Watch Me Pee

Watch Me Pee
by RandyPan
Story Codes: FF, oral, ws, drugs, exh
Celebs: Lily Collins, Emily Browning
This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

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Emily Browning and Lily Collins lay on a hotel bed, passing a joint between them, talking about the kind of things one does when high.

“Man, I wonder if there’s a 7/11 nearby.” Emily wondered

“Might be.” Lily croaked, coughing up a puff of smoke.

“Man, I’d spend like a hundred bucks if I went in.” She took the joint from Lily, and took a puff. “If I wasn’t too baked right now.”

“I think they deliver.”

“Yeah,” Emily laughed, “we could greet the delivery boy at the door naked.”

“Yeah,” Lily also laughed, “that would blow his mind.  Especially if he recognizes us.”

“Actually, I’ve had a fantasy about going into one of those places in the middle of the night, and buying a cup of coffee, completely naked, and acting like it’s the most normal thing in the world.  Problem is—“

“Where would you keep the money?”


“Just carry it in a little bag?”


“I’ve had weirder fantasies.”

“Really?  Such as?”

“Like, well, having another girl watch me pee.”

Emily laughed. “Really?”

“It was a dream I had once.  And, right on cue, I mention it, and…” Lily started to get up.

“You gotta pee?”

“Yeah, pretty badly, too.”

“This is your opportunity, mate!”

“My what?”

Emily got up, and headed for the bathroom. “I’ll get the towels, you strip down.  Maybe I’ll strip down, too…” She said this part mainly to herself.

“You’re serious?”

“Yeah, I’m a little curious, frankly.” She came out naked, with all the towels. “C’mon, take it off, and pull up a chair.”

Lily took off all her clothes, then moved one of the chairs around, and sat down.  Emily moved the other chair several feet away, so it was facing hers, then laid out the towels between them, and then sat down.

Once they were sat down, Emily laughed. “Aww, man!”


“Who fired the gardener?”

“Oh, shut up.” Lily chuckled.

“So, you ready?”

“Well, my bladder is.”


“Okay.” Lily whispered, putting one leg up on the chair arm.

Lily took a few deep breaths, and then, it started coming.  She moaned as it streamed out, almost reaching Emily.

“Man, this is hot.” Emily whispered to her self, idly playing with her nipples.

Lily peed for a long time, thoroughly saturating the towels.

“Man, you really did need to pee.”

Lily finally finished.

“That was so hot, mate.” Emily got down on the floor, and took a big whiff of the towels. “Hmm…” She then gave Lily a lustful look, then crawled over to her. “Man, that made my nipples hard.” Lily sat and watched as Emily crawled up, and stuck her tongue in her pussy.

Lily gasped, and made a face like she had to sneeze as she felt Emily’s tongue slide between the folds of her pussy.  Her face screwed up even more as Emily’s tongue contacted her clit. “Oh, God!” she gasped.  Emily’s tongue swirled around Lily’s clit rhythmically, causing Lily to twitch with each rotation.  Finally, Lily let out a high-pitched whine, and squirted all over Emily’s chest and neck.

“Man, I guess you weren’t done!” Emily giggled.

“Okay,” Lily panted, “now we do your thing.”

“If the delivery boy’s cute, do we have him join us?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“And if it’s a girl?”

“Then we definitely have her join us.  We should probably call down for fresh towels, first.” Lily smirked as she said this.

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