and Tina Makes Three


And Tina makes three

Tina walked wearily into the green room after a long

morning of filming,

she flopped down on an armchair and yawned as Simon

Gregson and Chris Bisson

(Steve and Vik) looked on grinning.

“You look pooped sweetheart.” Simon said.

“Yeah I’ve been at it all morning.” Tina replied.

“Oh yeah?” Chris said grinning.

He and Simon roared with laughter, Tina grinned at the


“God you’re so dirty.” she said smiling.

Tina was still in her school uniform complete with

shirt and short black skirt.

Though she was still only seventeen both Simon and

Chris had to admit she was hot.

They eyed up her thin but shapely legs then glanced at

her pert little breasts

clinging to the thin material of her shirt.

“Either of you want a coffee?” Tina asked getting up.

“Yeah go on then babe.” Simon said.

“How do you like yours Tina?” Chris asked grinning

“Very white I suppose.”

He and Simon laughed, Tina smiled and shook her head

as she walked over to the kettle.

Both men looked at her superb arse wiggling inside the

tight skirt and shook their heads.

“Look at the arse on that.” Chris whispered.

Simon nodded “Fucking right, she’s not a little girl


Tina walked back over staring suspicously.

“What are you two whispering about?” she asked.

“D’you really wanna know?” Simon said.

“Yeah.” Tina replied grinning, she knew it would be

something crude but she didn’t mind,

she enjoyed the banter she had with the older lads in

the cast.

“We were just saying what a great fucking arse you’ve

got, don’t mind do ye?” Chris said.

Tina smiled sweetly “Course not. It’s a nice


She knew she was a pin up for older men and she

enjoyed milking it.

Simon and Chris smiled knowingly at one another as

Tina got back up

and walked over to the boiled kettle.

“I think we’re fucking in here mate.” Simon whispered.

“Are you serious? She’s a bit young isn’t she?” Chris


“She’s bang up for it mate, I’m not gonna turn her

down are you?”

Chris shook his head and grinned.

Tina walked back over smiling flirtily as she put the

mugs down and sat back in her armchair.

The lads got a tantalising glimpse of the silk white

panties beneath her short school skirt

as she sat back down.

“Stop looking up me skirt, ye perverts.” Tina said


“We can’t help it, you’re fucking hot.” Simon said.

“Are you a virgin Tina?” Chris asked.

Tina almost choked on her tea with laughter.

“A virgin? Four years ago maybe.” she said giggling.

Simon and Chris smiled knowingly at one another.

“So you’ve done a bit…sexually?” Simon continued.

“You could say that.” Tina said smiling coyly.

“My last boyfriend certainly had no complaints.

I’ve been fucking since I was fourteen, y’know what

these stage schools are like.”

Simon and Chris nodded.

“So how about it then Tina?” Simon said “How about me

and Chris show you what a real man feels like, eh?”

Tina looked shocked for the first time.

“What here, now?”

“Why not?” asked Chris “Everyone else is on set and

you’re obviously gagging for it.”

Tina giggled

“Ye cheeky bastard.” she said.

She considered for a moment, she did like the lads and

they were right

she was a horny little minx.

“What the fuck?” she thought.

“I’ll go for it, it’ll be an experience if nothing


She got up and walked over to the sofa the lads were


on plonking herself down between them as they

hurriedly tried to accomodate her.

“Yeah alright, we can fool about a bit but it’s on my

terms right?” Tina said firmly.

The lads nodded then grinned as she unzipped their


Simon and Chris groaned as Tina took their increasinly

erect cocks in her respective hands

and began to wank them.

She was a perfect judge of the right speed and

technique and grinned as she felt

the organs expand in her small, skilfull hands before

the lads let out load groans

of satisfaction and came all over her hands. Tina

smiled and lapped the come up,

Chris and Simon were surprised that Tina ate sperm but

enjoyed watching the teenager

swallow down their salty body fluid.

“Mmm not bad.” Tina murmured “But I like a real


She bobbed down and took Simon’s come covered cock

into her mouth swallowing

as much of the liquid and his organ as she could.

Simon began to sigh and moan while Chris hithced up

Tina’s short skirt revealing

a skimpy pair of panties that clung to her pert young

buttocks and were dripping wet at the crotch. He

ripped them off as Tina continued to suck Simon off

and slipped two fingers up her small, tight anus and

two more up her equally tight young pussy. Tina moaned

with the simultaneous pleasure of swallowing Simons

come and being stimulated by Chris, his long fingers

probing every inch of the pink folds of her anus and

the promised land of her fresh, young pussy.

“That’s it Tina!” Simon gasped “Fucking lap it up, ye

little slut.”

Tina gladly obliged swallowing down another stream of

come as she herself

was brought to a intense but muffled orgasm by Chris’s


Between poking her he’d took off her school skirt so

that her bottom half was fully exposed.

Both Chris and Simon marvelled at the sight of Tina’s

pert little buttocks

and the thin mop of brown pubic hair covering her

tight young snatch.

As she swallowed down what would surely be her last

mouthful of come,

Simon reached down and unbuttoned her shirt then

yanked at the silky

bra beneath so that her small, perky breasts were

exposed and Tina was totally naked.

She took his cock out of her mouth then let out a loud

moan of delight

as Chris brought her to another sticky orgasm with his

magic fingers.

He withdrew them and began to suck them dry.

“Fucking hell Tina, you go like the clappers don’t

ye?” Simon said.

“I can’t help myself once I get going.” Tina answered.

“Well we’ve only just got started.” said Chris.

Tina grinned knowingly and bobbed down to his crotch

taking the brown organ

into her mouth while Simon took over the pleasuring of

Tina’s openings,

proving just as adept as Chris as he brought Tina back

to orgasm.

Finally Tina could swallow no more come nor take any

more orgasms

and she sat back up gasping for breath, come and sweat

trickling down her cheeks.

“I’d better go, I’m back on set in half hour.” Tina


“Oh come on Tina.” Simon said running his hands

through her long, brown, sticky hair.

“You’ve not giving us a full demonstration of your

skills yet.”

Tina smiled. “Yeah alright.” she said.

She got into the doggy position then lowered herself

on to Simon as he slid underneath her.

Meanwhile Chris slid his cock into her fine young


As Tina rode Simon’s cock groaning and squealing with


her arsehole was pumelled by Chris jabbing his cock in

and out of it

and her pleasure was doubled. Tina could hardly

believe what a slut

she was being but she was loving every second and

could only think about

taking as much of these two massive cocks up her as


Her pussy and arse were stretched to breaking point

as the lads pushed their cocks in and out of them,

she screamed loudly as they shot loads into her

and she reached triple orgasm.

The guys swapped roles and resumed the pounding of her

most intimate parts.

“Oh fucking hell!” gasped Tina.

“I’ve never had nout like it, I never knew it’d be so


She trailed off as she headed for another orgasm,

she was in a daze furiously riding one cock while


as much of the other up her arse as possible.

Just as the door opened and Nikki Sanderson and Samia

Ghaudie stood staring in amazement.

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