Untitled Lindsay Lohan And Hilary Duff Story

Everything in this story is fictional. Yadda yadda.

celebs: Lindsey Lohan, hilary Duff


I was so hyped. My dad had gotten me backstage passes to the MTV movie awards. I went in hoping to meet cool celebrities. I was walking around and saw someone rush by crying in a a dressing room. I looked on the door and saw it was the shared dressing room of Hilary Duff and Lindsey Lohan. I peeked in and saw Hilary Duff in tight jeans and white tank top. She was crying on her bed.I said “hey whats wrong?”

She said i just lost all the awards i was up for and im not getting any. I sadi taht
it was alrite and she will get another chance at some other awards. She said that she though no one liked her. So i sat next to her and said that i liked her as an actress (LIE). she was feeling better so she said thanks. She said “meet me at this hotel room later tonite.” So i took her note and left.


I knocked on her hotel room door. it opened to me seeing Hilary Duff in a towel up to her neck. She said sorry, she lost track of time and she will be just one moment. I came in and sat on the couch. I saw the bedroom dorr open and out walked Lindsey Lohan in the same white uniform she had on at the awards. She asked who i was and i said a friend of Hilary’s. She said okay. and we got to talking. After a while Hilary came out and said “lindsey, this my friend who i told you about .you ready?” Lndsey nodded and Hilary told me to go and sit in a chair at the far side of the room. I sat and Hilary said ok. Then i just realized she was still wearing the towel. She said “since you were so nice to me earlier, me and Lindsey decided we should doo soething nice for for you.” All of a sudden, she swung around started frenching Lindsey. I got an immediate hardon. The towel fell to the floor and i got a great view of Hilary’s perfect body, shaped like a guitar. Lindsey had meanwhile taken off her top and revealed a white lacey bra. Hilary had started ondoing Lindsey bra and they slid their pants off eachother. Then the turned to me and said “both of us are still cock virgins. We have done it together but not with a man.” I smiled and said “first both of you will suck me off, then i will fuck both of you through the ass and only then will you get it through the front door.” i laid down on the bed and Hilary came over and slowly, then faster placed her gorgeous lips on my 9 inch cock. She went u and down. Meanwhile, Lindsey came over proceeded to kissme and shove her tongue inside me. i came in Hilarys miuth and on her face then they switched. My cock becamwe instantly hard again and Lindsey went the opposite of Hilary. She went hard up and down again and again. Hilary sat on the loor and masturbated furiously to the sight of my awesome blowjob. i came agian and Lindsey turned around and showwed me her sweet ass. I slamed my cock in there she screamed. Hilary came over and fingerfucked Lindsey while i fucked the shit out of her asshole. I came with Lindsey and the fluid mixing were lapped up by Hilary. I turned Hilary around and Slamed in to her. Lindsey tonguefucked Hilary as Hilary came with a scream. Finally, i paused while my hardon returned and chose Lindsey. I lay down on teh bed and she quickly sat on my cock. She bounced on it and screamed as i broke her virignity. She came over and over then i turned to Hilary who begged me to fuck her. I said OK and fucked her doggie style while she licked Lindseys pussy. We all came at the same time over and over in to the nite…..

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