Tina And The Taxi Driver

Tina and the taxi driver

The taxi driver tapped his steering wheel impatiently

and looked over

at the neat suburban house he was parked outside of.

“Fucking bitch!” he muttered to himself “what the hell

is she playing at?”

He was the regular driver of Coronation Street star

Tina O’Brien

and he was getting mighty tired of being made to wait

every morning then getting

the blame when they arrived late at Granada Studios

for filming.

Tina finally came running out of the house and jumped

into the car.

“Drive, I’m late as it is” she snapped and

thumbing through a script she’d been clutching.

The driver scowled and started the car, in all the

time he’d been her driver

she’d never once said good morning, never made small

talk, the little bitch probably

didn’t even know his name.

He resolved to make this the day he’d teach her one or

two things.

“Where are you going? Granada’s that way.”

Tina said looking up as the driver sped down an

unfamiliar sidestreet.

“It’s a shortcut, relax.” the driver replied.

Tina nodded and returned to her reading.

The driver grinned and looked at his passenger through

the mirror.

As much as he hated her attitude he had to admit she

was hot, she dressed much

more daringly than her character Sarah Lou probably

because she was several years older.

Today she wore a tight strappy top that clung to her

small firm breasts

and a skirt short enough to ride up over her thin but

shapely legs and

give a tantalising glimpse of the white cotton panties


Despite the early hour Tina was wearing make up and

had her neatly styled,

only serving to make her look even more desirable.

The driver, increasingly twisted in recent months by

Tina’s mix of innocence and provocation,

decided she was gagging for it and turned off the

motorway then sped towards a piece of

deserted wasteland he had come to know well.

Tina looked up again and started to become worried.

“Are you sure you know where we’re going?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure alright.” The driver replied.

“But this is nowhere near Granada, I mean we’re on our

way out of Manchester aren’t we?”

The driver turned and smiled at Tina who suddenly

realised all was not well.

“What’s going on?” she stammered “What are you doing?”

“You’re going to give work a miss today and do what I

want instead.” he said coolly.

Tina looked horrified, she’d never liked the look of

this fat,bald, sweaty middle aged man

who seemed to leer at her every time she got into the

car and now he had her all alone with

no means of escape.

“I don’t know what this is but you’d better let me

go.” she said angrily.

“Shut the fuck up slut.” he replied.

Tina, now terrified, reached for the door beside her

only to find it was locked fast.

“There’s no escape Tina.” the driver said “You’re all

mine today.”

The car came to a stop at the specially selected piece

of wasteland.

“You’re not gonna get away with this.” Tina said

angrily “People will wonder where I am.”

“We’ll soon sort that.” the driver replied.

He picked up his mobile phone and speed dialed Granada

“Hi this is Mr O’Brien, Tina’s dad. Sorry but she

can’t make it…”

Tina lunged at him but before she could scream he

grabbed her by the throat and glared menacingly.

Tina quietened down, Tina sank back knowing it was

hopeless and she was in big trouble.

“….She can’t make it in. Yeah, well we’ll have to

see about tomorrow

I’ve got a feeling she won’t be too good then either.”

The driver smiled and switched off the phone, Tina

kicked herself that in the rush to leave

that morning she’d forgotten her own phone.

“Please.” she said tearfully

“I don’t know what I’ve done to upset you but please

don’t hurt me.”

“Too late for apologies, you’ve treated me like shit

once too often

and now you’re going to pay you little cocktease.” the

driver snarled “Get out.”

Tina dared not defie him and slowly climbed out of the


she looked around and her worst fears were confirmed

as she

saw they were in the middle of a desserted piece of


surrounded by woodland and miles from anywhere.

She suddenly decided to make a dash for it and

sprinted away from the car,

but the driver who was half expecting this raced after

her and quickly caught

up pushing her petite frame on to the ground.

Tina sobbed and screamed as he picked her up and

carried back to the car.

“Oh no, oh please god no!” she wailed, the driver

ignored her and ordered her to stand.

Tina, still crying, obeyed. The driver, almost a foot

taller than her, stared down at

his young captive and smiled.

He began to stroke her long, brown hair then ran a

hand over small,

firm breasts as Tina tried to supress gasps of disgust

and arousal.

“It won’t be so bad, just do as I tell you.” he


Tina scowled as she smelt his bad breath and felt his

stubbled cheek

brushing against her soft skin.

The driver moved a hand down between her legs as Tina

let out a

frightened yelp and began to rub her crotch.

“I’m gonna treat you like shit, see how you like it

bitch.” he snarled.

Inspite of her disgust, Tina couldn’t hide her arousal

and began to let

out supressed moans as he rubbed her pussy.

“Oh yeah you want it don’t you?” he taunted “I knew

you would slut.”

He suddenly ripped off Tina’s top and skirt and threw

them away.

Tina was left sobbing and shivering in the cold winter

morning in

just her matching bra and panties.

The driver smiled as he surveyed her thin but

beautifally formed young body,

he stroked her erect nipples and grinned wickedly.

“You’re turned on already, what a slut.” he said.

Tina sobbed tears of fear and humiliation knowing she

was totally as this psycopaths mercy.

She looked on in horror as he began to unbuckle his

trousers and let them fall to his ankles,

his big erect cock burst out of the boxer shorts


“Ever tasted cock Tina?” he asked.

Tina remained silent and sullen. He grabbed her by the


“Answer me slut, honestly.”

“I gave my last boyfriend a handjob, it was the first

time ever.” she mumbled.

“A virgin? That makes it even better.” he said and

pushed her head down between his legs.

“Suck it until I tell you to stop bitch.” he


Tina stared at the big, smelly organ for a moment in

disgust then miserabley slipped

it between her ruby red lips and into her mouth.

It tasted and smelt foul, she could hardly believe she

was giving her first blow job

to a disgusting old man but knew she had no choice.

Tina looked up fearfully, she knew the worst was yet

to come.

Tina wretched as she swallowed down the drivers

sickeningly sweet come.

She felt a mix of disgust and terror that she might

choke on the seemingly

endless stream of semen trickling down her throat.

“That’s it swallow it all down, you’re gonna need all

the calories in that stuff slut!”

the driver said between gasps of satisfaction.

Finally, when he was becoming worried that Tina might

pass out from lack of oxygen,

the driver pulled her away from his cock and pushed

her to the ground.

Tina lay flat out sobbing, her mouth still full of the

foul liquid.

Just then barking was heard in the distance.

The driver, scooped up the painfully weak Tina and

pushed her into the car.

Tina looked out of the car window hopefully as a big

alsation came bounding across the wasteland.

She suddenly mustered the energy and courage to begin

banging on the window and screaming loudly.

The driver looked around nervously as the dog milled

around in front of him sniffing the dirt

on the ground.

He smiled as he noticed the dog was collarless and

very smelly,

there was no danger of a human stumbling on the scene.

He turned to Tina, who was still banging on the car

window and smiled wickedly.

“Hard luck whore, it’s a fucking stray.”

Tina’s shouting subsided and she resumed her desperate

sobbing as hope faded again.

The driver looked at the dog for a moment then ordered

Tina back out of the car,

she immediately complied and stood awaiting her next

ordeal with terror.

“I’ve got a bit of a proposition for you Tina.” the

driver began.

“I don’t suppose you want my cock inside of you, do


Tina shook her head and sobbed quietly.

“Well there’s a way out.” the driver said.

“What?” Tina asked “I’ll do anything, if you just

don’t rape me.”

The driver smirked and looked down at the dog.

“How about letting our canine friend hear fuck you?”

Tina looked horrified.

“Oh god please no, you can’t make me.” she pleaded.

“It’s the dog or me, your call Tina.” the driver


Tina considered for a moment, sex with a dog disgusted

her just as much

as being forced by that smelly old man but at least

she wouldn’t get

pregnant from the dog and maybe if she just got it

over with this terrible

day would come to an end.

“The dog, I choose the dog.” Tina said sullenly.

“I can’t say I’m not a little hurt but have it your

way.” the driver said grinning.

He began to stroke and pat the dog whilst ordering

Tina to lay flat

on her back on the bonnet of the car and take off her

panties, Tina miserabley complied.

She scowled as he ordered her to spread her legs wide


exposing the pink folds of her tight, virgin twat.

Tina, feeling utterly humiliated and horrified at what

lay ahead,

slipped two fingers into her opening and began to

masturbate herself on his orders.

She closed her eyes for a moment then immediately

opened them as the driver

unhooked her bra and threw it aside, a totally naked

and very vulnerable

Tina stared back at him blinking back tears as he

slipped a thick finger

between her pussy lips and withdrew it covered in her

sweet smelling vaginal fluid.

Tina scowled at him as he pressed the finger against

the dogs nose

and it imediately picked up on her scent.

“Go on boy!” the driver encouraged, he began to wank


as the dog pounced on an hysterical Tina and slipped

it’s big

bulging organ into her tight, previously utouched


She felt nauseous as the panting dog drooled all over

her face

and rammed it’s cock further and further into her, she

had no choice

but to tighten her pussy lips and start to head

towards a reluctant climax.

She prayed that this latest humiliation would be the

end of her ordeal.

The driver roared with laughter as Tina began to moan

and squeal,

the dogs penetration of her pussy continued as

relentlessly as

her sobs of humiliation and pain, she shot the driver

a furious scowl

as the dog shot another load inside of her and she

reached yet another climax.

“You bastard!” she screamed “How can you do this to

me, you inhuman fucker!”

The driver smiled calmly back and walked towards her.

“Y’know I was going to leave it at that, I mean my

company will be wondering

where I am, but after that little outburst I can see

you haven’t learnt a

fucking thing bitch.”

He called the dog off and Tina screamed in pain as

it’s bulging organ slid

out of her tight opening.

“Turn over.” The driver told Tina.

“What are you gonna do?” Tina asked rubbing her

throbbing clit.

“Just fucking do it, or you’ll find out what a bastard

I really can be.”

the driver said menacingly.

Tina knew he was serious and immediately bent over the


Her perfect little arse stared at the panting dog,

Tina pinky anus sitting tantalisingly between her firm


She trembled as the driver stuck a finger up her

sweaty anus

and then withdrew he waggled it under the dogs nose

and the

aroused animal quickly picked up on the scent mounting


and sliding it’s still erect organ into her other


“Oh god, oh fucking hell no…”

Tina wailed as the dog began to bang her like some

bitch it

had come across on the street.

Tina wailed in agony but couldn’t hide her ecstacy


despite her best efforts she couldn’t resist moaning

with delight

as the animal pushed through the soft folds of her


“That’s it Tina, take it good and hard, this is what

you are no better than a fucking animal.”

“Fuck off!” Tina screamed.

The driver laughed.

“That’s a dirty mouth you’ve got Tina, it needs

washing out.” he said.

When the dog had shot another load inside Tina, the

driver grabbed her

and pushed her face towards the dogs pulsating


“No please god no.” a hysterical Tina begged.

“Fucking do it, you’re starting to piss me off!” the

driver shouted.

Tina knew it was a bad idea to antagonise this clearly

very unstable man

and miserabley took the dogs organ into her mouth,

wretching as she got

a mouthful of it’s smelly, foul tasting liquid.

“Swallow down everything it gives you or else…”

The driver said watching with a smile on his face.

Tina continued to suck as the panting dog shot yet

more of the disgusting liquid into her mouth.

She consoled herself that the driver would surely have

humiliated her enough after this.

“That’ll do.” the driver said presently and Tina slid

the sticky organ from between

her come covered lips.

The driver grinned wickedly as she licked them unable

to bare the liquid remaining on her lips.

“Now you’ve got a stomachful, it’s time for the main

event.” the driver said.

Tina stared back worriedly.

“What? But I thought you were going to let me go.”

Tina said tearfully.

“You must be fucking joking, I haven’t had enough fun


“Oh but please, look I’ll make you a deal….” Tina


The driver angrily grabbed her hair and she froze with


“You’re in no position to be bartering with me you

cheeky little bitch.” the driver sneered

“You’ll do whatever I Say, whenever the fuck I say


Tina nodded, she knew her ordeal was far from over.

Tina backed away full of terror as the driver advanced

on her unbuckling his trousers

and shirt before discarding them.

She stopped as she bumped into the bonnet of the car

and watched in silent disgust

as he stripped naked, he had a flabby body covered in

hair but his cock was big

and looked like it could do her serious damage, she

prayed he would show mercy

but knew in her heart he wouldn’t.

“Time to give you what you’ve needed for ages.” the

driver said.

He pushed her flat on her back and spread her legs.

“Please no!” Tina suddenly blurted out

“Please don’t take my virginity, I promise I won’t

tell a soul about this

just let me go and make a run for it and that’ll be

it, I promise.”

The driver grinned and shook his head.

“The trouble is Tina, this lovely virgin pussy of

yours is too tempting,

I’ll gladly do time if it means I get at least one

chance to fuck you senseless.”

Tears began to trickle down Tina’s cheeks, she knew it

was hopeless and prepared

for her final humiliation.

She howled with the pain of entry as his big, manly

cock slid inside her tight,

inexperienced twat pushing the folds aside and causing

Tina pain she never knew was possible.

The driver got even more turned on by her howls of

pain and began to jab his ever

more erect cock in and out of her in pursuit of Tina’s

precious hymen.

After initial pain of entry Tina couldn’t help but

begin to groan,

she felt furious about her violation but couldn’t deny

the orgasmic

pleasure she was heading for.

Despite her best efforts she had to tighten her pussy

lips around

the cock and began to sway her hips and moan with

delight as she

headed towards her first orgasm.

She felt a mixture of pleasure and disgust as this

heavy man weighe

d down on her skinny frame and raped her tight teenage


she just prayed he would somehow avoid splitting her


but yet again her prayers were not answered.

She screamed in agony and ecstacy as the driver bust

her cherry

and her pussy gushed with blood and come.

She sobbed hysterically knowing that the driver had

taken away all

her innocence, the same realisation drawing a big grin

from the

driver who continued to pound his victims slit till he

could shoot

no more inside of her and he feared from her eratic

breathing that

he might end up killing her.

He rolled off her and she silently clutched her red

raw snatch and

tried to stem the tide of blood.

“What if I get pregnant? Did you think of that?”

Tina said angrily, she didn’t care how dangerous he

was anymore

as she didn’t feel anything else he did could be any


“Not my problem, I’m sure a slut like you knows a good

abortion clinic anyway.”

the driver said.

“Now stop your whining and get on top of that.”

The driver pointed to his still fully erect cock which

Tina stared

at for a moment then resentfully climbed on top of and

lowered herself down.

She shrieked with pain of entry then on the drivers

instruction began to

“…ride him like a fucking horse.”

Up to now Tina had felt sort of vacant during the sex,

she’d tried to take her mind somewhere else but she


to admit this was pleasurable and she enjoyed the


of empowerment she got from going on top.

She tightened her pussy lips around the cock hoping it


cause him some kind of pain but all it did was make

his cock

bulge ever bigger and increase her orgasmic pleasure.

The driver looked startled and confused as Tina began


buck her hips and moan and squeal with real excitement

instead of the reluctant, grudging noise previously.

“Ooh, oh yeah!” she screamed taking more and more of


big cock inside of her and, inspite of herself, loving

every second.

She didn’t understand why but all of a sudden this

felt right

and very comfortable, she was disgusted with herself

but couldn’t deny it.

The driver angrily tried to jab his pussy harder into

the screaming Tina,

he didn’t want her to enjoy it but she clearly was and

she reached her loudest,

fullest orgasm of the day as she shot yet another load

inside of her.

The driver, eager to regain control, pushed her off


and flipped her over so that her tight arse faced his

fully erect cock.

Tina, still panting and semi orgasmic, was past caring

what he did

she just wanted pleasuring again and quickly returned

to orgasm

as he rammed his cock up her widening young anus and

proceeded to jab it in and out of her.

“Take that slut, lets see who’s having fun now eh?”

He scowled as Tina’s orgasm continued and she screamed

with delight.

“Harder! I want it harder!” she suddenly blurted out.

Tina was lost in the throws of ecstacy and pleased to

have turned

the situation on it’s head, she didn’t care about the

past humiliations

of the day she just wanted as much pleasure as

possible now.

The driver continued to fuck her up the arse to


and wails of delight until he was too exhausted to

carry on

and felt that he shot every drop of come from his body

into Tina’s.

He stared at Tina who lay panting and smiling as her

anus throbbed.

He suddenly grinned as he thought of a way to restore

his superiority,

He lifted his cock and began to piss all over Tina.

To his amazement she gladly swallowed the warm, salty

liqid and groaned

with pleasure as it trickled down her sweaty, come

covered body.

The driver shook his head in amazement, he’d turned

Tina into a total whore.

Perplexed by the turn of events he told her to get

dressed and he did the same,

he suddenly felt terrible pangs of guilt knowing that

he subjected her to a terrible ordeal.

“I’ll take you to the police station, you can report

me.” he said to Tina as she dressed.

“I’m sorry for what I’ve done, it was very wrong.”

Tina looked startled for a moment.

She looked down at her red raw pussy and scowled as

she felt the throbbing of her sore anus,

she could also still taste both his and the dogs come

in her mouth and knew she had a

stomach full of the foul liquid.

Inspite of all the horrors of the day, she found she

didn’t want vengence.

She knew she should be furious,

she knew she would want to see this man strung up but

she didn’t…

she wanted him inside of her again, she realised she’d

enjoyed being humiliated and degraded…

“What’s wrong with me? I must be fucking sick!”

she thought but she knew she wanted more, she’d awoken

her dark side and it would never

be silenced again.

“Take me to Granada today” she began.

“Then arrive a little bit earlier than usual tomorrow,

I want us to do this again.”

The driver stared in disbelief for a minute,

he’d never truly believed that Tina was the slut he


to think but on this and many subsequent occasions

she proved him wrong and made all his darkest

fantasies come true.


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