Touched By A Dark Angel


There I was, in Vancouver on a rare sunny day in January. I had found out
where Dark Angel was shooting on location for that week and decided to go
down and take a look around. Arriving in a nearby park, where the show was
shooting some outdoor scenes, I found the security to be almost
non-existent. I snuck around for a bit and found Jessica Alba’s trailer.
Seeing a great chance to find some souvenirs to sell on the internet, I
went in. Within minutes, I heard voices just outside the door. “Jessica,
won’t need you in the next few scenes we’re shooting, so take the
afternoon to relax in your trailer”. I quickly thought about hiding or
jumping out a back window, but decided to let destiny determine my fate.
It turned out that destiny was in my favor that day.

The dark-skinned beauty walked in and found me staring back at her in awe.
She was wearing a simple, but tight, black dress that did nothing to hide
the incredible curves of her body. Her long dark hair framed her beautiful
face, with her trademark, full, pouty lips. Instead of screaming for
security, or running out, she just looked at me with that indifferent but
sexy look that her character “Max” uses. “Who the hell are you, and what
are you doing in my trailer”, she demanded. I responded that I was just a
harmless fan poking around, not meaning any harm. I started to leave, but
she blocked my way. “You know, I’m off for the rest of the day and could
use some company. Are you interested?”. I tried to look indifferent, but
with the sexiest, young actress in Hollywood asking me to stay, I didn’t
pull it off very well. Jessica said, “It’s kinda boring between scenes,
and you look like a nice enough guy”. I told her I would be happy to hang
out with her. She said, “Great, let me change, and we can get to know each
other better”.

As she moved past me in the tight confines of her trailer, her great ass
pressed up against the front of me. This caused my already hard cock to
swell up even more. Jessica looked back at me with this “cat who just ate
the canary” smirk on her face. “Got a flashlight in your jeans”, she
deadpanned. As I blushed in embarrassment, I decided to be honest and
stated, “Its hard for a guy to control himself around one of the sexiest
actresses around”. Jessica smiled at the compliment and said, “I’ve got a
great idea on how we can get to know each other better. I think your
really nice, and quite the hottie, and I’m horny as hell”. As my jaw
dropped in amazement, Jessica pulled the straps of her dress up and away
and let it fall to the ground. She had no bra on and her shapely, large
breasts were hanging free. She slipped off her shoes, then slid off her
dark panties. It felt like my cock tripled in size, causing blood loss in
my head, with the resultant faint feeling in my head. I still had enough
sense to know a great thing, and quickly stripped off my clothes. Jessica
Alba, nude and waiting was a dream come true for me (and about 3 billion
other guys). I took a few steps forward, my cock bouncing in anticipation
as I approached the fabulously hot body before me. I embraced Jessica,
kissing her full on the lips. She answered with passion, her tongue
entering my mouth and sliding alongside my tongue.

We stood there for a few moments, lip-locked, then I broke away and turned
Jessica’s back to me. I took a good look at the hot ass I had admired for
years. It looked better than it did in that famous scene from “Idle
Hands”. Of course, now I saw it in person and without any panties on. I
embraced her from behind rubbing my stiff cock up and down the crack of
perhaps the best ass in Hollywood. As Jessica bent over and grabbed a
nearby table she moaned out, “I love getting it from behind”. Not wanting
to disappoint my host I inserted my cock into her awaiting pussy. She gave
a small gasp that soon turned into a series of moans. I began working
myself into her faster and deeper with every stroke. My hands reached
around Jessica as I started caressing her large breasts. I couldn’t get
enough of her incredible tits, as I continued fondling them, while
continuing to push in and out of her, the excitement building in both of
us. I began nibbling on her neck and kissing her softly on the nape of her
neck. This caused her entire body to writhe in pleasure. The feeling of
Jessica Alba’s body pulsating in pleasure under me almost made me come
right then and there. My left hand left her breasts and headed down to
start caressing her clit. Jessica moaned out in ecstasy “Ohhhh God! That
feels so good. Uuuuugghh, please don’t stop!!!” “Fuck me harder, oh god
you’re fantastic”. That was when Jessica orgasmed, causing her pussy to
clamp down hard on my cock. I thrust one more time and then came myself,
shooting a huge load deep into Jessica’s fantastic pussy. Jessica slumped
over in contentment as I slid my very happy cock out of the moist opening.

Jessica got up and pulled me over to a large couch in her trailer. “I’m
far from done with you yet”, she said with the sexiest smile on her face.
This caused my cock to swell up again in anticipation of an encore.
Jessica lay down, her hair falling on top of a pillow as I settled over
her. We kissed passionately before I buried my head in her sizable
cleavage. I licked one nipple with my tongue as I positioned my cock to
enter her fabulous pussy again. I began to pump into her, moving my cock
in and out of her pussy, once again sending her into ecstasy. She gripped
an arm of the couch as I continued to pump into her tight, moist, velvety
pussy. Jessica wrapped her long muscular legs around my waist, locking her
ankles together around my ass. She used her legs to start pulling me into
her harder. Jessica continued to moan in pleasure and then started
screaming, “Faster…. Deeper…. Ohhh yeah, that feels incredible. Your cock
feels great inside me. Baby, fuck me hard”. Her dirty talk encouraged me
on to even harder, faster, deeper thrusts. I thought that I was in heaven
as I thrust away between Jessica’s fabulous thighs. She slowly rocked back
and forth as I continued to push into her until I came, shooting into her
with a massive orgasm. Jessica screamed out as her own orgasm overtook
her, and her pussy juices squirted out onto my cock.

I pulled myself out of Jessica, but wasn’t done yet. My cock was still
hard, (this was Jessica Alba of course, her sexy body could keep any man
hard as a rock for hours) and I could feel I had at least one more orgasm
to go. Jessica moaned, “That was the best fuck I ever had, but I’m ready
for more you stud”. I said, “Are you an insatiable nympho or what? “ as I
smiled back at her. She exclaimed, “Maybe I am, are you saying you don’t
want to be my boytoy anymore?”. I smiled and shook my head and explained
that I would be happy to be her boytoy for as long as she needed. Jessica
beamed with joy and gently pushed me back on to the couch.

Jessica licked her lips and caressed my chest. She swung one leg over me
and before I knew it she had mounted me and taken my dick in her hand. And
that touch alone was enough to bring my member back to full alertness.
Jessica guided my dick to her wet little snatch and settled down onto it
with only a little effort. She was extremely wet and I slid into her again
easily. She gave me a sexy look that told me she was enjoying her new
position and began riding me. We soon had a smooth rhythm working and were
both moaning and groaning. It felt incredible as she rode me relentlessly.
I was in heaven as this “dark” angel bucked wildly on my cock. Jessica
moaned out, “Ohhh… I love riding huge cocks like yours…. Uuuggghhhh!!!”.
The vision of her huge, luscious tits bouncing in front of my face got me
even harder. I reached up and starting massaging them. Then I reached up
with my tongue and started on her nipples. I alternated between licking
and sucking her fabulous tits. This caused Jessica to moan out in ecstasy.
I arched my back in an attempt to get deeper into this fantastic pussy.
She started to grind her sex down on me harder and faster. As we rocked
back and forth, a little side swivel to her hips had both of us sighing
and grunting loudly. I truly believe that I was in heaven. I could think
of no greater pleasure than the stunningly beautiful and sexy Jessica Alba
writhing in ecstasy on my cock as she rode me to another explosive climax.
After what seemed like hours, she started her orgasm as I felt her muscles
clenching up on my staff, which was all I needed to go off myself letting
loose inside her. Jessica laid down on my chest and sighed, I kissed her
forehead and asked if she’d enjoyed it, she looked up smiled and told me
it was amazing.

As I laid there enjoying the moment, Jessica got off me opened those wide
lips of hers and took my cock in. Her tongue licked it lovingly, sliding
over the tip of my love staff as she took it deep in her mouth. She moved
her mouth along it, her lips sucking the cum off. I moaned in pleasure as
she thoroughly cleaned my cock off with her mouth. I pulled his cock out
of her mouth and began to massage it in between Jessica’s breasts. She
wrapped her fingers lightly around it. I tit fucked Jessica briefly with
my semi-hard cock, but she had pretty much milked my member dry by then.
We continued to kiss and fondle for quite a while, as I was in no hurry to
end my fantastic encounter with Jessica Alba. Eventually, it was time for
me to leave. She kissed me passionately one last time, and ran her hand
possessively over my now fully clothed crotch. Jessica gave me another
sultry smile and handed me a pass to get on the set whenever I wanted to,
telling me to come back soon. As a resident of Vancouver, I now make
regular visits to the “Dark Angel” set to visit a true devil in bed.

This was my first attempt at writing a story, so be kind in posting any
comments. If I get a positive response I may try further stories.
Suggestions for celebrities and/or situations are welcome. I’m thinking

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