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Bonds Have More Fun

Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home.
Warning: This story contains
spoilers for “The World Is Not Enough” so if you haven’t seen it, be
careful. Enjoy.

In all the years of acting in her native France, Sophie Marceau
had never imagined herself
one day becoming a Bond girl. It wasn’t exactly the most charming of
labels since the female roles
in Bond films tended to be all show and no substance. As much Kim
Jane Seymour or
others might argue, there was no denying that looks played the most
important part in casting a
Bond film and now Sophie could believe it.
She had been surprised to have been offered the film and had
not been sure if she should
take it. A little exposure in America would help her career, but the
idea of hanging onto a hero
through an entire film, even if it was Pierce Brosnon, didn’t seem
right to her. However, upon
reading the script for “The World Is Not Enough,” she began to
change her mind. Her character
seemed stronger than most, a kidnaping victim not willing to be hurt
again, an equal player for
Bond. She was sold when the supposed victim turned out to be the
real villain of the story,
turning into a sexual predator who actually got to torture Bond. The
shift in character appealed
to Sophie and the money wasn’t bad either, so she decided to go for
It had been an enjoyable experience. She found Pierce even
sexier in person and loved
seeing him shift into the role of Bond. Working with Judi Dench was
a treat and she got to see
amazing locales. But at that moment, on a night off from shooting,
Sophie’s attention was caught
by the other “Bond girl” of the film, one who truly emphasized looks
over talent.
Sophie had never heard of Denise Richards before the film but
she had done some
checking afterwards. Apparently, the young woman had been in a
thriller that involved her
showing her body and engaging in a threesome. Sophie had seen some
footage of Denise and
wasn’t exactly impressed by her talent. She knew the producers
wanted a hot young face to bring
the teenage boys and Sophie wasn’t egotistical enough to think hers
was it. Still, a nuclear
physicist? She could barely buy Denise as a college graduate, let
alone a scientist. She couldn’t
think of many Nobel Prize winners with a tattoo on their stomachs.
However, Sophie could not deny Denise had beauty. Although she
had little doubt her
breasts were fake, Sophie couldn’t help but understand why every
male on the set automatically
glanced at Denise’s ample chest. Her pouty lips and striking
features, combined with a pair of
terrific legs, guaranteed Denise beauty, but there was something
else, something Sophie only
noticed when the younger woman was around in person. Denise seemed
to exude a sexual energy,
a field that made her seem all the more desirable, one that she fed
off on the more it attracted
others. If that was so, Sophie felt its effects.
Sophie could not deny her attraction to Denise. It didn’t
really put her off much. She was
French, after all, citizen of a country where sexual variety was the
norm Of course, America
tended to be a little more conservative, at least in the mainstream.
However, Sophie had watched
“Wild Things” and had noticed something about the scenes where
Denise kissed Neve Campbell.
There was more than just acting there, Sophie knew. She knew that
somewhere deep inside her,
Denise had some feelings towards women. Sophie knew it wouldn’t take
much to bring those
feelings to light. The question was how.
Sophie walked down the halls of the hotel, a bottle of
champagne in her hand. She wore a
light dress, the same dark brown color of her hair. While Denise’s
lips were pouty, the same could
be said of Sophie’s nose, giving her an innocent style that went
well with many of her roles. She
knocked on Denise’s door and waited as it opened. Denise was dressed
in a tight shirt, accenting
her ample chest, with a pair of shorts showing a lot of leg. Her
long dark hair flowed around her,
framing her attractive face, which was marked in surprise at seeing
Sophie. “Hey. What’s going
Sophie smiled. “Nothing major. I just thought it was high time
we got to know each other
a little better. We only have a few scenes together and I prefer
knowing my co-stars a little more
intimately.” Very intimately, Sophie thought to herself.
“Well, okay, my night’s free, so why not?” Denise said, letting
Sophie inside her room. It
was as luxurious as her own, with a large bed and bar. “If you want
to pour some of that, go
ahead, I’ve got to check something for a minute,” Denise said,
heading into the bathroom. Given
such an opening, Sophie took the opportunity to pour two glasses of
champagne, making sure to
pour a small vial of powder into one glass. She turned to see Denise
enter, and offered her one
glass. “To a good film,” Sophie said, clinking glasses and drinking
with the American.
“I hope,” Denise said. “Moneywise it’s great, but I don’t think
I’m going to be earning any
awards for it.”
“You never know. Kim Basinger was once thought a bimbo, now she
has an Oscar.”
“Trust me, the bimbo theory still remains,” Denise said.
“You’re lucky you stay away from
Hollywood a lot. The politics in that town are so crazy, I doubt a
seasoned Senator could survive
long there.”
“That bad?” Sophie said, watching as Denise continued to sip at
her drink.
“I did the stuff in ‘Wild Things’ because I thought it would
make the film more realistic,”
Denise said. “Next thing I know, my body is all over the Internet
and every other script I’m
offered has nudity in it, a lot of it uncalled for. At least with
this one, I don’t have to actually
show anything on screen.”
“I can relate,” Sophie said, remembering how she had to
maneuver sheets around herself
during a love scene with Pierce a few days earlier. “At least we’ll
get exposure. That’s always
“Speak for yourself, ‘Elektra.’ At least you have a cool name.
‘Christmas Jones?’ I’m
going to be living that down for the rest of my life.” Denise sat
back on her bed. She didn’t know
why, but she suddenly felt light-headed and wondered if the
champagne was going to her head.
“Bad names are a Bond tradition. At least you’ll be rather
“Yeah, but at least you’re the villain of the piece. Me? Forget
nuclear science, I can barely
program my VCR. And don’t think every critic out there won’t be
bringing that up.”
“You really need to relax a little more,” Sophie said, placing
her glass on the table and
sitting on the bed opposite of Denise. She looked at Denise’s eyes
and suppressed a smile at
the other woman’s eyes becoming slightly glassy. “Really, you have
to relax if you want to keep
working like this. I know it’s difficult, I know you feel tired out
all the time and that’s all right,
it’s all right to feel tired, it’s natural to feel tired, so tried,
so very tired. So tired, you want to
relax, you feel so much like relaxing right now, you want to relax,
you need to relax, you feel so
tired and relaxing sounds so good right now, so very good, you want
to relax because you feel so
tired, so tired, so very tired.”
Denise felt her mind clouding over, her eyes fixed onto
Sophie’s bright ones, the deep orbs
seeming to suck her in. Sophie’s soft accented voice flowed into
Denise’s ears, the words filling
her mind. The soft words combined with the buzzing in her head and
Denise felt an immense
relaxation fill her body, a weight filling her. She couldn’t
concentrate on anything anymore except
her own fatigue and Sophie’s lovely voice, urging her to give in, to
relax and let sleep come over
her. Sleep. Lovely sleep. It felt so wonderful, so lovely and Denise
felt so sleepy, so very, very
sleepy. It would be okay to give in, to just go to sleep. It would
be okay to sleep here with
Sophie, sleep here with Sophie, sleep with Sophie, sleep with
Sophie smiled as she saw Denise’s head fall forward, her eyes
shutting as she fell into a
trance. Sophie had used the special powder before and it had never
failed her yet. If things were
going as usual, then Denise would not only be under, she would be
extremely receptive to any
commands. Sophie took the glass from Denise’s limp fingers and put
it on the table. She then
moved close and began to issue commands to the younger woman.
“Listen to me, Denise. Listen to my voice. You are asleep now,
sleeping and dreaming, a
nice wonderful dream. As you hear my voice, you understand you are
dreaming and that you want
this dream to continue, and feel so wonderful relaxed and asleep.
It’s just a dream, Denise, and
you want this dream to go on, you want to let this dream continue.
You feel so relaxed, Denise,
you want to answer my questions honestly because you’re so relaxed.
As you answer my
questions honestly you will feel not only relaxed but aroused. The
more you answer my questions
the more aroused you will be. Do you understand?”
“Good. Now, Denise, I want you to think back to when you were
filming ‘Wild Things.’ I
want you to think of when you kissed Neve Campbell. Now, Denise,
answer me honestly. Did you
enjoy kissing Neve?”
“You felt so sexy and aroused with Neve, didn’t you, Denise?”
“You’ve often dreamt of being with Neve, haven’t you, Denise?
You’ve dreamt of making
long, slow love to her, haven’t you?”
“Listen to me, Denise, listen carefully. You are having one of
those dreams now. One of
those sexual dreams about Neve. When you feel you are being kissed,
you will remember all the
feelings you’ve kept hidden, all the desires you want to let loose,
all your passion come alive. You
will make love to Neve and you will love it.” With that, Sophie
leaned forward and kissed Denise
on the lips. Denise answered strongly, her hidden feelings for her
former co-star coming loose as
she kissed whom she believed was Neve Campbell. The two women
embraced and fell back on
the bed, their kisses continuing as they ran their hands over one
Sophie broke the kiss off and stood up, pulling her dress over
her head. She was nude
underneath, her strong breasts standing firm, the nipples tight with
anticipation. She swiftly
undressed Denise and understood why the producers cast her. Although
obviously enhanced, her
breasts were eye-catching, taking attention from the tight bush
between her legs. Sophie lowered
herself down and buried her face in between Denise’s breasts, laying
kisses along the curves. She
ran her hands up and down the American’s hips, the fingers grazing
her ass, causing Denise to
moan softly. Sophie pushed Denise’s breasts together, the globes
pushing against her head as she
kissed the young woman’s cleavage.
Sophie broke away from Denise’s chest and moved down to her
mid-section. She ran her
hand through Denise’s pussy, the fingers shifting past the pubic
hair before entering the tight
passage. Denise groaned as she felt Sophie’s fingers moving into her
womanhood, the
Frenchwoman’s hands tickling inside her, the soft nails probing the
younger woman. As she
worked her way inside Denise, Sophie moved her face down and kissed
the tattoo lying just
below the navel, her tongue licking the eagle pattern. Denise’s
groans grew louder and Sophie
knew she was about to bear fruit. She broke her finger-fucking short
and pulled her hand out of
Denise’s pussy. Denise grunted with disappointment, then with joy as
she felt Sophie’s tongue
move inside her, lapping away at her pussy, already made wet by
Sophie’s hand movements.
Denise clamped her legs around Sophie’s head, holding her lover in
close, urging her to lick her
clean. In seconds, Denise’s body was buckling as her cum spilled out
onto Sophie’s face, the
yellow stains marring the foreign actress’ gorgeous features. Denise
kept her legs clamped,
holding Sophie in tight until she felt herself licked clean.
Sophie pushed back onto Denise and shifted so her pussy was
over the hypnotized
American’s face. She lowered herself down and whispered, “Lick me,
Denise Eat me out.”
Denise was only too happy to oblige, her tongue shooting upwards
into Sophie’s snatch, licking
away at the woman of her dreams. Sophie leaned back as Denise went
to work on her, her hands
finding their way to her own breasts. She smiled and pinched her
nipples, running her hands over
her tits even as she sat herself on Denise’s own set. She sighed as
she felt Denise’s hands clutch at
her cheeks, holding them for support as she continue to drive in
tongue into Sophie’s pussy.
Sophie clutched her breasts and held them tight as she felt herself
come, spilling cum onto Denise
as waves of pleasure tore through her body.
As she collapsed onto her mesmerized co-star, Sophie knew she
had a long night ahead of
her. Denise would only remember an erotic dream, with no idea that
Sophie could control her at
any time. For now though, Sophie pushed her face back towards
Denise’s pussy, eager to once
again enjoy the fruits of her labor. It was time to find out if,
like the movie said, Christmas came
but once a year.


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