Waking Up: Victoria Justice

Title: Waking Up: Victoria Justice

Author: LazyNinjas

Celebs: Victoria Justice

Codes: MF, cons, oral, body swap

Disclaimer:   This story is fictitious. None of it has or ever will happen.

The time that I had spent in the body of red headed beauty Emma Stone was a time I swear I’m never going to forget. I think it would be pretty hard to forget waking up in the body of a nominated actress, going to the Oscar’s, presenting an award, and finally get said actress fucked by a cute waiter in the bathroom. The night was over and I couldn’t keep Emma’s beautiful eyes open. Slowly climbing into her bed, I started to wonder why I never got a call or heard from Emma. I thought maybe it was just her being in shock or something.  Either way, I slowly drifted asleep, eagerly waiting to see what I was going to be in for when I awoke in my body.

The next morning was a surprise to say the least. I had woken up to the sun shining brightly on my face like it did every other morning. The next thing I felt was a feeling I had recognized, but it was a feeling I had come to despise. The headache that was pounding in my head like a set of bongos was the usual headache I had when I drank alcohol, but this wasn’t my normal alcohol headache. It was a vodka headache. I realized Emma must have gotten into my good liquor cabinet. I got out of bed to go get an Aspirin when I felt a breeze where I know I really shouldn’t be feeling one. I was quite shocked when I looked down to find out that Emma had decided that my normal shaving habits simply weren’t good enough for her. All of the hair I had down there was completely gone. Looking across the room, I saw a piece of paper taped to my mirror. Opening the letter, I read what Emma had wrote.

“Hi Dan. This is Emma from your body. I’m just letting you know that it was me who drank your vodka and shaved your sack. I went to the bar to see if I could pick up another girl while in a man’s body and it totally worked! I took her back to your place and we got insanely drunk and she wouldn’t give me a blowjob unless I shaved it all off. I’m gonna repay you for the vodka we drank. I’m leaving you my number so you can hopefully call me back if we ever swap back. Hope you enjoyed the Oscar’s for me!


“Well, that’s nice of her to pay for my vodka,” I thought as I refolded the letter and placed it on my nightstand. It was completely weird to be completely shaven down there, but I’m getting my rather expensive vodka replaced, so I could get used to it.

The next thing I did was check my phone for any messages that I might have missed while attending the Oscars. I looked through my email and all I ended up getting was spam and junk mail. I looked at my texts next and I see that Grandma had texted me that she found something in grandpa’s belongings that could really help me with this “family ability” thing. Good thing I was off work for the next week cause I was heading out to grandma’s house!

After putting on some underwear, a red shirt, and  my favorite pair of jeans, I was off to go get whatever grandma said she found for me.

As I drove the lengthy 3 hours to her home, my mind raced about what grandma found that could possibly help me at least learn how to control this so called “gift”.

I pulled into her driveway and parked my car. Getting out of the vehicle, grandma opened her arms wide, giving me one of her famous hugs.

“Daniel! It’s so nice to see you again,” she said with a smile that could light up the room.

“Hey grandma. I know you’ve got to be somewhere so I’ll take what you found of grandpa’s.”

“I’ve got it right here dear,” she said handing me a notebook. “This was his secret journal. I didn’t even know about it until I found it. Hope it’s of some use dear. Now grandma’s going to win at bingo this time.”

With that, grandma was on her way to bingo and I was on my way home, ready to see if grandpa left something behind to help me with my “gift”.

As I got back into my car and headed back home, I hoped that this secret journal of grandpa’s can help me control this. If I can’t learn how this “gift” works, I can kiss my personal life goodbye. I was so tempted to just pull over to the side of the road, but I decided it would be better to wait until I got home.

After a 2 hour drive, I had finally gotten back home. I parked my car in the garage and grabbed grandpa’s journal out of the back seat. I walked up the steps to my door. Grabbing my keys, I quickly open the door and dart to my desk. I took a moment to take a deep breath and calm my nerves. Hoping for the best, I opened grandpa’s journal.

To my surprise the first page was blank. So was the second page, and the third, and the fourth. I turned page after page but it was all blank. I felt so disappointed. As I got towards the back half of the journal I felt lied to. The pages were still blank until  the second to last page. There wasn’t much written on that page, but I decided to read what grandpa decided was important for me to know.

It answered a lot of the questions about the “gift” that were burning inside like a campfire.  The best news that grandpa’s journal had to offer was how the “gift” worked. The “gift” was like a disease in the sense that it would have “flares” or times when it became active before becoming dormant again. Flares can last for months or years before dying out again for around the same time. Another bit of great news I learned about the “gift” was that optical stimulation, or in non-fancy terms, seeing someone either in person or by a picture/video before sleeping helps the chances of waking up in the body of someone that I wanted to swap bodies with.

The very last thing the journal said was grandpa talking directly to me. He said that he hoped this information was helpful in understanding what was happening to me. He also told me that he loved me and he was proud of me. After reading all of the information that grandpa had supplied, it was around 9pm.

Knowing now that I somewhat could at least target this ability more, I thought about who I was going to try and wake up as tomorrow. I wondered about trying to be some random girl this time, but my mind often went back to being in the body of a celeb. I mean my times as Taylor and Emma were both amazing, why not be another celeb?

My mind went into overdrive thinking of a celeb I could possibly swap with. Should I swap with a young starlet? Or should I swap with someone one who has some real star power? The choices were overwhelming. I thought about it and decided I should choose someone who isn’t too wild in their personal life. It might be fun to let them walk on the wild side for 1 night.  There was no harm in that right? Now should I be someone who was a shyer person in nature or someone who’s just a total stuck up bitch? I kept thinking and thinking about who to be but one person always came back into my mind, Victoria Justice.

Victoria seemed like a down to Earth goody two shoes who deserved to have a wild night out on the town. So I went onto my laptop and searched on Google for pictures of her.  I had no idea if I just needed to look at the photos or concentrate on them so I just scrolled through some galleries of her. If there was one thing she really had going for her besides her incredible body, it was her smile. If anything that grandpa’s journal was correct, I would be soon wearing that smile.  After taking a half an hour to focus on her pictures, my eyes and my mind were telling me that it was bed time. So I went upstairs and jumped into bed, hoping that if I was going to swap, it wouldn’t be a complete surprise to see who I had become. Soon after that, I drifted into a nice slumber.

The next morning had me in a haze. I had awoken from a pretty deep sleep. I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings. It was definitely not my home that was for sure.  I slowly get up out of bed. Sitting up I look down and see a pair of 32B sized breasts sitting there, completely uncovered. I pulled the blanket off of my new body and see that I am definitely in the body of a female, and a completely naked one at that. I look down at my new pussy to see it wasn’t completely shaven.

“What a cute little pussy I’ve got here,” I thought to myself as I lightly brushed my hand against the lips, sending a shudder throughout my new body.

I need to see if I am who I really think I am, so I got out of the bed and look back at the bed to see what I least expected to be there. In the bed was a completely naked man. I try to be as quiet as possible as   I walk into the bathroom where the only mirror in the area was.  As I look at my reflection, I’m very happy to discover I was in the body of actress Victoria Justice.


“Sweet, it actually worked,” I whispered to myself so I wouldn’t wake up the sleeping man in the room.

I stare intensely into the mirror to look over Victoria’s beautiful features. I focused on her beautiful dark brown eyes first. They were absolutely breathtaking. I look down a little lower and can’t take my eyes off of her incredible cheekbones. When I finally look down, I’m met by her beautiful slim figure. Before I can focus on her more womanly features, I hear something.

“If I had the body you had, I would be checking myself out like that too,” the man who was in the bed told me. I looked down at him and saw he like Victoria, also didn’t bother to wear any underwear to bed. His cock was standing at complete attention.

As I’m trying to digest what’s happening, the man comes up behind me and starts caressing Victoria’s breasts. Her breasts weren’t as sensitive as Emma’s but it was an unbelievable feeling. As one of his hands kept messaging her breasts, his other hand slowly slid down her stomach and slowly made its way into Victoria’s dampening snatch.

“Why don’t we have a quickie before I got to go?” he said as he lips slowly approached Victoria’s. With the rush of Victoria’s hormones coursing throughout her body, there was no way for me to say no. The man’s tongue invaded her mouth as I made her tongue return the favor. He took his hands and grabbed on to Victoria’s butt cheeks as he lifted me up so I could put Victoria’s legs around his waist. I place her arms around him as he takes me back into the bed room where he gently places me back on the bed.

With Victoria’s pussy right there, this guy didn’t waste any time.  As I fell on my back, he had started to insert himself into Victoria’s hungry snatch.  His hands slid up from her ass to her hips , pulling himself further and further inside her walls.

“Oh fuck!” I screamed in Victoria’s voice screamed as he forced all seven inches into her pussy. I had felt dicks go into the body I was occupying  before, but something about this guy’s dick felt special. Unlike the dicks before, his left no room in Victoria’s tight vagina. I could feel his cock rub against Victoria’s inner walls and it was even better than my time as Emma Stone. I took a deep breath as I continued to feel the man’s thick cock sliding in and out of her tight cunt.

“God damn I love how fucking tight you are,” he said as he started pumping himself in and out at a rate that satisfied Victoria’s body. As he continued to pump himself away, he took his hands and roughly grabbed Victoria’s breasts. It’s felt like a sea of pleasure as both the lower and upper halves of her body were overloading me with pleasure.

I wanted to let Victoria’s voice moan out as this complete stranger took Victoria’s body into a state of complete sexual bliss. Taylor and Emma’s bodies had both responded well to sex but Victoria was on a completely different level. While being in Victoria, having sex was like finally getting to scratch that itch on your lower back that you can never reach on your own. Taylor and Emma were great, but Victoria was definitely my favorite at the moment.

I took the initiative and started to buck Victoria’s hips in sync with the man’s thrusts, getting all I could from the force of our movements to finally get the much needed release both of us desperately needed. His hands took me by surprise as he flipped me on Victoria’s stomach. He realigned himself, quickly entering Victoria from behind with a great amount of force. He resumed his pumping as both hands took hold of Victoria’s breasts. I was lost in ecstasy as he palmed Victoria’s needy and sensitive nipples in his hands. I couldn’t control the moaning or the volume of my moans as my pleasure center became overstimulated.

“I can’t hold it any longer. Here it comes,” the man said as felt him tense up. His warm, hot cum started to spit out of his cock and into Victoria’s womb. The warmth of all his semen entering Victoria was all her body apparently needed as I felt her own fluids quickly flood in as well. I let out a low toned moan as the feeling of the two liquids mixing inside felt absolutely incredible.

“That was amazing as usual Vic,” he said.

“Thanks, you weren’t too bad this time around yourself Alfonso,” I said as I also realized my ability to use her memories must be kicking in. I looked into her memories and discovered the man’s name was Alfonso Munoz, a friend and occasional fuck buddy of Victoria’s. He grabbed his clothes and rushed to redress himself.

“That was fun Victoria. Same time next week?” he asked.

“Yeah sure. See you Alfonso,” I told him as I gave him Victoria’s adorable smile and a cute girly wave. Alfonso tipped his hand and left.

Leaving me completely alone, I took a minute to just take another quick look at Victoria’s naked body in the bathroom mirror. I have to admit it was pretty hot looking at the mix of cum and juices leaking their way down Victoria’s leg. Out of curiosity I scooped up some of the mixture with her finer and taste it.

“Yummy,” I thought to myself as I slowly and seductively licked it off finger by finger in the mirror. As I continued to concentrate on enjoying the cum mixture I was sampling, I jumped as I heard the sound of Victoria’s phone. Before I go to answer the phone, I look in the mirror and give myself a sexy wink. I walked over to her dresser and looked at the number of the caller. Not surprisingly, it was my phone number, which meant it was my number.
“Just pick up the phone and don’t sound like you just had sex,” I tell myself before answering.

“Hello?”I said into the phone expecting Victoria to either be mad as hell or extremely upset, but she sounded rather calm.

“Is this Dan?” She asked.

“Yeah, that would normally be me,” I said as I heard her chuckle at my attempt at being funny.

“Well I’m normally Victoria and this is officially the weirdest way to meet someone in the history of ever,” she said as I giggled at her joke. There was an awkward silence as we both tried to think about where this conversation was going. I decided then and there to be as direct as possible and tell her.

“So, I’m guessing you want to know why you randomly woke up in my body.”

“You know why we woke up like this?” Victoria asked, clearly shocked.

“I do. In my nightstand, I have a book. Open the book and read the first 3 pages. I wrote it in case this happened again.”

“Okay, I found your book,” Victoria said. “Just give me a minute to read it.”

I gave Victoria a couple of minutes to read the very short 3 page summary about everything related to “the gift”. Mainly explaining how it’s a one day thing and it’s something I don’t really have any control over (until now at least).

“So does this happen to you every day?” Victoria asked.

“No. It’s every other day or so. I think “the gift” is like s battery that needs to charge before it activates again,” I explained to Victoria.

“Interesting. So no real way to control it?”

“Not yet, but I’m working on it. You know Victoria, I’m really impressed at how well you’re handling this.”

“Thanks. To be honest, I’ve always wanted to see what having a dick is like.”

Victoria was about to say something when she remembered that she went to bed with Alfonso last night.

“Oh my god!”

“What’s wrong?” I asked, worried she just did something to my body.

“You woke up next to Alfonso, didn’t you? Is he okay?”

“Yeah he’s fine. We both woke up around the same time, had a quickie, and he went to work,” I said before I realized that I should have kept the part about the quickie to myself.

“Wait a minute. You’ve already had sex in my body?” Victoria asked.

“I’m so sorry Victoria, it just happened,” I said franticly before Victoria intervened. .

“Dan! Slow down! I’m not mad. I can’t really blame you. I know how horny I get in the morning and Alfonso was already naked in my bed. I just expect you to not get mad if I go out and try to use this dick.”

“I have no problem with that,” I replied.

“So we should probably discuss if either of us have anywhere to be today.”

“Yeah. That’s a good idea. I don’t know if I having anything going on off the top of my head, but if I do, it will be in the calendar app on my phone.”

“Got it. I took the week off so you’re free to do as you want. Just don’t go too crazy,” I told Victoria.

“Sounds good to me. Call me if you need me. I’ll be out using this big dick. Bye-bye Dan.”

“Talk to you later Victoria,” I said before hanging up the phone.

“That went a lot better than expected,” I thought to myself as I began to search through her phone for her calendar app.

It took a little bit as her phone was cluttered and poorly organized, but I eventually found her calendar app and her to do list for today. The only thing she had on her schedule was some type of party with some initials I couldn’t understand that was around 7pm.  The rest of her schedule had nothing else important on it so I assumed it was all free time to do what I wanted after that.

I look at the time and seeing it was only 11:40 in the morning, I knew I had some time to mess around in her house. I decided to look around and snoop through her bedroom.  There wasn’t really much to her bedroom, besides the previously mentioned bathroom. There was just her bed, a couple of drawers and a window that gave a glimpse to the beautiful scenery that surrounded Victoria’s home.  My curious side got the best of me, so I looked around in Victoria’s drawers until I found her impressive collection of underwear.

As I begin poking through her underwear drawer, I see an interesting bra and pantie set on the very bottom of the pile. I pull the pair out of the drawer and take a closer look at them. Looking at them, I see they have matching cheetah patterns on them.

“I have to see what this looks like on her,” I thought to myself as I set the bra on the bed and start with the panties. I grab the elastic and put Victoria’s legs through the holes. As I slowly pull the panties up from Victoria’s legs, the feel of silk rubbing her legs sent a little chill throughout her body.  After getting the panties all the way up, I take a moment and just admire the extremely sexy panties currently on Victoria.

The panties feel smooth against Victoria’s skin. Turning around and staring at her ass in the mirror, I couldn’t help shaking Victoria’s hips as I watch her jiggling butt. After spending a minute or so watching her beautiful butt jiggle all around I grab the matching bra. I’ve had more than enough experience now with these pesky things, so I’m able to get it on much easier than before. The inside of the bra made Victoria’s nipple poke out as they rubbed against the fabric. Turning around and staring at the sexy woman in leopard print before me, I strike some poses and take some photos on her phone.

“God damn she’s just gorgeous,” I comment to myself as I make her pout in the mirror. I turn to the side so get some good butt pics and such to send to my email (for later use of course).  Getting back on track, I find a grey t-shirt and a nice pair of grey leggings that made Victoria’s butt pop out. Getting on some shoes, I decide I have some time before I go to take a look around Victoria’s house.

Her home wasn’t the size of a mansion like Taylor’s home or Emma’s home was, but it was still pretty elegant. It was built like a summer home with the wood design, which gave it a very welcoming feel to the place. I took a look at the clock on the wall and saw I had about a half hour until I was supposed to be at Buena Vista Studios for the voice acting session. Victoria said it wasn’t a career defining role, but she spoke about like it was such. I began to wonder why this seemingly normal role meant so much to Victoria. I use my abilities to look through Victoria’s mind and learn more about the role.

Taking a little bit of searching to finally find it, I access all that Victoria knows about it. From what she knew, the role was for an R-Rated animated comedy that was filled with blood, gore, violence, and of course sex. I begin looking for the reason or reasons that Victoria had decided to take on this role. I found the reason and I wasn’t surprised in the slightest. She wanted to prove she was no longer a Nickelodeon girl anymore and that she’s ready for more risqué and adult roles. Then I found the biggest reason why she was so insistent on me not missing the session. It was because at this recording session, it was just going to be her and Josh Gorman, the director.

I have heard of Josh and have seen a couple of his movies. I thought he was a very good up and coming director. Victoria on the other hand, couldn’t care less about his movies. She had a huge crush on Josh. Feeling how Victoria’s body was responding to me thinking about Josh, I could tell she wanted him badly. Just the thought of him was making Victoria’s snatch wet in excitement.

“Well then. If Victoria really wants this guy in her pants, I’d be more than happy to help her out,” I thought to myself. I looked at the clock and saw that I really didn’t have much time left before I needed to make my way over to the studio. I accessed Victoria’s mind to find out where she put her house and car keys. I go over to the night stand and in the second shelf from the bottom, the keys were there like Victoria’s mind told me they were. I leave her room and walk down the stairs with her keys in hand, eagerly awaiting my little rendezvous with Josh.
Victoria’s body was aching in excitement at the mere thought of spending time with the man. It sent a heat to her nether region that wasn’t as intense or pleasure as it had been in previous bodies. I step out the front door and I make sure that I lock the front door. I turned towards the driveway and a big smile came over me as I saw Victoria’s sweet ride. I’m not normally a guy who gushes over a car, but I can appreciate a really nice car when I see one.

Victoria was driving a brand new silver Mercedes-Benz. I open the car and sit in the driver’s seat. Looking at the interior of the car, she had some pink fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror which was a touch I personally liked. She also had a pink fuzzy cover on her steering wheel. I place my hands on the steering wheel and notice how nice the fuzz feels against Victoria’s small soft hands. The car had a push to start button so I pressed the button and put the car into drive and drive out of Victoria’s driveway.

I was dreading heading out into the rough L.A. traffic but this recording session was extremely important to Victoria. I also wasn’t going to pass up the chance to have sex in her body again. There was something about Victoria and her bodies’ reaction during sex that made all of the feelings stronger than they did in Taylor and Emma’s bodies combined. The feeling was like a drug and I needed my fix soon. I sat in the L.A traffic for what seemed like days but it was only 45 minutes in reality. The thought of just being with Josh made just sitting there and waiting completely unbearable. Finally getting out the busy highway, I was only minutes away from arriving at Buena Vista. A couple of minutes later, I finally made it to the parking lot of the studio.

I parked the car in a spot not too far from the front entrance. I grabbed Victoria’s purse and reached inside for her cell phone. I brought up the calendar app I used earlier and saw the directions to the correct studio building. I approach the front door and I’m greeted by a security guard. He asks me for a valid form of ID and show him Victoria’s driver’s license. He takes a look at it for a second and hands it back to me before letting me pass through. I asked where room 2b was. He told me that I just need to get into the elevator, go to the second floor, and it should be the very last room down the hall.

I thank the security guard and head towards the elevator. I pressed the up button and waited until the doors opened. I pressed the button to the second floor and watch the doors slowly close. I was filled with excitement and lust as the moment was finally here. The doors to the elevator finally opened and I eagerly hopped out of the elevator. I walked down the long hallway until I reach the end of it. Just like the security guard said, 2b was right there. I tried to open the door, but it was locked. I knocked on the door and waited there for a moment until I heard the twisting of the doorknob. The door opened and there he was, the man of the hour.

He looked just like he did in the tabloids (which I only read in the line at the grocery store I swear). He was tall. I would say he was around 6’5 or 6’6. He had warm blue eyes that you just wanted to swim in. He had short black hair that looked soft to the touch. He had a lean, but muscular build.

“I’m glad you could make it today miss Justice,” he said as he welcomed me into the studio. The studio wasn’t very big. There was just the soundboard room and then the room where the lines for the film were going to be recorded.  The soundboard was ridiculously huge. There were knobs and dials of all shapes and sizes that stretched across the gigantic board. The recording room on the other hand was very simplistic. The only thing connecting the two rooms was the big glass window and the door. Inside the recording booth itself, there was a metal stand to put the script on. There was also a television in the upper right corner of the room so the person recording their voice could see what’s going on in the scene they were recording. The last thing that was in there was the microphone and the black headphones. As I continued to take in my surroundings, my train of thought was suddenly broken by Josh’s voice.

“I know this isn’t where we’ve been recording most of the dialogue for the movie, but since it’s just us here, I figured we didn’t need to use the bigger space, I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, I don’t mind at all. It’s actually a cute little room to be honest,” I reply, batting my eyes hoping Victoria’s natural appeal was starting to work it’s magic on Josh.

“Great, I guess we should get started then,” Josh said as he pointed me towards the recording booth. I walked into the room and shut the door behind me. I walk over to the microphone and placed the headphones on Victoria’s head.

“Can you hear me?” Josh asked through the headphones. I gave him the thumbs up and he proceeded to talk about the scene we were recording for the movie.

“Now I know you’ve read the script Victoria, but I’m just going to go over this scene anyway. This is right before Jax jumps into the rocket to stop the coming alien army from destroying Earth and everyone on it. Then Lauren, your character, stops him before he takes off to tell him how she truly feels about him, you say you’re dialogue and then go in for a kiss which you need to make a little smooch noise. Is that clear enough?”

“Crystal clear Mr. Director man,” I replied in a style in way Victoria normally would.

“Ok. We’re starting in 10, 9,” Josh said while I began to searching through Victoria’s mind to access her acting talent. Josh’s countdown got lower and lower before I finally found it and accessed it. The scene began to play on the television and I started reciting the lines on the script.

“Jax wait, please don’t go yet,” I said into the microphone as it showed my character ran towards the ship. I was able to hear Jax’s dialogue so that I could go with the flow of the scene.

“Lauren? What are you doing here? It’s too dangerous to be here,” I heard the character say through the headphones. I looked down at the script and read the next line of dialogue.

“I don’t care Jax, I can’t wait to tell you anymore, I need to tell you now if I never see you again,” I read into microphone.

“Tell me what?” I heard Jax say.

“I need to tell you that I’ve been in love with you since the moment we met. Every moment since I couldn’t help falling in love with you. You’re the man I want to grow old with and have kids with. I love you Jax Storm!” I yelled as the script told me to do. I waited for the characters to touch their lips together on the screen before I made the kissing noise. The monitor then faded to black. I look over at Josh, seeing a face I wasn’t expecting him to make.

“How was that? Was that good?” I asked before I saw him get up and wipe his face with his hand. I honestly thought it was that bad of a take but I got worried as I saw Josh grab the knob to the recording booth and enter the room.

“Victoria, you did a good job saying those lines, but I feel like you just said them. There wasn’t enough emotion there to make me believe in every single word you said. Take off the headphones for a second if you would please,” he told me before standing directly in front of me.

“I know how hard it can be to say something to a television screen instead of a living breathing person. So I want you to go over the lines again and say them to me. I’ll read Jax’s lines to go over with you,” he said to me as he stood before me. I proceeded to go over the lines again.

“Jax wait, please don’t go yet,” I said to Josh this time.

“Lauren? What are you doing here? It’s too dangerous to be here,” he said as he did his best to play the role of Jax.

“I don’t care Jax, I can’t wait to tell you anymore, I need to tell you now if I never see you again,” I read.

“Tell me what?”

“I need to tell you that I’ve been in love with you since the moment we met…. I stopped reading the script. Now was the time to let Josh know that Victoria was interested. I pull Josh’s shirt to pull him in closer.

“Victoria, what are you…” Josh managed to say before I made Victoria kiss her director. I push her tongue into his mouth and push him into the corner of the booth. Our lips continue to collide until he manages to gain his composure and stop me from kissing him.

“Victoria, we can’t do this It’s not right,” he said.

“I don’t want to be right, I want you Josh,” I said as I made Victoria pounce on her pray. I started to kiss him again and this time he wasn’t resisting. Our mouths were trading saliva as our tongues danced around in each other’s mouths. Our hands ran over each other’s bodies like raging animals. I feel Josh stop kissing my mouth. He starts to erotically kiss my neck and start to work his way down Victoria’s body. I quickly break away from Josh kissing his way down Victoria and start my path into seducing him.

“I bet you want to see my cute little tits don’t you?” I asked in Victoria’s low seductive voice. I begin to slowly pull the grey t-shirt off, revealing Victoria’s leopard-print bra. I reach behind my back and used Victoria’s memories to get the bra off with ease. I told it to her chest in a sexy teasing manner before I fulfill his desire and let the bra fall to the floor.  His mouth began to water as he stared at Victoria’s stiff brown nipples. Josh didn’t hesitate for a moment as he grabbed Victoria’s breasts and tugged on the erect nipples as hard as he could, getting a loud moan of approval. His rough hands felt so good against Victoria’s sensitive nipples. It sent rushes of energy through me as soon as he moved his mouth down to her tits and took Victoria’s left breast in his mouth. I made Victoria moan a little louder than before to let him know that her body was enjoying the feeling of his tongue swirling circles around her nipples. Not wanting the other nipple to be left out, he switched from Victoria’s right tit. He moved his hand to the left tit, giving me pleasure from both sides of her breasts.

After taking a couple minutes to pleasure Victoria’s sensitive breasts, he moved his hands from Victoria’s breasts and slowly made their way down to the leggings I was wearing. Taking control, he grabbed the leggings and pushed them down to the floor. His hands left her tits, which I wasn’t very happy about, and moved them down to Victoria’s thick, round ass.  He began to slowly and carefully use his fingers to massage Victoria’s amazing butt. More pleasure was being shot through me as his rough hands squished and rubbed her delicate butt cheeks. Josh then grabbed the sides of the leopard print thong.

“I don’t think you’re going to need these anymore,” Josh said as he took his fingers and pulled on the strings of Victoria’s thong. I stopped him from pulling them down, deciding I would do it for him.

“I think you’re right about that,” I responded as I stepped back and put on a little show for him. I begin to move Victoria’s body like she was hypnotized by the song playing in the imaginary strip club I was acting like I was a part of. Moving back and forth to the imaginary rhythm, I move Victoria’s hands up and down her body. I move them across her breasts and slowly slide them down her stomach until I reach her waist. I gripped the waistband of Victoria’s thong, sliding them down her legs. Hitting the floor of the recording booth, I presented Victoria’s smooth hungry snatch to Josh.

“You like my pretty little pussy?” I say in a low tone as I slowly brush her hands back and forth against her moist mound.

“Hell yeah I do,” he said as he approached me. I stopped him and put Victoria’s hand on his chest

“Not so fast there. I think it’s time we got you out of those pesky clothes,” I cooed in Victoria’s voice as I approached him and slowly pulled helped him disrobe. He starts by taking off his shirt, unveiling his muscular chest.

“I took of the shirt, you take off the pants,” I said to Josh with a sexy smirk on Victoria’s face. He takes me up on my offer and tug his jeans down his legs. After getting them down far enough, he grabbed the waistband of his boxers and slowly tug them down to the floor.

“Holy shit,” I gasped out loud as I saw Josh’s dick for the first time. To put it bluntly, Josh was fucking huge. Huge like to the point that porn stars would get jealous huge. It just had to be at least seven or eight inches long. It was also quite thick. The veins of his shaft looked like they wanted to pop out at any seconds as they ran along the incredible length of his well-endowed shaft.

“I take that as you like what you see?” he said, obviously glad I responded in the way I did.

“I do,” I moaned in Victoria’s voice as I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

“Come over here and give me that big, meaty cock already,” I said loudly, making sure Josh knew this wasn’t a practical joke I took Victoria’s hands and firmly wrapped them around his cock. Feel bold, I made Victoria grab hold of the man’s penis tightly and open her mouth as wide as it could go.

I make Victoria’s mouth take as much of Josh’s warm throbbing dick into her throat, trying to impress Josh with her cock-sucking abilities. I managed to get most of his length inside her throat. I moved Victoria’s head back and forth, feeling the cock slowly go back and forth against Victoria’s throat.

Holy shit Victoria!” he groaned, letting me know that her throat was doing its job. I continued to deep throat him at a pretty fast pace. He grabbed Victoria’s hair and pulled me off a bit to make sure his cock was blocking her air waves. I knew that Victoria’s excellent mouth could make him cum at any moment, and since Victoria’s body had not gotten off yet, that’s the last thing I wanted to happen. After a couple more minutes of violent throat-fucking, I take his dick out of his mouth and turn around to present Victoria’s hungry pussy to her director.

I need some dick inside me,” I made Victoria whisper as I felt him line up his dick into Victoria’s pussy. Both of us moaned when I felt the tip of his huge cock start to slide right into Victoria’s nether regions. He started to pump his lengthy cock in and out of Victoria’s horny entrance and it sent pleasure to every part of her body. The feeling of his cock entering and poking Victoria’s insides sent me into a state of total bliss. Nothing could be bad as long as he continued to fuck like we were horny teens having a last go at it before we went to college. Josh made use of his hands by reaching around to my front and grabbing both of Victoria’s breasts in his hands. The sudden rush of Victoria’s nipples shot the pleasure level up another couple of notches, driving me crazy with pleasure.

“Fuck me like I’m your cock-hungry slut!” I made Victoria’s voice yell.

“You are my cock-hungry slut baby,” he grunted as he continued to pound his meaty cock into Victoria’s tight vagina. I couldn’t help but scream out in pleasure. It almost seemed like his cock was built to perfectly pleasure Victoria’s body. I looked over her shoulder and took a deep breath as I felt the giant cock slam in and out of the hungry cunt. Josh took his hands off of Victoria’s breasts and stopped fucking me. He turned me around so that we were face to face. He then resumed fucking Victoria’s cunt. He began to kiss me as he continued pumping himself into me. The pleasure coming from her vagina was frying my brain and overloading it with pleasure. I’ve had sex in Victoria’s body already but I still had no idea how long it would take to reach her breaking point. Her breathing was increased to a level she was unfamiliar with.  Josh and I continued to buck our hips together as I could by the look on his face that he was about to cum at any second.

“God it feels so good. You’re so fucking deep inside me!!” I wailed, trying to keep Josh’s cock going further and further inside Victoria’s vagina.

“Keep going Victoria! I’m almost there. Just keep going baby,” he tells me as he’s about to orgasm. I could tell that Victoria’s body was already reaching its breaking point too. Using all of the momentum and energy I had left. I start slamming Victoria’s cunt onto his cock.

I’m gonna cum Vic, where do you want it?” He asked.

“Unload it on my tits babe,” I said as Josh aimed his cock at my chest. Holding it in until he simply couldn’t anymore, Josh unloaded all of his white goo onto Victoria’s chest. Rope after rope of semen landed on Victoria’s breast as her nipples became drenched with the white baby batter. The warm of Josh’s semen on my chest was all Victoria’s body could take as her pussy started to spasm and secrete her lady fluids. We both fell to the ground, knocking over the microphone stand. We both took deep heavy breathes as we recovered. Josh slid over to Victoria’s vagina and scooped up some of the lady nectar her body oozed on her legs. He took some onto his fingers and pointed at my chest. I took some of the jizz that was collected there and place it on my finger. We toasted and lick our fingers dry of the fluids.

That was only the beginning of our long sex session, I would tell what else happened, but I honestly got lost in the moment and couldn’t remember much. I do remember that I set up a date with Josh later that week for Victoria.  I look up at the clock and noticed we’ve been going at each other for hours now as it was almost 9 pm. We both gathered our discarded clothes and headed out. I was stopped by the security guard from earlier.

“Not that it’s any of my business, but you guys just finished?” he asked.

“Yeah we did,” I told him.

“That must have been hell of a session,” he replied.

“It sure was. Have a good night,” I told the guard as I headed back to Victoria’s car.

“You too Miss Justice,” he told me, but I knew my night was already great. I walked out of Buena Vista Studios and easily found Victoria’s car, since it was the only one left in the parking lot. I get into Victoria’s car and drive home. It was 10:30 pm and I or rather Victoria was feeling exhausted. I didn’t want to leave Victoria’s body but I knew I had to. Before I laid down to sleep for the night, I left a little note for Victoria.

“Hey Victoria, its Dan. I got you a date with Josh at the Coffee Bean at 6:30 on Friday. Hope he’s everything you want. I had a fun time in your body but as soon as you get this let me know if anything went on with you in my body. Thanks once again for being so cool with this.”



I folded the note and placed it on her dresser. As I climbed into Victoria’s bed, I thought my day as Victoria was pretty special as I fell asleep. It was pretty special don’t get me wrong, but looking back on it now, when Victoria got back to me on what happened in my body, I had no idea that what she was going to tell me was going to change my life forever.


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