Victoria Justice Finds a New Career

Title:  Victoria Justice Finds a New Career

Author:  Tori

Codes:  MF, CONS, ANAL, WS

Subject:  Victoria Justice

Disclaimer:  This is fiction, it did NOT happen.  The story is purely fantasy and fantasy is legal.

Victoria Justice was devastated.  The nude leaked photos of her were having a negative effect on her career.  Her concert tour was indefinitely postponed and she was not getting any callbacks for auditions.  On top of it all, her friends made up excuses for not meeting up with her.  The worst came when her boyfriend dumped her for being a whore and told her he didn’t want to be seen in public with her but she could suck his cock anytime, as long as she didn’t tell anyone.

She had been locked up in her condo for weeks, drinking and getting stoned.  She even bought some coke and started snorting an eight ball a day.  She figured that if she was going to be treated like trash, she might as well start living the part.  She had paid some delivery guys off with blowjobs and even let the UPS guy fuck her in the ass last week.

She was well into her second gram of the day when the phone rang.  The caller said his name was Paul Little and that he was interested in having her star in one of his videos.  She couldn’t believe it.  Someone wanted her for a movie.  She told him she would love to and he gave her the address and told her to be there that evening at 9pm.  She thought the time a little strange but what the hell, a part was a part.

When she arrived at the large house in the hills, she parked her car and went up the front door.  She rang the bell and was greeted by an older man that looked strangely familiar.  He introduced himself and led her into the large home.  As she looked around, she suddenly realized just who Paul Little was.  He was none other than Max Hardcore, the gonzo porn producer.  She had seen some of his movies and found them thoroughly disgusting.  He led her into the wardrobe area and handed her an outfit.  Victoria looked at it and figured what the hell.  Max left her alone to change and she started to strip.  The outfit consisted of a small pink t-shirt cut off to just below her breasts.  She also had a short pink skirt that barely covered her ass and frilly pink panties.  She put on a pair of white anklets and six inch strapped heels.  When she walked out, she saw several other men had joined Max.  One guy had a camera and the other was obviously the sound tech.  A skinny little blonde girl came over and took her by the hand and led her over to the makeup table.  Her name was Cindy.  As she applied Victoria’s makeup, she told her how she used to be an actress named Little Cinderella and that she had starred in dozens of Max’s movies but now she was retired and did makeup work on a lot of porn movies.  After putting her hair in tight pigtails, Cindy applied some bright red lipstick and told her she was all set.  Victoria looked at herself in the mirror and just stared.  She looked like a common street whore that worked on Hollywood Boulevard.  She also knew that her pussy was dripping wet and her nipples were so hard at that point that she thought they’d rip holes in her tiny shirt.

She walked over to the lighted set and saw Max in his famous cowboy hat and jeans.  He explained the scene.  It was simple, he was going to fuck the shit out of her and he would feed her lines while he did it.  He then asked her if she was ready.  She said she was and Max yelled “ACTION”.

M – “Wow, what’s your name little girl?”

V – “I’m Victoria mister.”

M – “You’re really cute.  How old are you?”

V – “I’m only 18 mister.”

M – “That’s nice.  Do you want to be a model?”

V – “Yes mister, what do I have to do?”

Max led her over to a large yellow couch and sat down, pulling her onto his lap.  He spread her legs and pulled her panties to the side and shoved his fingers into her sopping wet pussy.  Victoria moaned as she was violated.  Max told her to say “look mommy and daddy, I’m a model”.  She looked right at the camera and repeated the line.  Soon Max had three fingers pumping in and out of her pussy and she had her first orgasm.  What surprised everyone was that she squirted all over Max’s hand and the floor when she did.  She was still shaking when Max shoved two fingers up her ass.  She came again and squirted more of her pussy juice all over the camera in front of her.

Max told her get on her knees and he stood in front of her and pulled out his cock.  He wasn’t huge by porn standards but his 8 inches was bigger than any cock she had ever had.  He grabbed her by the pigtails and shoved his cock down her throat.  Someone had pushed a large bowl underneath them and soon Max had her throwing up around his cock.  He told her she was too fat to be a model and that this was how models stayed skinny.  He kept slamming his cock down her throated and Victoria keep vomiting into the bowl and around his cock.  Max kept yelling “YAYA!!!” as he slammed her.  At one point, Max pulled out of her mouth and rubbed her vomit mixed with saliva all over face and told her to open her mouth.  A strong, steady stream of piss soon filled her mouth and she heard him tell her to swallow it all.  She tried her best to swallow but most of the vile liquid ran down her shirt and skirt, soaking her to bone.  He continued his assault on her mouth, alternating between deep throating and pissing.  Victoria was almost comatose when he finally pulled her up and bent her over the arm of the couch.

Max pushed her over and pulled her panties down.  Victoria felt him squirt something on her and that was when he shoved his cock up her ass.  “That’s it, assrape the little teener”, he said as he slammed his cock deep into her bowels.  She screamed at the violation and started to cry.  “What’s the matter little girl, don’t you want to be a model?”, he said.  She shook her head and said, “Yes mister, I want to be a model.”  He told her to say, “Sodomize me mister.  Assrape my teenie ass.”  She repeated the line as he continued his assault on her.  Max fucked her in the ass for almost five minutes.  The camera man was right there filming it and several times Max pulled his cock out so he could get a shot of her gaping asshole.  Max squirted some more lube into her and slammed his cock back in.  He had her reach back and grab her heels as he pulled on her pigtails, all the time slamming his cock into her ass.

He turned her around so that her head was hanging over the arm and he shoved his cock back down throat.  “That’s it, taste your ass you fucking whore”, he said.  He pulled out and pissed all over her face once again and then continued to throat fuck her.  Just when she thought she was going to pass out, he turned her around again and shoved his cock back into her ass.    This went on for almost thirty minutes.  Max fed her lines which she repeated.

V –  “Look at me Daddy, you always said I was the best.”

V – “I’m just a filthy schoolgirl mister.”

V- “Assrape the little teenie mister.”

And so it went.  Finally, Max pushed her down onto the floor and shot his load all over her face.  He came so much that her entire face was covered with cum.  When he finished, he unloaded another hot stream of piss and washed her face off before filling her mouth.  She swallowed down the piss and he had her look into the camera and say, “Thanks Mister.”  Max yelled, “CUT, that’s a rap.”

M – “Thanks Victoria, you were fantastic.”

V – “I don’t feel fantastic.  You really fucked me up.”

M-  “ Don’t worry baby, next time will be easier.”

V- “Next time?  I don’t think there’ll be a next time.”

M- “Sure there will.  You loved it and you know it.  I’m going to make a lot of movies with you.  You’re a porn star now.”

V-  “I don’t know.”

M-  “Think about it but you’ll be back.  Cindy, take her to get cleaned up and then have her come to my office.”

Cindy led her over to the shower and she cleaned the filth off of her tired body.  She gave herself and enema and a douche and when she finished, she put her own clothes on headed to Max’s office.  He was busy watching the scene they just shot.  He also had his cock out and was busy jerking off.  Victoria sat down and watched him for a minute.  He picked up a camera and asked her a few questions.

M- “Were you forced to do anything against your will?”

V- “No, I wasn’t forced.”

M- “Did you come her of your own free will and did you get paid for your performance?”

V- “Yes, I did and I earned every penny of it too. (giggles)”

M- “Yes, yes you did.  Thank you Victoria Justice.  My new anal whore.”

V- “No, thank you Max Hardcore.”

Victoria did go back.  In fact, she made five more movies for Max over the next several months.  Her new career in porn had taken off and she even won several awards that year.  She’s even started her own production company and has a new website all because of a few leaked photos.

The End.

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