The Widow & The Witch

The Widow & The Witch

by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, cons, rom
Celebs: Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Sometime before filming started on Avengers 2, Scarlett became acquainted with one of her co-stars, Elizabeth.  Over the weeks leading up, the two often talked on the phone or IM, and became fast friends.

If asked about her, Scarlett would describe Elizabeth as ‘cute’.  Finally, the day came when the two shot their first scene together, and Scarlett got her first look at Elizabeth as Scarlet Witch.  The set was noisy, as the crew were setting up, so nobody heard Scarlett blurt out, “Holy shit!”

A few days later, the two were sitting in an unused part of the set, talking.  Scarlett, however, was a little distracted, looking Elizabeth up and down as she talked.

“So, I guess I’m gonna be in the next Captain America.”


“The next Captain America.  I’m in it.”

“Oh, yeah.  I was in the last one.”

“Yeah.” Quickly figuring out what the deal was, Elizabeth decided now was the time to tell Scarlett. “You know, you probably didn’t think anyone saw this, but…”

“What?” Scarlett suddenly dreaded what Elizabeth was about to say.

“That day when you first saw me in this outfit, you had this…odd look on your face, and then you mouthed something, I couldn’t quite tell what it was.”

“I actually said it out loud, but nobody could hear.  It, uh, was ‘Holy shit’.”

“Okay, that makes sense.” Elizabeth was silent for a moment, then, “For the last few days, I couldn’t figure out what the look meant, but, I think I just worked it out.”


“Yeah.  You know, there were a few reasons I wanted to be in this, but one of the main ones was, well…”

“Oh.  Oh!”


The two sat in silence for a moment, then Scarlett put her hand on Elizabeth’s knee. “I’ve been wanting to do that for days.”

“That’s all you wanted to do?”

Scarlett sighed. “No.” The two turned to face each other, then leaned in and kissed.

They continued to kiss until they heard someone yell, “Everybody on set!”

Getting up to leave, Scarlett asked, “Can you meet me in my room after we finish?”

“Oh!” Elizabeth grinned, then giggled, “Okay!”

“And wear that,” Scarlett smirked.

Elizabeth now out-and-out laughed. “If you wear that, it’s a deal!” They shared a quick kiss, then returned to set.

That night, Elizabeth, dressed as Scarlet Witch, knocked on Scarlett’s door.  The door opened, and there Scarlett stood, dressed as Black Widow.  Elizabeth again giggled.  Smirking, Scarlett did the come-hither finger, and said with a slight moan, “Mmm, come here, baby.”  Elizabeth came in, and Scarlett wrapped her arms around her, and they locked lips.  After a moment, Scarlett stopped, and whispered, “Get on the bed.”

Elizabeth walked over to the bed, taking off her jacket, and then her dress, on the way, and sat on the bed, whereupon she started to take off her boots and long socks.  Once they were off, and she had laid down, Scarlett stood at the foot of the bed, and unzipped the front of her cat-suit, then pulled it open, revealing her bare breasts.  Elizabeth licked her lips at Scarlett, as she then pulled the outfit all the way off, and stood there naked, except for a pair of black panties.

Scarlett then crawled onto the bed, until she was on top of Elizabeth, and the two shared a long, sultry tongue-kiss.  Breathing hard, Scarlett moved down, and buried her face in Elizabeth’s cleavage. “Hmmm…” Elizabeth moaned, as Scarlett squeezed her breasts through her red bra.  Her chest heaving, Elizabeth reached under her, and unhooked her bra, then lowered the straps, pulled it off, and tossed it aside.  Scarlett continued squeezing her breasts, and started to lick and suck on her nipples.

Then, Scarlett kissed down Elizabeth’s stomach, until she arrived at her red panties, which Scarlett could already smell were soaking wet.  Breathing in Elizabeth’s pussy smell, Scarlett moved aside the crotch of her panties, and buried her tongue inside Elizabeth’s juicy slit. “Oh, God…” Elizabeth whispered, her brow furrowing, and starting to feel herself up, as she felt Scarlett’s snake-like tongue probe her cunt.

Scarlett continued to eat Elizabeth out, until she came, grimacing, and letting out a hoarse yelp. “Okay,” Elizabeth gasped, catching her breath, “your turn.” Elizabeth sat up, grabbed Scarlett, who was now sitting up, by her arms, and threw her back down on the bed, both of them giggling.

Elizabeth groped and suckled Scarlett’s tits, causing her to moan, before moving down, kissing down Scarlett’s stomach, to her panties.  Elizabeth pulled the crotch of Scarlett’s panties aside, then started to lick the outside of her clammy twat. “Oh, fuck…” Scarlett sighed, as Elizabeth licked up her copious pussy-juices, then held open her lips, and started to lick and suck on her clit. “Oh, God…” Scarlett moaned, “Oh, God!” getting slightly louder with each iteration.  Suddenly, Scarlett’s whole body jerked as she came.

Elizabeth came back up, and her and Scarlett locked lips, practically sucking the air out of each other.  She then lay her head on Scarlett’s chest, and listened to her heart beat.

“Would it be awkward if I said I love you?” Elizabeth asked.

“No,” Scarlett smiled, “Of course not.”

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