The Intermixing of Pleasure and Pain

Title: The Intermixing of Pleasure and Pain

Author: Hydrogen

Celebs: Winona Ryder, Angelina Jolie

Codes: FF, sub/dom

Disclaimer: This story is not real, in any way.

Hello friends, hope you enjoy this one.


Winona Ryder was on one side of the bathroom. Angelina Jolie was on the other side. There was some disturbance coming from the huge cupboard.

The source of the noise was Brad Pitt. He had had been tied up in a very specific and intricate manner, in such a position that he couldn’t move his arms or legs and his eye was right next to the keyhole, through which he is forced to witness his former wife’s spectacular escapades.

Winnie was naked, just like Angelina, although Angie was slightly more covered up, as she was wearing an obscenely long strap-on dildo.

“So you ready to be my bitch?”

Saying this, Angelina moved forward, while violently grabbing Winona by her arm and turning her around.

She then made her get down on her hand and knees and mounted Winona, which elicited a shriek from Winnie.

“So, you like that, you Jewish bitch?”

Winona could only grunt in reply, as the rhythm of the fake phallus moving in and out of her, was a little too much for her.

Angelina had a smooth metal rod, which she grabbed and held it against Winona’s throat so as to hoist her on to her cock. Her speed was almost breakneck now, as cock kept on disappearing into Winona’s tight orifice.

On reaching an orgasm, Winona screamed in pleasure, and Angelina’s last decisive thrust made her hand slip and sent the rod flying into the mirror, causing it to break.

The mirror broke into many tiny pieces and scattered on the floor. Angelina turned Winona around so that her back was on some of the broken glass.

She then picked up some of the glass and put it on Winona’s body and started to rub herself on her, while kissing her passionately.

The broken glass didn’t do much damage but caused small bruises all over their bodies.

Recovering from their post orgasmic glow, Angelina and Winona lay on the floor, in each other’s arms covered with broken glass. Brad Pitt was still tied up in the cupboard, his dick completely erect and oozing cum, as he had ejaculated from seeing the sights.

Winona looked at Angelina, and thought to herself that she was in love with Angelina.


So, there it is, my first try at some S&M (kinda). One tiny reference in this is that the broken glass bit is in “The Strange Vice Of Mrs. Wardh”. Anyway, till next time folks and have a Happy New Year!

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