WB Tour Through Hell [Part 5]

WB tour through hell
part 5 show time

The girls quickly agreed that the first thing they wanted to do
was take a shower. The tall cop led them to the showers. He watched as
they cleaned themselves up. They were finally relaxed, not having to
worry about anyone coming in to fuck them. They were given towels and
dried off. The cop then led them into the locker room. “This is your
stuff.” They saw their luggage laying there. “They should provide
anything you need.” He then opened up a couple of lockers. “These are
your costumes for your performance.”

Charisma looked into the locker that had been pointed
out to her.
She pulled out An outfit on a hanger. “This is it?” She recognized it
instantly as a professional cheerleaders outfit. In another second she
recognized the team. “Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders?”

“Yeah, the chief got a bunch of them, when they changed the uniform,
a few years back You should look great in them, try them on. I think we
got the right sizes.”

Holly wanted to object but knew it was hopeless, besides putting on
the outfit would be the most clothes she had worn all day. Holly
slipped on the pair of skintight shorts and tightened up the white
belt. She then wrapped the little shirt over her tits. Charisma helped
her tie hers in front of her tits. Then Holly and Charisma helped
Beverly and Amy Jo. Holly then turned back and slipped on a pair of
socks then the long white boots, she got up and tried them surprised
they fit quite well. She put on the small vest completing the outfit.
She looked over at the other girls, Charisma looked perfect and
incredibly sexy in her outfit. Amy Jo looked incredibly uncomfortable
in the little outfit. Beverly seemed to enjoy it a bit, strutting

Amy Jo Johnson was taking off the boots, they didn’t fit her but
another pair was produced and these did fit. She stood up and looked
at herself, she looked good, not as good as the others but she was
proud of her body. “We won’t have much to strip out of.” Amy Jo

“Maybe we could get some coats to cover these at first. Give them a
bit of a show before they see these outfits.” Charisma was thinking
over what they would have to do tonight. “Don’t want to show them
everything at once.” She grinned at the cop.

“Good idea! That can be arranged, anything else?”

“I can’t think of anything at the moment.” Charisma responded, “but
I’d like to rest right now. Then get up in time to do my hair and
makeup, maybe work up a dance routine.”

“No problem. you have six hours before we take you over to the club.”

Charisma thought about it. “Alright get us up in four hours that
should give us time for everything. Now can we have some of our clothes
before we head back.”

“The chief said give you anything you need. I think I can let you
have some clothes now, you might as well leave those outfits here.” He
watched as the girls re hung the cheerleader outfits. Then they went
through their luggage each picking out jeans and shirt and shoes. Once
they were ready he lead them back to their cells.

After the guard left the girls lay on their beds relaxing. “We’re
actually going to strip for these men?” Amy Jo muttered.

“If you see a way out nows the time.” Charisma shot back.

“No, I don’t have a way out, but I’m not happy about it.” Amy Jo
shot upright and started pacing.

“Relax, worry about it later.” Holly tried to comfort her. “If we’re
lucky this may be our last night in this hell.” Holly commented
although she didn’t believe it. She just hoped to use up time tonight.
“I don’t know what we’re going to do about our performance?”

“Don’t worry, I remember a few routines from my cheerleader days.”
Charisma commented. “I’ll show them to you, then we can figure out some
other moves. Now get some rest you two.” The girls relaxed and finally
drifted off to sleep.

The cop woke them at the appointed time and led them back to the
locker room. The girls pulled out their makeup cases and sat before the
mirrors, helping each other with their makeup and hair. They all kept
it simple their hair hanging down loosely about their shoulders. Once
done they dressed in the cheerleader outfits, they were then led to an
empty room, where Charisma showed them a few routines. They worked on
some dance numbers both individually and together. They worked on
different ideas for stripping off their clothes, they managed to come
up with a few ideas.

The large cop stuck his head in the door. “Its time ladies,” he
intoned. The girls collected a few things and headed out they were
given large cloaks to throw over themselves. They all felt very nervous
as they were lead out of the room. They were lead out the back way.
Holly and Amy Jo were put in one squad car while Charisma and Beverly
were put in the next one.

Beverly got the shakes as they pulled out, Charisma held her tight
trying to comfort the younger girl. Holly was trying to calm Amy Jo in
the other car. The girls were driven to the back of a building. They
were lead inside unsure what to expect. They stripped out of the long
overcoats and put on the smaller coats that covered their outfits. They
were then led through the backstage area and next to the stage. After a
quick look around they were given chairs and sat behind the curtains,
under the watchful eye of several cops.

The girls could hear a crowd assembling out front and started to
get nervous again. They heard the chief start to speak to the crowd,
they listened hoping the chief would drone on forever, knowing he
wouldn’t. The cops behind them signaled them to get ready.

The girls moved into position. They got into two lines Charisma and
Amy Jo in front, just outside of Beverly and Holly. Charisma was on the
left and waited nervously as the curtain slowly opened. The lights
blinded her as the curtains pulled open, she was stunned for a moment
then the music started and the girls started to dance.

The girls had decided to guide on Charisma. Charisma had decided to
try and gauge the audience so that they could remain dancing for as
long as possible. They danced around the stage for a bit showing the
audience a bit of leg and ass. When Charisma decided that the applause
was starting to drop off, she subtly signaled to the other girls. As
they danced around Charisma let the jacket slide from her shoulders
slowly letting it drop, spinning around as she went, trying to keep
it going as long as possible. Finally, she pulled off the coat and
threw it into the crowd to loud applause as her cheerleader outfit was
reveled. Beverly Mitchell went next slowly revealing her outfit as they
danced around the stage. She was followed by Holly then Amy Jo.

The girls were trying to make the dancing part of the show last as
long as possible, hoping that the rest of the night would be that much
shorter. The applause started to die down after the audience had a good
view of them in their cheerleader outfits. Charisma decided to unveil
her first surprise to keep the dance going. She had tied her top so
that she could unknot it without touching it. She started to work it
open, as the audience started to notice it slipping a hush fell over
them. She made sure to face them as the knot fell open spilling out her
tits. A large cheer erupted from the crowd as Charisma turned around to
retie the knot. They danced for another twenty minutes Holly allowed
her top to fall open, but the audience was growing restless and the
girls were getting tired and slowing down.

The curtain finally came down and the girls were ushered offstage
and given chairs and some water to drink. They all put their feet up
and tried to relax for as long as possible. They heard the Chief walk
back out on stage and talk to the crowd. The Chief worked the crowd for
about twenty minutes knowing the girls needed a rest for the next
portion of the program. Finally he called for a vote on who would be
the first to strip for the audience, although each woman had vocal
supporters one name came through loud and clear. “Charisma, Charisma.”
The audience chanted.

The girls sitting behind the curtain heard their names being called
out. The “Charisma” chant soon overpowered all the other voices.
Charisma Carpenter heard her name being called and knew what it meant,
she felt trepidation but also a bit of pride that they wanted to see
her naked more then the other younger women. Someone signaled her and
she stood up and went to the center of the stage. The music started and
the curtain slowly opened. As a spotlight hit her, charisma heard the
hoots and hollers from the men.

Charisma started dancing around the stage. She opened the white belt
at her waist and made a big show of pulling it out of the shorts. She
then played with it a bit running it between her legs around her waist,
whatever she could think of. She finally flung it aside and started to
work on the little vest she was wearing she danced around as it slowly
slipped down her arms, finally falling to the ground, she kicked it
offstage. Charisma had little left to work with. She danced a bit and
then moved her shoulders so her T-shirt would open up.

A huge cheer went through the crowd as her tits were revealed.
Charisma felt a bit of pride at the reaction of the crowd, she knew she
was in great shape but it was nice to hear it from others. She threw
away the useless shirt, she danced around letting her tits bounce to
the men’s obvious delight. She then started to work on the tight white
shorts, she popped the button, to great applause then slowly lowered
the zipper. Finally her hands went to the sides of the shorts. The men
cheered themselves horse as she pushed the shorts down her long legs.
As the shorts got past her knees she pulled one leg out and let the
shorts slide down to her foot, she then kicked the shorts offstage. She
danced around on stage showing the men all her charms. Soon Charisma
started to feel tired and the Chief signaled her to wind it up, she
bowed deeply and then moved offstage.

The Chief went before the crowd, it took a moment for the applause
to die down. “Wasn’t that something? I don’t think anyone could top
that performance, but who would you like to see try?” There seemed to
be a babble of voices there was no clear winner this time, he even
heard Charisma’s name called again. “How about Amy Jo?” he decided the
crowd couldn’t decide but when he called out her name there was a
general consensus that they wanted to see her. “Alright Amy Jo it is!”
The Chief signaled offstage.

Amy Jo walked on stage to loud cheers. Amy had always loved
performing for a live audience when she sang but this wasn’t the same.
She shed her vest and then the belt, she danced around nervously. She
tried to make it last but soon she lost her belt then opened up her
top. She wasn’t as well built as Charisma so she couldn’t keep their
interest as long. She peeled off the tight shorts and danced around
naked to applause. She was ushered offstage by a couple of cops. She
knew she hadn’t been the hit Charisma had been and was a bit

Beverly Mitchell was called up next. when she heard her name she
panicked. She knew she couldn’t go out there, she tried to run but a
couple of cops grabbed her and threw her on stage. She was blinded by
the spotlight, she started to cry and raced offstage. She was caught by
a couple of cops who frogmarched her out onto the center of the stage.
A large cop walked up in front of her. He slapped her hard but she
couldn’t stop crying. He grabbed the knot at her chest and ripped open
her shirt, he roughly pulled off her shirt and vest. He stepped aside
for a moment as the cops holding her arms pulled them back causing her
breasts to jut out. After a few hoots from the audience he stepped
behind her and pulled her shorts down leaving her completely exposed.
They lifted her and carried her around the stage exposing her private
parts to the audience, they spread her legs making sure everyone got a
good view.

As Beverly was carried off the stage, Holly Marie Combs stood up.
She had noted that Beverly had used up almost no time, while Charisma
had used up a lot, she decided to give the guys a real show. Holly
danced on stage giving the audience her best sexy smile. She let the
vest slip off her shoulders she smiled as she dropped it offstage. The
guys cheered as she danced. she pulled off the belt and used it to play
with it. She wrapped it around her shoulders, then stripped off her
shirt. She used the belt to play with her tits, the guys loved it. She
then opened the shorts and let them slide down her long legs. She then
used the belt to rub between her legs. The guys loved the performance,
but soon enough they were calling for the auction to begin.

The Chief signaled Holly offstage, and took center stage. “Now
who shall we bid on first?” The crowd shouted out their favorites,
Charisma being the clear favorite with Holly being a close second, with
Amy Jo getting a few yells while no one was calling for Beverly. The
Chief signaled offstage and Charisma came out to a huge round of
applause. “Now as per our discussion each table will get one of the
girls, you’ve already paid a thousand a piece for the show. How much
are you willing to pay for this incredible piece of ass?” Each table
had a dozen men around it who started pooling their money.

“One thousand,” came a yell then the bidding kept going higher
until it paused around ten thousand..

“Turn around give them a show, I’ll show my appreciation later.”
The Chief stage whispered to Charisma. Charisma started to strut around
the stage and the bidding went ballistic. The bids went over twenty
thousand quickly and didn’t start to slow until it passed forty
thousand. “The final bid is forty two thousand dollars from table
three! Any further bids.” The Chief waited a moment. “Table three take
your prize.” Four large men came to the edge of the stage, Charisma
walked over to them and climbed onto their shoulders they carried her
to their table in triumph.

As her feet hit the table Charisma got a bit nervous. She decided
to just go for it. She kneeled down and then lay on her back on the
table, the men’s hands were quickly all over her, stroking her ample
tits a few of the bolder men put their fingers to her pussy then put
their fingers into their mouths tasting her juices. Her hands were
guided to a couple of cocks she started stroking them. A man climbed
onto the table between her legs he put his mouth to her pussy for a
moment shoving his tongue inside of her. Charisma groaned in pleasure
at the sensations running through her body.

Holly was brought out on stage, she could see Charisma laying on a
table being played with by a dozen hands. The crowds attention was half
on Charisma as the bidding started on her. The bidding was sluggish and
it hadn’t even hit ten thousand yet, her competitive fire was lit. She
couldn’t let Charisma beat her that badly. She started to strut around
the stage. “Which one of you is going to fuck me?” She asked the
audience and gave them her sexy lopsided grin. The bidding immediately
picked up going to twenty thousand. “Come on all this is worth more
then that.” She stuck her ass out and the bidding went up, it passed
thirty grand and then slowed. The Chief announced that table one had
won. She went to the edge of the stage and climbed onto a mans
shoulders. She was carried to her table, she found she was just a bit
turned on at the situation. Holly laid down on the table and hands
quickly started probing her body.

Amy Jo Johnson was the next one on stage, bidding went quickly as
the men watched Holly and Charisma being touched on the other table.
Amy Jo was soon taken to her table. Beverly Mitchell was brought on
stage, she couldn’t stop crying. the last table knew they were going to
get her so bid almost next to nothing for her. Two cops had to drag her
kicking and screaming to the table. They tied her down hands above her
head and feet tied spread eagle on the table. The Chief announced the
bidding was over and the men were free to use their purchases.

Charisma opened her legs as the first man climbed in between them.
He shoved his small prick into her pussy pumped in and out a few times
and shot off over her stomach. Someone cleaned the spunk off of her as
the next man climbed onto her and jammed a slightly larger cock into
her pussy. A cock was pressing against her lips she opened her mouth
and allowed him to run his cock over her open mouth, another man
alternated with him stroking their cocks over her mouth.

Holly was pushed down the table so that her head was hanging over
the edge. A cock was forced between her lips, it went deep into her
mouth sliding into her throat. He started pumping in and out as Holly
felt a cock penetrate her pussy, it slowly went in and out of her cunt,
exciting Holly. Her hands were moved until they wrapped around a couple
of pricks she started jacking them off.

Amy Jo lay on her stomach on the table. She went to the first prick
and took it into her mouth she took two more cocks into her hands.
After a couple of strokes she moved around pleasuring three more cocks.
She felt someone climb up behind her, she lifted her ass as she felt
his cock probing towards her. He buried his cock in her cunt as more
cocks were presented to her face.

Beverly Mitchell couldn’t stop crying as cocks surrounded her. A
man climbed up between her legs, she was unable to move as he buried
his cock in her young cunt. She opened her mouth to scream in outrage
but a cock was shoved into her mouth, she started sucking on it.
Another man climbed onto her chest and shoved his cock between her tits
he pushed them together and pushed his cock between her tits.

Charisma had gotten a number of the men off then she saw one of the
men climb onto the table and lay down his hard on sticking straight up.
She turned over and climbed atop his prick she rode up and down on her
knees. Another man climbed onto the table presenting his cock to her
face she took him into her mouth. She felt someone climb up behind her
and tried to prepare herself for what she knew was coming. She couldn’t
believe it as a large cock started prodding her rectum, she tried to
relax. Charisma knew he wouldn’t stop till he got in so she decided to
relax and go with it. His cock slipped into her asshole, she
concentrated on sucking the cock in her mouth to keep her mind off the
cock in her ass.

Holly was pushed over until she was on her hands and knees. A man
sat in front of her presenting his cock to her face. Another man
climbed up behind her and shoved his cock into her cunt. She started
moving back and forth as hands kept pawing at her body. Her nipples
were pinched, she felt fingers probing at her asshole. It was all too
much for her and she felt herself cumming, she swallowed as much of the
cock in her mouth as she could to hide her moans of pleasure.

Amy Jo was pushed back and was surprised by the man now sitting
under her, she had been so busy sucking cock she hadn’t noticed him
climb onto the table. She tried to guide his cock into her pussy but
the men kept pulling at her. As she was being forced down she realized
what they intended and screamed out, “No!” It had no effect and her
asshole was forced down till the cock was in contact with her anus. “No
please,” she begged but hands continued to force her down. “OWW,” she
moaned as the cock penetrated her ass. She was forced back her hands
and legs splayed out behind her holding herself up. Another man got
between her legs and shoved his cock into her pussy. She couldn’t
believe the sensations and an orgasm rolled over her body.

Beverly Mitchell was not enjoying the attentions being visited on
her young body. Each man in turn would climb up on the table and
roughly fuck her, until they would shoot their loads over her tits and
face. Cocks were continually shoved into her face and whenever her
mouth opened one would slip inside and she’d be forced to suck him off
until he came down her throat. When everyone had had a chance at her
pussy she was retied face down and the men all took turns at her

Charisma was enjoying the attentions lavished on her body. She now
had cocks in her pussy and ass, another one in her mouth and two more
in her hands. She wanted to make them all cum. When the ones in her
hands would shoot off the cum would land on her tits, the others would
just fill her holes usually pulling out and getting a bit more on her
body. The men in her face especially enjoyed pulling out as they were
cumming and painting her face with their cum. As soon as one would cum
another would take his place, orgasm after orgasm went through
Charisma’s body.

The men at Holly’s table saw Charisma and Amy Jo taking it up the
ass and decided to do it to her. Holly felt the first cock of the night
penetrate her tight ass, he quickly shot his load into her asshole,
coating the way for the next cock. A man climbed under Holly and pushed
his cock into her pussy and started sucking at her nipples. Holly went
back getting all the cock into her pussy and ass she could. She would
come off them and bury the cock in front of her in her throat. Holly
was having orgasm after orgasm as her body was violated over and over

Amy Jo took all the men in her ass at least once and most took at
least one turn at her pussy. When the men came back for seconds they
all wanted her ass. A man was always under her, she was forced to sit
on their cocks and lay back so the men could stroke their cocks while
standing over her. Every so often one of the men would shoot off aiming
for her face or tits.

When the men could no longer get it up any longer they started to
sit around the tables and watch, sometimes that would allow them to
recharge but eventually the girls wore all of them out. As the last of
them finished up the girls were left laying on the table absolutely
covered in cum. Some of the men came around and took pictures of the
girls. Then they slowly made their way out.

The Chief stood over Charisma. “You did well girls, there is a
shower in back you can use before we take you back to the station.”
Charisma was the first one up, she had to be helped towards the shower.
She stepped in the shower still wearing her white boots, slowly washing
the cum off of her body. As she got out Holly stepped in, their bodies
brushed in passing and Charisma felt an attraction for Holly.

When they had finished showering they were given back the cloaks
they had worn in. They covered themselves as best they could and were
lead back to the cars then taken to the station. They were half carried
into their cells. Beverly collapsed on a bunk, Charisma climbed in next
to her, she felt a certain attraction to Beverly as she put her arms
around the younger girl. Holly was feeling the same thing as she lay
down with Amy Jo.

the end day 2

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