Workout With Lara

Workout with Lara

This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject and is entirely ficticious. Don’t use this without my permission. Now, on with the story!

Angelina Jolie was getting prepared for her biggest film yet. Tomb Raider. She had been given the chance to take over as the pneumatic, energetic, pixelated babe. She knew she’d need to do a good job, and uphold the sexy reputation of Lara. She knew that the part would entail lots of gymnastics and movements, and had been somewhat briefed on the fighting styles and
so forth. And then there were the outfits. They were tight, hugging closely to her womanly curves, so she needed to know what movement they allowed. She called a group of fitness trainers from the local area to her home so she could choose one to help her work with her outfits and limitations. She felt it important to be doing as many of her own stunts as she was allowed.

She had called people who specialised in martial arts, kickboxing, general fitness and tai chi. She’d interviewed five for the job. The first general fitness trainer had seemed good, but didn’t know enough to focus on the flexibility and limitations of the costumes to help her. Another guy into Tai Chi didn’t know who she was and had seemed a little old. The martial arts instructor knew plenty about both the energetic actions and flexibility but he’d been coming onto her big time, and she didn’t need that sort of pressure. The choice had been between the other general fitness instructor and the kickboxing trainer. She chose the kickboxer because that’d be the fighting style she’d have to do in the film.

She arranged a first session down at his training centre for a few days ahead so she could get hold of the costume. She had just been told it was tight fitting, not much more. It turned out the costume was a skin-tight white full body suit, which was very tight. She took it with her down to the training centre.

“Hey, hows it going?” she said casually as she walked in.

“Hi Angelina, I’m Greg,” he said in case she’d forgotten, “where’s this outfit we need to check out?”

“Just in my bag” she said, and dropped it onto the floor. She crouched down to get the costume from her bag, giving Greg a chance to eye her curvy figure. She stood and turned to him, a smile on her pouty lips. He took the suit and held it up. It seemed much smaller than her, showing how tight it must be.

“Well I guess you’ll have to be in it for us to see problem spots” he said, waving his hand towards the changing rooms. Angelina took the costume back and looked to the changing rooms.

“Thanks, I’ll be back out in a moment” she said, grabbing her bag and heading to the changing area. Greg couldn’t help but drink in her curvy hips swaying sexily as she walked.

Angelina got into the changing area and cast her bag aside. She was wearing just a simple tank top and jeans, and peeled the tank top over her head. She was wearing a black lacey bra. She pondered for a moment, as to whether it would show through the suit. She decided she didn’t want to risk it and unclipped it, casting it onto the bench next to her bag with her tanktop. She kicked off her shoes and unbuttoned the tight jeans she had on. She pulled the zip down then slid them off her hips. As she bent down to pull them off her feet she realised she was wearing a black pair of panties.

“Shit” she said before she could even think. They would definitely show lines through the suit, and she didn’t want that. She was already going to be braless, and wondered if she wanted to go commando. She didn’t want the embarassment of the lines showing through, so she grabbed the waistband and pulled them down aswell. She threw her jeans and knickers down with her other clothes. She paused to look at herself in the mirror, idly looking at the job she’d done of shaving her pussy.

Angelina turned away from the mirror and picked up the tight lycra suit. She stepped into it and pulled it up her smooth legs, giving a small shudder as the cool material came into contact with her shaven snatch. She had to push into it because it was so tight, pulling it onto her shoulders and sliding the arms on, still leaving her tits hanging free. Once it was all settled in position, she pulled the sides of the suit up over her large, firm breasts with some effort and drew the zip up to the top.

Angelina turned and looked at herself in the mirror again. The tight suit was hugging her body to every curve, only held away from her chest by it being taut across her breasts. She eyed herself up, turning slightly and seeing how it was absolutely skin tight to her curvy body.

‘Bound to raise some pulses’ she thought to herself. She turned and walked out of the changing room and back into the main area. Greg was sitting waiting, staring patiently out the window.

“So how’s the fit?” he said, standing up as he saw her enter.

“Snug” Angelina replied simply with a smile on her full, pouty lips.

“So do you want me to get a female instructor for you?” he said, pointing towards the door.

“No I’m fine” she said, not feeling the least bit self concious, almost forgetting she was commando in the suit.

“Ok then let’s get started. Touch your toes” Greg said.

Angelina settled her feet and bent over. She could easily touch her toes since she kept in shape, but she had real problems because the suit was so tight. She pulled herself down and held onto her toes.

“Where’s it tight?” Greg said, walking around her, drinking in her form.

“My lower back” she said, feeling her ponytail drop past her neck.

“Do you want me to make notes or mark the areas with a pen?” he asked politely. Angelina thought for a second.

“Mark them with a pen, then there’s no notes to be lost or anything” she said, holding her position. Greg took the marker and stepped up behind her. He eyed her long legs and rounded arse before continuing with the task. He leaned forwards a little and drew a line across her back, adding an arrow at each end to point at where the tension induced creases joined.

Angelina could feel his proximity behind her, and felt very vulnerable in a sexy way. She was just starting to wonder what he was really thinking when she felt the marker on her back. It ran across and over her spine, sending a shiver across her body which she was sure he felt. He stepped away and put the marker back in his pocket, but Angelina didn’t move, lost in thought.

“You can stand up now” he said. Angelina snapped back to her senses and stood up. She wondered what’d be on display with her bent over like that, afterall the suit clung to every little curve. She turned to face him as he pondered for a minute.

“Ok, some hamstring stretches,” he said, “Spread you legs a little more and stretch your arm over the top of your head, putting the strain on your hamstring” he said, demonstrating.

Angelina followed his instructions and stretched herself. She felt the suit pulling tight across her hip before she got to her maximum stretch point.

“Where’s it tight?” Greg asked, watching the way the suit creased.

“Across my hip” Angelina said, holding the stretch. He stepped forwards to invesitgate, not seeing much tension on the material. Greg reached forwards to touch but stopped just before.

“May I?” he asked, not wanting to offend her. Angelina glanced back to him and saw what he meant.

“By all means” she said, feeling a little excited. He laid his fingers on the suit and ran his hands over her hips, down the top of her leg a little and round onto her arse slightly. He lifted the surface of the suit and let it snap back down to analyse the tightness. As it snapped back onto her skin she let out an involuntary gasp and closed her eyes. She instantly realised what she’d done and bit her plump lip in embarrassment. Greg acted like he hadn’t noticed, though he couldn’t help but think about it.

“Yeah that’s a tight spot, I’ll mark that” he said, taking the marker out. He drew the line and motionned for her to lean the other way, watching how her arse moved as she did. He then drew the line that side too, and put the marker away. Angelina wait till he’d moved back round in front of her till she lowered her arms.

“Ok, for the next stretch I want you to put your leg as high as you can on the wall, keeping it straight of course” he said, motionning to the wall. Angelina turned and headed over. She took a moment to get balanced, and then kicked her leg high up onto the wall. She felt the material pull up her leg slightly and it pull right around her soft, rounded bum.

“Where’s it tight?” Greg said, even though he could tell where it would be.

“Can you see, I can’t really tell” Angelina said, her breathing slightly increased. He moved forwards and eyed her figure, looking at the crease marks. He kneeled down behind her and placed his hands on her hips, causing Angelina to shudder gently. He ran his hand round onto the back of her leg and then slid it back up to her arse. He also slid his other hand onto her bum from her back. Both hands stopped on her arse, and he gave a little squeeze. Angelina gasped loudly and closed her eyes as her nipples hardened.

Greg took the marker and drew a line across her firm butt, taking his time. He put the marker away again and then motionned for her to stand down. She slowly lowered her leg and turned to him, and watched as his eyes flicked from her face to her hard nipples. She bit her lip as they made eye contact for a tense moment that seemed to drag on forever. Greg eventually pulled himself away and walked away from the wall, to the main area of the room.

“Next stretch is arching” Greg said, standing next to a mat.

“What do I need to do?” Angelina said, walking over to the mat.

“Well it’s where you’re on your back and then you get up on your hands and feet facing upwards and arch your body as far as you can” he said, again demonstrating a bit as he stood.

“Ok then” she said simply and laid down on the mat, nipples pointing to the ceiling.

She slowly laid her feet on the floor and then curved her arms back to lay her hands down. Angelina pushed herself up, mainly using her legs at first so she thrust her crotch up. She strained a little and pushed herself up onto her hands and then settled. She then gracefully pushed her stomach up and dropped her head back, pushing herself tightly into the arch. Her long ponytail dropped onto the floor.

The tight fitting suit showed off her curvy body beautifully, her large breasts hanging proud on her chest, nipples showing clearly through the thin material. Greg nodded in approval though Angelina couldn’t see this. He looked down her body, over her flat stomach and then to her further. The tightness of the material, and being so thin left nothing covered. The outline of Angelina’s pussy could be clearly seen through the material, spread slightly by the position of her legs.

“Where’s it tight?” he said, knowing full where.

“Can you find out, it’s hard to tell” Angelina breathed, her large breasts rising and falling with her increased breathing. She could sense he was close as he knelt down next to her and laid his hand gently onto her trim stomach. He lifted the material then let it snap back onto her skin. He ran his hand down slowly onto her pussy, causing her to gasp but she didn’t try and resist. He again lifted the material then let it snap back, and this time she gave a low moan before she could stop herself.

Greg took the marker and slowly drew the line on the suit over her pussy, causing Angelina to have to bite her bee-stung lip to stop from groaning. He capped the marker, and seeing how her pussy lips were slightly spread through the tightness of the suit, he simply couldn’t resist. He stood the marker down on her, then slowly slid it down and between her pussy. Angelina couldn’t stop herself from giving a grunt of pleasure as it slid over her, and her cunt clenched.

Greg snapped himself to reality, and stood up.

“Well that’s the tight spots identified, you’ll have to get the costume people to work on that” he said, trying to find a way to justify what had just happened should she confront him. Angelina dropped down on the mat, then stood up. She looked him in the eyes curiously, then spoke.

“I’ll get the suit back to them and see what they say about it. I’ll give you a call soon” she said softly, very close to him. The atmosphere was so tense it could practically be cut with a knife as Greg watched every motion of her pouty, bee-stung lips.

“Sure that’ll be fine” he said. With that Angelina turned and walked away to the changing room, Greg watching her curvy hips swinging. Her ponytail swung from side to side as she walked to. He couldn’t help but think of another use for it briefly.

Angelina wandered back into the changing room, nipples still firmly on display. She thought over what had happened and couldn’t deny that she’d found it exciting. She pulled the zip down on the suit, and without even thinking pulled the sides out to let her large breasts bounce free. She gave a contended sigh as her breasts were freed, feeling the cool air across her rock hard nipples. She shrugged the suit off her shoulders and pulled her arms out, then rolled it down off her hips and stepped out of it. She stopped to vaguely fold it up.

She reached out for her underwear and bent down to step into it. She straightened up and pulled her panties up with one hand, and then simply couldn’t resist. Angelina slid her spare hand onto her pussy and found her hard clit poking up. She gave it a firm rub for a few seconds and let out a light, satisfied moan. She pulled the black panties up and and grabbed her bra. She again felt the urge and raised her hands to her breasts. She squeezed and fondled their voluptuous forms firmly and then gave her nipples a quick pinch, causing her to shiver. She then pulled her bra on, yanked her jeans on and slipped into her tank top. She stepped into her shoes as she grabbed her bag and left the changing room.

She gave a casual wave to Greg as she left the centre, pondering briefly over what had happened.

A couple of days later, Angelina met with the costume people and explained the suit. She had a meeting with them for a couple of hours, discussing the various costume issues and so forth. Once she’d sat pretty boredly through this, she went out for some retail therapy. She arrived back at her LA home in the evening to find the message light flashing on her answering machine. It was the costume designer, explaining how they’d decided that the suit just had too many issues and that it would be used for a sequel should one be made. They also explained the costume would now be much closer to the game itself, and a set would be delivered the next day.

The costume arrived and she opened it. It was a tight fitting top and tiny shorts, very like the game only in a different colour. She looked over them for a couple of minutes, then tried them on. She looked at herself in the mirror and could tell it would be a hit with the guys as she eyed her curvy figure. She turned and looked at her firm, rounded arse in the mirror, encased in the little shorts, and couldn’t help but smile. She walked over to the phone and rung Greg, arranging a session the next day. He agreed for the morning, and she hung up, before pulling the costume back off.

Angelina arrived at the training centre, feeling the cool breeze as she walked in. She was wearing a long coat which blew as she walked, revealing her bare legs underneath. She headed to the gym area and saw Greg waiting for her.

“Hey, all ready?” he said as she walked up.

“Hi. Yeah I’m ready” she said, and with that cast her bag down and threw her coat down to reveal the costume she was already wearing. For a few seconds, all Greg could do was stare at her curvy figure encased in the little shorts and tight top.

Angelina watched him stare, and couldn’t help but feel a little more excited. She was already somewhat excited because, although this costume didn’t require it, she was going commando again. ‘If only he knew’ she thought idly.

Greg snapped out of his gape, and came to his senses.

“Well I don’t think there’ll be as much trouble with flexibility” he said as he cleared his throat. Angelina smiled slightly.

“We’ll give it a test though. Leg up against the will be a good start” he said, trying not to let her see him ogling her form. She turned and walked to the wall, and kicked her leg as high as she could. She rested her heel on the wall as she felt the tiny shorts pull up into her naked cunt. Greg stepped up behind her and leant down. Angelina felt her heart skip a beat as he laid his hands on her arse, pulling the material and squeezing her slightly.

“Well it’s tight, but it doesn’t seem to inhibit your movement so that’s ok” he said, stepping away. Angelina stretched slightly and took her leg down.

“Touching your toes is another important one” he said, again hoping she wouldn’t notice as he eyed her sexy legs.

“Sure thing” she said, and deliberately turned away from him. She bent over and slowly leaned down to touch her toes. She spread her legs slightly as she did, and knew he enjoyed the view when she heard a slight intake of breath. She held her position as she felt him feel the shorts and her bum again.

“Well you can move OK it seems to I think that’s all we need to check. It’ll do fine” he said, and gave her a playful slap on the bum. Angelina gave a gasp and pushed back as her nipples hardened. Going commando meant they were now firmly on display. She stood up and turned round again, and saw Greg’s eyes instantly flick down to her large breasts, with obvious nipples.

“We’ll go to the boxing ring now, do some actual kick boxking moves” he said, tearing his eyes from her chest and turning. Angelina gave a smile as he turned away, then walked past him to head for the boxing ring. He walked behind her, so when she got just through the doorway of the boxing hall she stopped suddenly. Not expecting the move, Greg banged straight into her from behind, his groin pressing into her back. Angelina turned and gave him a knowing smile as she felt his hardon pushed against her back, her outfit was obviously having great effect. He stuttered an apology and stepped back, then she walked fully into the room.

Angelina walked over to the ring and slid in under the bottom rope. She dragged herself in with her arms, then pulled herself up onto all fours and pushed her arse out, knowing Greg was watching her. She arched her back in a mock-stretch and stood up, turning to see what Greg was doing. He threw some pads into the ring and then walked up the ring steps and ducked under the second rope. Angelina saw him quickly re-arrange his trousers, and she gave a sexy smile with her pouty lips. He grabbed some jab pads and then turned to Angelina. Her eyes flitted down to his groin for a second.

“Right, we’ll work on a few punches” he said, holding up his hands with the jab pads on.

“Give it a few shots” he said, bracing his arms. Angelina took up fighting stance and raised her fists. She stepped forwards and punched the pads on each side with her fists, putting as much force as she could into them. Greg moved his arms to absorb the blows, which were pretty hard, more than good enough for movie filming. She threw some more and he moved the pads to give her different angles. As he moved the pads back more central, Angelina threw a punch and caught the edge of the pad. The pad twisted and her fist slipped off and caught Greg straight in the face. Because he wasn’t ready for the hit he staggered backwards onto the ropes.

“Oh my god, are you all right?!” Angelina squealed as she ran forwards to him. He dabbed his nose with the back of his hand behind the pad to see if he was bleeding, which he wasn’t. Angelina looked up at him and touched his face as she checked he was ok.

“Yeah I’m OK, don’t worry” he said a little nasally, looking down at her. They looked into each others eyes, and Angelina couldn’t resist the urge. She stood up on her toes and kissed him with her beestung lips. Her breasts pushed against him, hard nipples pushing into his chest. Greg flicked the pads off with a shake of each hand and kissed her back, his arms sliding round her back to hold her. They stayed locked in that embrace for several seconds and then Angelina slid from him and stepped back. She grabbed the bottom of her top and peeled it over her head to let her large breasts bounce free, nipples hardening even more in the cool air.

She let her top drop onto the mat, and then dropped down onto her knees as she watched him stare at her tits. She reached forwards, and since he was only wearing light trousers for training, she simply pulled them down to reveal his tenting shorts. She quickly pulled those down too to release his 7″ cock. She eyed it lustily for a moment and took a grip on it. Greg took a hold on the ropes as she started to jerk him off. She fondled and jerked for a few moments, and then leaned in and licked the head of his cock. He shivered in pleasure, and she went for it, opened her mouth and leaned down to take his cock in between her plump, pouty lips. Greg groaned in pleasure, her lips were just made for the job.

He leaned back against the ropes as Angelina slowly started moving up and down his cock, her plump lips slipping over him with gentle sucking sounds. She sucked firmly to start with, her tongue swirling around on the head of his cock and along the bottom of his shaft as she bobbed up and down. He gave a moan and she took this as a signal that he was enjoying it, and started going harder. She bobbed faster up and down his cock, sucking harder and licking ferociously. Greg’s hands twisted in her long ponytail as he revelled in the wet, sensual heat of her mouth and pouty lips. He could do nothing but give a grunt of pleasure as she again increased the power of her suck and started to gently fondle his balls.

Greg felt his balls tighten in her hand as he got that feeling. He held onto her head as she sucked hard, bobbing her head rapidly to get him off. With a grunt, he came into her throat. Angelina coughed slightly, not quite ready, but sucked hard and swallowed his load. His breathing slowed and Angelina stood up as his cock remained semi-hard. They locked lips as Greg started fondling her large breasts, causing her to moan. He leaned down and licked up the hard nipples, before kneeling down and unbuttoning the little shorts she wore. He slid them down to reveal her shaven cunt, already glistening slightly with moisture. Greg pulled them off her feet and leaned forwards, giving her pussy a long, firm lick. Angelina shuddered at the touch.

Greg hooked his arms behind her knees and pulled, her naked form dropping back onto the canvas of the ring with a thud. He smiled as he saw her breasts bounce and her pussy clench. Greg quickly slid back under the bottom rope, then pulled her towards him. He hooked the back of her knees over the rope, then reached under and pulled her towards him by her thighs. With the rope pushing her away, and him pulling her towards, she was in the perfect position. And with her legs spread, she wasn’t putting up a fight. Greg pushed forwards with his renewed erection, and due to her position, nudged against her arsehole. She gave a moan, and he wondered if she liked it like that. But decided to ask that another time. He moved up a little, and the head of his ragingly hard cock pushed against the bottom of her pussy, eliciting another moan from her.

Greg pushed forwards firmly, and the first 2″ of his 7″ prick slid into her tight, wet folds. She gave a guttural grunt of pleasure, and he took this as a good sign and pushed forwards. She was relatively tight, but the remaining 5″ of his cock slid into her in a single, graceful motion. Angelina had been looking down to see herself get impaled, but couldn’t stay that way.

“Oooh god yes!” she moaned loudly as his cock slid deep inside her, her head dropping back onto the mat. Greg held her firmly and started humping her steadily, his balls slapping against her soft buttocks as he did. Angelina’s hands slid onto her breasts and found her hard nipples, and gave them a pinch. She gasped as she did, and moaned loudly as she tweaked them whilst being screwed on the ring side.

Greg looked down. It was a great sight. Her swollen, shaven outer lips spread around his cock, revealing the pink inner lips sucking at his cock, her clit standing proud at the top. He couldn’t resist, and slid his right hand down the inside of her thigh to her cunt. He gave a rub on the lips briefly, then slid his fingers to her clit, giving it a hard rub.

That was all it took. Angelina tensed up, then shuddered as she orgasmed. She squealed in pleasure, her pussy massaging his cock. He stopped thrusting because he didn’t want to cum yet, and then slowly thrust some more as she calmed from her orgasm. Greg slowed again and pulled from her dripping pussy. She looked down to see why, as he climbed into the ring.

“Stand up” he said, offering her a hand. Angelina happily obliged and stood. They locked lips again, then he turned her round and pushed her over the second rope. She lurched forwards, her feet off the ground, legs spread. She was totally vulnerable, and wasn’t at all concerned about it as she felt hands on her hips and a cock pushing at her pussy again. She groaned with a smile as he slid into her from behind, pushing against her arse. He drew back out, then slammed into her hard, causing her to grab the bottom rope to steady herself. Greg gripped her hips firmly and started really fucking her hard, slamming against her round bum as she teetered on the ropes of the ring. There was nothing she loved more than a good hard fucking, especially doggie style. She moaned loudly as she closed her eyes in pleasure, hearing Greg grunt as she squeezed her pussy on him.

Greg grabbed hold of her ponytail with one hand and held the top rope with the other. He pulled back, yanking her head back and pulling her body tense as he slammed against her. She hooked her legs behind him as best she could and held tightly to the bottom rope. Because of the way he was pulling her hair, her back was arched which pushed her large breasts out, though she was unable to tease the nipples due to needing to hold the rope. She felt so hot like this, just taken over a ring rope.

Greg was nearing the edge now, and sped up his already hard thrusts even more. She was groaning continually now, and he was moaning slightly as she squeezed him. He let go of her hair and grabbed her hips, giving a deep thrust as he came with a grunt. Angelina spasmed into orgasm as she felt the hot cum shoot deep into her body. Her thighs clamped tightly down on his hips, as did her pussy on his cock. They slowed to a stop, her bouncing on the ropes gradually slowing along with their breathing.

She released her legs, and Greg slipped from between her thighs. He sat down on the mat and leaned against the rope as Angelina stood back onto the mat and slumped down next to him, leaning her head on his shoulder. They sat sweatily for a few minutes before either said anything.

“Well, that’s a new form of kickboxing” Angelina said with a smile, not being able to resist such a joke.

“Yeah, I think it was a pretty good workout” Greg said, smiling back at the voluptuous Angelina. They stood up and found their clothes, Angelina wiggled back into her little shorts and tight top and slid out of the ring. Greg got his clothes back on, and they headed back to the main area. Angelina’s hard nipples were still clearly on display as she pulled her long coat over herself.

“Maybe we can do some home-schooling next time” she said with a wink.

“I’ll give you a call to arrange another session soon” she said, and headed out of the training centre.

“I can’t wait, though I wonder who’ll be doing the teaching…” Greg murmurred to himself.

To be continued?

I might write a sequel for this, if there’s enough demand. Any suggestions will be considered. E-mail me with any responses at

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