The Story of Dan Everett- Ariana Grande

Title: The Story of Dan Everett- Ariana Grande

Author: Cy

Celebs: Ariana Grande

Codes: anal, blowjob, MF, oral, rape

Disclaimer: Be aware that this story is for adults only and should not be construed as a true story in any way. It is pure fantasy and for non-commercial use only.

“I love you guys! Have a good night” yelled Ariana Grande as she concludes her concert and go backstage.

“Drink Now!” yell Ariana as she sits down on a chair relaxing after a long performance.  A backstage assistant quickly delivers a cup to the celebrity.  Ariana takes a sip of it then spits it out and spills it onto the assistant.

“Is this fucking Tea? What do you take me as?” asked Ariana in a bitter tone.  The assistant hesitated not knowing what to do or how to answer.  “Answer me lowlife!” yelled Ariana.

“Ummm – ahh. I’m sorry Ms. Grande. What would you like instead?” asked the nervous assistant.

“For you to get the fuck out. But clean this mess up first”

The assistant scrambled and went to look for a mop.  The rest of the crew just went on as this is normal behavior.  It isn’t a secret that Ariana Grande is a diva and a nightmare to work with.

“Someone bring me some wine in my dressing room.” Ariana Grande stands up and goes to her dressing room.

Ariana Grande settles into her room and checks her phone when she hears a knock.  Before Ariana Grande can answer an average looking man walks in.

“I never said you can come in.  Who are you? I don’t recognize you” asked Ariana as she stands up defensive.  The stranger walks up to the singer and he grabbed her ass around her and began to grope and caress her.  For some reason Ariana Grande could not reject him or run away.

“My name is Dan Everett.  Let’s just say I am a visitor” said Dan as he takes his other hand and grope her small breast.  A chill is sent through Ariana spine and suddenly Ariana is accepting the groping and sexual assault as normal.

“Ok Everett.  Where is my wine?” asked Ariana as she is being groped.

“Wine? Well I have something better to put in your mouth” said Everett as he puts his hands-on Ariana shoulder and push her down to her knees.  Ariana could not resist, and she willingly go to her knees.

“What are you talking about?” asked Ariana Grande looking up at Dan Everett from her knees.

“I am talking about this.” said Dan Everett as he unbuckles his pants and drop them down to reveal a bulky 10 in dick with massive balls attached.  Ariana Grande screams in shock at the sight of the big dick.

“Shut up slut.” snapped Everett as he takes his dick and slams it into Ariana’s mouth.  It reaches to the back of her throat.  Ariana tries to scream but ends up gagging instead.

Ariana Grande tries to pull away, but Everett has his hands on the back of her head keeping her in place.

Suddenly the door opens, and her manager comes in. “Grande! I have some great news for you.  I got you a movie de-” the manager stops as he witnesses the events before him.  Ariana Grande on her knees with an average guy’s dick deep in her mouth.  The Singer is struggling and trying to get away to breathe.

“Who the hell are you?” ask the manager.

“Just the guy passing through” answered Everett as he finally let Ariana go and allow her to breathe.

“Fine.  Ariana! Hurry up and finish the guy so we can discuss business.” said the manager.  Before Ariana Grande can respond Everett grabbed her hair and shoved his dick back into her mouth,

“Don’t worry.  This slut will be done soon.” said Dan Everett as he began to thrust and fuck Ariana’s mouth.

“Thank you. Make sure you give it to her good.  The cunt needs a good fucking.” said the manager.

Dan Everett chuckles and nods before the manager leaves. He continues to thrust faster into Ariana Grande’s mouth for a few minutes before he let go off her and allow her to breathe.

Ariana Grande attempts to catch her breathe.  She then manages to say “Y-you can’t do this!”.

Dan Everett laughs “Why can’t I?”.  Ariana is puzzled that she can’t find respond and Everett just continue to laugh more as he grabs Ariana Grande and throws her onto the couch.

“Take your clothes off cunt.” commanded Dan.  Ariana Grande tried say no but she couldn’t.  Instead she obeyed and took of the dress she wore during her concert.  Once she was naked Dan walked up to her and flipped her in doggy facing the wall.

“Please don’t do it so hard” asked Ariana.  In response Dan Everett thrust his massive dick into her pussy as hard as could causing Ariana to scream loud.

“I’m sorry what did you say?” ask Dan.  Ariana moans and says, “Please don’t do it so – AHHH”. Before she could finish Dan began pound her hard.

While fucking the celebrity Dan cup his hear and ask again “I must have a hearing problem. What did you say?”.  Ariana tries to respond but Dan just thrust even further causing her to scream and moan.

Dan smirks and continues to pound and tear her pussy apart.  He grabs Ariana’s hair and shove her head face-first into a cushion as fucks the famous singer.


“Come in” said Dan as he pounds Ariana. The assistant from earlier come in with red wine in his hands.  He is shocked at the scene before him.  The woman abusive to him earlier is being viciously fucked by some guy.

“Ahh thank you.” said Dan as he grabs the wine from the assistant.  “Ariana the wine has arrived.”.  Ariana just continues to scream as her insides are being turned inside and out.

The assistant leaves the room while shaking his head. “Don’t know why I was so afraid of her.  She is just whore.”.

Dan Everett takes the top off the wine bottle and takes a sip of the wine. “Here why don’t you have some.”  He then began to pour all the wine on top of Ariana’s head while he continues to pound her pussy.

Ariana moans and screams as she tries to cover he face as the wine covers her head.  Everett finally takes his dick out of her and began to jerk his dick.

“This should go perfectly with the wine.” said Dan Everett as massive amounts of cum erupt from his dick and land on Ariana Grande’s body.  A minute later and Ariana Grande’s body is covered in come from head to toe.

The celebrity has passed out from her face being drowned in cum and her limp body falls from the couch to the floor.  Dan Everett makes sure she is breathing before he smirks and takes pictures of the used slut and upload it to the internet.

Dan gets dressed and leaves Ariana Grande’s room.  As he gets out he notices a crowd of the stage crew huddle at the door.  Dan smirks and said” The bitch is all yours.  All you have to do is wake her up.”.  Dan walks off as the stage crew enter the room and Dan smiles at himself as he can hear Ariana screaming.

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