The Professor Takes Sarah Michelle Gellar

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Now on to the story………

The Professor takes SMG
by KynnSA

I must warn you that the first part is mostly background and other
info to set up this story and hopefully many others. If I have to
stop when it is just getting going forgive me, but I can only write
when time permits.

David Jenkins was a scientific genus. He excelled in every area of
science from physics to biochemistry to genetics. He experimented in
every area that he could and was always searching for new
discoveries that would make him even more successful and rich. It
was through this quest that he made the greatest discovery of his
life and one that would change not only his life, but also history
books as they
pertained to the 20-century.

To cut to the chase (and not waste time with anymore background than
we really need) Dr. Jenkins discovered that when someone’s image was
captured on videotape or film a small portion of that person was
also taken and transferred. A microscopic blueprint of that person
to that point in their lives would always survive as long as the
tape survived.

Now, this discovery in its self would be important as is, but Dr.
Jenkins went one step farther. He developed a device that was able
to extract that blueprint and make a copy of that person from any
matter readily available! Yes, Jenkins could take a film of Hitler
and make him come to life just as he had been when the film was
made. This was the discovery of a lifetime! The only draw back was
that the
transformation only lasted for 24 hours. After that, the person
broke down and reverted back to the matter they were formed from.

Jenkins honed his process, patented it, and then sold it to the
highest bidder for an ungodly amount of money. He did not really
care in what way anyone else used his invention, for he was now rich
and was going to use this great discovery to make his darkest and
intimate fantasies come true!
Dr. Jenkins was going have any actress or woman he wanted with no
fear of reprisal or penalty.

There was no doubt in the good doctor’s mind where he was going to
start his trail of domination. It would be with the young lady who
filled many a man’s wet dreams. That person was Sarah Michelle
Gellar and he knew just at what point in her career he was going to
claim her.

He went to his expansive collection of dvd videos and chose the
Lizard Boy episode from season 2. This episode contained one of his
favorite moments in the shows run. During the show, Buffy is
drugged and then chained to a wall. This is the point from which he
would pull Gellar from the show and have some fun!

Jenkins put the disk in his computer and scanned to the point he
wanted. He then initiated the program that would extract the young
beauty to his lair.

Before his eyes materialized the beautiful Gellar, only this time
her chains were replaced by his special bonding cables that were
super strong and unbreakable. In addition, two more of the cables
attached to her trim ankles.

“What the hell…” Sarah mumbled as she found the studio replaced by a
strange room. She looked quickly around and saw a strange man, but
little else.

“Who are you!” she demanded. “And where is everyone else?!”

“Ahhhhhh, my dear. It is good to see you are as strong willed as I
have heard,” he stated. “It should make our time together that much
more enjoyable, for me that is.” He finished with a wicked grin.

Very confused, but confident Gellar states, “I don’t care who you
are, but if you don’t let me go you are in a lot of trouble! Some
very important people will be looking for me very soon!”

Jenkins walks up and takes her chin in his hand, “You don’t know how
wrong you are Sarah, for all your friends know you have never left,”
he says with a confidence that makes her heart skip a beat. He then
runs his hand down her side and behind her to give her ass a playful

“Stop it you asshole!” she yells with a slight quiver in her voice.

“Stop it? Hell babe, we haven’t even started!” he laughs.

Jenkins then pushes a button on the keyboard that draws the lines on
limbs tight. The ones holding her legs then draw upward and out
pulling them into a painful split position.

Pain screams through Sarah legs and shoulders as they strain to take
the weight of her body in way that they were not meant to. True,
she is very limber due to the action on her show, but it still feels
like she is going to split in half.

DOWN!” she screams. Tears start rolling down her soft cheeks.

“Oh I know you will do anything I want, but I kind of like you where
you are. Makes certain places very accessible, if you know what I

With that statement he produces a pair of scissors and cut the two
thin straps holding up her dress. It drops down to show her two
perky breasts, very firm and just the right size. He reaches
forward and strokes the silky flesh, making sure to pinch each
nipple to hardness for his latter plan.

Sarah is in shock. Not only is she in the worst pain of her life,
but now the freak is undressing her. She can do nothing but sob and
wait for what is next.

What Jenkins does next is cut the dress down the middle and pull it
from her body. He steps back and enjoys the view. There she is,
the hot and sexy Sarah Michelle Gellar hanging there with legs
spread wide in nothing but her shoes, panties, and panty hose.

He walks back to her and starting at her ankles runs his hands up
her firm legs. Up past the knees and over her firm thighs to her

“Please…” she whines, “just let me go. Don’t do this.”

He reaches up and grabs her by the back of her hair and looks her in
the eye, “You have no idea what is going to happen!”

He than reaches down and rips the pantyhose apart at her waist. He
pulls them down her legs leaving her only with her black lacy
panties as protection.

As more tears stream from her eyes, he grabs each side of the
waistband at pulls up sharply.

Gellar screams as the material digs into her pussy and her whole
body is lifted. The pain of having it supported by that strip of
cloth is some how worse than what she just felt. It doesn’t stop
until the material snaps and her body falls back into its original

“Just can’t get good material these days, huh?” he states as he
looks down at her revealed pussy.

It is neatly shaven with a small black triangle above the slit and a
few hairs left along the edge. He reaches down and rubs it gently,
basking in its warm softness.

“Looks like you missed a spot down here,” he tells her. “Guess I’ll
have to clean it up for you.”

Sarah raises her head wondering what he could mean. It becomes all
too clear when he pulls his hand up holding a small candle lighter.

“Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screams as he clicks
the flame to life.

“You can’t do that! I will die! Please no no no!”

Smiling, but not saying a word, he lifts the flame to just below her
breasts, drawing even more screams. He slowly runs the flame under
her breasts, slow enough to burn, but fast enough not to do any
serious damage.

Her screams grow louder as her runs the flame over each nipple
several times. Her body quivers with the pain.

He then runs the flame slowly down her stomach and she screams
become almost deafening.
“No not there! You can’t! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

He draws the flame past her belly button and down the first hairs of
her pussy. Slowly he draws the flame back and forth across the hair
melting it away. The air fills with the smell of burnt hair as he
works his way down and over her pussy until every hair is gone.

Sarah’s voice is almost gone. She cannot believe the pain! It
feels as if she is burning up!

Jenkins stops when all of the hair is gone. Her pussy is now
hairless, smooth, and red like sunburn. He reaches down and rubs
it, feeling the heat warming his hand. Her screams have stopped and
she is quietly sobbing now. Little does she know what he still has

The end of part one.

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