Why Britney Is A Whore (Part 2)

Ever since the ‘Baby One More Time’ video, I’ve been
fucked more times than most people are in a lifetime.
I’ve done everything you can think of, probably more,
and even if I haven’t enjoyed it all, especially not
the first time I tried certain things, I’ve definitely
learned a lot.

I would be here all day if I decided to give you the
details for every single time I’ve been whored out, so
I’ll just give you the highlights.

My mom always told me never to say no, but there are
rules. First, you can’t cum in my pussy. Can you
imagine how it would ruin me if I got pregnant?
Second, you can’t film or photograph
anything that
happens. I could lose a lot of money if that
happened. And finally, I don’t do pain. I couldn’t
afford to have a bruise in the wrong place.

So where to start? Well one the guys will like, is
anal. The first time I did it, it was one of the
worst experiences of my life. The guy was told the
rules and the only thing he said to me was ‘Well I
guess I’ll have to fuck you in the ass then’. He was
a security man, so he was very strong. His cock was
massive as well, so you can imagine, he wasn’t exactly
gentle. After he had finished, I just collapsed to
the floor, crying. It hurt so bad, but you know what
they say, the pain goes away. When it doesn’t hurt,
there’s nothing better. Well not much, anyway.

You wouldn’t believe how many letters and emails I get
from guys telling me how good the ‘Oops, I Did It
Again’ video is. It’s funny how that came about
actually. Before the video shoot began, I was with
the director. He had the catsuit, and he wanted me to
wear it for him. What you can’t see in the video is
that there are special zips in the suit. One is over
my pussy and the other my ass. He actually flipped a
coin to choose which hole he wanted. I got it in the
ass three times in a row! By the end of the night,
the suit was covered in cum, inside and out. But he
told me that it wouldn’t be washed and that I couldn’t
shower either. The next day when I put the suit back
on, I couldn’t believe how horny I was. The cum was
smearing all over me while we did the shoot, and by
the time we finished, I was so horny that I actually
ran to my trailer and whipped out my vibrator. I took
about two minutes before I came. I nearly broke my
vib! I still have the suit, and I use it for
‘special’ occasions.

Hope you’ve had your fill for now. Don’t think I’m
finished either, wait until you see part 3! I haven’t
even mentioned my lesbianism yet!

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