Triple Trouble

I wasn’t sure how I had ended up here, but I wasn’t going to analyse it too much.

In fact, all that I could focus on right then was the two moist tongues slowly stroking up the length of my stiff shaft, tracing circles around my swollen head and combining in a sweet, sensuous kiss, duelling right above my hot prick.

Another mouth was kissing my body, running her tongue over my smooth skin. Her hair lightly grazed my chest as she bobbed up and down over my torso.

I wanted to reach down and run my hands over their bobbing heads, but they had insisted on wrapping my wrists in those silk scarves and
tying them to the headboard.

As they continued kissing, I reminded them of my presence, by arching my cock towards their entwined tongues, and they returned to their gorgeous oral prick tease.

I could only groan as Kim sucked one of my balls into her mouth and began to roll it around with her tongue. Her eyes were locked on Cheryl, as she watched her mouth slip over my head and down my shaft.

Seeing this made Kim hot, and I watched as she stood over me, a foot either side of my head and began to stroke a middle finger along her enflamed pussy lips.

As she found her clit, I pushed further into Cheryl’s mouth and felt her full lips around my bulging shaft. Frigging herself gently, Kim then offered me her tiny right foot, parting my lips with her big toe, and sliding it into my mouth. This excited her, and she fiddled with her clit more frantically.

Then Cheryl unlocked her mouth from around me, and I felt her shift from the bed.

Kim stopped feeding me her toe and turned to look at what was going on.

Now I could see that Cheryl had positioned herself on the seat at the foot of the bed, her feet up on it, legs spread wide and inviting. She was massaging her pussy with the palm of her hand, and beckoning Cat to her with a finger.

“Come on baby,” she whispered hoarsely, “I wanna feel your tongue in me!”

And with that, Cat playfully jumped from the bed and dropped between her lover’s legs. I craned my neck and watched.

From what I could see, Cat knew exactly what buttons to press, and Cheryl was writhing and moaning almost immediately, pushing onto her lover’s tongue and pulling her head towards her obviously purring pussy.

Tied to the bed, unable to satisfy my cock, it seemed like an age, as Cat licked expertly, making Cheryl cum loudly and obscenely. Then I watched, wide eyed, as they both returned to the bed, and Cheryl lay down by my side.

Kim towered above my waist, and slowly, agonisingly slowly, sat down. I groaned as she slipped her moist pussy onto my rock solid cock, and slowly began to fuck it.

Cheryl placed her lips to mine, and kissed me, erotically. Her tongue explored every corner of my mouth, as Kim began to moan.

And when I thought nothing could beat this, Cheryl slid down my body and glued her tongue to Kim’s swollen bud.

Every now and then, she would brush the tip of it against the base of my cock, as it slipped wonderfully in between those luscious full labial lips. I came too soon, but Kim seemed preoccupied by the tongue, cumming around my empty prick soon after.

She dismounted me, and lay next to me on the bed, watching the other girl’s moves.

Sitting astride my face, Cat told me to stick out my tongue.

For a moment, she stroked at it with her finger as she positioned herself above it, then, as she parted her lips, she cupped the back of my head and bought it towards her swollen clit.

I lapped out gently, but she pulled me closer to her, insistent that I should not hold back.

I flicked frantically, teasing her clit, and she began to purr softly. I wasn’t sure where Cheryl was, but I knew she would soon make her presence felt.

That was when I felt a hand cup my testicles and roll them in its palm.

As my tongue swirled and lapped, another hand began to caress my soft knob, its fingertips teasing and stroking the length of my growing shaft.

As it bobbed back to life, Cheryl wrapped a finger and thumb around its base, and with her other hand, placed her palm on my tip and began to twist. I bucked at this, pushing my face further into Cat’s sopping wet cunt, feeling my cock grow rock solid once more.

I could feel Cheryl’s breath brushing over my hot cock, and as she took it in both hands and caressed it, Cat released my wrists from their confines.

Her breathing was more frantic now, and she tasted gorgeous as I lapped at her freely flowing juices. Free to roam, my hands cupped her pert little bum, squeezing it gently, in time with the rhythm of my tongue, and now Cheryl’s handy work.

But before I could satisfy her completely, she unlocked herself from my face, and pushed Kim onto her back. I sat up and watched as they lay side by side and began to kiss passionately.

Their hands were wandering, exploring one another’s tits, flicking at their very hard, swollen red nipples. I couldn’t resist it, I had to play with myself, as I watched these fantastic beauties lock themselves in an erotic embrace.

Cat then guided Kim’s mouth to her chest, and I watched entranced as her tongue began to swirl and lick around those fabulous nipples.

Looking right at me, Cheryl asked,

“What are you gonna do with your fingers?”

With an offer delivered so sexily, I couldn’t refuse. I began stroking my way up both of their thighs, tracing shapes on their soft, warm flesh, watching transfixed as Cat sucked a nipple into her mouth making Kim moan softly.

By now, both of my hands had reached their tiny bushes, and I caressed their soft downy texture, before I began to stroke at their moist pussy lips, enflamed and red with passion.

As two fingers slipped into each waiting hole, both gorgeous girls purred appreciatively. I had two g-spots at my mercy, and I soon had them writhing around, pushing further onto my moistened digits.

“I want that big cock in me!” Cat sighed huskily. I watched her part Kim’s legs and bury her face into her muff, sticking her pert butt in the air.

I kneeled behind her, unable to take my eyes off the sight of her tongue lapping wildly at Kim’s bud. Cock in hand, I began rubbing it’s hot head around her enflamed clit, and this made her more anxious for it.

Her hand snaked its way to her pussy, and she opened it up wide for me. I couldn’t resist any longer, and I slipped my entire length into her moist hole.

“Fuck me hard and fast,” she gasped, and as my hands massaged her bum, she found and frigged her clit. That was too much, and I began fucking her, just as she had asked, pounding into her, making her cheeks wobble, and pushing her tongue further into Kim.

As I pumped into her swollen g-spot, Kim began to cum, and didn’t stop cumming for a long time.

This triggered Cat off, and she throbbed her own orgasm around my prick.

And as I announced that I was soon to cum too, Cat expertly turned around and sucked my entire length into her eager mouth. Cheryl was frigging her clit, and the sight of this.

Combined with the deep, deep throat I was getting, was too much, and I shot my load, with Cat sucking up every last drop.

We lay back, exhausted. I lay on the bed, the girls surrounded me, snuggling up close to my body.

I could feel the heat of their bodies next to mine, and as I lay my head back on to the pillow, I thanked my lucky stars

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