Yoga Pants

Title: Yoga Pants

Author: The Chemist

Celebs: Emma Stone

Codes: MF, anal, oral, rim, spank

Summary: Emma Stone has a thing for her director, but he won’t touch her because he is loyal to Emma’s ex. Knowing he has a thing for asses, she puts of tights and a leather jacket and pisses him off at rehearsals so he is emotional enough to give in to his urges.

Disclaimer: This is an act of fiction. I do not know Emma Stone at all and this scenario did not actually occur. I make no money from this story.

“So how was your first day on set,” Emma’s best friend asked her over the phone.

“Oh it was typical, a few easy scenes but mostly getting to know the other cast members and crew, working out technical issues and such,” Emma Stone replied as she moved around her apartment.

“What’s it like working with Dylan,” the friend asked.

Dylan wasn’t an ex-boyfriend or a friend even. He was a mutual friend that she shared with her ex-boyfriend though, he he obviously won Dylan in the breakup. It made sense after all, her ex had known him from before and shared interests, but it still hurt losing the kind-hearted director to her ex.

“It was fine. He was his regular self, a nice guy,” the redhead answered.

“What? There is more to it,” the girl on the other end inquired based on the way Emma’s voice changed.

“Well…I sorta, kinda always found him attractive when I was with He Who Shall Not Be Named and then seeing Dylan now in his authoritative role was getting me hot and bothered,” Emma admitted.


“And…I asked if he wanted to go for a drink after shooting.”

“And it’s 8pm and you are at home calling me. What did he say?”

“He seemed to be into me, like I caught him checking out my ass a few times when I was still in yoga pants,” Emma started to explain.

“Who wouldn’t. You’ve been putting in some serious work on that caboose,” her friend interrupted.

“Thanks. It does look a lot bigger and rounder I guess,” the redhead mused. “Anyway, I kinda got the feeling he wanted to come for that drink but he shot me down. Saying some bullshit about the guy code.”

“Ugh! Men! And leave it to the good ones to honor some code even when aroused. But what if you were a bit more insistent?”

“What’s the point? We have no future together if he wouldn’t even break the code for a simple drink,” Emma replied.

“I’m not talking about a future. I’m talking about you having fun and simultaneously fucking your ex by literally fucking his good friend,” the other girl explained. “Think about it, you get a guy passionate enough and he’ll forget all about the Guy Code and more about the perfectly sculpted ass of yours.”

That gave the beautiful actress pause. It was actually a smart idea. Not only would she get a chance to be with Dylan, who she had been having sexual fantasies about all day, but it would hurt her ex. Normally Emma wasn’t a spiteful person but it was a particularly nasty break-up which left bad feelings and hostility.

“Tell me more…”

*          *          *

“Okay Emma…the line is…’how am I going to win if I can’t get this backhand in’,” the director told the star actress in a mix of anger and desperation.

Those emotions were extremely justified. Normally Dylan was a calming presence of set, a master of managing egos of his star actors in order to squeeze performances out of them. However, today he was frustrated and rightfully so. He considered the first real day of shooting to be vastly important as it set the tone for the rest of the time. And yet over half the day was ruined as they only got two short scenes in so far, all due to Emma Stone fucking up…repeatedly and constantly.

“Right, gotcha,” the redhead replied, still upbeat.

It was a scene where she was playing tennis outdoors at night, so instead of the normal short skirt that tennis players wore Emma was in super form fitting blue yoga pants with a white polo on top. The leggings really highlighted the sheer amount of work that she had done for the sports’ role as it gave her a surprisingly perfect ass. Large, round and thick especially for her lithe body, Emma Stone’s booty was up there with the best in Hollywood now.

“Cameras rolling…here we go…three, two, one and action!”

Before they got to the line, Emma and her tennis partner engaged in a light rally before the redhead set-up to hit her two-handed backhand shot. This time she skewered the ball badly into the net, which was completely what they wanted. Out of frustration, the tennis play slammed the stringed portion of the racket against her hand and cursed.

“Damn it Maddy! How am I going to win if I can’t get this forehand in,” Emma acted.

“Cut! God damn it Emma!”

Now he was right pissed off and that was exactly what Emma wanted. It took several hours longer than she had originally planned, apparently Dylan was a kind and patient man. Even more reason she desired him. The director yelled for everyone to go for lunch and the redhead acted as oblious to his anger as she left the set as well.

Dylan wanted to throttle the star, which was very much unlike him. He was far from a  violent person, in fact the last time he felt this angry was in 6th grade when a bully picked on his younger brother and he jumped across the desk at him. He wanted to storm over to the actress right now, but instead he closed his eyes and counted to ten to help his anger…it didn’t work.

“Emma! Emma Stone,” he shouted, hoping to get her attention.

Looking around the set, he finally caught set of the redhead as she slipped on a tight fitting leather jacket as she continued walking out towards the back lot, presumably to her trailer. Dylan fumbled with his equipment before jumping out of his seat and walking at a brisk pace, following the out of sync actor.

Sure enough, as he rounded the last interior corner and walked outside, he caught glimpse of her again, climbing into her small 16 foot trailer and closing the door behind her. Based on the way it swung shut it was unlikely she locked it, so Dylan bound up to it and wanked it back before stepping inside. Looking to the back, he found that Emma was already lying on her stomach atop the bed, reading what looked to be the script.

“Why the fuck are you doing this Emma? I fought for you, did you know that? They want Jennifer fucking Lawrence! But I put my neck out on the line for you. And this is how you are repaying me,” he fumed.

“Oh no…what are you gonna do about it,” Emma said, ignoring his frustration by acting cute and innocent instead.


“I’ve been a bad girl. You should punish me,” the redhead added, looking him square in the eye with a look of more visceral desire.

Dylan simply stood in the same place looking down at the prone girl. His face went from being angry to transforming into one of confusion before it finally dawned on him what she was saying. It was crazy, the fact that a model professional like Emma Stone had purposely ruined a day of shoots, costing the studio thousands if not tens of thousands…all to get him to fuck her.

But as his old, familiar thoughts of being loyal to his friend came into his mind as Emma Stone throw herself at him, he understood why she was doing this. Trying to get him so mad that he stopped putting her ex first and actually went through with the chemistry that they obviously had.

“I see what you’re doing,” Dylan said with a smile. “You dirty little puppy.”

Emma was so pleased with herself! Her plan was actually working. Sure, he hadn’t kissed her or told her outright, but the change of expression on his face and his whole demeanor had changed in a heartbeat. He had an almost predatory smile on his face, which made the gorgeous actress smile even wider than before.

Another good sign was him sitting at the corner of the bed, easily within reach of her. That was a very good sign, as was when he finally touched her, reaching out with his left hand and running it through her shiny hair until he balled a fist and gave it a slight tug. Not enough to hurt but definitely to get her attention and pull her head back.

“So you wanna be punished for being a bad girl. A spoiled, selfish actor,” Dylan said.

The director didn’t know how she would react to his forceful approach, but seeing her smile widen and her tongue come out to lick her lips was all the confirmation he needed. Emma was clearly willing to be at his mercy after throwing herself at him for the past 2 days and embarrassing herself in front of the crew today.

“I really do! I’ve been so bad,” Emma replied.

Moving both hands to her head, Dylan pulled her towards him. The redhead thought it was for a kiss but as she puckered and closed her eyes, he kept pulling until she was laying over both his spread legs with her perfect ass hanging up in the air. By the time she knew what he was doing, Dylan had pulled her yoga pants down around her knees so her white thong was now visible.

“Yeah? You think it was cute getting me so mad,” Dylan began, slapping her left cheek with medium force.

“Ahhh,” Emma moaned, the sting of her fleshy booty ringing out around the trailer.

“Huh?” Slap. “Ruining half a day of shoots.” Slap. “Embarrassing me and definitely yourself.” Slap. Slap. Slap.

Dylan didn’t know what was coming over him. He had red mist in his eyes and he wasn’t thinking. Instead he was spanking, with each slap getting harder and harder. HE wasn’t even talking anymore. Just whacking her phat ass with his open palm. He knew she wasn’t crying or telling him to stop, she was only groaning as each hammer blow fell on her caboose.

Getting a hold of himself, Dylan looked down at his handiwork and was amazed. Her perfectly round cheeks were now colored red completely, made to stand out even more with how pale the rest of her skin was. There wasn’t going to be any bruising, but he didn’t envy her the next time she sat flat on her bottom.

“Why’d you stop? I have been a bad girl and don’t you like seeing my ass all red,” the horny actress asked.

This time Dylan was in full control as his right hand rose and fell on her fleshy ass. It was getting more and more sensitive for Emma with each slap, but his rage had tapped into an innate turn-on for him and she was more than willing to fuel it. If he secretly liked spanking a woman, dominating her physically then she was along for the ride.

“God. You are so fucking hot.” Slap. Slap. “And cute.” Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. “And sexy.”

Biting down on her lip she took blow after blow to her shapely caboose. Sometimes he alternated after slapping each cheek. Other times he would slap the same side 3 or 4 times in a row before switching. But more and more he was squeezing her phat curves after each blow, rubbing her smooth flesh before winding up and hitting her again and again and again.

“This is what you wanted?” Slap. Slap. Slap. “You destroyed my shooting schedule.” Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. “Say you’re sorry.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, her normally raspy voice coming out a bit more strangled.

“For what.” Slap. Slap.

“Ruining your day,” Emma said in the time it took him to rain down another trio of volleys with his palm.

“Yeah?” Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. “You gonna be nicer to me now,” Dylan asked, immediately answered by a nod. “Good. Show me then.”

Emma went from being bent over the director’s knee to being hoisted off him and settled onto the ground. With her bearings now recovered, the redhead got propped up onto her knees so her head was eye level with the crotch of his pants as Dylan had gotten to his feet off the bed as well.

He leaned down instead of undoing his belt and this time kissed her. It was everything Emma wanted in a kiss from him; passion, intensity and yet a tenderness. Gone was the almost feral attitude from minutes before, replaced with the kind heart that first attracted her to him. Also gone was her leather jacket, pushed over her shoulders followed by her white polo shirt, leaving her kneeling in a bra and thong only.

“You’re going to be nice to me from now on,” Dylan pressed when his tongue wasn’t being used to invade her mouth.

“I’m gonna show you how nice I can be,” Emma replied.

From her knees, the horny actress was at the perfect height to use her hands and undo the taller man’s pants. Not uncommon to be found in this position, Emma made short work of the button and zipper and soon had scooped his semi-erect cock from his dress pants and was stroking it to life.

Dylan was almost angry at his poor timing that he had to pull her hand away from his hardening dick, even if it was only for a second. He had undone her bra and freed her small but perky tits, complete with an erect pink little nipple in the center and was instantly fondling them. As his thumb and forefinger began rolling each one, Emma released his dick to toss her bra to the floor.

“God yes! Suck that dick,” Dylan practically begged.

Emma wasn’t a cocky person but she understood her talents. She was a really good actress and she was also a great lay, and that included her skills with her mouth. Sticking out her tongue she ran it along both sides of her man’s sizeable cock before she popped the tip in her mouth.

Wanting him to know exactly what was in store for him, she took him as far into her mouth as possible so that his head poked the back of her throat. With 5 of the 8 inches of manhood lodged in her mouth at that time, Emma couldn’t help but make a wet gurgling noise but she was too practiced of a cocksucker to gag.

“GGkkkk…gllllkkkk…gllllll,” Emma gurlged as she pulled back only to ram back against his cock.

Emma pulled completely off his rod and showed him her handiwork, namely the large amounts of spit strings decorating his veiny member. Kneeling even higher, the horny redhead spit some more saliva on the top of his shaft so her hand could pump along him at a mind-blowing pass while she collected her breath.

“Look at me with those pretty eyes as you choke down my dick,” Dylan demanded.

This time when the actress bobbed on his dick it was faster, but still going just as deep. She made those same wet noises as she sloppily blew him, doing as he asked as well by being sure her eyes were looking up into his own. His expression was all pleasure, alternating between staring at her as she inhaled his cock or having them shut in wonderful delight.

“Mhmm…I want these balls in my mouth,” the hot actress cooed.

Moving her mouth down from pumping her lips along his cock, Emma titled his manhood high to give her access to his sack. Her hand continued to stroke his extremely wet dick while she leaned and and captured first his left nut to suck on, followed by his right after a handful of seconds. Of course she teabagged him all while looking up at his face, which was thoroughly pleased with his choice to bed her.

“So you’d rather by sucking my cock then pissing me off all the time,” the director commented after she’d gone back to sucking him off while using her hand on the remaining portion outside her mouth.

“I’d much rather be blowing you, yes,” Emma replied between bobs.

To back up her statement, the cute redhead opened her mouth wide and stabbed his dick down into her gullet. Starting off quickly by just poking the back of her throat then retreating, Emma made short sloshing sounds but gradually held him longer in her throat, almost to the point of gagging. Her face started to turn red, she made new retching noises and her eyes began welling up, but when she pulled back for air only thick spit strings were present.

For Dylan, her talent was clear and she was very comfortable on her knees, but the icing on the cake were the noises. The wet, gurgling sounds were sexy and amazing and was taking the blowjob to a whole new level of greatness. And best of all was that Emma knew that. She wasn’t being self-conscious, instead she was having fun as she practically gagged herself on his meatpole.

“Get that dick nice and wet because it’s going in your ass today,” Dylan told her.

He wasn’t even aware he was going to say that until a split second before he opened her mouth. It was just that first her beautiful ass with his red handprint all over it and now her slurping noise had made that thought pop into his head and wouldn’t shake free. It wasn’t even a question, he needed to fuck her ass and he’d walk out and never see her again if she refused.

Emma must have picked up on that body language as well. She went back to giving him a messy blowjob as she thought about his words that still hung in the air. While not an anal virgin, she had only done it a handful of times with her ex and on the whole it was fine. Nothing that she ever came from, but it wasn’t torturous pain either.

“You really are pissed about my stunt today,” Emma replied, her non-rejection being a good enough answer. “God, your cock is so hard.”

“Then let’s let you feel it inside of you,” Dylan countered.

Emma still was in shock that she’d be getting sodomized this day but she pulled his length from her mouth for the last time and allowed the taller man to help her up. Of course she wasn’t vertical for very long because as soon as she was standing she was getting dragged down to the bed beside them.

Dylan was on the bottom, clearly wanting Emma to use her newly formed juicy legs and go for a ride on his cock. The redhead had no trouble with this as she straddled his lap then reached between her legs to find his manhood. His slapping exploits from earlier had actually made her sopping wet so she showed no hesitation in lining up his head with her folds and sitting down.

“Mhmm,” they both moaned as she sank down.

The passion that had been building between them was finally getting to come out and they both fully embraced that. Emma was tight from a lack of sex over the past month since her break-up, but the sheer wetness of her pussy and his cock meant that within 2 squats she was bounding up and down on his entire length as it speared deep within her.

The pace could only be described as frantic. Emma did indeed use her strong legs to her advantage in riding up his pole then crashed back down, made even more forceful by the upward jab of Dylan’s hips. Despite it being their first time hooking up, the pair shared great chemistry, no doubt fueled by their own attraction to the other.

“Oh God! Your cock is so big,” Emma cooed.

The feel of her pussy gliding along his cock and now her compliments of his manhood seemed to pump up the horny man even more. Dylan was using one hand to knead her small but perky chest, giving her rock hard nipples a little twist at the end to elicit a small yelp from the actress. With his other hand, Dylan used it to slap Emma’s already reddened tushy or to simply grab and squeeze the jiggling cheek, which he was still in disbelief of due to its massive size on the slim girl.

“God your ass is amazing,” he praised, thrusting even harder into the starlet.

“Awwhhh…so deep,” the redhead moaned. “Your dick feels so good in me.”

Dylan wasn’t exactly in a slump when it came to the ladies, but he couldn’t remember a girl being so obviously enthusiastic as Emma Stone was. Her riding was a thing to marvel at, but so too was his own stamina. When she first started it was like a hurricane where all he could do was bite his lip, think unsexy thoughts and pray to survive. But after the first few minutes, Dylan calmed down as he maintained himself through her initial onslaught and now he knew he could go for awhile yet.

“Yes. Tell me how much you like my cock,” Dylan demanded, slapping her sore ass once more.

“Ohhh…I fucking love it,” Emma replied without restraint.

And that was the truth. Emma had no idea that her seduction of the reserved director would take such a rough turn, but she was rolling with the punches…or slaps for use of a better word. As she continued to through her meaty ass up and down on his lap, she couldn’t believe that she was liking the physical approach. With each slap to her booty or twist to her nipple, she found herself moaning rather than in pain.

“Bounce your ass on me,” the director decreed. “I want those phat cheeks clapping.”

Emma was still new to her much larger ass but she knew what the man wanted. Clearly a man with booty on his mind, she felt both his hands go to her rump as she did as he asked. Shortening her bouncing to the top half of his cock, the redhead lowered herself down then stopped suddenly, rebounding upwards.


Dylan decided it was time to start prepping the girl with the thick bottom to take it in her tiniest of holes. With his hands already lightly resting on her caboose, he placed his hand against her flesh so his fingers fell in her crack. He had licked it beforehand so when he contacted the tip of his middle finger with her asshole he rubbed smoothly around it’s crinkled contours.

“You like that,” he asked, thrusting his hips up while continuing to rub her starfish.

“Mhmm yeah,” the redhead answered for both. “I love your cock.”

In truth it wasn’t just his dick that was giving her all the pleasure. Sure, his condomless head was grinding along her G-spot with each ride up and down, but the finger rubbing her asshole felt nice ass well. In the past when her ex had convinced her to do butt stuff, she remembered enjoying the rimming and fingering, but when it came to actual anal he was a brute with no skill.

However, Dylan was a more compassionate lover, even in his hormone-fueled haze. He was going to fuck the starlet in her ass but he also wanted her to enjoy herself as much as possible. And that all started with an orgasm, which would loosen up her backdoor anyway. Dylan continued his rubbing and after getting a chorus of moans he moved to the next step and pushed against her center until it gave way and he was inside her anus.

It was easier than he thought to get his middle finger into the redhead’s ass, no doubt aided by the fact her climax was coming closer and closer by the second. Going nice and slow, he wiggled the digit inside her slowly while barely sawing more in, instead focusing on the rhythm of hips. It was clearly working because even now with a finger almost fully inside her very tight backdoor, Emma was still moaning and grabbing her own tits for further pleasure.

“You like that finger in your ass too,” Dylan asked forcefully.

“Mhmm…ohhh…awwwhhh,” Emma cooed in a chorus of loud screams.

“You must love it. Sounds like you’re gonna cum soon,” he pressed, his finger working in and out steadily now.

“Yeah…ahhhh…getting close,” the redhead replied.

“Cum for me. Cum all over my big cock with a finger in your ass you anal loving slut,” Dylan said, not knowing where the sudden outburst came from.

“Awhhhh fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” Emma screamed.

Emma didn’t know when she started liking dirty talk and being shamed while being fucked, but it actually worked for her. The insults from the normally nice guy was unexpected but it helped get her off. The multi-front assault on her body with a dick in her pussy, finger wedged in her ass, hands groping her tits and now verbal abuse all cumulated in giving Emma her best orgasm in a long time.

“Good. Stay right there,” Dylan said as he squirmed out from beneath her.

Emma barely recognized what was going on as she was still lost in the delirium of her orgasm. She felt the director pull back further on her hips so her ass was higher in the air while he made her rest her tits and face into the mattress.

Kneeling overtop the gorgeous actress, Dylan knew now was the time to get in her ass. She was on a high after cumming, therefore would be as loose as ever. His cock was now absolutely soaked in her spit and now lady juices, but for good measure he dripped a mouthful of his spit right over her tightest of holes, using his hand to rub it around her surface.

“Good, just like that,” he told her, standing overtop Emma.

With his cock in hand, he squatted down lower and lower until he was rubbing his dripping wet tip against his target, the soft center of her asshole. When she gave no attempt of getting away from his touch, he squatted deeper until after a good fight her sphincter relaxed and the head of his dick was lodged in Emma Stone’s perfect ass.

“Oh my God! You’re so big,” Emma groaned, not exactly in pain.

This not being his first time sodomizing someone, Dylan knew the proper thing to do was wait for his star actress to make the next move, which happened in short order. No sooner had he penetrated her bowels was when the girl several years his junior leaned her weight backwards to take the next few inches into her booty.

“Holy damn that’s tight,” he grunted before remembering the girl actually having her bowels forcibly opened. “You okay?”

“Yeah. Give it to me,” Emma answered confidently, even going a step further in rocking back against him.

With her seal of approval achieved, Dylan took control back. With two hands now holding onto her hips to still her motion, the lanky man began making more progress into the depths of her anus. Though it was slow he didn’t mind as his small strokes kept getting more of his fat cock inside her.

Always thinking of more, the older man started to push more inside and go faster almost at the same time. He didn’t want to push the curvy blonde too much and have her stop him, so he settled at this pace until she got use to it. As his dick continued to grind in and out of her stretched bowels, he knew it was the right approach with the thick-bottomed girl with three-quarters of his length sliding in and out of her ass.

“This is what naughty actresses get. They fuck with the director, the director fucks their tight little asses,” he informed.

“Mhmm yes…punish me,” Emma replied.

Even with 6 inches of his shaft continuously knifing into her ass, Emma continued to voice her satisfaction which became muffled when she began biting the blanket beneath her. Over and over again her expansive asshole stretched to what had to be her limit in order to accommodate his eager probing. The smile on her gorgeous face and the way she looked up at him while he drilled into her only helped to elevate the lust he felt for the submissive girl.

If she was in pain from the relentless ass fucking he was doling out to her, Dylan could never have known it. With each time the full length of his cock slid out of her bowels only to pierce them once more until he was balls deep, she moaned. In fact, as she bit the flannel blanket on top of the bed, the blonde demandingly urged him to keep fucking her ass without words.

“How’s it feel to have your tight little asshole stretched open,” Dylan engaged her in dirty talk.

“Oh fuck! So big! So deep! In my ass,” Emma could barely manage to get out. “Wanna feel it deeper!”

As he held steadfast onto the curves of her hips where her narrow waist bellowed out to create the modest curves, she wiggled her booty enticingly for him. The combination of her words and now the side-to-side grinding made the director want to blow his load right then and there, but he held that at bay. Instead he took up the invitation each time by rearing back before spiking her on his spear in her rectum without fail.

“I like this side of you,” the director smiled brightly.

“What can I saw, I like having your dick in my ass,” the horny actress replied.

Emma was under him and loving every passing second of the sodomy. She had learnt from him that anal sex didn’t have to hurt, in fact he was teaching that it could be pleasureable. Quite pleasurable in fact, which was why she was more than willing to offer her cute butt up to the kind-hearted director with a bad-boy streak. Though his thrusts were getting harder, they were not painful to her, especially with her hand rubbing her clit as furiously as she was doing.

Without realizing it was coming, Emma was on the verge of cumming once more. This was completely unexpected since she had never even been remotely close to feeling enjoyment during anal, but Dylan clearly knew what he was doing and her own fingers dancing through her slit was magical as well.

“Oh my God. Oh shit…so close,” Emma warned before peaking. “Ugghhh, ohhhh. YYEEESSSSSSS!”

Knowing she was on the verge of cumming, Dylan ramped up his speed as he piledrived the young Hollywood star while she kneeled on the bed with her booty in the air. As he heard her launch into her volley of screams in orgasmic pleasure, he was all too aware her asshole was about to spasm tighter than anything he’d ever felt in his life.

He was correct of course, as while the gorgeous ginger reached her second climax of the day, her sphincter quivered a few times before gripping his dick in a stranglehold. Luckily for the director, his last few thrusts at unbelievable speeds was enough to reach his own orgasm and it would be seconds until his jizz started flying.

“Oh fuck! OH FUCK,” Dylan groaned as he pulled out of her vice-like backdoor.

His need to cum was too great that he didn’t even have time to check out Emma’s gaping red asshole. He had barely any time to act and he knew exactly where he wanted to finish. As great as her ass was, the thought of covering her cute yet beautiful face was too tasty a proposition to ignore.

“Paint my face with your cum,” Emma cooed, gifting him one last slutty demand.

Dylan couldn’t say if her last sentence made him cum even harder, but he was willing to bet that they did. He barely needed to stroke his cock at all as he leveled his tip at her before his gooey spunk began shooting out.

He heard Emma moan as the first streak of his warm cum splashed across her face. From his angle by her left shoulder, the first blast covered her in a line from left jaw, over her lips and nose to her right eyelid. With eyes now closed, Dylan shut the rest of his load, 5 streaks in total before looking down at his handiwork.

“Holy crap. I covered you,” he remarked, both impressed and exhausted.

The starlet was indeed painted in his semen, just as she requested. There was cum all over her face, including over both eyes now. She was marked from cheek up to her forward, with some even getting into her gorgeous red hair. She would obviously need a shower and another round in the makeup chair before they could return to set.

“Mmm,” Emma moaned, still basking in glory of back-to-back orgasms in short order. “I should get a towel.”

“Yeah. I should get back to the lot,” the director said, already standing and hunting down his clothes. “Everyone’s on lunch so take your time. Oh, and stop flubbing your lines.”

“Deal,” she said, rubbing the cum on her face into her skin.

“We’re going to have to do this a lot,” Dylan told the exhausted girl as he made for the exit.

“With that magic dick of yours, gladly,” Emma smiled, still covered in his spunk.

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