The Seduction Of Anna Paquin Part V [REVISED]

The Seduction of Anna Paquin Part V

By Robbins(

Rating:NC-17(MFF,and FDomination)

Note:Halle Berry Is under Control now,and Is

pleasing Chris,and Anna Paquin.


Chris,and Anna Paquin woke up on top of Halle Berry.

“Morning” he says. Chris,and Anna kiss.


Chris,and Anna are sitting on the couch. They are kissing very passionately.

Halle comes In dressed In a french maid’s outfit. Chris,and
Anna withdraw.

Halle kneels before Anna with a plate of food. Chris begins to rub Anna’s

shoulders. Halle begins to feed Anna. Chris continues to rub Anna’s shoulders

as Halle Is feeding Anna.


Chris,and Anna sit on the bed. Halle begins to undress for them.

Chris,and Anna smile.


Chris stands up as Anna removes her clothes. He removes his clothes as

Anna lays on the bed,and Halle walks up to the bed. Anna spreads her legs.

Halle puts her face Into Anna’s cunt,and begins to lick Anna’s pussy. Anna


Chris goes up to Halle as she Is licking Anna out. He puts her arms on her

waist. He thinks many guys would like to do this.

Chris sticks her dick Into Halle,and begins to fuck her In the ass as she Is

continuing to lick Anna out.


Chris now has her face Into Anna’s cunt. He Is licking her pussy.

Halle sits on Anna’s stomach with her legs spread. Anna has her face In Halle’s

cunt,and Is licking out her pussy.


Halle now lays on the bed. Chris has his face Into her cunt. He Is sucking her

pussy. Anna sits on Halle above Chris’ face with her legs spread. Halle has her

face In Anna’s pussy as Chris continues to suck her pussy. Halle Is licking

Anna’s pussy out. Anna enjoys It.

“Oh Halle! You have such a good tongue! You are so good!” Anna moans as

Halle continues licking.


Chris sits on a chair. Halle Is tied to the bed nude. Anna Is dressed In Black

Leather. Anna rubs her hand across Halle’s breasts. Anna squeezes her tits

hard. Chris smiles.

Anna takes a riding crop,and hits Halle with It. He enjoys this.

Anna continues to hit Halle with the Riding Crop. Chris thinks we can get other

X-men actresses In on this as Anna continues.

To Be Continued

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