “Heartbreaker” design. Britney just wanted to
run her tongue over each and every one of those prints and taste
Jenna’s bare flesh and she had a feeling that soon enough she’d be
doing just that. Everything about her exuded sex. It seemed to glow
from her body, acting as a catalyst for everything around her.
Britney’s life had seemed like a non-stop girl orgy lately, but
nothing, save for her first time with Chrissy and her time with
Rose, had gotten her as horny as she was at that moment, watching
Jenna stand there in just her black thong taking control of

“Do you want this Christina?” Jenna asked, tugging on Christina’s
dyed hair and tugging on it and making the singer cry out in a way
everyone knew wasn’t from pain. “Do you want this fucking body?”

“Yesssssss! You know I do!” Christina cried, reaching out for
Jenna’s body. “Let me fuck you Jenna! Let me fuck you like a good
little whore!”

“Oh yeah that’s what you are! My fucking little famous whore!” Jenna
laughed as she reached over and pinned Christina’s arms behind her
back. Christina was a tight ball of energy, but she was never going
to win an arm wrestling contest and Jenna easily kept her in place.
Christina’s mouth opened in a moan and Jenna took advantage of it by
spitting right into Christina’s open mouth. The saliva dripped right
from Jenna’s mouth into Christina and the singer looked surprised,
but didn’t hesitate to swallow it happily.

“Yeah you love that, don’t you dirty girl,” Jenna cracked. “C’mon
bitch! On your knees! Let’s get nasty!”

Jenna pushed Christina down to the floor, right onto her knees and
forcing her face to be perfectly lined up with her pussy. Christina
didn’t have to be told what to do. She reached up and tugged down
Jenna’s soaked thong. The fabric had become sodden with horny juices
and Jenna’s cunt lips glistened with desire when Christina exposed
it. Jenna always got so horny right before and after she danced and
now she had the perfect outlet for all the sexual energy bubbling up
in her veins.

She didn’t dance much anymore because she didn’t need to. Jenna was
a millionaire several times over thanks to her lucrative video
contracts and her website. She didn’t need the grind of the road.
She only danced to keep her skills sharp and to feel the rush of
those horny eyes on her naked body. Dancing only a few times a year
kept her fans at a fever pitch for her performances and their were
usually little bonuses like this waiting for her.

When she had been told Britney and Christina wanted to see her,
Jenna had hoped something like this would happen, but she hadn’t
wanted to assume it. She had wanted both of these pop music sluts so
bad and would have taken any opportunity she had to fuck both of
them. Jenna was enthusiastically bisexual off camera and she had
lusted after Britney and Christina’s young bodies almost as soon as
they’d hit the scene. Now she had them both and all the horny
fantasies she’d played out through her head were fueling her rampant

Jenna wasn’t always the dominant one when it came to sex. She liked
it just as much sometimes to be taken, instead of taking. But the
only proper course of action had seemed to be showing these two
little sluts who was boss. Jenna had actually loved the idea
Christina had presented to her. She would have done it for free,
just for the fun of it. But when she had seen the chance to play
with these girls a little, Jenna grabbed it and ran with it. So far
everything was working out perfectly. She knew she had to make this
quick because she had to dance in 20 minutes, but it was worth it.
She was going to give her fans a helluva show tonight, starting with
these two bratty sluts right here.

The intoxicating scent of Jenna’s arousal wafted up through
Christina’s nostrils and had her mouth watering over the prospect of
tasting the porn queen’s cream. She just wanted to bury her face in
Jenna’s pussy, but she couldn’t. Christina squirmed to move forward,
but Jenna had her hands tight on her cheeks, holding her head in

“Stick your tongue out,” Jenna ordered. “Get it straight out like
it’s a fucking cock!”

Christina didn’t hesitate to do as she was asked and she stuck her
tongue straight out, flattening it and giving Jenna a lovely target.
Jenna grinned as she kept her tight grip on Christina’s face and
began humping herself against it. Jenna fucked Christina’s tongue
like it was one of her sex toys, pressing her dripping pussy against
it and letting the singer’s pink tongue penetrate her over and over
again. Christina immediately got into the groove of Jenna’s methods
and kept her tongue straight out and her head in place for her face

“C’mon you little whore! That’s it!” Jenna groaned as Christina’s
hard tongue pushed inside her and fucked her pussy like a small, wet
dildo. “Fuck it! Fuck that cunt with your hot tongue!”

Jenna fucked Christina’s face hard, using her tongue for her
pleasure and it wasn’t long before her juices were dribbling off
Christina’s lips and tongues. Jenna groaned in rapture, but she
wasn’t the only one. Christina’s own arousal was raging. She had
never had her body used like this before, not even by Rose, and she
loved it. She moaned and gurgled on Jenna’s juices as they coated
her tongue and filled her mouth.

Meanwhile, Britney was doing some serious moaning of her own,
twisting and tugging on her nipples as she continued to palm herself
through her shorts. Britney was rubbing her pussy into a gooey mess
under her jean shorts and she badly wished it was her on her knees,
while Jenna Jameson fucked her face. She didn’t feel too bad about
not being able to play, though. Britney knew her chance was coming.

The sensations of Christina’s pink tongue stiffly fucking her was
making Jenna’s knees weak. She didn’t want to come so quickly, but
she was getting too wet to be able to hold off much longer.
Christina was an enthusiastic participant in her own debasement,
letting Jenna use her tongue like it was a pocket rocket and moaning
like the whore Jenna treated her as while the porn star fucked her
face. Christina worked her hand into her shorts and began rubbing
herself and Jenna either didn’t care that she had done this without
permission or was too horny to notice it.

“Yeahhhhh use that tongue whore!” Jenna cried. “Lick it up
Christina! Start licking my clit bitch! Lick up all those juices!
Suck them right down your slut throat! Lick that cunt you famous
little whore! I wanna cream your pretty little pierced face! Lick it
good! You’re my fucking bitch now Christina!”

Jenna relaxed her hands and pulled them away from Christina’s face
so the singer could start licking her. Christina immediately reacted
by letting her tongue burrow deep in Jenna’s pussy, licking away at
her well fucked folds and her dripping juices. Jenna helped out by
using her left hand to spread her labia and to rub herself raw.
Jenna bucked forward as she felt her own touch mesh perfectly with
Christina’s practiced tongue. She had had no idea Christina would be
this good at pussy licking. If she had known, she would have made
damn sure to have fucked her earlier.

“Spit in my pussy!” Jenna ordered. “Get it nice and wet for your
nasty whore tongue!”

Christina pulled her juice stained face away and spit some serious
saliva into Jenna’s pussy. Part of her spit bounced right off
Jenna’s slit and onto the dressing room floor, but the rest hit it’s
pink target and Christina didn’t hesitate to add a second dose of
spit, sending it right into Jenna’s sizzling snatch. Christina loved
how nasty it was getting in here and the sounds of Britney’s frantic
masturbation made her even wetter for this. As her spit dripped from
Jenna’s pussy, Christina pushed her tongue back inside and licked it
up back into her mouth along with a healthy serving of Jenna’s pussy

“Mmmmmmm fuck yeah! Work that tongue in me! Mmmm had lots of
practice being a little whore, haven’t you Chrissy?” Jenna moaned
passionately while she rubbed her pussy hard with her fingers. She
spread and played with her juicy, splayed fingers, using four of
them to rub herself just right as she coated them in her essence.
Jenna’s fingers were becoming wet and sticky with desire and she was
about to lick them clean when she had a better idea.

“Get that sexy ass of yours over here Britney!” Jenna ordered and
the masturbating pop star obeyed without question. Britney had
rubbed herself so hard through her shorts that the jeans material
was now practically fused through her clit. The blue had a sizable
dark stain of lust on them and Britney’s skin glistened with the
glow of exertion.

Jenna held out her hand and Britney knew what to do without asking.
She immediately grasped onto Jenna’s hand and began licking her porn
star juices off. Britney made sure not to miss a drop, dragging her
wet tongue over Jenna’s fingers and down her arm, where the juices
had run in sexy trickles of girl cum.

“That’s it Britney! Suck that girl cum off! Mmmm you’re just as hot
as your whore friend here!” Jenna urged as her eyes locked onto
Britney’s rock hard nipples as they strained against her white tank

“This is no fucking good,” Jenna said looking at Britney’s shirt.
“You’re not nearly naked enough to be my whore!”

Jenna then used her free hand to reach for the collar of Britney’s
top. She grabbed onto the thin fabric and tugged down hard, pulling
the back up against Britney’s neck and ripping right through. Jenna
tore Britney’s tank top straight down and completely ruined it,
exposing her heaving breasts in the process.

“Oooh this is new,” Jenna said in between moans as she noticed the
sparking piercing in Britney’s nipple. Jenna knew enough about
piercings to know a fresh one and she saw it and she immediately
took advantage, teasing the sensitive nipple with her fingers and
tongue and sending Britney into pleasure tremors.

Christina had her tongue buried happily in Jenna’s soaked snatch.
She lapped away at all the juice she could get near her tongue and
began licking Jenna’s clit with quick tongue flicks. Jenna’s clit
was pierced just like hers and Christina certainly knew what girls
with pierced clits liked. She tugged on the piercing with her lips,
pulling it and making Jenna’s clit swell and her body shake.

Jenna tossed her head back and moaned deeply, yanking her hair free
in the process. Her long blonde hair flew everywhere, tickling
Britney in the face and falling against her mouth. Jenna then
reacted suddenly to the pleasure Christina sent coursing through her
body by yanking her hand from Britney’s mouth and clamping both
hands right around Britney’s neck. Jenna didn’t do it hard enough to
hurt her, but she was firm enough in her grip to show Britney she
meant business.

Britney gasped in surprise. She had never been touched there before
and she reflexively felt nerves and a surge of fear in her rapidly
beating heart. The pleasure didn’t stop and Britney’s horniness
didn’t cool a single degree. In fact, the fear she felt, turned her
on even more. She had never expected to like something like this,
but the feel of Jenna’s hands wrapped around her neck like she could
choke the life out of her at any second, made her so wet that she
couldn’t even begin to deny that she liked it.

“You like it Britney?” Jenna challenged. “Are you like your fucking
friend over here? Do you like it dirty too? Tell me you fucking like
it dirty bitch!”

Jenna then used one hand to slap both of Britney’s cheeks before
returning it to around her neck. Britney gasped, but still felt
desire. She could still breathe and all it did was make her want
Jenna even more. She was totally bent to the will of this sex
goddess and they both knew it.

“Tell me you fucking like it!” Jenna insisted harshly. “Tell me you
fucking like it dirty Britney! You want it dirty, don’t you? You
want it hard and nasty like a fucking whore! Tell me you like it

“Yesssss yesssssss ohhhhhhh fucking yessssss…” Britney hissed as
Jenna’s hands kept at her neck. “I like it dirty! Give it to me
dirty Jenna!”

Now that she had heard what she had longed for, Jenna let Britney go
and pulled the gasping girl in by her new short hair. Jenna kissed
Britney just as hard as she had before, sucking her breath away and
shooting her tongue into her mouth for the singer to play with and
suck on. Jenna knew that these two came into her dressing room with
more money and power than she had, but sex was life’s greatest
equalizer and Jenna wasn’t going to let them leave until they both
knew who was boss.

When she let Britney go, Jenna turned her attention back to
Christina. Britney gasped for breath and felt her pussy pulse with
lust under her shorts. Her pussy was so fucking wet and Britney knew
she had had a small orgasm while Jenna was choking her. She was too
wet to not have come and her skin tingled in post orgasmic
afterglow. It was just a tiny come, though, and Britney craved much
more than that.

“Don’t you fucking stop Christina!” Jenna ordered her friend while
she started humping her famous face hard again. “Get your tongue in
there! Fuck my clit! Fuck me like the dirty whore you are! Make me
come all over that pretty mouth of yours!”

A whole army of reporters with cameras could have marched into the
dressing room at that moment and Christina wouldn’t even have
paused. Nothing was going to make her stop fucking Jenna and if that
army had marched in Christina would have smiled for them all shiny
with girl cum and gotten back to work. Jenna was so ready to come
and Christina alternated between hard tongue fucks and long sucks of
her clit. Christina could see how similar their experienced pussies
were and she knew just where a girl like Jenna loved to be sucked
and fucked.

Christina kept giving it to the world famous porn star over and over
again, using her lips and tongue to make her cries grow louder and
faster. The singer could only imagine what they would look like if
someone barged in. Her face buried in Jenna’s cunt while Britney
gasped and fucked herself through her shorts. Christina knew Fluffy
and Jenna’s bodyguard could hear them outside the door and Christina
grinned when she imagined the effect it must he having on them.
Fluffy never reacted to anything she did, but Christina knew it had
to get him so hard to see her sucking dick and eating pussy like she
was the fucking porn star.

As Christina’s tongue worked its magic, Jenna felt her body tense
up. She knew it was time and she didn’t hold back at all. When
Christina started sucking on her clit again, Jenna lost it. Jenna
screamed out her rapture and coated Christina’s hungry tongue and
mouth with the nectar of the goddesses.

“YESSSSSSS FUCKING YESSSSSSS!!!” Jenna screamed through her orgasm.

Jenna’s body shook and lurched in orgasm and she closed her eyes to
let the sensations soak the very fiber of her being. Even before she
finished her orgasm, Jenna grabbed Christina by the hair and yanked
her away from her pussy. Jenna pulled Christina up to her mouth and
the singer knew what was expected of her. She let all the girl cum
she had stored up in her mouth drip out into Jenna’s as they kissed
passionately. The two slutty sirens tossed the girl cum back in
forth from mouth to mouth as they kissed, finally splitting it up in
two and happily swallowing it down.

“Ooooh that was fucking amazing,” Jenna panted after ending the kiss
and starting to stroke Christina’s flushed face. “Mmmm you are a
good little whore and now it’s time for you to get paid. Ass in the
air bitch!”

Knowing that her intense horniness would now get the attention it
deserved, Christina didn’t waste time. She got down on the hard
floor of the dressing room on her hands and knees, sticking her
shorts covered ass in the air as she looked straight at the topless
Britney, her hand deep inside her own shorts as she slammed her own

Time was short so Jenna didn’t bother with enjoying her orgasmic
afterglow. She could do that later. Instead, Jenna yanked down
Christina’s shorts, pulling them down hard past her ass. She didn’t
even bother getting them all the way off Christina’s body. Instead
she let the tattered jeans shorts lie there keeping Christina’s legs
together just past her bare ass. The good parts were all exposed as
Christina’s ass wiggled in the air and that was all that mattered to

Jenna locked her hands onto Christina’s smooth, naked ass cheeks,
leaving hand prints on her flesh as she pried open her holes and
pushed her tongue right inside Christina’s quivering quim. Jenna’s
tongue pushed in hard like a cock and Christina immediately reacted.

“OHHHHHHH YESSSS FUCK ME JENNA!” Christina screamed, her distinctive
voice on the verge of singing out her pleasure. “TONGUE FUCK YOUR

Jenna grinned at the sound of Christina’s cries and the taste of her
horny juices. The singer was practically ready to come already.
Jenna took pride in being able to get her lovers off fast and hard,
leaving their heads spinning when she was in the mood. She was
certainly in the mood here and she gave it to Christina hard with
her tongue. Jenna fucked her while looking up from between her
tight, dancing toned ass cheeks to see Britney still fingering
herself. Knowing this wasn’t quite fair, Jenna quickly devised a

“Shut this bitch up Britney!” Jenna commanded. “Let her tongue take
care of your hot little cunt. I know you two have fucking done this

That point was certainly beyond obvious by now and Britney didn’t
attempt to deny their special friendship. Instead she eagerly
grabbed the chance to come, pushing down her shorts and pressing her
wet, shaved pussy to Christina’s face. Christina knew Britney’s
pussy as well as she knew her own and it didn’t take her but a
second to have her tongue deep inside her friend. Christina tongue
fucked Britney’s dripping gash, sending all the pleasure Jenna was
giving her right back to Britney.

“Good girl, eat that slutty pussy!” Jenna ordered as she returned a
special favor to Christina. Jenna gathered up her saliva and spit
right into Christina’s surprisingly tight pussy. The spit covered
her pussy flesh from behind and Jenna gave her a second and third
helping of desire filled saliva to Christina’s needy cunt.

“Like that don’t you, you dirty bitch? You like my spit in your
pussy?” Jenna demanded, spanking Christina’s bare ass with hard
slaps to each butt cheek until the singer moaned and nodded her head
furiously in Britney’s pussy, never pulling away from her friend’s
flavorful sex.

“Take it you fucking slut!” Jenna growled, her own pussy starting to
juice up again. “Take my tongue deep inside your hot cunt!”

As Jenna pushed her tongue back inside Christina’s pussy, she used
her hands to pry her slit open so she could have better access. When
she was open enough, Jenna plunged two of her fingers inside
Christina to keep her open while she fucked her wet folds.

“Mmmmmmmmm more!!!” Christina groaned. Her cries were muffled by
Britney’s pussy against her lips, but Jenna certainly understood
what she wanted and moved to comply. She picked up the pace of her
tonguing and added a third finger to Christina, starting to make a
tight fit inside her pop star pussy. Christina cooed in delight,
wiggling her ass and tonguing Britney harder.

Britney certainly appreciated what was happening, squeezing her
jiggling jugs as Christina tongued her. Britney felt happy sex sweat
cover her skin and begin dripping down into her cleavage and down
her back. It made her even wetter and brought her that much closer
to the orgasm she had been building since Jenna had first kissed
Christina, back in what now felt like a lifetime ago.

“Oooooooooh Chrissy…mmmmmmmm eat me baby!!! Eat my pussy good like
you always fucking do!” Britney growled in rapture, her hips doing a
sexy, unconscious orbit against her friend’s face. “Show Jenna we’re
good little whores! Show her we’re dirty fucking sluts just like she
wants us to beeeee!!!”

Christina rewarded Britney’s nasty words by licking her pussy even
harder. She rubbed her face against Britney’s moving pussy, making
sure it never left her lips or tongue. Britney was treating her to a
steady taste of girl juice and Christina knew her orgasm was
immanent, just like her own.

“Eat her slut! Eat Britney’s hot pussy!” Jenna commanded, her
fingers pumping in and out of Christina while her tongue took a
break. Jenna used her free hand to make Christina’s butt cheeks nice
and pink with frequent stinging slaps to her flesh. Christina cried
out happily from every spank she got, her pussy dripping onto
Jenna’s fingers, while the porn star hungrily stared at Christina’s
ass. The singer’s tight rosebud was too tantalizing a site for Jenna
to pass up and before she knew it she was spitting right into
Christina’s ring.

“OHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSS!!!” Christina enthusiastically groaned, her
eyes rolling back in her head as she pulled away from Britney’s
pussy for a split second to react. “GIVE IT TO ME JENNA!!! I FUCKING

“Nasty little whore…you’ll get what you fucking want,” Jenna
grunted as she spit again into Christina’s asshole lubing her up for
the fun that was to come. Jenna then pulled her juicy fingers out
and slid two of them right into Christina’s butt. Christina bucked
hard in reaction and tears filled her eyes as Jenna quickly added a
third finger to her friend’s hole, filling her ass completely up and
starting to stretch her tight anal ring out.


Jenna then buried her face back in Christina’s pussy licking her
spasming clit as she filled and fucked her tight ass. Christina’s
brain was being overloaded with pleasure and she almost forgot about
Britney. Her friend’s sharp tug on her raven black hair was a good
enough reminder and Christina got back to Britney, even as she felt
her body begin to shift into orgasmic overdrive.

The seconds on the clock continued to tick away and Jenna knew she
didn’t have much time left. She knew soon the club manager would be
banging on the door, telling her it was time to get out there. But
she didn’t care. Let them wait. She was Jenna Fucking Jameson! Let
them wait for her! She wanted, no needed, to taste Christina’s cream
and she was not going to be denied. She pumped the girl’s ass hard,
loosening her tightness up as she tongue fucked her cunt. Christina
was no stranger to girl on girl loving and it showed. Jenna gave her
double helpings of stimulation until Christina just couldn’t take
the pleasure anymore and came with a long howl of ecstasy right into
Britney’s muffling pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Christina roared, her voice kept quiet
by the pink girl flesh pressed to her lips. Even as she came and
covered Jenna’s face with girl cum, Christina kept giving it to
Britney, giving her business partner hard clit licks as pleasure
filled her small body and seemed ready to ooze out of her pores.

Britney knew Christina was coming and seeing her friend come as
Jenna tongued her pussy and fucked her ass was enough to set her off
too. Christina’s shaking body didn’t have to give Britney many more
licks before the new brunette exploded against her tongue.

squealed loudly as she came all over Christina’s tongue. Jenna
watched in ecstatic satisfaction as Britney and Christina shook and
quivered with orgasmic sensations. She had two pop princesses coming
for the price of one and Jenna knew she wasn’t nearly done with
their young bodies. For what they were asking, she knew they owed
her a whole night of fun. What they offered was fun too, but Jenna
was nothing if not a hedonist.

The smell of sex filled the room along with the happy cries and
gasps of Britney and Christina as they came together. The sounds of
their delight juiced Jenna up further and she knew she was going to
be humping that pole out there tonight big time. She knew her juices
were going to be dripping on that stage by the time she was through
and all she wanted to do was roll around in her own arousal as her
fans tossed money at her. Life wasn’t any fucking better than that.

Britney and Christina were still gasping for breath and reveling in
their orgasms when the knock finally came.

“JENNA! LET’S GO!!!” the male voice shouted through the door.

“WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE, WILL YA?” Jenna shot back as she pulled
herself off the floor and quickly slipped into her costume for the
first of her performances that night. It was easy to remove and easy
to get on so Jenna had time to turn back toward her friends before
she left.

“I’m gonna go dance now,” Jenna explained. “But if you two want a
done deal then you sure as hell better be here when I get back. And
you had better not have a stitch of clothing on when I do. You two
be nice and naked for me. You two are going to be my whores all
fucking night.”

Not surprisingly, neither girl had a problem with that.

* * * * *

Meanwhile in Cuba, the negotiations Waldo had entered into were
reaching a speedy conclusion.

“So is this boat fast, Senor Ruiz?” Waldo asked as Franklin and
Delbert inspected the motor boat that floated in the water. They
both declared it sturdy with a thumbs up.

“Si, si, es muy rapido,” Senor Ruiz replied. “It will get you where
you want to go and fast. Shouldn’t take you too long to get back to
America. Next time you are here Waldo, you should let me know. You
know how much my wife and children enjoy you and your friends

“Next time we’ll stay for dinner,” Waldo said as he and Ruiz shook
“It’s a promise.”

“Excellente,” Ruiz said. “Now before you go I must speak with the
little girl.”

Jamie Lynn gulped nervously as Ruiz approached her. His arms were
covered in tattoos and the sun had baked his skin permanently dark.
He had the muscle tone of someone who wasn’t afraid to show off his
strength in a lethal way.

“Now little girl, you must do something for me,” Ruiz announced. “In
order for you and your friends to have safe passage back to
America, you must complete a task for me and my country.”

“What?” Jamie Lynn asked, wondering what it could be. “What do you
need me to do?”

“You must find the jade monkey before the next full moon,” Ruiz
replied mysteriously. Jamie Lynn gulped again and began to stammer.

“But…ummm…what? What’s the jade monkey?” Jamie Lynn asked.

“I’m just playing with you,” Ruiz laughed, his face fading into a
friendly smile. “Take yourself less seriously little girl. You’ll
have more fun that way. Don’t try to be grown up too quickly. Oh and
tell your sister my family and I are very big fans. She’s better off
without Justin!”

“It’s a pleasure doing business with you as always, Senor Ruiz,”
Franklin said with a wave as they pulled Jamie Lynn into the boat,
untied the line and started the motor. Next stop America.

* * * * *

“God! I can’t believe we’re here!” Jennifer Garner excitedly
squealed as she and Jessica walked into Eterna. The club was already
jumping by the time they arrived and the party was all around them.
Loud techno music pumped from the speakers and the flashing lights
of glow sticks and other bright flashes was all the illumination
people needed on the floor. What stood out most of all about the
club was that Eterna was truly all girl. There wasn’t a guy in sight
and Jessica and Jennifer immediately felt their skin begin to tingle
in anticipation of the fun they could have in a place like this.

Finding the club’s ever changing location hadn’t been easy but they
had gotten there. Jennifer’s invitation was good for that night only
and they had drove around the city for more than a little bit,
trying to decipher the intentionally vague directions. Eventually
they had found it though. Tonight Eterna was in an old, abandoned
strip club and the action on the floor seemed to right on the verge
between a rave and an out and out orgy.

Jessica stared with eager eyes at the girls dancing around in
various states of undress. Their were girls wrapping themselves
around the poles and displaying their bodies to an eager audience.
Jessica was half expecting to see cage dancers, but alas there were
none to be found. The entire building was packed with women looking
to strip off their inhibitions and have fun and Jennifer and Jessica
were more than ready to join them.

The club had kept firm to its invitation only policy. Jennifer and
Jessica’s fame alone wouldn’t have been able to get them through the
door and Jessica knew that if Jennifer’s invite hadn’t allowed her
to bring a guest, she probably would have been shut out. The bouncer
at the door had examined the invitation thoroughly, making damn sure
that it was legitimate. If it hadn’t been both girls sensed that
there would have been no way they would have gotten in. They could
have both stripped naked on the street and offered their famous
bodies for the bouncer’s pleasure and it still wouldn’t have worked.
The club took privacy very seriously, and now that they were inside,
the girls saw why.

Jennifer and Jessica hadn’t seen anything like this place before.
They had been to clubs many times, but nothing like this. The club
seemed to be shaking from the pounding, pulsing techno music and the
atmosphere sent shivers of giddiness up their spines. Girls were
dancing around in outfits that ranged from full costume to total
nudity. Women were openly making out on the dance floor, kissing and
groping each other while not coming close to caring who saw them.
Both girls saw numerous occasions where a girl would walk by a
kissing couple only to find herself drawn into what instantly
transformed into a threeway. To Jessica it was like the mansion if
they were given ecstasy tablets when they walked through the door.

“This place is wild!” Jessica shouted over the music. Even though
she and Jennifer were standing right next to each other, they
practically had to scream to be heard.

“I know! Isn’t it amazing!” Jennifer grinned. She had wanted this
for so long. She had heard so many stories about Eterna and, even as
she had tried to suppress the lesbian desires she felt inside her,
Jennifer had longed to see what it was all about. Ever since her
encounter with Jessica, Jennifer had felt her fear over her desires
evaporate. She felt more comfortable with who she was than she ever
had before and she could think of no one better to share this moment
with than Jessica.

Jennifer’s heart was pounding in excitement and her pulse was racing
like Daytona in her body. She had a wide, giddy smile on her face
and anyone who saw her like that would have assumed she was on
something. But she wasn’t…it was an all natural high. Jennifer
just couldn’t believe she’d finally had the courage to come here,
after wanting it for so long. The sexy, uninhibited sights around
her filled her brain and Jennifer responded by grabbing Jessica and
planting a passionate, surprise kiss right on her sexy lips.

“Oooooh someone’s happy!” Jessica giggled after the kiss broke. It
had been a sudden movement, but Jessica had loved it. She could
never get enough of kissing Jennifer. “You ready for some action
already baby?”

“What does this tell you?” Jennifer replied wickedly as she pulled
up her short skirt and exposed to Jessica the secret she’d been
hiding from her that night. Jennifer hadn’t bothered with any
panties and the fact that her pussy was already wet was obvious to
Jessica’s appreciative eyes. Jennifer wasn’t usually the type to go
out without underwear on, but tonight it just seemed like an
inconvenience to wear it. She didn’t want to have her clothes on for
long tonight.

“Mmmmm it tells me someone wants to get herself a private room
soon,” Jessica replied. The club was famous for it’s private rooms,
little beds set up around the clubs they used where girls, for a
price, could have some fun if they didn’t feel like fucking on the
dance floor.

“How perceptive of you,” Jennifer giggled as she dropped her skirt
back. Her little flashing show had brought out many catcalls and
whistles from the horny girls who caught it and Jennifer drank them
in like wine. She felt so unafraid here. She knew she and Jessica
would be recognized eventually, but Jennifer didn’t fear that. This
place was designed as an oasis away from the world for horny women
who loved to party and it felt completely safe. Jennifer felt like
she could get as wild as she wanted, without their being any risk.
She and Jessica had been practically strip searched for cameras
before they were allowed to enter, but even if there hadn’t been
that safety net, Jennifer would still have come here.

Jennifer needed this. She needed to get wild. With everything
seeming to happen at once with the show, the divorce, the movies and
all the pressures that went along with them, Jennifer had had so
little time for fun. The only thing that had given her real deep
pleasure had been her time with Jessica and Jennifer needed to
forget about those pressures and do something crazy and sexy.

“Have I told you yet how much I love that outfit?” Jessica asked
right in Jennifer’s ear as she embraced her lover.

“Mmmm yes, but tell me again,” Jennifer smiled sexily. She had
thrown on something that seemed to have come right from the costume
department for “Daredevil.” Jennifer was in a short leather skirt
and a leather top that tied around in the back and pushed her small,
firm breasts up to give her a sexy display of cleavage. The leather
looked like it was made to be worn by Jennifer and it hugged her
sexy body so well. Jessica just wanted to kiss her and reach around
back to untie her top right there in the middle of the dance floor.

Jessica had thrown on something much more plain, but just as sexy.
She opted for comfortable dancing wear and was dressed in army style
camouflage pants and a white tube top that showed off her tight,
toned midriff. Anyone with a fetish for belly shirts would have
dropped dead from looking at Jessica’s exposed stomach. She topped
her outfit off with a bandana tied over her hair. She looked like
any club girl and she fit right into the scene even though she made
no attempt to hide her famous face.

“I love your outfit,” Jessica grinned, her hand sliding up under
Jennifer’s skirt to grab a feel for what she knew was nice and bare
underneath. “Mmmm but I love what’s under it even more.”

“Thanks…I love what’s under yours too,” Jennifer replied, kissing
Jessica and reaching up her tight tube top. Jennifer pushed the top
up and Jessica’s soft tits fell right out, exposed to the open air
of the club. Jennifer was all over Jessica’s breasts in a heartbeat,
massaging them as they kissed. Jessica moaned happily into
Jennifer’s mouth. She couldn’t believe she was standing there with
her tits hanging out and being felt up where everyone could see, but
it was turning her on too much for her to even think about asking
Jessica to stop. Both of them had a lot of pent up desire for the
other to get through.

“So, how about that private room now baby?” Jennifer asked when they
broke their kiss and Jessica tugged her top back into place. “I
can’t stand not having you for another second.”

“That’s awfully presumptuous of you Jen,” Jessica teased. “What? You
think I’m some sure thing who will just lie back and spread her legs
for you? No way! You could at least try and get me drunk first.”

“Just as long as you’re a slutty drunk,” Jennifer giggled as Jessica
grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the bar. Jessica was eager to
play too, but they had all night and she wanted to drink, dance and
have fun. Besides, once she got her body going on the dance floor,
Jessica knew she’d be even better in the sack.

The two girls got to the bar, where a cute Asian girl was tending
bar in a bikini top that barely restrained her obviously pierced
nipples. The girl winked at both of them and asked them what their
pleasure was, a loaded question if they had ever heard one. Jennifer
kept it all business though and ordered drinks for her and Jessica
that quickly arrived.

“What is this?” Jessica asked as the red drink was handed to her.

“Taste it and see,” Jennifer replied coyly.

“Ok, but you’d better not have put any naughty mood altering
chemicals in here, I’m a good girl,” Jessica grinned as she picked
up the drink and took her first sip. The fruity taste filled her
tongue and gave her an immediate kick. It was like a bolt of energy
started flowing through her and she liked it. It was a familiar
taste, but Jessica couldn’t quite place it.

“Oooh that’s nice,” Jessica giggled as she took another sip. “What
is it?”

“It’s my favorite,” Jennifer replied. “Red Bull and vodka.”

“Now that’s a dangerous combination,” Jessica laughed, taking
another sip. “You can get wasted but be totally alert at the same
time. What will modern science think of next?”

Jessica and Jennifer shared a laugh and stared at each other
lustfully as they drank their drinks. Anyone passing by could feel
the heat between them and it wasn’t long before Jennifer grabbed
Jessica’s hand.

“C’mon! Let’s dance!” Jennifer suggested, her voice shouting to be
heard over the music. “If you don’t wanna fuck me yet, then you’ve
at least gotta dance with me!”

“Can’t we do both at the same time?” Jessica laughed as she stared
out at the dance floor of grinding females, pressing their hot
bodies together. A lot of the girls were openly engaging in some
heavy touching and a few had gone so far as to press their faces
against their partner’s pussy and start licking away.

If this was a music video, Jessica would have expected the
sprinklers to go off to combat the heat of the dance floor. The DJ
spun remixes and techno music designed to drag your feet onto the
floor, whether you consciously wanted to go or not. It was hard to
resist the siren call of the floor and Jessica and Jennifer didn’t
bother to even try. Jessica followed Jennifer out to the floor and
soon they were grinding their horny bodies together to the sounds of
whatever hot techno song was playing. They all sounded alike to
Jessica, but she didn’t care what music was playing. All she cared
about was the beautiful woman pressed up against her body.
Jennifer’s body looked so good in that leather and the contact
between them soon has Jessica’s nipples swelling up nicely against
her tube top.

All the songs seemed to drift into each other, so Jessica and
Jennifer had no idea how long they had been out on the floor. The
combination of the caffeine and the alcohol in their bloodstream had
them working on a nice buzz and it wasn’t long before their hands
got grabby. Jessica reached down to squeeze Jennifer’s exquisite ass
through her leather skirt and Jennifer returned the favor by rubbing
Jessica’s tits through her top. Even with all the sex around them,
the desire Jessica and Jennifer felt for each other was extremely
noticeable. The other women on the floor gravitated to them like
moths to a flame and Jessica and Jennifer soon felt hands all over
their bodies. No one was shy about leaning in for a kiss or a grope
of their desire filled bodies.

It was a little surprising to be fondled like that at first, but
Jessica and Jennifer quickly got into it, loving the feel of the
strange female hands on their faces, tits and asses. It felt like
they had a hundred hands and lips on their bodies at once, but they
barely caught a glimpse of their horny fans. Jessica and Jennifer
only had eyes for each other and soon their lips were locked
together in a sizzling, open mouth kiss, their tongues working each
other over while they rubbed their bodies into quivering frenzies on
the dance floor. They seemed to be on the verge of humping each
other through song after song, their actions redefining the term
“dirty dancing.” Those who weren’t grabbing at them were staring at
the two beautiful women and when Jessica and Jennifer finally broke
free of each other, there was a noticeable groan of disappointment
coming from the floor.

Jessica and Jennifer stared at each other, their chests heaving as
they gasped and tried to catch their breath. They hadn’t expected
things to get that intense between them and now each of them had a
slight blush on their faces that was noticeable even under the dark
lighting of the club. The realization of what they were doing didn’t
cool the temperature of their desire, though. It only made them want
more…just in a more private setting. Both of them had come here
looking to get wild, but they weren’t looking to get THAT wild. The
life sex show for strangers could wait for another night.

“Private room?” Jennifer suggested.

“Bet your ass,” Jessica grinned breathlessly.

Jennifer grabbed Jessica’s hand and began leading her away again
when suddenly Jessica had an idea. The kissing and dancing had them
both hot and sweaty and Jessica was suddenly very thirsty. She
wanted to make sure her saliva glands were in fine working order so
she made a quick suggestion.

“Jennifer, I’m gonna go get us some more drinks,” Jessica said,
craving another Red Bull and vodka buzz. “You go get us that room
and I’ll meet you there, ok?”

“Just don’t take too long,” Jessica replied. “I’m liable to start
without you.”

Taking that as a warning, Jessica let go of Jennifer’s hand and
moved back toward the bar. Jessica felt like everyone was staring at
her after the display she and Jennifer had just put on for everyone
and she loved it. She could feel the heat of the stares on her body
and the thought of all those horny girls undressing her with their
eyes made Jessica even wetter. She couldn’t wait to get back to
Jennifer and she quickly ordered and paid for the drinks, bussing
her lips against the cute Asian bartender’s as part of her tip.
Jessica quickly made her way back and almost walked into a young
girl with shockingly platinum blonde hair.

“Ooops…sorry,” Jessica said after she narrowly avoided disaster.

“It’s ok,” the girl said, turning around and smiling. “I wasn’t
watching where I was going.”

The girl then turned and began walking away. Jessica could have
sworn she looked familiar. From what she had heard about this place
it wasn’t surprising that there could be other celebrity girls
there, but this girl looked so, so familiar that Jessica couldn’t
get her out of her head. She had looked absolutely adorable in her
black slacks and white tank top to go along with the platinum hair
that was clearly a wig upon closer inspection. She had the type of
face and body that you just wanted to ravish if you had half the
chance and Jessica couldn’t get her face out of her head. It
couldn’t be who she thought it was. Could it?

Jessica turned around and saw the blonde girl starting to disappear
into the crowd. Now that she had her beautiful face frozen on her
brain, Jessica couldn’t lose her, so she took a chance and guessed
that she was who she thought she was.

“NATALIE!!!” Jessica called out, over the loud music. She wasn’t
sure if the girl had heard her or not with all the noise, but the
blonde suddenly froze and visibly tensed up. The girl turned around
suddenly to see Jessica staring and smiling at her and she ran off
like a scared bunny. That hadn’t been what Jessica had been
expecting at all and her curiosity compelled her to follow the young
blonde. Jessica still was in good, “Dark Angel” shape and her legs
quickly got her caught up to the blonde. Even with two drinks in her
hands, Jessica stopped the fleeing girl.

“No! Don’t run away!” Jessica urged and the blonde, realizing she
was being silly, stopped and turned around. Jessica smiled happily
when she saw she had been right. The girl was who she thought she
was. The girl was Natalie Portman.

“I thought it was you,” Jessica smiled.

“So much for disguises,” Natalie sighed as she nervously tugged at
her wig. The blonde hair went down to her shoulders, but it
apparently hadn’t done the trick. Natalie had only wanted one thing
from coming here…to not be recognized and it looked like she had
done a terrible job at that. She and Jessica barely knew each other,
but they certainly knew of each other. Now they were staring at each
other without looking each other in the eye and wondering what to
say next.

“So ummm…come here often?” Jessica asked lamely, regretting the
words as soon as they came out of her mouth.

“No, it’s uhhh…it’s my first time here,” Natalie answered. “You?”

“Same here,” Jessica said. “Are you here with someone?”

“No!” Natalie quickly answered, her nerves obvious. “Are you?
Wait…duh…you’ve got two drinks…of course you are.”

Even though she knew Jennifer was waiting for her, Jessica couldn’t
get enough of staring at Natalie’s soft, beautiful face. Her
nervousness made her even more beautiful, as if she knew what she
wanted but was too shy to reach out and grab it. She wanted to drag
her along with her, back to Jennifer’s waiting arms, but Jessica
resisted. She sensed if she came on too strong, Natalie would bolt.

Natalie kept kicking herself for getting caught. She knew if she
hadn’t reacted to her name, Jessica never would have known it was
really her, but she had blown it. Now she was caught and she had no
idea what she could do about it. Suddenly all she could envision was
Jessica running out of here, blabbing at the top of her lungs to
anyone who would listen and the next days gossip pages screaming out
idea if Jessica was the type of girl to do something like that, but
that nightmare scenario was all she could envision.

Ever since that amazing night she had spent with Kirsten and Eliza,
Natalie’s heart and head had felt like they were on permanent spin
cycle. Natalie felt like every assumption about her sexuality had
been torn asunder and she had to start over, but she had liked that
feeling. It had been exciting and scary all at once, like a roller
coaster as Natalie tried to come to terms with the fact that it
hadn’t been a one night thing and that she was attracted to women.

Playing around with Kirsten and Eliza had turned her on so much and
made her come so hard, but Natalie had been left confused by all
these new feelings. After sleeping on it and waking up and wanting
more, Natalie knew it hadn’t been just a moment of perverse desire
she had indulged in. She still liked guys, but now that she knew how
good a woman could be, all Natalie wanted was to again experience
the intense sexual pleasure that Kirsten and Eliza had given her.

Of course realizing that and doing something about it were two
entirely different matters. Natalie wanted to experience a woman’s
touch, but it wasn’t like she could just go out and ask a sexy girl
out on a date. She had longed to hook up with Kirsten and Eliza
again, but things hadn’t come together yet to allow it and Natalie
didn’t want to have to call them up and beg them to play with her.
She didn’t want anyone else to know that she was as confused, needy
and horny as she felt. Natalie had never craved sex this much before
in her life and it wasn’t a need that some hot guy could fill for
her. It had to be a girl.

So when she had come into the invitation to Eterna, she had
nervously accepted it. What harm could it do to show up and check it
out? All she had to do was hang around and maybe dance and have some
fun…like an experiment. It was a way for her to dip her toe back
into the lesbian waters and see if she liked it. Natalie certainly
didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want and she didn’t have to
get herself laid if the right opportunity didn’t present itself. It
was just a club, after all. She had been to lots of clubs before.
But she had never been anyplace like this before.

It was wall to wall girl sex and it scared Natalie right along with
turning her on. It felt like she had skipped the intermediate class
and gone right on into advanced and Natalie knew it was always a
mistake to get too much ahead of yourself. She had spent the night
watching the uninhibited behavior of all the girls braver than she
was and hoping she wouldn’t get recognized. She had actually been
about to leave when Jessica had recognized her and blown her cover.
Now she felt trapped and extremely vulnerable.

“God, you’re not going to tell anyone I was here, are you?” Natalie
nervously asked, her face scrunging up in concern over the potential

“Chill Natalie,” Jessica said with a smile. “After all it’s not like
I stopped in here to ask for directions somewhere else. We’re here
for the same reason.”

“I guess…” Natalie replied, her concern still visible. “Ummm
thanks for being cool about this and you know…not making a big
deal…I ummm..I’m just pretty new at this. I’ve never been to a
place like this before. I just wanted to see what it was like, you

“Well now that you’ve seen it, do you like what you see?” Jessica
inquired. Natalie got her message loud and clear and suddenly her
nerves eased up. Jessica was hitting on her. Natalie looked down at
her body in her camouflage pants and small top and her pussy began
to stir in response. Jessica was so beautiful. She was the hottest
girl she had seen in the club all night and Natalie began thinking
that maybe she shouldn’t be so quick to head out of here.

“I like some parts of it,” Natalie answered with a shy and fetching
smile. Her eyes told more of the story and from the way Jessica
could see them stare at her, it was perfectly obvious what she
meant. Jessica was surprised to see someone like Natalie in a place
like this. She didn’t seem like a lesbian. But then again neither
did Jennifer Love Hewitt. Or Britney Spears. Or Jennifer Garner. And
Jessica knew the truths that they all kept hidden so well.

“Here, this will relax you,” Jessica said, handing Natalie
Jennifer’s drink. Natalie gratefully accepted it and downed it
quickly. She didn’t drink much. In fact she rarely did it at all.
She only did on rare occasions and this particular situation seemed
to demand. Natalie’s tongue was immediately overcome by the heavy
fruit flavor and the vodka burned down her throat. She liked the
contrast though and the way it made her blood stir. Natalie smiled
as Jessica drank her own drink and began sharing sexy looks back and
forth with her.

“Thanks,” Natalie smiled after finishing the drink. Her heart was
starting to flutter inside her as she saw Jessica look at her the
same way Kirsten had stared at her in that limo. Was it possible
that being discovered was the best thing that could happen to her
that night?

“So Natalie…” Jessica began as she reached out and began to run
her fingers up and down Natalie’s bare arm. “I have a friend who’s
waiting for me and I know she’d just love to meet you. We’re getting
a private room here, just for the two of us, but we could fit in a
third person…that is if you’re interested.”

Natalie hadn’t expected the choice to be put to her in such a clear
cut way and she paused for a moment to consider this. She was
completely over her head in a place like this and she wasn’t going
to ease that problem by going off with Jessica and her friend. But
on the other hand, going home and wondering for the next long while
what might have happened if she had stayed wasn’t going to do much
to help her come to terms with all these new feelings she had inside
her. In the end, the choice was obvious.

“Ummm sure,” Natalie said, her nerves and her excitement melding
together to form a new kind of adrenaline type feeling flowing in
her veins. She didn’t know what she was doing but the feeling in her
pussy was that doing this was a very good thing. So Natalie followed
her instinct and placed herself in Jessica’s hands.

“Just show me the way,” Natalie added and Jessica soon had her by
the hands, bringing her across the club to where she knew Jennifer
was waiting for her. Jessica hadn’t imagined any way this could get
better than her being alone with Jennifer, but now she knew that it
could actually get a whole hell of a lot better.

The price for the private rooms wasn’t cheap, but Jessica and
Jennifer could easily afford it. Even if it had been twice as much,
it would have been worth it just for them to have another chance to
be alone. Jessica didn’t know how Jennifer would react to Natalie’s
presence, but she had a feeling she was going to feel the same way
she did.

Natalie felt like she was flying. She was too giddy to think
straight and she loved that feeling. It was like an out of body
experience, like she could see herself doing things and not bring
herself to stop. A few minutes ago she had been mortified and
scared. Now she seemed to be on the verge of getting what she had
craved…the pleasure that she knew another woman could bring her.

The private rooms tonight were in the back, the club’s owners having
converted the former strip club’s VIP lounges into a temporary motel
for their guests. The owners left those in the rooms to themselves,
asking only that they be told when they were done so they could have
someone get in their and change the sheets on the bed before the
next set of lovers arrived. Jessica and Natalie didn’t take long to
get there and when they arrived, Jessica had Natalie hold back.

“Wait here,” Jessica instructed and Natalie agreed. Jessica poked
her head inside the one open door and found Jennifer waiting for
her, tapping her fingers on her knee in impatience. When Jennifer
saw Jessica had arrived she smiled and stood up.

“What took you so long?” Jennifer inquired as she grabbed Jessica
into her arms and kissed her. “I’ve been waiting and…hey…where’s
my drink?”

“Don’t worry, I got you something better,” Jessica replied wickedly,
before tugging Natalie inside the room. Natalie and Jennifer stared
at each other in shock. Both of them knew the other and neither of
them had any idea the other could be into something like this.

“Do you like her Jennifer?” Jessica purred, wrapping her arms around
Natalie from behind and encircling her slim waist. “She’s shy, but I
think she wants to play.”

Jennifer hadn’t been expecting this at all and the first thing she
felt were pangs of jealousy. She didn’t want to share Jessica with
anyone. But then common sense overruled her. Natalie looked so
beautiful standing there and squirming with excitement in Jessica’s
embrace. Jennifer knew there was no way she could turn down this
tantalizing configuration, unless, of course, Natalie didn’t really
want it.

“Do you want this Natalie?” Jennifer gently inquired. “Do you want
to play with us?”

Natalie craned her neck to look at both of the beautiful girls in
front of her. This was it. It was her last chance to back out before
things got a little too far. The gentle looks on both Jennifer and
Jessica’s faces told Natalie the same thing. If she didn’t want to
go through with it, she didn’t have to. There would be no hard
feelings if she didn’t want to play. But when she looked at their
soft, beautiful faces and hot bodies, Natalie felt the same desire
and excitement she had felt with Kirsten and Eliza. She wanted to do
this. She knew she did. She didn’t want to give herself the option
to back out of it.

“Yes,” Natalie answered with a giddy smile. “I want to play.”

There really wasn’t anything else for the girls to get to at that
point but each other and Jessica and Jennifer quickly moved to make
Natalie the focal point of their affections. They had never touched
or tasted her before and it was exactly what they did now at their
first opportunity. Jennifer reached down and kissed Natalie softly
on her sexy, young lips. Natalie immediately responded, closing her
eyes, opening her mouth and surrendering to Jennifer’s tender kiss.
Jennifer’s kiss made Natalie feel like she was floating and their
lips pressed together so well. They didn’t know each other well, but
they felt the same desire and it flowed from mouth to mouth as they

When Natalie was done with Jennifer’s first kiss, it became
Jessica’s turn. Jessica’s kiss was more passionate and forceful, but
Natalie responded to it just as well. Jessica turned her around in
her embrace, letting her go but just so she could get her hands on
Natalie’s face and caress her soft cheeks as they kissed. Natalie
moaned at the contact to her flesh and sucked on Jessica’s tongue.
It was just as good as it had been with Kirsten and Eliza. She had
been afraid that her time away from girl sex had lessened her desire
for it, but now Natalie saw that wasn’t the case at all. She wanted
Jessica and Jennifer. She wanted them bad.

“Have you ever been with a girl sweetie?” Jennifer asked, caressing
Natalie’s right cheek as Jessica caressed her left.

“Yess…two of them…but I only did it once,” Natalie answered,
loving the feel of their soft girl hands on her face. They were
petting her like a kitten and Natalie was on the verge of purring.

“Did you like it?” Jessica asked before kissing Natalie again.

“Mmmhmm,” Natalie replied. “I loved it. It made me so wet.”

“Are you getting wet now?” Jennifer inquired.

“Why don’t you find out for yourself,” Natalie shot back wickedly,
feeling so comfortable between Jessica and Jennifer’s sexy bodies.
“I think you two know where to look.”

“We certainly do,” Jennifer replied lustfully as she reached down to
feel Natalie through her dark pants. Even through the material of
her pants and panties, Jennifer could feel Natalie’s heat and the
way the fabric was getting damp.

“Mmm you are wet,” Jennifer grinned. “But I know Jessica and I can
get you even wetter baby.”

“Let’s get on the bed,” Jessica suggested and the other two horny
girls rapidly agreed. The room was simple. Just a bed with fresh
sheets and four walls. There wasn’t anything fancy about it. It was
what it was and it was all the girls needed it to be. Jennifer led
Natalie by the hand toward the bed as Jessica went to make sure the
door to the room was locked behind them. She didn’t want to risk any
interruptions. When she accomplished that task, Jessica ran over to
the bed where Jennifer pushed Natalie down onto the mattress.

Natalie lay herself down on the cool sheets and immediately found
Jessica and Jennifer on each side of her, kissing her face and lips.
Natalie moaned from their affection. This was just what she needed
and she was amazed at how easily it had fallen right into her lap.
She had been about to nervously run away from her desires and now
she was the focal point of the attentions from two of the most
beautiful women she had ever seen. Natalie felt herself getting
wetter with every kiss and she longed to be naked on this bed.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” Jessica said kissing Natalie’s face and
reaching down to massage her breast through her tank top. Natalie’s
nipple stiffened under her touch and it was obvious she hadn’t
restrained her perky breasts with a bra. Jennifer agreed with
Jessica’s opinion about Natalie and did the same to her, playing
with her other breast and making the young girl moan under them.
Jennifer was thanking her lucky stars she had gotten this
invitation. She had wanted to be alone with Jessica, but Natalie was
a once in a lifetime bonus for them to share.

“So are you…” Natalie replied, her voice a slow, drawn out moan.
“Both of you are. You’re so gorgeous. Mmmm you’re making me want you
so bad. Don’t stop touching me! Touch me everywhere!”

That was exactly what the two girls had been planning. Natalie’s
firm, young body was sandwiched between them on the bed and they
felt like they had all the time in the world to explore every inch
of her. Jessica was only a touch older than Natalie was, but she
knew her experience in the art of lesbian love gave her the edge
here. Natalie was putty in her hands and Jessica couldn’t wait to
play with her. She moved herself down Natalie’s body, pulling up her
top to expose her flat stomach and lavishing kisses all over her
bare tummy.

Natalie groaned as Jessica’s lips pressed into her flesh over and
over again, tenderly kissing her. She was someone who loved to be
seduced. Foreplay always got her so wet and Jessica and Jennifer
were both doing such a good job on her. Natalie had always theorized
that she could come just from having her body touched and kissed,
without her pussy even being rubbed. She had never put that theory
to the test, but was always looking for an opportunity to do so.

While Jessica’s tongue dragged over her tummy and began licking her
belly button, Natalie found her mouth filled with Jennifer Garner’s
happy, pink tongue. Jennifer found Natalie’s nervous excitement to
be endlessly appealing. It reminded her of her own feelings…how
she could want something so bad and never have the courage to do
something about it. She wanted to ease Natalie’s nerves and show her
that going for what you wanted sometimes got you exactly what you
needed. It had sure worked in her case.

“Mmmm you kiss good,” Jennifer grinned, licking up a little trail of
saliva dripping from Natalie’s mouth.

“So do you,” Natalie eagerly replied with a giggle thrown in at the
end. “I can’t wait to see what else you can do with that tongue of

“Ooooh naughty girl,” Jessica teased. “Not so shy now, are you?
Maybe I should make you wait. Jennifer and I were going to have some
fun together and then you butted yourself in. Maybe I should just
make you wait for my tongue until you’re writhing and begging for
it. What do you think of that Natalie?”

“Noooo…don’t make me wait!” Natalie groaned. She knew Jennifer was
playing with her, but she still didn’t want to have to consider
waiting for the feel of one of these hot tongues between her legs.
She’d waited too long to feel this intensity again and the thought
of waiting another second seemed like an unbearable lifetime to

“Please don’t make me wait for you two!” Natalie begged. “I’m sorry
I butted in! Don’t make me suffer! Please! I’ll do anything you two
want! Anything!”

“Anything, huh?” Jennifer smiled. “Hmm I’ll have to remember that.
But first things first, I think it’s time one of us here started
losing her clothes.”

Natalie assumed that meant Jennifer was going to strip herself for
them and she was ecstatic when she saw Jennifer’s true intent. Her
new friend reached down for Natalie’s tank top and pulled it up,
exposing Natalie’s pale, firm breasts. Jennifer licked her lips at
the sight of the actress’ bare tits, pale flesh capped off by hard
nipples. She’d seen Natalie’s breasts in her infamous St. Barts
paparazzi photos from a few years back, but nothing could compare to
how they looked in the flesh. They were small, but perfect for
Natalie’s slim body. A bigger rack would have probably toppled
Natalie over and Jennifer pressed her face into her breasts.

“Oooooooooooh yessssssss mmmmmm I love it Jennifer! Don’t stop!”
Natalie urged, feeling Jennifer’s hungry tongue tease and suck her
already hard nipples. The guys she’d been with over the years never
did to her what girls were always so eager to do, get their mouths
all over her tits and give them the loving attention they craved.
Natalie squirmed on the bed and unconsciously spread her legs, her
pussy soaking her panties and her black pants.

As Jennifer’s mouth brought out a seemingly endless series of cries
and moans from Natalie, Jessica continued kissing the sci-fi icon’s
stomach, moving slowly and surely down her body. Natalie knew where
Jessica was heading and she tensed up in anticipation. Her legs rose
from the edge of the bed and pointed straight making it so sexy for
Jessica to pull her pants off. But Jessica didn’t go for it right
away. Instead she first pulled off Natalie’s shoes, sending them
falling to the floor with hard thumps.

Only when Natalie’s feet were bare, did Jessica move to get her
pants off. Natalie’s thin clothes felt like horse blankets and she
writhed on the bed, wanting to be naked for her new friends more
than anything. With a teasing smile, Jessica slowly undid Natalie’s
pants and pushed them off her legs. They easily slid off Natalie’s
body, leaving her only in her bunched up top and a pair of tight,
pink panties. The lace of the panties clung to Natalie’s slit,
providing the shape and outline of her mound. The arousal that had
dripped from her pussy made a sexy new color shade on the pink
material, showing clearly how wet her slit had gotten.

Even with Natalie’s panties exposed, Jessica didn’t go after her
pussy right away. Instead she kissed around her thighs and caressed
her legs. Jessica wanted to get Natalie into a horny frenzy before
she finally got to her honey pot. She wanted to make the girl so
wet, she’d come from a first lick to her pussy. That meant lots of
touching and it wasn’t exactly a hard task for Jessica to get into
kissing and caressing Natalie’s almost bare body. Natalie didn’t
have the carnality oozing from her the way some of the girls Jessica
had been with did. But she had the type of girl next door sexiness
that couldn’t be taught. Natalie was born with it and it made
Jessica fiercely wet for her.

“Mmmm Jessica…I need you,” Natalie groaned. “Don’t tease me! Get
my panties off and give my pussy some attention! I’m so wet for you
baby! Wet for you and Jennifer! Please Jessica! Get my panties off
and eat my pussy! I know that’s what you want!”

Hearing those naughty words coming from Natalie’s mouth got Jessica
and Jennifer smiling, just as she knew they would. Natalie hadn’t
graduated with a degree in psychology for nothing. She knew that if
she showed her new friends a naughty side, they wouldn’t tease her.
They would give her what she needed in the hope that they’d elicit a
reaction from her naughty side. Right now Natalie needed to have her
pussy eaten and if she wasn’t moving an inch from this bed until she
got it. Jennifer and Jessica had such beautiful faces and Natalie
longed to see them buried between her legs, just like Kirsten and
Eliza had been that magical first night.

Natalie knew she didn’t go out and project the sexiest image in the
world, but that was by design. She wanted to be known for talent,
not cleavage. She wanted to be taken seriously and not condemned to
playing helpless girlfriends and brain dead bimbos for the rest of
her career. That didn’t mean when the lights went off in the
bedroom, or stayed on depending on her mood, Natalie couldn’t get
wild too. When she was really turned on, she could get real fun in
bed and the naughty, girl loving side that Kirsten and Eliza had
cultivated in her was growing stronger with every moment she felt
Jessica and Jennifer on her body. Natalie wanted to get naughty with
them. She wanted their touch all over her body.

‘That’s right Natalie…beg…beg for us to touch you,” Jessica
ordered you. “Mmmm if you don’t then Jen and I will just have to go
have some fun and leave you all alone with your wet panties stuck to
your pretty little pussy and no relief in sight.”

Jessica then proved how serious she was by tugging Jennifer away
from Natalie’s breasts and kissing her passionately. Jennifer
immediately surrendered to the feel of Jessica’s kiss, closing her
eyes and wrapping her arms around Jessica’s back. Natalie writhed in
frustration. They couldn’t do this to her!

“Please don’t!” Natalie begged. “You can’t make my pussy this wet
and then ignore me! Please!”

“Please what, Natalie?” Jennifer asked in between kisses with
Jessica. “Tell us what you want.”

“Fuck me!” Natalie groaned, loving be able to say it. “Please fuck
me! Get these panties off me and fuck my little pussy until I come!”

It felt so liberating to Natalie to let the words of lust flow from
her mouth. Her pink panties were soaked through with girl juice and
she couldn’t bear another second of not having a girl tongue inside

“Don’t tease me! Fuck me! Fuck me you nasty bitches!” Natalie
groaned, the sound of the naughty words making her pussy even
wetter. “Is that what you want to hear? Do you want to hear how bad
I need to be fucked? How bad I need a girl tongue in my pussy! Is
that what you want to hear from my good girl mouth? I’m not a
fucking good girl! I can be a nasty bitch too! Just like you!”

But that was all Natalie got out of her mouth before Jennifer was
kissing her again. Jennifer sucked on Natalie’s tongue while her
hands caressed her soft skin. Natalie moaned happily and closed her
eyes, letting them work her body over again. She had four hands on
her body, but they were all over her with such skill and passion
that it could just have easily been a hundred pairs of hands on her.

Natalie’s brain was fogging with lust and forbidden fantasies began
filling her head. She thought about Jessica and Jennifer stripping
her bare and then throwing her out there to that hungry crowd of
lesbians on the dance floor. They’d grope and kiss and fuck her
until she was too cum drunk to notice that they were passing her
around like a piece of meat to satisfy their wanton desires. Natalie
loved the wicked sensations those thoughts created in her body and
she cried out when she finally felt Jessica reach for her panties.

“Poor horny Natalie,” Jessica grinned. “Mmm I’ll make you feel good.
I’ll give you what you need. I’ll make your wet pussy cream for me

The sound of Jessica’s hot promises was even better when Natalie
felt her fingers hook into the waistband of her pink panties and
peel them off her. They clung so tightly to her soaked slit and
Natalie felt an enormous rush when Jessica tugged them away from her
pussy lips. Jessica pulled the pink garment down her legs and
admired Natalie’s juice covered labia before blowing a gust of cool
air right over her sensitive slit.

“Oooooooooh….” Natalie squealed happily as Jennifer got back to
playing with her tits. “Mmmm do that again Jessica! God that felt so
good against my pussy!”

Jessica didn’t have to be asked twice. She finished tugging
Natalie’s panties down her bare legs and positioned her mouth right
above her wetness. It would have been so easy for Jessica to start
licking, but she held back and instead gave Natalie another gust of
her cool, sexy breath. Natalie groaned as the cool air tickled and
aroused her wet pussy. Jessica did it again and Natalie cried out,
grabbing the sheets on the bed and gripping them as the Dark Angel
stimulated her young cunt.

It was so good and so fucking agonizing at once for Natalie to be so
expertly teased. She needed to feel Jessica’s tongue inside her, but
what she was doing felt so good that she didn’t want her to stop.
Natalie wanted everything. She wanted to be teased and she wanted to
be fucked at the same time. What was a horny girl to do?

Fortunately Jessica made that decision for her. It was all well and
good to tease, but Jessica needed to taste herself some girl juice.
Red Bull and vodka was ok, but the flavor Jessica really wanted to
get drunk on was right in front of her. As Natalie cried out,
Jessica fastened her mouth onto her pussy, sucking on her labia as
her tongue darted out to lick up the juice coating her slit.

“OHHHHHHHH!!!” Natalie screamed as Jessica’s hungry mouth devoured
her pink pussy. She felt it instantly! The rush of pleasure that
Kirsten and Eliza had made her feel so many times that night. It was
the intense pleasure Natalie now knew only a skilled female tongue
could give her body. Jessica’s tongue was just as good as Eliza’s
had been, lapping away at her tender lips and hard clit that night.
Jessica covered her whole slit with her mouth, sucking her juices
down her throat and licking her most sensitive of parts with her hot

“Yesssss Jessssssssssicaaaaaa ohhhhhh fuck yessssss!!! Give it to me
with that hot mouth! Ohhhh God it feels so good on my pussy! Fuck me
Jessica!!! Fuck my horny pussy!!!” Natalie mewed, her head tossed
back in ecstasy on the bed.

Natalie was still wearing her platinum blonde wig, but as she rolled
her head back and forth it was being pushed off to expose her
natural brown hair underneath. She was naked except for that wig and
the top she barely wore on her chest. She had so much stimulation
from Jessica between her legs while Jennifer feasted on her firm,
sensitive breasts. Jennifer sucked and licked her nipples, batting
the hardness with her tongue and tugging at them sexily while
smiling wantonly the whole time. When Jennifer finally pulled away
from her chest, it was to kiss Natalie’s face, rubbing her lips and
tongue against her mouth and her cheeks.

“Do you like that Natalie?” Jennifer purred. “Doesn’t Jessica’s
tongue feel amazing? She ate my pussy so good the other day and I
know how lucky you are. Mmmm you’re so fucking lucky to have that
hot tongue inside you. God, I wish I was you right now!”

The only response Natalie could muster was a weak, but happy smile
on her flushed face and a series of sharp, ragged moans and cries of
pleasure. She was shaking on the bed, moving up and down in slight,
sexy movements, making her breasts jiggle as Jessica started tongue
fucking her. Beads of sweat started to drip down Natalie’s forehead
and down her face as Jennifer looked down at her beautiful face,
covered in a mask of needy horniness. Jennifer knew that look all
too well. She was feeling it now and she knew it was time to do
something about it.

“So…how’s that tongue of yours Natalie? Are you as good as
Jessica?” Jennifer asked as she casually reached around back to undo
her leather skirt. She let it fall to the ground in a puddle around
her legs before she stepped away from it and brought her wet pussy
close to Natalie’s face. Natalie could smell the demanding arousal
emanating from Jennifer’s cunt and she smiled nervously, but
eagerly. She knew what Jennifer wanted and Natalie wanted to try and
give it to her. She had gone down on both Kirsten and Eliza that
night, relishing her first tastes of pussy, but she knew her
cunnilingus skills couldn’t possibly compare with Jessica’s or

“Remember when you said you’d do anything I wanted,” Jennifer
grinned. “Mmmm well now it’s time to pay up Natalie. Let’s get that
tongue of yours to work because if you think you’re horny, then you
haven’t been paying much attention to me.”

Jennifer then began rubbing her pussy lips up and down, covering her
fingertips with girl juice. Natalie watched with a wide smile as
Jennifer masturbated for her, touching her pussy and rubbing her
juices all over her thighs and over the trimmed dark hairs of her
small bush. Jennifer didn’t penetrate herself she just rubbed her
slit and stimulated herself, loving the look on Natalie’s face as
she put on a show for her. Jennifer could tell Natalie wasn’t overly
experienced in this area, but she was so wet she knew it wasn’t
going to matter much. An eager tongue in this case was going to be
just as good as an experienced one.

“Taste,” Jennifer commanded and Natalie grabbed right onto her
outstretched hand. She pulled it to her lips and eagerly sucked the
girl juice off, sucking Jennifer’s wet fingers just as hard as
Jessica was sucking her pussy lips. Natalie smiled when the naughty
taste of another woman’s pussy tickled her tongue and filled her
mouth. She loved how women tasted and it was good to see that
Kirsten and Eliza didn’t have the monopoly on hot flavors.

“Now help me…get these fucking clothes off my body before I melt
right through them,” Jennifer said as she turned around and bent

It was hard for Natalie to tear her eyes away from Jennifer’s ass,
especially when she bent over to exposed her tight asshole and
dripping pussy, but she managed to find the will to reach up for the
leather strings that held Jennifer’s top together. Her hand
movements were shaky from the pleasure Jessica was giving her, but
Natalie was able to get the job done. She used both of her hands to
untie the strings and loosen the leather top that encased Jennifer’s
chest. When it was loose enough, Jennifer pulled it off her body and
turned around again to show off her bare chest to Natalie.

“Do you like?” Jennifer asked as she massaged her own tits, feeling
the smooth flesh freed from the leather prison. It was like a wave
of cool air covered her glowing flesh as she stood their naked.
Jennifer had gotten so hot under that leather that it was like a
refreshing shower to just be there nude before Natalie’s visibly
aroused eyes. Jennifer’s nipples always got so swollen when she was
horny and her nickel-sized nipples were like two flashing lights as
she touched them for Natalie.

“I love them!” Natalie gasped, Jessica hitting one of her hot spots
while she stared. “Let me play with them. Let me play with your

“Here you go naughty girl,” Jennifer replied leaning down over the
bed so her firm little breasts pressed against Natalie’s face. “Play
with those tits! Get them in your mouth!”

This was something Natalie knew she could do with aplomb. She loved
it when her own breasts were touched and she knew just where to
touch Jennifer because of that. Natalie’s hands stopped gripping the
sheets and moved up to hold onto Jennifer’s tits. She massaged the
firm mounds as she licked her new friend’s nipples, making Jennifer
moan. Jennifer’s long hair was falling into her face and every time
she brushed it away it fell back down because of her position
hovering over the bed. Finally Jennifer gave up, letting her hair
fall in front of her while Natalie nursed her breasts.

Seeing that sight from between Natalie’s legs was quite a wicked
thrill for Jessica. It had seemed just like yesterday that she had
been home alone trying to decide whether or not to go to the pool
party in Malibu. So much about her had changed since that day and it
had all been for the better. She was making love to some of the most
beautiful women in the world and Jessica knew she was getting damn
good at it.

Jessica used her hands to spread open Natalie’s cunt and began
sliding her tongue in hard, fucking her pink folds and drawing out
juice all over her happy taste buds. If there were more surprises
like Natalie at this place, Jessica was planning on becoming a
regular Eterna member. Natalie was so wet for her and her juices
tasted sweet like candy. She was in heaven licking this pussy and
Jessica ignored her own arousal for the moment. Instead she
channeled all her energy into tongue fucking her new lover and
making her come.

Jennifer was joining Natalie in the happy moaning department because
of how well the girl was playing with her tits. Natalie
enthusiastically sucked and rubbed them, playing with her tender
flesh and making sparks of arousal go off all the way down her body.
It felt so fucking good to have Natalie Portman sucking at her tits
and Jennifer could feel hot juice running down her leg from her
pussy. She smiled at the sensations the hot tickling of the stream
of arousal caused and moved closer to the bed. With a sudden jerk
up, Jennifer pulled her tits away from Natalie, sending her long,
brown hair flying back into it’s proper position.

Natalie sucked on her bottom lip nervously while she moaned and
gasped from Jessica’s tongue strokes. It was obvious what Jennifer
wanted and Natalie had only four words for her new friend.

“Give it to me,” Natalie smiled, her face pink with desire and

“Mmmmm as you wish,” Jennifer happily replied as she crawled onto
the bed and positioned herself right on Natalie’s face. Jennifer’s
flexible legs and toned body allowed her to set herself up just
right, bending her legs and placing her pussy against Natalie’s
mouth. Natalie reflexively reached out with her tongue and licked
Jennifer’s slit, getting a first taste of her juice right from the
source itself. It was even better fresh than it had been on
Jennifer’s fingers and Natalie quickly gave her lover’s pussy a
second lick and then a third until she had a steady tonguing motion
going against Jennifer’s horny cunt.

“Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhh oooooooooh use that tongue Natalie!” Jennifer
groaned in satisfaction. “Mmmm lick that pussy baby! Ooooh you are
good Natalie! Lick those juices up! Get me even wetter than I
already am!”

Having Jennifer Garner’s dripping pussy right up against her mouth
was more fuel for Natalie’s fire. She felt herself get even wetter
against Jessica’s mouth and she gave it hard to Jennifer with her
tongue. She didn’t want to be too shy with her tongue strokes.
Natalie knew what Jennifer needed and as tempting as it was to tease
her and Jessica back for making her beg like she had, Natalie
didn’t. She fucked Jennifer like she knew she needed to be fucked.
She was a little unsure about her abilities, but the sounds of joy
Jennifer was making as she rode her face was boosting Natalie’s
confidence by the second.

Natalie lapped away at Jennifer’s pussy, using Jessica’s tongue as
it burrowed deep inside her as a guide. Everything Jessica did to
her, Natalie did back to Jennifer, making the horny actress cry out
and drip sweet juice into her mouth. Natalie also let her instincts
push her tongue along as she explored Jennifer’s hot spots. She
rubbed her tongue against Jennifer’s clit and felt a rush from the
way it twitched happily when she did that. Jennifer’s pussy was so
hot against her face that Natalie almost wanted to make her come
more than she wanted Jessica to do the same to her.

“Mmmmmmm God Natalie lick that pussy! Yessssss you’re making me feel
sooooo good!!!” Jennifer cried out. “Ohhhh Jess! You’re gonna have
to ride this hot little tongue! She acts all shy but she’s just
another naughty little pussy licker like us!!!”

Jessica loved the sound of that ringing endorsement. Her pussy was
soaking her camouflage pants with need and she wanted to press
herself against Natalie’s face and make her return the favor for
what she was doing to her right now. Jessica looked up from
Natalie’s pussy to see Jennifer’s sexy ass staring right at her,
those sexy cheeks giggling and clenching and unclenching as Natalie
got the taste of Jennifer’s juices all over her tongue. Jessica
couldn’t see Natalie’s face from where she was, but she imagined she
was one happy girl right now with Jennifer’s wet cunt against her.
Her pussy sure seemed to be wet and ready to come.

Pushing her juicy face back down into Natalie, Jessica licked her
clit hard, making it jump with arousal. She played with Natalie’s
tender bud, tasting the richness of her juices and feeling how close
she was. Natalie’s pussy had always been tight, but the closer she
got to orgasm, the harder her pink walls hugged Jessica’s tongue.
Jessica took that as a challenge. She wasn’t going to be scared off
by tight spaces. She was going to get Natalie off and loosen her up
in the process.

With Natalie’s juices running down her pussy, it was easy for
Jessica to reach up and lube two of her fingers up. She still kept
Natalie’s lips splayed with her fingers and she took her other hand
and pushed two fingers inside Natalie’s snug pussy. She pushed into
her forcefully, but not roughly, fighting back against the growing
tightness of Natalie’s walls. Jessica’s face and fingers were now
coated with girl juice and she moaned in contentment, fingering
Natalie’s pussy while getting back to sucking and licking on her

“OOOOOOH MY GOD!!!” Natalie cried out, her face falling away from
Jennifer’s pussy as the rush of energy bolted up her body from
Jessica’s fingers inside her snatch. Her body was on fire and as
much as she tried to keep at Jennifer’s wetness, she found it
impossible to resist screaming and giving in to the sensations
Jessica was creating inside her. Jennifer saw this and took mercy on
her lover.

“Don’t hold back Natalie!” Jennifer urged. “Come for us! Come from
Jessica fucking your pussy so fucking sweet! Let her make you come
like she made me come!”

Outside the room the music still pumped and shook the club. The
girls could hear it all through the walls of the room, but that
scarcely mattered. The lives of everyone outside this room was
unimportant. The only thing that mattered was what was going on
inside here and how good the three girls were making each other

Hearing Jennifer’s words of encouragement was just what Natalie
needed. She paused in her licking to cry out her pleasure and close
her eyes from the intensity. Her face contorted with pleasure from
the buildup to her orgasm. Her face glistened with sweat and girl
juice and when her orgasm finally hit her, Natalie’s eyes flew wide
open again and she screamed out loud.

cursing and gasping as she came, displaying behavior that would
undoubtedly be frowned upon in the Republic Senate. “SUCK THAT

Natalie gripped tightly to Jennifer’s nude body as she came. Her
hands reflexively grabbed onto her ass and squeezed her cheeks,
making Jennifer moan happily and hump Natalie’s orgasming face.
Jessica’s beautiful face was being coated in hot girl cream and she
pulled away from Natalie’s clit to concentrate on tongue fucking her
quivering pussy and licking up every drop her tongue could get to.
Natalie’s hot juices were like the nectar of life to Jessica’s
starving tongue and she let her flavor soak into her tastebuds. Even
as Natalie’s screams were muffled by Jennifer, Jessica could taste
her orgasm and she licked until Natalie could cream no more.

Jennifer loved hearing Natalie come, but not enough to deny herself
any further. The inexperienced girl had been doing a fine job on
Jennifer, driving her steadily toward deliverance from her horniness
before they had had to pause for Natalie’s orgasm. Now, as sexy as
Natalie’s screams were, Jennifer couldn’t wait any longer and she
planted her pussy right back against Natalie’s mouth.

Even as her brain fogged with pleasure, Natalie wasn’t so far gone
that she had forgotten what she was supposed to do. She screamed her
pleasure into Jennifer’s cunt and started licking again, using the
energy pulsing through her body to lick her lover hard and fast.
Though she didn’t know her way around a pussy as well as the girls
she had been with, Natalie knew enough to keep doing what she knew
Jennifer liked. Natalie tongue fucked Jennifer’s wetness and slapped
her tongue against her clit, making the beautiful young woman buck
against her face and fill her mouth with more yummy girl juice.

Natalie attempted to pull her hands off of Jennifer’s ass, but she
wasn’t having any of that. As soon as Natalie began to loosen her
grip on her butt cheeks, Jennifer reached around back to playfully
slap her hands back into place.

“No! Keep your hands right there!” Jennifer ordered. “Keep those
small sexy hands on my ass! Squeeze it tight while you tongue fuck
me Natalie! Mmmmmmm it’s so fucking good! Don’t stop Nat! Keep that
tongue in my pussy while you squeeze my tight little ass!”

Since it certainly felt good to grip onto Jennifer’s buns of steel,
Natalie didn’t argue a bit. She just kept her hands right where they
were, squeezing Jennifer’s delectable cheeks while she tongued her.
Natalie’s head was clearing from her orgasm and she attacked
Jennifer’s pussy with renewed focus, licking at her clit and tasting
her juices.

Jennifer cried out happily from Natalie’s enthusiastic efforts. This
night had worked out better than she could have ever dreamed it
would. A few days ago she was struggling with her feelings and
putting together her disastrous seduction plan for Jessica. Now she
had everything she wanted. The blues from her divorce were easily
being pushed away by all the pleasure she had felt since inviting
Jessica in for that meeting and Jennifer could feel that things were
only going to get better.

Having tasted all Natalie could feed her, Jessica pulled away from
her new lover and stood up to watch the sexy show. Unlike the two
bare bodied goddesses on the bed, Jessica was still fully dressed.
She considered waiting until Jennifer and Natalie were done so she
could make them undress her, but she knew that would take too long.
Jessica had to be naked now, so she was forced to take matters into
her own hands.

After stepping out of her shoes, Jessica undid the belt for her army
pants and pushed them off with force. Like Jennifer, she hadn’t
bothered with panties and Jessica moaned when her pussy was finally
exposed. Her pants were dark with desire and Jessica didn’t even
pause to get her top off before she started fingering herself. She
was so fucking horny and Jennifer and Natalie were too hot for her
to be able to resist playing with her pussy.

“Fuck her Nat!” Jessica growled, pure Portman juices still staining
her face as she watched. “Eat her pussy and make Jen come like I
made you come! Mmmm Jen’s got a fucking great pussy, doesn’t she?
Nice and tight and all juicy for your tongue. I know you like those
girl juices of hers! Lick Jennifer good! Lick her wet cunt! Give it
to her good Nat!”

Knowing that Jessica was staring at them and loving what she saw
made Natalie give it to Jennifer with more confidence. Jessica had
the pure carnality that Natalie knew she lacked and knowing that she
was turning this sex goddess on by what she was doing to Jennifer
filled Natalie with so much pride and pleasure that she almost came
again, just from the praise. Natalie gripped onto Jennifer’s butt
cheeks harder, digging into her with her nails and licked away at
her clit, sucking and tugging on it like her female lovers had
always done to her.

“Is she good? Is she licking you nice?” Jessica asked as she brought
her face right up to Jennifer’s panting body. Jennifer responded by
pulling Jessica in for a kiss, trading saliva with her passionately
while she rode Natalie’s pretty face. Jennifer didn’t have to answer
Jessica’s questions. The response was obvious. Jennifer’s tits were
bouncing up and down as she gasped and sweated from the pleasure
filling her body. She had been waiting for this moment all day,
since she had seen Jessica at the game and it was almost upon her.

The frenzied kiss that Jennifer gave her, got Jessica even hornier.
Jessica pumped her cunt furiously with two fingers, sliding them
past her drenched lips and rubbing her swollen clit. Jennifer’s kiss
was sweaty and passionate, just like Jessica liked it. Her lust for
all things female was written all over Jennifer’s writhing, flushed
body. The music pumped loudly through the door, giving Jennifer
rushing orgasm a techno beat as she humped Natalie’ face and got
closer and closer until she could hold out no more.

“FUCK!!! HERE IT COMES!!!” Jennifer screamed after yanking herself
away from Jessica’s kiss. “TAKE IT NATALIE!!! TAKE MY FUCKING CUNT

Jennifer’s words then devolved into nothing but garbled cries and
half formed words of passion. She roared her rapture and dripped her
orgasm all over Natalie’s face. The heat of her pussy kept Natalie
right where she was. Her steaming juices were like drug all over
Natalie’s tongue while she licked her spasming pinkness and Natalie
didn’t even want to think about pulling away. She licked and licked,
prolonging Jennifer’s orgasm. TV’s super spy fucked Natalie’s face,
riding her soft features hard and creaming her fair skin with the
type of beauty product you could never buy over the counter.

Jessica watched all of this with rapt interest, pushing her fingers
deep inside her own pussy. She didn’t let herself come though. She’d
waited this long and she wasn’t going to waste her orgasm on her
fingers. She was going to come from Natalie’s tongue and she refused
to consider any other alternatives than that. Natalie’s face looked
so beautiful stained with girl cum, just like hers, and Jessica
wanted to add to the mess on her skin.

Her body wracked with gasps, Jennifer finally fell back on the bed
and squealed happily. A smile crossed from cheek to cheek as her
body tingled and struggled to catch her breath. She felt completely
free at that moment. Like nothing could touch her because she was as
high as the birds. Jennifer indulged in every moment of her
afterglow, swimming in it like it was an ice cold pool on a 110
degree day. She rubbed her bare body, touching her tits and her
still dripping pussy and making every inch of her skin tingle as she
curled up into a happy ball of pleasure on the bed.

Natalie glanced over at Jennifer and giggled happily when she saw
her handiwork. She had no idea she could do something like that. Her
face was shiny with girl cream and her body all sticky with desire
and sweat, but she loved it. It was dirty and naughty and she wanted
more. Fortunately, more was exactly what she got.

“My turn,” Jessica declared in a tone signifying there would be no
debate on this issue. She placed her pussy right against Natalie’s
lips and began rubbing her dripping wetness against her. Natalie
eagerly got to work, sticking her tongue out and right past
Jessica’s cunt lips. She was totally charged up with energy from
what she had just done to Jennifer and Natalie was giddy with the
thought of doing the same thing to Jessica.

“Yeahhhhhh fuck me! Fuck me Natalie!” Jessica groaned, yanking her
tube top off her head and hurling it to the floor as she began
riding Natalie’s face. “Fuck me like you fucked Jennifer! Fuck me
just like that! You made her come! Now you make me come! Eat my wet
fucking pussy Natalie! I’m sick of being the only girl here who
hasn’t come!”

Natalie couldn’t envision torturing Jessica by making her wait. She
was too nice a girl to give Jessica the same sexual teasing she’d
gotten earlier. She’d pay her back some other time. Right now
Jessica’s need was obvious and Natalie’s giving side easily won out
over any desire for revenge that she might have had. Besides
Jessica’s juices were just as good as Jennifer’s and Natalie was
hungry for some more yummy girl cream.

Holding onto Jessica’s body, Natalie lay flat on her back and
tongued Jessica’s cunt. Her tongue dove right in and Natalie started
lapping away at her juices, tasting all she had to offer and
mimicking how Jessica had taken her earlier. Natalie was growing
more and more confident in her own ability. She licked Jessica’s
pussy and felt the hot girl rub herself all over her mouth. Jessica
groaned sharply and loudly, grunting with the desire she felt for
the Harvard graduate she had between her legs. Jessica was so wet
for her and Natalie didn’t want to let her down. Jessica had brought
her to this room and given her such an amazing orgasm that Natalie
wanted to show her how much that all meant to her. She wanted to
make Jessica shake with pleasure.

“Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhh lick my pussy Natalie!” Jessica moaned
sharply. “Lick all those nasty girl juices right out of my cunt and
into your mouth!!! Mmmm good girl!!! Jennifer wasn’t lying! You are
fucking good at this! Shoot that tongue into my pussy and make me
come!!! C’mon Natalie!!! Fuck me like I fucked you!!!”

Jessica’s hands were all over her heaving tits as she fucked
Natalie’s face. She groped her jiggling mounds of flesh and massaged
them roughly. It felt so good to finally have her tits free and
bouncing and out of that top, like they were meant to be. Jessica
knew her tits were born to be shown off and that’s just what she was
doing for her friends. She wanted them to lust after her jugs as she
fondled and pinched them. She wanted to get them horny again…as
horny as she felt now riding Natalie and stark naked except for the
bandanna keeping her hair in place.

Hearing Jessica’s frenzied cries pulled Jennifer out of her post
orgasmic stupor. She grinned when she saw hot Jessica looked, her
bare body bouncing up and down as she rubbed herself against
Natalie. It was just like she had done and the memories of how she
had just felt got Jennifer’s pussy stirring again. She wasn’t even
close to done, but she knew her pleasure could wait. It hadn’t been
fair for them to make Jessica wait till last and Jennifer quickly
saw a way to make it up to her friend.

The first time they had been together on that hard oak table,
Jessica had gotten her off so hard by licking her asshole and then
cramming a finger inside her while she ate her pussy. Since then
Jennifer had been looking to return the favor and, as she stared at
Jessica’s sexy bouncing butt, she knew she was never going to have a
better chance than this.

Jennifer crawled on her hands and knees on the bed, like a naked
tigress going after her prey. She quickly reached her target and she
began kissing all the way down Jessica’s bare back while she fondled
her bare cheeks, rubbing her ass and making Jessica growl in desire.

“Yeahhhh Jen…you know what you wanna do!” Jessica urged. “Ooooh
you’re so hot Jennifer! I’ve wanted to feel you on me all fucking
night and now you’re gonna help Natalie make me come! I love it! Do
me Jennifer!”

Jennifer’s lips and tongue traveled down the small of Jessica’s
back, tracing down her spine until she was hovering right above her
ass. Jennifer playfully began licking her cheeks, tasting the salt
of her sweat and the perfume of her skin. Jessica groaned and
wiggled her ass at Jennifer to entice her. Seeing those sexy cheeks
shake for her was just what Jennifer wanted to see and she responded
by pushing her horny tongue right inside Jessica’s asshole.

“FUCK YESSS!!!” Jessica screamed. “BOTH OF YOU FUCK ME!!! MMMM I’M

As Natalie picked up the pace and plunged her now confident tongue
into Jessica’s snatch, Jennifer kept her attention locked on her
friend’s ass. She pulled the cheeks of her butt apart with her hands
and pushed her tongue in, assfucking Jessica’s hot puckered hole.

Natalie could hear Jessica’s cries get loud and needy. She didn’t
want to make her wait any longer. She sucked hard on Jessica’s clit
and let her hump her face with abandon. Natalie had never felt as
delightfully slutty as she did at this moment and it was so
liberating to her. She didn’t care about anything else in the world,
she just wanted Jessica to come while she and Jennifer fucked her

complete ecstasy. There was no way she could withstand a double
tongue penetration and she let her orgasm wash over her with tremors
of pleasure shaking her nude body. She lurched on the bed, her two
lovers keeping her steady as she came with a rush from the two horny
tongues inside her. Explosions of light went off in Jessica’s brain,
pleasure soaking her whole being. As she began to cream her
pleasure, Jennifer pulled out of Jessica’s ass and pushed her tongue
into her pussy to join Natalie in lapping away at her orgasm like
kittens at milk.

Jessica’s cries threatened to drown out the loud music and when she
fell back to the bed and landed flat on her back she quickly found
her body smothered with the affectionate attentions of Jennifer and
Natalie. They kissed and played with each other’s bodies, tasting
their exertion and already getting ready for more.

“Oh my God! That was even better than my first time!” Natalie
giggled as she finally pulled the blonde wig all the way off,
casting it onto the floor with their forgotten clothes. “I’m so glad
I came tonight!”

When she realized her unintentional double entendre, Natalie began
to laugh and was quickly joined in this by Jessica and Jennifer.

“You two were so good…” Natalie moaned. “How did you learn to do

“You were pretty fucking good yourself sweetie,” Jennifer informed
Natalie with a kiss to her lips added for good measure. “And I’ve
been bi for years. I just was wayyyy out of practice for awhile.”

“I’ve only been doing this for a little while,” Jessica stated. “I
love it!”

“It felt like you’ve been doing this forever,” Natalie sighed
happily. “Where did you learn to do all that?”

Jessica paused for a moment, thinking this over. Should she tell?
Jennifer and Natalie were both so hot and there was no way they
didn’t belong in their little club. There was no reason not to hide
the truth from them.

“Well there’s this place in Malibu…” Jessica began to explain, a
naughty grin crossing her face as she talked.

* * * * *

Britney and Christina could only moan happily as they lay naked on
the floor of Jenna’s dressing room. The porn queen had returned from
her first performance of the night not only with a renewed desire to
play with her two whores, but with a strap on she had borrowed from
one of the other dancers.

Jenna had been merciless in pounding their pussies and their asses
and Britney and Christina had loved every second of it. Now Jenna
had been called out for her second performance of the night and had
left her new friends with the instructions to remain naked and wait
for her return. Neither Britney nor Christina had any intention of
disobeying those orders, so there they lay…waiting for Jenna’s

“Wow…if that’s what she can do to us, just imagine what she can do
for us,” Britney giggled as she ran her hands all over her naked and
well fucked body. Every time she thought she had hit her peek, Jenna
pushed her just a little more.

“Tell me about it…she’s fucking amazing,” Christina groaned.

“Mmmm if my mom could see me now she’d fucking freak,” Britney
laughed. “She’s never liked porn at all.”

Mentioning her mother suddenly triggered the nagging doubt in
Britney’s head that she had forgotten something. She stood up like a
laser when she realized what that something was.

shouted. She ran for her bag and pulled out her cell phone. She’d
turned it off before the press conference and it hadn’t been on
since. When she reactivated it Britney groaned when she saw that
there were 20 messages waiting for her from her mother.

“I’m dead,” Britney sighed. Suddenly her cell phone rang again and
Britney immediately answered it.

“Hello? Jamie? Where are you? Huh? YOU’RE WHERE???” Britney shouted
into her phone.

“I’m in Miami,” Jamie Lynn said as she stood in the payphone
surrounded by Waldo, Franklin, Delbert and the hot Miami nightlife.
“This place is awesome! It’s so much fun! What am I doing here? It’s
a long story. But it’s a cool one. We just need a little tiny
something from you. Umm can you come down to Miami and pick us up

* * * * *

Back in New York City, the hour was late, but time hadn’t mattered
all day to Sarah and Reese. They had spent virtually the entire day
in Sarah’s trailer on the set, just talking. Reese like she had
unburdened her entire soul on her friend and Sarah had done the same
to her, telling Reese about her nightmares and her promise to
Freddie. Sarah confessed to Reese her plan to leave this part of her
life behind for good when she married Freddie and swore her to
secrecy. Sarah didn’t want anyone else to know yet, but she felt
like she could trust Reese. After all they had shared so much of
each other that day.

The day just zipped away from them, but both of them felt so much
better when they were done. They both had been carrying secret
burdens around and now that their insecurities were revealed, it was
like weights had been lifted off their shoulders.

When the set had closed up for the day, Sarah and Reese hadn’t
wanted to end their time together so they walked around the city,
getting dinner and just spending time together. They had walked what
now felt like endless miles around the city, being their for each
other and even stealing a few soft, romantic kisses when they felt
the coast was safely clear. The biggest surprise for both of them
was that they had managed to spend the entire day together without
having sex with each other, but for once their had been more
pressing issues that had demanded attention than their raging

“I don’t want this day to end, Sarah,” Reese sighed as they settled
in the back of their cab. They had walked around so much that their
feet were barking at them to stop. So they had caught a cab to take
them back to where they came from.

“It’s going to have to,” Sarah accepted, looking at her wristwatch.
“Hell it’s close to midnight. So where are you staying tonight?”

“Midnight! Holy shit! Ava!” Reese gasped. She had gotten so caught
up in unburdening herself to Sarah and spending the day away from
her worries that she had forgotten about what meant more to her than
anything. “I left her with Julie all day! They don’t even know where
I am!”

“Relax Reese,” Sarah replied. “From what you told me about this
Julie girl, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind doing anything you told her
to do. It’s only nine back there. Give her a call and ask her if she
can stay the night. Spend the night with me and Jen. We can squeeze
you into the room real easily. You don’t want to fly back this late.
It’s not worth it. You can just go back in the morning.”

“I guess you’re right,” Reese said with a shake of her head. How
could she have forgotten all about her daughter? What kind of person
was she becoming? “I don’t believe I did this! I feel like I’ve lost
my mind.”

“You’ve got a lot going on Reese,” Sarah comforted her friend,
grasping her hand and squeezing it warmly. “I mean you’re not a
machine. You put too much pressure on yourself. Sometimes you have
to let go.”

“Oh yeah? Look who’s talking,” Reese shot back. “You’ve got more
control issues than a dominatrix.”

“Quiet you,” Sarah laughed as she gave Reese a playful push. “Better
knock that off or you’re so sleeping in the hallway tonight.”

Reese giggled as she borrowed Sarah’s cell phone and called up
Julie. Reese couldn’t believe how much better being with Sarah had
made her feel. She still hadn’t made up her mind about what she was
going to do, but at least she didn’t feel all alone anymore.

As Sarah had assumed, Julie eagerly accepted the chance to spend the
night watching over Ava. She had just been worried that something
had happened to Reese. After apologizing profusely for not calling
earlier, Reese promised to be home in the morning and ended the

“So are you sure there’s room for me tonight?” Reese asked. “I mean
I can get another room if I have to. Ummmm that is if you’ll loan me
your credit card. I kinda forgot my purse at home.”

“Oh so that’s why you stuck me with the bill for everything today,”
Sarah laughed. “I thought it was just because you were cheap.
Seriously though, don’t worry about it. There’s plenty of room for
all of us. But don’t believe anything Jen says about me hogging the
blankets at night. She’s a dirty little liar.”

“Got it…Jen’s a liar,” Reese smiled. “I’ll make sure to remember
that. Just because I know better is no reason for me to doubt you.”

“Typical fake sisters…always sticking together,” Sarah teased,
instantly reminding the both of them of the fun time they had when
Reese and Jennifer play acted their roles as sisters on “Friends” in
a much more naked and sluttier environment. That had been a fun
night and from the sounds of things, Sarah was interested in a
repeat performance and Reese was more than ready for something like
that. Her hormones weren’t just making her emotional. She also had a
wicked case of horniness going.

By the time they arrived at the hotel, Reese was already imagining
what delights lay upstairs in Sarah’s room. The past few days had
been so stressful and miserable and Reese was looking to have
herself some of the fun Sarah and all her friends were always so
eager to give her.

Sarah and Reese were eying each other lustfully the whole way up.
They didn’t say anything, but their body language screamed out their
mutual desire for one another. Sarah had to resist the temptation to
act out a repeat performance of her recent elevator fun with
Jennifer. She didn’t want to tempt fate twice that they’d be
interrupted or caught on security cameras. Besides, Sarah knew
Jennifer was waiting for her and she wanted to share Reese.

After the elevator opened on their floor, Sarah grabbed Reese by the
hand and ran with her toward the room like a couple of giggling
schoolgirls. Sarah fumbled with the key card and finally got the
door open after a couple of false starts. As soon as they were
inside, Sarah and Reese fell into each other’s arms and shared the
passionate kiss that had been brewing all day. They hungrily kissed
each other, their horny hands going for each other’s bodies as they
kissed and groped each other like the connected lovers they were.

It was only after their first hot kiss had broken that Sarah noticed
the room was pitch black. It was like Jennifer had already gone to
sleep or something. It was after midnight, but Sarah couldn’t
imagine Jen not waiting up for her. Was she even here?

“Jen?” Sarah called out as she and Reese walked toward the suite’s
bedroom. Sarah clicked on the light and quickly got her answer as to
what was going on. There on the bed, Jennifer lay beside Catherine
Zeta Jones. They were both naked and curled up in each other’s arms
and Sarah could easily see the telltale signs of an all day fuck
session. Sarah had no idea Jennifer knew Catherine or that the Oscar
winner was into their lifestyle, but all the evidence pointed to the
fact that they two of them had had a fun day.

“Looks like she wasn’t quite waiting up for you Sarah,” Reese
giggled. “Looks like she got lonely.”

“Jen! You slut!” Sarah playfully yelled as she shook Jennifer awake.
The actress quickly stirred from her housemate’s actions and she
gave her a sleepy smile.

“Hey Sarah,” Jennifer grinned. “Look I ran into today.”

“Well hello there,” Catherine said as she too awoke and quickly
focused on the two beautiful women standing before them. “Are they
some of those friends you were telling me about before Jennifer?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Jennifer said wrapping her arms around Catherine’s naked
body and rubbing it in to Sarah that she had claimed this prize all
by herself. Sarah burned with jealousy and shook her head in
disbelief that she hadn’t gotten in on this sooner.

“Well it looks like the night isn’t quite over yet,” Catherine
declared sumptuously. “I mean if you are going to be awoken so
rudely, this is the only way it should be done.”

“Boy am I glad we got the king size bed,” Sarah laughed as Jennifer
and Catherine tugged her and Reese onto the bed with each other.
Catherine knew both Sarah and Reese only casually, but she wasn’t
shy about greeting them both on the bed with a long, wet kiss. Reese
groaned happily when Catherine’s sexy lips pressed to hers, kissing
her wet desire and enthusiasm. This was just what she had needed and
perhaps unconsciously this was what she had really been looking for
when she had taken that flight to New York.

As Catherine showed Reese her kissing talent, Jennifer found herself
in the familiar position of stripping Sarah bare. Their lips barely
broke for a second, even as Jennifer tugged Sarah’s pink shirt over
her head and opened up the button of her pants. Sarah let out a
groan as Jennifer aggressively pushed her hand inside Sarah’s pants
and began rubbing her through her panties. She was wet in an instant
from Jennifer’s touch and the heat of their kiss grew with each sexy
rub from Jennifer’s practiced hand.

“God…I’ve always been such a big fan of yours,” Reese blushed as
Catherine began rubbing her chest through her t-shirt. She had no
idea what to say to Catherine now. They had shared a few
conversations through the years, but nothing had ever led Reese to
believe she’d be in a position like this with Catherine. They barely
knew each other and now they were leaping right to an advanced
friendship level and beyond. It was the first thing Reese could
think of to say and she immediately felt like a dork for having said

“I’ve been a big fan of yours too,” Catherine said, letting Reese
relax through her words and her touch. “Now I’m going to show you
how much.”

That sounded so good to Reese and she just stretched herself out on
the soft bed, letting Catherine’s hands touch her everywhere.
Catherine looked so beautiful in the buff and Reese hungered for the
softness of her tits and the heat of her pussy. But first she knew
she was overdressed and she helped matters by pulling her own
t-shirt off and exposing the blue bra she had on underneath. Reese’s
nipples were already hard and poking against the soft silk, but that
wasn’t what drew Catherine’s attention.

Almost instinctively, Catherine’s hand reached over to caress
Reese’s stomach, lovingly touching it. There was the beginnings of a
bump there and, having had plenty of experience in this area,
Catherine immediately knew what it was, especially when she saw the
way Reese reacted when she touched her tummy.

“Are you?” Catherine inquired, not finishing the sentence in case
Reese was looking to keep this secret from the others in the room.

“Yes…” Reese admitted, her face getting red with reflexive shame.
She was worried this would instantly evaporate the sexy mood in the
room. After all, who wanted to fuck a pregnant chick? But Catherine
surprised her by leaning down to tenderly kiss the growing bump,
pressing her lips over it in a circle as if she could send feelings
of love right through Reese’s flesh.

Sarah caught site of what Catherine was doing and immediately joined
in. Jennifer had relieved her of her pink bra and Sarah leaned over
Reese topless, with her pants open and halfway off her body. When
she was close enough to her friend’s flesh, Sarah also began kissing
Reese’s belly, pressing her lips to her skin in sexy, wet kisses.
She’d actually wanted to do this to Reese all day, but she hadn’t
known how her friend would react to it. Now that she saw she liked
it, Sarah found herself suddenly emboldened.

Not being a fool, Jennifer immediately grasped what was going on.
The tone of Catherine’s question and the way she and Sarah were
touching Reese gave it away. Jennifer’s first impulse was to be
jealous. She had tried for so long to have a baby with Brad and now
it looked like it was never going to happen. Jennifer knew Reese
could barely stand to be in the same room with Ryan these days, and
this still happened to her. It wasn’t fair! But Jennifer was able to
stifle her selfish impulses and be happy for her friend.

“Congratulations,” Jennifer said, leaning down and kissing Reese
softly on the lips. Reese reacted by wrapping her arms around
Jennifer’s neck and bringing her lips back to her when she tried to
back away. Reese kissed Jennifer with more heat, their tongues
quickly sliding into their opposing mouths. Reese and Jennifer’s
lips and tongues pressed together passionately as Catherine and
Sarah continued to lavish loving kisses all over her skin.

Eventually Catherine and Sarah’s lips were in the right place at the
right time and they met together in a kiss. Their kiss was brief,
but they quickly pushed their lips back together for a stronger and
longer kiss. Sarah’s hands didn’t waste time before reaching up to
play with Catherine’s bare breasts, rubbing her nipples and placing
her hands under her tits to heft them up so she could reach down and
suck on them.

“Ooooh I see where Jennifer learned to do this from,” Catherine
cooed as Sarah expertly sucked on her tits. Sarah made sure that
Catherine’s breasts were wet with desire before she started to lick
at her nipples with her tongue, making them swell with need. While
Sarah’s mouth worshipped her chest, Catherine’s own hands pushed
down Sarah’s bare back to get at her pants. She managed to push her
pants down lower and expose the pink panties that clung to Sarah’s
ass. Catherine was about to reach down for a helping of Sarah’s
tight butt when the former slayer stopped her.

“No…not me yet…” Sarah insisted. “We should all play with Reese

Sarah knew she easily could have been selfish and taken Catherine’s
tongue all for herself so she could have felt what Jennifer had
obviously loved so much, but she also knew it wouldn’t have been
fair. From the looks of things, Catherine and Jennifer had enjoyed
many orgasms together that day and Sarah had spent her time in the
morning playing with Kelly and Rebecca. Only Reese hadn’t come that
day. She had been so low that morning and now Sarah wanted to make
sure she hit only highs before the day truly ended.

Reese heard what Sarah said and if it had been possible for her to
instantly fall in love with a woman, she would have done it right
there with Sarah. The feel of Jennifer’s lips against hers was
enough of a turn on, but the prospect of three horny mouths making
her the focal point of their efforts had Reese already tasting her
own orgasm. She didn’t even make a fake show of refusing Sarah’s
kindness. Reese just lay back and waited for all of them to touch

Catherine had a sinking suspicion she was going to get more than
ample chances to play with Sarah in the future, so it didn’t really
matter which girl she got to play with first. As long as she got
some sexy girl flesh to play with, then it was all good as far as
she was concerned.

Reese lay in the center of the bed as three mouths fell upon her.
Jennifer kissed her lips as she tugged the shoulder straps of
Reese’s bra off. The blonde helped out by leaning up to reach around
back and undo the clasp. Her sexy breasts jiggled free of the
garment and Sarah and Catherine immediately fell upon the bare
mounds. Both girl considered herself quite skilled at this and they
tried to show Reese all their expertise. Reese just lay back and
moaned as the two sexy women sucked on her tits, kissing all over
her firm flesh and arousing her nipples even more. She moaned
happily and placed her hands on the back of Sarah and Catherine’s
heads, stroking their hair as they played with her tits.

“Ooooooh I love it…mmmm it’s just what I need…kiss me
everywhere…every godamned inch of my body!” Reese groaned. “I need
to be loved! Show me all the hot things you can do to me to make me

The needs she had consumed Reese and it showed in her voice.
Catherine picked up on it immediately. She could tell the girl was
scared about her pregnancy. She didn’t know all the details, but
that much was obvious. Catherine had been in that boat before and
she wanted to show Reese she understood. No one could understand the
hormones pumping through Reese at that moment better than another
mother. Sarah and Jennifer could have been Reese’s best friends in
the world, but Catherine knew only she could understand her best at

With that in mind, Catherine pulled away from Reese’s right breast
and resumed kissing her stomach. She didn’t just focus on her belly
this time. Instead she moved down further, undoing her shorts and
slowly pulling them down to expose the panties she wore underneath.
They were soaked and Catherine left Reese’s shorts midway down her
legs so she could concentrate her efforts there.

“Poor girl, you need some loving on your pussy, don’t you?”
Catherine purred as she began rubbing her slit gently, making Reese
shiver with excitement. “I can make you feel so much better Reese.
Let me show you what I can do to make you feel good.”

If Catherine had been looking for Reese to give her a reason not do
this, she had failed because all Reese offered up was a series of
moans from the contact of Catherine’s hand on her pussy, through the
panties. The moans increased when Catherine pulled her panties down
her legs right to where she had left the shorts. Catherine could
have pulled them off herself, but she called in for the others to
take care of that for her.

“A little help here,” Catherine laughed as she began running her
fingers through the soft blonde hairs of Reese’s bush and down over
her wet slit.

Sarah shot Jennifer a look to ask if Catherine was serious and
Jennifer just shrugged her shoulders. She was used to Catherine by
now and it wasn’t like she minded helping her out. Sarah followed
Jennifer down Reese’s body, but not to help Jennifer out. She knew
something about Reese that the others didn’t and she was ready to
share it.

Jennifer pulled Reese’s shorts and panties off her legs as Sarah got
to work at untying her sneakers and pulling them off. Her work done,
Jennifer was about to get back to Reese’s breasts when Sarah stopped

“No! Let me show you what Reese really likes,” Sarah grinned.
Jennifer stayed, her curiosity tickled, especially when Reese began
moaning wildly. The blonde couldn’t believe Sarah was going to do
this to her. She had thought Sarah didn’t like doing this.

“Don’t tease me Sarah!” Reese begged. “Please don’t tease me. Are
you gonna do it? Are you really gonna do it to me just how I like

“Mmmmhmmm,” was the only reply that came out of Sarah’s grinning
mouth as she pulled off Reese’s sneakers and socks and brought
Reese’s foot up to her mouth. Reese gasped and groaned with joy as
Sarah began sucking on her big toe. Reese had just painted her
toenails a rose red the other day and Sarah’s wet tongue dragged
over the painted nail, licking it before she worked her saliva all
over Reese’s toe. She sucked the big toe right into her mouth and
then added two of Reese’s other toes into her warm, wet mouth as

“Ooooooooh Sarah…yesss…” Reese cried out. “You know what I like!
Suck my toes! Get my whole foot wet with your tongue!”

“Reese! I had no idea!” Jennifer marveled. She had never seen anyone
with a foot fetish before and she had to admit it looked pretty damn
sexy to see Sarah half dressed at the end of the bed, on her knees,
as she sucked on Reese’s toes.

“Oh Jen! It feels so amazing!” Reese groaned. “Mmmmm ohhh Sarah suck
those toes! Get them in your mouth! You know how wet it makes me!”

“You know Jen,” Sarah said wickedly as she pulled Reese’s toes from
her mouth and started licking them, one by one. “Reese does have two

Jennifer just stood there amazed at what Sarah was asking her. She
had never sucked on another woman’s toes before. She had never even
really thought about it. But then she looked down and saw the need
on Reese’s adorable face. Her eyes were puddles of lust and she
could easily see how much she loved what Sarah was doing to her.
Jennifer supposed it wasn’t such a big step anyways. After all, she
had once never even thought about making love to a woman and look at
her now.

Accepting this new assignment with a shrug of her shoulders,
Jennifer crawled back onto the bed on the opposite side of Sarah.
She used her blonde housemate’s experience as a guide and lifted up
Reese’s right foot the same way Sarah did, wrapping her hand under
her heel and cupping it so she could lick the tips of her toes. The
first taste was strange, but good in a way. It was like licking any
other part of Reese’s body and when she heard the cries of happiness
from Reese, Jennifer knew it was all worth it. If she was making her
friend happy, then she was happy as well.

“Ooooooh ooooooooooooh ooooooooooooh!!!” Reese kept moaning as Sarah
and Jennifer lovingly tended to her little fetish. They didn’t have
the enthusiasm that her porno buddy Keri Windsor did, but they were
certainly making Reese feel good and Catherine noticed it.

“Mmmm your pussy is getting so wet,” Catherine observed. “You do
like getting your toes sucked, you naughty girl. You do also like
getting licked, don’t you? You don’t just get turned on by toes.”

“I love it!” Reese sighed, taking Catherine’s affectionate teasing
with good humor. “Lick me Catherine! Lick my wet pussy while they
suck on my toes! Mmmm make me come!”

Catherine didn’t have to be told twice. She was lined up perfectly
between Reese’s outstretched legs. Catherine set herself down on her
belly, pushing her own ass up a little in the air as she pressed her
mouth down to Reese’s pussy, kissing her glistening slit and sliding
her tongue right inside. She was greeted with a mouthful of Reese’s
juices and Catherine immediately got to work on her, licking her
soft insides and buzzing around her clit. Catherine didn’t lick
Reese’s clitoris quite yet. Instead she just her know that she could
do it at any moment.

“Ohhhh yeahhhhh lick me Catherine!” Reese urged. “God my pussy needs
this so fucking bad! Lick that pussy up so I can come all over you!”

Meanwhile, Sarah and Jennifer were having fun getting Reese’s feet
wet with their saliva. Sarah licked up and down Reese’s left foot,
not missing an inch of her flesh with her tongue. She gave Reese
exactly what she knew she loved and she had to admit that it felt a
lot hotter and more natural this time then it did the first time she
had done it to Reese back in the shower in Malibu. Sarah began
thinking to herself that she might have to try this out on another
girl soon, to see if she really was starting to like it or not.

Looking over at Jennifer, Sarah was happy to see her housemate
following her lead. Jennifer’s sexy pink tongue fluttered all over
Reese’s right foot, covering it in wet passion, just like Sarah was
doing. Jennifer actually liked it. It was a new feeling, but one
that felt good. Jennifer loved giving pleasure and it sure sounded
like Reese was grooving on all the attention she was getting.

“Ohhhhhhh you’re getting me close! Fuck me Catherine!!! Ooooh I love
it so much!!!” Reese groaned. Three tongues on her was nothing she
could even come close to withstanding and Reese was actually
surprised that she hadn’t come already. She had two good friends at
her toes and an amazing tongue on her pussy. How could she not be
close to coming?

Sarah looked over and admired Catherine’s sexy ass rising and
falling with each thrust forward she would make when she licked
Reese’s cunt. Catherine sure looked like an enthusiastic pussy
licker and Sarah couldn’t wait to feel that tongue inside her own
pussy. And then, as she thought of her own wetness, Sarah was struck
by a positively wicked idea. She had never tried it before, but it
suddenly made perfect sense and the mere idea of it made her even

Before she found a way to talk herself out of it, Sarah dropped
Reese’s foot from her mouth and slid her pants and panties down her
ankles. They tangled up with her sneakers, but Sarah managed to pull
them off, leaving her completely bare except for her sneakers. Reese
groaned in frustration at not feeling Sarah’s mouth on her, but her
eyes then grew wide when she realized what Sarah was doing. Without
thinking twice, Sarah sat on the bed and spread her legs wide. She
then started rubbing Reese’s toes against her wet pussy, getting her
wetness all over them and eliciting an instant reaction.

“Oooooh that’s it Sarah!” Reese squealed. “That’s it! Rub your pussy
on my toes! Get them all wet and sticky! Oooooooh Sarah that feels
so fucking good!”

It felt pretty good to Sarah too. She loved the wiggling toes inside
her. It was rush straight up to her brain and when she felt Reese’s
toes press against her clit, she knew she was going to have to do
this again. Sarah kept a tight grip on Reese’s foot, using it like a
toy to stimulate herself as she turned toward Jennifer.

“God Jen you have to try this!” Sarah exclaimed. “Oh fuck it feels
good inside my pussy! Mmmm you have to feel how good it is when she
wiggles her toes inside you!”

That recommendation was more than good enough for Jennifer. She’d
gone this far already, why not go a little farther? Jennifer was
already naked so all she had to do was set herself down on her butt
and spread her legs. She took Reese’s foot in her hands and guided
it to her pussy. Jennifer’s eyes flew open when she first felt it.
Sarah was right. It was an awesome sensation to feel Reese’s does
pushing past her slit and inside her pink folds.

“Oh wow Sarah!” Jennifer gasped. “Fuck that’s good! Ohhhhhhh
yesssssss mmmm Reese baby…wiggle those toes inside me!

Reese could only gasp and cry out as she did as she was told,
wiggling her toes into Sarah and Jennifer’s wet cunts. It was all so
much at once. Reese had never felt anything like this before. She
had arousal all around her and Catherine was doing such an amazing
job at her pussy. Reese felt her whole body tense up in anticipation
and she tried to warn Catherine that she was about to come. Her
words came out all garbled, but fortunately Catherine got the
message anyway.

When she felt Reese about to come, Catherine redoubled her efforts.
She sucked madly on Reese’s clit, sucking on it hard between her
sexy lips. The sensitive pleasure bud throbbed in her mouth and
Catherine just kept on sucking. She wasn’t going to stop until Reese
came for her and she didn’t have to wait long for that.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!” Reese screamed. All her troubles and
insecurities seeming to rush out of her body in an explosion of
pleasure that shook her on the bed. Reese bucked and screamed on the
bed, bouncing softly on the mattress and making her tits jiggle up
and down. She tossed her head back and screamed to the heavens how
good she felt as sweat glistened from her face and ecstasy overtook
every cell in her body.

Sarah and Jennifer gripped tightly on her feet, not letting Reese
pull away from them as she came right against Catherine’s face. It
felt too good for them to let her stop. Reese’s orgasm was greeted
with an open mouth by Catherine. She took her juices down her throat
and drank them down like honey. Catherine didn’t stop licking and
sucking until Reese was spent. With one final drawn out groan, Reese
fell back on the bed and smiled.

It was late and she was jet lagged, but Reese knew the night wasn’t
quite over yet. She was planning on rewarding all her friends, both
old and new, for what they had just done for her. Already Sarah and
Jennifer had her toes back in their mouths, licking up their own
girl juices in a vision that Reese wanted burned in her memory
forever. She knew this for certain now. No matter what she decided
to do about her life, as long as she had friends like
these…everything was going to end up alright.

* * * * *

The night life in California was just kicking into overdrive, but
for once Tara Reid was spending it at home. Even more unusual was
the fact that she was spending it home alone. But she’d wanted a
change of pace that night and this was the perfect thing for her to
do. She was lying in bed, eating Rocky Road ice cream and laughing
up a storm watching Bugs Bunny cartoons on Cartoon Network.

Tara just felt so satisfied with herself that this seemed like the
natural thing to do. She had sent off her little videotape today and
she was sure by now Carson had seen it and blown his mind over it.
Tara’s only regret was that she hadn’t been there to see his face.
That must have been unbelievable. He probably choked on his tongue
or something. Tara felt a rush of giggles overtake her when she
imagined Carson curled up in a ball and sobbing when he realized she
didn’t need him anymore and never had. He was probably never going
to get it up after finding out that girls got her off harder than
she ever could.

She was indulging all her little pleasures tonight and Tara was
already planning on getting together with Rachael and Rosario
tomorrow to indulge in a few more pleasures…this time of the
flesh. Tara was about to put the ice cream away and get some sleep
for once when she heard a pounding on her door. At first she thought
she had been hearing things, but the pounding started again. She
could hear it all the way up in her bedroom. Someone was knocking
hard on her door and making a hell of a lot of noise in the process.

Cursing this interruption, Tara put the ice cream on her nightstand
and jumped out of bed. The only thing she had been wearing was a
pair of boxer shorts so she threw on an old t-shirt, just to avoid
giving some weirdo a flash. The pounding on her door continued as
Tara walked down the stairs toward it.

“ALRIGHT ALREADY!!! QUIT IT!!! I’M COMING!!!” Tara screamed at the
mystery guest. It was close to 2 a.m. Who could be here at this

Tara walked over to the door and made sure the deadbolt was
fastened, so she could open the door, but not grant whoever it was
any access. Tara also grabbed her portable phone so if she had to
call 911 in a hurry, she would be able to.

“Who is it?” Tara demanded after she opened the door.

She didn’t get an answer. Instead the door was kicked in with such
force that the deadbolt splintered off the wood and the door flew
open. Tara was sent sprawling onto the floor.

“What the fuck?” Tara said groggily as she attempted to pick herself
up. When she did that she was immediately greeted with a hard punch
to the mouth that sent her crashing right back down to the floor.

“Hello Tara,” Jaime Pressly grinned. “Carson got your tape. He sent
me over to deliver a little message to you.”

“You fucking crazy bitch…” Tara cried as she wiped at the blood
flowing from her mouth. “Get the fuck out of here before I call the

“You won’t be calling anyone you little cunt!” Jaime replied harshly
as she grabbed Tara by her blonde hair and smashed her head into the
wall. The impact knocked Tara out cold and she slumped unconscious
to the floor.

“Oh yeah Tara,” Jaime grinned. “You and I are going to have
ourselves a real fun time. You’re going to learn a thing or two
about respecting your betters when I’m done with you.”

* * * * *

When the sun began to rise on another morning in New York City, the
girls were just where they had left themselves. They were all curled
up together on top of the wrecked bed sheets, side by side by side.
Sarah, Jennifer, Catherine and Reese had played through the night
until finally giving in to their exhaustion. Fortunately there
wasn’t any shooting scheduled that morning so Sarah knew she could
sleep in as long as she wanted.

However that plan was ruined by the knocking on the door of their
hotel room. Sarah was the first to hear it and she grumpily stirred

“Sumeun git door…” Sarah mumbled before falling back face first
into her pillow. The knocking continued even as Sarah grabbed her
pillow and pulled it over her ears. Finally she groaned in
frustration and staggered to the door. She was completely naked, but
too out of it to even think about covering herself.

“Too fucking early…” Sarah muttered as she flung open the door.

“What is it?” Sarah barked only to find her tongue disappear by the
discovery of who was on the other side of the door. This was
absolutely the last person in the world that Sarah had expected to
find standing outside their hotel room. If she had been surprised to
find Reese waiting for her before. This was a reaction of out and
out shock.

Seeing who it was woke Sarah up in a real hurry and she suddenly
realized she was standing there bare assed naked. Sarah’s hands shot
to cover up her breasts and crotch. She didn’t know what to do or
what to say. All she could do was call out to her bedmate.

“Jen?” Sarah said softly, having trouble finding her voice as she
ducked behind the door, craning her neck around it so she could hide
her nudity and still not slam the door in the face of their guest.
There was no response from the bedroom so Sarah called out with more
force this time.

“JENNIFER!” Sarah shouted out and this got a reaction.

“What…what…what is it?” Jennifer staggered forward, rubbing the
sleep out of her eyes.

“You’ve got a visitor,” Sarah said.

“Who is …oh my God!” Jennifer gasped when she saw who was standing

“Hello Jennifer,” Brad Pitt nervously smiled. “Any chance you might
want to think about taking me back?”

This story is copyright 2003 from Sharkboy Productions. Reposting
this story without my permission is not allowed and will result in
me taking action against your web site.

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