nightmare From Hell

Fic Title:Nightmare From Hell

Author:Andrew Troy Keller

Pairing:Sigourney Weaver/Jennifer Love Hewitt


Summary:After she attends her birthday party,Sigourney Weaver goes home to get some sleep,only to wake up and find herself aboard a mysterious spaceship with Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Warnings:Female/female sex,strong language


You know,there are some mysteries on this very planet of ours known as Earth that could easily be explained–and there are other mysteries that would never be explained.

As a matter of fact,one of those unexplained mysteries
has just been experienced by a movie actress named Sigourney Weaver on the Eighth day of October,which happens to be her birthday.

Just then,after she had enjoyed the birthday party that all of her friends were throwing for her,Sigourney had said ‘goodbye’ to the other party-goers,got into her car and drove herself back to her house.

And then,after she had arrived at her place,Sigourney had gotten out of her car,walked into the house,changed her clothes,placed herself on the bed and went to sleep,only to have someone give her a little shake and say,”Sigourney!Sigourney,wake up!”

And after she had woken up,Sigourney was shocked to discover that she was aboard a ship that had looked exactly like the one in the first ALIEN movie and wearing the exact same uniform.

And while she was trying to figure it all out,a mysterious voice had said,”I’m sorry to wake you up so suddenly,Sigourney.But I do believe that this is something that you need to know about.”

Just then,after she had turned towards the source of the mysterious voice and was relieved to discover that it was the voice of her HEARTBREAKERS co-star,Jennifer Love Hewitt,a confused Sigourney had stood up and asked,”Jennifer,what’s going on?What are we doing here?”

“I really don’t know,Sigoureny.I was suppossed to be in my apartment getting some rest for tommorow morning’s latest project.”,answered a scared Jennifer,while looking around the ship.”But instead,I’m trapped inside this fucking nightmare from Hell!”

And then,after she had looked at Sigourney,ran over to her HEARTBREAKERS co-star and wrapped her arms around Sigourney,a teary-eyed Jennifer said,”Please do me a favor,Sigourney.Just hold me.I’m way too scared to be alone.”

“It’s going to be okay,Jennifer.You’ll see.”,said Sigourney,after she had placed her gentle hand on the back of Jennifer’s head.”Soon,we’ll wake up and think of all of this as nothing more than just a bad dream.”

However,after they had looked at each other’s eyes for a minute or two and Jennifer was about to kiss Sigourney on the lips,Sigourney had pulled her head away from Jennifer’s and said,”Look,Jenni honey.I really don’t think that we should be doing this.It’s just that…!”

But just as she was about to say one more word,Jennifer had placed the tips of her fingers on Sigourney’s lips and said,”No,Sigourney.Please don’t say another word.Just please relax…and enjoy it.”

And with that,both Sigourney and Jennifer had kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips,just before they’ve removed all of their clothes and placed their nude bodies on the floor.

Then,after Jennifer had started licking all over Sigourney’s body–all the way down to her hot,wet pussy and carressing her firm breasts,Sigourney had placed her hands on Jennifer’s bare shoulders and said,”Aaaahhhh,yes!That’s it!Do it,Jen!Touch me!Touch me there!Suck my wet pussy dry!Aaaahhhh!”

And then,at that moment,Sigourney had suddenly realized that she was experiencing something that she hadn’t experienced with another woman before,for she was experiencing pure,untamed erotica–and enjoying every minute of it.

A few minutes later,after Jennifer had placed herself in front of Sigourney and started rubbing their pussies against each other,Jennifer had placed her hands on Sigourney’s legs and yelled,”AAAAHHHH,YES!THAT’S IT!DO IT,SIGOURNEY!HUMP ME!HUMP ME REALLY HARD!LET ME BE YOUR WHORE!AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!”


And then,after they had started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking has reached its final solar system,the two newfound lesbian lovers had cum and collapsed due to exhaustion.

After they were finally able to catch their breath and Jennifer had placed her head on Sigourney’s chest,Sigourney had placed her gentle hand on Jennifer’s head,took a deep breath and said,”Oooohhhh,Jen.That was ssssoooo wonderful.”

But then,after she had noticed a single tear running down Jennifer’s cheek,a confused Sigourney asked,”Jen,are you okay?Is there something wrong?”

And then,after she had lifted herself up,placed herself over Sigourney’s chest and said,”I’m so very sorry about this,Sigourney.”,something inside Jennifer’s own body was causing her to scream out in pain.

And after she had noticed that something was about to burst out of Jennifer’s chest,a frightened Sigourney had closed her eyes and said,”Oh,God!Please wake up and get me out of this nightmare!Please!”

Then suddenly,after a small alien creature had burst its way out of Jennifer’s chest and started charging towards her,the shocked Sigourney had screamed bloody murder,which had caused her to wake up from her dream and be relieved that she was still inside her bedroom.

But then,after she had looked at the clock and noticed how much time has passed while she was inside her ‘dream’,a sudden thought had appeared in her head–was it actually a dream or something else?


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