jen’s Costume Fun 2

Jens Costume Fun 2


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“Jen I don’t get it why did I have to handcuff myself to the chair… are you gonna be a cop this time or something” Steve ask as he sat infront of the changing room waiting for Jen to appear. “SURPRISE” Jen shouted as she burst through the curtains, she was wearing red knee high boots, blue spar spangled hot pants and a red and gold breast plate that was causing her breasts to flow out and over the top of, her hair was being held back with a gold tiara. Steve stared in shock one
of his all time fantasies had walked in, infront of him stood Wonder Woman. Jen walked over to him and then around the chair he was in, “So how do I look its not too tight on me is it” Jen stood infront of him spread her legs put her hands on her hips in the classic wonder woman pose and bent over slowly showing how the tight hot pants accentuated her ass. Steve smiled “I think we have a winner you look soooooo HOT”. “Goodie” chirped Jen, She walked over to steve and sat on his lap moving her ass over his hardening cock, “Mmmmm you do like it don’t you… but I’m gonna have some fun before you do… Ever wanted wonder woman to suck your cock” Steve’s answer was imediate “Hell yeah” with that Jennifer Love Hewitt dropped to her knees and pulled out Steves Dick, she started rubbing its head alond her lips letting her tongue flick out and touch the tip when she wanted to see him shudder. Then she swallowed him hole “God Jen ur amazing” Steve croaked as he stried not to cum right at that moment. Jen worked his cock like a pro moving her head up and down letting her tongue move around the cocks head letting her hands stroke his cock and play with his balls. As she pulled his cock out of her mouth she let her tongue lick his entire shaft and then onto his balls sucking them into her mouth then back up his shaft until the tip of her tongue was lapping up the precum which had been gathering on the head. “So what have you always wanted to do to Wonder women” Jen asked as she stood up before him.

Steve stared at Jen/Wonder Woman “Take off these handcuffs and I’ll show you”, Jen walked around behind him and and pressed her large round firm breasts into the back of his head as she unlocked the cuffs. Steve sttod up and looked at Jens costume, he stepped forward and started kissing Jen then he spun her around and pushed her up against the wall “I’ve always been fascinated by Wonder Womans ass, in those tight pants always begging to be fucked” steve confessed. Jen smiled at him over her shoulder “Just like me, please fuck me Fuck Wonder womans tight ass” Steve slowly pulled down the hot pants and found no panties or thong underneathe just as he’s imagined he ran his hands ove the curves of her ass and then took hold of his hard dick still coated in her saliva and pushed it up to her ass hole, “Do you want it in your ass Jen”. “God yes shove it all in” and she did her moved the head up to the hole and then used his hips to shove it all inside moving it in inch by inch as her ass loosened up. Jen Screamed with pleasure as the cock sunk into her as it all entered her she felt Steves hands come around her body and pull her breast plate away so her could grab and massage her large breasts. As he thrust away she could feel her ass sucking him in and she could also feel his cock pulse. Steve was hammering into her ass harder and faster the costume was all around him and he felt soooooo good he felt amazing.

When Steve heard Jen start moaning with each of his thrusts he knew he couldn’t hold off any longer and started pounding into her faster and harder bringing himself to the point of no return and then the release he felt his cock explode and flood her ass with his cum he collapsed onto the ground and Jen fell on top of him. “So i guess me dressing up as wonder woman was a good idea” Steve lay there next to jennifer Love Hewitt and couldn’t wait to see what her next idea was.

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