The Love Of The Fans


By Terry Webster

DISCLAIMER: This story is a total fantasy and is not meant to reflect on the real Renee O’Connor. It is meant has total entertainment only. It’s also a hardcore lesbian sex story, so if that offends you or is illegal in your state (Or if you are too young to be reading this type of material), leave now!

* * * * *

I hate fans!

Renee O’Connor was nervous. The co-star of XENA-WARRIOR PRINCESS had agreed to make her first convention appearance in four years and she was now regretting it. As a rule, she shunned them. She had appeared at conventions
early in her career, but had been frightened off by the more extreme of her fans, usually the ones who thought she was “easy” or a lesbian. They were either emotionally retarded men who thought that their swaggering macho attitude would lure her into their bed or butch dykes who believed that she was as gay as her TV character was hinted at. All of them had a sexual fantasy they wanted to indulge with the star and some were not afraid to vocalize it, believing erroneously that their fantasies of perversion would strike a responsive cord in the star. It always did with a negative reaction. One fan had even confessed that he wished he could put her in a rubber suit, make her sweat, and then happily spend his life smelling her odor on the inside of the suit.

Renee shuddered at the memory.

Her life had been good since XENA was canceled. She had her family. She had performed on stage and won a few guest appearances on TV. But no major film offers had come her way and she had refused another series to focus on raising her son.

But something had been missing.


The only reason she had agreed to this appearance this time was that a group of young women were working for a charity in her name. To thank them, Renee had agreed to have a private dinner with the group after her convention commitments for the day were over. She had even followed a suggestion by her agent to cut her hair and dye it back blonde in the fashion that “Gabrielle” had worn it.

Renee had met the group coordinator, a young pretty woman named Eloise and her equally beautiful assistant, Sharon. In fact, Renee fond herself strangely attracted to Sharon. When they were together, the two women couldn’t keep their eyes off each other. She had never felt this strange attraction.

Renee leaned back in the elevator and remembered her feelings at that first meeting. Even though there were hints that the characters Xena and Gabrielle were gay on the show, Renee was married to a wonderful man and never really thought of women in a lustful way.

No, she corrected herself, that was a lie.

She had been harboring a secret attraction to her co-star, Lucy Lawless, for years. Sometimes when they would do a hot tub scene or do a romantic scene, Renee had to be careful that her true feelings for Lucy wouldn’t show through. Every one thought she was wonderful method actress. Little did they realize, she laughed in her mind.

What would it be like, she pondered, to make love to a woman, savage passionate love…especially to someone as beautiful as Lucy…or Sharon?

Maybe all this exposure to lesbianism is finally taking its toll, She mused inwardly, God knows, I sometimes wonder why I didn’t jump Lucy, she’s so goddamn beautiful! Sometimes I could see it in her eyes…that she wanted me, that she felt the same passion I did. Damn! The show’s over, we’re both married, apart, and we’ll never know if….

The elevator door suddenly opened and Renee, snapping herself from her reverie, stepped out into the lobby. She noted that the area was largely deserted. Most fans were off having dinner or something, she decided, which was a stroke of luck for her. She really wasn’t in the mood for any freaky fans coming up to her with a request for an autograph or a bondage session.

Renee spotted Sharon waiting for her by the door to one of the large conference rooms. She was dressed in a conservative business outfit, the same style as Renee. She smiled at the TV star’s approach.

“Hello, Renee. All alone, I see. I thought you’d be bringing your publicist with you.”

“Millie had some work to go over,” Renee replied, “I can handle this alone…if you can keep the fans at bay.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it,” Sharon smiled, ” There’s only about fifteen of us altogether, not the usual hundreds of one of your convention appearances, and we are far from being demonstrative fans…Well, not in the childish way the others seem to be.”

“I appreciate that,” Renee smiled with a look of relief.

“We have the dining hall until midnight, so no one will bother us.” Sharon informed her

“Midnight?” Renee remarked in an astonished tone, as they walked along, “It’s only 6. I’ll probably have to leave after the meal.”

“Oh, we understand that,” Sharon stated, “We’ll be socializing and discussing group affairs after you leave, so don’t worry about leaving. We are going to have a raffle first, then the meal. Hopefully, you can say a few words after that.”

“Sounds good,” Renee agreed, her eyes meeting the woman’s.

She’s gorgeous! The actress mused inwardly, Those lips… Her breasts… Her legs. I wish I was a lesbian, I’d take her up to my room!

They reached the hall and entered. There were about five tables with several women seated at each. Each was dressed in a conservative suit, much to Renee’s relief. No freaky fans in leather or “Gabrielle” T-shirts, Thank God. It was odd though, she noted to herself, that each was young and extremely attractive. Two of them looked barely over eighteen.

A lot of the fans look like they need “Weight Watchers”, Renee reflected, but these look more like Victoria’s Secret models. Tall, small, white, blacks, Asian…what beauties! Better get a hold of myself!

A larger rectangular table dominated the front of the room. Behind it was a smaller table with snacks and a punch bowl. Eloise was dipping a glass into the bowl, when the pair approached. She turned to Renee with a large smile.

“How are you?” She asked brightly, “I’m so glad you could make it.”

She handed Renee the punch. The star took it, nodded her thanks, and sipped the fluid.

“Glad to be here,” Renee replied, “Sharon filled me on the agenda.”

“Good,” Eloise smiled, “The caterer is a bit late with the dinners, so we’re going to start the raffle first. The prizes are also supposed to be delivered, but the girls will draw numbers and we’ll match the numbers with the prize list, when they arrive.”

“And we won’t disturb the other conference rooms,” Sharon added, “All these halls are sound proof.”

Renee nodded, but she found her concentration focused more on the drink. It had a sweet taste that seemed irresistible. She eagerly drank its contents.

“Could I have another?”

“I’ll get it,” Sharon offered, dipping Renee’s glass again.

Renee nodded her thanks and sipped the drink, following the two women back to the table.

Renee sat down and looked at the women in the room. Each was smiling at her. Renee smiled back, though the back of her mind seemed distressed. Was there something of a glint in each woman’s eyes? The TV star sipped her drink again, as Eloise called the meeting to order and introduced their guest. After a round of applause and a small speech of greeting from the actress, Eloise began selecting numbers for the raffle.

When Sharon was awarded the number one, Renee smiled at her. Sharon grinned back with an almost feline grin.

As the number calling continued, Renee suddenly felt very warm. Her skin began to perspire. She asked Sharon if they would mind if she removed her coat.

“You could remove your blouse, if you wish,” Sharon suggested, “After all, we’ve seen you wear less in your TV costume. We’re all grown-ups here, Renee. Be comfortable.”

Under normal circumstances, Renee would have balked at the suggestion, but the heat was too much for her. In a few moments, she had shed her coat and blouse and sat there in her bra. She felt embarrassed at the smiles of the women around her.

They almost look predatory, She observed with a tingle of dread, Like I’m the main course for dinner. Maybe I better say something and alleviate the tension.

She decided to stand up and apologize, but, as she rose, she lost her balance, falling back in her seat and shifting her body against Sharon. Her head landed on the woman’s shoulder and she found herself staring up into Sharon’s beauty. She opened her mouth to apologize and suddenly found her lips meshed against the other woman’s. Their mouths opened and Renee felt her tongue sucked into Sharon’s mouth.

Renee suddenly pulled away, noticing that all eyes in the room were on her. Sharon merely blushed, while Renee could feel Eloise’s fingertips on her bare shoulders.

“It’s all right, Renee,” She cooed, her fingers gently rubbing the actress’ flesh, “You are among friends here. We understand. Don’t be afraid.”

For a moment, Renee was afraid…for her career, for her marriage, for what her loved ones would think of her, if they learned what she had just did. But that moment passed, as she looked into the eyes of the others. There was no criticism, no judgement. There was only eager acceptance, even anticipation. Of what?

Of course, She thought, Everyone already thinks my character’s a lesbian. They probably think I am as well…but am I? God, I enjoyed her kiss.

Renee looked back at Sharon and noticed that the girl had opened both her jacket and her blouse. Her tits sat in a tight black bra, the soft mounds pushing invitingly against the fabric that bound them. Renee looked from them into the deepest blue eyes she had seen since….

Lucy! That’s why her eyes were so alluring! They remind me of Lucy’s eyes.

Thinking of her co-star, her hidden lust for the woman swelling in her chest, Renee could feel the heat rising in her body, the fire building in her chest and loins. It was as though Lucy was before her, offering herself to the blonde star. Renee could feel her breath tighten in her throat at the thought.

Sharon leaned in closer, causing Renee to move back into Eloise’s grip. The blonde felt Eloise’s fingers move from her shoulders to her breasts, cradling the mounds softly in her palms, squeezing ever so slightly through the fabric of her bra.

Damn, I got to stop this! Renee thought desperately, I got too much to lose if this ever gets out. But I can’t help myself. I feel like I’m on fire! My pussy is so wet, so fucking wet! I need flesh. I need a woman!

“We all love you, Renee!” Eloise breathed hotly into the star’s ear.

Renee felt her will melting away, as Eloise’s fingers moved under the fabric and began to play with her nipples. Renee, her eyes wide, her breath almost gasping, looked at Sharon, who was running her finger along the edge of her own bra in seductive invitation, and, for a moment, thought she saw a nipple being flashed at her. Renee’s mouth parted, her tongue running over her lips in anxious desire.

From the audience, there was barely the sound of breathing.

The star slowly took Sharon’s face in her hands and kissed her passionately, their tongues battling. As she did, Renee felt Elosie push the star’s bra down and gently squeeze her bare nipples. The blonde moaned and twitched invitingly against the gentle assault. As she pushed back to exchange a kiss with the woman behind her, she saw one of the audience rise from the table with a small sign. It read: MEETING IN PROGRESS – DO NOT DISTURB. The woman opened the door a crack, slid the sign on the outside handle and shut the door, locking it. She quickly rejoined her partner at their table.

Renee kissed Eloise, as she felt Sharon lean forward. Moving one of Eloise’s hands aside, Sharon began to lick and suck at the nipple of Renee’s left breast. Renee whimpered and broke the kiss with Eloise. She brought her hand behind Sharon’s head and pushed the woman’s mouth harder against her tit, gasping as the pressure increased on her flesh. Sharon responded by nibbling at her target. Renee yelped, a reaction that brought a small cheer from the audience.

“Suck my tits!” She found herself pleading softly, “Suck them, please!”

Sharon eagerly complied, her teeth nibbling at one nipple, then the other, her tongue beating a rapid tattoo at their points. Renee, all sense of modesty lost, turned and smiled at the spectators, as she felt Eloise nipping at her throat and back with her teeth. As she looked about the room, she suddenly noticed that, while there was water and other drinks on the various tables, there was no punch glass.

It suddenly dawned on her that she was the only one who had drunk the punch…twice. Eloise must have slipped her some drug, she realized.

But she was enjoying the slavish attention too much to care anymore. The drug was not only making her hot, but also giving her a sense of sexual excitement, a reveling at what was happening!

She felt Sharon and Eloise rise to their feet, standing her between them. The two women began to strip the star’s clothes from her body in front of the audience. The task became more difficult, as they had to fend off Renee’s playful attempts to pinch their nipples and bite their flesh. The XENA star giggled, as her bra pulled from her chest, and she laughed as two pairs of hands eagerly pulled down her skirt and literally ripped her panties from her body.

When her cunt was finally exposed before everyone, bringing a round of applause from her admiring audience, it was all Renee could do from taking a bow. She quickly ran her hand through her vagina curls, noticing a few of the women licking their lips.

Come and get it, you bitches! Her mind invited.

As the two women sucked on the star’s nipples, Renee moaned, closing her eyes in delight. When she opened them in response to her “captors” fingers playing across her vagina lips, Renee noticed two of the women in the audience had left their seats and moved to the back of the room to a large utility closet. They quickly returned with a large mattress that they placed before the meeting table.

Eloise and Sharon stripped quickly, their anticipation quivering in their bodies. Renee tried to help both, exchanging kisses and squeezes as she did so. Naked, Sharon led the more-than-willing TV star to the cushion, while a nude Eloise retrieved a small bag from under the table and brought it with her to the mattress.

Sharon lay on her back, propping herself up on her elbows. Renee grinned, as the woman spread her legs open in a stark invitation. Renee dropped to her knees, her eyes glazed over with lust for the prize before her. Sharon lifted her left foot and pressed it against Renee’s right breast. She arched the bottom and started to massage the TV star’s tit. Rene placed her hand over the woman’s ankle to hold the foot tighter against her body. Sharon lay back and placed her other foot against Renee’s left breast. Renee breathed hotly, as she seized the other ankle and helped Sharon in her efforts. Renee could feel Eloise sidle up behind her, her fingers caressing the TV star’s shoulders. Warm lips planted wet kisses on her spine and shoulder blades. Renee could feel Eloise’s tongue making a wet trail down her spine to the small of her back.

Renee, overcome by the stimulation the women were administering, moved Sharon’s left foot up to her mouth. She began to slowly lick the underside and then the toes. Sharon quivered at this unexpected action, an act that brought murmurs of surprise from the audience as well. Sharon purred, as Renee tried to swallow all five toes into her mouth at once, licking their undersides rapidly as she did.

I feel like such a whore, The XENA actress thought, but I love this. I love this!

The star could feel Eloise’s fingers on her ass, prying at her cheeks, her hot breath on her rectum. Renee leaned forward to provide the woman better access to her goal, releasing Sharon’s feet to fall back to the mat.

Renee and Sharon locked eyes. Sharon crooked a finger in invitation.

Renee brought her grinning face down against Sharon’s pussy. The smell of her first lesbian lover’s cunt drove her into ecstasy. She lapped greedily against it, no longer sure if it was the aphrodisiac or her own passion inflaming her. Sharon bucked her hips upwards, teasing her lover, as she also wallowed in pleasure. Renee lapped for long moments, barely feeling Eloise’s hands on her hips, rising her butt up on her knees. She stopped licking, her body quivering, as she felt Eloise’s warm breath blowing on her ass crack. Renee jerked as she felt Eloise’s tongue rim the star’s rectum.

“Do you like that?” Eloise inquired.

Renee turned her head back towards the woman, her mouth covered in Sharon’s love juices.

“God, don’t stop!” She pleaded.

Eloise nodded and began her anal probe once again. Renee remained on all fours, bucking slightly back against this nasty intrusion. Sharon sat up and licked her own juices from Renee’s lips. Eloise inserted a finger into Renee’s asshole. The star bucked and yelped like a bronco. Sharon held her shoulders, laughing at the blonde’s reaction.

“First timer!” Sharon declared with a laugh that brought a giggle from the spectators.

Eloise removed her finger and inserted it between her lips, sucking on the digit. Another moan of appreciation issued from the audience. Eloise smiled at them. She then placed her fingers against Renee’s pussy, inserting them between her labia. Renee groaned in joy at the intrusion, bucking back against Eloise’s digits. The woman withdrew her fingers with a sultry glint in her eyes.

“She’s ready!” Eloise declared, holding up the glistening fingers for the crowd to see.

Sharon nodded and gently rolled Renee onto her back. She then scampered over to the bag that Eloise had laid by the side of the mattress. As she did, Eloise laid down beside Renee’s head, gently stroking her short blonde hair. The star stared up in anxious anticipation.

“Fuck me!” She whispered excitedly, almost a plea.

“Don’t worry,” Eloise cooed softly, “Remember the raffle? Sharon is Number One.”

Realization spread across Renee’s face. She was one of the stars of TV’s biggest hits and here she was, lying naked in a room of lesbians, begging to be fucked. Every instinct told her to get up and run, to scream for help, to resist, but all she wanted was flesh…female flesh, pressing, biting, and sweating.

Her attention turned to Sharon and the star gasped. The woman was attaching a strap-on to her waist. The star marveled at the size of the dildo. It had to be more then ten inches long and thick.

“I…it’s so big!” She stammered.

“You’ll be fine,” Eloise said in a comforting tone, “Remember…Sharon’s Number One…and, for serving the punch, I get to be the your other first!”

Renee looked at her uncomprehendingly, but, before she could ask what the woman meant, she felt Sharon fall to her knees on the mattress. The woman grinned and slid her face between Renee’s thighs. Her mouth eagerly licked Renee’s swollen pussy lips, her tongue darting against the blonde’s clit. Renee yelped and bucked against the woman, her juices flowing over Sharon’s mouth.

“Yeeessssss!”She cried in joy.

Eloise rose to her knees and moved over Renee’s face. The star looked up at the treasure before her, drool running from the corner of her mouth. She seized Eloise’s thighs with her hands and brought the woman’s cunt down on her eager mouth. The woman spread her legs wider to give the star more access to her clit. Renee’s tongue found her target and lapped at it with gusto. Eloise returned the favor by seizing the blonde’s breasts and massaging them roughly.

After a few minutes, Sharon looked up at Eloise and nodded. Eloise reluctantly moved off Renee’s face, as Sharon slid up the starlet’s body, stopping for a few moments to pay tribute to her tits, before continuing on until they were face to face, bodies pressed against each other. The women smiled at each other, the love juices glistening on the lips. They eagerly licked at each other’s faces. Renee stuck out her tongue and Sharon nipped at it with lips before swallowing it into her mouth. After a long moment, they parted the embrace.

“Are you ready?” Sharon asked with hot breath.

Renee nervously nodded, her anticipation mixed with fear. Sharon reached down between them and guided the large dildo to the mouth of Renee’s vagina. She slowly began to push it into her.

Renee suddenly wrapped her legs around Sharon’s hips, her feet digging into the woman’s buttocks, and pushed hard against her. The dildo sunk deep into the blonde cunt, forcing the breath from her lungs.

“ARGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Renee moaned in pain and pleasure, “OH, FUCCCKKKKK!!!!!”

Sharon began to fuck Renee hard, who bucked back in unison. The blonde could feel her orgasm building within her, her breath wheezing out in gasps.

“Fuck me!” The XENA star screamed between gasps, “Fuuuuccck mmeeeee!”

Renee released her grip on Sharon’s hips and dug her heels into the mattress, arching her body upward against Sharon’s thrusts like a desperate animal.

Sharon was the first to come, screaming out her climax, but Renee followed moments later with a tremendous orgasm of her own. The bodies slowed, as they moved gently against each other in a tender embrace.

“You’re the best,” Sharon complimented.

Renee kissed her, nipping at the other woman’s lips with her teeth.

“Now…it’s my turn!” Eloise declared.

The women turned to see Eloise on her knees on the mattress’ edge. She was wearing a strap-on as large as Sharon’s and running a jelly over the dildo.

“She’s going to be your first tonight,” Sharon remarked.

Renee looked at her with a baffled expression, as Sharon got to her knees and rolled the TV star over on her stomach. She raised Renee’s hips on her knees. Eloise handed her a tube of KY jelly and Sharon began to apply the gel to Renee asscrack. She dipped her coated fingers into the star’s anus, causing Renee to jump.

“No, wait!” The blonde gasped, “I never had anyone…”

“That’s why Eloise is your first,” Sharon whispered seductively, “The first to take your ass tonight!”

Eloise moved behind Renee, a fierce expression of lust on her face, and placed the dip of her dildo against Renee’s asshole. With a smile, Eloise slowly shoved the dildo into the star’s nether hole. Renee winced, gritting her teeth against the invasion.

“Goooddddd, it hurts!” She moaned, “Stop! I can’t take it! Oh, plleeasseee!”

Tears running down her cheeks, Renee dug her nails into the mat, small cries escaping from her throat. Ignoring the star’s pain, Eloise continued to rotate the dildo deeper into Renee’s rectum, her eyes afire with desire, her hips thrusting back and forth in a slow motion as the object sank deeper with each motion, her fingernails digging into the blonde’s flesh. Renee fought against the intrusion, but Sharon seized her hips and held her still.

“Don’t fight her!” She commanded.

As the thrusts continued, harder and deeper, Renee began to feel a heat passing down her ass into the rest of her body. Involuntarily, she bucked against Eloise to meet her thrusts, placing her hands flat into the mat to push back, forcing the invader deeper into her. Soon the pair was moving in unison, both moaning and yelping like animals.

“Fuck my ass!” Renee whimpered in a joyful cry.

Sharon moved back and cradled Renee’s head. Renee smiled through her tear stained cheeks, then gasped again, as Eloise thrust again and again.

“I love it!” Renee mewed breathlessly to Sharon, “I love having my ass fucked!”

The star turned her head towards the spectators. Some had already started to pair off, tossing their clothes aside. One woman sat at her table transfixed by the scene before her, while another woman, naked, licked the observer’s pussy beneath the table.

There was a large bag at the back of the room and a woman were rummaging through it, handing out vibrators, strap-ons and tubes of KY jelly.

Damn! They were all set to gangbang me anyway, the sluts!

One woman, an incredibly tall and beautiful black woman stood near the mattress, her eyes solely on Renee. She was still dressed, but she had hiked up her skirt and her fingers were shoved into her cotton panties, finger rapidly at her clit. In her free hand was a small card and, when Renee looked directly at her, the woman displayed the card to the actress’ eyes.

On it was the number “2”.

As Renee smiled her anticipation, Sharon slapped her bucking ass hard. Renee looked back at her, detecting a bit of jealousy in her lover’s blue eyes. Renee suddenly spit at Sharon, the saliva impacting on her cheek. Sharon crawled in front of the quivering star and seized her face in her hands. She spat into the TV star’s face.

“Whore!” She snarled.

The audience looked at the pair with shock. Even Eloise slowed her strokes, but didn’t withdraw from Renee. All eyes were on the two women.

“Cunt!” Renee growled.

“Slut” Sharon echoed.

Renee twisted her head to the side towards Eloise.

“No one told you to stop!” She snapped.

Eloise looked at Sharon, who merely smiled. Everyone in the room realized who was in command now.

“Yes, Mistress,” Sharon said, nodding towards Eloise.

With a smile, Eloise thrust hard into Renee. The star gritted her teeth to keep the cry in her throat within her. She looked up at Sharon, as the rocking ritual started again.

“Get under me and fuck me, you bitch!”

Sharon suddenly realized what Renee was indicating and shook her head.

“No, it will rip you apart!”

“Do it, you cunt!”

Renee spit on her face again. Sharon wiped her face, a smile crossing it. Renee matched her lover’s wicked look with one of her own.

Sharon quickly slid her body under the blonde’s, her legs jutting out from between the legs of both women. Sharon guided the head of her dildo to the TV star’s pussy lips. She locked eyes with the smiling star and suddenly thrust upward.

Renee started to scream, her body torn by the twin shafts in her orifices. Sharon quickly covered the actress’ mouth to quell her cries from the outside world and the blonde bit gently into the heel of her lover’s hand. Sharon laughed at her reaction and began to thrust harder again and again into Renee’s pussy, feeling Eloise’s movements in Renee’s hips as she did. Renee released Sharon’s hand and grunted like a animal against the thrusts. In a move that surprised both women within her, Renee pushed back and ground her hips against the shafts with a vigor that neither of her lovers could believe possible. Renee was like an animal in heat, sweat flowing from her exertions, her body shining in the room lights. Soon the three women were moving in frantic unison, their flesh quivering in a symphony of lust.


The audience was mesmerized by the tableau before them. Their TV idol was now a crazed lesbian fuck toy…and reveling in it! Two of the women slid to the edge of the mat to get a closer look. One reached out to touch Renee’s sweaty thigh, but Eloise batted her hand away, almost growling at the intruder.

Sharon’s face twisted into a grimace of lust. She reached up and seized Renee’s tits in her hands, squeezing them roughly. Renee snarled her delight, staring at the woman beneath her with feral pleasure.

“Bitch!” The actress puffed out, adding with a smile, “My bitch!”

Renee suddenly arched her back and raised her head, her body trembling uncontrollably. She howled her climax like a maddened wolf. The audience cheered, as Eloise joined Renee in orgasmic delight, her body shaking uncontrollably. Sharon sped up her thrusts, her orgasm washing over her like a tide. As she slowed down, she caught the exhausted Renee in her arms, cradling the sweaty actress gently. Eloise withdrew from the star’s rectum and fell back on the mat, her lungs gasping for breath.

A sudden flurry of motion caused Renee to look towards the audience. The six women were all standing in a line now, naked, their eyes filled with desire. Each wore a strap-on dildo. Some held tubes of KY jelly. Each held a raffle number in her hand and looked with undisguised lust towards the star.

Damn, Renee sighed inwardly with joy, I want them. Whether this is rape or not, whether I have the strength or not, I want all of them!

Renee moved off Sharon and turned about, crawling towards Eloise. The audience breathed a sigh of awe, as the actress seized the dildo that had moments before been plummeting her asshole and covered the tip with her lips. She began to deep throat the tool like a maddened animal. Eloise lay motionless, afraid that any movement might cause Renee to stop. The actress smiled at the woman, then took the dildo down her throat as far as possible. She could hear some of the women breathing more rapidly. Renee pulled the dildo from her mouth and crawled atop Eloise, sucking on her lover’s tits. Eloise whimpered at the star’s ministrations.

Renee looked up at her lover, gave Eloise one more kiss on the lips and rose to her feet, the sweat creating a glistening sheen on her luscious body. Her eyes, the lust glinting in them, played over the group, a mysterious smile on her lips. Finally, her gaze settled on the black woman, who stood closest to her, her anticipation naked on her face. Renee drew an inward breath of admiration at the woman’s unclothed beauty: Her large breasts, her long and shapely legs, her shaved pussy. The TV star then turned her attention, albeit reluctantly, back to the others, who were mesmerized by her sweat-covered body.

“Is this what you wanted?” She asked flatly, opening her arms wide.

The women’s expressions changed, becoming self-conscious, even guilty.

“Your favorite TV star, “The blonde accused sternly, “to be raped and gangbanged.”

“No! No! No!” the cries came forth from the women.

“You don’t understand,” The black woman interjected, “You weren’t brought here to give yourself to us. We brought you here to give ourselves to you!”

“When I said “We love you, Renee”,” Eloise added softly, “I meant just that.”

“Don’t you see?” One of the women said softly, stepping forward. It was a young girl, probably the youngest girl in the room. Renee couldn’t help but drink in her nubile flesh, her small pert breasts.

“We watched the Amazons on the show,” She continued, “And we wanted to be like them. A modern Amazon tribe…with you as our queen.”

“But this isn’t television, this is reality, uh…”

“Sandy…er, Sandra”.

“How old are you, Sandra,” Renee asked.

“22,” The girl stated, then softly adding, “Next month.”

“Sandra, what you are proposing is that we form a sort of lesbian sex club…. Based on a TV fantasy….”

“Yes,” Sandra smiled, “And you will be pleasured in every way.”

Renee’s mind reeled. Her eyes traveled over the naked gorgeous women before her, each holding their breath in anticipation for her to grant the one wish they all shared…to be her personal sex slaves. A group of beautiful lesbians wanting her to dominate them, to use them any way she pleased.

It was madness. If the news of this “tribe” ever went public, her career could be over, her family disgraced, her marriage shattered. Yet, looking at their eager willing bodies, remembering the savage sex she had just wallowed in, all concerns about career and family seemed to melt in the haze of the opportunities these women presented to her. Her reason had seemed to transfer from her brain to the hot wet area between her legs.

“We want you,” Sandra said in an almost pleading voice.

Renee looked from the group to Eloise, then to Sharon. The latter smiled seductively up at her.

“Some more than others,” She remarked slyly.

Renee returned her smile with one of her own, as the decision, the only choice she could make, became clear to her. She looked at the line of naked women with a gaze of triumph.

“I guess that means…. You belong to me. All of you.”

It wasn’t a question…it was a statement. The women looked at each other sheepishly, then back to Renee. The star could see that no one disputed her declaration. Some even smiled at the future it foretold. Renee’s smile widened.

She looked down at Eloise and commanded, “Pass out the punch. See everyone gets a glass…and make sure that door is bolted! If it gets too hot and heavy, we may have to spray perfume in the air to cover the…scents.”

Eloise exchanged a guilty look with Sharon, realizing that Renee had unraveled their secret of the punch. Sheepishly, she climbed to her feet and walked to the punch bowl. Sharon gave Renee one more glance of lustful admiration, then rose to her feet and followed Eloise.

Renee took a deep breath, gauging what strength she had left in her body. With a husky sigh, she turned and held out her hand to the black woman, a smile of lustful anticipation on her lips.

“What’s your name?”

“Charmaine”, The black woman smiled.

Renee stepped seductively to the woman, wrapped her arms around her nubile body and pulled her lips against hers, their breasts mashing against each other. Their tongues eagerly battled in their mouths. Renee could hear the other women gasp and moan in envy and delight. Renee pulled her mouth away, saliva dripping from their lips to drop on their chests.

Eloise stepped forwarded and handed a punch glass to Renee. The actress smiled, as she took a sip, then offered it to the Nubian beauty before her. Charmaine began to drink, but Renee placed a finger on the edge of the cup before she could completely drain it. Renee took the cup and offered it towards Sandra.

The young girl stepped forward and sipped from the cup. Renee pulled it back before she could finish the liquid. The actress slowly maneuvered the cup to the center of her back and let the last drops pour down her naked spine. They pooled slightly at the base of her back before traveling down between her buttocks.

Sandra began to lick the trail from the base of Renee’s neck, while Charmaine hungrily returned her mouth to the actress’ willing tongue. Renee could hear the other women begin to enjoy each other, as the drug took control, not that they needed the drug. As one woman walked by with a glass en route to her lover, Renee snatched it from her grasp. The actress poured a little on her breasts, before allowing the liquid to travel between her mounds down her stomach to her cunt. Renee smiled and gave the half-filled glass back to the woman she took it from. The naked beauty only smiled, her eyes glistening in anticipation for her turn with the TV star, before she continued on to her partner.

Charmaine’s began to lick the drops from Renee’s breasts eagerly, her hot breath playing across her flesh. Renee felt her entire body tingle at both Charmaine’s ministrations and Sandra’s tongue licking languidly at her spine. The latter had now dropped to her knees, her fingers caressing the globes of Renee’s ass, as she lapped the tiny puddle at the base of her spine. Charmaine’s mouth latched onto Renee’s right breast, the woman’s tongue beating a tattoo against her captured nipple. The Nubian’s hand gently moved down the blonde’s stomach, her finger reaching their goal. Renee twitched in delight, as Charmaine played with the hot wet folds of her pussy.

A variety of sounds in the room made Renee turn her head. The women, all gloriously naked, had paired off, some in threes. The actress couldn’t discern Eloise, but she spotted Sharon in a corner of the room. She was on all fours, her head lying on her elbows, her ass thrust upwards. A small, but buff Asian girl was feverishly ramming a large dildo into the prostrate woman’s cunt. Renee could see Sharon’s teeth gritted in passion. “More! More!” escaped in gasps from her throat, as she reveled in the woman’s assault.

As Charmaine’s finger at her cunt excited her more and more, Renee could feel Sandra’s fingers spread the cheeks of her ass apart. The young girl brought the tip of her tongue to the blonde’s rectum and began a slow, sensuous rim job. Renee began to buck slowly back, allowing at the same time for Charmaine to finger fuck her while enticing Sandra to probe deeper. Picking up the hint, Sandra began to plunge her tongue like a cock as deep as she could thrust it into the orifice. Renee shivered in delight at the twin assault.

She looked again at the women in the room and finally located Eloise. She was at the table, where a nubile girl lay naked with her legs spread, Eloise was pouring the punch from a glass into the woman’s pussy. Her lover would then contract her vagina muscles, causing the liquid to spew forth. Eloise lapped at the fountain eagerly, before trying to lick from its puddle within the woman’s pussy.

All around the soundproof, locked room, women were engaged in hot sex, Renee observed through hooded eyes.

And tonight…they’ll be all mine! I’ll fuck them all!

The anticipation of what was to come, mixed with the drink and the ministrations of the two lovers to her flesh, triggered a violent reaction in the actress. She could feel her body buck like an animal against what she knew was to be one of the largest orgasms she would ever experience. She grasped Charmaine’s shoulders tightly and let out a scream of primal ecstasy.

* * * * *

Millie knocked against the hotel room door for the fifth time. She was half tempted to call Hotel Security and request them open it with a passkey, when she heard some noises behind the door. A moment later a lock was unlatched and the door opened.

Renee was there, her short hair frazzled, a terrycloth robe wrapped around her body. The TV star yawned and stepped to one side, allowing her publicist to enter. The actress sat on the edge of the bed, wincing a bit as she did. Millie noticed it.

“Are you okay?” She inquired.

“Just a little sore,” Renee replied, “I was sitting too long last night.”

“Yes, where were you?” Millie asked, “I called until 2 in the morning.”

“Well, the dinner party went on until midnight,” Renee said with a wistful smile, “Then I had a…meeting with the two women in charge about future charity “events”. They have a room in the hotel. By the way, I’ll be coming back to the States next month for that TV Guide shoot. Make arrangements for me to have a layover here for two days, so I can visit the charity group again. I want to keep…on top of them.”

“You’re the boss!” Millie smiled,” You must have hit it off pretty well with them.”

“Changed my life,” Renee declared with a smile.

“Whatever,” Millie shrugged, passing the statement off as an exaggeration

She then noticed the queen-sized bed was rumpled on both sides.

“Were you alone last night?” Millie inquired.

“Yeah,” Renee replied, ” I just was restless.”

Millie shrugged, then said, “It’s 11 now. You have a panel at 1, and an autograph session at 4.”

“Okay,” Renee agreed, “I’ll get cleaned up.”

Millie nodded, but noticed that Renee wasn’t moving towards the closed bathroom door.

Millie patted Renee on the shoulder. For a moment, she thought she saw a strange glint in the actress’ eyes.

Withdrawing her hand, Millie headed for the door, “I’ll be back at 12:30 to escort you down to the panel.”

As she stepped past Renee, the actress asked, “Why were you calling me last night?”

Millie’s face lit up with realization.

“I almost forgot!” She exclaimed, “Lucy Lawless phoned from New Zealand. She’s got an overnight layover in town and wanted to get together for dinner. She’s alone and on her way to New York for one of those men’s magazines to do another photo shoot.”

“She’ll be here tonight?” Renee asked, her eyes glowing brightly.

“I think she’ll be in from the airport about 6:30,” Millie stated.

“Good,” The blonde replied thoughtfully, ” I mean…She and I can have dinner tonight.”

“I’ll let her know, but count me out, The publicist stated, “Too much work piling up.”

” I guess it’ll be just dinner for two.”

Millie thought that she could see that glint shine again in Renee’s eyes at that last statement, but shrugged and left the room. The moment the door closed, The bathroom door opened a crack.

“It’s okay,” Renee said softly.

Sandra walked warily in. Like Renee, she was wearing only a robe. She stepped to Renee, who touched her arm.

“Shall we take a shower, My Queen?”

Renee smiled and stood up. She slowly tugged the girl’s robe from her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor at her small feet.

“Not yet,” The actress smiled.

Renee turned around. She could feel Sandra’s nimble fingers pull lightly at the material on the actress’ shoulders, tugging the robe from her body. Naked, Renee removed the phone from the nightstand and placed it on the bed. She tensed a bit at the touch of the girl’s fingers on her shoulder blades, the touch of her lips on her flesh. Stretching sensuously, the actress lay on her stomach upon the bed. As she did, she picked up the hotel phone and asked for a room number.

Renee’s flesh began to tingle as she could feel Sandra licking her feet, her tongue caressing her calves.

Moments later, she heard Sharon’s voice on the phone. Renee had to control herself from moaning into the receiver.

“Sharon? Renee. Yes, I can’t stop thinking about you either… or the others. God, what a night! I don’t think my asshole will ever be the same. Now, listen…. Lucy Lawless is coming to town this evening. She and I are going to have dinner together. No, we’re aren’t getting together with the tribe. I don’t think she’s ready for that! This is something I have to handle alone.”

Renee quivered, as her lover’s mouth played on her inner thighs. She could feel her hot breath approaching her pussy.

” I need the punch,” Renee continued, barely keeping herself in check, ” I know Lucy has always had a thing for me. I’m going to invite her back to my room for a drink…and let nature take it course. I’m going to be back to my room by 5 to get ready to meet her. I want you to meet me here with a thermos of the punch. Put it in a ice bucket.”

Renee covered the receiver with her free hand, as she let out a breath of lust. Sandra’s tongue moved across her butt cheeks before settling into the valley between them. Renee tensed her butt cheeks, as she felt Sandra’s tongue push against her anus.

“What?” She nearly gasped into the phone, “Yes, I’ll be taking a shower before dinner. Yes, I may need my back scrubbed. You’ll have to earn it. I want you to bring a couple of other things with the punch: A strap on, a tube of lube, and a vibrator. Oh, and anal beads! No…those are for Lucy. You bring your own strap on, if you want to play.”

With a laugh, she hung up, then her body shivered, as she felt Sandra’s finger probe into her asshole. Renee moved her buttocks back to meet the invader.

“Yes,” She moaned, “Deeper. Deeper!”

Sandra obeyed, and the pair started to move in a slow rhythm.

“Damn, you’re a good bitch,” Renee hissed.

Sandra responded by increasing the tempo of the thrusts. Renee met her energy with equal force.

I am going to enjoy my little “tribe”! Renee reflected as she bucked her hips against her lover, and, with any luck, tonight the punch will open Lucy up to my new…lifestyle. I know Lucy’s wanted me all these years. She always insisted on the subtext, the lesbian overtones of the characters. She loved playing our love scenes. I could see in her eyes when she looked at me that she wished it were all real, that we were together.

Renee groaned, as the girl’s tongue joined her finger and swirled around the actress’ anus.

Well, I’m a dominant lesbian bitch now! She smiled to herself, and Lucy’s going to love me just that way. By tomorrow morning, she’ll be in this bed with me, eating my pussy!

Renee sighed, as she rolled onto her back. Sandra withdrew her finger and gazed at the golden curled treasure before her. Under Renee’s lidded gaze, Sandra lowered her mouth on the actress’ clit.

I love fans, she thought, as her orgasm began to ripple through her flesh.

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