Untitled Emma Bunton Story

A sexual fantasy involving former Spice Girl Emma Bunton and a computer repairman named John.

Emma was annoyed at her computer. Windows had shut down completely and no matter what she did the screen remained resolutely blank. This meant that she could not indulge her favourite pastime which was surfing the net for male porno sites. Her favourites involved amateur young men who thought nothing of posing for the camera in their erect glory and often demonstrating graphically how messily they could come. Emma had been split up from her boyfriend for 4 months now and this was as near
as she could come to satisfaction which she often obtained on the chair in front of the computer.

John had been on the job for nearly an hour now as Emma called up to her loft room with a cup of coffee. She was dressed simply on her home patch in a blue buttoned top and jeans but even her plain outfit couldn’t hide the fine figure underneath which had seen her baby fat honed off with regular gym visits. “How are you doing John” said the pop star as she put the cup down on the computer table. “Fine thanks”, said John, “I think I’ve got to the bottom of the trouble and by the look of some of the files and downloads on this computer you quite enjoy both the bottom and the front of trouble”.

“What do you mean”, said Emma. “I’ve been delving into your folders and look what I’ve found”. John summoned up the results of his searches and Emma was horrified as shots of horny 17-year olds spraying their cum onto other boys’ faces came up and worst of all, a video of Emma romping with her friend Mel C started playing. The video had been shot by Mel when they had a fantastic girly weekend away and Emma’s blushes were not spared as the computer man watched the girls writhing in naked clinches and inserting fingers and tongues into all imaginable places.

“What do you think the press will pay me for these then Emma?” said John as the Spice Girl looked on in horror. “I would have thought ten thousand wouldn’t be out of order and your image with all those young fans of yours would be gone forever as well”. Emma instantly knew he was right and that she had been a fool to imagine that her files would be hidden from anyone with a little computer knowledge. “You can’t send this stuff to the press”, spluttered Emma, “It would ruin me, you know it would”. “Yes I do know”, said John, “which is why I would like to make a little proposal to sort the matter out”. “Go on” said Emma warily. “Well, as well as making me a few grand, these pictures could cost you millions. So I reckon an afternoon of forfeits is the least price you could pay”. “What do you mean by forfeits” said Emma. John replied, “Well simply I want you to do anything I ask for the next 3 hours. I won’t hurt you but you have to do absolutely anything and I wouldn’t think it would involve anything you haven’t done before”.

This was not the way Emma had thought her afternoon would pan out but she had little alternative and anyway she just might enjoy it as well as solving her problem. “Ok then, but if I agree you take out that hard drive and give it to me. I’ll destroy it and get another computer and start again. That way I’ll know I’ll be safe”. “Done”, said John as he moved over to the couch at the side of the room.

“Ok”, said John, “Strip down to your underwear for me. Jeans first, then your top — and slowly”. Emma stood in front of John and her hands moved to the buckle of her belt. She released it and undid the buckle and then unzipped the blue jeans and dropped them to the floor. As she stepped out of the jeans John could see that her legs were tanned and were a lot slimmer and appeared longer than in many of her early publicity photos. “Now the shirt”, said John. Emma unbuttoned the shirt from the top and it fell open allowing John to see her black bra and pants. Emma slipped the shirt away from her shoulders and it too fell to the ground leaving the pop star awaiting further instructions.

John could feel himself reacting to the lovely sight in front of him and took off his shirt and trousers leaving himself in his Y-fronts. Emma could see a growing bulge in the front of them. For his part John couldn’t take his eyes off Emma’s hourglass figure. He moved over to her and knelt before the object of so many of his fantasies. His hands moved up her legs and paused as he reached her black pants. He then leant forward and kissed her stomach as his hands felt the delightful curve of her hips and then stood up once more as his hands moved up to trace the curve of her breasts through her bra. The hands moved out to her bare arms and shoulders and he took her in an embrace as his lips moved to hers and brushed them gently.

He then stopped back and told Emma to unhook her bra. Emma moved her hands behind her back and did so. She then slid the straps off her shoulders and let the undergarment fall to the floor. Her breasts were magnificent. Full and firm with gorgeous pink nipples surrounded by large aerolae. John’s hands moved under her breasts and he cupped them, feeling their texture and weight before moving his fingers up and tracing circles around the nipples causing them to erect. His head moved forward and he kissed and teased the nipples in turn as their tips grew larger and moved outward.

He now felt in need of some relief if he was not to come in his pants and stood back. He asked Emma to kneel down in front of him and remove his underpants. She pulled them down from the sides and as she did so his cock was unleashed and she was certainly impressed by what she saw. Fully erect it seemed to stand up 9 or 10 inches from its base and nearly reached John’s belly button and was in marked contrast to his otherwise scrawny frame. Emma knew what to do next without being asked. She cupped his balls in his hands and tickled the skin of his scrotum and then gently moved one hand up and took his throbbing member in it. She gripped firmly and moved her hand up and down and then leant forward and tenderly kissed the end of the thankfully clean looking cock. Her tongue then followed the path of her hand as she licked the glans and she then took John’s cock into her mouth and moved her lips down the shaft. John couldn’t really believe what he was getting away with here but Emma really seemed to be getting into the action well as she moved her mouth expertly up and down working John’s cock into a frenzy. After two minutes John could contain himself no more and he spurted jets of cum into Emma’s mouth. He had expected her to spit it out but she kept her mouth in place and swallowed all he could produce, actually licking the remains off her lips at the end.

John sat back on the couch and Emma leaned against its edge. “Not bad for Part 1” said the computer mechanic. “Now take off your knickers”. Emma moved her hands down to her sides and slid the black pants off and stepped out of them. John saw a perfectly trimmed brown bush and she was then shaved lower down to reveal her cunt lips ready to receive his attentions. John raised himself off the couch and asked her to sit down in his place on the edge of the sofa. He moved his head between her legs and ran his fingers through Emma’s pubic hair. He then leant forward and kissed her gently and let his tongue run up and down her slit. Emma could hardly believe her luck and was thinking that although this guy thought he was blackmailing her she would actually have paid good money for the attention she was getting.

Emma was by now getting damp and John moved his hand in between her legs and had no difficulty in inserting one finger and then two into her welcoming cunt. A third followed and John moved them in and out rhythmically as Emma shuddered with delight. She then gasped as John quite harshly swung her round on her bottom, laid her out on the sofa and moved on top of her. His cock swiftly replaced his fingers in her and she felt wave after wave of ecstasy sweep through her as he moved in and out of her body. Just before he came he moved out of her and came in great heaving grunts all over Emma’s breasts and stomach and she had never seen as much cum in one go as she moved her hands to her chest and smeared the white liquid in between her breasts and over her still hardened nipples.

John ran his hands over the dripping breasts and having moistened his fingers with his own cum asked Emma to turn over and kneel on the couch. The Spice Girl was a little apprehensive over this. Her only previous experience of anal sex had been at the hands of an inexperienced, rough and ready teenage boyfriend and had been very painful as he hadn’t though to lubricate first. This time was better though. John parted Emma’s cheeks and rubbed his cum around and into her hole. Emma felt his index finger move slowly into her and then something bigger as John eased his cock into the tight anus. She had never felt as full as when the full nine inches was inserted into he rectum but it was a magnificently warm and fulfilling feeling as he very slowly began moving in and out. She felt as though she was being split apart but somehow the pain was gratifying and added to the secondary waves of orgasm that were sweeping over her. Again at the peak of his excitement John pulled out and this time sprayed what was left of his cum over Emma’s bottom leaving the white fluid dripping from her cheeks and hole on to the couch.

John collapsed on to the floor exhausted by the acting out of his fantasy and said “I hope you thought that the end result was worth it for you. Give me a minute and I’ll take out your computer’s hard drive and give it to you”.

He thought he had got one over on the former Spice Girl, now a solo star. Emma’s thoughts were different however as she began hatching plans to create another fault in her computer and get her repairman to bring his screwdrivers to her flat again.

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