WCW Presents – Diva Brawl

Disclaimer: This story is not at all true, it is pure fiction. All characters are copyrighted and trademarked to the perfomers who portayed them and to WWE INC who owns all WCW trademarks

This story features various combination of F/F, F/F+ etc, a Small M/F scene etc and a mix of VIOLENCE, NC, CON, RAPE, and just about everything else from mast to fist

Characters in this story are: Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, Tammy Lynn Sytch, Miss Hancock, Asya, Mona, Daffney Unger, Chasity, Miss Elizabeth, Gorgeous George, Kimberly Page, Miss Elizabeth, Midajah, Shakira (Not the Singer) Major Gunns, Pamela Paulshock, Madusa,
Torrie Wilson


Written By Frederick “Dice” Casden

(E-Mail: Fred_Dice_Casden@comcast.net AOL IM: FredCasden)

After the 2000 edition of the WCW PPV Slamboree went of the air, Vince Russo and Erich Bischoff made their way to ring as Jeff Jarrett, DDP, Kanyon, David Arquette, and Mike Awesome head to the back. Russo motions for the cage to stay down around the ring as Bischoff gets the mic.

“Hold on folks… don’t head for those exits just yet… there is still one more match for you to enjoy…” Eric gets a big grin on his face. Russo gets his own microphone.

“That’s right… you don’t think this will be a wrestling pay-per-view without an appearance or two or a half doze by some women do you?” Russo asks, the crowd sits down to see what is going to be taking place.

“Now what’s going to happen now folks… is that some of the lovely women on the WCW roster will come down to the ring and compete in a hardcore match.”

“That’s right Eric… but the rules of this match are not that of your typical hardcore match… for the only way to win is to be the last woman still conscious… after…” Russo smirks, “Eric I can’t say it, this was your idea, and so the honor is yours…”

“Thank you Vince… “ Eric grins like cat. “The only way to win is to be the only women left standing after everyone else has passed out from orgasms or is knocked out. Now we don’t care how it’s done…just as long as it’s done. Some of you may wonder why we would put our women through it and the answer is…”

“Because we can.” Russo laughs, “But to ensure the “rules” are followed… we have a very special guest referee…” Russo and Bischoff then leave the cage-enclosed ring and make their way to the back after Russo hands Ring Announcer David Penzer a card. Penzer shakes his head and then exchanges words with the WCW Announce team before they leave the ringside area. Penzer then raises his microphone to make the announcement.

“The following contest is a Triple X Hardcore Battle Royal… introducing first the special guest referee… Asya!”

The music for the Revolution stable hits and the powerfully built yet stocky woman known as Asya comes out from the back, dressed in a sleeveless referee shirt and black shorts. The crowd boos as Asya makes her way to ring. She enters through the cage door, enters the ring, does a double bicep pose for any fans that want a photo of her. Asya then stands in the corner. Penzer looks at his card as the theme music for Raven during his run in WCW fills the arena.

“And now the participates, first from Short Hills, New Jersey… making her return to World Championship Wrestling… Chastity!” The blond crazed half-sister of Raven makes her way to the ring, wearing a white button shirt, a gray miniskirt, and black stockings with black stilettos. Chastity raises her hand and poses on the ring ramp, but then heads back to behind the curtain. A few moments later, Chastity returns pushing a chart full of weapons, as a WCW Cameraman runs over and aims his camera inside. On the big screen the crowd cheers wildly as they see the weapons inside the cart. Some of them are a fire extinguisher, a few kendo sticks, a lead pipe, two baseball bats, handcuffs, a garbage can, with a view lids inside if it. But there is something else in the cart, and Chastity reaches into to it and pulls out a double-headed dildo, which gets the crowd to their feet. Chastity pushes the cart through the cage door and starts tossing the weapons, and several different kinds of dildos
into the ring. Chastity climbs into the ring and licks her lips as she looks at Asya, but then turns her attention to the entrance ramp with a sick laugher and a familiar shriek echoes over the speakers.

“Now introducing participate number 2, from Atlanta, Georgia, Daffney Unger!” Daffney comes out from the back wearing a black tank top with the words “Liz will die” printed on the front, black tight pants and red shoes. Daffney has her hand behind her back, as if hiding something. Daffney then reveals it to be a large megaphone. Daffney holds it to her mouth and screams, and everyone on the arena covers their ears as Daffney’s straight from hell screech fills the arena. Daffney skips to the ring, enters the cage and rolls into the ring. She’s about to yell into her megaphone again but Asya takes it away from her and tosses it the outside between the cage wall and the ring. Daffney pouts but soon gets a sadistic grin on her face as the music for the Total Package hits.

“Participate number 3, originally from Frankfort, Kentucky, now residing in Cobb County, Georgia, Miss Elizabeth!” Elizabeth comes out from the back and unlike Chastity and Daffney, she is not dressed to compete in any type of match, for she’s wearing a gray dress, dark stockings and high heels. Elizabeth slowly makes her way inside the cage, but doesn’t enter the ring. Instead she makes her way to a corner. “What Up MACH?” The music for the Macho Man Randy Savage starts and Penzer again announces the next participant.

“From Rockford, Illinois. Gorgeous George!” The tiny yet hot Gorgeous George comes out from the back, wearing white sunglasses, silver glittered covered top, white hot pants, and over-knee silver glitter high heel boots. George smiles and blows kisses to the crowd as she makes her way to the ring. George enter the cage and goes over to Elizabeth to see if she wants to form an alliance, but Elizabeth moves away from her after George licks her face while trying to make a deal. The music for Diamond Dallas Page starts and as soon as the word “BANG!” is heard, Penzer goes back to work.

“Now residing in Hollywood, California, Kimberly Page.” Kimberly comes out from the back with an angry look on her face. Wearing a black evening gown and black high heels, Kimberly storms to the ring. Once she gets in the cage and into the ring, she takes off her heels and throws one in the direction of Kimberly & George, and the other at Daffney, Chastity and Asya. Kimberly points to herself yelling it’s all about her. As she rants, the music for the MIA starts to play.

“From Sacramento, California, Major Gunns!” Major Tylene Gunns of the Misfits in Action comes out from the back. Wearing a white tank-top with “Bombs Away” printed on it, green military hot pants, and heavy black high heel boots, Tylene swings an Ammunition Strap over her head and points to every woman in the cage before slapping the ground with the strap. She makes her way to the ring with a determined look on her face. Tylene salutes the fans before she gets into the cage and she stares down each woman. Everyone then looks to the entrance ramp as the letters “N… W…O…” are said and the infamous NWO theme music hits.

“Being escorted to the ring by Shakira, From Seattle, Washington, Midejah!” The two valets for Scott Steiner make their way to the ring, wearing matching pink fluffy top, black & white zebra hot pants and black high heel boots. They barely make it into the ring, when the music for the final participant starts up.

“And From Baltimore, Maryland, Miss Hancock!” The crowd erupts as the tall blond with the 41-inch long legs comes out. Miss Stacy Hancock, wearing her glasses, black jacket, white blouse, black miniskirt and black heels, writes on a small pad of paper with a pen. Stacy then sucks on the pen seductively before heading to the ring. As soon as Stacy enters the cage, Asya motions for the cage door to be locked. A moment later, senior referee Nick Patrick locks the cage door, sealing the 10 women, 9 of whom are participants, the 10th being a referee inside.

Asya signal for the bell to ring and the action begins starts immediately. George turns and immediately rushes Elizabeth, grabbing the older woman by her hair and smashes her faces against the steel cage. Midejah and Shakira both go after Chastity, but are greeted with shots from a kendo stick Chastity picked up when no one was looking. Stacy pairs off with Daffney, and hits her with a spinning kick to the face, sending the Queen of scream down the canvas. Tylene starts chasing Kimberly around the ring, and the Diamond Doll tries to hide behind the mammoth Asya. Asya is not going to have any of it and moves out of the way, giving Tylene an open shot at Kimberly. Tylene tackles her with a spear, then takes two handfuls of hair and begins smashing Kimberly’s head into the mat.

On the outside of the ring, Elizabeth tries to fight George off, but only succeeds in knocking off her sunglasses. George grabs the back of Elizabeth’s dress and rips it down. Elizabeth covers her bra-covered breasts but that leaves her open for George to reach into the ring for a pair of handcuffs. George grabs one of Liz’s hands and handcuffs her to the ring post. Elizabeth kicks wildly to get free, but George dodges her kicks and rips off her bra and panties. George runs her hands all over Elizabeth’s body, squeezing her tits and thighs. Elizabeth scores with a lucky kick to the gut that sends George stumbling against the cage wall.

In the ring, Chastity continues to swing away at Midejah and Shakira with the kendo stick but misses wildly when Midejah ducks. Shakira quickly jumps on the back of Chastity and wraps her arms around her neck to lock in a sleeper hold. Chastity tries to swing her off, and succeeds, but when she turns to face Midejah, she is greeted with a blast from the fire extinguisher. Chastity covers her own eyes, but it’s too late, and now the truly hardcore woman in the match is blinded. Midejah and Shakira both knock Chastity down and work together to rip of Chastity’s attire. Shakira reach over and grabs one of the double headed dildos and hands it to her big-breasted companion.

Midejah gets a smile on her face and as Shakira pins down Chastity, Midejah strips off her own clothes. Midejah swivels her hips as she runs her hands over her own tits. She takes the two-headed dildo and shoves one end into her own pussy. Shakira licks her lips as she looks at her partner and spreads the legs of Chastity. Midejah gets down on her knees and pushes the other end of the dildo into Chastity, who squirms to get free as continues to rub her eyes. Midejah starts thrusting the dildo in and out of Chastity’s pussy, fucking herself at the same time as Shakira leans forwards and cups her tits. Shakira lowers her head and licks between Midejah’s substantial tits making her moan as Midejah drills Chastity.

Elsewhere in the ring, Tylene as Kimberly page bent over her knee. She hikes up her gown, but then decides to rip it off, exposing Kimberly’s beautiful body. Kimberly tries to crawl away, but Tylene holds her firm with one arm as she starts to spank Kimberly’s bare ass with the ammunition belt. Kimberly cries out in pain and tries to roll away from Tylene and succeeds, but not before Tylene makes her ass cheeks bright red. Kimberly rubs her sore ass as she looks around for something she can use. She sees a baseball bat lying nearby and grabs it. Kimberly gets up and into a batter’s stance as Tylene starts to run towards her. Kimberly swings the bat with all her might and connects with Tylene’s stomach.

Tylene double over in pain, clutching her stomach as Kimberly prepares to hit her again. Kimberly raises the bat high and then slams it down across Tylene’s back, sending her down to the canvas. Kimberly kicks her in the side and then rips off her clothes before she sits on Tylene’s back. Kimberly spreads the legs of Major Gunns, then takes the bat and lays it on the mat. Kimberly smirks to the crowd, points to herself, then to Tylene and then to the bat. Kimberly grips the bat by the head and shoves the handle end of it into Tylene’s pussy. Tylene screams as Kimberly shoves the bat deep inside of her cunt. Kimberly then stretches over for a 10-inch dildo. Kimberly licks it a bit before twirling it around in her hand before stabbing it into Tylene’s asshole.

In the middle of the ring, Stacy and Daffney are actually having a wrestling match. They get in a sequence of hold reversals, the ends with Daffney clotheslining Stacy. Ms. Hancock does a 360 in the air and lands on her back, dazed and confused. Daffney rips off her own tights and straddles Stacy’s head before dropping down and grinding her cunt all over the blonds beautiful face. Stacy tries to push Daffney off of her, but the Goth goddess is a bit too strong for her. Daffney turns around on Stacy’s head then reach back with both hands to take hold of Stacy’s skirt to rip it in half, revealing to the world that Stacy doesn’t wear any underwear. Before Daffney can enjoy herself, Stacy pushes her off with a mighty push, sending her flying against the ring ropes.

Stacy picks up a steel pipe, gets to her feet and rushes Daffney with it to clothesline her out of the ring. Daffney has the best of the luck for she lands where her beloved megaphone is lying. Daffney grabs it and aims it right at Stacy’s ear when she sticks her head through the ring ropes to come to the floor. Daffney then yells into the megaphone and her amplified screech hits Stacy’s ears like an atomic blast. Stacy covers her ears and ends up falling to the floor between the cage and the ring, crying. Daffney grins darkly as she reaches into the ring for the biggest strap on dildo she can grab. She puts it on and thinks about continuing with Stacy, until she sees the woman she hates most, Miss Elizabeth, handcuffed to a ring post getting double fist fucked by Gorgeous George.

George does notice Daffney approaching and continues to punch-fuck Elizabeth’s pussy. The oldest woman in this contest screams for her to stop and as her eyes closed tightly, hoping for someone to save her. Daffney finally reaches her and rips George’s hands out of Liz’s pussy. George tries to attach Daffney, but the pale skinned woman reverses her attempted punch by grabbing her blond hair, and then smashing her head against the edge of ring, knocking George out. Asya comes out of the ring to check on George and sees she is totally knocked out. Asya picks up the blond and carries her to the cage door. She sits her there so no one will do anything to her.

Daffney then turns her attention to Elizabeth, who has just opened her eyes to thank who ever stopped George. Elizabeth’s eyes go wide as she sees Daffney moving her legs apart and stepping between them. Daffney presses the head of the strap-on to Elizabeth’s pussy, grins at her, and then pushes it in. Elizabeth screams a bit as Daffney begins to fuck her. Daffney moves her hands to Elizabeth’s tits and pinches her nipples hard while moving the dildo in and out of her cunt.

In the ring, Chastity has just managed to push Shakira off of her body and has rolled so she’s onto of Midejah. The hardcore blond takes control of the double-headed dildo and rips it out of her own cunt. She takes it of Midejah’s pussy, but then replaces it with a kendo stick Chastity shoves it long wooden rod deep in Midejah’s pussy, making her scream. Chastity is a bit surprised that Midejah starts to push her hips against the stick as Chastity fucks her. Shakira watches her best friend get fucked and thinks about betraying her so she can fuck her too, but chooses to do the ring thing. She looks around the ring for something she can use to knock out Chastity, but is soon knocked out by Miss Hancock, who uses the steel pipe to almost take off Shakira’s head.

Stacy throws down the pipe and rips off Shakira’s clothes, followed by removing what’s left of her own. Stacy grabs Shakira’s legs and drags her to a corner. She lifts her up and hangs the unconscious woman upside down, putting her in the Tree of Woe. Stacy picks up a dildo and jams it into Shakira’s pussy. Stacy pumps the dildo in and out like a plunger. Shakira is practically lifeless, and bleeding a bit from where Stacy hit her. Asya comes over to check on Shakira and rules that she’s no longer fit to continue. Asya pushes Stacy away from her and lifts her off the turnbuckles. But Stacy doesn’t take to kindly to it and attacks Asya with the pipe, and beats down the muscular guest referee with it.

Meanwhile, Tylene has Kimberly tied in the ring ropes and is in between her legs while on her knees. Tylene has her face buried in Kimberly’s twat, licking it wildly. Kimberly tries to get free, but the pleasure Tylene is giving her. Tylene stops licking her cunt and grabs a vibrator and at a strap-on dildo. She turns the vibrator to it’s highest speed and slides it into pussy. Tylene then puts the strap-on on Kimberly and makes sure it holds the vibrator in the Diamond Doll’s cunt. Tylene grabs the dildo and pushes it against Kimberly to move the vibrator around inside of her cunt. Kimberly’s eyes roll to the back of her head as she cries out from an orgasm that rips through her body. Kimberly is still conscious though, and Stacy comes over to give Tylene an assist by sucking on Kimberly’s jugs.

On the outside of the ring, Daffney is steadily fucking the crying Elizabeth’s pussy non-stop. Daffney grins and slaps her face several times. Elizabeth begs for her to stop and that she gives up as she cums suddenly. Daffney pulls out of her cunt, takes the strap-on off and shoves it into Elizabeth’s mouth. Daffney then rolls into the ring to grab a baseball bat, and then she rolls back out. Elizabeth sees the bat in her hand as Daffney acts like she’s going to swing it at her head. Daffney however turns the bat around in hand a few times before deciding on what she is going to do. Daffney kicks Liz’s legs apart and presses the bat head against the entrance of her cunt. Elizabeth shakes her head, but Daffney sadistically laughs as she jams the bat into her twat. Elizabeth screams a screech that could turn a turn any one’s blood cold. Daffney continues to fuck Elizabeth’s pussy with the baseball pat until the former manager of the Mega Powers passes out from the pain. Daffney pouts
that her ‘toy’ is no long conscious, but she presses her body against Elizabeth’s and licks her face to see if she can wake her up again.

In the ring Chastity starts to tire out from fucking Midejah with the double-headed pussy. She pulls out the dildo out of her own pussy, and sees that Midejah is fairly weak from what she has put her through. Chastity looks tries to catch her breath but Stacy knocks her down from behind. Ms. Hancock gets a mean look on her beautiful face but then licks her lips as she looks at the worn out Midejah. Stacy bends down and picks up a pair of handcuffs, then she drags Midejah out of the ring. She stands her up and handcuffs one of her hands to the cage. Stacy goes back into the ring and gets another set of handcuffs, then she goes back to Midejah to handcuff her other hand to the cage wall. Stacy slaps Midejah twice and then grabs her massive tits. Stacy licks them both, and completely slobbers over the canyon Midejah’s tits form when pressed together. Midejah can’t do anything but moan as Stacy licks her tits. Stacy moves head up and licks Midejah’s lips before kissing her. Stacy slid
es her tongue into Midejah’s mouth as moves a hand between her legs to rub her pussy. Midejah moans in surprise and pleasure as Stacy breaks the kiss and whispers into her ear.

Back with Tylene and Kimberly, Tylene laughs at Kimberly as she struggles to get free from the ring-ropes while also fighting off the unwanted pleasure the vibrator in her cunt is giving her. Tylene slaps her face, before turning around to focus on someone else but is hit in the stomach with a kendo stick by Chastity. She goes to Kimberly and frees her from the ring ropes, and helps her gets the strap-on off to get the vibrator out of her pussy. Kimberly throws her arms around Chastity in gratitude, but then DDTs her into the mat. Kimberly gets back to her feet and her eyes lock onto Tylene who is doubled over in pain. Kimberly takes advantage and hits the Diamond Cutter on Tylene. Kimberly starts to stomp on Tylene, completely pays no heed to Chastity who has recovered from the DDT. Chastity fumes and picks up the fire extinguisher and hits it Kimberly on the back of the head with it. The Diamond Doll goes down in a heap, but Chastity isn’t through with her, for she kicks her over
, mounts her and starts biting her forehead until she draws blood. Chastity licks the blood off of her forehead and then looks around to see who’s left.

Chastity quickly sees that Tylene is still able to compete as she crawls to the ring ropes to pull herself up. On the outside of the ring, she sees Daffney playing with the unconscious body of Miss Elizabeth, and Stacy pleasuring a handcuffed to the cage Midejah. Chastity goes to a corner of the ring and sits down to take an extended breather as Tylene rolls out of the ring, gets her ammo belt and starts to head towards Daffney. Daffney doesn’t notice Tylene approaching until Tylene hits her across the back with her ammo belt. Daffney screams out in pain as she goes down to her knees. Tylene kicks Daffney and steps on the back of her neck, followed by smacking Daffney’s ass with the ammo belt. Daffney squirms to get free as. Tylene then sits on Daffney and wraps the ammo belt around Daffney’s arms to restrain her arms. Tylene picks her up and rolls Daffney into the ring. Daffney tries to free her hands but Tylene made sure to secure the belt tightly around her arms.

Meanwhile, Stacy has just un-handcuffed Midejah from the cage wall and the leggy blond and the big-breasted brunette slide sneak around on the outside of the ring to where Chastity is resting in the corner. The two allies go undetected by Chastity and they reach into the ring and grab her legs. Chastity quickly stands up to try and run away from the corner to plan a counter attack, but Stacy and Midejah trip her and then introduces her crotch to the ring post. Stacy and Midejah then put the handcuffs on Chastity’s ankles to keep her from going any wear. Both women get in the ring and Midejah picks up a kendo stick and likes one end of it before offering to Stacy for her to do the same. Midejah then rolls out of the ring and as if playing pool, lines up the kendo stick with Chastity’s cunt and then shoves it in. Chastity’s eyes bug out and she tries to crawl away, but the handcuffs on her ankles hold her against the ring post. Stacy sits in front of Chastity, with her legs spread wi
de apart, and grabs Chastity’s head and makes her eat her pussy. Chastity doesn’t eat her out and tries everything she can do to push Stacy away, but Midejah is fucking her pussy with the kendo stick and Stacy is smothering her with her pussy. The former ECW valet soon starts to pass out but not before she cums on the Kendo stick.

Once Stacy and Midejah are through with Chastity, they go over to Tylene who is standing over Daffney taunting her. Stacy and Midejah both rub Tylene’s body and the trio then share a three-way tongue kiss. When they break the kiss they all look down at Daffney licking their lips as to what they are going to do to the Scream Queen. As Stacy and Midejah bend down to pick Daffney up the lights go out in the arena. When the lights come back on, the door to the cage is open and four more women enter the ring the ring. The new comers are Torrie Wilson, Madusa, Pamela Paulshock and Tammy Lynn Sytch. Madusa has a pair of bolt cutters in her hands and she clocks Midejah with them, busting her open and knocking her out instantly.

Stacy and Tylene turn and face the new challenges. Torrie rushes forward to tackle Stacy, but Stacy dodges and hits her with her patented spinning kick. Torrie goes down in a short, but Pamela jumps on Stacy’s back and locks in a chokehold. Stacy staggers around and ends up falling over. Pamela keeps the chokehold on Stacy as Tammy bends down and buries her face between her legs. Tammy slides her tongue all over Stacy’s pussy before pushing it into her slit. Stacy moans and coughs for air at the same time as she arches her hips to press them against Tammy’s face. Pamela tightens the hold she has on her and chokes Stacy out as the hot blond cums on Tammy’s face.

Meanwhile, Tylene and Madusa are circling each other, each with a determined look on their faces. The two of them lock up and Madusa quickly gets behind Tylene and his her with a German suplex. Tylene folds up like an accordion, but is not knocked out. Madusa then kicks Daffney over and removes the ammo belt that is bind her arms. Madusa turns to Tylene and raises the belt above her head to strike her, but Daffney shocks the world by getting behind Madusa, yanking down her bikini bottoms and punches her hand into Madusa’s asshole with relative ease. The sudden entry causes Madusa to go down to her hand and knees. Daffney fists the holy hell out of Madusa’s ass as Tylene recovers from the German Suplex. She picks up a dildo and reaches underneath Madusa to shove it into her pussy. The former Women’s Champion is crying out in a mixture of pain and pleasure that is capped off with Torrie surprising everyone by picking up a kendo stick and breaking it over the back of Madusa’s head, kn
ocking her out cold.

Daffney rips her and out Madusa’s brutalized asshole and gets to her feet, as does Tylene. The Queen of Scream and Major Gunns breathe heavily as they stare down Tammy and Torrie. Daffney and Tylene realize that the two blonds are there to take advantage of their weakened condition, so they quickly form an alliance. Daffney and Tylene rush forward and tackle both blonds, Daffney taking Torrie, and Tylene taking Tammy. Daffney grabs Tammy’s legs and quickly buries her face in her twat. Daffney eats her out savagely, her tongue slapping over ever. Tylene does the same to Torrie for a bit before she slides her fingers into her pussy. Tammy and Torrie are quickly overwhelmed with what they are feeling and they both cum hard. Daffney and Tylene stand up and they each pull their girl out of the ring on separate sides and then smash the heads of Tammy and Torrie into the ring posts, opening them up and knocking them out.

Daffney and Tylene both go back into the ring and look at each other. Both of them are sweating, both are exhausted, and both are determined to win. Around them inside the cage, the unconscious bodies of the other woman lay about, some bloodied, some sleeping. Daffney and Tylene meet in the middle of the ring. Everyone thinks that they are going to fight it out, to determine a winner, but they softly kiss each other. Daffney stands on her tiptoes and wraps her arms around the taller woman as they slide their tongues into each other’s mouths. Tylene and Daffney go down to the mat in an embrace Both women caress each other’s bodies, cupping each other’s tits before moving a hand to each other’s pussy. Tylene and Daffney each fuck the other with their fingers, but Daffney soon gets a devilish smirk on her face. With ease Daffney turns her hand a bit and forces all of it into Tylene’s cunt. Tylene screams out as Daffney pumps her whole hand in and out of her. Daffney then shoves herse
lf into Tylene, getting almost her entire forearm inside of Tylene, whose pussy tightens around Daffney’s arm has she cums hard. Daffney has to put a foot against Tylene’s body to get her arm out. When she does, Daffney licks her arm clean before picking up a baseball bat. Tylene rolls onto her stomach in pain, but determined to get revenge. She gets to her knees, but Daffney then nearly takes her head off with the baseball bat. Tylene is immediately knocked out and Daffney starts to parade around the ring in victory.

“And the winner of the match… Daffney!” Vince Russo comes out from the back with a microphone in hand to congratulate Daffney on her win. He enters the cage, climbs into the ring, then addresses the crowd. “This is the future of WCW right here… with Daffney we are going straight to the top!”

Russo then turns to shake Daffney’s hand and the deviant woman cracks the bat over his head, busting him open and knocking him out in the process. Daffney then sits down on Russo’s fallen body as blood trickles out of his head. She tweaks her nipple with one hand as she slides the other down to her pussy. She slides two fingers into her own cunt and starts to masturbate as she looks around at the carnage. Daffney stretches to her right a grabs the steel pipe. Daffney grins wickedly as she positions it at her cunt entrance, and then slowly eases it in. Daffney’s body reacts to the cold object with slight quiver, but as soon as she can, Daffney fucks herself with the pipe. She arches her back and lays back on Russo’s body, using him as a pillow. After a few moments Daffney climaxes on the pipe and lets out one of her hellish screams in pleasure before she passes out.

The crowd, which has been in stunned silence for most of the match, soon erupts in applause as Daffney’s music plays. EMTs, Road Agents and other WCW personal rush to the ring as the cage is raised. In the backstage area, Eric Bischoff looks at a monitor as Mona, the only woman not to compete in the match, sucks his cock.

“You were right Mona… that was indeed a great idea…” Bischoff moans as Mona bobs her head on his cock. Mona lifts her head up and smirks at him as she presses her tits around his dick.

“A deal’s a deal right? I’m getting my release?” Mona asks as she moves her tits up and down on his cock.

“Yes… we still do… I’d hate to lose you… especially after tonight…” Bischoff moans in reply, “Just… ride me… make me cum… and you’re outta here…”

“Yes sir…” Mona grins as she stands up, and then sits on his cock. Bischoff moves his head to suck on her large tits as Mona rides his cock as hard and as fast as she can. Bischoff doesn’t last long under Mona’s assault and soon cums inside of her sweet pussy. Mona gets off of his cock, gathers her clothes and heads to the door. She gets a grin on her face as she says, “WWF… here I cum…”


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