The John And Victor Show: Together Again, Naturally [Part 2]

As John arrived in Hawaii with Charlize, he
sensed that it would be a special, memorable time for
them, especially after they “excused” themselves to
the main restroom for two hours on the flight over.
villa they were to stay in on the main island was
indeed luxurious; located in a relatively secluded
with a great view of the beach, it included a large,
plush bed that he planned to get a great workout with
Charlize in when not taking in the sights, sounds,
and smells of this beautiful location that he dreamed
of visiting ever since he was a child…

After a refreshing morning sleep in
each other’s arms,
topped off with a quick and hot
69, John found himself alone in the big bed, noticing
Charlize clicking off her cell phone. He momentarily
wondered who she could’ve been talking to when his
mind was distracted by her “beach wear”, a hot
one-piece black number cut both high and low in the
right places. His agreeing to take a long walk on
the beach with her was a mere formality at that

“Say, isn’t that Nicole Kidman over there oiling
herself all over?”, John asked La Theron as they took
in the sights walking along the beach- that being the
most stunning so far to his eyes (present company

“Hmmm…I do believe it could be; she must be
protecting her skin from the rays, it’s so creamy
and delic-, I mean pale, after all”, Charlize pointed

“Why…you don’t KNOW each other, do you?”, John
responded to her apparent faux pax about Nicole’s
body, not that he had a complaint or disagreement
about her response.

“Not really”, Charlize said teasingly,
“Just once or twice at awards ceremonies, we’ve said
hello, but it’s not like we’re buddies or anything…”

“Well, since you’ve been introduced to each other,
why not go over and say hello? I’m sure she won’t
mind, and being that I’m not as high up in the
show-biz food chain as of yet, I’ll stay over here,
out of your way…”

“Don’t be silly, John, I’ll introduce you guys; I’m
not afraid of showing you off”, said Charlize, as she
headed off toward the chaise lounge Nicole had planted
herself on, giving John another chance to view her
luscious ass moving along in her sexy, backless

After about 15 minutes of watching the ladies in
what looked like to be a lively conversation together,
John noticed Charlize waving him over. Upon being
introduced to Nicole, he found her to be very warm and
unpretentious, which was unlike the image the media
usually fed to the public. Not once did he
and Charlize discuss “the business” since boarding the
plane, and that trend would continue with Miss Kidman.

It had crossed his mind who she was staying with
(family? close friends?), but he then focused on her
legs, long and toned like Charlize’s, only not as
tanned. Just then, an incredibly handsome man came
over to them, asking with a grin if a party had
started here yet…

“Why no, not yet”, said Charlize, almost salivating
at the sight of the tall, dark, and beautiful young
man in front of her in “revealing” swim-wear.

“Well, let me introduce myself; my name is Victor,
one very, very lucky guy right now!”

The other three, John included, couldn’t even
attempt to stifle a laugh at the good-natured comment;
in fact, the guys were struggling to contain the
straining bulges in their shorts while in the presence
of the two stunning movie queens. A quick rain-shower
soon began to fall, sending the quartet inside the
roomy suite Nicole and Victor were
spending their vacation together.

As the men acquainted themselves while Charlize
excused herself to “freshen up”, Nicole went to the
kitchen to get everyone beverages. The guys were
impressed by the women they had hooked up with, and
found to have much in common, discussing creative
writing, exercising, even their favorite cartoons
(steering clear any talk about “the business”; this
was vacation time, after all). Both had noticed they
had kept their bodies in top condition, agreeing it
was worth it in the satisfied reactions of their

When Charlize rejoined the guys and Nicole came out
to serve sparkling champagne, the four toasted each
other, their impending friendship, and good fortune.
They had pledged to spend some time together during
the vacation, starting with Nicole’s suggestion of a
night out at EZ Lei, a nightclub that had a good dance
mix and was exclusive enough to keep the celebrity
women from being hounded by press and intrusive

What went unsaid during this gathering was the
mentally undressing going on with all four specimens,
all of whom secretly salivated over the possibilities
that lay ahead for them…

That night, Victor and John had arrived in separate
rental vehicles at EZ Lei, both casually yet
tastefully dressed in sport-coats, designer shirts,
and slacks (no ties, though; they’re here to enjoy
themselves, after all!).

They waited patiently by the front door, slightly
frustrated at being unable to get inside (the
reservation was in Nicole’s name). They passed the
time agreeing that the upcoming “Scooby-Doo” movie
would totally suck when almost 25 minutes after their
arrival, a long black stretch limo pulled up, and out
stepped the two ladies, both immaculately dressed as
if attending the Academy Awards. As the driver pulled
away, the guys were awestruck at how both Nicole
(dressed in a hot pink Valentino number that warmly
accented her sexy bottom and was cut right at the
knee, just as Victor preferred most) and Charlize
(ultra-stunning in an ivory white Narciso Rodriguez
dress cut at half-thigh, also slit invitingly on the
left side, instantly making John lick his lips in
anticipation) presented themselves this evening. Both
ladies had high-heeled open-toed sandals that had them
stand just over 6 feet tall and accented their perfect
legs magnificently.

The young men, now at even eye level with their
honeys, offered to escort them inside, not being
offended, but rather honored by the fact that Nicole
Kidman and Charlize Theron were their ticket for the
ultra-exclusive club.

Once they were seated in their private booth, they
felt the rockin’ dance rhythms flow through their
bloodstreams. Charlize asked John if she could have
the next dance, and he graciously accepted. It was a
fast-swinging classic track from Earth, Wind, and
Fire, so Miss Theron and John both removed their shoes
and got into a serious, fast-paced groove.

“Oh dear, I wish I could move on the floor like
that”, Nicole pouted to Victor as she longingly looked
at both her cohort’s forms.

“I’m sure you could- you just need the proper
partner”, Victor winked, walking perfectly into Nic’s
coy yet effective setup, assisting in removing
Nicole’s heels.

the foursome got down on the dance floor, grooving on
the relentless beat of the thankfully teen-pop-free
play-list. They had built a healthy, glowing sweat
after half an hour, and had slowed down just in time
for the beginning of the “slow phase” of the evening;
when the selection of songs got slower, to encourage
more closeness in the dance participants.

Nicole was now paired close to Victor, while Charlize
had similarly bonded with John to the gentle, soulful
voice of Otis Redding. Both men had nestled closely to
the ladies, unable and unwilling to conceal the
resulting erections straining in their pants. This
wonderful feeling for all involved was slightly
interrupted when Charlize sweetly asked to cut in on
the next song with Victor; Nicole smiled her approval
and paired off with John for the next set of songs, as
both men’s level of arousal remained just as potent
for this session…

Finally, it was now five minutes to midnight, and
the final song, “Let’s Stay Together”, by Al Green,
would be played. The ladies wanted one last dance, but
it was John, who like Victor was so overwhelmed by the
raw sexiness of both goddesses, suggesting that if
they wanted to dance, they can team together for the

“Sounds like a challenge to me; how about it,
Nic?”, Charlize asked with a seductive smile.

The red-haired temptress agreed, as she held onto
Charlize tightly during the course of the song as John
and Victor stood by to witness the beginning of an
awesome fantasy coupling about to become real- one
they could only hope to be worthy of via their

Soon after the club closed for the night, the limo
that had dropped off the ladies had returned to
retrieve the very charged-up quartet. The destination
was to Charlize’s villa, seeing as it was only a
5-minute drive from the club and the two couples were
already hotly kissing and feeling each other
passionately as if they were high schoolers leaving
their senior prom.

When they finally arrived, Charlize had run to the
front door to open it with John in hot and heavy
pursuit, while Victor had picked up a barefoot Nicole
and carried her toward the entrance. By the time they
got through the door, John and Charlize had made it to
the bedroom, where they had gathered on their bed to
continue their make-out session with each other.

Victor and Nicole settled over to a large plush
couch from across the bed, with Nicole seating down
comfortably. By natural instinct, Victor, highly
turned on by her ankle bracelet and frosty-pink
painted toenails, kneeled before her and sensually
rubbed, fondled, then kissed her feet, warming up Miss
Kidman within moments. Momentarily, John had removed
Charlize’s shoes and began nibbling and licking at her
tender arches and sexy toes, especially at the nails
Charlize had painted dark red for this occasion.

“Ohhhh…I see you have him trained well, too”,
Nicole giggled toward Charlize as they both enjoyed
the foot worship their men provided.

“You think that’s impressive, watch this”, Charlize
responded, as she snapped her fingers to get John’s
attention. “Strip for us, my hot young servant!”, she
uttered with a playfully wicked grin.

John rose to his feet and did a slow, sexy
striptease for the women. At this time, Charlize had
worked the CD remote to program “Groove is in the
Heart” as John expertly removed his clothing down to
his tented undershorts.

“All right, way to shake it!”, Nicole applauded as
John strutted over to Charlize at her command. “Think
that’ll work for me?”

“It’s worth a try”, Charlize said as John resumed
worshiping at her feet.

Nicole only had to snap her fingers before Victor,
almost as if in a competition to fuel the desires of
these sexy charmers, shed his clothing down to his
shorts as well, after which he and Nicole made their
way to the bed.

Both of the guys were still seriously working on
their ladies’ feet when Nicole instructed Victor to
unwrap her, which he took to mean un-zipping her out
of her dress. John had worked his way up Charlize’s
legs and unfastened her outfit from the slit area at
her hip. As John had a bit more practice in removing
this particular outfit off his woman, Charlize was now
down to a micro-mini G-string, which was more than
Nicole was left with, as she hadn’t bothered with ANY
undergarments for this evening!

Victor highly agreed with Nicole’s fashion
decision, as he knelt in front of her to kiss and
nibble on her thighs, and to inhale the sweet scent
rafting from her perfect pink pussy, with the hair
above it neatly trimmed, matching the shoulder-length
strawberry-red mane on her head. Nicole stroked her
lover’s face, wanting him to enjoy the sweet delicacy
between her legs as much as she loved his agile

Meanwhile, John had peeled off Charlize’s G-string
and had inhaled it deeply at her request. Miss Theron
had decided to shave down there entirely for tonight,
making her pussy all the more tender for John’s touch,
which he eagerly did with his fingers, tongue, and
lips. Nicole and Victor had since joined them on the
bed with the guys continuing to munch on the ladies as
they lay on their backs next to each other. They
reveled in their guys servicing them when Charlize
reached over to tenderly stroke Nicole’s hair, adding
yet more fuel to her sexual fire. As Charlize rubbed
Nicole’s luxurious locks some more, the creamy-skinned
Aussie freed her left hand to caress Miss Theron’s
hardened nipples. Neither discouraged this impromptu
fondling as the guys were in their own world anyway, a
beautiful world in which they feasted on the tasty
vaginal openings and clits of two of the most desired
beings on the planet, both of whom were now facing
each other as they felt their bodies about to erupt
like never before due to their guys- and each other’s-

The women were about to gush their hot orgasmic
fluid for their appreciative men, but not before they
clutched their hands together as if to brace
themselves for the end of the most thrilling amusement
park ride of their lives. The guys skillfully used
their tongues to hit the mother lode of the ladies’
tasty nectar, making them write out of glorious
control, quickly unleashing their powerful tonic all
over the happy faces of their
virile young studs!

After the explosion, Nicole and
Charlize couldn’t help but embrace and comfort each
other, only to get the attention of John and Victor’s
shorts falling to the floor, which instantly triggered
a sparkling smile from the femmes upon the sight of
what their loves had equipped for them…

Ever since Nicole and Charlize took up with their
respective lovers, they both felt healthier, both
mentally and physically, than they had in awhile.
They were also more self-assured of their bodies and
sexuality, all to the point where they were able to
stop smoking cigarettes. After all, why suck on a thin
roll of lit paper containing tobacco when…

“Mmmmmm…all nice and hard for me?”, Charlize
chirped at the sight of John’s long pink organ with
its bulbous purple head, waving to and fro as he
headed over to the bed in which she was now lounging .

Meanwhile, Nicole had overtaken Victor with her
hungry lips, first munching on his pecs aggressively,
then heading south toward his thick uncut slab of
manhood as she knelt down to soothe him with her cool,
wet mouth.

Charlize also assumed the kneeling position for
John as she lovingly teased him with her velvety
tongue, from his tip to his pulsing shaft, repeating
the process up and down, back and forth, while
clutching his ass-cheeks with her warm hands.

Nicole was
not quite as subtle, but equally effective in
pleasuring her man as she devoured Victor’s cock,
lathering him all over while he held onto her
strawberry-hued hair gingerly, thrusting his hips as
he eagerly fucked Nicole’s pretty mouth, loving how
her delicate pink mouth
felt on his package.

Although John and Victor had experienced the act of
fellatio from their women several times in the months
they’ve known each other, this session had an added
kick for both of them, as it was the first time they
were blown by their lady in front of others. It also
helped that the other femmes’ perfectly rounded asses
were in front of them to witness while enjoying this
most intimate of acts.

Nicole was aware of Victor enjoying the sight of
Charlize’s heart-shaped rear, asking him if he’d like
to enjoy it for himself. Victor could only reply
in the affirmative as he felt Nicole lather his nuts
and rub his pole across her face.

As Charlize still
worked on John, she suddenly felt two strong fingers
slide in and out of her pussy, causing her to dampen
warmly down there. Nicole motioned John to join her
with her seductive eyes and waving finger, causing of
shift in the two couplings, with Charlize now
positioned on all fours on the bed as Victor slowly
but surely slid his Nicole-soaked pole into her slick,
tight vagina.

While Victor and Miss Theron got into a
serious doggy-style groove, Nicole stood in front of
them near the edge of the bed, as John gathered behind
her to send his tongue up and down her pliant
butt-cheeks, loving the hot aroma her asshole gave off
as he teased around her beautiful brown star. As this
was going on, Charlize didn’t hesitate to sample
Nicole’s vaginal flavor, tasting her bountiful fruit
to send waves of orgasmic pleasure through both ends
of Nicole.

This searing hot double-teaming of his lady was
too much for Victor to bear, as he sensed his
impending eruption, announcing it to his three
cohorts. Nicole gave him a look of assurance with her
bright blue eyes, reminding him of the bond they
shared, causing him to pull out of Charlize’s heavenly
tunnel and spray his thick, steaming load all over her
divine ass!

This caused Charlize to howl brightly and declare,
“Ohhhh yeahhhhh…I loooovve it…so fucking
greattt…now eat up all that hot come off my ass…”,
as she looked at…”…John”.

Stunned by her command, John responded, “You mean
you want me to lick up-”

“That’s right; every sweet drop until my butt is
nice and clean- do it NOW!!!”, Charlize demanded while
urging John with her sexy green eyes.

As he could never
resist the order of a living, breathing goddess, John
headed over and performed the stated duty for Charlize
while Victor headed toward Nicole to work on smooth,
flat abdomen with his hands
and mouth. After John cleaned Victor’s sperm off
Charlize’s rump with his tongue, he shared a deep kiss
with her, sharing the come of his new colleague in
celebrity sex play.

John then arranged himself
behind Nicole again to feed her his flesh-snake as
Charlize now joined Victor in lathering her beautiful
body. John thrust inside Nicole deeper and deeper,
thoroughly enjoying the second-best celebrity snatch
in his 24 years, while the other two felt and enjoyed
how silky and wet Nicole’s labia had become. As John
continued to slap
on Nicole’s ass-cheeks, painting them a bright red, he
felt himself ready to erupt, then pulling out to coat
her bottom with his ejaculate, which Charlize and
Victor promptly ingested as if they were thirsty
desert troopers.

After this session, the guys were happily
exhausted and sweaty, deciding to take a beverage
break as Charlize and Nicole gathered on the bed.
Upon returning with refreshments, the guys were warmed
to see how their femmes were getting along with
other with their eyes, and their hands, and their
tongues, which they used to handle their beautiful
natural breasts, the nipples of which were highly
erect from the touches the other provided.

The guys eagerly
took this opportunity to recline on the couch, with
their half-erect but still sizeable pricks in their
hands, watching their ladies kiss and fondle each all
over each other, until Nicole positioned Charlize flat
on her back as she dined on her steamy opening,
exciting the South African blonde greatly, and John
and Victor even more so, as they happily stroked their
pricks at this wondrous sight!

After a short time of
masturbating, Victor resumed his full participation by
going over to Charlize, offering her sweet face his
full erection, which she happily accepted.

John for his part
was highly enjoying the sight of his woman being
worked on by this hot couple, especially when she took
Victor fully in her hungry mouth. After a few minutes
of watching this, he headed over to the side opposite
Victor, joining him to unite their cocks over
Charlize’s face, then sinking them into her willing
mouth. As they enjoyed the sensations provided by the
talented Charlize, they held onto each other at the
shoulders to keep them from losing their balance.
While Nicole was buzzing away at her reddened clit,
Charlize took the poles of Victor and John in her
hands and eagerly pumped away as the foursome were now
in full sexual overdrive!

When Nicole hit her sweet spot
repeatedly, it caused Charlize to gush her hot
goodness all over Miss Kidman’s gratified face,
setting a chain reaction toward the guys, who now felt
their remaining juices brewing. As they both moaned to
the heavens, Charlize stroked them off expertly,
prompting the guys to expel their remaining jism all
over her face, lips, chin, and neck, eagerly loving
the come soaking in her skin.

As John and Victor looked
at the drenched faces of their lovers, they found
themselves staring deeply toward each other, then
reaching over to share a kiss, which encouraged by
their giddy femmes, turned into a deep embrace as they
held themselves up against their chests, feeling their
spent penises rub together as they realized how good
their tongues felt against their mouths until they
collapsed in a heap on the bed, intertwined with
Nicole and Charlize as they joined them for a
much-needed night of post-coital “beauty sleep”…

To be continued…


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