Young & Hungry For Dick

Title:  Young & Hungry For Dick

Author: LazyNinjas

Celebs: Aimee Carrero

Codes: MF, oral, voy

Disclaimer:  This story is fictional. The events in this story have not nor ever will happen.

I stared at my phone and waited for the call I have been waiting all week for. I was an inspiring actor, which basically meant that I was an actor who has not had a notable gig in the industry yet. That was hopefully going to change though.

I had recently auditioned for a reoccurring role on the hit Freeform sitcom “Young and Hungry”. The role was for a possible love interest of Aimee Carrero’s character Sofia Rodriguez. I auditioned for the role last week and they told me they’d call me back in a week if I got the part. I thought I nailed my audition but it was almost a week since that audition.

I kept looking at my phone while I waited for a call that might never come. It was eating me up inside. I had moved out to Los Angeles to live my dream and this phone call could make or break that dream. I was pacing back and forth in my apartment when I heard the phone finally ring. I dashed over to the phone and pressed the talk button. I took a second to slow my breathing before I spoke into the phone.

“Hello?” I asked into the phone.

“Hello there. Is this Derrick Thomas?” A familiar voice replied. I immediately recognized the voice to be that of Ashley Tisdale. She was the executive producer of Young & Hungry and the woman who I auditioned with almost a week ago.

“Yes, this is him,” I reply into the phone.

“Okay. Well I’m so glad to inform you that you have the job! Congrats!” She said into the phone. As soon as my mind processed what she had said my heart started to pump out of my chest.

“Oh my gosh! Thank you so much Miss Tisdale you won’t regret it,” I said into the phone as I thought I sounded like a nervous wreck.

“Please you can just call me Ashley. And I know I won’t regret it. That’s why we picked such a good up and coming actor for this role,” Ashley replied. I really appreciated how she tried to compliment me in order to get me to breathe and calm down. It’s seems the rumors about Ashley Tisdale being a complete bitch were nothing but rumors after all.

“So we are going to need you to come back to the set on Tuesday for the table read for the episode and then we are going to film your scenes with Aimee tomorrow. So we all set here?” Ashley explained on the phone.

“That sounds great. Thank you miss I mean Ashley,” I said back.

“You are very welcome. There is just one more thing you need to know. Just make sure you have your cell phone on in case we need to contact u again or let you know of any scheduling changes or conflicts. Have a good day Derrick. See you on set,” Ashley told me, ending that amazing conversation.

“Holy shit I got the fucking part!” I screamed in my head as I danced around my tiny apartment in celebration, being glad I had the blinds closed so no one could see my embarrassing dance moves. My heart was pumping adrenaline through my veins, the rush feeling amazing.

I could barely sleep that night and the nights leading up to my first day on the set. My mind was racing with the thoughts of my acting career finally taking off. I mean I wasn’t expecting to be the next big TV or movie star but I was on a cable network show. It wasn’t a network like ABC, but it was a good place to start out.

I kept tossing and turning, worried that I was going to do something that would make one of my new co-stars hate me or get the director mad at me if I started messing up lines. I knew there was a lot on the line, but I convinced myself that if I got to the studio a bit early and found someone on set to help me get over my nerves that it wouldn’t be as bad as I thought it was going to be.

My alarm woke me up at 9am. I got in the shower to help calm my anxious nerves. It did help a little bit, but not to the effect that I hope it would have. I left the bathroom and put on the clothes that I had set out the night before. I did not have to be on the set of Young and Hungry until 2pm, so I spent the next two hours going through my lines and my mannerisms over and over again until I looked at the clock and noticed it was about time to go to set. I figured if I got to set early that I could get a main cast member who would take pity on me and help me go over my scenes for the episode.

I put on some shoes and locked the door to my apartment as I left. I got in my car and hit the road. I loved living in the warm sun and fun filled state of California, but sitting in the California traffic can drive even the most mentally sound people to insanity. After a 45 minute drive through traffic, I was finally at the studio. I pulled up to the security checkpoint.

“Name please,” the big towering security guard asked.

“Derrick Thomas, I’m here for the shooting of Young and Hungry,” I replied.

“Just asked for your name kid,” he said looking on a piece of paper. “Okay you’re on the list, so your parking is on the other end of the studio. When you pulling keep going left for about 3 sets and then make a right. Stay on the path until you see where it says Young and Hungry parking.”

“Thank you,” I said as I waited for him to lift the gate and allow me entrance. Slowly but surely the security gate opened up and I was able to drive on in. As I followed the security guard’s directions, I was in awe of all the amazing sets I was driving by.

They looked like completely different worlds packed into a little gated in community. I almost missed my right turn looking at some of the sets but I made the right turn and followed the path until I parked in the Young and Hungry parking spots.

I parked my car in the lot and wondered around the set in order to get more familiar with the set. It was hard to believe that in just a few hours I was going to be playing a character in a show on television. Taking a minute I just closed my eyes and let it sink in that I was just mere hours away from completing a goal I gave myself when I was a little kid. The feelings of accomplishment and joy filled my heart as I continued to walk throughout the set.

After touring through the other sets that were used on Young and Hungry, I decided to look for another actor that might be able to help me rehearse my scene. I went over to the trailers and I went up to the first trailer that I saw. I looked at the name of the sign on the trailer and saw that it belong to the star of the show, Emily Osment.

I walked up to the trailer door and took a deep breathe before I started knocking on the door. I heard a voice coming from the other side of the door.

“Who is it?” asked a female voice.

“Hello there, my name’s Derrick Thomas, I was recently cast as Sophia’s love interest Ricky, I just wanted to introduce myself,” I responded.

“Hold on just a sec okay?” the female voice said as I heard the clicking of high heels against the metal floor of the trailer. The door flew open and standing there was none other than Emily Osment. She was wearing a long blue dress with a flower pattern and a pair of tan high heels.

“Hi there Derrick it’s so nice to meet you,” Emily said as she took me by surprise and gave me a great big hug. “Ashley told me your first day on set is today. We’re so happy to have you on the show, would you like to come in for a minute?”

I did not want to be rude so I accepted her offer to enter her trailer. It looked like an average trailer except there were pictures of Emily and her cast members placed all over the walls.

“Sorry I don’t have much time to talk as I’m needed on set in a couple minutes but I just wanted to introduce myself and give you a little tour of my trailer, if that’s okay,” Emily explained as I walked in.

“I don’t mind at all,” I replied. With that she introduced herself to me and gave me a quick tour of her trailer. We were talking about her time on the show when a loud announcement rang through the set.

“Emily Osment needed on stage 5, Osment needed on stage 5.”

“That’s for me, sorry this meeting was so quick but I know that Aimee isn’t needed on set until your scenes with her so maybe you could met her in her trailer. Her trailer is the farthest trailer on the northeast side of the trailers you can’t miss it. Sorry to be a quick host but duty calls,” Emily said to me as she led me out of her trailer and waved goodbye before rushing to set.

I followed her instructions and walked over to the northeast end of the trailers. As Emily said, Aimee’s trailer was right there. I walked over to her trailer and saw that the door was open. I thought that maybe she was more inviting than Emily was or she was planning for me to come on over and introduce myself before our scenes together.

So I walked up to the door and peeked in before I stepped inside. I peeked in and moved my eyes from left to right until something caught my eyes.

I had to do a double take as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing with my own eyes. There was Aimee Carerro, star of Young and Hungry in a position I thought I’d never see her in. She was sitting her trailer chair, with her head thrown and her eyes closed as her hands inched into her skirt.

Looking down, it was obvious to see that Aimee was pleasuring herself as her hands made circular motions while tucked in her skirt. While she was busy rubbing herself down there, her free hand was busy playing with her tits through the cute white sweater she was wearing. It was quite the erotic site, I’d be lying if I wasn’t starting to get hard looking at it.

I could not look away as she continued to play with herself. I tried my best to stay quiet as I continued to watch the cute little Latina.

“Oh fuck baby that’s so fucking good,” Aimee moaned as she took her hand off her tit and plunged her fingers into her love hole while the other hand started to play with clit.

“Oh fuck I’m coming,” she screamed as her body jerked for the orgasm she just gave herself. It was at that moment I didn’t realize she could see me behind the door in the reflection of the mirror.

“Who the fuck are you?” Aimee said as she quickly pulled up her skirt and marched over to me. I was in shock and just stood there, still trying to process what I just saw.

“Get the hell in here,” she said as she pulled me into her trailer by the shirt and shut the open door behind me.

“Who the fuck are you?” Aimee demanded as she turned around to look at me.

“I’m Derrick, your new love interest. I just wanted to meet you and maybe go over some scenes,” I explained.

“So you spied on me?” Aimee screamed back.

“No! It’s not like that at all! I walked up to your trailer and saw the door was open so I was about to walk in but I saw you doing your thing but then I got hard and I didn’t want to interrupt,” I managed to say before Aimee interrupted.

“Wait a minute, you’re hard right now? My little show got you hard?” she said with a clear drip of lust dripping from her tongue.

“Well yeah I mean you’re sexy and it was pretty hot,” I replied.

“Show me. Show me your dick right now,” she demanded.


“You heard me. You got to see my little show, only fair I get to see what you’re packing. And if you don’t want me to call security on you, you’d better pull down your pants.”

Aimee was playing hard ball and I gave her credit for that. I reached down and pulled my belt out of my pants. Reaching down, I unzipped the zipper and grabbed the waist bands of my pants and underwear, letting my solidly sized 7 inch snake out of pants.

“That’s some pretty impressive wood you go there,” she said as she looked down at my erect penis and seductively licked her lips. “Mind if I get a closer look?”

“No problem at all,” I said as she approached me and got down on her knees. She moved her hands and firmly grabbed the base of my throbbing erect member in her tiny hands.

“Nice and firm. I love that with a nice meaty cock like yours,” she whispered in a seductive moan as she started to stroke my cock. I was completely dumbfounded.

A few seconds ago she was threatening to call set security on me for spying on her while she was finger fucking herself and now she was on her knees stroking my erect member. I was trying to make sense of everything that was going on in my head when I gasped as I felt something else down near my other head.

“Oh shit,” I moaned as I looked down and realized that the young Latina actress has taken the mushroom tip of my penis into her warm awaiting mouth.

“Didn’t mean to surprise you there,” she said as she popped her mouth off of my rod and spoke in a low seductive tone.

“I don’t mean to rush Derrick, it’s just when I want something I want it so badly. I’m sure you can relate right?”

I nodded my head in agreement with Aimee as she put her head back down on my gentleman sword. I could feel her dripping wet tongue as it wiggled in and out the hole on the tip. She kept up stroking me with her tiny hands as she worked more and more of my meat rod into her throat. I gasped as I felt the tip touch the back of her throat, causing a slight tickling sensation.

As she took me deeper and deeper into her throat, she pulled back off of it and spit on it so it my average sized member wouldn’t choke her as it went down. She pushed my meat further and further down her throat, using her amazing tongue in a way that women who had given me blow jobs before never had. Unlike those girls who let their mouth do all the work, Aimee was just using her throat and mouth so her tongue could wiggle all over my dick like an earthworm.

She made sure that her perfect tongue was getting every single inch of my dick covered in her warm saliva. I took my hands and gently placed them at the back of her head. Aimee looked up at me, keeping eye contact and giving me a smile as her way to say she was fine with what I was about to do. Taking that as a signal to do it, I used my hands to gently guide her head a little further down on my shaft.

As soon as she went further on me, she started to make obscene slurping noises which were incredibly erotic to listen to. She also used her voice to pleasure me by moaning and groaning, the vibrations from her voice adding extra pleasure. I could not take any more of her excellent mouth fucking. Soon I began to feel the feeling of my balls getting ready to explode that many men regret.

“Of fuck Aimee, I think I’m going to cum. Do you want me to pull out?” I asked. Clearly she wanted to taste my freshly made sauce as she only closed her mouth tighter around my cock. I started to thrust my hips into her face before I finally lost control. I felt glob after glob of semen leave my penis and deposit into her throat.

After the last bit of cum came out, she wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked as she pulled away, getting all of the possible cum that was left behind. She opened her mouth showing the globs of semen as she swallowed them in one audible gulp.

“That was great Derrick, but now it’s my turn,” Aimee said as she stood up, grabbed me, and threw me down onto the coach. “Let me just get out of these work clothes.”

Aimee slowly started to dance to imaginary music that played in her head as she made a show of taking off her clothes. She started with grabbing the bottom of her white sweater and pulling it over her head and onto the floor. Aimee’s breast were sitting comfortably in a white push up bra that made them look incredibly perky.

She kicked off her shoes as her hands found the zipper of the black pencil skirt that she was wearing. She stood there and modeled herself for me as the white push up bra and the white pair of panties where the only things standing in the way of me seeing her Latina body in all of its glory.

“Before I continue, let’s get that shirt off of you,” she whispered as she approached me and proceeded to take off my shirt for me. “There, now doesn’t that feel better?” I nodded in agreement as her terrific body was leaving me speechless.

“Okay back to my show for you,” she said as she reached behind her back to undo the straps to her push up bra. She got the hooks out of the sport and successfully took off her bra. Letting it slip onto the floor below her. She held her arms against her chest and teased me before moving her arms to reveal her cute little breasts.

They weren’t the biggest breasts that I had ever seen in my life, but they were adorable. Her areolas were a darker brown color while her nipples were a lighter brown. Her tiny erect nipples looked like little knobs as she made a show of her twisting and pulling at them like they were such.

“If you like these I hope you are ready for this,” she commented as she slid her hands down the length of her body like a snake until they reached the hem of her panties. Taking a hold of the waistband in both hands, she slowly and seductively slid them down her gorgeous legs until they joined the bra on the floor.

Aimee’s glorious and wet pussy was now in my sight. She was perfectly shaven down there which I appreciated. Her vagina was a cute light brown and her lips were dripping with arousal. I was busy looking at her beautiful snatch before she broke my attention.

“Looks like your decent sized friend down there is ready for round two,” she said, obviously pointing at my cock, which had become erect again. She slowly walked over to the couch before she straddled my legs, her cunt being mere inches away from my cock.

“You know I’m not just going to let you fuck my pussy before I know if you’re good with my other areas or not. Let’s see if you can kiss me,” Aimee whispered as she closed her eyes and puckered her lips. Once her mouth touched my mouth, our tongues were wrestling with each other, she moaned in my mouth as I continued to massage her tongue with my tongue. We continued to kiss for another minute or two before she pulled away from me.

“Not bad. Not bad at all. Now let’s see what your hands can do,” she said as I took the hint and started grabbing her cute breasts in my hands. She cooed in response of my strong hands grabbing her sensitive breasts. While one hand was busy grabbing her breasts, I decided to use my hands and mouth on the areas I wasn’t covering. My free hand went to her ass and gave it a rough grab while my mouth latched onto her other breasts.

“Fuck Derrick that feels good,” she moaned as she I switched up what hand was doing what and switched which breasts my mouth was coating in saliva. After a few minutes of keeping up this routine, she stopped me.

“I think it’s time,” she groaned as she lifted her hips and slowly aligned herself cunt up with my penis. “You ready?”

“I’m ready”

With my okay, Aimee slowly lowered herself down onto my member. We both let out loud audible grunts as we both felt my rod enter her tight entrance. She started to bounce up and down on my dick as I felt it tightly rub against her inner walls.

“Oh fuck Derrick. You feel so good inside me,” she moaned as she twisted her hips while still bouncing up and down, making sure my dick got the chance to touch every single place inside her. Aimee started to become out of control with her wild bouncing on my member,  so I took my hands and grabbed her hips, keeping her relatively steady on my cock.  I could feel her tight inner walls start to clamp around my rod since it was not going in and out as much as when Aimee was riding me.

The more she pushed up and down on my rod like a piston the more I could her walls stretch out as I pushed them with each forceful thrust. Looking at Aimee I could tell she was slowly losing herself in the pleasure that I was giving her. In order to make her feel it even more, I began to thrust back into her, pusher my rod up farther than it had been before.

“Oh fuck you’re doing so good baby,” Aimee moaned as she started to arch her back and close her eyes as she slowly lost her sense of self and slowly gave herself to the pleasure and stimulation she was receiving. She drove her hips into mine, wrapping herself around me as my dick continued to pound it’s way closer to her cervix. Her cunt walls stretching out to their limit as I continued to push my way inside of her, pushing the head of my cock until it finally made contact her cervix.

“Oh fuck right there Derrick right there,” Aimee screamed as she pushed harder and harder down onto my member with each bounce of her body. With how passionate and crazy our fucking was becoming, I could tell that one of us was going to explode in pleasure, the only question was who was going to be the one to do it.

“Keep going baby please keep going,” Aimee begged as she took her little perfect tits in her hands and started pawing at them like crazy. I continued to watch as she grabbed and rubbed her tit in one hand while she pinched and played with her nipple in the other. The look in her eyes told me that I was going to win and she was going to cum first.

“Oh fuck baby I’m going to cum I’m going to cum!” She screamed from the top of her lungs as she went into pure bliss as her body started to jerk and twitch in pure ecstasy. I felt her lady fluids slide onto my cock and down her thighs as they dripped out on the couch.

The feeling of her fluids gushing down and covering mine sent a shockwave of pleasure throughout my entire body. For the second time in the trailer, I felt my balls begin to tighten up as they prepared to shoot my little swimmers.

“Fuck Aimee, I’m going to cum too. Do you want me to pull out of you?” I asked as I was ready to move her off of my throbbing member so none of my sticky soldiers enter her lady parts.

“Cum inside of me Derrick, I’m on the pill. Fill me with your love baby,” Aimee replied with a smile.

“Here it comes baby,” I told her as I grabbed her hips, pulled them forward and thrust into her a few more times, spraying my sticky seed all over her insides as her pussy clamped down on my dick, drawing every last drop of my cum deep into her womb before I finally pulled out of her. Aimee collapsed onto my chest due to pure exhaustion.

“Fuck that was amazing,” I said as I gasped for air.

“You weren’t too bad yourself,” Aimee replied as we both took a minute to recover from our mind blowing orgasms. As we both sat on the couch naked and enjoying the silence with Aimee I couldn’t help but ask her.


“Yeah?” she replied.

“Not that I didn’t enjoy our amazing little fuck session or anything but why did you just have sex with me the second you could?”

“Well first off, you’re pretty fucking hot dude,” she said as her hand ran down my chest. “I also know this is your first time acting on a major television show. Ashley gave me a little rundown on you after she called you. I know that being intimate with someone on screen can be awkward if there’s no spark and it won’t be believable to the audience. So I figured fucking you is the fastest way to see if there was a natural spark.”

“And was there one to you?” I asked.

“I’ve never came like that with anyone before. Does that answer your question?” she asked as she reached up and gave me a little peak on the cheek.

“It sure does,” I responded. “So what do you want now? We’re not needed on set for another two hours.”

“We could go over our lines for the scene,” she said before taking a pause. “Or you can show me if you’re even better the second time around.”

The End

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