Watch Out

Story Title: Watch Out
Author’s Name: CanisLupus
Content Codes: F/beast; nc
Celebs: Barbara Schöneberger


1) This story is a product of my imagination and nothing else. This means that a) it’s not (!) true and b) all rights on the story belong to me – and me alone! It (or parts of it) must not be copied or published elsewhere without my consent.

2) This story is meant to entertain adults! So, if you are still a minor – hush – back to the Teletubbies… 😉

3) If there ever was a Santa Clause, he’s long dead!

4) Real is always better
than fake – no matter if paintings, money or boobies

5) Life sucks when the girlfriend doesn’t blow…

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Watch Out

Sitting in her car, Barbara was just finishing a conversation on her cell phone. “Okay honey. I’ll see you on Sunday then…okay, bye.” She turned off the cell and put it in her purse. It was late at night. Her new show was a huge success and the audience had kept shouting for extras. After the show she had intended to drive home, take a bath and cuddle with her boyfriend. But then her agent had called to tell her that she got an appearance on ‘Wetten dass…?’, which was always a good way to get publicity, since the show was such a success. But she was filling in for Angelina Jolie, who apparently had gotten sick. Nothing serious, her agent had said, but she wouldn’t be able to make it to the show.

Well, that was only good for Barbara of course. The problem was, that the show would be the next day. And ‘Wetten dass..?’ was not a show you appeared on in your every day dress. She would have to look perfect. And that meant that she had to get up early and get to her agent to go over the last details. Then she would have to get her hair done, get a new dress and a thousand other things. So, no bath or cuddling. Instead she would drive home, take a quick shower and hit the sack.

While she was thinking about how to organize the following day, she was rummaging through her purse, looking for the keys to her apartment. But she couldn’t find them. Swearing, she finally gave up and faced the fact that she must have left them in the dressing room. *Well* she thought *better to find out now, than at home. Maybe I’m lucky and there is still some janitor or guard in there to let me in.*

She left the car, locked it and headed for the stage entrance. She knocked a couple of times, but nobody came. In a last desperate attempt she tried the doorknob. She was astonished to find that the door was indeed unlocked.

After entering, she called out, but got no answer. Shaking her head, she went to her dressing room. On her way then, she found the reason, why the door wasn’t locked. A man wearing the uniform of a guard was sitting in a chair behind the stage, with his head leaning back against the wall. From his loud snoring and the intense smell, she could tell that he was drunk. Apparently the alcohol had knocked him out before he could finish his round. *That’s just not right*, she thought, *I will have to talk to the manager about this.*

Barbara entered her dressing room and began looking for her keys. She finally found them on the floor, close to the make-up table, where they must have fallen out of her purse. She picked them up and sighed in relief. She turned around to head for the door and froze on the spot. A large German shepherd was standing in the doorframe, staring at her. Usually she wasn’t afraid of dogs, but this one was obviously a guard dog, probably belonging to the drunk behind the stage. And she was well aware that such dogs where not exactly trained to be nice to strangers. Especially when their Master was not nearby. Of course some guard dogs only ‘looked’ dangerous, without actually being it. Hoping that this one fell into that category, she took a careful step towards the dog, while talking in a low soothing voice. But she didn’t get far. Before she could finish the second step the dog began growling. *Damn*, she thought. *What do I do now?* She considered calling for the drunken guard. But she wasn’t sure I she would be able to wake him and the dog might dislike her yelling and get aggressive.

While the dog kept staring and she kept talking to him, Barbara considered her options. She was still in her stage dress, a thin white blouse and a black skirt that ended short of her knees. After the show she had only slipped from her pumps into the sneakers she always wore when driving. The pumps, together with her purse, where still in the car. There wasn’t even anything left at the make-up table. The cleaning staff had done a proper job. So she didn’t have anything to throw at the dog or otherwise defend herself with. The only thing she could think of, was run. Maybe she could actually cover the distance and jump over the dog, before he could react. *Yeah, right*, she finished the thought, *like that’s gonna work.* But what else could she possibly do.

The creepy dog slowly began to move towards her. Step by step he came closer, without ever stopping his growls. When he had covered half the distance, Barbara came to the conclusion that she was as good as dead anyway. With her inner eye mercilessly showing her images of being torn to pieces, she decided to rather die trying. Taking a deep breath, she ran towards the dog, jumping as high and far as she could at the last possible moment. The dog, however, jumped as well, snapping at her. He didn’t quite get her, but he got the black skirt. With their bodies moving in opposite directions, the blonde felt a hard yank when the garment was ripped off.

The dog was blinded for a moment, when the skirt fell over his head and covered his eyes. This might have been Barbara’s chance to get away after all. But unfortunately the yank had changed her direction and she hit the door with her shoulder, slamming it shut. She landed head first between the door and the wall, kneeling in the corner like some misbehaving student. Her head and shoulder where hurting and she was a bit dazed, so she didn’t notice at first that the shepherd was approaching her again. When she finally looked over her shoulder, the beast was less than three feet behind her and looked every bit as aggressive as before. Instinctively she ducked into the corner, covering her head with both arms. Little did she know, or even suspect, that the sight she was presenting to the dog now caused a change in his instinctive behavior. With her head on the floor in the corner and her arms over her head, her upper body was as low as it could get. Her shoulders where touching the wall on one side and the door on the other and her big breasts where pressed down into the carpet. The rough texture of the floor rubbing them even through the blouse and bra.

Her lower body however, was still on her knees. Her skirt was gone and all that was left was a black see-through thong that, while barely covering her snatch, did nothing to cover her nicely shaped behind. So what the dog saw, was a butt that was lifted high up, just like a bitch in heat would present it. Little did he care that there was no fur on that butt. What did matter was, that the smell from that but was female, strange maybe, but female nonetheless.

Startled, Barbara almost banged her head into the wall when she felt the dog’s nose touch her. With her mind in a state of panic, she couldn’t think straight. All she could do, was to protect herself as best she could. The dog, however, had stopped growling, which calmed her down at least a little bit, but only for short. The big dog began to sniff her crotch and was soon lapping her thighs and the area in-between. With only two laps he had completely soaked her thong and the thin fabric was clinging to her pussy like a second skin. But the dog didn’t seem to like that all that much. Maybe the texture disturbed him or he just knew, that it was only a cover for the real treat. He tried to grab it with his teeth, gently biting the helpless woman several times. The bites didn’t actually hurt all that much, but they did stimulate the blood flow. So when he finally got the thong between his teeth, her pussy lips had swollen up to their full beauty. With one strong yank, the thong shared the fate of the skirt and was ripped off. With the comedian now completely exposed below her waist, the dog began to lap her in earnest. His rough tongue wandered over her pussy lips first, then up her crack and over her anus and then all the way back to her pussy. Finally he was able to force his tongue between her pussy lips, lapping her clit at first and then pushing beyond the entrance. Again and again the dog forced his tongue deep into Barbara’s hole. Her mind still wasn’t working, but the panic that had impeded any conscious thought, was increasingly replaced by a deep primitive lust. More and more of her mind was focused on that incredibly long and flexible tongue deep inside of her. She felt it move around, stroking and scraping the walls of her channel with such intensity, that it made her shiver and, at last, moan with passion. “Mmmmh, yeah”, she moaned, “That feels so goooood. Mmmmmh, oooooohhh…”. She felt her whole body heating up and waves of lust flood through her system. She began instinctively to undulate her hips and rub her tits over the carpet. Then the dog’s tongue hit her g-spot and Barbara came with such force, that the beast’s head got drenched with her cum.

Barbara’s mind slowly came back after her orgasm. She knew that she should feel violated and ashamed – violated because of the tongue-raping the dog had given her and ashamed, because she had actually liked it – But she didn’t. Instead she kept enjoying the feeling of the dog licking her pussy clean and the pure joy of still being alive. She could only hope, that the dog was happy now and left her alone.

Of course, the blonde’s system was still flooded with adrenaline and other hormones, otherwise it would have occurred to her, that all the dog had done so far, war to prepare her for the next step.

But it hadn’t and so Barbara was taken completely by surprise, when she suddenly felt the dog’s weight on her back. His front legs grabbed her hip to draw himself into the right position and his paws scratched her skin through the thin fabric of her blouse. His hips moved frantically and she felt the tip of his cock poke around her ass and thighs. Her eyes opened wide with shock when she realized what the dog intended to do. *No*, she thought, *this can’t happen. I can’t let him fuck me.* She tried to get up, to get somehow away from the beast. But by pushing herself up on her hands, she lowered her ass. Not by much, but enough to give the dog what he needed. With a yelp, Barbara felt the dog ram half his cock into her asshole with one strong push. Now, with the typical speed of his species, the dog began hammering his prick into the tight hole, gaining another inch with each thrust. *Damn*, she thought, *how big is this thing?* It must have been at least ten inches of dog meat, that where slamming into her ass with a speed she had never experienced before. With a groan Barbara noticed that her hormones where once again taking over and she started to push her hips back to get as much of that wonderful cock inside of her ass as she could possibly take.

“Oh gawd”, she moaned, “this is the biggest thing I ever had in my ass…”

There was no denying that she enjoyed it. Her moans became louder and louder, as the dog kept fucking her ass without mercy. When she felt the cock grow at it’s base, she knew that he was trying to tie with her, as dogs do with each other. But her anus was too tight and so he kept slapping her asscheeks with his knot. “Ohhh”, she moaned, “I’m cumming…. I’m cumming… Fuck me, you damn beast… aaah… aaah… aaah…” Her hips where now moving almost as fast as the dog’s. “Yes… yes… yes… ohhh, yes… fuck… yes… Yes… YES… OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH.” With a loud scream she came, her whole body shaking.

The dog, however, still desperate to knot with his bitch, only increased his efforts. His thrusts became so forceful that Barbara lost her balance and knocked her had against the wall. Still moaning, she fell into darkness…

When she awoke, she was still on her knees and pressed into the corner. Her head hurt, but the moan she let out was not caused by that, for the dog was back at licking her crotch. He was cleaning up her juices just as much as his own. Unable to resist the pure animal lust, that had awoken within her, she reached back with both hands to spread her ass cheeks as far as she could. With his access so improved, the dog’s licking grew even more intense. His tongue seemed to be everywhere, from her clit over her pussy lips to the oh so recently fucked opening of her ass. Her anus still hadn’t closed all the way yet and dog cum kept leaking out of her. Unwilling to let his precious sperm go to waste, the dog licked it all up and even followed it with his tongue as deep into her ass as he could. Not even in her wildest dreams had the blonde ever expected to have the inside of her ass licked. The feeling was incredible and soon she could feel that she was on a short route to the next climax.

When the dog stopped licking, Barbara reacted with a sound of disappointment. She was far beyond any thoughts about right or wrong by now. She wanted him to go on, now that she was so close to cumming again. Her mood improved immediately, when she felt the full weight of the beast on her back again. Obviously he still had enough energy left for another round, so she decided to take as much control of his efforts as she could. She reached back between her legs with her right hand and grabbed the poking cock. She put her left arm between her head and the wall to avoid another accident and guided the dog’s prick to the opening of her cunt. Both of their hips started to move simultaneously, enabling the dog to drive his cock completely inside of her from the start.

“Damn, dog, you’re good at this”, she groaned. “I wish my boyfriend had your energy – or your cock for that matter… yes… yes… fuck me dog… fuck my dirty little cunt… ohhh.. yessss…” She almost got the feeling that the dog would understand what she was saying, since he did seem to increase his efforts. Faster than ever he began hammering his huge cock into the moaning blonde. Her cunt muscles where massaging the dog’s member, as if they wanted to suck the whole beast inside. “Aaah… aaaah…aaaaahhh… yes… yes… aaaaaaaahhh…” Throwing her hips back against the dog, Barbara had another intense orgasm.

While she was still recovering from her orgasm, she felt the knot pressing against her pussy lips. Unable to control her own lust driven movements, she kept pushing back herself. Then, with a painful grunt, she felt it being pushed past her entrance. Despite the pain involved, the sheer feeling of her insides being stretched by something the size of a grapefruit brought Barbara’s arousal to new heights. “Oh… oh… oohh… ooohhh… mmmmhhhh…” Although the dog had slowed down, he was still moving his cock inside of her pussy, assisted by her undulating hips. Again and again the huge knot was rubbing over her g-spot, sending electric shockwaves through her whole body. “Oh, yea… fuck me, doggie… let me feel that wonderful knot… oh, yes… yes… ooohhhh…” She suddenly felt the dog cum inside her, shooting load after load of hot doggie sperm into her womb. “Oh, yes… cum inside me… fill me with you cum… oh, yes… yes… yessssss…” With spasmodic contractions of her lust channel and tremors running through the whole rest of her body, she felt her fourth orgasm since she had entered the room coming. “ah… ah… ah… ah… ah… aahhh… aahhh… aahhh… aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh” So powerful was her climax, that she actually blacked out again for a few seconds, this time without the assistance of any hard object.

She came back to again, when she felt a sudden jolt at her cunt. The dog, now that he had gotten his, had turned around, so that they now where ass to ass. He was impatiently trying to walk away, but his knot was still set firmly in his bitch. Being stronger and – more importantly – in the better position, he began to drag the blonde through the room by her pussy. Without anything to hold on to, she had no choice, but to let it happen and endure the pain. With his cock and knot twisting and moving inside of her all the time and her large breasts now being dragged over the carpet (which stimulated her sensible nipples more than she ever would have imagined), she had another orgasm coming before it was all over. “Oh, damn… I don’t believe this… oh, gawd… gnnnnnhhh… oooooooohhhhhhh…”

When his knot had finally shrunk enough, it came out of her pussy with a plopping sound. Barbara could feel a gush of liquid come out of her pussy as she finally collapsed on the floor. She didn’t even move a muscle when the dog came back to clean up the mess. He licked up all his cum from her pussy. This would have given her another orgasm for sure, hadn’t she been so pooped. Still she kept moaning the whole time with pleasure. Then he was gone.

When Barbara managed to turn her head around at last, she could see him sitting in that corner behind the door, licking himself. She felt ashamed and humiliated. And yet, at the same time, she couldn’t forget, how many orgasms this dog had given her and how powerful those orgasms had been. She buried her face in her hands and just lay there, crying in the knowledge, tat she actually wanted to experience it again. She knew that, from now on, she would live the depraved life of a human bitch…

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